Weekly Nikon news flash #134

  • HP shutdown of webOS division is "imminent".
  • WSJ: "The Japanese government said Friday it will implement an extraordinary open-door policy to thousands of Thai workers employed at Japanese factories rendered inoperable by the country’s spreading floods."
  • Businessweek: "First-half net income beat Nikon's forecast by 39 percent after it sold more digital cameras than expected, according to a preliminary earnings statement."
  • A reader emailed me that the software for the already discontinued Nikon Coolscan scanners is no longer working with the latest Mac OS X Lion version. I believe Nikon is no longer supporting the scanner software.
  • A much better coverage of the Nikon 1 factory in China.
  • Android application for controlling Nikon D5000 with an Android phone over USB.
  • Nikon 1 review and samples by Adorama.

  • There will be a Nikon event in Stockholm, Sweden on November 3rd but I don't think it will be related to a new product announcement (Google translation):

Creative afternoon with photo and video. Welcome to a creative afternoon themed photography and film.

Award by NIKON FILM FESTIVAL Meet the photographer Pieter ten Hooper, director Miko Lazic andwinner of the Nikon Film Festival 2011 and see the latest comedy with Pierce Brosnan - Salvation Boulevard.

Location: Skandia Cinema, Queen Street 82

Date: November 3, 2011

14:30 - The cinema opens. In the lobby, we show our latest products and we also offer biogodis and drink.

15:00 - Lecture and Award

16:20 - The film Salvation Boulevard begins

  • New Nikon ad:

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  • hahaha

    nikon properly order the v1 on amazon themselves to boost the number of sales, great job, nikon.

    • NisseHult

      Nice one!

    • Everlast

      This is old news, the best selling list is updated hourly and the V1 is now 9th!
      Following 3 (three) NEX and one GF2 kits!

  • Hjj

    I think Id need a jerkstopper before going in the nikon store.

    • I’d definitely need one before going into the Nikon store in Romania. Woowoo! Haha! 😉

      The only problem I see with using something like the “Jerkstopper” is the fact that if someone is clumsy and TRIPS over a cable attached to my camera, I WANT the cable to pull out, not pull the whole damn thing over!

      • My thoughts exactly, any tug that’s strong enough to pull the cable out from the connection would more likely result in the camera+stand falling over since some of the ports in the cameras can be a tight fit. So having something like this wouldn’t really help. I wonder if a magsafe type of connector could be placed into the cable so that any tangled feet or accidental tug would separate the cable into two parts (1 short part which remains connected to the camera’s ports, the other longer part which would fall off.) But the best solution: more affordable wireless transmitters/receivers instead of using cables.

      • Steven

        Agree. I also want the cable to pull out. The “jerkstopper” and the V1 are two DOA products IMHO. Ironic they were mentioned in the same update.

      • Joe Jarro

        And if they were blonde, chances they’d drag the whole display with them…. Even in Romania.

      • I think the idea behind the Jerk Stopper is to prevent damaging stress on the internal connector.

        But crap, $35? I’d make my own.

    • silmasan

      That’s it.
      Switching back to Nikon.
      Flying to Romania.
      (full-size pic, please)

      • Haha I’m coming with you…

    • Bubba


  • Dug

    So with the jerkstopper, instead of somebody tripping over the cord and causing you to lose a few photos, they now send your camera crashing to the ground.
    Where can I buy one? 😛

  • Jadewatcher

    Ah, the Nikon Coolscan drivers scandal. How a company can abruptly cease even software support for some of its premium equipment, leaving lots of users with the only choice to resort to tremendously expensive software from third party developers. This is just to add insult to the injury of their complete, unexcusable *silence* about their ideas for the pro line. Thank you Nikon, you’re really sweet to your decades-long loyal customers.

    • Michael Houghton

      Well, what has happened here is that Nikon wrote a G4/G5 app, possibly using some assembly language or PowerPC-specific features to process images quickly.

      Then Apple switched from PowerPC to Intel.

      The reason it has stopped working now is that Lion no longer contains Rosetta, which translated PowerPC binaries to x86 before execution, keeping old apps running (and not very slowly either).

      I’m not clear on the differences that stop the driver working in Windows; they are probably smaller (though might be to do with any internal SCSI emulation or something like that). But the same thing has afflicted the Minolta/Konica-Minolta scanners, rather sooner.

      But a point of order: neither Silverfast (particularly in its SE edition) nor Vuescan (even in its professional edition) are ‘tremendously expensive’, particularly set against the likely original cost of the scanner, or against the cost of a service to a non-working scanner (ask a service centre; you’ll see).

      And you say ‘even software support’ hinting that Nikon have ceased spares/repair support for the CoolScan – can you support that with evidence?

      • Jadewatcher

        I know perfectly well the reasons by which a powerpc application can’t work on an intel machine, the issue here is that Nikon decided to drop the ball way before the announcement of Lion Os X. It was bound to happen that sooner or later the software would have stopped working. I am not complaining on their decision to stop making scanner, the second-hand market for these things is still very good and i think will be for the foreseeable future. I can understand their problem with a niche market and increasing costs for manufacture, the thing i CAN’T stand at all is their decision to abandon software support for their products: it practically became the same as abandoning all users who still used film, both 100% or partial film shooters.

        Also, it is more than obvious that such hardware is far, far more expensive than Vuescan and Silverfast, the point is..do you really like having to pay 450 Euros overnight for something that worked perfectly well and 100% free yesterday evening? And of course, don’t start me with the “don’t update” mantra. Nikon is not a legacy company that needs a specifically assembled old system for its hardware.
        Spares and repair parts are still available as far as i reckon, but that’s not the issue here, i hope i made myself clear about my point (and the point of countless other shooters).

        • Michael Houghton

          Personally my biggest problem with SilverFast is the ridiculously bad UI. But not so terrible that Minolta didn’t ship it themselves, and arguably a better performer than Minolta’s software on day one.

          VueScan, though, is certainly not 450 euros. I bought the professional version years ago and I’m on my third scanner (and third camera) that it can use. It’s a great product and a very cheap fix to a problem.

          It’s a bit disappointing that there isn’t up-to-date software support from the manufacturer but to be fair to these manufacturers, the original configurations for which the scanners were designed still work, and this is the only possible thing you can hold them to. They didn’t commit to anything else.

          I have kept the old Mac my scanner ran on. So Minolta haven’t abandoned me in the sense that it continues to work, if I so wish, with the machine I bought with it contemporaneously – and if they still existed as a business I could reasonably require them to continue to support that configuration.

          Requiring to commit to support software configurations that weren’t imagined when the device was designed is unreasonable. It’s disappointing that they haven’t tried to do so, but it’s certainly not required. We wouldn’t hold them to supporting an entirely new interconnect if Macs and PCs suddenly no longer shipped with USB, so how is it reasonable to ask them to support substantially new operating systems running on a different processor family?

          • anon743

            Totally agree. I too often hear stories about having to stick to old computer equipment just to have one single application/hardware running, esp. in the workplace. If a software fix can solve the problem, why not stick to this route?

            I am particularly disappointed with Nikon having discontinued their scanners some time ago, and now, even software support on newer OSes. After the ED-9000 I don’t see any other quality desktop film scanners that can do the job well. Not all end users want to stick to expensive, outsourced scanning solutions (drum scan, pseudo-drum scan etc.) and many would like to do the scanning themselves (myself included). The only solution now is cheapie flatbed scanning solutions (even the so-called “high end” flatbed scanners) which are pathetic and don’t quite resolve the film’s image well.

            I’m still using Minolta AF-5000 (Scan Pro) which means if it dies or becomes defective (due to environmental factors) then I’ll have to consider Nikon’s solutions. And having to find a quality pre-owned ED-9000 (with good service record) is not easy.

            Although the mainstream of photography is now digital, there still exist tons of film which are awaiting to be digitized using modern scanning technology. I only hope Nikon would reconsider making quality film scanners (even just one model or two) using the latest sensor technology to fill in the void in the film scanner market. The end product may have to be expensive, but it’s better than not having the product at all.

  • paf

    Well, as I said before – Nikon most likely introduced the “price fixing” policy to prevent other stores from competing with their own brick and mortar points of sale. It was just a matter of time before they did this. Watch for Nikon stores opening in a mall near you!

    Where does that leave Canon?

    As to V1 and the Amazon stats — well that has me puzzled as to what do they classify as best selling — in terms of what? Volume? V1 ranked right behind Nex 3 that has been out for a while. I really wish well for Nikon but I can’t help to question the stats.

    • Rob

      The new pricing policy is in the US. The new retail store is in Romania. Do they even have any retail stores in the US? Until they open stores in the US, there is no credence to your claim.

      • Worminator

        The price policy is a move to protect and control their sales network.

        The retail store(s)? Looks like a “brand building” experiment, rather than a serious attempt to move product in volume. Might have worked out well Apple, but Nikon is not Apple and cameras are not mobile phones.

    • Andrew

      There are many things that can affect sales, including advertising and awareness. Whichever way you look at it, the numbers cannot lie – good job Nikon!

  • EvanK

    Nice to see that the V1 is selling well, but I’m curious: if it’s such a great seller, why does it only have one review?

    • Not Surprised

      Adorama guy sounded sarcastic when he said “All this for just starting at $695”, knowing that this camera is pretty much a D40 with video, and should rightfully sell for about $400 bucks max (Nikon even saves money by not implementing a prism, so why not ;-).

      Seriously — for the J1 and V1 to get over $1,000 is pretty ridiculous. But Adorama guy was saying, “What’s amazing and spectacular about this lens is the price.”

      That’s for sure!! lol… do they think its a D7000!?!? 😉

      • well all i can say is, let dumb people with money donate development of pro stuff.

  • Rich

    As an alternative:
    Vuescan supports Nikon Scanners in OS X Lion.


    • Vuescan is probably better than the Nikon software anyway. I tried an older version but it didn’t support my scanners yet.

      Personally, I use SilverFast with my Microtek ArtixScan M1 (came with the pro version of my scanner) and it’s WAY better than the bundled Microtek software. I suspect the Nikon version of SilverFast would still work with supported scanners under whatever OS that SilverFast will run under. (It’s not the least expensive option, but beats having a useless brick as a scanner.)

  • Iris Chrome

    Nikon 1 V1 made the #6 on the Amazon’s best selling compact system cameras…

    Impressive considering that Amazon US sells 3 different kits for the V1 and all kits compete with each other for the best seller spot.

    J1 is doing very good too with 11 different kits.

    I wonder how many of those who were dead bent on N1 being a “turd” (as I remember some were calling it) have actually gone and bought one…

    • Not Surprised

      Its not a turd, but it is overpriced. And it needs more advanced controls — especially on the higher end model. The high end model should have as many features as the D3, and I’m not kidding. They could hide those features a layer deep to not off put entry levels, but they should be there with programmable buttons.

      Otherwise the price is just ridiculous.

      • Calibrator

        > Its not a turd, but it is overpriced. And it needs more advanced controls — especially on the higher end model. The high end model should have as many features as the D3, and I’m not kidding.

        I also think it’s a bit too pricey considering the competition but demanding more advanced features is nonsense. It’s *made* for people not using that stuff. Get over it! Buy a different product if you absolutely need those (I did).

        > They could hide those features a layer deep to not off put entry levels, but they should be there with programmable buttons.

        The moment they do that countless posts will come up like “Bummer! The advanced controls are way buried in the menus!”.
        And then there is the problem that this camera doesn’t have too many buttons to begin with…

      • Iris Chrome

        @Not Surprised

        All those hordes of people who clamored to buy the N1 must disagree with you then 😉

        To be fair though, I did think the same thing (about price) when the models were first announced but then again, and I’ve said this numerous times before, I think the next round of Nikon camera updates will all show an increase in prices from their current models.

        As for “The high end model should have as many features as the D3, and I’m not kidding.” You’re kidding right?

  • Been there guy

    How many compact systems are out there all together?
    There is Sony NEX,
    there is Panasonic Lumix,
    there is Olympus PEN,
    and then there is Nikon 1..
    There are only four out there, and our the Nikon 1 was number #6?
    Did I miss any thing here?

    • count

      samsung, leica, canon

      • Been there guy


  • radu
    • It seems that only one of the many lenses in that group is a Nikon (about 2/3 down the left hand side). There could be 2 more Nikon lenses (top right quadrant) but I’m not sure.

      The people responsible for making this video might could be either ID10Ts or trying to make a point.

    • PeterO

      Yes radu, I noticed the white lenses right away. Obviously Nikon’s new marketing strategy is to pull at the heart strings by playing semi melancholic music while talking about tradition and showing lots of family pictures. Their prime audience is definitely the consumer crowd who are swayed by this sort of thing. The “First-half net income beat Nikon’s forecast by 39 percent…” proves this. This certainly couldn’t have happened because of a surge of pro equipment sales which for most of the year, have been hard to get. On the other hand, they may have just posted very low earning expectations at the beginning of the year. Nikon is not moved to change things just because a few online posters here at NR would like them to be more open about future pro equipment.

      • Nikon is not moved to change things just because a few online posters here at NR would like…

        Which one could reasonably argue is a good thing. I’m certainly grateful they don’t base their global strategies on the mind of a few posters from a web forum. And I can’t really complain when they continue to deliver market-changing and photograher-enabling tools as their track record has shown.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      LOL yeh what the?!

      I guess that footage was too nice to give up. Just 1/2 second… no one will notice. LOL

  • n1kön

    how to mount these 2 models from romania? long range needed? aperture?

    • There are plenty of these girls in Romania. If you want to see romanian girls go onto youtube and search “perfect2, andra-telephone” and so on. I’ve been to nikon presentations in my home city where they also used girls, i’ve taken pictures of them: http://vimeo.com/17319152


  • iteotwawki

    The Jerk Stopper? Why did this take so long? Regardless, it would not have helped me.
    While at a job, the cord coming out of my WT-4 wireless transport unit hooked on a light stand and jerked my D3S right out of my hand. Luckily, my camera was safely secured because of my Blackrapid R-Strap.
    Though I understand why Nikon went with a single Wi-Fi unit that supports multiple cameras, I like units build specifically for one camera that attach to the body. For example; the WT-2A that I used with my D2X wan an excellent unit and very ergonomic.

  • IanZ28

    The jerkstopper was invented to prevent me from speaking about that lovely Romanian woman on the right.

    Wow ….. bleep bleep du da bleep ja bleep da bleep.

  • DaveS

    That Android app may well work on other Nikon DSLR’s, and some features already do. One of the stated future plans is, “Support other Nikon models”.

    May be worth keeping an eye on its progress, and offering encouragement, if it’s something you could use. May also be a way around Nikon not including features like bracketing in their cheaper models.

    What would you like to customize about your camera’s interface?

  • bob

    Whoa! hot romanian nikon chicks!

    I wonder if they let you test your equipment out on them.

  • WYS

    By the time I clicked the link the V1 dropped down to number 8 spot. When I looked at the list the first thing that hit me like a sledgehammer is the top 12 is dominated by Sony.

    1. Sony E 55-210mm Lens for NEX cameras,
    2. Nex-5N Black at $699
    4. Sony 15 pancake for NEX
    5. Nex-5N Silver at $499
    6. Sony NEX-3 at $469.
    9. Sony NEX-5N Body only $599.
    10-11-12 Sony NEX lenses and a Fisheye conversion lens.

    • WYS

      Type mistake the NEX-5N Silver is $699 like the black version, not $499.

  • broxibear

    Here’s some more about the “Yellow Store” in Romania http://www.f64.ro/news/_Yellow_Store-primul_magazin_exclusiv_Nikon_din_Romania_in_parteneriat_cu_F64.html
    You get the feeling Nikon are trying out the Apple Store idea to see if it’ll work for them.

  • I think it is worth a trip to Romania just to meet those babes.

  • paf


    I actually think it will work for them…. It’s a tried and functional model (Sony, Bose… ). Don’t think it will catapult them in any way, but it will ensure their market presence.

  • coco

    to me, the nikon 1 cameras are like a new cellphone that has a lot of new function and apps but can’t make a proper phone call.

  • Sam Rantwell

    Meh, the commercial isn’t very good…

  • nikon made in china no thanks

  • i am still waiting for the swiss one

  • Brock Kentwell

    Hello, Kim and Khloe, I’d like to buy your most expensive lens.

  • broxibear

    You don’t see many of these for sale, one of the most sought after Nikon lenses around the 28mm f1.4 AFD. Yours for $2400 http://www.lensrentals.com/buy/nikon-28mm-f1.4d-af-serial-number-206857
    It’s interesting how the older lenses made in Japan hold their value or increase in value. A few months ago I sold my 85mm f1.8 AFD which was made in Japan, I used it for 10 years from new and sold it for the same money…I wonder if some of the AFS lenses will last as well and keep their value ?

    • paf

      I was just re-evaluating my lenses and their market value — primes seem to hold their value just fine with some being worth more than I bought them for. Zooms, except for their top end line (especially 70-200) tend to lose in value. The worst investment seems to be AF entry level zooms that have lost a lot of their value over the last few years. There doesn’t seem to be much difference if the lens is AF-S or screw driven, it seems to be linked to the “fame” surrounding the lens.

      Overall, it goes to say that one primes will do better over time and it is worth buying the the “top shelf glass” (zoom or prime) no matter if you plan on keeping it or trading it in.

  • MJr

    “Nikon 1 V1 made the #6 on the Amazon’s best selling compact system cameras” And then they find out it isn’t really compact.

  • Tony

    The girls…no… the gears look expensive.

  • broxibear

    Kai over at digitalrev has got a hands on review of the V1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CMdoE7BfRE&feature=player_embedded

  • Braves

    Left or Right?

  • Moth Flopwell

    IT still amazes me. That Price? Really Nikon? That Price for so little. Kai reviewed it..and did call it a Turd. A big Turd. Please check Amazon on that return policy…pretty soon we going to see “refurbish V1’s.”

  • If a jerk trips over the cable with the jerkstopper installed, what happens?

  • still waiting for D800 – but nothing happens … :-(((

    Holger from germany

  • simpleguy

    come on nikon , d800 or d4 stop messing with this small compact cameras already its emberassing , when you look at the Nikon at PPE 2011

    its full of air and nothing to show except this v1, j1 weird white shiny plastic , apple like toys , emberaasing


  • broxibear

    Japan Inc struggles with yen rise…
    “Japan’s biggest corporations are facing an ever tougher fight to keep up with their nimble Asian rivals as the soaring yen and Thai flooding hit manufacturers already battling consumer gloom in Europe and the United States.
    Later in the week, Sony Corp and Nikon Corp are also expected to reveal more information about the effects of Thai flooding on their operations, particularly camera manufacturing. ”

  • In my studio, the jerkstopper is great. Rather than having the camera on the tripod, I tend to have a tether table set up (also by the same company, tethertools.com), and use that on my tripod. You also don’t really tether with a cable shorter than 10 feet (personally, I use a 15′ cable) so the only one to trip over it would be me. The real usage in it is that it keeps the cable from pulling out when shooting in portrait orientation and from bending the plug when when in landscape orientation.

  • Phil M

    C´mon! Give us something good! D800? D4? before we zzzZZZzzzZZZ…

  • CamaMan

    That nikon android control software seems to be supporting other models to. Nikon D7000 included.

    Maybe a title change.

  • temping

    Not convinced, does this really stop the jerks?
    Any first hand experience?

  • The invisible man

    Now I can tell you guys, Ken Rockwell is me, sorry !

  • Jojo

    At around 34/35 sec into the Nikon ad we see a gaggle of photographers with long lenses. Look mostly Canon at a quick glance. Anyone able to look closely and pick out numbers for a % rating of pros using which brand?

  • Miro

    BTW Nikon has the worst stores ever. They will not let you try anything, and if yes only with couple crappy cameras. really disappointing. Sony has one of the best stores, Second is Pentax, than long time nothing, Olympus and Canon, and after that nikon. ;(

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