More on the Nikon D800

Just another D700 picture courtesy of Nikon USA

Here are some more details on the Nikon D800:

  • ISO range:  100 - 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600.
  • There will be a different D800 version/model (or maybe even a special edition) with the antialiasing filter removed.
  • At least two other products will be announced with the D800 (probably lenses). I believe all this is in addition to the consumer DX lens that will announced later this month. Basically we should have at least two more Nikon announcements before the end of 2011.

Again, the Nikon D800 specs published yesterday should be generally correct but I could confirm only what I have listed above (the ISO range and the two addition products are new information, not previously posted).

The Nikon D800 DSLR camera should already be out in the field in several different countries right now, hopefully we will get some spy shots and more detailed specs soon.

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  • I am happy for those who get a stiffy for megapixels.

    BUT I hope Nikon continues to produce the D3S FOREVER.

    • Mark my words: Nikon IS going to be releasing a camera with high-ISO that is improved past where the D3s performs. Even if the numbers stay the same, the resolution, dynamic range, and probably even noise levels will all reach a new level of performance.

      Nikon is the king of low light — that is the main weapon that has dethroned their competition. However, I see their last comments (re: striking a balance between high-ISO and resolution) as their way of saying ‘we’re not finished’. They have innovated a lot of features, and no doubt there will be more to come. Just think about it this way: if this camera offers 25k ISO, what will the next D4 & the actual D700 replacement offer at 1/2 the resolution? The D3s is already 4 stops ahead of the D3x. I don’t think its unreasonable to expect Nikon to reach into the 400k-1m ISO range sometime soon (I’m talking next 5 years here).

      • Visualiza

        Ron, I would very much like to believe that, but I have a hard time honestly seeing how this could be achieved. IMHO the D3S is extremely good at high ISO, I’ve seen clean photos at 12,800 from it.

      • Robert Falconer


  • Advanc3d

    It looks nice for me, finally a “compact size” studio and landscape fx camera.
    If you are interested in high iso performance and don’t care about mpx just buy a d3s!
    I really wish it will have killer video features, so i can sell my 7d.

  • Abderrahim Ubey

    Me want less MP’s and more good ISO !!

    • Hom Thogan

      buy a D3s or a D700.

      • Sebi

        Hi Thom,
        a humble question… What’s (or would be) the technical reason for a 36MP sensor to perform worse than a 12MP one at higher ISO settings ?
        Thanks in advance

        • That’s not Thom Hogan.

        • Josh

          the less pixels there are on a sensor, the bigger the pixels are and therefore better low light performance

          • Jabs


            -OR- it simply could be a sensor with 3 X 12 megs = 36 megapixels like the Foveon??

            But now in FX, as in the specs about the –

            “86K pixel split control” – could be 86K pixel SHIFT control and lost on the google translation mess?

            Pixel shift between R-G-B colors or even R-G-B arrays – maybe???

            What do you people here think?

            Sorry but busy day trying to digest what Apple is up to also!

        • Slon

          Basically more megapixels for the same physical area of the sensor mean that each single pixel gets less light when you increase the amount of megapixels. less light per megapixel means more noise.

          “Larger sensors generally also have larger pixels (although this is not always the case), which give them the potential to produce lower image noise and have a higher dynamic range.” taken from

        • Sebi,

          The size of a full-frame sensor is the same no matter you have 12mp in it, or 36mp . So if there are 36mp in place of 12mp, the area of each pixel becomes substantially smaller. And what is wrong with smaller pixel area ? The ability of a pixel perform noise-free is directly proportional to how much light it can gather in a given click, which in turn is directly proportional to its area.

          So lesser the number of pixels, higher the pixel area, and higher the light collecting capability, and better the high iso performance

      • Alex

        same pixel density as a 16mp APS-C camera. Nobody is complaining about the D7000/D5100. I know everyone here would love a medium format camera with 1/3 of a megapixel with an ISO of over 1 billion, but that’s not to say everybody wants that.

    • Allan M

      Then get the D3s, it’s been around for some times now 😉

  • Landscape Photo

    As seen, there will be a huge gap between 12mp D700 & 36mp D800. Not everyone wants a 36mp camera for $4000. D4 may fill that, it may be a low light & action camera at 18mp, 25K native iso, 10fps etc.

    Later on Nikon may too launch the D800s (or D900) for $2500-3000 and entry level FX D9000 with EVF for $1500-2000. Logical pattern?

    I appreciate Nikon’s new line of lenses, but there is also a demand for a good quality compact walkabout lens in a modest range like a 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR. Neither the new 24-120mm nor 28-300mm VR can be considered “compact”.

    • Jabs

      @Landscape Photo

      OR like in the past

      1. 35-70 F2.8 AF but updated to G and with VR2 or 3
      2. 75-150 F3.5 Series E but now updated to F2.8 ED-AF with VR2 or 3

      This gets us 35 to 150mm all at a fixed F2.8 in two great lenses.

      • CajunCC

        Or with the lenses Nikon makes now, you can have 24-200 all at a fixed f/2.8 in two great lenses.

        • Or even 14-200 at f/2.8!

          • I’d much rather see a 50-150 F2.8 like Sigma released. I’m not a big fan of Sigma lenses, but that’s a perfect range and would be somewhat more compact than a 70-200 F2.8. Give it the “N” treatment and VRII and I would be all over that.
            That would open up a new option for a 150-XXX F2.8 also, which could be slightly more reasonably priced than the 200-400 F2.8 already available. (and probably smaller/lighter)
            Yes, I understand that doesn’t fit into their 14-24/24-70/70-200 range since it overlaps slightly, but it still makes so much sense for wedding shooters, etc. You get as low as 50mm for a nice “normal” focal length, but still plenty of reach for shooting from the back of the church, etc.

            • Jabs


              Great reasoning and from experience too.

              Just a little bit wider than a 75 – 150 and at F2.8, probably much smaller than a 70-200 F2.8. VR 3 and ED glass would seal the deal probably.

              Never thought of that, but it sure makes great shooting sense.
              plus a little extra reach in there too = success

            • Jabs

              200-400 F4 and not F2.8 perhaps.

            • Jabs

              -OR- rereading – maybe you meant 70-200 F2.8?

        • b!

          good catch!

          • Iris Chrome

            the keyword here was “compact” 🙂

            • Jabs

              @Iris Chrome

              Yeah – lol

              Compact as in what size now – LOL

              Compact SUV or Compact Prius or Compact Carfor2?

        • Jabs


          Too huge a focal range to either be small in size and if it is of premium quality an performance, then it will be huge and expensive unless there are some new lens developments from Nikon coming up.

          Sort of defeats the purpose of a smaller one lens setup unless Nikon can now do the same in FX-DX as the 10-100 for the Nikon 1 that has ED glass and 2 aspheric lenses in its’ design – hmmm? A 10X zoom with quality for less?

          Same response to other poster about 14 to 200.

          • CajunCC

            A35-70/2.8 updated to AF-S and VR isn’t going to be much smaller than the 24-70, if at all.

            Likewise about the 75-150 going to f/2.8. Not going to be much smaller than the 70-200, really.

    • Hhom Togan

      4,000k for the specs of this camera is cheap… REALLY cheap…

      • ISP

        +10 000 !

        • LGO

          Not likely the impression some will get when the new Sony FF with the same sensor will sell at just half the price.

      • People with a (small) studio and who cannot afford a middle format camera will be happy!

      • Steve Starr


        It looks like the D800 has its sites set on the Leica S2 37 MP beast with its over-sized FF sensor. Quite a bit of savings with the technology moving ahead as it does. Good job Nikon!

        The D4x should kill off the Leica S2 if they push and maybe start knocking on the door of the medium formats too in the MP race.

        The ISO 50 is sort of neat if you like those soft water landscapes. Wish it was even lower though, maybe even ISO 12 for water where I wouldn’t need a ND128 filter.

      • AM

        4,000K = 4M which is not cheap.

        • lolly

          I think he’s comparing it to the D3X and rightly so ’cause it looks like a D3X upgrade and NOT a D700 upgrade.

        • Jabs

          4000K = 4 thousand bucks as in $4K.

          Yeah I got you but also got them.


    • kyoshinikon

      Hopefully the D400/D9000 will replace the D700 and D300s simultaneously as Fx low light king and have a faster fps than 4. Compared to the a77 and even the D7000 that is BAD

  • Resolution

    If the posted specs are true I’d give away the half resolution for more fps. Only 4 fps in very disappointing. Hopefully, the D400 will not participate on the Megapixel race and offer more FPS.

    • Why? I’ve never went on a shoot and thought to myself “Man I wish I could just run and gun this.” I understand that having the capability of more FPS would be nice for sports shooters, but odds are they will have a faster, slightly lower resolution model just around the bend for users that actually NEED the speed.

      All I want is quick and accurate focusing, good dynamic range and the ISO range quoted above looks FANTASTIC in my opinion (LOVE the fact base ISO is now 100). And give me some basic video functions, if even that, and I’m happy. It would be a bonus if it was slightly lighter, mirrorless (or translucent mirror like the new Sonys) and somewhat more quiet.

      • Walkthru

        Couldn’t agree more Jason – I’ll bet most (though not all) of the whingers about the low(ish) FPS rate don’t even use the one they have on their current cameras.

        The name of the game is not to have the best spec camera to be better than the opposition in every aspect, it is about having a quality camera that does the job it is intended for. If this rumoured newbie doesn’t do what you want, THEN DON’T BUY IT & STOP WHINING!!!!!

  • Nick

    Finally! This product is perfect for my needs. Probably it only needs 60p or 120p and 5-6fps to be perfect. Looking forward to it! Congrats Nikon!

  • As long as the high ISO performance is no worse than the D700, it will be OK. Anyone know if there will be a pixel binning mode?

  • Looks like I keep my D700 for now. These specs do me no good for professional work (I shoot professional dance). Hopefully the D4 will be more along the lines of what I am hoping for, otherwise it’s D3S time.

  • ben

    This camera doesnt sound like a D700 successor, it sounds like a different camera, because they are overly bump up the MP, keep same ISO level, and bump down the FP’s
    A more gradual increase in all three departments would be considered in my books a D700 successor. I dont need 36mp. All I needed was 18 to 24mp.

    • Hom Thogan

      buy a D3x

      • ISP

        LoL Agreed !

        • photdog

          I guess the point here is that many nikonians indeed figured the D700 successor as a D3x boiled down into a D700-size body along with some new stuff like video, sensor cleaning, CF&SD card slot etc. for a D700 price. I was one of ’em…
          However, if 36 mp is what Nikon offers now I’m sure that will be a great cam. But I really doubt which glass can really put up with 36 mp. According to a test in a October photo magazine e.g. the 3000 Euro Sigma 2.8/120-300 did well on a 12 mp Nikon but failed (both quite open) at a 18mp Canon. Not that I would advocate for Sigma, but if a 3000 Euro lens shows this effect how about the cheaper series?
          Another point I’m afraid of is the diffraction at this Mp/Pixel-size. I like a large dof and am wondering how that develops

      • Buy it where ? There’s been a shortage of pro bodies for months now…

        • Steve Starr

          You need to go and look. Samy’s in LA had one but it is not on their website or it will show “Out of Stock.” I believe they get a commission so it benefits the sales person and their in store price is higher than their web price too by maybe 8-10% (probably for the above reason?). A store in Northern Sacramento had one too locked in the back along with a D3s out front in a box on the shelf. Many of the smaller NPS dealers seem to have them if you go to their store and ask. The NIP dealers won’t.

      • Ke

        A major problem with the D3/x/s line is the size. Those things are massive.

        • yakker

          Agreed! I can’t wait for a D800, I love my D3 but it’s just way too big.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Buy a D3x? For $5K? Brilliant answer. Many of us are simply looking for a D700 with a minor res bump and great video control—a $2500 alternative to the 5D. So a $4K megapixel camera, unless it is basically a D700 on steroids, doesn’t help fill that need. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about this camera, but I think the one thing the 5D Mk II showed was the size of the “affordable FF market.” I’m not going to bitch about anything until we know more, though. That’s just dumb.

        • R R

          D3x for 5,000?? where??!! when!!! why?? I´ll travel anywhere to pay 5k for a D3x 😉

        • Jabs


          Glad that you are not complaining as much or planning to – lol

          You might want to check those prices on that D3X though – maybe more like 7-8 thousand dollars or 7K-8K US dollars and not 5K.

          Basically, this is about half price.

    • Rolf

      That’s what I was thinking.

      If they offered an 800 L (Low Light) with 18 MP, 6 fps, 16 stops of dynamic range, and higher super-clean ISO, and a 800 R (Resolution) with 36 MP, 4 fps, and the same light sensitivity it would make more sense.

      We could also then really tell what people care about, good-light MP or any-condition ISO/IQ, by comparing sales numbers within the one brand.

      • ausseridischegesund

        If they release a 800L, it should have a red ring, so we don’t feel inferior to Canon users 😉

        • Jabs


          I think that they were referring to a D800L camera and not a 800mm LENS.

          That 800mm Nikon though would be sweet but HUGE.

          800mm F4.0 (ouch – humongous) or F5.6 (lesser size) ED-IF AF G VR2 or 3 = breaking the Bank and tripod only perhaps – plus an assistant too to carry it around, maybe.


    • lolly

      The D800 whining continues 😀

      Where’s that D400 FX ? 😉

  • Fabiografia

    Really I don’t get all the people complaining about this new camera. If you know your photography you know witch camera you need. You don’t need MP, buy the D3s. A superb camera as good as everything else in his field. You want 6 MP more up to 18 and MORE high ISO? And you want it right now? Here we come again! Just wait a bit. D800 is simply the answer to the 5D and 7D. They need it and we nikonists need it. Now if you want a 24mp, 25k iso and 10 fps you want everything, and everything is not allowed. If Nikon does that camera EVERYONE is going to buy just that model. Just that one. And the company dies. You want to kill Nikon??!! Assassins!!!

    • Sergio

      Die? If you sell X cameras a year between all your DSLR offerings, what’s the difference if you sell that same number of X cameras of just one model? I mean, “EVERYONE” is buying it, right? Sounds like a winner to me. Make more of one product, volume goes up and price per unit should go down.

      • Fabiografia

        Yes of course, and now run to sell your secret gold rule of marketing to all the selling managers. Many money for you.


        • So Canon committed suicide with the 5D series? Just think again.

          • ndrbgns

            with the embarrassment they call AF on the FD series? I don’t think so.

          • Fabiografia

            Did you Pav ever seen the fps of the canon 5D or a sport photographer using one? Try again

    • Roddy

      “which”, not “witch”…. 😉

  • Jabs


    The TWO Releases maybe?

    D800 = new FX line with TWO models

    D7100 = new DX camera with unreal Cinematic capabilities too and already in use in India too.

    Bollywood here we come!

    -OR- went —- Tandoori time.


  • Jim

    The 36 mp really puzzles me – what happens at the real upper end – the D3x, what will replace it then and when – a 48 mp? It doesn’t make good marketing sense.

    • Roger

      This replaces D3x

      • Nathan

        And at a price that’s more reasonable than $8k. This is the price range that everyone was hoping the D3x was going to be priced at. Well, here it is and now everyone is complaining.

    • lolly

      Probably the D4X will be 40+ mp to challenge the medium format. Hmm, did Hasselblad change owners recently ? 😉

  • im’crapyinventor’too

    rumor rumor…just rumors….with not so impressive nikon 1 release, the 36mp can be real to impress us…but that would be the “x” factor for sure..the d800x or the d4x… wise Nikon have to make use of the 24mp…so my prediction will be Nikon d800 is 24mp with Nikon d4 24mp and Nikon d4x 36mp….d800x with 36mp will follow…..its business, nikon have to use common business sense…;)….

    • With the state of things, if they don’t skip 24MP, it would almost be foolish. They need to go big in order to get ahead of Canon. After all, even the slightly aged (now) 5d Mk2 is 21MP. 3MP higher is nothing to raise a stink about. 36MP would be worth making a change. In fact, 36MP is starting to approach medium format territory for FAR less money. (Pentax 645D @ 40MP for example.) Sounds like a plan to ruffle some feathers in other camps too if you ask me. (Not that I’d ever turn down using a true medium format digital, but I couldn’t justify the cost for such a system. More so if I have something more user friendly, less expensive, faster and with far more options and accessories.)

  • What makes sense:
    D800 will have at least the low light capability of the D7000, but I’m willing to bet it slightly outperforms the D700. It is a logical route to extend the D7000 tech to a full frame sensor and grab a bunch of megapixels.

    What doesn’t make sense (if true) is 4fps. It seems like Nikon may have pushed the megapixels just a bit too far, a bit too early, and thus sacrificing some really cool stuff they could have done with high fps in stills and video.

    Many of us (including myself) wanted the D3s chip in the D800 or maybe some 20 MP chip that can grab more light. Nikon probably didn’t want to stretch out the D3s chip for another 6 years in a pro body (for marketing reasons). And, development of a that doesn’t use the D7000 tech but instead something new altogether would be much much more expensive. So, it looks to me that they went the easy route to high MP and good low light, at the sacrifice of throughput. Probably the same choice I would have made.

  • Poorb0i

    I dont understand why people are assuming since it has 36 MP the noise performance isnt going to be good. I mean before the D7000 was released I bet the same people were complaining about it being a 16MP and that they are going to stick with the D90 for better ISO. We all know Nikon didnt disappoint with the D7000 at all!! Technology gets better and better.. it doesnt sit around and listen to those who cant keep up!

    • Ftyh

      I own a D7000… The noise kicks in at 800 iso. Not great. My D3s is much better and the grain is smoother. This pixel density isn’t what people want in a FX body unless the want to shoot 100 iso all the time (400iso is ok too I suppose).

      Don’t get me wrong, the d7000 is a pretty good dx cam. But its high iso kinda sucks compared to what I know Nikon can do with a fx sensor. If Nikon made it 24MP I trust they could beat a D3s pretty easily now. If the d4 is 16-18MP it will eat the d3s for breakfast noise wise (with a modern tech sensor) I suspect.

  • typeo: “development of a chip that doesn’t use…”

    • typo: “typeo”

      Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 😉

      • ha!, well I guess I learned something today

  • Aaron

    Will the two other products be canon lenses with nikon mounts?

  • If ISO is usable and acceptably clean at ISO3200, it’ll be a hit 😀

  • Chris Zeller

    I don’t know. I’m skeptical. 36MP seems like too much of a bump from 12MP. What’s really needed is about 24MP with whatever technology voodo they used to control noise in the D7000, plus video capabilities and a 100% viewfinder. Meld the D700 and D7000 with a little more MP and it would be perfect.

    My main needs are low-light performance (for family and kids performances indoors), updated features (higher FPS, CA correction, lens compatability dual cards mirror lock-up, sensor cleaning, faster AF) and video. The D70 was ahead of its time but still fell short of many pro features that even good film cameras had.

    Either way, I hope I get my hands on one before Christmas or I’m giving up on FX for the next 5 years and going with a D7000. My D70 is way overdue for replacement. The D7000 has most of what I need anyway and I won’t need new lenses.

    • Anonymous

      The D7000 is a capable, compact camera. I love mine. But I’m still holding on to that FX dream… I’ll be getting one of these upcoming FX beauties. 4fps suits my shooting stlye well, but I’m also hoping for a second camera targeted at wedding shooters. One good reason to put 36 mp in a Nikon- because that’s what Canon is going to do (or more..). I suppose Nikon has to keep up with the jones’ to a certain degree. What are the rumors for the 5D iii? 24 mp? I don’t think so. Probably they’ll be pushing for 48 mp or something ridonckulous like that. Isn’t that the rumor, 48mp for the 5diii?
      are we going to see a poll on who’s going to buy the D800? Put me down for yes, one D800 please. Thanks Nikon, Thanks Admin I’ve had sweet dreams thanks to your post! This ain’t no point and shoot!

    • rhlpetrus

      36MP is exactly D7000’s sensor density upsized to FF. If this is the rumored Sony sensor, it’ll have, at full res, similar performance as the D7000. At same output size as D7000, count on +1 stop performance, so pretty close to D700 at high ISO and better at base ISO.

  • Chris Zeller

    I hope one of the other products is an AFS VR2 remake of the 80-400. This is sorely needed–even more-so on FX.

  • jeff

    maybe there was a typo somewhere along the source-NR line and it’s 14 fps? 😛
    expeed 3 might allow it…

    • Jake

      36 MP at 14fps is just over 500MP/s. Expeed 3 (in the Nikon 1) can do 10MP at 60fps, which is 600 MP/s.
      At those speeds with RAW files, though, you’ll eat through a huge buffer in 2 seconds flat.

      • jeff

        ok here’s another idea 😛
        maybe it’s a 3 x 12mp foveon sensor. ^^

  • rhlpetrus

    Price in the US will not be 4,000USD, Nikon and other Japanese makers never use flat exchange rates for MSRP in other countries. I’d bet closer to 3,000USD, just like D700 when launched.

  • Tony5787

    I’m still not convinced that this is the successor to the D700. This is definitely a new camera that will be announced but the increase in megapixels and price just doesn’t seem like it would be the next step after the D700. Unless the D4 has the same 36MP then that would make sense. I just can’t see Nikon going away from the way that the D3 and D700 were in terms of price, decent resolution (certainly not 36MP) and speed. A D4 with that sensor would cost as much as the D3x.

  • 3BPhotography

    Honestly, this camera will be solid and a good performer for those who will maximize its features and use the camera what it (seems) to be intended for (studio, landscape?).

    However, for someone like myself who needs high frame rate, top ISO performance and overall speed, we’ll likely have to wait for the D4(?) or D800s(?).

    I currently shoot with a D3 and am more than happy with the performance of my camera. I was hoping for a D700 upgrade to use as a backup camera, or perhaps a camera to push my D3 as the backup.

    My only concern is the future price tag of this yet to be announced camera. If this D800 is 4,000$ I’m scared that the D4 might be 6k+ (D3X prices).

    Knowing Nikon , it’s absurd to think they’ll abandon their low-light shooters ., which in my opinion, is their biggest professional market.

    Worst case scenerio, I’ll keep my current D3 and D700 and just invest in higher quality glass. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

    My only concern is going to be the price range of the d800s (?) and the D4(?).

  • Guillaume

    What about a D300S replacement ?

  • hopefully I could use my ai-s primes with this beast!

  • Ali

    I have only just ordered and received a new D700. After seeing this news I would like to say I am happy with my decision as it is going to be more than enough for what I need it for at the moment. Which is mainly wedding and some portrait work.

    I could always buy a D800 if I required it and had the money.

    Currently been using a D200 with 18-200 VR up till now.

    The D7000 is the best bang for money at the moment in Nikon world at the moment I think.

    BTW these are still rumours so I would take this news with a pinch of salt.

  • EMW

    Finally, enough MP to allow for cropping and better IQ.

    • rhlpetrus

      If you want to crop, why not save 2K and get the D7000?

  • Dave Konitz


  • EnPassant

    36 MP surely means this is the D3X successor! Nikon should have made a ton profit on every D3X camera sold considering its price. But not many except som pro photogs and entusiasts with deep pockets could afford it. Also a pro body built for speed was really a waste on a MP monster made for studio and landscape. It’s like buying a formula one racer and drive it in town and on highways with speedlimits or on bad and bumpy roads.

    Now with half or less than half price of D3X many having the D3X will buy two D800 (assuming that will be its name) having one as a backup, and the many more dreaming about a D3X will now be able to afford a D800 = Nikon will get less profit per camera but will sell many times more of the D800 and totally make much more profit on it than on D3X!

    But wait there is more! We don’t know all specs yet, especially not those related to shooting the camera in 16 MP DX-mode. Using less than half the resolution will we not instead gain speed? Let’s do the math: 36/16 = 2.25 > 4 FPS x 2.25 = 9 FPS! Yes I know 6 FPS was reported to be max at DX with optional grip. But is this correct? Could it not be this camera is supposed to kill two flies in one blow? With the use of full frame the preferred camera for studio and landscape. In DX-crop mode the successor of D300, the D400X fullframe camera people have been discussing, a DX pro body for use in sports and wildlife photography, especially with longer lenses to gain reach without loosing to many MP.

    The D4 will then be the 16-18 MP dedicated 10-12 FPS speed-machine and ISO-monster (204.800-409.600 with grainfree 25.600?) for fullframe. D800 can naturally not get close to D4 but will still be wery good combining 2-4 pixels with reduced resolution, 18 (,12?) and 9 MP.

    And finally Nikon at Photokina next year will show the real FX-successor to D700 for ordinary people with thinner wallets, the new entrylevel FX camera in D7000 type body with 16-18 MP (same or similar as in D4?) or 24 MP (new sensor). Only question is the name. Some belive it will be D9000, being in the same type of body as D7000. On the other hand, when D300s will be discontinued it would make sense to use the X00 numbers for FX-cameras and give it the name D400 or D500 if they want to save a lower number for an even cheaper FX-model.

    • Tiger1050Rider

      There is one fly in your ointment.
      The London 2012 Olympics.

      The sports snappers will want to get their hands on whatever new toys Nikon release well in advance of the August and September events.
      By well in advance, I mean at least six months.
      Because of the venue trial events that will be taking place from Feb onwards. The snapper will want to learn about the venues and the best positions plus the best camera/lens settings etc they will need to use when the real events take place.
      This leaves very little time from Photokins to get the product out there and into the hands of the right people.

      • EnPassant

        I think you misunderstood. Rumors are saying we will soon see the D800 and soon thereafter (within 3 months) will also have a D4 presentation, well in advance of the summer olympics. I only predicted/hope Nikon will come out with a Nikon fullframe (FX) camera in D7000 body for the big PHOTOKINA Image fair in Cologne (Köln) september 18-23 2012 :

  • DomiNW

    Could be that this 4000$ is just somekind of marketing tricks to let say scare ppl with high price so they can buy what is left of d700’s?

    I was saving for this replacement but as I just spend some of money on SB700 and 50mm 1.4 I will wait to see what ppl have to say about D800 later.

  • James

    sorry but what is an anti-aliasing filter?

    • MB

      A little peace of glass that blur the image to cover Bayer color filter drawbacks.

  • coco

    good – 36 mp will allow me to use 18 mp in dx mode when i shoot wildlife or sport and I can use fx when i shoot landscape

    • rhlpetrus

      16MP in DX

  • Not very tempting, unless it is equipped with better video capabilities than the D3S, such as time lapse, XLR inputs and articulating screen. 12-16 mp plenty for me; mostly sell 8X10 prints and the D700 gives me fine 16X20 prints.

  • jhnw

    With Nikon refreshing its line up from smallest sensor to largest, and having taken care of the Coolpix line and introduced the mirrorless camera, I was expecting the next order of business to be the D300s replacement. So perhaps there will not be one, or could the D400 indeed go FX and become the FX entry level camera with a 24MP sensor?

  • darkb4dawn

    Just sold my D700 in anticipation of follow-up. Looks like I need to buy a D700 again – damn

    • Dian

      Why would you sell your D700 when the successor hasn’t even been announced?

      • Walkthru


  • baudolino

    36 MP resolution only makes sense if the body has very, very precise AF and lenses with corresponding resolution. I am not sure that the current Nikon lens line-up can take advantage of such a huge megapixel count – I would hope that Nikon announce some very advanced prime lenses with the D800, otherwise one will have to resort to using Leica R lenses via Leitax to take advantage of the 36MP, which is not exactly convenient. And as for AF, I will look for very good implementation of face detection/nearest eye recognition (e.g. like Olympus EP-3) before I consider the D800.

    • rhlpetrus

      People are having no problem with D7000, same density.

  • fordstr

    Just bought 70-200 2.8 vr 2, so nikon’s got all the money they’re gonna get from me this year. I hope…

  • BRO

    The Nikon 18-300 will be announced as well.

    • ausserirdischegesund

      I’m hoping not. I want more DX primes. A consumer 24mm prime please!

  • Jim

    Well I must admit all of this D800 talk fits perfectly. I recently shot a sporting event here in Charleston, SC who is a member of the Combat Photographer Unit stationed at the Charleston Air Force Base. I asked him about any new full frame bodies that they may be testing since they are a ginnea pig for Nikon. And he told me yes, they do have a few new bodies “in the field for testing”. He could not tell me at all what any of the names or specs are/were, but he did say that it was absolute overkill…yea, I’d say he was spot on.

    • Jabs


      Interesting – did you see any of these new bodies or did you just hear their comments on them?

  • Steve Jones

    This leaves room for the D4 24MP high ISO (2012),
    D4X 48MP (2013) $$$
    D710/D900 24MP $2500-3000
    D400 DX 18-24MP

  • Lonnie Utah

    I called this yesterday.

  • Anon

    Hey, what have you smoked?

  • Kingyo

    Alright take a break from shooting birds/flowers and let’s get some top secret spy shots of the D800 out in the field people!! 🙂
    Cannot WAIT to see the true specs of the D800.. I don’t know why some people here are whining so much..I was waiting forever for a D700 upgrade, then got tired of waiting & bought a D700. Awesome camera, but I’m very excited about the D800 as well 🙂

  • Nathan

    This camera is obviously a D3x replacement. When the D3x first came out everyone complained about the $8k price. Now the D3x replacement is here (unofficially) at a price that everyone was hoping (and suggesting) the D3x should have been priced at.

    So what do we hear? COMPLAINTS! Simply unbelieveable.


    Its like a 5d2 with more mp and an f mount. How about that.

    • rhlpetrus

      It’s much more than that.

  • I’m amused at how much griping is going on in the Sony camp also. “What about low light capability, I need more ISO’s!” Really? Do you plan on shooting in a candle lit cave sometime soon? I mean honestly… 5 years ago we were THRILLED to have ISO 6400 max, even though it was quite unusable. Now an ungodly ISO 25,600 is still not enough? Really? Learn to use off-camera flash, use a tripod and slower shutter speeds and/or buy some faster lenses. In the 5 years I used my D300, less than 2% of the images were taken over ISO 800. Who are you people that use super-high ISO’s and what are you shooting?

  • Alex

    We can only speculate right now. Even if 36 MP is true, we can’t really make a judgement on something that we haven’t even seen perform yet, or not even announced yet. I doubt Nikon would release something at 36 MP if it degraded IQ too much. Perhaps the ISO performance will be equal or slightly better than the current D700, we really don’t know anything. I’m just really curious if there will be more than one body announced as the D700 lineup hasn’t really be defined yet since there has only been one small body FX camera so far. I’m more excited to see what the D4 will bring to the table unless another FX body is announced along side the 36MP D800. I don’t think that Nikon is ready to give up the title of having the best “night vision” camera yet. I’m sure the D4 will be something to look forward to.

  • Slon

    Basically more megapixels for the same physical area of the sensor mean that each single pixel gets less light when you increase the amount of megapixels. less light per megapixel means more noise.

    “Larger sensors generally also have larger pixels (although this is not always the case), which give them the potential to produce lower image noise and have a higher dynamic range.”

    • rhlpetrus

      Yes, check D7000’s DR …

  • joe stazka

    If it is true , that the anti alias filter is to be removed , that just might be the best thing that has happened to any dslr nikon , or anyone else has. If they have figured a way to eliminate this filter then the medium format folks could be facing some tough competition from nikon in that market. I shoot with a d3s and I can’t love it anymore than I do , so easy for me to say , but if you get rid of the filter , I will need it , bad. I dont care if it only has 1 iso setting and sucks in light . That damn filter is about the biggest obstacle to image quality in the rig. So far it’s a needed evil . If they got rid of it , thats all the magazines will rave about for a while. Huge news , in fact , I’d bet that if true , they may yell the loudest and proudest about this advancement.

    • dgd

      Sigma SD1

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