Nikon SB-910 coverage begins: the new flash already listed on European e-commerce website

Cameratools already listed the Nikon SB-910 flash on their website. The official announcement will be in few hours. Stay tuned!

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  • urgyen

    Wow if that is really true.

  • Nathan

    Am I reading that picture correctly? That’s 999 Euros?!!! For a flash unit? I thought $500 US was a lot, but over $1300? I don’t think so.

    • +100

      No speed-light is worth U.S. $1300. I will deal with the weight of a B400 and vagabond mini before laying out that cash for a speed-light. Or better yet with the tri-flash and four-square brackets out there I would rather get multiple SB700s or see what 3rd party has to offer. $1300 speed-light is ridiculous.

      • RR

        The Q Flash is about one grand and worth every penny 🙂

        • Absolutly true. 😉 We need quality and not a good price.

    • MJr

      It’s probably just a price placeholder.

      • Calibrator

        Finally, a person with common sense.

  • Lol Rotfl Lmao

    sad price.

  • Chris

    They probably don’t have a price yet.

  • Say What?

    You gotta be Shi**ing me!!?? 1500.00 USD for a flash unit?? Someones putting a little illegal chemical in the Saki in Japan…..

    • matthew

      most places put a price holder on an item that is close to being released but not available yet. I am a retail employee at a major company, and they always put a price of $9999 for an item that is not allowed to be sold yet, but needs a place in the inventory. Once released, the price holder will disappear and be available at whatever price it’s supposed to be at

  • António

    Are they pricing it like an APS-C body?
    If this is not a typo, for sure Nikon got a crazy guy at the marketing department.

  • Jimmy

    Whehehe,… this is where I get my stuff from 😀 Funny to see it pops up at NR. But Chris is right, they massively overprice products that will become available soon and correct it when prices are available…. as with the EOS 1d-x (oops,… this is blasphemy, isn’t it?)

  • that price is maybe the default system price, once they load the information it will have the actual price, maybe around $470 to $500 dollars.

    I have learned not to get my hopes up before the announcement but lets hope it has some features that never leaked 🙂

  • Ben

    For that price, it will have a D5100 attached….

  • Kamallraj

    $1200 ?

  • T.I.M

    The 999 euros price is with the batteries included.

    • More like life long battery supply 😀

    • For that price I hope the included batteries are a nuclear power cell with a 1000 year life and instant (zero) recharge time for rapid fire. Good thing they fixed the overheating issue!!! 🙂 LOL

      • Jo

        yeah, but now you’ll have to live with the chance of a nuclear meltdown instead 😀

    • Bjrichus


  • I have the perfect marketing slogan for it:

    The Nikon SB-910: We changed that s*** capacitor.

  • preston

    Come on people, lets use common sense here. That is obviously just a filler number for the price because if they more than doubled the price it wouldn’t get a name that suggests a minor upgrade (sb-900 to sb-910). It would be called sb-X9000 so that everyone knows it’s EXTREME!!!!

    • T.I.M

      X9000 sound more like a flash made fox sexy pictures !

  • lesliecool

    cool…i’m probably/most likely/definitely getting one… lol even if there’s only a 1% difference…

  • Roy

    Who cares?!

    Where is my D700 replacement?

  • thery

    Chill out people. That’s a default price. Instead of QQ in here. How about you write them like i did.

  • ‘Speedlite’ ???

    Canon-troll alert.

  • broxibear

    Not sure I understand the point of announcing a flash on it’s own…if you’re going to announce a new camera next week or in January then why not announce them together ?
    Then again I don’t understand a lot of Nikon’s decisions.

    • Steve

      Well off the top of my head the most obvious reason would be Nikon have the SB-910 ready to go, have exhausted supplies of the SB-900 and can’t make enough new SLR’s (whatever they may happen to be, let’s say D800 for arguments sake) thanks to the situation in Thailand. They either:

      a) wait for the D800 to be ready and available in sufficient numbers to launch while seeing high end flash sales stop because there simply aren’t any more SB-900 units to buy


      b) Launch the SB-910 now, knowing it’s more of an evolutionary upgrade anyway, maintain high end flash sales and launch the D800 when they have the stock available.

      Methinks b is the better option…

  • 999 euros you have got to be kidding

    • Allan M

      Yes they are just kidding you

  • Art

    It is clearly a place holder. It would be a bad thing for the page to leak (as it did) and for people to somehow order the flash unit. By setting the price really high, it ensures that if the page leaks nobody is going to order it.

  • AAAAARRRGGGHHHH! The next person who says “999? how much?!” should be banned.

    • 999 ? How much, thats way too expensive

      • Seb :)

        OMG 999? Too high.. i will go to change for CANON DSLR ;D

        • thery

          read it up side down.. ooh it’s a sign. nikon is evil

  • Jim

    (incredulous comment of inexhorbitant pricing before reading other comments)!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • NikonFanBoi

      I think those comments were meant as a joke, you know ha ha ha. Just incase heres the defination of humour

      humour US, humor [ˈhjuːmə]
      1. the quality of being funny
      2. Also called sense of humour the ability to appreciate or express that which is humorous
      3. situations, speech, or writings that are thought to be humorous

      • Rob

        Repeating the same idiotic comment over and over isn’t “humorous,” it’s “juvenile.” Is something isn’t funny the first time (or the first time it was mocked), restating it doesn’t change that.

  • RR

    I have and use my SB-900 and I am very happy with it, I know some people may feel the need for a new speedlight with no overheating issues, (if such thing exists) I de-activated the auto shutoff and alarm on mine and it has never shut it self off and I dont care for the display telling me it is supposedly hot, if its hot… Let it burn (I say)… But it never dies on me .
    Good luck for the people having problems with it, I think Nikon should give you guys a new SB-910 free of charge

  • getanalogue

    EUR 999 for life-long battery supply?
    Can have a real and powerful studio flash unit for the same price. CRAZY

  • smudger

    At €999 it will be a nice shade of pink, with wings and curly tail.
    Get real.

  • Sky

    999 Euros??? Just a speedlight…????? I am willing to buy the SB-900…..

    • T.I.M

      It’s a mistake, can’t be that price.

  • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

    1000 euros! The price – delirium!
    Though to us not to get used, with inflated prices of phototechnics at us in the country 🙁

  • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

    And so, the price certainly invented by the seller, as well as on all expected novelties

  • Ooops

    Lets do a poll, say by nationality (to really get it heated);
    all those that take the €999 as disturbing vote 1.
    All those that found the humour vote 2.
    and anyone not sure could always vote 3.

    don’t forget to note where you are from 🙂

  • Tetrasol

    Isn’t it obvious? The price of 9-9-9 clearly means that this flash unit will be the highly anticipated Herman Cain edition. Meat lover’s pizza not included.

  • Peter
  • Jim

    place holder price or not. Nikon reveals to have a strange perception of what the market (in other words WE) would really want.
    One third have the overheating issue on the SB 900 another third don’t and the remaining third doesn’t even know what we are talking about. Thus the shot of updating the SB 900 was apparently a pretty short one – the bullet dropped in the sand…
    Again and again I gotta scratch my head wondering if Nikon really doesn’t know some better priorities to keep the development department busy with.
    Sure enough, as soon as that thing is out some fanboys will spread the word that is sooooo superior to the SB 900. But with the specs that we have heard so far – including definitely NO radio TTL- it probably is not even worth to mention. A “new” sticker on the Nikon Website would have been sufficient – as they should know by now that if they ring the bell for an official announcement people would think of all sorts of products but certainly not on a slightly updated flash

    • WMAX


      I think I ‘m very happy that I bought my SB-900 for 334 Euro.. brand last year. (About 700 Euro’s below the SB-910?)
      You still can get the SB-700 for already 278 Euro!. 🙂
      Bought it from kamera express dot nl

  • jonnie

    For 1000 euro I hope it also makes breakfast in the morning!

  • Moth Flopwell

    I feel a sick headache coming on…I need to lie down…Call me when Peter Announces the Nikon 800-900 18mp-36mp, replacement for D700.

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