What about the Nikon D4?

The Nikon D4 will probably be announced in the first quarter of 2012, maybe even in January (PMA show?) but it's just too early to put any credibility to this rumor. Most of the tips I received point to a 18MP sensor for the D4, just like the Canon EOS-1D X. Note that the new Canon camera will be available in 6 months (March, 2012) which raises some questions why it announced it so early. Expect the D4 to be available around the same time - Nikon will not go to the Summer Olympics next year (July 27-August 12, 2012) without a new flagship camera.

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  • NikonTheAvenger

    Announce it now Nikon.

  • steamru

    switching to canon. i hope 1dx is awesome.

    • Anonymous

      bye bye troll.

    • Iwantyourglass

      Can I have your glass?

      • vinman

        Trolls don’t actually have cameras; they just like to trash talk them.

      • Me Gusta

        I don’t think trolls actually have real glass, just a kit lens.

      • Josh

        “She” has got an 18-55mm lens on her D3s.

        • yhannoby


        • another anonymous

          i would be happy with that d3s, real glass i already have ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Humanonymous

      So let me get this right, you are switching to Canon *hoping* the 1dx is awesome? Wow, someone call Mensa right away…

      • John Richardson

        How come da trolls is so smart? Me don’t undergetit how dey has the big brain to make da switch because dey get their panties in a twisted mess ’bout somethng dey can’t afford anyway. I tink dey is all liars. An mebbie a little stupid two.

        • Hilarious!!!

        • Absolutely rolling on floor laughing, to serious for just rofl!

          Last two comments are priceless.

          Anyone switching (either way) either has more money than brains, or a D3100 with 18-55 lens. The money I would lose (along with plenty of others on here) would be more than enough to just bite the bullet and get a D3x.

          These switchers wouldn’t be spending $50K on either system. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Greg


  • sometimes is a wise technique to announce things first. Take a look at apple, they released the iphone earlier, the ipad earlier and now, they’re on top of the mountain, they won the war of the tablets and pretty much any mp3 player ever. Canon just killed the D3S and the d3 with this camera, the only thing that they did wrong is to announce it 6 months earlier!.

    i expect the d4 to be much better. as usual.

    anyway, i just keep dreaming about the d800. get it out already!-

    • Ray

      Hmmm… just thinking about the things that have been anounced first and ended up biting a company in their behind.

      ISO and exposure upgrade for all Hasselblad digital backs
      Etc… (I just happen to know a lot of those HB things more).

      The result of premature announcement was that people got very pissed off when it did not materialize soon enough or sometimes even not at all.

      That seriously impacts your credibility. I have no doubt when Nikon announces it will be something good. No need to try to outshout Canon.

      • Mark H

        Hey, don’t forget the Osbourne 2!

    • David

      I think Apple is a bad comparison. When has Apple ever announced a product 6 months before it’s release?

      • John Richardson

        Only when they could not meet production projections, I think the last big mess was the Apple 2c and they canned the manager for that .

    • Take a look at RED their Scarlet camera was announced years ago and STILL isn’t here and will be costing $5000 more than it was when first announced. Not to mention it’s pretty much a completely different camera.

      • CrazyCanuck

        Any Sigma DSLR too (not that anyone cares mind you).

    • Alex

      “wise technique to announce things first” for LENOVO who announced their first hybrid tablet in CES 2010 set themselves pretty low in tablet market. When ipad came out 2 months later, that particular Lenovo tablet never made it to the market. @MSRP of $1100, it just killed itself.

      Lets not compare Nikon SLR to iPad. iphone / ipads lens attachments are already available.

    • D

      The way you’ve articulated that … you’ve got it backwards, friend. Apple doesn’t ‘announce’ products months ahead of time, like so many companies like to do.

      Apple makes a product first, always in tight secrecy. THEN they announce it, and virtually simultaneously make it available in their stores. THAT is the reason people line up and/or sleep in front of their stores when Apple makes something. Apple doesn’t promise or ‘announce’, they deliver.

    • Sorry, but no “war” has been won in the tablets zone, they’ve been out battling for just over a year and you think a “winner” has been decided? Much like when personal computers first became available? The MP3 market is obvious on the other hand, but that could still change some day. And obviously a 3-year newer flagship camera will beat an older one.

  • kt

    I was thinking the same, the D800 vs. the Canon 5D mark III and the Nikon D4 will go toe to toe with the just announced EOS 1D X.
    Canon is not going to give up on the high MP market, that will be addressed with the 5D mark III, the same for Nikon, they won’t cede the high ISO market dominated by the D3s

  • The Nikon flagship may look a ittle fatter and like a gorilla, but it looks like it would feel more solid in your hand than a canon. The canon looks too smooth.

    • Pretty sure they are not to scale, so the Nikon looks bigger relative to the Canon than it actually is.

    • SM_it

      All Canon’s DSLRs are actually the pieces of plastic: too light-weighted and feminine ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • The invisible man

        Yes you’re right, and Canon DSLR are not invisible, the Nikon D800 is.

      • nebus

        what a pathetic comment. You’ve obviously never used a 1DS of any mark.
        I know it’s in jest but jeez that was a pretty dumb comment.
        I expect Nikon will counter this quite well, but maybe not at the same price point again. And next year might actually be the year for the D800 and 5dX. Neither bodies are going to be targeted to PJs going to the Olympics as well as a 1DX or D4.

      • James

        I agree with you for any Canon DSLR below the 1D series (The 5D2 has poor build quality compared to the D700) but having owned a 1Ds, it is built like a tank. I wish both Canon and Nikon would release their pro bodies without the vertical handgrip.

        • Ken Elliott

          >> “I wish both Canon and Nikon would release their pro bodies without the vertical handgrip.”

          It’s called the Nikon D700.

      • …especially in the all Lillac and Pink configurations…

  • Nicolรฒ

    It’s heartwarming to know that at least the administrator won’t let Nikon down!

  • Zim

    what about the D400?

  • Any rumor as to what the price range might be?

  • I don;t have someone sponsiring me, nor do I have $7K lying around to put into a new camera body, but I COULD see myself buying a D300s replacement soon. And I bet I’m not the only one in that boat. So let’s see Nikon release a D400, already!

  • Andy

    Something is wrong. I dont think we will see a D800 now.
    We will see D4 and D4x. Hence, the two versions. D800 in january at the earliest.
    The more I think of it, the more I believe in it.


    • Cool. Who are your sources and what is your track record like?

      • Andy

        You would see “dont think” replaced with “know we wont” and “believe” replaced with “know” if I had sources. I am talking about hunches and intuition. It might turn out to be bad ones, but still. Something is out of character with the D800 specs. Maybe if we see a 18MP and a 36MP version equal to S and X, yes. Only 36MP, no.


        • You have to realize that the D800 is not supposed to compete with the 1DX. The D800 will compete with the 5DIII. The 1DX will be for the D4. So, I still think the D800 will come. Probably before the D4. Now that Canon has shown their hand, they will take their time to fine-tune their D4. They can push out the D800 whenever they please, but I have a feeling it won’t be until after the 5DIII is released, just as it worked here.

        • I’mAlwaysRight

          H and X.

          S denotes a small update.

        • Andrew

          Andy, you did not need to defend yourself. Most people read your statement knowing that you were speculating. Some people just like to be clever. Now to your original argument, even if we don’t see a D800 now, and it arrives by January, I still think based upon the rumors that the D800 will be released before the D4 and D4x.

        • My point is that you’re up against Admin who has put a 99% NR rating on it, which is pretty darn high for being pretty much dead wrong, as you admittedly believe. I don’t mean to say it’s all clear as day. But I guess I don’t see it being such an outlandish idea as some folks here think. To the contrary โ€”ย I think it’s quite plausible given the various indicators.

          So yes, I was trying to find a more clever way of implying that I’ll continue waiting for the recent NR predictions as opposed to yours (despite your reckoning). That’s all.

      • Jadewatcher

        Exactly, since when do you need a “track record” to state an opinion?

        • Mock Kenwell

          Since “opinions” and “prognostications” are not the same thing.

  • Interesting to see if we actually get an 18MP D4 and a 36MP D800.

    • John Richardson

      Screw the 36mp, I am hoping for really cool camera strap to take my photography to the next level.

    • Andrew

      The model number really does not matter so long as Nikon releases an 18 to 24MP full frame camera at $1995 to $2495 price point.

      • Will be more than that..

        • BartyL

          I think you are correct and it will be more than that. Most probably around the Au$3.5 ~ 4K mark, but I don’t see why this has to be the case.

          I expect the price of personal computers to come down as the specifications go up, but this doesn’t seem to happen with cameras. Instead the price goes up as the specs go up.

          For brand-new technology at the ‘bleeding edge’ this is fair enough. However, I can’t see what prevents them taking the sensor and asics from the D700, which must surely have recouped their R&D costs by now, and re-housing them in a down-specced body for, say, AU$1.5 ~2k, or even simply continuing to make and sell the D700 for a reduced price once its bette- specified successor is released. They continue to make money on an existing product, and those that have the need for higher resolution / ISO / build quality have newer options.

    • The thing I don’t understand is why there are no FF cameras with 24 Mpix as the next step up? (at least being talked about)

      Why is 1Dx at 18mPix and D800 at 36Mpix? Why would not 24Mpix make sense for the D800? I would think that with current technology in a FF camera that 24Mpix with D3s ISO performance would be a reasonable expectation by now. Sony just released their new APS-C camera with 24Mpix with DXOmark scores dangerously close to D7000, so why would performance equal or superior to a D3s not be possible in a new D4 series model replacement be the expectation? I can understand 36Mpix for a D3x replacement in the D4 line up but not for a D800.

  • smoothman

    The d4 will be supercool. Just as the 1DX already is.

  • To many rumors, no new camera. Water rising in Thailand. How about some good news for a change.

    • The invisible man

      @Ron Scubadiver
      You want good news ?
      My wife is expecting a little boy (I already have 3 girls) for next spring, we are very exited but so far we can’t agree on a name, D800 or D4 ?

      • Kon_head

        B4… boy 4

        • gobsmacker

          No, no, no. Its got to be B1 to go along with the J1/V1 because it’s the newest issue. And the first of its kind for the manufacturer.

      • @The invisible man,
        Are your kids the invisible children? If yes, then what difference does it make on a name, you can’t see ’em anyway…

        I guess after three girls, you were probably praying for a boy! Congrats!

        BTW, you need to call him D800 (i.e. JR), as the D4 can only be reserved for dads.

      • Andrew

        I think D800 since it will come with 36MP. By the time your kid grows up, the ISO on this 36MP cameras will be up to 52000. Always plan for the future!

      • Jabs

        @The invisible man

        Congratulations to you and the missus!

        Call the new baby boy – Jack or Jaques

        Look here


        Hope that you are not joking and that the ‘boy’ is not a Canon 1D-X body.

  • smoothman

    in any case the canon design looks way more smooth and “photothing”.

    Hire designers, nikon. You cameras work brilliant but look like robots

    • Madetech

      They already hired one the best designer ever, Giorgetto Giugiaro.

      • jacob

        Nikon has the best Design & Ergonomics!

      • Yeah, Nikon’s designer is the dude the designed the De Lorean. Can’t get any cooler than that!

        Canon can’t touch this.

        • gobsmacker

          And also the VW Golf/Rabbit as well as the infamous Yugo…at least according to Wikipedia. So, if GG’s designed the forthcoming D800 we’ll either get an LCD display that opens like the DeLorean’s gull-wing doors or else an all-plastic body whose parts start falling off the camera the minute we unbox it?

          • vinman

            Guigiaro didn’t build the DeLorean. John DeLorean’s company did. Badly. The design was great. The implementation sucked. That wasn’t Guigiaro’s fault.

            • Jabs

              Maybe they are referring to the Yugo (a Russian Fiat derivative), as it was known to be poorly built and not a Nikon body.


        • PHB

          You mean its going to have a flux capacitor accessory?


          • 1.21 “jiggawatts”!

            Where we’re going, we don’t need loads (of megapixels).

    • vinman

      You’ll find the majority of Nikon shooters prefer the shape and layout of a Nikon body over Canon – and I’m certainly in that camp. The Guigiaro designed F5 was one of the most usable designs ever and it’s still being applied to Nikon’s bodies today.

      • PM


      • fred

        +1 … It’s very strange. I started as a Canon shooter, and switched to Nikon in ~2003 after some terrible experiences with Canon L zooms (24-70 and 17-40). I’d never handled a Nikon before, but I was struck at how the Canon bodies (marvels that they are) felt like toys in comparison. Using the Nikon was a really different experience, and I was an instant convert, even before discovering the quality of the lenses. All these years later, I look at Admin’s photo of the 1D-X and the D3 side-by-side, and I know which one will put my mind on my camera, and which one will put it on my subject. Giugiaro and Nikon really got it right.

    • I dislike the Canon bodies. They’re a nightmare ergonomically. The Nikon designs are far better and more intuitive in design. I think the Nikon cameras are better looking too, but that’s not really what’s important.

      I would be PISSED if Nikon took Canon’s approach to DSLR design. This is what makes Nikon, Nikon (among other things).

      • a to the men.

      • Darkness

        Just how many buttons did Cannon chuck on the new one? Its a mess!

    • Giorgetto Giugiaro has designed so many beautiful cars it’s not even funny. Check out the Alfa Romeo GTV for example. The 1D looks like crap compared to the D3…

  • The invisible man

    How do you rate that one ?
    over 99% or over 0.99%

  • Jonas (from SWEDEN)

    If Nikon want photographers to use their new flagship during the olympics they need to announce it soon.
    I have never been at the olympics, but if I would go there to work, I don’t think I would like to do it with an unproven tool!

    It is like hunting lions with an unproven rifle.

    • vinman

      As every pro Nikon body before it, any future body will have very thorough field trials by some of the best photographers in the world over a broad range of genres. In other words, it will be quite well proven. If we’re within 4-6 months of an announcement, there are already bodies in the hands of testers now. Then there’s the almost certainty that the Nikon and Canon will actually be available for purchase around the same time – which will still be well in advance of the Olympics.

  • juicebox81

    so this is what it must have felt like all these years for our canon brethren to look across the pond and long for what we don’t have…….. (yet).

  • broxibear

    “why it announced it so early”
    It’s great marketing that’s why.
    Nikon have had a bad year from a marketing and image standpoint. Stock issues before the earthquake, the earthquake itself and all that entailed, Nikon owners complaining on blogs (like this and many others) about the lack of a D800 and D4, a lens being accidentally leaked by Nikon, the mirrorless camera not being the camera Nikon owners wanted, silly comments on their facebook page that went viral leading to an apology and now we have the Thailand factory flooded and production halted.
    This is the perfect time for Canon to say “Hey…look at this, we’ve got a new flagship camera coming out!”, it’s the perfect time for Canon to kick their rival in the balls when they’ve got so many problems.

    • @broxibear

      In a perfect world a camera manufacturer would not pre-announce a new model 6 months before availabilite. People in companies aren’t stupid, they usually triage the different options.

      If you run the danger of loosing too many of your existing customers to a competing brand (and loose their business for a long time) vs. stalling the business for those customers who intended to buy your current product in the next 6 months (youloose a bit, but you shift your business into the future) you end up deciding what to do. If the impact of #1 is higher on your business than #2, then you preannounce, if the value of #2 is higher than option #1 then you would not.

      Nikon is now in a comfortable position. There is no demand in the market that customers say that the D3s is a bad camera, there NEED to be an upgrade. If Nikon like Canon is able to start shipping in march they can delay their announcement until February 2012.

      The Canon has the ingredients to be an impressive camera, the 6 months preannouncement period is a customer segment & share game imho.


  • brec

    that sounds about right, Nikon didn’t break out of it’s regular product cycle, they’re just behind by a little bit.

    The D800 specs, i.e. the megapixel count, sound crazy compared to the D4. But Nikon got new customers coming from the low end medium format with the D3X and the Tilt Shift lenses back then. I’m sure they’re going after fashion and film shooters who are heavy 5DmkII users right now. Also this would clearly separate the D800 from the D4 and not just make it a baby D4.

  • It feels so much like 2007. Nikon lost so many shooters to Canon as it took so long to update the D2x/h cameras. If it wasn’t for the glass, I would be there as well. Canon has been killing it with video. It took the 2008 Olympics to start seeing the D3 in the hands of the pros.

    Why do we have to suffer through this every four years? If it was an operating system, editing program like Photoshop or Lightroom, or even a computer, there is no way it would take this long. Perhaps someday Nikon will see that it does not singularly control the market, and despite loyal consumers, they will force many to go elsewhere.

    • Josh

      So why don’t you quit your girly whining and move to Canon already if Nikon is so bad for you.

      What a bunch of losers.

      • Fabiografia


    • goldaccess

      I’m having a hard time understanding exactly why you (not “we”) do suffer.

    • broxibear

      Hi Bill Bogle Jr.,
      The photographers who switched to Canon before the D3 came out are not going to switch back. I have friends who used Nikon from school, to college to working professional, but they had to switch because at the time what they needed was only being offered by Canon. Even though Nikon brought out a stunning camera in the D3 there was no way those who switched were going to go through the whole thing again.
      Nikon have to target those who haven’t decided between brands yet, those who aren’t heavily invested in expensive lenses…and they need to take care of those who are part of the Nikon family already. Professional photographers don’t like drastic change, they want evolution and they also want listened to regarding new equipment.
      Canon probably get just as many complaints as Nikon, maybe they both need to listen more to their customers ?

      • PeterO

        @ broxibear and Bogle Jr.
        I don’t think that Canon and Nikon are suddenly going to start listening to their customers. Just look at the nightmare Olympus is going through. So much of this is because of the Japanese corporate culture. It’s like trying to turn a giant ocean liner on a dime.

    • Dweeb

      You are right and the fanbois will consequently eat you for lunch here. I’m beginning to be afraid that the next Nikon product cycle won’t offer much after looking at what Canon did today. Surely people shoot more than weddings and sports professionally.

      • vinman

        You’re on a Nikon site. If you’re going to be a troll, the first rule – at least learn to read before your oral diarrhea begins flowing. Otherwise go someplace else. You’re smelly discharge isn’t making you look any smarter or more credible. Oh, and if you’re really “afraid”, go curl up under a blanket with your soft shouldered Canon and cuddle up.

    • cruser2469

      Switch to Canon? They announced a camera that won’t come out for another half year!!

    • ivanaker

      i dont want a new dslr every year, it costs too much money. d90 is still a great camera, d3 also, d700, d300…. if i spend 5.000$ on camera i want it to last for minimum 5 years.

      • MJM


        My D200 isn’t any less of a fantastic camera, even despite these 36Mpx camera’s that are “going” to be hitting the market.

  • I feel Nikon is playing it right. All the hype and talk about the 1D X will subside a bit and then Nikon will announce, putting the D4 or whatever it’s going to be called in the front of everyone’s minds. Plus I have no doubt the new Nikon flagship will impress. Will it trump the 1D X? Not likely but it will be that one notch better for sure. Both are going to be awesome bodies in the end, no going wrong with either choice.

    • Stone

      Canon is primarily playing a defensive game. By getting word out early as to its upcoming camera, it dissuades the Canon users from migrating to Nikon in anticipation of what Canon will make available almost 6 months from now. The specs of the 1D-X are certainly very attractive and will likely achieve this effect for many Canon owners who have plunked down a substantial money on Canon lenses.

      Will Canon be able to tempt away any Nikon users? I am sure that there will be a few. But most Nikon readers here are aware that Canon is playing in Nikon’s home ground (lower resolution, clean photos at high ISO, fast AF, high fps) and it is likely that Nikon will match and hopefully exceed Canon’s best offering in the 1D-X when it releases the Nikon D4. So would-be buyers of the D4 would likely stay within the Nikon camp.

      The big unknown are owners of the D700. This group is split into two camps, one wanting lower resolution in exchange for low noise at high ISO while the other wants high megapixel even at the expense of low-light performance. The common thread within this two groups is a Nikon camera that is reasonably affordable just like the D700.

      If Nikon serves only the first camp but not the second camp, then I expect this is when many of the current D700 owners will feel the pain and vote with their wallet either by not upgrading, or when Canon finally releases its 3D (a lower cost alter-ego to the 1D-X) even possibly shift to Canon. The ease with which one can sell one’s equipment in eBay and online forums have knocked down many of the barriers that have kept many to one camp or another.

      The playing arena of the D700-successor is to me is the real battle ground between Canon and Nikon in FF.

      • Steve

        +1. Nice comment.

      • Admin, have you considered using comment plugin like disqus so we can have nice comment like this float to the top instead of the usual “FIRST!” comments?

      • Been Rockwalled

        I mostly agree with what you’re saying. But I don’t think Nikon owners will be that quick to jump ship. Let’s be honest here. The D700 already takes stellar images. Any issue with not being able to bring out the best that this camera has to offer can only be chocked up to user error IMHO. In other words, the only ones that will probably skip over to Canon are under the false illusion that Canon’s sparkling new technology will somehow make them better photographers. For those of us who know better, we’ll stick it out until Nikon delivers yet another masterpiece as they’ve continued to do time and time again. I think you underestimate the loyalty of Nikon users.

      • Darkness

        At least for visitors to this site. You guys forget how niche you all are…visit sportsshooter.com to find out what the guys the D3S and MK X are made for think…

  • goose

    woah function buttons doubled?

  • nobody

    I can see only one reason to announce a product half a year before it’s ready for delivery: you don’t want to present an inferior product after the announcement of the superior product.

  • Lio

    I’m probably dummy but except for the 14 fps, the 1Dx will not surpass the D3. Does pro will turn to Canon just for that with a 2 month training before the Olympics ? with a new AF system ? and a new metring mode from Canon ? I doubt. And indoor the D3s will still be the king. As for the D4 except if it’s available in Febuary, pros will not turn to it too except if a major feature is here.
    The only real problem I see with the release of two pro bodies few month before a major event, is pro’s bodies actuations and the D3s availability.

  • I have the feeling that Canon knows something big and very attractive is coming soon from Nikon, so they are making their customers know that they have to wait a little longer (Mar12) but something is coming from Canon too. To me is more of a fix-before-it-breaks kind of thing than anything else.

    • I agree, there is no other reason why they announced a body that is 6+ months away. This makes the D800 announcement next week more “believable”.

      • broxibear

        Got to disagree with you on this one Peter.
        If I’m Canon I’d love to get one over my main rival…spoil their D800 party by not just announcing our flagship model with a few teaser ads or leaked spyshots, but with practically a full information launch.
        The EOS-1D X is everywhere, this is nikonrumors yet your front page is full of images of a Canon, the first two articles are about the Canon.
        It’s great marketing from Canon’s point of view. The best thing they could do now is a few days after the D800 announcement would be to announce the 5D Mark III…that really would be good marketing, unless their Mark III is crap of course lol ?

        • broxibear

          One more thing to add.
          If I were Nikon I’d “leak” an image of the D4…take some of the wind out of Canon’s announcement ?

        • nobody

          The EOS-1D X is not competing with the D800, it’s competing with the upcoming D4 (which may even be on the shelves before the EOS 1D X).

          Great marketing? Rather a workaround to avoid direct comparison to the D4 when both cameras are available next spring.

          BTW, even the D8oo rumour made it to the front page of canonrumors, so I wouldn’t count too much on that.

          • dgm

            It took a jolly long time for Canon to come up with a 1Dx; Nikon has had a D1x for 12 years and has moved much further since :))
            Ok, Ok, I am leaving now! (not on the head please)

      • gamma

        My interpretation of this Canon’s announcement is that next week we will see Nikon D4 announcement rather than a D800. To avoid Canon users to switch to competitor, Canon was forced to announce their product earlier.

        Maybe Peter’s sources are right about the specs of upcoming camera but wrong about the SLR name?

        • Darkness

          Nikon has them on the back foot for four years, finally a FX body with some optimistic ISO numbers the crappy files on their JP site dont exactly support? http://cweb.canon.jp/camera/eosd/1dx/samples/index.html
          That movie Heart Beat is not exactly Vincent Laforet territory either, and the boxing stills are awful (ISO 51,200) allegedly…

  • DaveyJ

    Winter Olympics are a very big deal so if Nikon isn’t available by then Nikon’s F4 will lose some clout. Of course the D800 may be all that is needed. Hope that the D800 is awesome!

    • nobody

      IIRC, the next winter olympics will be held in 2014.

      I suppose not many Nikon F4 cameras will be used for that event, and the D800 will definitely not be the prefered sports shooters camera.

      Otherwise you’re completely correct, the D800 willbe awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • M!

    the D3S had been very impressive and stopped the MP war by giving us excellent ISO for shooting in conditions previously unimaginable. it was out almost 2 years ago. Nikon had all the time to R&D something exciting for the D4. the Canon 1DX is a rejoice by many canon users. I like the 18MP 12FPS RAW and data transfer methods. Nikon D4 will be more impressive in the AF area as usual. (watch them bring the Hybrid AF from the Nikon 1 to the D4). the MP should be comparable. Perhaps we see 12FPS RAW as well. nikon need some good transfer protocol. (LAN/Wifi/Thunderbolt/USB3.0) I am excited about the D4.

  • Mike

    Just picked up a new D3S on sale. It’s so damn beautiful. Can’t wait to have some fun with this camera.

  • Well, the race is open. Nikon has the disvantage in the video race. The video market “eated” by Canon will increase more and more, they are getting better in this department.
    The still department Nikon is still (=D) the best option, but letยดs see the sample images from the 1d X , maybe the game will change.

    5d mk III with top high iso and top AF system , will be a good surprise.

    Come on Nikon show us the D800!

  • Is there NOTHING circulating around about a D400? That’s the one I’m looking for. I was thinking about getting a D800, if it IS 36MP, and using it in crop mode to take advantage of the better ISO and IQ of a full frame sensor. Besides, I have 80% FX lenses anyhow. But, I’d REALLY love to hear something, anything about a D400. Just to know that it’s coming, at least.


    • Luncheon Ticket

      For that, it would be better to buy a D7000. In crop mode it should have similar properties because the pixel density is the same.

      • I own a D300s. I won’t switch to a D7000. The D7000 will not be as good as the D400 in terms of IQ and ISO performance. Neither will do as well as the D800, by a long shot. The D800 will allow me to have 36MP FX photos for beautiful portraits and landscapes, and roughly 16-18MP DX photos for wildlife and macro, while still maintaining the superb ISO performance, and superior AF, metering, IQ, etc, etc that will be implemented in a camera of that caliber. Between what will come of the D800 and is already here with the D7000, I can tell you, for a 100% certain fact, without even knowing anything about the D800, that it will be a far superior camera than the D700, in almost every aspect besides compactness, which I really don’t care about.

        • I hope you’re right because I’ll use my D300S as a back up to the D800. I alreadu invested in DX glass so I’m ready for a new FX with High ISO and Dynamic Range.

        • from the tone of you voice i can safely assume you have never own a d700. No doubt the d800 is going to be incredible although the d700 for is going to a classic camera, and exceed many photogs ability to create images for the next decade.

    • nobody

      Since the D300 was made in Thailand, I suppose that would be the case for the D400 as well.

      Looking at the news from Thailand I would not expect the D400 to be just around the corner…

    • mikils

      IF D800 truly comes with a 36 MP sensors, who will think to DX cameras anymore? Just crop the D800 files, and live happy with your unspoiled Wide-angles.

      • That’s what I said I was thinking about doing. lol. But It’d be nice to have the extra $1-2k to spend on some nice glass with the D400 that it would cost to buy the D800 instead.

        • PHB

          Which might well explain why the 36MP sensor was chosen in the first place – merge the DX and FX lines.

          If the flagship cameras are managing another 2 stops of performance that should pretty much put to bed the notion that the CX format was badly chosen.

          If they can push out another 2 stops on top of the ISO 3200 already delivered, future Nikon 1 bodies could match the D3s performance. On the other hand it might turn out that Canon are full of it and they are claiming far higher ISO than they have a right to.

  • Alex

    well…this is what 14fps on the 1dx sound like ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Orestor

    I want and i need 60 fps!!!

    • JED

      Then buy a Nikon 1.

  • D700guy

    So, I suppose neither camera will actually be available to us common folk for another year.

  • Let Nikon announced D800 and D300s replacement then talk about D4 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Olymp Marketing fan

    Olympics: 100 to 200 dslrs sold.. to make what? 10×15 cm, sometimes 20×25 cm images on very bad newspaper paper… most people look only for “who is on the image” ant the newspaper goes to waste.

    No need for high ISO for olympics, everything is overlighted…

    Please, Mr Canon, Mr Nikon: your 2009 products are good enough for 2016 Olympics, make photoengines (not Mikon 1) for millions of amateur photographers around the world who dont care about Olympic Marketing Games !!!

    • M!

      @Olympic Marketing Fan, who is too shy to use your real alias, you need to check your stats. How many countries and how many photographers are at each olympic venue. 100-200 DSLRs sold? you must be joking.

  • henry

    Whatever happens, this competition sounds good to me.
    If Canon has a good Camera, then Nikon will show something comparable at the least.
    If D4 is comparable to the new Canon, fine by me.
    Kudos to Canon to get the ball rolling.

  • Nikon can take a quantum leap ahead of Canon by releasing a D4 that produces 16bit raw files.

  • mshi

    It definitely will everyone’s photography much much better if you believe the PR.

  • coco

    all i want for Christmas is a dx that have high iso performance like a d3s that under 1600us.

    • Hahahahaa, one can REALLY dream!


  • this_is_not_my_d800

    Admin: Do you think we might actually see a simultaneous D4/D800 press release next week as a surprise? Any possibility of announcing the D4 but not the D800?

    1D X versus D800 doesn’t sound like a likely match to me. Even tho I personally want the D800 very badly.

  • Happysnapper63

    The question that really interests me is the timing……………why announce a product 6 months before anyone can actually have it ?

    a) You know something strong is coming from the opposition, but you are not ready, but you need to give a reason not to switch…….
    b) You know something is coming from the opposition which will blow your numbers away, so you announce now whilst the specs still look very very good and they do thats for sure, and before they are made to look “ordinary”.
    c) You play your trump card in spades over your opponents king or ace of hearts, i.e. the D800 just gets swallowed up by the 1Dx in terms of coverage and exposure. The D800 isnt noticed. Sort of like (but not the same) the way politicians declare bad news when another story is taking all the head lines.
    d) You know your competitior is in trouble and will be very delayed, even uncertain regarding timelines, so you throw out a life line………to those wanting certainty for the olympics. (Yes I know 6 months out is not exactly certain…….but it is announced.)
    The risk you run is by the time it hits the shelves its lost its lustre, been over taken, and is very much last years news.
    A significant marketing and advertising budget may be required to keep the models profile high during the 6 months of it being vapour or slide ware.

    • Lex2133

      One of the more sensible posts today..

  • knowing Nikon it would be surely better than the 1dx

  • peter

    Must get hands on $50K, must sell body, must find woman with millions who wants a +50 year old fat guy with a vitamin D deficiency as a boy toy…


    When too much information isn’t helpful, just disturbing…

  • I hope Nikon put at least 1280 x 720 60 fps on video this time, i know the still capabilities will be stunning.

    Is that hard?

  • Carsten

    Hmm, how many real professionals will replace their trusted gear shortly before the most important event of the year?

    If it is coming out for the Olympics it must be almost production ready, they need to create stock to serve at least the big customers, otherwise they risk a PR disaster.

    So it is a valid question why it is not yet announced – large customer who want (need!) to stock bodies for the event really need to know what they should get now or hold out for. Nikon doesn’t want its new D4 being used by the minority of the Nikon shooters, do they?

  • kontrollausschuss

    haha, nothing tantalizing from the red side … and still ugly like before.
    D4 will be generations ahead.

  • nik

    hope to see iso819200 on d4

    • Orestor

      Even blind people would see with that iso amount.

  • Rob Truth

    Nikon has now firmly cemented their place at number 2, with sony now nipping at their heels.

    Never mind NikonRumors, just observe NikonFact, Nikon has now become a second rate DSLR manufacturer.

    I can see all the glass sales clogging up EBay for the next six months ๐Ÿ™

    • Janet McDowell

      As much as I hate what you say, their is an element of fact in what you say. I’m switching now after 10 years with Nikon. They were very good and we can’t forget that!

  • Serious Shooter

    I have had it. Now that this beast is here, my gear is almost obsolete. How can I show my Nikon in public without getting ridiculed for it? Nikon needs to come with D4 soon, or I will switch to Canon 1Dx. My Canon neighbhor is probably smirking right now and thinking less of me, just because Nikon does not keep up with the competition. If it continues, my friends will laugh at me and my cat will hate me.

    I will be dumping all my Nikon lenses and bodies and probably have take a picture with a Powershot until I can get a hold of the sweet D1x. My identity is tied up with the D1x now.

    • Bip

      LOL….. you speak the mind of many!

  • D700guy

    At least Canon shooter know they will have a new FF body, even if it’s 6 months off.
    Nikon shooters on the other hand, dont.

    • Yes canon have a new toy big deal, but that is 6 months away and guess what it is not within affordable reach of 99 percent of all the reader here nor on the canonrumor camp. It is nice to see evolution taking place, the only realistic effect is the reduce in prices for the older and current models, well the reducing factor is not really a big margin…i mean the 1ds mark3 still cost around $8000 AUD at the moment here in the stores around australia.

      So just take a chill pill and focus on making better images with your current gears, it will more rewarding and you will keep your sanity as well.

      hello from sydney Australia.

    • 120-300 os

      Relax man we get ours soon ยฟ ? ยก

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