Nikon USA increases refurbished camera prices

Nikon USA just raised the prices for some of their refurbished DSLR cameras (I am not sure about lenses). Some examples:

  • Nikon D3s refurbished price went up from $4,159.96 to $4,679.96 (new D3s costs $5,199.95)
  • Nikon D3x refurbished price went up from $6,399,96 to $7,199.96 (new D3x costs $7,999.00)
  • Nikon D700 refurbished price went up from $2,150 to $2,429.96 (new D700 costs $2,699.95)

You can see some of the September Nikon refurbished prices in this thread.

Lately I have not seen a lot of refurbished pro level equipment at B&H and Adorama. Right now B&H has a refurbished Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens for $1,839.95 (new 24/1.4 costs $1,999).

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  • Benjamin

    Hey,does anyone know what is the price of refurbished nikon s8100 in U.S.A. ?

    • esphoto

      I have been a loyal Nikon user for over ten years now and that loyalty is on a thin line. The fact that they have the audacity to raise their refurbished prices is beyond me. Why are waiting and waiting for a D700 replacement that will most likely be $1000 more than a 5D? Is it really worth the focus and lens advantages over Canon anymore??? They made the first mistake of releasing the D700 without video and then make us wait another 3+ years for a successor. This is ridiculous!!!

  • cobby

    erm.. saw a similar question. Dunno if this is the right place for me to ask but i’d be glad if someone could tell me about the dynamic range of the D5100 vrs the D7000. I know they have the same sensor. is there something more?

  • Landscape Photo

    Does anyone know what happens to the unlabeled pre-production test units? Are these bodies given to the testers or taken back by Nikon?

    • @Landscape photo

      You can bet your ass the testers have a contract with Nikon to return the test units and they are labeled, the label is just covered with black tape when there in the field. Nikon has those units on lock down because of the collectors market.

  • Ken

    For $270 dollars I’d buy the new D700.

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