New Canon full frame camera on October 18th

There are rumors that the new 1D full frame camera announced on October 18th. In the past, Canon and Nikon always announced new products few weeks (sometimes days) apart and it seems this time Canon will have one week advantage.

We are looking really good for a potential Nikon D800 announcement on October 26th.

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  • Anon

    D700 replacement comes from Canon? hahaha

    • Sahaja

      …and Canon’s full frame replacement comes from Nikon.

      with 16-18mp and 12 fps reported for the Canon release, and 36mp reported for the Nikon release, it begins to look that way.

      Must be a Canon-Nikon conspiracy to get users to switch between brands with each generation. That way both companies sell more camera bodies and lenses.

      • Anon

        Or maybe Nikon wanted to release 5D Mk 2 killer, unaware that it is actually D800(anticipation) that got killed. Same goes to Canon(D700 killer).

        Oh well, mutual assured destruction I suppose.

        • The higher ups on both companies must be big fans of the Dr. Strangelove movie (great movie BTW).

  • Sahaja

    Well at least Canon releasing a new full-frame camera makes it a virtual certainty that Nikon will too.

  • SNRatio

    The rumored Canon specs look very much like what we might expect for D4. Which may be why we may still have to wait a couple of months for that. Canon has to catch up – now, while Nikon can afford to wait and tweak the D4 specs a bit, to avoid being beat more than necessary on details.

    Canon’s announcement will make it more likely that Nikon focuses on the D800 now. I think the companies tend to avoid head to head comparisons if they can. And for Nikon, a “D3s-killer” from Canon now may be quite OK. For what else is the D4 expected to be, than a “D3s-killer”? It all depends if the can match or exceed Canon’s performance data. A “D3s-killer” from Canon in early 2010 would have been something entirely different for Nikon.

    The other way round, , a “5DII-killer” from Nikon could have given Canon some headache back in 2009. But definitely not in late 2011.

    Seems these announcements from Canon and Nikon may follow up their long tradition of gentle competition. (Officially, that is.)

    As for a possible D4X, I don’t think the decision about that will be much influenced by what Canon chooses to do top-of-the-line. Typically, if Nikon has some improvements to the D800 sensor coming, some of them expensive, they may choose to release a D4X instead of a D800s. But the performance of a 5DIII will be important for Nikon’s decisions. And that may very well necessitate a D800s release.

  • Nikonuser

    A new Canon may not be coming next week:

    In fact, someone suggests October 26th (same day as Nikon) as the date.

  • What?

    What would be REALLY exciting: a new ISO bayonet for lenses: and you can mount SoNiCanTax lenses on SoNiCanTax cameras !!!!

    Mmm what? I dreamed? an intelligent world is not possible? Sleep and buy, people!!!

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