More on the Nikon D800

Just another D700 picture courtesy of Nikon USA

Here are some more details on the Nikon D800:

  • ISO range:  100 - 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600.
  • There will be a different D800 version/model (or maybe even a special edition) with the antialiasing filter removed.
  • At least two other products will be announced with the D800 (probably lenses). I believe all this is in addition to the consumer DX lens that will announced later this month. Basically we should have at least two more Nikon announcements before the end of 2011.

Again, the Nikon D800 specs published yesterday should be generally correct but I could confirm only what I have listed above (the ISO range and the two addition products are new information, not previously posted).

The Nikon D800 DSLR camera should already be out in the field in several different countries right now, hopefully we will get some spy shots and more detailed specs soon.

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  • Mcucuzza

    hmm… Strikingly similar to this earlier post of predictions and rumors…

    Check it out. This is identical (-minus frame rate) to the d800x in this post. Maybe the D800 will have a 24mp sensor and these are specs from the d800x…

    • lolly

      You should read the comments for this … it’s a fake !

      • Mcucuzzs

        I did, but for info from a few months ago to end up that accurate… Maybe this didn’t take place at a restaraunt, but it still seems to be fairly close to this new news.

  • nuno

    NRadmin, it seems pretty obvious to me that this D800 is not the D700 replacement. I would expect a 18Mpx D4 and D700s (or D900) as 36/2 = 18.

    Do you think we are fools if we hope for a D700s or D900 to be announced before the end of the year?

  • Q

    Why do they put in the optical anti aliasing filter in the first place? For me it seems to something that can be done in software if needed. This looks like a dream to me. To expensive tough. In sweden that is about 4000 EUR. Over the budget for most prosumers and the pros goes D3 anyway, this can maybe be a backup or second body for pro. But is cost that much that I dont think many pros will spend that money in the financial situation in europe today. They need to get below the level of 20000 SEK + taxes for the pros. Otherwise is need to be booked as an asset and the cost as to be spreed over 3-5 years. Really bad to have take costs in the future when we are in recession. But what about the sensor? Sony as not any FF 36 MP in their line today do they? Is there a new partner. Very scary thought!

    • RichST

      If you ever had to shoot with the old Kodaks without their AA filter you’d know why: while chrominance moire may be easy to process out in post getting rid of luminance moire (the zebra/rainbow stripes) is nearly impossible. With resolution getting so high such moire should become rarer and rarer

    • KT

      The scary partner is called Sony Alpha 900 and it’ll be available by next Feb-March time frame for half the price of the D800 and has an EVF instead of an optical one.

      • Geoff

        I prefer optical over EVF /shrugs

      • Sahaja

        You mean A99 – the A900 has been out for a long time.

    • What’s so scary?

  • MB

    The version without OLP anti-aliasing filter could use some kind of Bayer filter alternative so it could have only a half or less resulting image resolution.
    It could also mean faster FPS, 4FPS at 36Mpix means 1152Mbps and that is extremely lot of data to handle.

    • MB

      Correction, for 14bit AD convertor 4FPS by 36Mpix if 2016Mbps …

      • Vladi

        no worries, sony a77 can do 12fps at 24pmx, which is round double the MBps.
        and there is difference between mbps and MBps 🙂

        • Einstein

          yeah for about 2 seconds then buffer rate is full.

          • Sky

            Which is more than enough to capture what’s needed if you are aware of what you are doing….

        • BornOptimist

          The Expeed3 can handle 7.2GBps, and this equals 14 fps @14 bit and 36MP (the double of what the A77 can do), so it’s not that Nikon don’t have the technology to do it.

  • Like a D3x replacement it will be a winner. But, wait a minute: We are asking for the D700 replacement no? Not $4.000,00 body. We are asking Nikon, for the $2.500,00 body with 20 MP + and FF video 60 fps, just it. Not 36 MP, etc.

    Come on, listen to us!

    First the 1 series with tiny sensor and crap dof, now a huge 36 MP 4 k body?

    You are walking on extreme borders. Walk in the costumer words, D700 replacement ok?


    • Exactly


      1.) $3,000 MSRP — ISO high-sensitive D700S, and
      2.) $3,000 MSRP 18~24MP D700X.

      That’s all we wanted.

      Nikon — hear us. I think you are overshooting the mark, because you expect Canon to release more pixels. But we just wanted you to reach 18~24, a kind of sweet spot — fighting a MP battle… but 36MP is the entire mega pixel war.

      Second version of D800 — hopefully is a D700S (D3S mini).

      Thank you Nikon for trying!

      • nobody

        “That’s all we wanted.”

        How do you know what I want? Speak for yourself!

    • Je


  • Foolishcfo

    Forget the D800. I’m getting an iPhone 4S!

    • iPhoner

      Ironically, they will probably cost roughly the same, if you include your 2 year agreement with data plan. 😀

    • KT

      That SIRI personal assistant should take care of all high-ISO noise

      • sirin

        i’d rather see it do the laundry.

        • jk

          “i’d rather see it do the laundry.”

          Like we haven’t heard those types of jokes before….(sarcasm)

          • sirin

            those might have been mine too. )

    • Pierre

      IPhone 5 is coming next week with apparently an 8 MP camera & flash.

      • Sky

        I still wait for iPad 3 with 66 MPx medium format sensor in the back.

      • Anon

        8mp is more than enough for most people.

  • these stats make me feel that buying a nikon d700 this summer was not a mistake in anyway. I do not see this as an upgrade to the nikon d700 just a completely different camera in the same body.

  • these stats make me feel that buying a nikon d700 this summer was not a mistake in anyway. I do not see this as an upgrade to the nikon d700 just a completely different camera in the same body.


  • Davix

    Some were expecting an Iphone5 and will have a 4s…others a D800 and will have a D700x


  • Davix

    Some were expecting an Iphone5 and obtained a 4s and some others a D800 and will have a D700x LOL

  • Frager

    Who should buy this specs, if you still have d700?

    Why should i buy d800 and not used d700. I own d300 and want to change. My personal wish is better iso and 12mp is enough

    • Studioers

      People who work in the studio and would otherwise use a Medium Format camera or D3X. The D800 will be a mini-D3X (plus some features).

      Whether or not it is actually any good remains to be seen. I personally don’t think much of the D7000 (D7K) images I’m seeing due to their pixel density. If this sensor has the same density and same splotchy images, then its not for me.

      I would MUCH rather have an 24MP with ISO equal to D3S –> Hybrid of D3X & D3S, now that we are several years forward — its time for it.

      So where is my hybrid D3X/D3S, Nikon?? Me wants.

      The D800 should not just be a studio camera……… we want to go to our kids sports games, low-light parties, etc. If you make a low-light version (D800S), then all will be forgiven. I trust that thats what you are considering! Please do it, Nikon! =)

      • Ghhv

        I totally agree on the D7000 “splotchy” files. The d7000 is a good dx cam, but the splotchy dx noise is annoying.


        • Visualiza

          You’ve got to be kidding me. Some of you talk like you were born with an FX cam in your hand. Hyperbole abound… There isn’t a DSLR in production today that produces what could be called “splotchy” images.

          • Ghhv

            Dude, don’t interrupt while big boys are talking.

            I’ve owned the following cameras and every time the crop cams have clumpy/splotchy noise compared to smoother more even noise on the FF cams:

            You may now go and slap yourself.

            • Ghhv

              I forgot to put in Nikon before the D3s… But I’m sure you can work that out.

            • Visualiza

              FF bodies having better high ISO characteristics is a given, nobody is disputing that. It doesn’t mean that crop bodies produce ugly images, however. You may have your darlings and favorites, but let’s not be pretentious about the capabilities of what else is out there. The only things that fit that description are the worst of compacts and cell phones.

          • Fftf

            Why are you using the hyperbole yourself mr hypocrite?

            The guys obviously have real world experience to back up their claims and two of them used the word splotchy to describe the d7000 files/noise. So obviously your completely wrong and should perhaps stfu while you still can.

      • D7000 Fan

        Are you kidding? I have a d7000 and the noise control on it is unreal.

    • sirin

      – better iso and 12mp is enough

      it’s called D3s.
      been here since 2009.

      • Mock Kenwell

        And it’s still too expensive after two and a half years.

        • sirin

          the price wasn’t mentioned in the criteria. )
          and honestly – with that kind of gear it could pay off in 2-3 extra gigs, so no big deal really.

          • Cool WHip

            Not everyone has “gigs” that can pay off a camera like that. Soccer dads and party people need the high iso – not studio photographers.

            • Patrik

              Sounds like you realy need the: wait for it … D700 … Tada … Should be getting easier to find cheep and used. Mine will be up for sale shortly (I hope, have to keep that beautiful bird in the hand, even though the one on the fence is a stunner!). Many of them will be in almost perfect condition.

            • sirin

              so cheap cameras are not good enough and good cameras are not cheap enough? geez, that kind of attitude surely helps you shoot good photos, eh?

  • Abo

    the price of the D700 in uk has fallen more than £100 in just one day… considering that is has been up for quite a lot in the last 8-12 months time frame…

    • BartyL

      The price in Oz is remaining rock-solid at around $3k. I’ll be looking to pick up a quality 2nd-hand example after the D800 comes out.

  • broxibear

    Add a bit more curves to the body, change the model font to differeniate from previous models, tweak here and there and hey presto the D800
    It’s not going to change much from the D700 really…
    Or do you think it will ?

  • Bartuszzz

    Nikon D400 will be 16.2 or 18 MP for $1699 or $1799 announced Oct-Nov 2011
    Nikon D800 will be 16.2 or 18 MP for $2699 or $2999 announced July-Sep 2012
    Nikon D4 will be 16.2 or 18 MP for $4999 announced Oct-Nov 2011
    Nikon D4x will be 36 MP for $7999 announced Oct-Dec 2012

    • Jesus_sti

      OK …… where did you get that ?

    • Geoff

      I hope for 18

  • Wilson

    This sounds like a different line of camera targeting more on landscape shooter. I am waiting for the real D700 replacement.

    I think that will come soon after! I am pretty sure Nikon will use the D3S sensor somewhere else too! It’s too good of a sensor to only be used in one body!

    …perhaps an entry level FX body around USD $2K?

    • Visualiza

      Doubtful. Nikon will use what they *learned* crafting the D3S to produce a better camera in the future. That particular sensor will die with the camera, but I think it’s safe to assume that their engineers will apply everything they learned, and then some, to a similar model later on.

      • Dot

        Stfu fanboy. Stop making excuses for Nikon.

  • D700guy

    Am I the only one who finds it peculiar that Nikon is offering a 36mp camera with ISO 6400 and 4 fsp for only $4000, when the price of a 25 mp camera that has ISO 1600 and 1.5 fps never fell below $8000?
    Moreover, since Nikon seems to be populating the market with their products from the bottom up, what might lay in wait for us after this? I mean, it seems to me that this D800 is NOT the pro body. This is the pro-sumer body. And if is the prosumer rig and its price is now 50% higher than the former prosumer body, then might we expect the D4 line to begin at 10K – 12K?
    All speculation, but something just doesnt seem right with all this.

    • nobody

      From what I read, in Japanese currency the price seems to be lower than the initial D700 price has been.

      I think that’s called technological progress 🙂

      • Worminator

        The original post said (my trans.) “roughly about 30o,000 yen”.

        The D700 body, when it first came out, sold in Japan for exactly this. So no change, except when converted to USD, the strong yen makes the price look higher.

        I think we can safely bet that the D800 will be to the D700 what the D300 was to the D200. Same familiar look and feel, but a lot of changes through and through.

        • tony

          Not a strong Yen but a weak dollar 🙂

    • st r

      I think that the “pro” needs the cheapest tool that gets the job done without getting in the way.

      It happens again and again that the “consumer”/”prosumer”/”pro” catgory boundaries are broken at each new model introduction (e.g., it happened with the D7000).

      This simply means that the categories are wrong, not the products.

      • MJr

        But if you want FX, and are a non-professional, there has only ever been one choice thus far … the D700. Now when the D800 shows up, for the first time ever we will have a alternative cheaper choice for a digital FX body, which is a used D700. It will be behind in technology aside from the awesome sensor tho, so i hope they’ll make a affordable D7000 or D300s-like FX body that’s up to date, proving your theory.

  • nolim073

    Hope it allows us to scale back on MP to increase the fps!

    • Einstein

      yeah thats the deal maker for me. 12 MP at 8 fps would be perfect!

      • Jesus_sti

        D700 ?

      • Sky

        A55? 😉

        • MJr

          No way in hell !

  • Can anyone explain why people are saying that the current crop of Nikon lenses don’t have the resolution necessary for a 36MP FX sensor? Is this based in science or just random speculation? Can the 24MP FX sensor of the D3X exceed the performance of the lenses? If so, then what is the point of 36MP? If not, they why would 36MP exceed it and 24MP doesn’t, what is the ‘magic number’?

    Also, assuming you use good glass like the 14-24 f/2.8 or 400 f/2.8, wouldn’t you want to extract the maximum resolution of the lens? Assuming the lens is the limitation at 36MP, isn’t that a good thing because you are getting the MOST from your lens? In other words, one can say it’s somewhat of a waste to use a 400mm f/2.8 on a D70. But putting that lens on a D800 means you can get the performance you paid for.

    • PHB

      It is ignorant speculation.

      There is no problem even using the consumer DX lenses on a D7000. There are diffraction effects at small apertures, sure. But even the consumer zooms have sufficient resolving power.

    • Where’s my…

      It’s just random speculation. 36MP on FF is same pixel density as D5100/D7000. You can test at home by comparing e.g. $99 50mm f1.8 AF-D images, mounted on tripod, focused with zoomed live view to where you have the detail, across a D90/D300 (~12MP) and a D5100/D7000 (~16MP). If you don’t see more detail in images taken with latter, then 36MP is obviously just marketing bullshit =) My few experiences with a D5100 (and random primes) suggest the opposite.

      Admittedly some zooms may be a bit blurry vs primes. Also corner resolution is often lower than centre, but luckily photographers tend to have the subject that needs best crispness rather closer to the image centre than a corner.

    • D200Forever


      Trust Nikon

  • Gordon

    I’m not sure why people are complaining. Ever since the D3X was announced, people have been begging for a D700X, now that it may see fruitition people don’t want it?

    Us landscapers have been given the short-end of the stick for a while now, the D3X is just too big and heavy to lug around and up mountains, especially when you have a bag of heavy lenses to boot.

    No doubt a true successor to the D700 will come in time, but for the moment it’s not it’s turn.

    • Wanted

      They wanted a MATCH to the 5DMII — they did not want a pixel warrior. Nikonians were suggesting 18MP~24MP.

      Who ever said that 36MP was desirable? Only the tiniest sliver wanted that. Nikon is either DRAMATICALLY decreasing the cost of its “pro” camera — or its specializing its “pro-sumer” camera out of the main market.

      So where is the REAL D700 replacement — because this is not it.

      D700 owners wanted a hybrid D3S/D3X — to wit, an 24MP with supreme low-light ability. We waited 1 generation for those technologies to come together. So that’s what we expected.

      Maybe we have to wait for the D800S — but it just seems that Nikon over-shot the mark with this one, if the specs are real. And they completely neglected our ISO hopes and dreams (which is why the D3S was a phenomenon).

      • Gordon

        The problem is the market has moved on since both the D700 and 5D MkII were released. For Nikon to come out now with a D700X using a 24MP sensor, only to have Canon release a 5D MkIII with superior MP a short time late, they would be ridiculed and flamed until the cows came home for not being progressive enough.

        For 3 years there have been rumours and wishful thinking for a D700X, if these specs are true then it shows Nikon have listened as it’s not good for them to just ‘meet the market’.

        Both the D700 and D3X are overdue for refreshes/updates, perhaps there is a D700S waiting in the wings to appease the D700 users looking for better low-light performance and video features, but this D800 seems to me to be gap filler in a camera line-up that has been deficient in an alternative high MP body for a while now.

      • nofunben

        I wanted 48MP
        36 will do, but if you want less just set it to m or s image size.

    • sirin

      people are complaining because that’s what you do to be a cool photographer. shooting pictures is so last year.

    • Gordon,

      >…D3X is just too big and heavy to lug around and up mountains, especially when you have a bag of heavy lenses to boot.<

      Speak for yourself. 😉 Having said that, the D3x IS aheavy beast, and the D800, if the rumoured specs are to be believed, sounds almost too good to be true for landscape shooters.

  • Can t wait to see what the image quality is like…But the D700 will remain a classic for a long time to most enthusiasts like myself. Either way things are looking good for the nikon camp.

    • MJr

      Well i hope not, need the price to come down !

  • Daniel

    I can’t understand the complaining about the high resolution of a hypothetic D800. Isn’t it good that the sensor will be not any longer the bottleneck of a DSLR system? And a good lens will have of course enough resolving power for it. Of course with the cheap and mediocre glas of cheap lenses you WILL have problems on such a sensor. But to be honest. Does it make sense to use cheap lenses on an expensive sophisticated new DSLR body??

    By the way I am still using very often my good old F6 with a 88MP sensor called Velvia and I never had problems of the resolving power of my professional Nikkors.

    Further on you should remember that you need 300ppi to get normal print quality and with the 12MP generation Sensors you just got enough pixels for a little bit more than DIN A4. The sensor of the D7000 will lead you to almost DIN A3 and with 36MP you will have enough ppi for a DIN A2 print, this will be the way to forget about stitching to be able to print bigger than Desktop printer sized paper.

    • Don’t worry. When D800 be in the market everybody will love it because of an amazing IQ, DR and detph color.

      Checkmate Pentax 645D. Nikon already have much better lenses.

    • Daniel

      I forgot to tell that I had 20MP resolution since 2005 with slides scanne by my Nikon V ED scanner 😉 Just enough Pixels for my A3+ printer, so a DSLR was just a fun tool for family snapshots for me, but when I wanted and needed resolution (landscapes) it was of course slide film. So NOW it starts to be intersting for me to get a DSLR with the 36MP sensor at a more reasonable price and size than the huge and expensive D3X.

      • Dan

        Because of film grain, the dimensions of a slide scan may be 20 mpix, but the amount of true resolution is not more than 6-8 mpix, except with very slow films and unusual scanners. I’ve very rarely seen a color scan (from 35mm) with any more detail than a D70 image, and certainly never seen one approach a D200’s detail level.
        That’s not true of certain slow black and white films (Tech Pan, Panatomic-X) developed in ultrafine developers. I’ve seen scans of those films that will come close to a D3x in detail, but once you use those film/developer combinations, your ISO is 6 (literally)…
        Larger film is, of course, a different story. Even cheap scanners get incredible detail out of 4×5 transparencies (and I’ve never worked with drum-scanned 4×5, which I’m sure is incredible).

        • sirin

          and let’s not forget 6×7 that could easily equivalent to what, 50MP? )

  • People thats not just mpx race, it’s much more than that!

    DR & Detph Color!!!! Landscape, portrait and studio.

    for high ISO performance buy D3s or wait for D4. just for sports shots

    • Daniel

      That’s exactly the point! Such a new tool would be exactly that what I was waiting for since years when it was obvious that there will be huge steps to come in the evolution of DSLRs. And I don’t wanted to buy a new camera every two years, so I just bought the cheapest Nikon DSLR and used it for family pictures and situations where I don’t wanted to wait for the processing of my film rolls. For serious landscape work it was still film I used (and still use) in my F6.
      Now the cameras start to be mature. And ISO 6400 in normal mode is more than enough for most issues and in the night you can still use a tripod and longer exposures for still objects (like I did very often with a normal ISO 100 film) or a flash for living objects.

  • Peter

    Perhaps people would feel more comfortable with a D800x and D800s type of offering.

  • TheLittleOne

    How do we know it’s not 3 x 12MP sensor with a dramatic increase in dynamic range. Forever stuck at 12MP. :\

  • Yack GoldNard

    Yack is very excite! Very excite!

  • One More Thought

    There is absolutely no doubt that the image quality of this camera will be superb and that this device will achieve what it was designed to do with the usual stellar Nikon quality. Anyone who doubts that is foolish.

    The only questions will be if one needs or wants the device, and what the price will be, and correspondingly, if one can afford the device.

    There is no doubt that if priced at approx 4000$US that will will freeze out alot of the enthusiast/prosumer market and leave mostly pro’s to buy this device.

    • broxibear

      Hi One More Thought,
      That $4000 price tag is only slightly more than the current UK price for a D700.
      Any new camera is going to be more expensive than the previous model, here in the UK $3470/£2248 is Nikon’s recommened retail price for a D700.
      I’m starting to think that this 36mp D800 is a replacement for two cameras, the D700 and D3x, with a D4 being more stills and high iso focused being the D3s replacement.
      I know many wanted the D3s sensor in a D700 size body but maybe it wasn’t possible to add all the video features to that sensor?. I don’t know I’m speculating.
      Maybe Nikon decided that offering the flagship sensor in a cheaper body was a mistake as far as income was concerned. How many D700 owners would have paid extra for a D3 if no D700 was ever produced ?…it’s possible Nikon don’t want to do that again.

      • Einstein

        On the other hand how many FX lenses have been sold due to enthusiasts purchasing the D700? But i do understand exactly what your saying.

        It would be hard to guage whether the D700 was economical or not for Nikon.

    • jk

      If no one can afford this device?

      Get over the price people!!!!

      Cameras are not cheap to begin with and either are lenses.

      Look how many people on camera forums that have D3’s, a couple D700’s a 700-200, 24-700…24 1.4 etc…

      Money is not the issue, resistance is futile

      • Cool WHip

        Yeah, that’s like what – 10% of the market? With another 10% being spoiled rich kids? It’s all about getting into the pocket of the prosumer or enthusiast. Power in numbers bro. But at this rate, there will only be dirt poor or filthy rich in the next 5 years.

        • Marrr’nnn

          The dirt poor will only have themselves to blame for being so lazy and not having any aspiration, but instead sitting around complaining about everyone else’s success while waiting for government to wipe their ass for them. If you’re poor, do something about it.

          • Geoff

            Bart, you must be one of the poor ones he was speaking about. ;-P

        • Sahaja

          People can already buy very good cameras for $2K.

          Really there are very few people who actually need (rather than desire) this (rumored) new D800. Unless you do then either hang on to your existing D700, buy another perfectly good camera at half the price, wait till the price comes down, wait till you can buy a D800 used, or forgo your next car purchase.

          Of course there are still probably quite a few who are fortunate enough to simply buy one if they want it, without worrying too much about the price.

  • Mcucuzza

    Sounds like what was posted before on nikonrumors for the d800x description.

    Nikon D800: Other features same as D400, but changes below…..

    Sensor: 24 Megapixel full size CMOS sensor (Bayer type or new type 1-layer which do not have Bayer filter but anyway needs three pixels to create any color. This new type will be better at high sensitivies)
    Sensor made by: Nikon…..
    Prism: Standard moving prism with Multi-Shot mode (more than 1 exposures in 1 prism move, user selectable number of exposures around 1-12 exposures)
    Dynamic range: Over 14 F-Stops
    Sensitivity: 100-51200 ISO (Boost 50, 102400, 204800, 409600) (IQ* over 3 stops better than D3s)
    Light metering: New type 24 Megapixel light metering sensor
    Framerate: 9 frames/sec (12 frames/sec with new MB-D20 battery grip and ENX-1 Lithium Ion battery)
    Release date: 3rd quarter of 2012
    Price: I think it’s below 3000€
    Nikon D800x: Other features same as D400, but changes below…..

    Sensor: 36 Megapixel full size 3MOS (samelike as Sigma Foveon) or 3-layer JFET-LBCAST
    Sensor made by: ?
    Prism: Standard moving prism with Multi-Shot mode (more than 1 exposures in 1 prism move, user selectable number of exposures around 1-9 exposures)
    Dynamic range: ?
    Sensitivity: 50-25600 ISO (Boost 25, 51200, 102400, 204800, 409600) (IQ* ?)
    Light metering: New type 36 Megapixel light metering sensor
    Framerate: 9 frames/sec
    Price: Even this maybe under 3000€

  • I’m sure it will be an amazing camera. I’m still leaning towards a D3s or similar camera once I go full frame though unless the D3x is going to sell for dirt cheap.

  • Mike

    So apparently Canon is preparing a “Nikon Killer” that has lower MP but better DR and better high ISO performance. Must be a D3S killer. There are also rumors about a 48MP 5D MKIII due in November. No idea if this is true.

    I suspect the D800 will not be worse at high ISO than a D700. Can’t say if that is true or not, but if they can pull it off they may have something does high res and high iso.

    • Jesus_sti

      The reply came after the annonce of the D800 … it’s jealous fan speculation …

      • Jesus_sti

        But Nikon desn’t made annouce … this is a rumors …. sorry

  • R R

    I remember when I only had my D700, I had to deal with clients explaining to them how image quality from my 12 MP sensor was great and how 21 MP from my competitors 5D mark II wasnt really necessary etc, and lost some clients for that because some (or most) of them dont understand photography and they only care for what has the most MP or horsepower or revolutions per minute, or calories or whatever! So I am thinking maybe this time the new 5D mark III that may also have around 30 MP and video will not be a mind changing factor for my clients when they see I have a 36 MP Nikon Camera, and hopefully and finally this may actually end the megapixel war? I hope so.. maybe Canon is going to see that their old formula of more MP is better (regarding sales) now has changed due too a new monster called Sony that will beat the crap out of anything that they can come up with, and that their old competitor Nikon is doing good business with Sony (and likewise) so.. Maybe camera manufactures will come back to do research in areas where photography is very interesting like, new lenses, low sensitivity, faster AF etc That I hope.

    Mean while I´m getting this baby.. and I am going to make most out of it, and if it challenges me to improve my abilities as a photographer, so be it, that will be very welcome. I sure want to give a test drive to that 36 MP sensor with my 85mm f1.4G to begin with 😉

  • mshi

    Where is the pre-order link on this? Thanks.

  • john

    Yeah Id rather have a d700s high iso, but this seems really awesome too. I’m in for 1.

  • Eric Pepin

    Will buy

  • jk

    I am curious as to what they would call this camera with removed low pass filter?

    It seems as if the technical description is far too nerdy for the average consumer. It better not be something stupid like the “D800 special”.

    I really hope they call it something completely different almost like a new camera… or kinda like Photoshop or Photoshop extended.

    Oh the confusion if they do this…

    Forums are going to be filled with “should I get the D800 or the D800 ultratronic?

    Decisions are hard to make and this will confuse the matter if this is true.

    • nobody

      It will be called D800M.

      M for Moiré.

  • Ian

    I for one am completely happy, no matter what, this is good news! This gets the ball rolling on a price reduction for previous models, the price for this current model doesn’t sound so bad… And this lets me start planning on the way in which I want to help financially support Nikon in the coming months.

    No bitching no moaning, or threats to switch sides…Just a heartfelt thanks to the admin for cracking the story.

  • Eng Seng

    Does 36MP count as Medium Format?

    • Jesus_sti

      really not ! bigger sensor does much more than just putting more pixel…

      • MJr

        we might just have to change our definition of ‘medium’ and make DX the new full-frame the way its going 😉

        • Sahaja

          Frankly that has already happened. You can shoot whatever was formally shot on 35mm film on a DX camera – and almost everything that was shot on medium format on a > 20mp DX camera.

  • Troll Boy

    Seems like this camera is going to enable inexperienced people take pictures as consistently good as the best, most seasoned photographers.

    • An inexperienced person with a high MP camera is exactly that: an inexperienced person with a high MP camera. They will never be as good as “the best, most seasoned photographers” because it is not the number of pixels that make the best, most seasoned photoraphers the best. 🙂

  • chris

    There is demand for a entry level full frame. Please come out with one.

    • FFart

      I second, third and fourth that. No reason why pros should be the only ones with FF.

    • Kostas

      I would love a plastic, light, small, easy to carry (with primes), FF camera!

      • MJr

        Not plastic, put one in a D7000 that will be perfect, and should be do-able today. Probably a slightly bigger prism on top but that’s okay, the internals can be moved around a little 😉

        • JB

          Put one in a D300 body and call it a D400! While I love the sensor on the D7000….the body is terrible. Too small, poor controls, ect…

          • MJr

            A D300 with a bigger sensor and thus mirror and thus prism, would just be the D700. For a more compact and affordable consumer FX body it would need to actually be more compact and affordable.

  • fuji

    please give us a d3100 with full frame sensor with a price double of d3100.

  • NikonMick

    SHOEHORN dreaming

    I’ve been dreaming of a revised version of the D3100 form factor, perhaps released as the D3100FFSE, that shoehorns a fullframe sensor into the little Nikon body.

    So that I can use my 1978 manual focus 28mm/f2 again, as it has been dreaming of – the lens has been dreaming, not me.

    Just like Tom Waits, who’s song the “Piano has been drinking” inspired this response.

    Does this post make any more sense than any of the basura written so far?




  • This definitely leaves a gap in the lineup, hopefully to be filled by a D3s-lite later on…

    In the meantime, I have to say this will be a big win for Nikon. 36mp is not excessive and for many pros it’ll be ideal. It should match the D7000 sensitivity, which is to say it’ll match the D700 as well. ISO3200 is plenty for all but us wedding photogs.

    For me, I’ll keep my ancient D300/D700 combo (recently augmented by the D7k for video) until I can get my hands on a D3s…

    I doubt they’ll leave that gap open for long… Nikon has always been the low-light champ and I can’t imagine them giving that up in this generation. The $4k price and emphasis on resolution tell me there’ll be another FF camera… at least I hope.

  • studio460

    If true, why is Nikon planning to introduce a 36MP DLSR? Obviously, to compete with Canon.

    Now we can relax, and keep buying D700 bodies with confidence. Unless a direct, D700 replacment is made available soon, the D800 will be reserved for those making large prints, and for filmmakers wanting a full-frame V-DSLR which accepts Nikkor lenses directly. And the D7oo may be maintained as a current-production product through the end of 2012. I expect a D4 announcement in Q1 2012. The $100,000 question is whether Nikon will sacrifice any of the current D3s’ sensitivity for a higher-densitry sensor. If they do, it’s a great strategy to continue to sell D700 and D3s bodies, while capturing market share lost to those more interested in Canon bopdies for their currently superior video capability. If this is the case, it makes perfect sense.

  • sean

    chase jarvis should definitely have one…lol

  • Leo

    D800 should be a D700 replacement looking at the name and peoples expectations. So let’s think – what in fact is D700. It is a FX for the masses, giving most advantages of it for a relatively low cost: FX itself, great high ISO performance, good DR, professional grade AF, resolution which is enough for most real life cases. What offers D800? Price not affordable for many if not most D700 users, (probably) worse high ISO performance, resolution advantage which is useful only in very specific conditions. Oh, the video – for videographers, but not photographers. And we get a narrow niche product instead of FX for the masses.
    I would say it is a replacement for the D3x, which in fact doesn’t need top level body and now gets the right one. D700 stays unchanged for now.

    • MJr

      There better be a D800x and s, or interchangeable sensor.

  • Klamic

    After reading through many of the posts, it is clear there are as many different wish lists as there are photographers. Too many mega pixels, more mega pixels, better high ISO performance, cheaper, faster, anti-alias filter destroys detail, moire is disaster… the list goes on. What strikes me as short sighted is the assumption that everyone shares the same desires and needs. I guarantee that Nikon has done their marketing homework and is aiming this supposed camera, or any camera, at market segments that will generate the most sales. I’m a pro and welcome a high mega pixel, pro body without an AA filter. But then I don’t shoot weddings and fashion where moire might be a problem. Shooting most of my work on a tripod, high ISO performance is also irrelevant. Not a single image I’ve sold was shot above ISO 400. Most pros shoot low ISOs for the best image quality. High ISOs are great for the kids around a campfire. The point is that there are a wide range of needs out there and not everyone’s wish list will get filled. Take a broader perspective and imagine that if a company spends tens of millions to produce a product, there is likely a sizable market waiting.

    • Anon

      Glad that post like this one is still exist in this forum.

      • Ray Soares


  • Nelis

    Hopefully the D800 will come with the option to shoot in smaller size(small, medium, large) RAW files like my current Canon 7D does. This would make a lot of sense on a 36MP camera. This option with better ISO and overall better IQ provided by a more powerful processing unit would make one great camera. I’m optimistic!

  • wongsimage

    wow…36 MP? Bring it on…I am portrait/fashion and sometime landscape shooter…it would be perfect for me…my D700 would be my backup and for travel 🙂

  • Maybe i’m wrong, but the D2 wasd released immediatly as a d2h [low resolution, high speed] and a d2x [high mp] skipping totally the D2 “vanilla” model, right?

    So this is the same case, no D800 with consequent revisions, but a d800h [d3s sensor, still state of the art] and a d800x with 36mpx and slower burst released at the same time.

    And if i remeber correctly that idea was fine, sales wise.

  • We can be assured that neekon have done there homework, really I have no idea how some people can think otherwise. Wow a multinational company is producing a new camera. What rediculous specs, so fail. Company spends tens of millions of dollars on R&D and production and forgets to test it on there own lenses even though they have easy access to every one ever produced. Camera is a flop, company goes bankrupt.

    If only they had listened to all of you.

    A D3x upgrade in a D700 body for only $4,000 wow, I am so getting one. D700 is soon to be second body.

    p.s. what is it with all the people saying that ISO in the above list is worse than the D700, lots of people talk like they own a D700. If you do, have a read of the manual. I have shot mine at ISO over 200 only a handful of times and have often lamented that there is not a 100 setting. I am also aware that there is a place for high iso in some pro markets, just not me, but rest assured guys and gals, you have not been forgotten, we are still waiting on the D4 and I think there will be a D9000 consumer FX some time soon.


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