Nikon USA increases refurbished camera prices

Nikon USA just raised the prices for some of their refurbished DSLR cameras (I am not sure about lenses). Some examples:

  • Nikon D3s refurbished price went up from $4,159.96 to $4,679.96 (new D3s costs $5,199.95)
  • Nikon D3x refurbished price went up from $6,399,96 to $7,199.96 (new D3x costs $7,999.00)
  • Nikon D700 refurbished price went up from $2,150 to $2,429.96 (new D700 costs $2,699.95)

You can see some of the September Nikon refurbished prices in this thread.

Lately I have not seen a lot of refurbished pro level equipment at B&H and Adorama. Right now B&H has a refurbished Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens for $1,839.95 (new 24/1.4 costs $1,999).

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  • jk


    • peterb

      May I add an additional Thanksgiving offering and prayer for the D300s that keeps increasing in value since I got it two years ago?

  • InfraRed

    Tsunami, flooding, holiday season… low supply and high demand equals scarsity.
    A typical supply$& demand equilibrium! )…or lack of.

  • I bet they sell less refurbs

    • texajoe

      My D700 was a refurb. When I got it, it only had 10 clicks and looked Brand New! One year and about 40 weddings later, it’s still working like a champ.

      • FX DX

        I bought a used D700. I would buy a refurbished, if it was available on Nikon at the old price of $2150. There is no way I would pay this new price for a refurb camera. As someone else mentioned here, it’s not worth buying a refurb camera at just 10% discount.

        • Andrew

          It depends. Even if the price difference is $1, a refurbished camera can be a bargain if it is impossible to get a new camera. In this case, it is no even an issue of supply and demand, it becomes a issue of supply (refurbished unit) and no supply (new unit).

          • Andrew

            correction… it becomes “an” issue

  • 120-300 os

    Well what´s all happening in the usa even foreigners staying away pricing there selves
    out of the market so i think

  • Tommy

    The lenses have increased as well.

  • Their refurbs have been creeping up, even before this. A couple years ago, I picked up a strobe and a mid-grade lens on refurb from Adorama, at good prices I have not seen since. The refurb kit lens prices are still OK, but for better glass I’ve moved on to the used market at Amazon and eBay with pretty good results.

    • E.

      There are some misconceptions on the use of the term “refurbished” for Nikon products. My observations over the years suggest that there are several types of conditions that lead to items being sold as a refurbished:

      1. Damaged packaging boxes
      2. Items with minor blemishes
      3. Returned items
      4. Excessive inventory

      Over the years I have examined, used, or even purchased refurbished Nikon items. The most recent experiences include:

      – A D90 body; It had zero shutter actuations but the upper LCD had a minor mark on it. The body has worked perfectly since I got it in 2009.

      – A 10.5mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens. The lens was absolutely perfect. When I received it I carefully examined the lens mount with a magnifying glass and I could find no evidence of the lens having ever been mounted on a body. In essence, it was a new lens without the original box.

      Point 4, above, is interesting because sometimes Nikon USA will literally “dump” brand new items into the the refurbished category when a replacement is due to be announced and released. They won’t sell them as new at discounted prices, but as refurbished items.

      A case in point, the 200mm f/2 AF-S VR. I can’t remember when it was, maybe a couple of years ago. All of a sudden a number of “refurbished” 200mm lenses started to show up at a substantial discount. This went on for a couple of months and shortly after the VRII model was announced. A friend of mine picked up one of the refurbished units and the less passed the magnifying glass test on the mount 100%. It had never been mounted.

      I have also seen refurbished bodies with a few hundred actuations out of the box. Of course the problem is that there is no way to tell why the item was sold as a refurbished.

      To summarize; these are not reconditioned/rebuilt products but a trick to balance the books in Nikon’s favor. The discounts are written off as a business loss and the consumer gets a reduced warranty.

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    I am starting to get disappointed with Nikon’s latest pricing moves. the recently enforced min. pricing seems to be a way to justify the higher cost of the next generation products in addition to the price increases of the remaining line. Case in point is the Sb900 going back to 499 to allow the 910 to come in at 549. This is definitely going to be the same with the D400 and D800.

    On the flip side, Canon’s prices are dropping……..

    • ImperiousImages

      This is true. And Canon is doing a holiday promotion offering the 5D mark II body for $1700!
      I’m considering the switch…

      • ImperiousImages

        Refurb* 5D Mark II that is

        • Up $#!t’s creek

          1700 would have been a steal, 2299 is not bad either…

      • Josh

        So switch Tranny Poppins. Do you think anyone cares with your superfluous threats? Love the way DB’s like you come on these forums and cry about how Nikon is idiotic and that you will switch – but then never do it. Switch and rid the Nikon fanbase of your stupidity!

        • Cool WHip

          Josh, I think you need to ~switch~ medication.

          • dotson


        • Allen S.

          Jesus C* man! Dude is just expressing his opinion. Prices go up; it’s frustrating! I’ve considered switching also, since all i’m waiting on is for D700 prices to drop so i can move up to full frame. We all love Nikons but money is money… The real DBs are elitest judgmental a-holes like you. Let the guy say his piece.

          • Josh

            LMAO! So just because you can’t afford the D700, y0u want to whine about it? Maybe you should have concentrated on your grades in high school and not gotten Ds on your report card. Then maybe you would have a proper job that would let you buy this kind of stuff.

            BTW quit yer whining about switching and switch already. What’s that? Of course you won’t! Because “a-holes” like you just want to whine and not do anything about it. Yeah money is money- and you could have made some good money by focusing on your grades and not doing some crappy bachelor’s like African Studies. YOU are responsible for your choices which have led you to this stage of your life – where you can’t afford certain things. Be a man and deal with it!

            • Luis

              I can afford pretty much anything Nikon, or Canon for that matter, dishes out ( had the D3, 24-70, 14-24 in my hands on day ONE at full retail ). Picked up a nice 200/2 VR last summer. Have the venerable 800/5.6. etc etc. Even still, I wouldn’t pay that much for a refurb. I would just buy a new one. Refurb prices are the topic of this post.

              Funny how things always seem to degrade to Nikon versus Canon bickering. Sad to see people getting all “brand emotional”. It’s just hardware. Buy what you want when you want. Buy a mix of Canon and Nikon and whatever if that’s what you need. They are just tools.

            • dchino

              Looks like someone missed their afternoon nap.

            • Josh

              @Luis: No (s)he was whining about the prices and ‘threatened’ to switch systems. It is one thing to find items priced unfairly -but to constantly whine about changing systems because the prices the item is being sold at is beyond your expectations is pretty foolish. THAT is what I was addressing.

              I agree with your second para!

            • Luis

              Hey Josh – I can understand “whining about switching” comments as a trigger point for some as you see enough of it in these forums. Not all of it is factual, however. Some say it just as an ongoing comedic reference.

              Nikon will price things as they want to price them and that will be that. Either buy the product at the price they want to sell it to you for or buy something else. Buy the best you can afford and for the money you are willing to spend from whatever manufacturer you want. I stand by my personal statement that I wouldn’t pay that much for a Nikon refurb, but that’s as far as I need to take it. I think it’s difficult to really compare one model in one brand to another model in another brand to fully calculate your best “bang for your buck” between the two.

              You could have replied with a bit more finesse, though. I’m pretty sure I don’t know what ImperiousImages’ sexual preference is nor what grades Allen received in school or what degree he may or may not possess. It’s one thing to disagree or express your viewpoint but you’re throwing out libel. All you mostly seemed to accomplish is to suck a few other people into making similar derogatory remarks.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Jesus dude, calm down. He clearly favors Nikon but price is an issue for him. Both cameras will produce stunning images in the hands of a capable shooter. He’s not whining. Get over it.

            • Joshv2

              Josh you lost all credibility when you started dissing someone’s education when you don’t even know the person. How terribly immature.

        • Rich

          Chill, Josh. Take your meds or something . Im one of those people that have and will continue to consider buying a Canon. I wont switch, I can afford to buy some new lenses and have two separate systems. A lot of pros don’t just stick with one system their whole career, that would be stupid. And lately Nikon is alienating and pissing a lot of people off. They don’t seem to listen to what people want, their prices are staying up on old tech. The only thing good they have done in the past ten years is when they released the D200, it gave people a solid non plastic body and (for that time) gave pro features for under $2.000. Since then we have been stuck in the 12mp rut. They have neglected their pro and prosumer gear. And are completely out of touch with the consumers.

      • Hom Thogan

        Right now Canon will have the edge not only in body price but also in lenses too so far anyone wanting to switch can get f/4L glass and basic primes for a fair price.

    • How much they pay?

      So how much does Canon pay you to troll this blog?

      • MJr

        So Canon is cheaper AND he gets paid for it ? That’s it i’m switching.

        • Shkacas


        • Rolf from Dusseldorf

          Yes that’s the kind of focused company I want to get behind!

          • Ha you made a funny


            You made a Canon AF joke!

        • Pity

          Yeh, they have to pay you to put up with their autofocus. :X

    • Vandyu

      I have to agree that Nikon is beginning to look elitist with its new pricing policy. On the one hand, it’s a boon for smaller, local bricks and mortar camera shops and I’m happy for them. But, for budget-conscious photographers, Nikon is starting to look like Leica light.

  • EvanK

    $7200! Now we can all finally afford a D3x! 😆

    • Art

      I’d definitely choose the D3x’s 24mp sensor over the D700’s 36mp sensor any day for an additional $4,000! Such a bargain!

      • Bozo

        You cannot compare the two just like this, because the size.
        The sensor is the same but the number of ….pixels… is less in the D3X. Which means less is more, more or less. Maybe thats why you should pay more for less?

        Somebody help me here.

        • neversink

          The sensors may be totally different design in a new model.We don’t know. My guess is that Nikon, once they replace the D700 will put out a new model that will have superior sensors than those in their current professional FX cameras.

      • Borf

        When did the D700 get a 36mp sensors? And why hasn’t anyone called this out on here yet?

        • Luis

          I think Art was just dreaming of his new D800…

  • BenS

    Damn ! I hope the price increase is just the effect of the natural calamities that have hit Nikon production.

    I hope Nikon does not lose alot of customers because of this ….

    • Sunshine


      I hope Nikon does not lose alot of customers because of this ….”

      I hope Nikon WILL lose a lot of customers.. Most efficient way to find back to their senses.

      • Luis

        If demand drops precipitously, Nikon prices will move back down. We’ll see what happens.

    • BungaBunga

      Competition is a good thing and a hard-to-ignore teacher. If Canon’s sales and marketshare increase with their lower refurb and holiday pricing it shows Nikon what it needs to do to compete.

  • Steve Starr

    Looks like Nikon is doing an across the board 10% increase in their goods. SB-900 up 10% and now the refurbs too (approx.) No doubt the new cameras will go up too.

    It’s going to be an interesting year if Sony and Canon go down and Nikon goes up along with their set pricing.

  • Tandua

    I don’t understand Nikon. D800 delayed for flood..tsunami…etc. It will be an “old” DSLR on 2012…..1 year old…and they increase old model price?

    • What the?

      How can it be one year old when it’s not even out yet? It hasn’t even been announced yet. You do know you’re on a rumours site, right?!?!

      • Allen S.

        You forget yourself sir! we are WAY ahead of the curve here! 😉

      • Liddiard

        I guessing, he was probably talking about the price increase on the OLD D700.

    • Ken Elliott

      Old? Hardly.

      If you tell the product designers that there will be a 6 month delay in production, they would see that as an extra 6 months to refine the design – a very good thing from a design perspective. While I wish I had one now, I can appreciate the benefits of waiting just a bit longer for fewer design bugs.

      I’ve got a pair of D700 bodies, so any issues I have are not due to my camera being “old”. I still think if the D700 had been released today, we’d all be singing praises. Like the Leica M3, there is so much right about the D700 that I think it will never become obsolete.

  • vdub

    i understand the natural disaster and all but even before all these events Nikon always cost a lot more than canon. It makes it so hard being a Nikon owner. stop raising prices.

  • Do they have a refurbished D900.

    • jorg

      i was wondering the same thing! otherwise i´ll just sell all my glass and switch to…

  • Davix

    One can say that a vast majority of the DSLR Nikon customers are completely lost now and such policies will surely not encourage new comers to choose Nikon instead of Canon. Sad because this brand deserve a better image… Nikon marketing people if you are reading this..JUST WAKE UP.

    If Nikon is more interested now in mirror less stuffs let us now and we will all switch to competition in the next months/years depending on our budget.

    • jodjac

      Trolls are relentless! Why say such a thing? Whose lost? I love my Nikon, love my Nikons lenses, love my CLS, love my build quality, love my image quality- I mean what’s not to love? Don’t answer that! Please don’t answer that. Friggin a-trolls. Cameras get released when cameras get released, not before and national disasters on the scale Nikon has seen DO count as reasons for delay. We are lucky if Nikon survives.
      I’m certain Nikon will have more than a single FX and we will be thrilled with the offerings. Here’s to next year and a plethora of new cameras to chose from!
      Remember Contax? What happened to them? I loved those products too. My RX is an awesome camera. Wish they were still around. What happened to Contax?

      • Davix

        1 – I am not a troill i comment posts very often and Peter never told me to calm down or deleded my posts.

        2 – You should read more carefully the comments made here by various users in differents countries and you will realize that my opinion is right. I accept contradiction not deny of expression.

        3 – Nikon is not giving to its customers a good visibility on its pro line and the disaster in Thailand certainely not a good reason for not informing us. What i think is that Nikon is preserving its sales for Xmas as it is too late to lauch the D800 but on the other hand D700 are not that easy to find now!!. That’s a position that i respect but certainely not the most respectful of the customers we are.

      • Lensshifter

        Nikon Fanboys seem to be worse than Apple’s. Even happy if their dream brand raises prices… And totally incapable of normal interaction. You should get a Nikon tattoo on you butt..

        • Vandyu

          I can see it now. Nikon marketing desperately seeking a new campaign theme in preparation for the D800 announcement. Nikon Rumors offers to run a gear contest based on the best Nikon tattoo design. Nikon marketing announces free tattoo with every D800. Who could resist?

  • Ralf

    I am Nikon user since 20 years now and i really think to give up with this !

    We can understand i lot of things if they are explained but know without visibility on future i really think to go away it’s sad such lack of communication.

    All is made for mass market Camera and always after the competitors and for the pro models they are always 2 or 3 years made later, and know what’s happened is even higher prices !!

    Its too much for me, and i need to buy a new Camera quickly i am really disappointed

    • MJr

      It’s the communication that is worst isn’t it. The just not knowing. It’s like having feelings for someone who only has feelings back when it’s convenient. Argh this is turning into a romantic comedy !!

      • MJr

        I’m betting if they come out with a D400/D800/D4 at some point, everyone would be excited and all is well again. And so again without a single bit of communication, they got away with it. All we get is the Nikon attitude. “We’re the only ones with products this awesome, so buy them and if you have problems that’s not our fault because we’re NIKON!”. “If your stuff goes out of date then pray for a new product, ‘caus it’s need to know basis only for subordinate customers. ‘Aight!”

        • Davix


          • NikoNiko

            Calm down you freaks!
            Why do you need to buy a 2011 body? JUST BUY A D700 ! They’re still better than the 5DmkII ! Megapixel or no megapixel.

            It sounds to me like the people who are constantly complaining on the forum seem to be caught up in specs and other petty issues that mean very little compared to Nikon’s consistant excellence in build, image quality and ergonomics.

            Nikon is superior because their focus is on PHOTOGRAPHY ! Not SPECS.

            Nikon’s Price – WHO CARES ! BUY A CANON IF YOU CANT AFFORD A NIKON. After all, thats why people buy Canon isn’t it..

            Nikon’s Megapixel Count – GET OVER YOURSELVES FOOLS. I’m pretty sure Nikon know what they’re doing! Otherwise they’d hire YOU!

            Nikon’s Marketing Strategies – GET OVER YOURSELVES! unless you are working for the marketing department then shut the hell up. PLEASE!

            AS FOR CHANGING BRANDS – chances are, if you guys are the pixel peepers that you claim to be then you know that Nikon’s glass is worlds apart from the competition! So you’ll end up buying a Canon body but keeping your Nikkor lenses & buying a Nikon lens adapter for you cheapo Canon.


            FOR REAL!

            • MJr

              Calm down freak. The -i’m changing to Canon- thing has become an inside joke for everyone who says it. And who’s saying anything about megapixels, or not using equipment that’s here now? Not me. We were talking about communication. Of which you would probably be better off dialing it down a little, because wow … listen to yourself.

            • Lensshifter

              I bet he too has got a nikon tattoo on his butt

            • I use Nikon for as long as I have because I prefer their ergonomics, however in the end, a camera is only an ends to the means used to deliver a final product to a customer in which I get paid for my work.

              A camera is nothing more than a tool, I’ve been on Nikon for twenty years now. If Canon offers a better product, better prices, and overall better performance, I’ll go to them. I’m not brand loyal to anyone but my own bottom line.

              However, Canon and Nikon have always been pretty equal. Nikon’s pricing points in recent years is getting marginally larger than Canon’s. Performance wise, there is little difference.

              However, Nikon’s glass is certainly not world’s ahead of Canon, but if you want to bump chests on quality with the RF shooters, one could easily surmise that Nikon glass is left in the dust by anything mounted to a Leica, or Contax. Quality is relative.

              In the end, unless, you ‘re a fanboy or pixel peeper, the people who see your images really could careless if the image was shot with a Nikon, Canon, Hassy, Panny, or a an iphone as long as the image is what you are being paid for. Chances are, if you are a pixel peeper or fanboy, then the images you show are just going to be to other pixel peepers or fanboys anyway, so who cares, there’s no money on the line anyway.

            • cobby

              I still don’t see how anyone can be cool with the increase in prices.. bcus its not comforting for those of us wanting to join the Nikon bus (my first dslr).. I’m looking to get a D7000. Each time i save up a bit, the price goes up.. and THAT IS CRAZY..

              “Nikon is superior because their focus is on PHOTOGRAPHY ! Not SPECS”

              It doesn’t mean that any absurd price increase is OK just because its Nikon

        • Precocious Youngster


          Remember the doom and gloom when Nikon took so long to go full-frame, and then how it disappeared completely when they released the class-leading D300 and D3 at the same time? Then followed up with the smaller and more affordable D700 (which still smokes the 5D2 at high ISOs)?

          Canon has always favored lower prices, lower profit margins, and higher widespread sales, in part because its distribution system has been so superior to any other cameramaker. As Eamon Hickey wrote here 2 months ago in the comments for “another-nikon-price-increase-in-the-us.aspx” “Canon, the largest camera company in the world for nearly all of the years since 1975, goes even further in the wide distribution direction. When I was hired by Nikon USA, Nikon had about 2,000 dealers overall in the U.S.; Canon had more than 10,000 and sold basically to anyone — drug stores, appliance superstores, warehouse clubs. Anybody who wanted to buy. Canon, too, could save money by serving fewer dealers, but in their judgment they make more by having wide distribution.”

          • Davix

            Lensshifter you made my laugh with the tatoo thing, it is exactly what i was thinking when reading these comments :))

      • Vandyu

        I can see a role for Jennifer Anniston as the new Nikon spokesperson.

        • Maddog

          I can’t wait to see the Nikon tattoo on her butt. 🙂

  • venancio

    just business, guys, nothing personal that’s really below the belt… nikon just wanted to get something out of the pro bodies they rescued or recovered from the tsunami and parts from the flood intended for pro bodies… water damaged sale of some sort but almost unused, the shutter counts are just QA tests…. but of course any price increase hurts and feels like a gouging if done without any explanation to the pilgrims and disciples….

  • neversink

    Ridculous!!! Why buy refurbished when there is so little difference between price of new vs price of refurbished. Come on Nikon. You can’t fool me!!!!!

  • @ALL, the proper response here is under NO circumstances do you buy their refurbished cameras at a 10% discount. There is no value in it! In the USA, you lose 9 months of a 12 month warranty on the refurbished equipment. And in Europe, where Nikon is obligated to provide a 24 month warranty, you lose 21 months!!! As consumers, our loudest protest to Nikon’s pricing policies can only be achieved by NOT purchasing said products. I don’t consider anyone willing to jump ship to another brand, a troll. The real trolls are the Nikon fanboys who cling to a namebrand for sake of the brand. If the alternate product satisfies your requirements, and you can cut your ties and investment in current Nikon product, then by all means jump all over it. For me, I am too heavily invested in the Nikon brand to easily consider moving over to Canon; that will have to be a very calculated move. Just for reference, about 2.5 years ago I bought a refurbished Nikon D3 for $3500, and sold it six months ago for $3500 in preparation of the new D4. As fate would have it, a Tsunami and flooding has delayed my purchase, which isn’t a bad thing, I bought the D700 to tie me over. But if Nikon’s prices of the D4, when released, are astronomically high, then it won’t only be natural catastrophes which delay Nikon getting my money, but Nikon themselves. I hope they are enjoying their success in additional profits being made at the cost of losing brand loyalists. Previously, I would have never even looked at Canon, but the insane prices of late for Nikon gear would gaurantee top dollar for my own equipment, thereby making a switch more easily feasible. For now, I will wait until Nikon reveals their D4 and D800 before I make any hasty moves, but I will be weighing ALL of my options, Canon included.

    • random guy

      well said. i agree

    • FX DX

      Exactly my thoughts. I just purchased a D700 and I am fairly happy with it, but I will also be interested in upgrading to D800 when it comes out next year. I too am heavily invested in Nikon gear and love the quality, but it’s been frustrating being a Nikon customer. If Nikon prices keep going up like this and Canon/Sony provide a comparable alternative at a reasonable price, I will consider switching to Canon/Sony seriously.

      • Davix

        this is also my point.

  • sd

    what was the point of even raising the price of something that is never actually in stock. Well I guess the refurbed D300s is for $300 more than a new d7000

  • neversink

    I’m too heavily invested in Nikon to change.

    However I prefer Nikon glass to Canon and I prefer the Nikon bodies to Canons. I do know fellow professionals who love Canon. In the end, the camera is just a tool. I still use film cameras. Hassy’s Leica, Mamiya, view cameras and even Nikon. I love Canon P&S, but not their DSLRs. My first Nikon was an F, and my favorite was the F3. Nikon DSLRs and lenses are the FX and DX kings in the “35mm” format. I know nothing about mirror less systems but am intrigued by their compactness.

    In the long run, it is the final photograph that counts. And it doesn’t matter if it is shot with a Phase One or a pin hole camera made from a cardboard box!!!!!!!!

  • Zim

    I want a NEW D400 for $1999.

    • FX DX

      And.I want a new D800 at $1999. Probably not going to happen, but I sill want that.

      • T.I.M

        @FX DX
        Give me your $1999 and I’ll send you a D800 when available.

        • FX DX

          Do you take invisible money? 🙂

  • T.I.M

    Still waiting for the D800 and its bilions pixels.
    What about if I buy a D700+D3x, then switch the sensors and return the D3x
    Do you think someone will notice it ?

    • MJr


    • Ken Elliott

      Hmm…. I think I just realized why my D3x has only 6 MP. ;D

  • A.B.


  • Mark I

    Does it really matter?…those cameras have not been available on the nikonusa website outlet store for months and months…it think they would rather funnel these cameras to the big retailers like B&H or Adorama…

  • Dazed&Confused

    I don’t understand!
    Nikon selling refurbed D300S for $1529.96.
    I can presently buy a new, yes new, D300S in Toronto for $1374.99.
    And yes they are in stock.

  • C_QQ_C

    If that is body only prices, then refurbs in USA have become more expensive then the new cam’s here in the Netherlands….

  • david distefano

    take the camera (tool) you own and create magic. an artist can create it from an i-phone camera or a holga camera or an oatmeal box pinhole, it’s the person not the tool. trading your d700 or whatever for a d800 is not all of a sudden going to make you a gallery wall hanger. get the very very best glass for your nikon tool. that is in many ways more important than the tool itself. stick with the tool you have now until you make magic and by not rushing to buy their new offerings you also tell nikon that their prices are a little out of line. the nikon lens i have are top end and work great on my f5 (you can get these now for $500) which i have drum scanned at west coast imaging. i back backpack this with a 4×5 and a hasselblad v system digital.

  • This is starting to remind me of the movie “In Time” where the cost of living kept going up, and wages were going down. Characters died when they went broke.

  • Nikon

    WHy are you people ripping the logic that some of these ‘Canon’ guys mention and call them trolls. I have been and still am a Nikon shooter and own nothing but the pro glass and D3s.

    The point about canon lowering prices and all still is of value. You nikon fanboys make it sound like Canon L lenses and their FF bodies are total garbage. For the value and price range the 5D mark II is a good deal. Sure the AF isn’t up to par with say the D3s but again the d3s cost me double the 5D mark II. Nikon has always had steeper prices across the board, it will not change in 2012. Live with it, but to continuously bash Canon on every aspect is BS. The reason most of us remain loyal to nikon has more to do with the fact we have invested THOUSANDS in glass than anything else. Also because of CANON’s affordability and being seen everywhere, most commercial clients have been conditionned to Canon shooters. Not all but most in North America. The gear doesnt make the photographer but it sure influences a client’s perception.

    • Nikon

      Also, clearly Nikon over the past several years overall, has lost its luster towards the North American Market.

    • cobby


      if canon was as bad as some people make it sound, y do they still have several canon shooters? If u see sports photographers shooting at some event, you’ll notice more white barrelled telephoto lenses.. unless you want us to believe that those who shoot canon don’t even know that their gear is not good.. smh

    • The Manatee

      Not all canon is bad e.g., Canon excels at video. Certain Canon lenses are superior to Nikon lenses e.g., the Canon 85mm 1.2 hands down beats the Nikon 85mm 1.4g. Canon’s 70-200 beats Nikon’s 70-200 etc.

      • @The Manatee,
        +1 “Canon excels at video”, -2 “Canon 85mm 1.2 hands down beats the Nikon 85mm 1.4G”. Soooooo, not true! They are very similar in quality, but you pay significantly more for the unuseable f/1.2 the Canon is suppose to provide. -1 “Canon 70-200 blah, blah, blah….”. Again, nearly identical in quality, but Nikon one ups the Canon on focus accuracy and speed. Paper specs are one thing, but until you have shot with both systems and said lenses, please don’t make assumptions.

        • Ren Kockwell

          really? because the 1d mk IV and the 7d perform really well, we are years behind the 1d mkIII and the 50D now. the gap isn’t that wide anymore

  • Detroit back in the 1970s started making cars that would not last. They have been paying the price ever since. Nikon, you can only rest on your laurels for so long. You DX line of lenses are cheaply made in China and other countries. You cannot get product to market in a timely fashion. From the days of the original Nikon F you have been not just the leader, but the innovator, the one that other companies followed. Today you have become a “Me Too” company who charges more for the N-I-K-O-N name. You are taking the short term gain and not considering the long term consequence

  • Paco

    Has Nikon decided to become Leica? Raising prices frequently to give the impression of a good investment and keeping supply perpetually low… At least Leica keeps a reserve of camera bodies to repair/exchange dameged equipment. Time will tell but I am happy the lenses I use with my Nikon are all Zeiss and will work on a canon + adapter configuration. About those people that say just buy the current model and shut up – all I have to say is that after losing my d3x in an a.ccident I had no way to find a replacement from Nikon or any USA dealer. My only recourse was to gamble 7k for a used camera in ebay. Not a great investment if you ask me.

  • bill

    Refurb = unknown clicks

    Sometimes (perhaps most of the time?) Nikon resets the counter as part of the refurb process so the number of clicks on a refurb is completely unknown. I’d buy a good used non-refurb long before overpaying for one of the grossly overpriced refurb models. Example: I paid $850 for my D300S on CraigsList with ~4,500 clicks. With a little patience, especially after the holiday season price increases, there is no reason to pay more than $900 for a low mileage copy.

  • broxibear

    I think high prices and limited stock is something we’re all going to have to get used to for the next few years…the world economy is in a complete mess, they’re no longer calling it a world recession but a world depression. Camera companies like all companies are going to have to adapt to survive, part of that is higher prices. Coolpixes may sell well in emerging markets like India and Brazil in 2012 but I doubt dslr sales are going to be great for Nikon or Canon… even professional photographers have a budget.
    Just last week cnn sacked 15 of their photojournalists, I know many photographers who won’t be upgrading their equipment unless it’s absolutely necessary.
    When was the last official Nikon price increase anyway ?…three years ago ?

  • Robin

    This is a direct results of numerous Nikon fanboy Idiots who present all the realist on this board with a saintly-er than thou attitude with their:

    “Oh!!! D700 so cool, D3x is fantastic and let all in megapixel race get the new D800 and D400, I am just gonna pick up a Cheap D3x or D700 deserted by all this foolish early adopters”

    Well! Thanks to all your saintly fartings, now we have to deal with this phucking price rise.

    Nikon like any other corporate is giving you a free suck job (of your wallet). Regardless of what you pick a new FX or a old legacy product, they will rip you off.

    I don’t think they deserve your fanatical sympathy.

  • Landscape Photo

    I want a refurbished D800pre-production test body for $2000 🙂

  • Shivaswrath

    Calm down all…they’re raising the prices because new products are coming out-like they did with the sb900 prior to the sb910 coming out.

    The refurb d3s was actually a good price at $4100, at this point, it’s rather goofy…

    But if the sb910 is any I guidance for new price increases….expect a 10% hike on all new products.
    So a D4 at $5999
    D800 at $4999
    They’re not making it easy….

    • Thom wHO?

      D800 at 5000$? Is Nikon working for Canon?

    • FX DX

      If Nikon D700 is $2699 new, how does a 10% increase make D800 $4999? Not trying to insult you here, but your Math doesn’t quite add up. I think many people will be OK with $2999 price (roughly a 10% increase) for the new D800, but anything more than that will be a deal breaker in my opinion.

    • enesunkie

      I think FXDX is right about the D800, but I also think your right about the D4 at $6K. I’ll bet the D400 body will be at least $2000.

  • Davix

    Interesting comment from Ron Risman (CameraTown)

    This year, 2012, the annual PMA photography tradeshow will be held alongside the CES Show in January. Moving the PMA show to early January (it’s normally held in March) gave manufacturers the incentive to hold off on product announcements through the holidays, and also gave retailers the holiday season to move out and discount older models.

    clear enough to me.

    • I doubt Nikon would raise all the prices of their refurbished models just before a new product anouncement; especially if they have no refurbs to offer anyway! That is just going to cause negative publicity. Unless of course it is just a psycological game they are playing to get new potential buyers accustomed to the idea that $3995 for the new D800 is comparitively reasonable considering the high prices of the older models! Then again, the financial losses Nikon has taken thus far this year may require them to be opportunistic and take advantage of every sale, lest go bankrupt! Canon and Sony on the other hand have multiple avenues for income and are most likely better positioned to deal with the same catastrophes that Nikon faced.

      • jodjac

        I was thinking along those lines as well. Nikon may not be in the best of health, financially speaking after all that’s happened. Consider the world economy as one of the disasters Nikon has had to endure. I’m sure raising prices is something they thought long and hard about. Nikon profits from fanboys! Big investment for me, buying into the Nikon brand. Up to my ears in debt! Hard to make it pay… but I love making photos. kinda stuck with it. I held on to film for a long time, waiting till the camera came out that I would not have to replace, not for many years. I think in my dreams that camera is the D800! But I don’t really know!
        Yeah, I’m of fanboy mentality, so what! It’s just a little fun. Trolls get to me somehow. Seems like an injustice.

  • Thom wHO?

    Great job Nikon! That’s the way.

  • Well with the 5d mkii $2.200,00 price tag i’m adding one to my bag with 3 1.8 primes – 28 1.8 – 50mm 1.8 – 85mm 1.8 . Not switching to canon just a new start. I told you Nikon , i wan’t to send you my money, but for 3k this canon set looks a better, and diferent add to my photo bag.

    See ya in 2012 xmas!

    • Markus


      • Nikon WTF

        Markus, Quit being a D1CK

  • Ken Elliott

    Well, if you are Nikon and you are selling at a rate above projections (thus running out of product), it makes sense to use your refurbs to meet demand. Naturally, we customers don’t like price increases for any reason.

    Nikon – if you are listening – you should justify the price increase by extending the warranty to 1 year.

  • Ruhtard

    Dang. It’s frustrating

  • Chris

    Is the D7000 a really good camera? I have a friend that works at best buy and said he will get me a brand new body for $840…should I jump on it or wait for the D400/D800

    • Davix

      The D7000 is a really good camera and i guess that if you ask this question you don’t really need an FX body at the moment, so go for it. The D400 is not for tomorrow and anyway will be quite expensive at least the first year.

      • Chris

        Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

    • enesunkie

      That’s a really good price for a camera that normally sells for 1200 bucks. Make sure it’s being sold as new and not an open box.

      • Chris

        Yeah it is definitely new. Thanks for the advice! I will jump on it then.

  • @Chris, + 10 to Davix’s comments. At $840 new, that IS a great deal, and will probably serve you well until/if you decide to go FF.

    • Chris

      Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. I never really planned on getting a FF. I had a D90 and then sold it. I did rent and used the D700 in the past, but since I don’t shoot weddings and only do in studio and mostly outdoor model glamour photography…people have been telling me there’s no need for FF and I would be best served with DX.

  • Ugh, this is NOT looking good. I better buy another used D700 now, before the price goes up. If the D800 comes out and actually has 36 megapixels, let alone costs over $3K, …that won’t help the used D700 price go down AT ALL. For every one D700 shooter who wants to upgrade, I bet there will be two or three who decide to just buy a D700 instead. It’s pretty pathetic if my only hope is that the D800 will scare enough people SO BAD that they completely switch to Canon, then I can pick up THEIR D700 for cheap.

    That’s a pretty bleak outlook, and I hope Nikon is listening.

    Although I guess it’s not entirely up to them. The economy is in a terrible place, so while on the one hand nobody has any money, on the other hand inflation and the exchange rate are REALLY close to just exploding. I dunno how the USD vs YEN etc. has changed over the past 5 years, but I bet it’s not to our advantage. Nikon is up a creek, and so is Canon. Heck, Canon is the one releasing the 1DX, a $6800 version of the D3s! If you think Nikon users are angry, just wait until Canon takes their sweet time in making a “5DX”, or an affordable version of the 1DX.

    Either way, I’m probably just gonna stock up on used gear asap, and wait out the next ~5+ years. Good luck to everybody else!


  • AnoNemo

    Nikon, do not bite the feeding hand of your masters!!!! Without them, you wouldn’t be in business.

  • Stuck with Nikon


    Look what happened to Kodak.

  • All my recent reviews are CANON lens. IS, AF Speed, cheaper glasses… remember how sport pros took off with CANON in the 90s? Go ahead, if the money isn’t matter and feel like switching your the whole system and still want to switch, go right ahead. Who said you have to stick with one system? Nikon, Canon, Leica, Fuji, …

    Ken doesn’t blog in these forums… only electronics junkies who have to have the latest of the greatest.

  • hom thogan

    it is a fairly simple matter you dummies: Nikon has a low stock and they dont want evrything to go on sale until they recover production capacity again. Geeeez you american geeks complicate things too much.

    • NikoNiko


    • AnoNemo

      Then Nikon should open its mouth! We like our Nikon gear and can understand and tolerate many things. But there is no excuse for this ill guided behavior from Nikon.

  • I was sitting on the fence for awhile before buying the d700 Jan of this year. Now I’m happy I did. I paid a little over two hundred dollars less then a refurbished is selling for now. Ya for buying at the right time.

  • matt

    The D3x is still selling for around AU$9500+ (US$9700+) new in Australia. Must be nice to be able to get it for $8k.

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