Nikon 1 V1 and J1 mirrorless cameras now shipping

Nikon V1 and J1 in a store in Switzerland

The Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras are now shipping to retailers worldwide. In the US, B&H and Adorama are still closed and Amazon has a shipping date of November 15. Currently OneCall (Nikon V1 | Nikon J1) and J&R (Nikon V1 | Nikon J1) have the new cameras in stock.

Update: Amazon got some kits in stock today.

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  • Great job Nikon !!!

    • MJr

      Shipping … to Whom ? No me … 😉

      • ha!

        To everyone else who is buying one 😉

        • crazy

          Are you kidding me? I would care less for this piece of crap! I’m really curious to see how long would this last before the yank these cameras of the market.

          • Got my set on friday (2 cams, 4 lenses and the flash)

            For those who are interested, here are some early shots:


            • Andy,

              Fantastic work! That’s quite a little marvel you bought yourself. I especially like this comment on your awesome images:

              “Didn’t you read all those posts saying how useless this camera is… you know, the posts before anyone actually had the camera in their own hands and used it.

              And by the way, it looks like it might be malfunctioning. You took a shot into the sun of some leaves and it didn’t completely blow the highlights. Take it back.”

              I think along with your great images, that comment says it all 🙂 I think I’ve found my portable travel camera I’ve been wanting for so long. I’m putting the raw format version on my must-have list.

            • Jabs


              Thanks for the link and the great shots.

              First shots with this camera system from someone who actually knows how to photograph a scene, that I have seen so far besides the ones from Nikon and a few others.

              Beats the crap that ‘dpreview’ and others like those so-called “Review sites” usually post and they all need to hire a real photographer PRONTO!!! Most of them can’t even properly focus or frame a shot nor even get any kind of a perspective right much less decide what focal length to actually use – lol.

              Keep us posted on your progress with them too.

              Really nice cameras!

              Can’t wait to get mine and shoot all those high speed videos that I have been wanting to do for a while. Now to see what the LED video light and flash system also does.

              Finally a great small camera system.

              The camera seems to have a great dynamic range plus color depth range to me for such a small camera, just from your shots. I wonder what it would look like with a great polarizer or combo ND/polarizer?

            • Looks great! I’m super impressed, honestly. I have always been a proponent of the Nikon 1 series, as I understand Nikon’s target market. Honestly, they’ve got a real winner on their hands and I applaud Nikon for what they’ve done.

          • Jabs

            ‘Clueless’ and crazy TOO – lol

            No more to say!
            Hasta la vista!

  • mark

    Nikon Canada inform me by telephone that they will be shipping the N1 in early to mid-November.

    Groan. I’m off on holiday to Spain on 25th Oct and my D700 is house bound as I do not want to lose it. Guess it will be my trusted little Fujifilm F450 5.2 meg handheld. Yeah – great challenge. Nice way to compare the N1 once I have it in my hands!


    • Mark

      PS – Admin, nice reporting today. Lots of interesting stories. You have a lot of appreciative visitors to your site. Keep up the good work.


      • EvanK


        You’ve gotta love NR, the best Nikon coverage!

      • Thanks Mark, there is always room for improvement 🙂

        • Douglas Adams

          I agree…My thoughts are on Pamela Anderson!

          • Calibrator


    • Jim

      Not sure if you pre-ordered yours (or where you are in Canada), but Black’s at Bay and Dundas in Toronto received a bunch today…

      • Mike

        Someone on Toronto Craigslist is already trying to sell a V1 with 10-30 for $980. No time wasted!

    • coco

      black’s has it already

    • lolly

      Today is your lucky day 😉 … try Vistek or Henry’s … Jim & Coco mentioned Black’s too.

    • Geoff

      insurance on your camera equpment is pennies on the dollar. Get it for the trip and take the big boy with you.

      • Jabs


        What if they steal the camera with their images still inside?

        What if they also mug or hurt them over their camera?

        Will Insurance also fix that and remove the scars too?


        Depends on where they are going and if they have someone to watch their back while they shoot all that magnificent scenery while a crook ogles them and their gear.

        Yeah – got you too, but one cannot throw caution to the wind, now!

        • evg

          why would they ever be mugged or hurt, it’s Spain for gods sake, not a 3rd world country or warzone, stop being paranoid xD

          I could imagine it can get stolen from 2 star hotel room, or if he leaves his camera bag on a bench in the park, but this can happen everywhere.

          just get the insurance and pack the bag with the big boy imo

          • Jason

            I was in Madrid and had the “someone secretly squirts mustard on your clothes, someone offers to help wipe it off, someone steals your luggage while you’re distracted” routine attempted on me. Was warned of that happening, so held my luggage tight!

            • Mike

              I was in Barcelona for a week this past September with a D3s and was very aware of my surroundings. No issues what so ever. Don’t carry it around your neck… In the bag, shoot, back in bag and you’ll be fine.

            • Vandyu

              Glad you made it through the mustard squirt. Easy to lose focus on what counts in a situation like that.

            • Booo

              Thanks for sharing that Jason! Street proofing is invaluable. It certainly makes a difference whether you’ll have a good vacation or a bad one.

          • Jabs


            Sorry, but I live in America and that does not apply here plus personally, I don’t call anywhere ‘third world’, as I consider that arrogant and clueless plus now trying to raise yourself above other human beings.

            Where the heck is the second world then, for example?

            ONE Earth filled with different people and NONE are better or worse – different problems, cultures, religious beliefs and live thrusts plus experiences.

            Some are richer and live better than others but we all go to the bathroom and it smells the same.

            God made us all as one human family, yet we falsely divide ourselves, so get real.

            The feudal system died ages ago – remember?


            • Iris Chrome

              Not 100% sure and might be completely clueless here but I think the “2nd world” was a non-spoken term that was supposed to refer to the previous Soviet Union and other countries that followed similar paths.

            • Jabs

              @Iris Chrome

              Sorry to seem so stern, but people are too fixated on themselves while looking down on or thumbing their noses up at other lands and people, hence WARS and problems all over Earth.

              One Earth and not three worlds = my point.

              Maybe some idiots thought of the former Soviet Union as second bananas, but they too are humans and thus why I don’t care for Politics or such.

              One human race and different beliefs, thrusts and goals = the real Blessings on humanity, while jerks often want us to be one as in robots. ‘Sheeple’ then in gray suits – LOL – and exclude others not exactly like them or from their lands!

              I prefer to celebrate the vast diversity of human life and existence while learning from every group on Earth myself.

              Not try and raise myself to some elite status over others, as you just might be in their same ‘pickle’ tomorrow!

              Will you now be ‘third rate’ from poverty, unemployment or your country going broke?

              Does ‘first rate’ EVER become ‘third rate’ then = their arrogance and bigotry too.

              Now, back to cameras – lol

            • Iris Chrome


              While I agree with you that such separatist terms can sometimes only serve to add more unnecessary differences between equally created people, from an objective and scientific point of view sometimes such terms might be needed in order to study and solve the different problems that arise from those differential situations.

              I truly believe that the fault itself doesn’t lie upon the terms themselves but the subjective use of these terms.

              You ever wondered about the all the new “politically correct” terms that keep being churned up? I mean they will only stay politically correct until people start to “subjectify” them in a negative manner.

              But it’s nice and refreshing to see someone who appreciates the fact that humans are one race instead of the different factions (however necessary or unnecessary) that we’ve been forced align with.


            • Jabs

              @Iris Chrome

              Thanks for your reply too.

              Don’t get me wrong, as I don’t consider being politically correct a necessity for myself often, as I either tell it like it is or as I see it, or simply be quiet – LOL.

              I know of human ethnic differences, strengths, weaknesses, myths told about and such, and thus I never expect any one group to be either inherently inferior NOR superior = my point.

              You can think it all you want, but don’t say it nor try and prove it, as you can’t.

              If I am poorer or richer than another human being monetarily, then perhaps religiously or even being contended in their life as in peaceful or happy, they might be ‘superior’ to you in that sense, so nothing to brag about.

              It is what it is – lol.

              Every human group that I have met, has fascinated me as to how they think and speak plus comprehend differently on some issues and thus we are like a vast and pleasant array of the same exact thing, so wonderful to discover these differences, as I approach people as a learner or equal, hence I get along with people well in real life. You can learn from anyone and so do they also from you often.

              When you see a human cry or smile, you instantly understand these emotions no matter what the language, culture or religious and political/ethnic divisions that exist (real or imaginary) and thus look with the same eyes that you photograph with, to me.

              Yeah – great to be a human and love humanity too.

            • D7000 Fan

              Umm. . . This is actually a Nikon site?

        • Vandyu

          Agree. I wouldn’t carry a D700 abroad nowadays either. Heck, pick up a P7100 or a P500 or a Panasonic FZ150 for a light travel camera. When you get back, give to a family member if you no longer need it.

          • Anna Seed

            This is ridiculous. I live in Spain for years and it’s very safe and have walked around many times with thousands of pounds of gear on me. Unless you do something stupid like leave your bag unattended in public, etc you’ll be fine. If you’d walk around New York or other major city in the US with a D700 then you’d feel perfectly secure in Spain.

          • Booo

            This is ridiculous. Why did you buy a D700? If you got it then use it… Spend the money on upgrading lenses. If you forget it in a taxi, you deserve it. Otherwise be aware of your surroundings. Do some research on the places that you’re going to; like what are the common scams. Keep your full memory cards in a hidden compartment in your luggage at the hotel if the room doesn’t come with a safe.

            I generally off load my daily pictures to a cheep netbook and store it in the room safe. I don’t delete the memory card, I just continue shooting. If I loose the camera, I have a copy on the netbook. If I loose the netbook, I have the originals on the memory card. If I loose both I change planes because my luck is really bad.

            • Booo

              Oh yeah… get some insurance too… If you do lose it, a D800 or D4 would be a nice replacement…

      • Mark

        Sorry everyone whom I’ve offended by not being clear – I wasn’t implying the Spanish are arch criminals anymore than Canadians or Brits are – (tho’ my Spanish friends do steal my beer, as do my Canadian and Brit friends. Guess that means I have no friends 😉

        Geoff, insurance is always a good idea, but my concern was negligence on my part and the heft (not the theft) of the camera.

        Really, the Nikon 1 seems to be an ideal camera for this sort of trip – a simple holiday. So, my little Fujifilm F450 will have to do! See you on Wednesday, beautiful Spain!!!!

        • Jabs


          I got you, but it was the implications of offense to the reality of THEFT and loss of images or bodily harm that perturbed me coming from others who like to throw blame on crime on the ‘others’ and not in their lands, as maybe they are too ‘culturally acclimated’ and ‘too sophisticated’ to stoop to stealing valuable gear.

          So peasant-like and below our ilk – Right Senor or Senorita Loco!

          Let ’em eat cake – LOL.


          They’ll steal your hubcaps off your car in New York City and other major metropolis worldwide while you are in it too, so who’s dreaming then – lol.

          If the police don’t harass you for photography, then the slippery fingered ones might get ya = reality and not some showy pretense either.

          This ain’t Mayberry RFD, that pretend old television show from America and I ain’t Gomer Pyle, Barney Fife, Opie, Andy or Aunt Bee or even Floyd the barber.

          This is year 2011 and not the 60’s, so watch your back anywhere or suffer the consequences for being an idealistic WHAT? Insurance or not – deal with reality!

  • SojIrOu

    I was looking at one on Thursady but I just passed right over it for the E-PM1. The J1 felt well built and very compact but it didn’t feel speical or revolutionary.

    m4/3 has been around for so long and has an established lineup of lenses that it’s tough to beat. Adaptors don’t make any sense to me because I don’t want a DSLR lens on a Sony NEX or J1/V1 or m4/3 camera. Native lenses are much smaller and offer autofocus and do not require an adaptor which makes the entire package less portable.

    Furthermore, $850 retail price in Australia ($750 after bargaining) is a bit too much for a compact camera to go along with my DSLR. I feel they’re just pricing themselves out of the market.

    • Mark

      Opps, I guess Nikon should stop producing the Nikon 1.

      Great insights and critical view SojIrOu! Clearly, the M4/3 are killers.

      So, everyone listen up: Do not buy the Nikon 1.

      To the producers of new equipment, stop. Don’t bother carrying out as the M4/3 is tough to beat. Can you make, perhaps, milkshakes instead? A banana-chocolate one would be better than whatever camera equipment you have, regardless of how good it actually is. I am sure SojIrOu would have a great generalised opinion on them. Opps. Perhaps too much chocolate? Damn. That SojIrOu is so damn perceptive.

      World. Just quit. Time’s up. No need to innovate. SojIrOu has had the last word. You can now sleep. Thank you SojIrOu for your great insights!

      I’m off to sleep.


      • MK

        WOW! you are a wizard when it comes to subtle sarcasm. really! it took me until you said “Thank you SojIrOu for your great insights!” to realize you were mocking him? haha i cant believe someone was so original on the internet. i CANT WAIT until your next post. im looking forward to it. please come back soon. i love you and thank you for posting. sweet dreams 🙂

        • Mark

          Subtle? Blast. I was trying hard to be oblique. Well, next time. Thank you, Professor MK.

      • Flash


        “Can you make, perhaps, milkshakes instead? A banana-chocolate one ” sound delicious ; do you have a recipe?

        Have you seen the N1 TV ads? Wall to Wall in New England. The V1 is deserving a look.

        • Mark


          Very simple recipe – add slightly rippened banana to chocolate milkshake – yummm.

          I’ve heard friends comment on the ads – and they are intrigued, too.

          Once I have had a N1 in my hands for a few months, I’ll be able to figure out where the N1 fits in the scheme of the universe. I have great hopes that the N1 will have a great life along with my D700 and Fuji F450.


      • Jabs


        That’s the way to shut up someone as they try and sway your opinion or try and tell you what you must do, because they said it.

        Internet ‘megalomaniacs’ on the loose.

        Run for the hills!

    • Jabs

      Until you use it, that is – concerning the new Nikon J1

      Faster than anything out there unless you like the old slow past -lol

      Looks are deceiving and the proof is in TASTING the pie or the pudding (depends on what part of the world you live).

      Wow – old time cameras of a few years, gets replaced by a real system and people still complain.

      Afraid of progress and thus maybe faking it now.

      Let us see what the sales are in a few months and then we can look back in hindsight and see who was wrong or right.

      *** News Flash ***
      Nikon 1 released before promised time and competitors are now shaking in their boots – Post at 11:00 PM Internet trollorific time.

      Take care of the matter.


      Howza do dat?


      Plan EOL


      Send in da storm troopers will ya – time to eliminate them.


      But how? – dey iz too fast fer me –

      What der people or de kameras?


      Scam people at all the photographic web sites – How?

      Pretend that you looked at them and then ridicule them.


      Wow – tanks ‘er lot big fella yuz da bestest

      Over an’ OUT!

      SPY-versus-SPY wannabe @NikonRumors

    • chimphappyhour

      Don’t want DSLR lenses on your compact system camera? Ooops! Guess you should take Sony off of your list then.

  • n.exe

    what about next week? any news?

  • texajoe

    Hopefully the new SLR’s will be available that quick as well!!!

  • Sorry, not too exciting. How about one of those Fuji cameras that are almost as nice as a Leica?

  • souvik


    How come 85 mm 1.4g out of stock ? both in adorama and b&h? any info?


  • G

    We received eight examples of the J1 yesterday – first impressions were mixed in our store but I have to say I quite liked it and can easily see the type of people who’ll want one.

    I work with some serious hobby photographers and a couple of pros/semi-pros. They’ll miss the lack of control and DOF limitations of the smaller sensor but this camera was NOT made for them.

    Many of our customers want something more substantial than a P&S but honestly will never move past using those cameras in full auto. I know that sounds like an awful thing to say, but hey – not everyone who buys a Nikon wants to be Chase – bloody – Jarvis! Some of them just want a camera to bring on vacation or get better pictures of their kids. I meet these people every day – I’m not knocking them. They pay our rent and they pay my wages.

    These are the kind of people who just want something simple, easy to carry and that performs better in low light than your typical pocket camera. Lets not forget that the ‘puny’ sensor I keep hearing about has two and half times the surface area of Canon’s 10MP CCD that’s used brilliantly on the S95 and G11/G12.

    Trying the camera out briefly this evening, I can tell you that my first impressions were very favorable. It’s an odd looking beast but it’s wee, very easy, focuses very quickly and noise suppression is excellent. My first thought – my wife would love one!

    • Mark


      Interesting observations. You may be quite correct in your insight. Yet, however much I love my D700, there are times it is too big for a small shot. I intend to buy a N1 this autumn and put it to the test. I suspect, for prints from 16×20 and less, the N1 will do very well indeed. And, of course it can’t compete with a D700 with an SB800 pushed to their maximum, but I am not sure that is the point. I have great confidence in the N1.


      • G

        Honest to God – I think you’re going to love it! I was just looking over the test shots and it looks really good to me.

        One of the big problems I have with my current kit is this: my walkabout camera is usually a D7000. If I need a second body, I might carry my GF-2 also. I love them both for different reasons but using them together creates a headache when it comes to matching shots in sequence, especially with color. Similar settings can produce very different results depending on the available light, the Panasonic is very ‘canony’ if that makes sense.

        I’ve put serious thought into possibly picking up a P300 to this end, but hey – you know I might just talk myself into a J-1 instead.

        Honestly, the muck I’ve read on some of the forums over the last few months about Nikon’s ‘impending disaster’ has been nothing short of shameful. I’m totally fine with somebody who’s used or owned a product holding a strong opinion – whether it’s positive or negative . Almost everything I’ve read prior to this camera’s release has been unduly negative and based on rumor or a half-baked understanding of the specifications instead. For shame!

        • Chris P

          In my experience the reaction that the J1/V1 got was a typical one when another brand’s ‘fanboy’ type person realises that a competitor brand to the one they favour has produced something which is likely to threaten it.

          Remember when Nikon announced/introduced the D700. The various forums were full of posters screaming about the fact that it only had 12Mp and no video; and how virtually none would be sold due to the Canon 5D and Sony A900 being so much better. They did that because they knew that the D700 was a very big threat.

          In regard to the above the word to look for, either on it’s own or combined with others, is ‘fail’. It indicates that the poster has no cogent argument, but a very strong opinion/attachment to another brand.

          • lorenzino

            Hi Chris, I don’t think it is a matter of being devoted to another brand. Many times someone expecting some kind of feature from a camera remains disappointed by not finding it there. In our case a bigger sensor. I speak for myself: that is THE reason I am not buying the camera. But if it were at least smaller and less expensive, I may have bought it anyhow, as a complement to our “stronger” systems. But the price is currently superior to any direct competitor: Sony 5N, Pana GF3 etc. Difficult, FOR ME, to prefer the Nikon over the others. But other persons have other tastes, of course, and the Nikon name is always a plus (especially for those who do not read these fora).

            • lolly

              It’s not so much the price but the expectation of a camera that will be obsolete in a year. Nikon 1 is not good value for that simple reason, IMO.

          • Steve

            Fail is a summary – the Nikon 1 bodies and lenses are no smaller than m43, which seems to have more body choices, more lenses (very important), equally fast focus, bigger sensor, etc, and is MUCH cheaper. The only thing you can say about the Nikon 1 is that they have optimised the sensor well (which is why fail seems to be a bit harsh) and added pdaf – but Fuji have been there and done that. So really, you think it is a “Pass” ?
            Maybe not fail, but a D-.

          • Mark

            Chris, I remember the criticisms of the D700 when it came out, and there was a lot of it about. I’ve had that camera now since last December and the results prove the criticisms had not basis at all.

            I have great expectations for the N1 – it will never replace my D700 – but that does not make it “a failure”. It is simply different and useful for different situations.


        • Jabs


          If I can gave you perhaps a parallel in another technology area, maybe we can add to this discussion without getting hostile.

          1. There are two (maybe more, but just these two for argument sake) really fiercely competing smartphone systems now. The Apple camp and the Android Camp.

          2. Apple got out there first and built a system that works mostly seamlessly together from device to device.

          3. Android came later and has made great inroads but is somewhat fractured in their delivery of a seamless approach across all their devices as Google has seemed to favor a feature roll-out or update on one phone or brand over the others.

          4. Micro 4/3rd was launched to great fanfare as the future or perhaps a new way to design and replace traditional DSLR’s and make them lighter plus perhaps better and cheaper.

          5. Fast forward to 2011 – what have we got besides an evolutionary change?
          Nikon now introduces a real change in thinking at a really small size plus a systematic approach to things, yet people complain.

          6. Micro 4/3rds got there first and bragged but never delivered on their promise, as we are still waiting for any complete system from them. Instead of an Apple-like experience of cohesion, we get a Google like burst of greatness and incoherent ‘dogs’ of cameras with one trick pony features and little consistency plus NO lenses that count whatsoever.

          7. Now people point to ancient M lenses as the lens choices and then we go – whoa! – A year 2000+ camera with ancient non-autofocus lenses with no modern coatings and needing an adapter to be used on them? – OK – we are all foolish or perhaps gullible then.

          8. Micro 4/3rds delivered the hype but not the cameras nor the lenses and so far, the best smaller mirrorless cameras aren’t even Micro 4/3rds even – some irony too.

          9. I want to see a real Micro 4/3rds system one day and not all this talk and posturing from them, as in a wide range of lenses NOT the size of a glass attached to a credit card sized device or AKA 200mm F2.0 on an iPhone.

          10. Time for them to now emulate the Nikon1 System or better than this and stop all the posturing plus deliver on their promises finally. Old huge non-autofocus lenses without modern coatings on a small body with lower performance than a cheaper low end DSLR and the smartphones breathing down their backs in performance lsu convenience and people trump their advantages here – OK – one of us is a little confused, perhaps!

          At least Sony finally got the small body part right and Fuji got the performance part right in a small package, but where is the system integration and the lenses of different focal lengths in the Micro 4/3rd’s world or even the Sony and Fuji camps right now???

          • Jabs


            In number 10:

            Should have been.

            … performance PLUS convenience

            Forgive me.

            • lorenzino

              Hi Jabs, I mostly agree that the m43 system did not deliver as promised.
              Mostly on the camera side, as the lenses now start to be enough for many uses, and some of them are quite small indeed.
              So they have to get the cameras right, and better sensors as well. Sony is doing it, pity they don’t have any lens system at all.
              What I can’t understand about your post is the comparison with the Nikon 1 system. In which sense Nikon got right what m43 got wrong? First Nikon camera is bigger than the smaller m43 cameras. AND Nikon 1 camera + lens is bigger than the smaller m43 + smaller lenses. I saw them all, side by side, and this is the way it is; it is not an opinion: sizes can be measured. Plus: Nikon 1 does not have a great lens system yet. It will arrive, for sure, but at the moment m43 is far more advanced. And for Nikon the rival here is m43: long way to go before surpassing it. No really, where does Nikon have the edge? Size? Nope. Lenses? Nope. Price? Nope!!! IQ? We don’t know, but hardly so. Brand name?

            • Jabs


              There (Micro 4.3rds) one failing to me is that they were NEVER a system, but individual cameras and a few lenses (just like rangefinders to me) which they are finally rectifying.

              Apple = a system that works cohesively together (iPhone, iPad) and Android does not so far, as it is fragmented brand wise and OS while technically great = the analogy.

              Same for Sony – all body and few lenses plus accessories.

              IQ is for you to decide what you want and I see the Nikon 1 System as a small camera of a usable size – NOT too small and NOT too big, but just right for my purposes now or even a little too small for ME. I don’t like dinky little bodies, as I can’t hold them properly or steadily and thus all the shaky Nikon 1 stills all over the Internet for people not realizing that fact.

              Not looking for a perfect camera or some ideal camera but looking for a system that does many things and shoots really fast. Not looking for M lenses, not looking for 16 and above megapixels, as my needs are modest, but looking for a companion for my 12meg Nikon L22 that shoots faster stills and HD video with Nikon colors and RAW plus handles about the same.

              I like Nikon colors = my priority.

              Got it – a choice for me and not for others, as I don’t care what others buy and shoot!

              Their money – their choices – their problem!

              If I want a greater camera, I simply buy a Nikon FX DSLR and be done with it!

    • Willie

      I have to agree.

      We got a shipment into the store this week.
      After playing with them for a couple of days I must say I’m quite impressed with them.

      They fill the intended niche perfectly.

      That is what most critics forget – the intended niche.

      If you need something with a bigger sensor – get it.
      If you want something with better than compact image quality that operates very fast and still has the ability for excellent results this may be the camera.

      If you prefer 4/3 or Dx – get that. No one obliges anyone to get anything.
      Initial thoughts after observing customers handling these two cameras is that they might prove to be a bigger seller than first thought (fwiw, 4/3 and NEX systems are not selling that well in our chain here in Australia – low end DSLRs sell much more).

      This week I had two people ask about 4/3 camera and one man ask abou the NEX5 and NEX 7. None purchased.
      Several v1 were placed on hold.

      Me? I have FX and DX nikons.
      I will likely get the V1 as my ‘carry around’ tool. It will suit that purpose perfectly.

      Just saying.

      • Ken Elliott

        I agree. The Nikon 1 series is the answer to the question “when people stop buying our Coolpix because cell phone cameras are “good enough”, what will they be buying?”

        As a step-up from compact P&S cameras, the V1 is a dream. I think Nikon will do well.

      • The question however is this: will the intended niche pay that much for them?

        • Steve

          …and that’s the niche… people with more money than sense !

        • Jabs

          Ask the iPad and iPhone crowd that question yourself.

        • Mock Kenwell

          +1 Thom. My point exactly. In a day and age where perceived value is tantamount thanks to a shrinking and unstable economy, why wouldn’t a newbie looking to stretch his/her wings want M4/3 or DX which offer more value for the same money? The V1 isn’t smaller, cheaper, prettier or better IQ-wise. At that point, you’re just relying on “cuteness” and the amazing video, the latter of which I think will be lost on most P/S users.

    • Jabs



      I thought that Nikon hit the nail on the head, and thus thanks for your confirmation plus assessment.

      With Nikon and Sony flooded in Thailand, perhaps this will sell like ‘hotcakes’ even more so with the various holidays and seasonal times ahead.

      Nikon1 SAVES Nikon – Story @ January 2012 – lol

    • Mock Kenwell

      I really hope you’re right, and this system takes off. Because honestly, I can’t see who wants it. As you say, it’s not for us. And every casual camera buyer I know (friends, family members) that looks to upgrade after compacts, does so for the “blurry background” portrait look for their kids and cats. This camera cannot provide that because of the tiny sensor. And for a similar price (at least as it appears so far), they can get a more defined system (M4/3) with a bigger sensor, and lenses that can still deliver a little “blurred background.” The cameras are not that much larger, if at all, and the files should be better due to the larger sensor. Frankly, a D3100 wouldn’t be that much bigger either and would provide better files still.

      And at the end of the day, this system is still purse or coat pocket portable. For me, it doesn’t pass the “convenience at the expense of IQ” test. I can fit bigger and better cameras in my pocket. I still don’t get it.

      • Jabs


        I find that the key to understanding a thing often, is to perhaps put yourself into or immerse yourself into the thinking or habits of another and then react from that standpoint and not yours merely.

        People now like cute, colorful and smaller items and not about the performance as much as the ‘cool factor’ and such. I see the exact same type of images from the Micro 4/3rds system, as I see so far from the Nikon 1 system and in fact many are better to me.

        The Sony system has a larger sensor, but it is not Micro 4/3rds, so you cannot compare them to either of these systems.

        Right now, per the market thrusts, I see Nikon clobbering them especially when it expands its’ system, as the Micro 4/3rds system has made lots of promises and delivered little to me, anyhow.

        The Nikon 1 system hits the ground running with native lenses of unique designs and accessories that point to someone actually knowing what a camera does plus is used for and not what it is supposed to merely look like – hence my own take on things.

        Do you need variety and versatility in your shooting or are you more interested in having the most widespread gear in use merely to be seen with it or will you actually look at what you do with a camera system and its’ lenses before you make a choice?

        That to me is what this boils down to. NOW, am I the target market or others, is where the stepping into another’s shoe, plus thinking like them – now comes in.

        Last comment – depth of field is a function of focal length and F-stop and if a lens and camera combo is available for any system, then mostly they too can make the ‘narrow focus or image popping out of the background’ type of shots. That is too easy to do and also a real myth, as I do that myself even with a lowly L22, as experienced photographer and thus NOT equipment is the sole problem, but your own ability to know what focal length to use might be the problem. This is providing you can get closer or move away from your subject, of course – lol.

        Longer focal length = blurrier background – all things of course, being equal.

        Wider or in this case – smaller or lower F-stop (say F 2.0) at a given focal length means the background is now thrown more out of focus at that focal length.

        Where then is the so-called problem besides a need for a lower F-stop lens?

        Too many myths on the Internet perhaps and not enough ‘real’ photographers who use a variety of lenses and then know WHY or what they get from that use, perhaps!

        Maybe some of us should switch to primes or fixed focal length lenses plus learn this ourselves, and THEN use the zooms later to teach themselves how to think in focal length and depth of field issues ???

        • Mock Kenwell

          Wow. So long-winded and condescending. Having worked in the agency world for almost 20 years, I’d wager I know more about “immersing myself in the behaviors” of my target market than you. I do it every day. And that is exactly why I am skeptical about the audience for these cameras.

          Instead of addressing my stated fears about the target market, you decided to give a lesson in focal length. Really? Look at the 10-100 or 30-110 portrait shots. These lenses are all f 5.6 on the long end. SLOW! The bokeh on Nikon’s sample portrait shots is weak at best. Sensor size has lots to do with DOF. As sensor size increases, DOF decreases at a given aperture. Larger sensors make you get closer to your subject, or make you use a longer focal length in order to fill the frame with that subject. Obviously, focal length and distance matter, but so does sensor size. Let’s not be coy.

          If coolness is paramount, they’ll go with the slicker, more retro designs of the Fuji or Panny M4/3 or Oly Pen—which all cost less. For that matter, they’ll go with the NEX cameras. You can say they’re not on the table to this audience, but you’d be wrong. And Nikon will lose on style with this system. It’s not ugly, but nor is it standout. That flash is hideous! And the ridiculous number of accessories! Talk about nickel and diming your audience to death.

          Besides, for the same size and less hassle, this audience can get a compact super zoom that doesn’t require changing lenses. The only thing about that is the loss of the cute factor.

          As I see it, the only compelling points of difference with this camera are the video/motion snapshot and the size. Everything else—great LCD, quick AF, Expeed 3, electronic VF—to this audience is white noise except for maybe megapixels. As much as it sucks, big box clerks still sell on MP. This little camera is an interesting mix of choices, but I am still skeptical about how meaningful the selling points will be to P/S compact users.

          • Jabs


            Maybe you are too deep in the forest to see the trees plainly in front of YOU, perhaps.

            F-stop and focal length are what determine depth of field and not sensor size. The equation does change due to it being compared to the standard FF sensor size of 24X36, as it is a RATIO.

            Bokeh determines the quality of the out of focus highlights or such depending on the type of lens and how the shape of the rear blades plus the quantity there are (e.g. 6 or 9).

            Takes a longer focal length to achieve the very SAME look as the sensor gets smaller.

            F-stop is F-stop.

            Learn that.

            Examples – Nikon 135mm F2.0 DC and 105mm F2.0 DC lenses disproves all that grandstanding.

            Same exact thing can be done in any sized ‘sensored’ camera too, perhaps!

            Sometimes we the consumers teach the Agencies what really sells, as Apple constantly demonstrates.

            Remember the ‘critics’ and experts said that the iPhone 4S was supposed to be a real failure and yet they sold 4 million in one weekend setting a new record, so length of time does not always translate to perception nor to your ability to pick a winner or not.

            I think this will be a winner and a very important camera because it is different while you perhaps see a need for something different, more substantial or such so don’t care as not a critic but a USER.

            You see condescending and I see clueless on your part, but it does not matter, as most people are so stuck in their own ways or such thus no one cares.

            It’s a small camera system that does what no other camera before has been able to do and thus NOT something to pre-analyze as it has not been done before, hence no data to go on. That puts us all on a level playing field in case you forget ‘professional analyst’ – LOL

            Your hunch is as ‘valuable’ as mine, lest you pontificate here to me and others.

            I have a brain and an ability to do Technical analysis via my own thirty plus years of technical analysis, designing and building stuff and thus don’t care what you or others think = my perspectives.

            My experience does not guarantee me to be right, but it sure beats guessing and thus it is for my own benefit and clients that pay me for that too.

            Some folks act like they need anyone or everyone to think for their lazy butts – GET real.
            College educated and experienced, so don’t need your analysis and if you think that I am being condescending, then maybe you need to step up your own game and learn to better analyze things or leave people to their own opinions even if flawed – GURU wannabe.

            It’s just a darn camera and a great system too – not life and death – you don’t like it, then buy whatever floats your boat, but pontificate to idiots or the clueless perhaps!

            I have a brain and the technical prowess to analyze things plus the ability to use it properly, hence don’t care what you think – plain enough???

            • Mock Kenwell

              Hmm. Do you always type 500+ word responses at midnight to people whose opinion you don’t care about? Twice you claimed to have a brain. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

              You also just admitted sensor size has lots to do with OOF areas. It forces you to have a much greater focal length to achieve a similar look at the same f stop. See, I told you I could teach even you something!

              Go take a look at Nikon’s V1 f/5.6 portrait samples and then talk about the 135 f/2 (which I own) in the same sentence. Are you kidding me?

              “Professional technical analysis?” Listen, everyone here knows exactly what you are. A professional forum troll. Whatever your “real job” is, they sure have a catch considering you spend all day writing posts here. You make offensive and ill-informed statements and you respond almost immediately to anyone with a different opinion. Your grammar is horrendous, your logic circular, and for the love of God, will you please learn the proper use of LOL?

              You post too much for too long with nothing to say. Let’s see how quickly you respond.

            • Jabs

              @Mock the evangelist and brilliant teacher of facts here with a name laughing at a person who runs a web site.

              Okays buddy – I’ll dumb er down fer ya and makes ya happy to teach dis idiotic person a thangs er two.

              Happy now.


              Wasting time with the clueless and the educated experts – wow, sheer genius.

              Thank you ‘master’ for your contributions here and the absolute correctness and splendor of your technical assessments as we drool over each and every word that you post here.

            • Jabs

              An explanation for those who never seem to get a clue, as maybe they spend their whole time feeling jealous or hostile towards others – maybe.

              I said or posted:
              Examples – Nikon 135mm F2.0 DC and 105mm F2.0 DC lenses disproves all that grandstanding.

              Explanations perhaps –

              The Nikon DC series of lenses changes the perceptions of what depth of field can be or can become, due to their unique use of a movable element or elements/units inside the lens structure designed to move the plane of focus to accentuate or diminish these.

              Therefore, one can easily give this same functionality through mechanical means or even electronically now, so YOUR point was meaningless in today’s Technical reality.

              Get up to speed and stop complaining so damn much – makes an idiot of you, as the brain power needed to ask for clarity is used to well you up inside, make you angry and maybe even detached from reality or camaraderie – because you are now angry.

              The depth of field issues can now be manufactured, manipulated or faked – simple even for you to understand it, as it was not a comparison to any other lens as that would be too stupid to entertain as any form of reality. They even have software to do that too, maybe not as well, but they DO.

              And I am being sarcastic now too!

              There always is someone smarter and more capable than all of us – you know that right???

              Goodbye angry person!

    • PHB

      The DOF limitations come from the smaller lenses, not the sensor. If Nikon starts to make f/1.4 lenses for it the results will be identical.

      The results shown so far look to me to have identical DOF capability to the consumer DX lenses which is exactly what I would expect.

  • Erich

    some J1 test shoots from mobile01 , Taiwan (ISO 1600)

    • Jabs


      WOW – really nice shots and in focus for a change – lol

      Can’t wait to get one now too.

      Thanks for the link.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Great! A cat shot and food shots!

  • Henri

    ive got it already came yesterday

    • BartyL

      I’m unlikely to buy one because I think they are over-priced, but I’m still interested in how they perform. We all know it’s not a D700 but putting that to one side, what are your first impressions concerning IQ?

      • Henri

        its just to carry around but when i want to take more pictures ill use slr

  • no-nikon-no

    why did they make such a big camera for such a small sensor??

    • ZFO

      Big sensor not necessarily produce great shots.

    • Jabs

      Because if it was smaller it would disappear in your hands – lol

      Never please them – can you?

      Too small

      Too big

      Too many megapixels

      Too few megapixels

      Too costly, too cheap, too ugly, too complicated, too simple – Ahhhhhh!!!

      OK – fly me to the Moon and back, then I’ll design my own perfect camera body and even print it out with one of them new-fangled 3D printers.

      Ahhhhh – purrrfect. ‘Jest’ right too – smaller than a credit card and 100megapixels too.

      WHAT – Geez – I forgot to design a lens.


      Strap on de contact lens.

      Gosh – idealism is what?

      How do you power up dis darn tootin’ thingamajig now???

    • chimphappyhour

      There’s more to a digital camera than just the sensor. 😉

      A 3″ display screen kind of limits how small you can make a camera. You also have to leave room for some sort of controls. Then take a look at the shape of the flash on the J1. It looks silly but I bet once someone gets brave and decides to void their warranty, they’re going to find that it’s probably pretty smartly designed for what space they had. Add a battery, memory, some ports, the tripod socket…. and all of that doesn’t even include the electronics involved in getting the image from the snesor to the memory.

      • Jabs



        Yeah, next the cameras will get so small that they will put the entire viewfinder in Bluetooth or whatever connected 3D glasses and then next now replace the entire camera with ones built into dorky glasses that you blink to click a photo and stare to video – lol.

        When people now complain, they put the camera into your eyeballs and then next, they replace the human being and ON and ON – lol.

  • Ewlmo

    I see alot of potential in the N1 if they PRICE IT LOWER. GAH 700 US is way too much. Also, I am going to turkey in December and want to know if its cheaper buying there or just buying in Singapore where I live.

  • grumps

    I can’t think of a better way to waste your money. Good job Nikon!

  • M

    damn… those are ugly! good thing is, cameras dont have to be pretty

    • Dominick

      I agree… They are probably the ugliest cameras I have seen in some time. They look worse than fake props you would use for a play. What a shame they couldn’t design something that made you want to pick them up and shoot. I know the image quality and function are important but I like my cars to be fast and look good.

  • mark Scott

    Pitman Photo Supply in Miami, Fl has the largest supply of V1 and J1 cameras. They were the first Store to receive the camera in the U.S.

  • broxibear

    They’ve dropped in price in the UK already, amazon are selling them for £50 less than anywhere else for those who are interested…

    • Iris Chrome

      That was unexpectedly fast. Why would Amazon UK already lower the prices? I guess the dealer undercutting games have already begun. A 3rd party seller on Amazon is selling the J1 for £491 including shipping!

      If the profit margin on Nikons is only %10 then that 3rd party seller is already selling at a loss (assuming they’re legit) and Amazon UK is only making about £5 in profits. No wonder Nikon implemented the new MSP (minimum selling price) policy here in the States. It doesn’t make me happy when it comes to me but I’m happy for Nikon and the other legit dealers who are trying to make an honest profit. As for me, I’ll just wait until Nikon drops the price or offers rebates on their Nikon1.

      • broxibear

        Hi Iris Chrome,
        I don’t know what the profit margins are for Amazon on the Nikon 1, but the competition from Olympus, Sony and Panasonic is cheaper so maybe they had to drop the prices.
        I use a GF1 (as my carry with me type of camera, not as a replacement for my FX gear)…would I swap it for a V1…no, but I might swap it for an Olympus E-P3.

        • Iris Chrome


          I doubt the reason for the price drops is the competition from the other brands. As it stands now the N1 has not even gone on sale in the UK but scheduled to do so on the 24th. I don’t think Amazon would drop prices solely based on the amount of pre-orders. That plus initial indications (sales-wise) here in the States say it’s been selling well (most kits out of stock already at Amazon US).

          One thing I noticed about Amazon though is their tendency to have the lowest selling price even if it means to compete with other 3rd party sellers on their own listings. Although in this case they probably couldn’t justify going as low as that other dealer.

          The V1 also shows a price reduction from £829 to £749. Again if we assume 10% profit then Amazon is barely making £3 per sale. The other dealer, Sun Digital, is selling for even less at £739 including shipping.

          The interesting part is that if you look up Sun Digital’s website and look for the Nikon 1 cameras there, you won’t be able to find anything…

  • Anton Pusemuggel

    J1/V1: the toys are out …

  • 120-300 os

    To Sir Peter @min again great job now waiting for the dslr´s to roll out of the rumour sleave into real life.
    Mabe Sir isn´t correct so CEO Peter of admin
    Keep going on man !

  • broxibear

    Michael Jackson inspired Nikon One advert form Japan

    • preston

      that was painful to watch

      • Iris Chrome

        You’d have to put on your japanese hat when you watch it. It’s actually sorta “kawaii” ^_^

        • lorenzino


          In Akihabara (Tokyo) I saw many young couples around these cameras, with the guy actually “assisting” the gall while she was playing with the camera…

  • 2 days before the iPad was launched I had a discussion in an electronic store of how much
    A failure it would be.
    The Nikon one is a new product and only time will tell where it is going.
    Tierd of always looking around a d700 I tried out a Sony nex this sommer and I found it to big for me so I bought a Cannon S95 and I must say I am a bit disappointed and this Nikon
    May fit the bill.

  • Marshmallow

    For $900, I’m expecting at least NEX-5N quality which is $200 cheaper.
    But Nikon will get away with anything because they’re Nikon…

    • lolly

      Different brand, different mount, different features … different pricing 😉

  • 2 days before the iPad was launched I had a discussion in an electronics store of how much
    A failure it would be.
    The Nikon one is a new product and only time will tell where it is going.
    Tired of always lugging around a d700 I tried out a Sony nex this summer and I found it to big for me so I bought a Cannon S95 and I must say I am a bit disappointed and this Nikon
    May fit the bill.

  • Michael

    I`ve been yesterday @ BESTBUY (Greenville, SC, Woodruff Road) and have seen white J-1 with 30-110mm packed in a separate cage.

    I think they will sell them beginning on November.

  • Calibrator

    I’m not really surprised about the amount of hostility against a product /not/ meant for professionals, elitist posers and other dudes loving to compare penis lenghts…

    But why is that? Are certain people so afraid that the masses of Nikon One buyers will give birth to lots of creative minds who are more productive and inventive than they will ever be with their beloved FX bodies?

    • One More Thought

      Amen…it’s astounding the amount of criticism leveled at a device by people who have never used one…never seen one…never held one…

      If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it and kindly move on…

      The criticism is correctly reinterpreted as frustration that Nikon did not release the camera they were looking for…now whether that camera is realistic or not…or whether they could afford it or not…is another story.

      My guess is that these new cams will satisfy a very definite niche in the market…and that they will exceed the expectations of these critics…

  • FYI: NikonUSA shipped J1 and V1 kits on Wednesday, and apparently 30-100mm lenses on Thursday. No word yet on the 10mm, 10-100mm, or lens adapter.

    • Iris Chrome

      The lens adapter has been very elusive since the initial announcement (along with GPS unit but I’m not really interested in that). While other N1 items were up for pre-order from various websites throughout the web, the adapter wasn’t. Could it be a supply problem or maybe Nikon never intended to make it available until after the launch so to encourage the sale of N1 lenses?

      I would at least have liked to know what it would be priced at as well as get a better idea on what it looked like and whether or not it has a tripod mount built into its base.

      • Jabs

        @Iris Chrome

        I have seen the pictures of the ‘F’ mount adapter for the Nikon 1 System and it looks like the old F3AF adapter, to me. I think that they showed it here at NikonRumors, so scroll back to older topics. I believe that Nikon said that it would be December 2011 before it was released but not 100% sure. Check dpreview also for pictures and maybe descriptions too. Maybe Nikon’s Japanese web site too!

        @NikonUSA – look here, but no picture of it there.

        • Iris Chrome

          Thanks Jabs.

          I’ve actually browsed through most photos on the net including NR, dpreview, NikonUSA and many others however I don’t recall a photo that showed the adapter from the bottom or any specs if a tripod mount was incorporated into it or not. This is important because it would allow more comfortable use of the heavier Nikkors and relieve any stress on the camera mount. From the available pictures though, the adapter does have a “base” and it would seem logical to have a tripod mount built into it.

          • Jabs

            @Iris Chrome.

            Yeah – don’t remember ever seeing the bottom plate – lol.

            I would not put too large a lens on that small thing, as it might just go ‘boing’ and keel over dead – looool.

            200 F2 on an iPhone – comes to mind.

            • Iris Chrome


              “200 F2 on an iPhone”

              I wouldn’t make a call with that attached lest you want others to think you ran out of a mental institution LOL.

              “I can hear you very well. Can YOU hear me now?” 😉

            • Jabs

              @Iris Chrome

              LOL – From the ridiculous to the sublime in one swoop.

              Naw! – ‘we are not insane, we just think differently and happen to be cut from a different cloth” …


              Keep believing that until they cart you away and people in white gowns look at you real strange and feed you odd medication.

              Yeah – I would love to see a 40mm F2.8 Micro Nikkor on one, but more interested in the native lenses as the adapter is a bonus to me.

              Two aspheric lenses in one lens design makes me think 58mm F1.2 Noct and the results show that to be true, so far.

  • broxibear

    D300s with a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens sent into space attached to a weather ballon.
    “The camera was traveling in a styrofoam beer cooler from Wal Mart. The cooler was lifted into space using a 22 foot weather balloon filled with Helium. A parachute was attached to the cooler to slow and stabilize the fall of the cooler when the balloon eventually popped from lack of air pressure as it rose closer to the vacuum of space.”

  • EnPassant

    Considering Nikons whole production of DX-cameras has been wiped out for a long time Nikon 1 and Coolpix compacts made in China may sell better than expected.

    • D3S Guy

      I don’t think so. These are completely two different market segments.

  • EnPassant
    • lolly

      shouldn’t the nose be covered up too … what happens when the worker sneezes ? 🙁

  • FM2Fan

    Seen them at a in-store demo – not too bad. with the 10mm just a modern replacement for the old-fashioned Rollei – simplicity is key here – if you want full control, then a DSLR shall be your choice.

    No doubt: serious engineering effort – but 1st visible on the high-volume consumer segment

  • broxibear

    Flood Update:Thailand’s catastrophic floods may take up to six weeks to recede…

    “Thailand’s catastrophic floods may take up to six weeks to recede, the prime minister said Saturday, as the human toll from the crisis rose to 356 dead and more than 110,000 displaced.”
    “In a weekly radio address Saturday, Yingluck said that “during the next four to six weeks, the water will recede.””

    • Iris Chrome

      It seems that ever since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster that devastated Indonesia, India and many other countries and that region has been the target of many other subsequent natural disasters. In a little more than a year’s worth of time we saw the floods in Pakistan, the multiple earthquakes in both Japan and New Zealand plus the tsunamis that followed and now Thailand is dealing with their own floods with very grim prospects of recovery. This is not to mention the earthquake and typhoon that struck less prominent Philippines.

      For those who have been living unaffected by major disasters, this is truly the time to thank our Creator (or whatever higher power you believe in) for the blessings we’ve been given and pray for all those affected. I don’t know an estimate of the death tolls of those combined disasters but I know that the numbers of those displaced is in the millions and possibly tens of millions.

      My heart truly goes out to those people.

  • Johnny

    I saw the white J1 at walmart, and in stock.

  • AnoNemo

    Nikon will most likely to show a middle finger for those who want to see a new FX product next week, next month but perhaps just wait another year.

  • Scott
  • rhlpetrus

    At Amazon USA they are already among Top40, below Nex 5N but above any m43. So, not too bad, I may get one for lighter shooting, the D7k+Sigma 17-50 OS can already be large/heavy (but results are amazing!).

  • lumiere

    These cameras are a waste of time. They are way over priced no matter “nikon fanboys” say ,that think a customers who want a point and shoot but want just a little more would buy anything that is close to a $1000 dollars or euros is just ridiculous . So than we have the enthusiast market who would be very stupid to even buy this wast of engineering and money just because it says nikon on it. EVERY small mirrorless camera which are about the same size and way better picture quality and some even that cost less. This system is just an over blown over priced point and shoot camera with interchangeable lenses. Just silly, Buy an canon g11 or nikon coolpix 7100.

    • Iris Chrome

      While I do agree with you on the point of the price I wonder if you even tried the camera before you decided it was a waste of time. I think a lot of the negative reception with this camera lies in misunderstanding who the camera was meant for. It’s not meant for your typical SLR shooters. It’s not a pro camera per se and it was not intended to be.

      The N1 was designed as a next step up from points and shoots without going into all the complexities and intimidations of the SLR world. That’s a HUGE segment of the market. The N1 gives you the freedom of using different lenses and focal lengths while still giving the user the different auto settings they’ve been used and accustomed to in a small “non-threatening” package.

      Compacts don’t offer that increased level of freedom and m4/3rd, while possibly able to serve the same purpose as the N1, have been marketed as a replacement for DSLR’s for the most part. That’s a big factor and differentiator between m4/3rd and N1.

      I see most of the intended market for this camera as young men and women of different ages, not that other segments wouldn’t be interested in it either. Most women carry purses all the time and the N1 along with a lens or two could easily fit in a purse. Young men have been increasingly carrying backpacks or messenger bags and could also easily fit an N1 camera.

      As for the price, we really shouldn’t be too surprised about it. As much as I hate saying this, I believe the next round of camera updates will all be accompanied by price increases as well. This is due to inflation and the current state of the economy. The N1 is taking the blunt of it because it’s a new product with a new pricing scheme but competing with old pricing models.

    • Nosferatu

      Comments like lumiere’s are what irritate me the most about reading camera forums these days. Borderline illiterate, poorly punctuated, dismissive of anyone who disagrees … if the camera is not of interest to you, don’t buy it. Simple as that.

      Not everyone uses cameras for the same purpose. I’m possibly interested in the N1 series because of its video capabilities; something beyond what’s offered by the G11 or 7100. I’d like to hear more about that, not endless bitching about cost and having to read the term “fanboy” for the 10 millionth time.

      • Anonymous

        Here, here, tired of the endless bitching too. It drags on.

        • Anonymous

          He bitched.

    • Jabs

      QUICK – name one camera on the market that can shoot as fast as and process files as quickly as the Nikon 1 system can?

      Show us ONE P&S camera from any Manufacturer that can shoot better pictures?

      Show us one Micro 4/3rds lens that has two aspheric lens elements in its’ design and offers the corresponding increase in photographic image quality?

      Show one camera on the Market NOW, that has AF built into the sensor plus 73 AF points and can shoot video at those crazy frame rates?

      What was that you claimed about Engineering now?

      Price is high now, but will probably come down soon, maybe.

      Quality of the camera is very high specs-wise and now that we are beginning to see the real photographs taken by real photographers and NOT by web sites with agendas and thus a breakthrough camera to me.

      Some are like those with their eyes wide open but shut too at the same time – lol.

      Opinions have to be based upon demonstrated facts, or you deal with myths or such.

      Your call – your problem and others choose what they want.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Quick! Show me one P/S consumer who gives a rat’s ass about any of the features you just mentioned. White noise.

        • Jabs

          ME !

  • Moth Flopwell

    These cameras are what the “R” Class is to Mercedes. A big Nothing.

    It still amazes me, the cameras are truly high end price..with all the bells and whistles on them…you are approaching Sony’s Nex 7…that is scary.

    I see the New V 2 coming this spring….with still 10mp…and 1/2 the price!!! LOL

    • Jabs

      Mercedes-Benz is a manufacturer of boutique automobiles now trying to remain relevant via adapting modern Technology and ‘green’ credentials via electric power trains.

      Nikon has always been an Engineering Company making excellent gear especially at the high end and now they have unleashed their known expertise at the smaller end of things and the results show.

      Boutique manufacturers are ‘pretend’ people who use fabrics, textures and clever name recognition marketing to entice their customers with their elitist ways or thrusts all selling to people with better tastes or more money.

      Mercedes-Benz is now a better company and since in Germany they use them as Taxis, then that tells you what the people there think of them – lol

      In America, they are esteemed while Nikon is esteemed worldwide from their Engineering and more importantly – their performance.

      The high end Nikon’s are like Ferrari F40’s and Lamborghini Murcielagos and not like Mercedes.

      Mercedes-Benz are akin to Leica’s and not Nikon’s!

      Titanium coated ‘new exclusive’ Leica camera just released versus a REAL titanium Nikon F-T, F2T, F3T or F3P, F4T = the reality of Nikon and the ‘fakery’ of other boutique manufacturers, perhaps.

      Can we say rebadged Panasonic camera?

      ‘Pass the grey Poupon Charles’ – LOL.

      The natives are getting too close to my Phaeton.

  • One More Thought

    As Thom Hogan alludes to, I think the key is the price. I have no doubt that Nikon has delivered a quality product and executed well.

    The question is what the buying public will go for with regards to price…

    Even though these are really priced equivalent to some DSLRs, I do think there is a segment of consumers who will gladly pay the same for a smaller, simpler package…I think there are people who might even pay more for less size and greater simplicity.

    Only time will tell…

    • BartyL

      The price is a significant disincentive. A prominent chain here is Adelaide is advertising the V1 with 10-30 for only $100 less than … a D7000.

      I think a more realistic price-point would equivalent to or less than the D3100, which the same chain is advertising body-only for half the price of the V1 with 10-30.

      As you say, time will tell.

  • Alain2x

    I’ve seen both J1 and V1 yesterday, in Paris.

    Nothing different from the ones I tried 2 weeks earlier in the Photo Show.

    Pity they are only available in kit with either lens, and the F adapter is not yet available.

    When this little bastard will be at the end of a good big lens, I’ll be curious to see how fast it focuses, on faces or whatever else.

  • I think i pass on that Nikon 1 line … i am more inclined to buy me one of those new Lytro cameras … they look like fun for web-oriented photography.

    • Jabs

      Until you realize where you have to send your pictures to before you can view them – LOL.

  • Iris Chrome

    Admin, it looks like Amazon has already started shipping out the Nikon 1 although some of the lenses/combinations are already out of stock.

  • Are these models not made in Thailand? Why can they ship these but not the Dxxxx?

  • Various Nikon J1 and V1 kits in stock at numerous Swiss online retailers:

    Just ordered a Silver J1 10-30mm + 10mm/2.8 kit.

  • broxibear

    You know all those unboxing videos on youtube, sometimes you watch them and are quite envious (Iknow I did when I saw the Leica M9 ones) Well watch this guy, he seems to have bought the whole Nikon range lol (it’s in German but you gt the jist)…

    • Iris Chrome

      D3s + Nikon’s Holy Trinity + The King of Micro + the King of Bokeh and a slew of other minor accessories to go along with them!! It’s like he’s got the Church, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the King of England AND the King of France by his side 😀

      You think he’ll notice if I grab the 14-24 or the 70-200?

    • ivaaker

      those boxes are emty

  • broxibear

    Hey Peter/admin,
    Has this article been published here digicame-info is reporting that an upcoming announcement of a D700 successor (possibly the D800) has been cancelled due to the ongoing flooding in Thailand ?
    Google translate says…
    “Nikon D700 is the successor was expected this month from readers (D800) received a presentation of information that is abandoned.
    Nikon’s Thai production line stopped completely. Nikon’s product supply almost completely stopped.
    The successor D700 (D800) was called off a press release. The successor D700 (D800) scheduled to be determined completely.
    Since reliable information from people, I highly credible.”
    petapixel have just publisehed it too ?

  • Someone

    Start shipping only now? In London we have them since Thursday.

  • this one deserve single post admin, not weekly news….
    i mean this

    • Yes, this is a good a story – those guys emailed me several days ago but the email got buried in my email box, I included in the weekly links post.

  • The invisible man

    4 days left before the D800 non announcement !
    I’m soooooooooo excited !

    • NikonAndyE

      Don’t get too excited.

      As the announcement wasn’t officially annonced, there is no need to cancel the announcement.

      Be patient,

  • ktmglen

    I’m going to wait for the V2 and the lens lineup to be fleshed out a bit more. Maybe the V2 will have a PASM dial and a ring for controlling aperture and shutter speed.

    • Anonymous

      Four more years?

    • BartyL

      Probably isn’t the room to put a conventional PASM dial on top, but a second ‘command’ dial (ie the sort of thing usually under your right forefinger on a DSLR) in addition to the one you are proposing for aperture & shutter speed would serve the purpose and enhance the usability of the camera.

  • Dan B

    Drove by a Henry’s in Brampton Ontario to have a look at getting an ND filter (ironically, they are as rare as hens teeth, as they had nothing for the 77mm size)

    Wouldn’t you know it, but they had both the new nikon 1 cameras.

    First impressions: The cheap one feels like it…but the one with the built-in viewfinder is pretty impressive. Focus speed is FAST! Way fast for a compact, and it appears that the screen is moving silky-smooth at 60FPS, so it’s easy to capture action.

    Looks very tempting to get, but it’s hard to ignore the 4/3rds bodies. But, it is very pocketable. 🙂

    If they could drop the price by a few hundred, I’d be in line for one. But with a D700 and D7000 at my side, it would be tough to justify.

    I’ve always wanted a small camera to throw into a pocket though… 🙂

  • na

    not the best, not the cheapest…..

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