US price of the Nikon FT-1 lens adapter: $269.97

The US price of the Nikon FT-1 lens adapter for Nikon 1 mirrorless camera will be $269.97 (street price: $235).

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  • rogues

    … I guess it’s a reasonable price for those with F-mount glass already. Not sure it will appeal to people ‘stepping-up’ for other compacts.

    Still waiting for that new mount that is rumoured to have a D800 attached to it.

    • Not Surprised

      THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE — as an FX owner, I can say you are wrong.

      This costs 2.5 x more than 50mm/1.8 FX lens?

      Are you f’ing kidding me? Do you hate your customers, Nikon?

      • steve

        The pricing reflects that this will be a very low volume item, but I agree, it doesn’t help to sell the system to the Nikon faithful.

        I’d rather buy a used D40 or similar than a Nikon 1, and I certainly wouldn’t buy a Nikon 1 and this adapter when I could buy an NEX and an f-mount adapter for less. Yeah, MF only, but focus peaking works so well.

  • Milosh Kosanovich

    About $219.97 too much, half the price of the camera. No thanks to this and the camera too.

    • Everlast


    • gt


    • +3

    • Lonnie Utah


      • I shoot Nikon


        You’re welcome.

        • Wow… that’s ridiculous….

          I can maybe, MAYBE understand, IF it has a built in motor for non AF-S Lenses, and allows old Ai-Lenses with Exposure controls… etc…

          But it is still way over priced…

          + 1 = 11

    • Not Surprised


      • Not Surprised

        This price is so disrespectful to Nikon consumers.

        They do not understand this market at all.

        Just get out now, Nikon.

        • Andrew

          Companies understand the market more than we think. If the price is too high, they will know… and lower it. It is that simple!

    • Nikku


  • Anon

    …more than a used D50 or D40. Heh.

    • Geoff

      Very VERY good point!

  • Everlast

    Since in the UK you can buy the AF-S 35mm f/1.8 G for only 165 pounds from Jessops (a reputable high street shop) I find the price of the above adapter insulting for all those superb Nikkors out there old and modern.

    • Everlast

      The 35mm 1/8G
      – 8 elements in 6 groups made of optical glass, polished and coated, cemented in groups and installed in a precision engineeered body
      – including one aspherical element
      – Silent Wave Motor
      – Front and back lens caps
      – Hood
      – Lens pouch
      Costs less than a piece of plastic/metal with a rectengular hole in the middle?!? I find this rediculous.

      • dudor

        And Some fools will argue that this costly adapter will transform the 35mm 1.8 into a 95mm 1.8 portrait lens…

        95mm it will be, but F4.5 !…

        • Not Surprised


          Ridiculous, Nikon.

        • Are you saying that my 50mm f1,4 is only f1,8 on my APS-C then?
          Please provide a link to some kind of explanation 🙂

        • A 35mm f1.8 will be equivalent to a 94mm f/1.8 the f stop does not change.
          I’ve already ordered mine from Service Photo
          Supply thru Amazon.
          A friend already has one and is amazed at the image quality with a 70-200 Nikkor.
          He walked into their store to get one

      • It’s quite a bit more than just a “piece of plastic/metal with a rectangular hole in the middle” (it electrically connects/adapts F-mount lenses to the new system), but I do agree that the cost is too high.

  • Curious George

    The folks at Nikon have lost their minds.

    Bunch of lunatics….smh

    • amien

      this thing should cost 99$ not a cent more.

    • real


  • Juergen.

    Typical price in Germany is 269,– Euro (includes 19 percent VAT).

  • Nirvana

    I am sure there will be a $50 knockout version on ebay soon.

  • na

    650 for the j, 270 for the adapter = 920 = money you can use to get a good glass for your dslr
    150 os sigma
    105 macro
    105 f2
    ……..d3100 with kit is more fun than J1 with kit and I don’t need a stupid rings to use all the other dslr lens.

  • say_fuji

    If the “adaptor” actually can “adapte” non AF-S, D glass to the new V/ J, cast in mag alloy, splash proof then it will be a seller… (may be even a matt focusing screen please?) else sooner and later there will be “generic” brand selling <99$ on ebay as mentioned above. A piece of plastic + mental + electronic contacts with no glass + no seal is a not going to sell well in this age and time.

  • FX

    When will Sony go ahead and take over Nikon? They already use their superior sensors

  • Anon

    How long until someone slaps a 24mm f1.4, 24-70, 14-24, 200/f2, etc. on this thing and thinks they’re doing it right?

  • J1 + FT-1 = Too expensive

  • HO-HO-HO

    That is Nikon’s UNsuccessful effort to be like Apple and ripoff people pretending this piece of metal and maybe a chip or two is worth what they ask for.

    I know very few will buy this. I’m waiting for the generic ebay/other brand versions that will be in the range of 50-100$


    • Spooky

      Someone they changed or took over a leading position in Nikon seems to have set a new policy about pricing and products. Looks to me like more marketing, more Nikon lifestyle feeling, more $$$ trough emotions. A less fair pricing policy & less useful products are sort of the norm nowadays by going this way.

      As a long faithful Nikon customer that kinda makes me wanna puke…

  • Cremer
  • Volfogg

    Well that is disappointing. I’ll pick this up and V1 once once stores start liquidating them when the brand is dropped by Nikon eventually.

  • Luxury product line … not for simple mortals.

  • I just wish they could post some sample images with it being used with existing lenses… its a gamble… I sure would love to do a review with the v1 the ft1 and some of my lenses… if I get my way with santa, I will surely give my 2 cents on this… and I will rip it to shreds if I waste my money… argh!!!!

  • broxibear
    • Ke

      At least they’re not doing this pricing thing: $269 = £269 = € 269

      That really does rip us of in the UK.

  • Lio

    In my view the price is right on if you considered the market. The only extension tubes made of metal with electric coupling are within this price, as well as the best off brand TC. And if you want to mount your F mount lens on a 100$ or 50$ all plastic, made in China and saw on eBay thing it’s up to you. At least if this Nikon adapter broke (I’m sure they have foresee stupid people using a 300 f/2.8 with it and holding the xxxx pounds by the body only) and you glass is damage you will be able to have both replaced.

  • bertram

    I have a lot of AI-lenses.
    Bought an adapter from Kipon for 30$.
    Works great.
    Nikons FT-1 for that price?
    Sad joke.

  • tengris

    I need a pink one. Like the pink J1. No matter how much it costs. And a pink lenscoat for my AF-S VR 600mm f/4G ED ETC. And a pink plush carrying strap too. Then I’ll gonna be the most fashionble Wildlife Flamingo Photographer[tm] ever.

  • tengris

    P.S.,j ust to be a bit serious too:
    You boys should notice that this funny little thingie is half a camera. I haven’t tested one yet, but it looks like it operates the aperture via an own motor and the AF works. If you buy an adapter for G lenses on m4/3 cameras, which is just a metal tube with some clumsy “open-close” aperture control, 70% of this price will change their owner. So for me that price is more than acceptable.

    • lolly

      “it [FT-1] operates the aperture via an own motor”

      Since when is a motor needed ? Isn’t the mechanics to vary the size of the aperture already enclosed within the lens.

      If you’re willing to pay $$$ for Nikon 1 brand then it’s acceptable to you but you can just as well save $$$ on another brand that’s at least better, image quality wise.

      • iamlucky13

        Not for F-mount lenses. The aperture is controlled by a lever just inside the bayonet fitting.

        If you have an aperture ring, you can control it that way. Normally, however, the camera flips the aperture to the selected value when the mirror flips up, and releases it afterwards.

        And it’s a rather precise mechanism, too. I was just looking at one of my lenses that goes from F/2.5 to F/22…if you only count half stops, there’s 15 positions it has to hit, accurately to within a reasonable variation, over less than 1/4″ of travel.

        • lolly

          I agree, the lever is used in older lenses but what about CPU lenses ? Is a CPU lens’ aperture still controlled by its lever in a modern body ? I don’t know that’s why I’m asking … it’s all tech to me 🙂

          • tengris

            > Is a CPU lens’ aperture still controlled by its lever in a modern body ?

            Not on a modern EOS body. But on the yellow side of the planet the PC-E Shift-/Tilt-Lenses are the only F-mount Nikkor lenses with electrically controlled aperture.

            All others need the good old lever introduced with the Nikon F. And that’s what you lose with cheap adapters. They work well if the lens has the classic aperture ring, but with G type lenses (without the ring) you are nailed to the minimum F-stop (usually f/16 or f/22). That’s because the lever can only open the aperture. It’s closed and the camera opens it as much as necessary.

            There are a few (expensive) adapters with manual aperture control, but that’s more an “open – somewhere between – close” operation. If speed of work is not a concern, you can set the aperture to a defined value by looking at the exposure time in A mode. It has to double for every F-stop you close down.

            But you will not like to work that way. And you will not buy outdated second and third hand lenses, just to use them on a $30 adapter.

            • lolly

              Thanks for the answer to my question and the explanation about adapters. When I eventually use the Nikon 1 system I won’t hesitate in using the FT-x adapter. But at this point I don’t think the Nikon 1 is good value. In the meantime, I’ll still use my Nikon Dslr bodies and lenses.

  • The Fantastic G

    I’m hoping like Hell that Kenko comes out with an FT1 type adapter for the V1.

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