New Canon full frame camera on October 18th

There are rumors that the new 1D full frame camera announced on October 18th. In the past, Canon and Nikon always announced new products few weeks (sometimes days) apart and it seems this time Canon will have one week advantage.

We are looking really good for a potential Nikon D800 announcement on October 26th.

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  • this_is_not_my_d800

    I begin to wonder, could the “two versions of D800” actually be a lower-mp D800s and a higher mp D800X ?? instead of a 36mp high-res model plus a AA-fliter-less version?

    • Benjo

      h = high speed/high ISO
      x = high resolution
      s = minor update

      If there were two versions of the D800 they would be the D800h and D800x.

      • Nikonuser

        Or D800 and D800x.

      • Knikontash

        whats wrong with D800HXS

        • hahah indeed ! It would be quite something 🙂

      • hc

        s = second edition

        • Not D800²?

          • That should read D800². Darn html encoder!

  • Been there guy

    Nissan is on the rat race again with Canon.

    • silmasan

      you must mean Nissin, the maker of biscuits.

    • Donkey

      I’m so excited!!!!! IT HAD BEGUNZ!!!! Just like in August 24th!!! I was so nervous then too …

  • Wouldn’t a release of a 1D model rival Nikon for a D4 release, not a D800? I thought the 1D series would correspond with Nikon’s D3 series, and their 5D series would correspond with Nikon’s D700? Now, I don’t know, as I don’t know too much about Canon and their equipment, though.


    • Nathan

      They’re two different companies. How would one know what the other is releasing unless they have a mole?

      • Obviously they’re different companies. When’s the last time you’ve seen either of them release a flagship camera without the other releasing one of the same, or better caliber? If the folks at Nikonrumors can find out, surely the other half of the ying/yang debate can figure it out, way before we can.


        • Worminator

          Yes, formal equivalence would dictate the D800 would be met with the 5D mkIII … but the release schedules of these two cameras are a couple of years out of sync with each other.

          Any the lines between “pro” and “semi-pro” are anyway increasingly blurred. Canon one-upping the D800 launch with a 1D mkV or similar would not not be out of place.

      • lolly

        Sshh … it’s called industrial espionage 😉

      • Art

        Because Japanese companies work very different than European / American companies. It is not at all uncommon for Japanese companies to work together for the betterment of both companies rather than have one company try to beat out the other company entirely. As they see it, both companies will do better than a single company would. Because of this, they will often share technology, release schedules, and other information that in the West we would consider to be extremely sensitive.

      • Mark

        Nikon knows exactly what Canon has coming, and Canon knows the same about Nikon. And it’s no accident that they’ll be announcing only a few days apart.

    • Richard

      Precisely. The rumored Canon offering is the 1D MK V and it is rumored to be a full frame.

  • Been there guy

    ISO 51,200
    frame rates of 12-14fps
    61 AF points

    This sound should been the D800 spec…but

    • Jabs

      @Been there guy

      NO – that would be the D3S’s replacement and this D800 clearly is not that camera.

      Perhaps you wait a while as the 2012 Olympics is coming and Canon is now showing their hand and then Nikon will next respond.

      Cat and mouse game between them.

      • Kingyo

        I think lately it’s not so much about Canon releasing a camera model that directly competes with a new Nikon model on specs (ie. D800 v.s. 5DMKIII).. it’s more of Canon releasing a viable camera at a lower price than what Nikon puts out.
        That’s what many people liked about the 5Dmk2..the price was very reasonable for what it offered at the time, even if the more expensive Nikon was better. I’ll bet that whatever Canon releases soon will cost less than a D800.
        Personally I’m way too excited about getting my hands on a D800 to care about what Canon is releasing 🙂

        • Jabs


          LOL – I understand but you also get what you pay for too.

          Maybe Nikon will release a lower price body or maybe have already released a lower price camera called D7000 but it is not FF.

          On to the D800 then and maybe a lower priced FF body in the future!

          Actually, I prefer the older Canon 5D to the newer 5D MK2 – how’s that for an opinion – LOL.

    • KT

      I can understand the rationale behind most of these awesome specs but what really amazes me is that a rationale company like Canon would invest a dime developing a frame-rate of 12-14 FPS, why??? what can you do with 14 FPS that 10 FPS couldn’t accomplish. I’ve never heard an EOS 1D owner saying, Gee, I wish they could have pushed it 14 or at least 12 FPS, 10 FPS just ain’t cutting it, it sucks.

      • Jabs

        It’s called one-upping your competitor for the bragging rights.

        Does not have to make sense or even be practical or needed, but more about – SEE, I can do that, so I am much better than Company A or B.

        Same way that Sony introduced an A77 camera with 12fps and then a very low buffer that makes the 12fps practically useless as it fills up before you can say WHAT – lol.

        Done for ‘specaholics’ or ego driven buyers, maybe!

      • silmasan

        I think they should continue doing this, until at least 24 fps at ~20MP or 6K, and maybe 60 fps at ~9MP or 4K.

      • Mark

        It’s because they’re bankrupt of ideas. Just cruising along, iterating what they have, and pumping up individual specs for marketing purposes. I’m not just picking on Canon, here. I don’t expect Nikon to be much better (although, if Nikon’s new approach to integrating the phase contrast sensor directly onto the image sensor – like they are doing on the N1 and V1 – is pursued to it’s logical end, I could imagine some very interesting things from Nikon in the future).

  • off topic for this post… but I just noticed B&H and JR both have full retail price on their nikon pro lens. Better order quick (from amazon – still cheaper) if you’re on the edge like I was with the 14-24!

    • nofunben


    • Thanks, this is interesting – I guess because B&H closed for the week and they updated their prices in advance. Will publish this online.

      • yeah i searched else where and found JR raised it and so did adaroma… abes of maine is lower, but they could be just delayed and/or a rebel to nikon’s threats lol.

      • B&H closes for all Jewish holidays, and there are many of them. They are very religious. Ever notice how they shut down on Friday afternoon and reopen on Saturday night? Most of the outages are around this time of year and Easter.

    • dgs

      great lens! Enjoy!

  • nuno santacana

    October 18th, because I’ll have 18 MPx. They learn the lesson, but Nikon un-learn it.

    • burak

      but which month had 36 days?

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        You have to use a metric calender.

      • SpaceFreak

        26. october = 26 + 10 = 36 😉

        • nuno santacana


          • Ballz


            • jahko-420


      • nuno santacana

        I’m talking about the lesson of keeping low MPx to get a terrific High-ISO performance.

        Nikon teach this lesson to Canon back in 2007, and Canon learn it apparently. Unfortunately Nikon seems to have forgotten it.

        • Jabs

          @nuno santacana

          Wait for the D4 series perhaps.

          I don’t think Nikon has ‘unlearned’ the lesson they taught everyone!

          Got you the first time too – in your first post, that is.

    • Mark

      No, Nikon didn’t unlearn anything. If anything, they’re beating Canon at their own game (better high ISO than Canon, more MP, etc). The upcoming D4 will most likely be an 18 MP camera, and the D4 is the direct competitor to Canon’s upcoming new 1DMark whatever.

  • cant wait but bump up the mp’s please

    • Walter Chen

      I know the reason from your website. Everything is in daytime, and the picture are good but not impressive at all that you will forget about it really fast…

      Yes, for those who shot days and with indoor lights only…bump up mp…but lose whoever want to shot at night or at athletes…

      • Lex2133

        Don’t agree. The pictures by Mark are fantastic… keep up the good work, Mark. And I agree with you on the high MP. Don’t know why everyone is assuming that a high MP will result in poorer low-ISO performance in comparison to today’s sensors..

      • Dchino

        Actually he has many really great shots, and some clever compositions.

        I do agree with your point on MP though. Some of the best opportunities come at the dusk / dawn time frame.

  • juicebox81


    nikon is announcing their FF camera 8 days AFTER canon?

    I’ve had it…… I’M SWITCHING TO CANON.

    • Vince


    • Akon14


    • Psycho McCrazy


    • Jabs

      For at least 8 days, eh?


    • DX2FX

      Nikon will have exactly 8 days to upgrade their D800 to beat Canon !

      • Kede

        haha that’s exactly what I tought !

  • kyoshinikon

    I told you that they were waiting for canon to play a card!

  • FrenchFlies

    The more the merrier…..bring it on Canon, Sony!!

    • Discontinued


  • simpleguy

    i really hope they release two versions of d800 and the other one which is not mentioned here
    will actually be a camera that makes sense , something more like NOT so much MP , better video specs , better iso specs , and better price

    • +1 a little bit more MP, but better video/iso/price would be really nice and suitable

      • pabs

        I have seen your pictures. they are good but not that impressive. I will forget about them quickly!

  • wee willy wanker

    I personally don’t need it in my camera, but if the D800 does not have 60fps 1080, Nikon is TOAST, especially with the new Canon FF coming out.

    • Joe

      Really? I mean: How many percent of all photographers actually use video at all, and how many of those really need 60fps and 1080p? And I don’t mean those spec-hunters that complain without a practical reason.

      • I don’t give a rats ass about video. I am a photographer. I’ll buy a professional videocamera if I want to film.

        • Matias

          “I’ll buy a professional videocamera if I want to film.” Retard … For same money u got both of them.. And still want to pay more for REAL videocam..

      • Discontinued

        “How many percent of all …”

        Well I didn’t survey your question but I am observing it. Personally I do both and often team up with others, to have a second camera and cameraman when doing film. Most of them started as photographers – like me. Clients want film more than ever. My estimation is that about 50% of all professional photographers use video. And you can bet your granny on it, all of them want 60 fps in their next VDSLR for practical reasons.

        That said, I am pretty confident the next Nikon DSLR will offer that feature and it is about time to.

        • Fgh


          Most people have no idea what 50/60p is for. They just want it because it sounds cool.

          • WB

            My wish is 120fps, “Clients want film more than ever” !!

      • Tommy Botello

        It amuses me how people often refer to recording video as “filming”.

      • simpleguy

        “How many percent of all photographers actually use video at all”

        my answer to you is allot , there are entire forums which is concentrated in the video aspect of dslrs like “dvxuser”

    • Mark

      People who buy DSLRs for their video performance are fools, or dilettantes, or just don’t know any better. There are much better, and more professional, solutions out there. So why cheat your customers by using inferior, repurposed gear that’s not optimum for the job.

  • Jabs

    Actually Canon is about 3 years late in FF – LOL.

    Let us see what type of an improvement and the pushing of the technological envelope Canon brings, as Nikon maybe scared them with their new line of cameras since last year – LOL.

    Here we go?

    Anyone for 32meg FF Canon or will Canon bring out a 40+meg monster?

    By the way Canon has been batting for the last three years or so, they probably will be trying to outdo the D3s and not aim at this D800 – right?

    We’ll see in a few days then!

    Interesting October for sure!

    • It seems historically Canon has been ahead in the mega-pix count but Nikon has had overall better image quality and some other technical aspects. It will be interesting to see how the two companies balance out against each other with new generation product. Will Nikon want to play ‘catch up’ on mega-pix? Will Canon forfeit some mega-pix and focus on image quality and build quality?

      • Jabs


        Not really – Canon lost both the megapixel race and the the HIGH/LOW ISO race to Nikon with the release of the D3 and got even further buried with the D3s.

        I now expect them to release a D3s combatant to take back the high ISO crown plus the framing rate crown.

        London Olympics remember?

        I see Nikon surrounding Canon in the Pro ranks
        1. D3s replacement to battle this camera and already out and being tested
        2. D800 to outdo the 5DMk3

        Canon has been on a 3 year slump while Nikon has basically walked over them.
        Canon probably has now taken the time to really respond to the D3 series, but the D4 is now the game changer to aim at, as far as I see it.

        They are too far behind Nikon now to matter unless they can release a real game changer of a camera that battles the upcoming D4 series.

        In DLSR video, Canon jumped ahead of Nikon, but Nikon’s video files look cleaner and better to me, but Canon is now more accepted in the Video field because Canon always had a presence and a reputation in that.

        • plamen

          Wow, I hope you have some sales figures to back up that claim

          • Jabs


            A TECHNICAL slump – not a sales slump!

            Nothing technically to match Nikon and even Sony is nipping at their heels technically – time for them to wake up, perhaps and time for the ‘Canonistas’ to wake up too and stop acting like Canon is ahead of anyone!

            Canon to ME – basically went to sleep after the 5DMK2 body and went megapixel mad while forgetting what really makes a great FINAL image from a camera. I was sad to see them go that route, as I like them as a competitor to Nikon since they both push each other, but Canon seems to have fallen off the map except maybe in their new line of long lenses that got delayed (not sure if they released them finally yet?).

            Why would anyone release a crop body camera to target a full frame low light camera? Nikon D3 versus Canon 1DMk4 – that is! Nikon responded with a D3s and blew them even more away – duuuh! Not to mention the D3X also beat their older FF camera (sorry but can never get the Canon names right, as they sound too much alike to me – lol) and listed for the same too!

            That’s like Sony releasing a 24meg cropped body camera to target a full frame Nikon when Nikon released a better 16meg DX camera than the 24meg A77 and even Sony has a better 16meg cropped body (DX equivalent) camera in the A580 than their own A77?

            Bragging rights and the pursuit of egomania and such makes for lousy cameras with great ‘sounding specs’ BUT lousy real world performance.

            Time for both of them to get real and pursue excellence instead of the bragging rights, perhaps!

      • Jabs


        Forgot to add the D3X is what buried the 21 meg FF Canon body in megs.

        24megs D3X versus 21 meg Canon FF out way before the 5dMk2 and same basic price too as D3X.

        • jvj

          Jabs, the Canon 5d2 is only 2599.00 not 7000.00 of the d3x

          • Paul

            jvj, jabs is talking about the 1ds mark iii, which is the proper equivalent of the d3x, not the 5d mark ii

            • Jabs


              Yup – thanks
              People often forget what Canon body is targeted at what Nikon – lol

              I often forget the actual names of the various Canon bodies, as they sound too much alike to me.

              Great rivalry between Nikon and Canon though.

            • Is the 1Ds the full frame one or is it the 1D?

            • Jabs

              @dwight shrute

              Look here for Canon’s lineup in America


    • Semajal

      Canon pretty much destroyed Nikon in terms of video.

      D3s is nice but annoying control layouts (d3 body) I have used one, I prefer controls on my 5DII.

      I have currently both a D700 and 5DII. I find the canon generally easier to work with on a day to day basis, though I am more used to it. Love the nikon for low light work or anything where I want 8fps. Also the 50 1.4 is beautttiful.

      Really interested to see what both companies bring to the table, considering the quality Canon can get out of their higher MP Sensors (60D produces very nice results for 18mp APS-C).

      • Yagion

        Agreed. Canon destroyed Nikon in video. But Nikon destroyed Canon in still photography, FX and DX.

        Control layout, it’s just personal preference. I also own D700 and 5Dmii. I shoot still with D700, and video with 5Dmii. I find D700 is much much more easier to operate. D700’s body also feels more solid to me.

      • I think the controls debate is subjective. I prefer Nikon controls to Canon.

        I like some Canon lenses compared to Nikkor equivalents. Again, subjective.

        Video…. isn’t for me. I could really give a damn.

      • Jabs


        I don’t see Canon as having destroyed Nikon in video, but merely more popular plus more accepted as they have been a long term player in that field with EOS lens video cameras that were very popular especially with Wedding shooters, so maybe spill over from that.

        The control layout and the way the lens turns to focus has been debated forever and thus I don’t care.

        I personally prefer Nikon’s way and thus from the F3 days, I always like the feel and ergonomics of Nikon’s best, as Canon’s feel ‘greasy and slippery’ to me plus non-coherent and illogical in their placement of controls as used a few of the film and digital Canon’s versus the film and digital Nikon’s and Nikon’s feel familiar plus better to me. I prefer the Pre-EOS layout of Canon’s to anything they currently make, for example.

        Like a Canon F1n or such – feels better to me in body texture and feel, not as “plasticky” or slippery in sweaty hands like their current gear – know what I mean!

        Six of one, half a dozen of the other, so don’t care nor sweat the details as it is your choice and your money – LOL!

      • Jabs

        One more thing:

        The D7000 and even the Sony A580 basically destroys the Canon 60D and the 7D – time for Canon to step up their game and I hope this new camera brings some parity to their megapixel madness gone wrong as in lower the megapxels and up the processing chain within the camera to give better files plus results.

        Sony needs to learn this too – megapixel show-offs are not what the Camera Industry needs but real and broad performance gains that are clear and visible in files – not marketing specs designed to fool YOU or pump up your ego!

        Better we have a healthier and more competitive Canon to keep everyone ‘honest’ and stoked technically or everyone will go to sleep and bring us crap cameras, perhaps.

        • Mike

          “The D7000 and even the Sony A580 basically destroys the Canon 60D and the 7D ” – Really?! or just youre opinion!?

          • Jabs


            Look at the DXO mark of both – lousy cameras.

            Files also show the discrepancy, thus confirming the problems.

    • Symple

      “Actually Canon is about 3 years late in FF – LOL.”

      -At least Nikon Finally joined the ‘competitor’ with a full frame DSLR some six years after Canon!? Canon was producing 12MP CMOS consumer cameras back in 2002 for productions sake! Okay, 11.1 but who’s counting, but the argument still stinks.

      Regardless of what the MP count is and all that, I hope that Nikon continues to make a superior body and interface to the competitors, and that it is at least equal to the current offerings within [its] class with regard to price and quality of production.

      • Jabs


        Maybe I should have explained it better

        Canon first made their FF line when?
        What was the last FF DSLR that Canon released?
        When did they release it – what year?

        Since the D3 Canon has been behind Nikon and HAVE NOT released ANY FF cameras.

        Nikon released

        • Symple


          I get it, Canon released their last ‘full frame’ in the 3rd quarter of 2008, who cares.

          I just want Nikon to keep making a quality product at a similar price to their equivalent previous model instead of stooping to the competitors’ terms; better late than never if your product is better.

          • Jabs


            OK – got you – no debate there!

            • Mac

              Actually, the 5D Mk2 was announced in Sep 08, after the D3 and D700. so only the D3x and D3s was released after it.

            • Jabs


              Thanks – I stand corrected

              They still are horribly late though – Canon that is.
              Maybe they intend to leapfrog Nikon like how the D3 series and the D700 leapfrogged them?

              Now to see IF the upcoming 5DMK2 beats this rumored D800.

              And then see Canon’s answer to the Nikon 1 and even the Sony NeX5n!

  • Jabs

    The web site finally feels snappy to me.

    Let’s see what happens when more posters or more frequent posts hit here!

  • @admin

    We seem to have good crystal ball visibility with the FF product releases, but any rumors on the D400? If it will be based on the Sony 24MP sensor it seems like Sony has had a nice lead on release date that the hand cuffs should be off Nikon for their announcement.


    • lolly

      Nikon D9000 DX 24mp

  • 10/4

    Wow – Those specs are exactly what I want in a Nikon. 1d frame is too big, though.

    I hope Nikon has the D800x and the D800s!

  • Brilliant, can’t wait for it. It’ll either be the 1D or a new line, the specs posted aren’t 1Ds like (12fps sure isnt for a studio camera).

  • wee willy wanker

    One week apart, Canon will be introducting a D3S killer, and Nikon will be announcing a 5DMII killer.

    • Jabs


      BUT the D4 and D4X are waiting in the wings, so Canon is aiming at a moving target or old Nikon targets – lol

      On with the interesting game of oneupmanship between these two old competitors.

      Canon should have never let Nikon get so far ahead of them, perhaps???

      • nobody

        Not sure there will ever be a D4x nor another Canon 1Ds if the D800 and the 5DIII will be in 30-40mp territory.

        • Jabs

          You can rest assured that there will BE both a D4 with higher megapixels than a D3s and a D4X with higher megapixels than the D800, as Nikon does not stand still technically any more!

          I expect 18 – 36 and maybe 48 meg bodies.

          Who knows for sure though!

          Get a 12 core desktop computer plus 24+ megs of RAM and ditch the ‘underpowered’ laptops to really deal with the upcoming file sizes and video resolutions of the new breed of cameras – lol

          Time for desktop replacement CPU’s to be in more laptops like in the past and then not much concern with battery life, as you would just plug them in or buy several batteries (charged too) to take with these ‘beasts in size’ laptops! You can also get a car inverter (12v to 120 v) for when you are stuck in the woods!

          HOT, big and fast laptops instead of small and cute MacBook Air clones or wannabe’s. No to Ultrabooks also – too small and too cute – Aweeeee!

  • jeriko

    from a marketing standpoint, would this mean that Canon thinks that their offering is superior or inferior to Nikon’s? I ask because in my mind, if I were Canon and thought my offering was superior, I would probably wait till after the competition has done their reveal. But then again, I’m no marketing expert.

    • Jabs


      The thing to remember is that – THIS upcoming Canon camera is probably aimed at Pros who will be shooting at the 2012 London Olympics and telling them that Canon is alive and kicking PLUS don’t buy a D3s or even the upcoming D800 – as they have a ‘better solution’ perhaps.

      The thrust of their marketing is what you need to understand – maybe!

      Companies buy large quantities of Pro gear every time Nikon or Canon release a new Pro body, so intense competition for that market.

      Nikon won the last one and basically buried Canon, but Canon gained with their video capability in the 5DMK2, but it is not a well sealed or a fast fps body, so let’s see what Canon is releasing now to overcome those shortfalls or to replace their older than a 5DMK2 other full frame (FF) body.

      Basically many have been using several D3S’s plus a 5DMK2 and now the fight is to see what sole brand they will now purchase and use.

  • I just hope that all of us here don’t get disappointed like the August announcement.

    I don’t want a D31xy, D51xy, D7xyz nor do I think alot of people on NR.

    Where are the European invitations; Japanese invitations.. and United States ones as well.

    Maybe we should stay subdued as before.

    • That is a possibility, I am still not sure about the October 26th date and I think I made this clear on several occasions. I do feel confident however about a D800 announcement in 30-60 days.

  • MAYBE it will be the 18-24mp FX with ISO 50-819,200 like everyone here seems to want so bad… And it will get some of the people to shut up and go buy a Canon instead, thus flooding the market with used Nikon lenses so I can pick off some good deals in the process. Mwahaha!

  • Worminator

    “We are looking really good for a potential Nikon D800 announcement”

    No, things are looking good for an _actual_ Nikon D800 announcement.

    A potential announcement would be of no help to anyone.

    • There will be new Nikon products announced this month. This is 100%. The question is whether the D800 will be among them.

  • Anand


    For the record…I checked out Canonrumours site. I much prefer yours…especially no “forums” just to comment on your postings! 🙂

    I couldn’t tell heads or tails from all the poster’s signatures and crap. Yours..lot easier to read and post reply to. 🙂

    Well, but then again, what else do you expect from a Nikon site??? haha

    • Yes, but moderating the comments on NikonRumors is a b*tch. At one point I almost started enforcing registration before posting. Every other major forum requires registration. I hate registrations.

      • Bastien

        Maybe with the Google/Facebook login it will be a lot easier, I believe it’s easy to implement.

        • Yes, but not everybody has a Facebook account. There is another option, I believe called “discuss” or something similar that gives many other options to login (open ID, Google, Twitter, etc.)

          • also places like my work filter out social media sites, so i couldn’t post from work!

          • d70

            It’s Disqus. Not bad as it gives your visitors multiple login options as well as being semi-anonymous.

            • Yep, that’s the one.

            • Sahaja

              But this site is good the way it is.

              Canon Rumours doesn’t let anyone respond and sites like DPR are argumentative and full of self-appointed “experts”

              Nobody here takes things too seriously except important things like delays a new Nikon FX DSLR.

          • Anand

            But that’s why you get the big bucks! haha 🙂

      • Jabs


        One simple comment – IF it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.

        You probably would lose more traffic and posters if now they have to sign in and such plus now remember another password plus login credentials.

        Hire another moderator and be done with it.

        Thanks for accepting the headaches we probably give you here, especially me at times – LOL!

        • No problem, just no personal attacks and everybody will be happy 🙂

          • Jabs


            Yeah – LOL

            I mellowed after the complainers were silenced or left – lol

            Look for them to now comeback and taunt us here.

    • KnightPhoto


  • Time for everybody to jump ship and switch to Canon, LOL.

    • Jabs


      Yeah and go from the frying pan to the fire – no thanks!

      Submerged without a tank – clueless in the Bermuda Triangle – shark bait perhaps while trying to be cute.

      Naw – stick to the tried and proven until something really better comes along.

  • M!

    Whatever. Canon FF cameras are way overdue. 1Ds3 was from 2007? and 5D2 was from 2008? i wouldn’t be surprised if they are launching a 5D3 instead of a 1Dwhatever.

    a number of sales went off for the 5D2 for awhile…

    • JVJ

      there still selling 5d2’s like crazy, I know there coming out with a ff with lower mp’s but higher iso something around 18 mp’s larger mp’s and better auto focus, think of a ff 7d

      • Jabs


        Or better yet, a FF equivalent of a cropped sensor Canon 1DMK4 instead of a 7D – too slow (the 7D).

  • Banksie

    “A Psychology of Rumor” was published by Robert Knapp in 1944, in which he reports on his analysis of over one thousand rumors during World War II that were printed in the Boston Herald. Knapp identified that rumor expresses and gratifies “the emotional needs of the community.”

    • R R

      +1 (interesting.. thx for the info)

  • John

    Nikon has taken their time in developing their FX replacements and that is why I believe we are all in for a real treat. Wether it’s a higher resolution camera to replace d3x or a low light performer to replace d700/d3/d3s it will be my first FX camera and i can’t wait. Nikon rules!!!

    • nofunben

      no bad cameras from nikon yet, each one gets better, and no stumbles.
      I am sure this camera will take amazing photos.
      and there will be 2 more ff cameras coming after this one, if this is not aimed at you

  • The invisible man

    Ok, I give up, $4000, 36MP probably not in stock for 4 months, I’m switching to Nikon !

    • LOL

      That’s it I’m switching to Ricoh.

  • i got the hammer in my hand to break the piggybank, c’mon already

    • Mark J.

      I hear ya, i got the bulk of funds ready to roll. Just need to sell off a D300, and a DX lens and im ready for the D800. Wish we could get some full confirmation on specs/date so i could go and sell the excess gear now. As i really don’t want to sell it off in advance and then find out it’s something other than a super awesome FX body.

  • DX2FX

    Admin, do you think the second version of D800 will be relased at the same time, or that will be for another future announcement ?

    • Not sure, I’ve heard it both ways. I even heard that one of the models could be a limited edition, but I doubt it.

      • probably in red :_)

        • Sahaja

          As long as it is not like Sigma’s new “wood edition” SD1.

          Who buys such things anyway? Austrian dentists who prance around in lederhosen???

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin,
        Can this be a modular camera? I know it sounds odd but why would they produce two different versions? They could sell more with a modular solution.

  • KnightPhoto

    OK, if Kwanon is going FF with the 1Dv, now is the time for Nikon to swoop in with a killer 1.3 crop D400. Any takers for a low-light capable, 18-24mp, reach advantaged 1.3 crop wildlife and sports cam with high fps 😉

    And that way, that 24mp DX Sony sensor would need apply for our D400.

    Combine the 1.3 crop D400 with a 36mp D800, capable 1.5 crop D7K, and a 18-24mp D4 for a very solid set of choices for your kit!

    • nofunben

      1.3 is dead
      fx is taking over. with 36 mp fx and 24 mp dx you can crop and still have all the mp you could need.
      1.3 never had lenses so it missed the wide end and it never had the lowlight of ff.
      1.3 would be a wast of money to make. more FF cameras are what nikon needs.

    • Jabs


      I seriously doubt that Nikon would introduce a 1.3 crop body as 1.5 is their standard and thus lenses would have to be possibly remade for that NEW standard.
      I am not sure, but I think that everything is calculated to work together in lens and sensor combinations mathematically as well as electronically, so I don’t see a need for a new crop factor.
      Nikon already has several size selections and aspect ratios in their D3 series cameras and thus perhaps a moot point.

      • KnightPhoto

        @Jabs and nofunben regarding 1.3 crop sensor:

        – I agree, even Canon never developed any 1.3-crop-specifc FOV lenses. I guess I was just thinking about 1.3 crop in a pure telephoto sense for sports and wildlife shooters that still need reach, but also need low light abilities to support fast shutter speeds. The 1Div fills a nice niche in this regard and I can’t see Canon outright abandoning it in favour of FF but who knows?
        – where the Sony 24mp DX sensor falls down for me (and why I don’t want it in a D400) is that the D7000 beats it in both the DxOMark ISO and Dynamic Range categories. So aside from a real-world resolution advantage of about 20-25% in good light, the 24mp DX sensor will be a step backwards from the D7000.
        – for the D400 I don’t see an easy way out for Nikon to make the camera a have better image quality than the D7000 for everyday use. Unless Nikon has their own DX sensor for the D400, but I doubt that (not enough volume?).
        – I am therefore getting pessimistic about what a DX D400 can offer us on the sensor side of things. Especially since I already own a D7000 and am very happy with it from ISO 100-1000.

        On a more positive note, if the D800 rumours are true (crosses fingers), 36 million high quality decently low noise pixels on FX makes a very nice replacement for a DX crop camera and my D700 all at the same time, so maybe I won’t bother with a D400 at all and get the D800 instead to complement my D4. A D4 for low light and a D800 for resolution combined together would make a pretty good kit wouldn’t it 😉

        One other side comment, I am not sure if we will get a D800S (I.e. the D4 sensor in a D800 body). I waited two years for the D700S body to replace my D700 but it never came did it? I’m not waiting this time, don’t want to spend another two fruitless years waiting for a never-to-arrive D800S. So I’m gambling and ordering the D4 (when it is announced).

        • KnightPhoto

          @myself regarding Sony 24mp sensor

          Oops when looking at the A77 evaluation on DxOMark I completely forgot about the 1/3 stop light loss of the Sony SLT. So… we will need to see how the Sony NEX-7 gets ranked (same sensor but no SLT light loss).

          I guess it is actually quite probable then that the D400 will match or exceed the D7000 in all three categories plus have a 20-25% resolution advantage. Maybe it will be a good camera after all 😉

          Gotta go do some looking for NEX-7 sample images to get an idea. I know I didn’t like the A77 samples but I forgot to factor in the SLT light loss.

          • Jabs


            Second response to your second post.

            Yeah DXO Labs basically confirms quite well what I see in the files of cameras, so lots of merit and respect to them from that.

            Canon’s basically get buried there and that causes resentment by many.

            Nikon there shows why they are so great at photography and that their experience and choices are better in tune with real and tangible results.

            Only the FX or full frame Canon’s seem to do well there but they are ancient designs in need of an upgrade even more so than Nikon, as they have not even passed the older D3 series there.

            Pentax (K5 I think) is the surprising one there and of course the D7000 does great there and the files from it correlate this as fact too.

            Many web sites have ‘agendas’ and then when you look at their posted images and examine them plus look at their conclusions, you might feel like someone is ‘yanking your chain’ or ‘messing with your head’, so I avoid them mostly – lol.

            Can you believe when people use a manikin as a test image?

            LOL- ever seen a manikin in real life – it has NO texture basically – duuh!

            Then ‘idiots’ or web journalists (?) use this to tell us why X-camera has better response to texture than Y-camera – Yeah we is all stooopid, right! Many also use a stupid badly lit smooth bottle and smooth labels to test resolution – yeah right! They could have used a dead fish with scales and got better response too – LOL.

            Too experienced a shooter to care one bit, as I have the equipment to do my own tests, so not interested.

            Perhaps – There IS a sucker born every minute and the Internet is a big fish net that catches more ‘suckers’ than anywhere else – fool’s paradise, as they say!

            Independent thinker here and not ashamed to air my views or back them up too.

        • Jabs


          Yes, Canon does indeed employ a 1.3 crop but I don’t know the advantage as never used it nor explored why. There is an advantage to some like you stated but not to me as I like full frame only, since long time slide shooter and now digital camera user so trained in FX from film size and bodies. I also see the Canon 1DMK4 as a step backwards in IQ but a step forward for Canon in AF and body responsiveness plus framing rates BUT no match for a D3 much less a D3s since it is a cropped sensor camera and to me, the D7000 images look much better and cleaner, as the Canon’s of late have a weird RED channel response and everything looks off-color to me.

          The 24meg Sony sensor seems to have a couple of problems that makes me wary of Nikon using it. Most of the problems to me with Sony cameras is their lousy camera electronic sub-systems and associated electronics compared to Nikon due to perhaps their inexperience, inabilities or them trying to meet a certain price point. People forget how long Nikon has been doing electronic sub-systems and that they have been the masters of this for eons now. Think FA, F3HP, F3AF, F4, F5 and F6 plus all the Pro digital bodies and the Nikonos RS AF underwater body!

          I think that maybe Nikon will be either using their own sensor in an upcoming D400 or whatever they call it, as the 24meg Sony sensor is flawed to me. Sort of tipped over the size, results, speed barrier and seems more like it was designed for bragging rights like the 18meg Canon sensors. Being a slide shooter and not a negative or print shooter (hated print film basically except B+W), my eyes are trained for fine details and thus not interested in a 24meg APS-C or cropped sensor/DX body of that megapixel size.

          I also believe that perhaps Nikon can fix the problem with that Sony sensor if it is related to the sub-electronics system in their dual channel Expeed3, but then it might get unreasonable expensive and not worth it to them.
          To me, the D800 is a new breed of camera body like an up-sized Nikon 1 or the equivalent of a still-video convergence camera like what RED does, but not sure. I see the D4 and D4X as traditional Nikon Pro cameras built to take abuse plus be familiar to their targeted Pro users and possibly way more expensive but also way faster plus better built than the D800.

          I don’t know if they will have a DX mode on the upcoming D800, but that would be nice. If they did then this D800 would be the equivalent of both a D700 and a D700s replacement in one body, maybe! I also see the rumored price of this new D800 as a ‘bargain’ compared to its’ specs – my take!

          Thanks for you reply – busy day!

          • Jabs

            Sorry – made a mistake or an illogical statement.

            Posted this:
            I don’t know if they will have a DX mode on the upcoming D800, but that would be nice. If they did then this D800 would be the equivalent of both a D700 and a D700s replacement in one body, maybe! I also see the rumored price of this new D800 as a ‘bargain’ compared to its’ specs – my take!

            Meant this:
            I don’t know if they will have a DX mode on the upcoming D800, but that would be nice. If they did then this D800 would be the equivalent of both a D700 and a D300s replacement in one body, maybe! I also see the rumored price of this new D800 as a ‘bargain’ compared to its’ specs – my take!

            Please forgive me – Thanks!

  • R R

    man I am going to ran out of Prozac until October 26!

    But on the serious note, In a way I do think 36 mP camera is a bit too much, (but 12MP is definitely not enough) at least for my computers, and I am talking high end recent Mac book Pros. Maybe its time to buy a new desktop Mac Pro, and carry it to the photo shoots. D3x files are hard enough to be handled in quantity by my current computers! 🙁

    I hope for a medium resolution RAW option.. that would be nice.

  • miniee

    I would love to see a fast 50mm 1.2g announced soon also.

    • I don t see how another third of a stop going to improve on the current 50mm f.4g, I mean it not going to improve much on your ability to take great pictures. On the other hand, it ll be more expensive, more heavier. I see people used the current g version at max apperture and the images are great, not much wrong with the lense.

      • nofunben

        1/2 a stop not a 1/3 of a stop.
        but i would pay for it.
        i would like a 1.4 with vr more (or even a 1.8)
        but a 1.2 has more chance of being made by nikon then a vr prime sadly
        yes i take very low light photos, that come out amazing. but i want more.
        i have the 1.4 and 1.8 50mm
        1.8 35mm
        1.8 28mm
        1.8 20mm
        mostly i use the 50 or the 20

  • Eduardnic

    The replacement for D300s will be mirror-less and will be called Nikon 2…

  • B2

    It may be unfamous 6D from Canon – low res/high ISO. If there is only high res D800 from Nikon then Canon’s announceemnt may potentially be more interesting but I’m really hoping for D800 version with low res/high ISO capabilities..

  • Anon

    Why doesn’t Nikon make an SLT camera? It would be good for the 2012 Olympic.

    • Jabs


      Pros would hate it – too accustomed to the better mirrored and optical prism featured cameras.

      LCD or LED screens are too slow for human reaction times – my findings!

      Difference between a Pro video camera and a Pro DSLR – major differences and major loss of reaction time called LAG!

      Basically video screens are not as fast or as clear as Optical Prisms which have better color purity and clarity plus also have diopter adjustments for critical focus plus they have much better contrast too!

      Heck, they used to use small CRT screens as viewfinders in video cameras and these were faster than LCD’s or LED’s in response plus clarity and some Pro gear still probably do, as far as I know.

      Amateurs mainly love it – NOT Pros!

      • Anon

        I see. Thanks for the reply.

      • nofunben

        the lcd uses too much power too. i can take 10,000 photo on one d3 battery. i dont want to give that up.

    • Sahaja

      As far as I can make out, the only good reason for Sony’s SLT is to maintain phase detect AF while shooting video. As those cameras also have an EVF they don’t need it otherwise.

      Nikon seem to have cracked implementing phase detect autofocus on the main sensor, so they don’t need SLT.

  • Dominik

    For a long time all the talk seemed to be about Nikon not having an answer to the 5D mk2, but it’s about time Canon offered a full frame camera that can shoot more than 5fps and 3.9fps for under $7000.

    Nikon has had a full frame camera with 9fps (D3) since 2007 and 8fps with the D700 + MB-D10 since 2008.

  • Pixelhunter

    Will it be likely that the new D800 keeps the size (and weight) of the current D700? Looking at the potential benefits of the camera (big MP for tripod landscape, studio shooting) I fear that body size will be considered less important.



  • Well, to good for Canon. Nikon, I wait your answer and don’t forget my 50mm and 135mm wishlist. Of course, center wight mattering LINKED TO FOCUS POINT will be nice. 😀

  • Mocha

    I would planning to wait fuji’s interchangeable rangefinder or go for X100.

    • Ke

      Fuji is releasing a mirrorless camera, not a rangefinder. They’re two totally different types of camera.

  • Maxence

    Why 36MP is it always opposed to low light skills ???

    Actually I think that it is not completely impossible to imagine a body that could take 36MP pictures at ISO100, and 8MP pictures at ISO12800 with a good quality… that could be brilliant and so versatile !!! I’m sure it is difficult technically (maybe because of the bayer filter and other things) but they could have found a way…

    • Kerry33

      If they can they would done it many years ago. Sometimes we just have to accept reality that we cant have everything. Life is like that. Look at the D7000. Newer. Technology, better color, better metering, still lack one stop in iso compare to 3 year old technology. Like i said, if really u can have 36mp and iso like D3s, they would already done it.
      But its not. There’s always limitation in life, including cameras!

  • i think this is what the “other site” says as a “nikon killer”.

  • Psycho McCrazy

    Wait, did the honchos at Nikon and Canon swap their spec sheets for the D700 and 1Ds4 upgrades?

    The 1D5 rumored specs are what each Nikon D700 upgrader has been crying about since the 36MP information came out, and the 36MP is what canon would’ve traditionally done!

    • Jabs

      Yeah – they swapped the release schedules after anticipating each other’s thrusts – lol.

      Canon -I want a D3s killer
      Nikon – I want a 5DMK2 killer

      Both Companies probably have the other responses coming up – it’s Olympic year in 2012 – right?

  • what if Canon release 2 DSLRs on the same day? A 1DsIV and a 5DmkIII.

  • vinman

    This is the most compelling clue supporting a D800 release on the 26th. I can just imagine both boards of directors sitting around with their new products just waiting for the other company to set a date.

  • D700guy

    Amusing. Wasnty there a statement a few weeks ago from Canon that said “there will be no new full frame DSLRs this year”?

  • qfanat

    canonrumors is talking about a new 1D model. This is no fullframe model. I can tell you this as a Nikon and Canon User.

    • Jabs

      Recheck your facts – says new FF camera.

  • Joe

    Anyone know what a D800 announcement may do to the street value of the D700?

    Is a decrease in value for older models pretty instantaneous or does it usually take some time?

    • nofunben

      if the d800 is high mp and low fps it will not really replace the d700. more of a smaller d3x made better.
      the d700’s price may not change much if the d800 is so different.
      I dont use more the 5 fps 99% of the time and i could live with out it.
      12 mp is all i need 90% of the time, but if i need more then 12, i really could use more then 24 too. 36 or even 48 would be useful then. (40″ by 60″ prints with some croping)

      sports people may use the d700 with grip for some time.

  • if the new canon ff will be around 4g something to think about

  • Just a thought

    Imagine if the actual spec of the new D800 is actually higher than whats currently leaked, Nikon would let Canon introduce their new camera first and then tweak the D800 firmware to beat shit out of the new Canon only 8 days after it launches…. (I’m just being hopeful hahah)

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