Nikon SB-910 at MyNikonLife Australia

Nikon Australia just posted a quick recap of the new SB-910 flash features and functions:

SB-910 Primary Features:

  • A refined user interface for smoother operation
  • Users can now quickly access custom settings using the new MENU button. In addition, the graphical user interface (GUI) has been improved to offer simpler application of settings for all operations.
  • Three illumination patterns for use according to the scene
  • The SB-910 offers selection from three illumination patterns (Standard, Even, Center-weighted), allowing users to choose the pattern most appropriate for the scene. Illumination precision has also been increased.
  • Automatic detection of hard colour filters attached to the front of the flash head
  • The SB-910 supports hard colour filters because they are more durable, stand up better to the heat generated by the flash head and are easier to use than the gel colour filters supported by its predecessor. One incandescent filter and one fluorescent filter are supplied with the SB-910.

Additional SB-910 Features and Functions:

  • Guide number of 34/111.5 (at ISO 100, m/ft., 35-mm zoom head position, in FX format, standard illumination pattern) for high flash output volume
  • Fully compatible with the Nikon Creative Lighting System
  • Power zoom function with which the SB-910 automatically adjusts the zoom head position to match lens focal length
    • FX format, Standard illumination pattern: 17–200 mm (14 mm with the built-in wide panel in place)
    • DX format, Standard illumination pattern: 12–200 mm (10 mm with the built-in wide panel in place)
  • Automatic switching of zoom head position with detection of the camera’s image area setting—FX or DX format—for optimal angle of flash coverage
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  • Robin


    • Robin

      I would buy it, if it came with a hotshoe bracket so that I can mount my audio recorder on top of it.

      Also, I think I stole someone’s thunder by not saying…………..”First”

  • drumbo


  • Well all i can say is that i will get two of them because i need them but not because i am really impressed by the specs (pretty much the same SB-900)

  • David Hirsh

    Link says page not found.

    • It’s back again

  • I recall that the D700 and SB-900 were announced pretty much at the same time. Hopefully this means the D800 is close.

  • PL

    Will this lower the SB700’s’price??

    • drpeters

      This has zero effect on the SB-700’s price. They are priced according to their respective categories. The SB-900 is their flagship, mutha-humpin’ flash, while the SB-700 is their mid-range or hobbyist flash.

      I don’t want to hear whining about how it isn’t -just- for hobbyists. Where’s the PC-Cord connector?

      • Ben Brickwall

        Oh brother.

        And my computer doesn’t have a floppy drive. DAMN!

      • Or stay old school, with a couple SB800(s).. and save your money for airfare, cabfare, what ever gets you there…

  • Would you like a side-of-camera with that flash?

  • jerl

    Wait, I thought the guide number on the SB-900 was higher than 111 (closer to 130 if I remember correctly). Does anyone have the exact number?

  • MattH

    As a D3100 owner, I suspect that flash is larger than my camera!

  • Paul

    This certainly isn’t worthy of a SB-1000 so they at least named it properly.
    Another minor update with an increased price tag.

  • Joe

    Who cares about the specs….


    IMO that is the biggest downfall of the 900.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      The solution is software based: Therefore No!

  • You don’t need to go to Australia to see the specs, it’s on Nikon USA website already.

    • BTW when you compare the hardware ratings and the detailed hardware specs of the SB-900 (which I own) and the SB-910 the two lights are virtually identical except the 910 is a bit heavier, has a ready light in the back and does NOT support multi-point AF as does the 900. Not sure much of an “improvement” is the software interface and the dedicated menu button but I doubt the price difference is justified . . .

  • Fredbare

    Does it come bundled with NX3?

  • Don’t see a reason to upgrade from sb900.

  • Jim

    way to stay on top of this – NOT!!!!! This flash is already on Nikon and on DPreview!

    • bratvlad

      Good point!

  • Wow – $55 more for illuminated buttons and, if I understand correctly, no real fix for overheating, just slowing down the recycle time as the flash warms up ’cause obviously pros don’t actually need to shoot so fast, it’s them that’s causing the overheating problem –
    presumably this is a software mod which is easier than actually engineering a solution.

    • Metten

      Slowing down recycle time beats shutting down entirely any time, even for pro’s. The overheating itself is a matter of physics, they should engineer a larger flash head and a cooling system to fix this entirely. Would you really want a flash twice the size of a SB-900?

  • Iris Chrome

    Just wondering,

    If the flash can cover up to 200mm using a DX camera, shouldn’t it be able to cover up 300mm in FX more or less?

    • preston

      I see your logic, but what it is saying is that it can cover up to 200mm in FX which would be equivalent to 133mm in DX, but since it can technically still cover 200mm in DX then they’re saying it can do that too.

      • Iris Chrome

        Yup, I get it now. I hadn’t slept yet when I asked that and must have been having brain farts 🙂

  • ReMake ArtWorks

    Yummy! Now I can get a few more SB-900 at a lower price 😉 Don’t see any reasons to get the SB-910 over SB-900 😀

  • Ole

    Is it just me, or are the “steps of technological Evolution” getting smaller and smaller?! I’ve got the feeling, that these japanese companies only trying not to harm each other, or does anybody think, that this speedlight is THE BEST that Nikon can manufacture…? No built in radiotriggering, no LEDs, no whatsoever… Just fixing the problems the SB900 should’t have! I am a long time Nikon fanboy… But sometimes I wish, that Apple and Leica would join forces…. THAT would be a challenge for Canon and Nikon, wouldnt it?
    Greetings from Germany

    • Sebastian

      The Germans stopped being innovative in photo equipment after WWII. Before that, many of the major new developments were from Germany, especially from Zeiss, after that, nearly nothing. Instead the Japanese picked it up with the development of acually usable zoom lenses, and it went on from there. By now it would take a lot more than just being innovative, cameras being a very mature technology.
      But German companies are very innovative in other areas of optics, for example lasers.

  • Ville Vintola

    The gels are pain in the ass and hard filter support is welcome. But I am not sure what is the benefit of automatic color detection.
    Not really sure if this gives enough reason to uppgrade from sb-900. But I guess it was not the idea with this but to do small improvements and to end the lifetime of sb-900.

    • Joe

      The SB-900 already had automatic color detection. The camera can then automatically set its whitebalance to that value.

  • Knee_Cone

    inb4 it overheats and shuts itself off for 20+ minutes

  • Arnstein

    I am just wondering, whether the new hard filters can be used on my SB-900, which works well.

  • JF

    Back then, the nikon SB-900 came out with a brand new feature of being able to upgrade its firmware. Now we get the SB-910 with better GUI… Will we see a real firmware update other than the last one in 2008 for us SB-900 users?

  • Sam

    Enormous, actually huge.

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