The name will be Nikon D800, the sensor will be 36MP (99% probability)

Nikon D700

On September 29th, digicame-info published those Nikon D800 specs (Google translation):

  • What number of pixels is 36 megapixels.
  • 4 frames per second continuous shooting in body only, about 6 frames per second will be used to DX mode with the optional battery pack.
  • A little late to be released by the model resolution sought to eliminate the low-pass filter.
  • Full HD video in 1920 × 1080/30p.
  • Headphone jacks, can be input from an external device such as a PCM sound recorder. Corresponding to USB3.0. Be available in new small wireless transmitter.
  • 86K pixel split control, AF, exposure, white balance, etc. compatible. Face Recognition AF features.
  • Larger LCD monitor, automatic brightness adjustment, the structure is not cloudy.
  • Two media CF card and SD card slot.
  • Shutter durability of 200,000 cycles.
  • Market price is about 300,000 yen. The announcement on October 26, released on November 24.

I initially did not post this online, but after receiving some additional info I can now confirm with a 99% probability only the name "D800" and the sensor size of 36MP.

The D800 will basically be a mini-D3x. Do not expect the same high ISO performance as in the D3s. This is probably Nikon solution to separate both product lines (before the D700 and D3 had the same sensor). Please note that I cannot yet confirm the remaining specs above but I believe most of them correct. I am still working on the details and will have some addition info later today or tomorrow.

Stay tuned, it has begun! If the specs are out, expect announcement before the end of the year (I would say 30-60 days from now).

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  • Bart B

    Waiting for the D900 😉

    • OMR

      OMG, It’s a great notice, I am tired of the D800 people waiting in all post in Nikon Romors. thanks Nikon.

    • Andrew

      After 3 years of waiting… the D700 replacement is finally here. The D800 should cost $3,500 in the US, when released. The question is will Nikon come out with another full frame camera with 24MP at around $2,500.

  • Honestly I feel myself discouraged with “only one solution for all needs D700”.
    Everyone pro uses D700, and every good dog around had it.
    Many uses good glass. Some push good colors from it. Few take a good photos. Even rarely sells. But:

    Let me explain: restriction with hi-resolution sensors was mirror AF precision. With on-chip phase AF, EVERY LENS FOCUS BETTER, so allow using hi-resolution at its bests.


    hey, they may announce the the sensor is switchable. They also have filed a patent for that. We may have options here people. Nikon will be able to cover studio and wedding photographers. What do you guys think about that?

  • FM2Fan

    Just a thought: Nikon can save a lot of marketing and bd work just by reading the comments made above. I’m sure, the high MP will come and it will for sure be a test in the middle of the spectrum. If D3x didn’t sell as expected, than it is clearly the price-tag and having such camera in a financially challenging environment.

    back to the future: can we please have a few non-MP additions, that ease our life? The so call video-innovations of the “1” are probably not too relevant for a high MP cam.

    • All comments here just senseless grumbles, innovation killers. Luckily Nikon goes its own way and sometimes thru errors.

      • nikkorz

        I have not read a truer user comment on this site.

      • FM2Fan

        innovation? we talk here mainly features – the innovation is not that much discussed. For example: high refr glass beyond N=2 has not even been discussed here.

  • Sounds great! But I want a cheaper camera, a D400!

  • dude

    Nikon, I am dissapoint….

    years of waiting for what? this? f* this s*

    • dude

      srsly it’s just a d700 with video, no major updates, i expected better noise and dynamic range… who needs 36mp on fx?

    • Ralph

      Ummmmm, I’m confused. What exactly are you disappointed in?

      • dude

        comment above(i hit wrong reply)

        • Roddy


  • Ralph

    I’m rather curious why there seems to be this demand for high iso performance? Is this also a vampire site and many of you live in total darkness? My criticism wouold be more for low iso, doing landscape I get tired of screwing on my ND filter.

    • human tripod

      Try taking pics in a church at iso 6400, F2. You’ll wish you had two more stops.

      • Anthony

        Or of an energetic kid in a living room.

        • scurvy hesh

          you need a J1 for that

      • DanO

        or live music/bands in poorly lit clubs…. I’d love nothing more than a cam that can give stellar results at ISO 6400 which look like something shot at ISO 400. To me, this is more important than high MP.

        • BP

          I shoot Mountain Biking. Shooting riders in the forest I need to shoot atleast 6400, even on a sunny day I still need to go above 1600 so I can work with a decently fast shutter speed & shooting wide open at 2.8.

          I still don’t understand the need for 36mp. I’ve blown up 36×48″ & 60″x48″ prints taken with my D200 while working as a large format print Graphic Designer and they look awesome. Not to mention when blowing up super large prints, you don’t need 300 dpi because your not going to look at an 8ft wide print from a foot away.

      • Or employees working in a well lit factory — well lit for factories, that is.

        I like this game. More!!!

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          I like to take pictures of potato chips while they are still inside the bag, by sticking the lens inside the bag. You won’t believe how dark it is in there; it is almost as if the people who designed these bags never even considered photographers. This is why I need useable ISO 12,500 and a f/0,95 macro lens. Only way I can do hand held chip-in-bag shots.

          • That’s the beauty of Nikon pioneering such astounding IQ at high ISOs: we’ve seen a whole slew of images and ideas that we never before thought possible because of this one single factor.

            After all we’ve seen in the last 5 years due to the democratization of photography, I won’t be surprised if I do see an image from the inside of a chip bag sometime that amazes me.

            But I’m sure you meant to come up with better examples of the usefulness of high-ISO, such as shooting long exposures of the starry sky, photographing in a dark club, grabbing the quick shot of your kids looking like angels while asleep in their room with only a sliver of light trickling in from the hallway. How about images of construction crews working at night, inside a tunnel, or in a coal mine?

            Ever thought how awesome natural light portraits under the moonlight could be, shooting at ISO 25k with ISO 400-level noise?

            Freezing fast-moving clouds under the midnight moon requires pretty high ISOs. All of the sudden these shots become much more commercially viable:

            Midnight || ISO 1,600 || 1/5 second || f/2.8
            Midnight || ISO 1,000 || ~1 second || f/2.8
            Midnight || ISO 2,000 || ~1 second || f/2.8

            None of these scenarios would benefit as much from high resolution as they would high ISO. See the point?

    • eb

      c’mon… is your wrist getting tired?

    • Magnus

      Indoor sports…
      1/400, F8, no flash.

    • Ronan

      Seriously? Someone doesn’t get out of the studio much. Or wait… SB-900 glued on the top of the camera heh?…

    • You need to buy D800 for landscapes?
      Ha-ha, even 100$ pocket camera can do it.
      You can do 200Mp+ pictures when shooting landscape in panoramas.

      • chrisq.

        using anything other than a 4×5 for landscapes is just stupid. medium format 6×7 would be the bare minimum.

        • PHB

          That is such an ignorant comment.

          MF cameras cost vastly more than the rumored D800 and the lenses are twice to five times the price.

          The MF specs are pretty sad in comparison, crappy ISO (800) and terrible low light performance as the lenses have much lower f/ratios.

          MF is dead. It is only a matter of time before Nikon and Canon both have cameras out in the Phase1 class.

  • Arthur

    Yes, so glad I bought that D700 a few months ago! 😀

    It’s perfect for almost anything anyway! Video would have been cool, but that’s just on a few occasions.

  • Magnus

    Perhaps this is actually the specs of the D800X…
    … and there will also be a D800S, released at the same time?

    If so, sign me up for a D800S (high iso, high fps, low or mid range Mp).

  • zeroanalogue

    I’m assuming Nikon will continue to offer 24p as an option. 30p doesn’t give the same motion and look. The specs look pretty promising other than that.

  • chris

    $4000 (300,000 yen converted == $3914) is a bit out of my pricerange.. i was hoping it would be more around the same price as the D700..


    • InfraRed

      The US market is more price sensitive. Everything is cheaper in the US than Japan or Europe. Look at BMW, MB and Porsche. These cars 20% cheaper here than they are in Germany. Same for Japanese cars made in Japan!

      US MSRP looks like $2,995 (plus tax). FYI, Japan prices always include the JCT (Japanese Consumption tax).

      • PHB

        $3K for this camera would be cheap. The body it replaces is $2.7K street price.

        At that price I might buy. But in the short term I am more interested in a Nikon V1 just to have something I can carry with me all the time.

        Put DX lenses on it and you still have a D7000! Astounding.

        Some people will still want a D400 though. If they can crank out the Nikon 1 CX sensor at the same speed it yield give a 30MP sensor. I would see that as being the basis for an eventual D4x at 76MP.

  • vinman

    OMG – I think I need to change my pants. This camera will definitely encourage me to keep my D700 as a complimentary body and not really have any need to update again for quite a while! If these specs are on the spot, this body will have everything I hoped for. Glad I’ve already got a few dollars put up in anticipation…

  • sirin

    36 mp! wow. BIG FILES. i wonder what the DR and high ISO performance would be.

    • sirin

      Admin, thanks for the great work!
      Question – if this is a mini-D3x, should we expect a mini-D3s as well?

    • Andrew

      I am thinking that the ISO performance should be like the D7000.
      That is 16MP DX = 36MP FX if both sensors are identical. This is an approximation without doing the math.

    • Anonymous

      Not to worry, sure to be better than what we are using right now. So iso is a little short of D3S, do you really need a camera that can see through the dark and turn night into day? The D7k does a pretty damn good job with iso. I am as excited as a grown man can be. Still, this may not be the camera I’ve been waiting for, I suspect there is another camera in the works. The specs are too far from what we have today, they don’t make total sense. I think that’s what’s stirring the pot here. 4 fps is a pretty big trade-off, there has to be something on the other end to justify that. I’m thinking awesome DR & IQ. Stunning. Weren’t there rumors of two FX cameras in August? One 36mp and the other…..48? 24? I can’t remember.

  • EvanK

    4 FPS? Come on, Nikon!

    • R R

      4 fps at 36 MP I wonder if it will be faster at lower MP settings? mmmm

      • jj

        I can’t believe it. 36 Mpx means approx 40MB for the raw data file. 4 fps are approx 160MB/s. Ultra fast CFcards claims up to 100MB/s. I think this is no useful. How long is the buffer for this frame rate? The internal buffer MUST be really big to support this framerates. Maybe I’m completly wrong, but I think some numbers may be wrong.

        • There you go

          And remember, the card doesn’t need to be as fast as the output, hence the internal buffer.

      • Kyle Isawesome

        i couldn’t imagine anything faster at such MP, imagine the buffering haha

    • wow, the complaints will never stop, will they?

      • Jesus_sti


        • Jesus_sti

          as long as some people doesn’t understand that when you make choice you need to make sacrifice. (sorry i’m french)

          • “when you make choice you need to make sacrifice”

            I couldn’t have said it better…and I believe most folks here would swear under oath that I’ve tried. ; )

          • Lawrence

            the opportunity cost from economics,huh

      • Robert Falconer

        Well, if they weren’t complaining, they’d probably just be out shooting photographs.

        Oh, wait…


      • Yagion

        Here we are again bashing at something that we don’t know or haven’t seen yet… these are just rumors boys!!!

    • Nikonuser

      D1x was only 3 fps.

  • nikonsigma

    Will the D700 remain on sale alongside the D800 (think D90/D7000) or be dicontinued instantly as per the D5000? Hopefully the D700 will still be available…

    • fred

      The D700 been huge success because, as an SLR in the traditional sense, it isn’t lacking a thing. For this reason, it will be around a very long time. Personally, I’m happy to own a camera that I can imagine using for the rest of my life.

      • Jesus_sti

        You forgot that it have ONLY 12 Mp …

        • fred

          I didn’t forget. I just never think about it. Happy shooting!

        • dave132

          d700 does not have dual card slots which gives an awesome amount of security for wedding photographers and is the single reason I will not buy the d700.

      • nikonsigma

        I agree – I would be more than happy to only ever use a D700. I just hope that it is still available new when I can afford it!

  • Ian

    I would also like to have a faster body (7 fps). hopefully there will be 2 bodies, one d800x and a d800s.

  • I Should Be Shooting

    Surprised by the grumbling. Used to be you have different film formats for very different cameras, from 110 to 8×10. Today there’s a one-size-must-fit-all mentality. Obviously this is for those who need large files and video, of which there are many people. If you’re not among those ranks, pick up the excellent D700 or D7000. For those who need this camera, $4,000 is a steal.

    Thanks for the diversity in products, Nikon.

    • Andrew

      The D800 will not cost more than $3,500. The diversity is not complete until Nikon offers something new (i.e. 24MP in FX format for high ISO) at the $2,500 price point; something between the $1,200 D7000 and the $3,500 D800.

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    You said “99% probability only the name “D800″ and the sensor size of 36MP”
    99% is as sure as you can get without an official Nikon press release, did this information come from the same source as your mirrorless information ?

    • rhlpetrus

      +1 wanting more info … So far only that much? Or date also possible (still this year)?

  • @Admin:

    First of all, thanks for all your hard work and the awesome nuggets of juicy rumors!

    Recently I have been having a few issues with the site. First of all, some of my comments are not showing up after posting. Is this a database syncing delay issue due to new configuration/load balancer, or are they gone? I know you mentioned you were having issues before, but comments were being preserved. I’m not too worried, but thought it may help to report.

    Also, the site doesn’t seem to remember me any longer (form fields no longer pre-fill with my name, email, and website). I just upgraded to OS X Lion, so this may be unrelated, but I wanted to find out if you know anything. I don’t use autofill in the browser, so I’m pretty sure it was a WP plugin you had installed that isn’t working for me anymore. I did dump my NR cookies to see if that would help, but it didn’t.


    • Jesus_sti

      use google chrome

      • First: I am beginning to detest Google — revealing their two-faced nature on their “open internet” sermon; hypocritically pushing ‘open’ flash (yeah right) when instead they were just anxious to preserve their youtube Ad model; scary commitment to ad revenue at the expense of user service and privacy (we’re not their customers); and outright theft of IP from other companies so they can make stuff ‘free’.

        Second: testing in Chrome…

        • Jesus_sti


      • And all in vain…it didn’t help. Out of curiosity, is anyone else experiencing the unfilled form fields?

        • Works for me. Running Chrome, and this fancy OS called Windows 7 😉

          • Fancy…more like a relic, seeing as it could well become an icon of MS’s last noble effort on its march toward irrelevance. 😉

            But all joking aside, this it must be a Lion bug, or a combination of Lion/NR server setup conflict. It seems to be working on my wife’s computer (running Snow Leopard). I suppose it could be a bug with the certain builds of webkit, as both Safari and Chrome are webkit based.

          • TCD

            On my W7 box it saves all my info, with my MBP on Snow Leopard with Safari 5.1 it doesnt save. Another reason Macs aren’t as user friendly as people say 🙂

            • One example (of a bug, no less) does not a thesis make. I have never had an issue with this until I upgraded to Lion. This is a bug, not a usability issue.

              And we’re not really going to get going on a debate about usability between OS X and Windows, are we? I would hate be forced to bring up MS’s next grand idea of a revolutionary interface, aka “ribbon”.

              P.S. I know your type. Give up your windows box for 6 weeks, with zero interaction. I’ll wager a burger that you won’t go back. I can take those odds — my confidence is backed by a 99% conversion rate watching over 75 acquaintances switch through the years. None (save one) have gone back.

            • dave132

              OSX and W7 are both “windows” operating systems. I use both and they have way more similarities than differences. The main difference is apple makes sweet hardware. The software… it’s a toss up….

            • Like I said to TCD — give up windows entirely for 6 weeks. My money is on the vast majority of users (95%+) switching for good.

              Apple just announced they have 24% market share in PC sales this year. That’s a serious dent in the Windows world, and one that will continue to erode the MS ecosystem quite aggressively over the next few years.

              But let’s pretend for a moment the software really is a toss-up. Why would you buy a windows machine when:

              – The hardware is better
              – The software is the same (or better, because it DEFINITELY is)
              – Macs are cheaper than PCs

              Likely you are buying a PC instead of a Mac because you don’t yet understand the validity of the above three statements, or:

              – You’re a hater,
              – Your parents bought the computer for you, or
              – You work for some government agency or corp that requires you stick with some antiquated box and OS (which thankfully is happening much less these days).

    • The issue could be with the caching or the database sync. I will check.

    • I’m having the same problem. I’m also using OS X Lion, and Google Chrome.


  • Clyde Gortari

    Looks like I can have DX &FX in one body. 18mp in DX mode?

    • rhlpetrus

      16MP, just the good D7k’s file if this is a Sony sensor.

  • MR151

    Wow, “3630 megapixels” ! How’s it going to handle such enormous data?! lol Machine translations still suck.

    And 4fps with the body(in FX?) and 6fps with DX with the optional grip/drive? Shouldn’t it say how many full-frame fps it will have with the optional accessory or is the DX a typo? Or will this be a DX body? Can’t imagine cramming 36MP onto an APS-C sensor.

    Is your source reliable or is this just more rumor BS?

    I would also hope the video would be capable of 60 fps like the Sony A77. No reason a Pro model like this in a higher $ range shouldn’t have that. My $350.00 Sony HX9V has 60 fps.

  • EnPassant

    If D800 is as big and heavy as D700, which is likely considering the dual Cf/SD-cardholder, I will pass on it, at least until I can get a body in good shape for below € 2.000. I don’t see why a semi-pro FX-camera must be bigger and heavier than a pro-camera of yesterday for film, like for exemple EOS 1 without booster. If Nikon is serious about marketing the full frame format to more people than those who in the film-era would use a MF-camera then they need to come out with a smaller, lighter and cheaper entrylevel fullframe camera in a D7000 type body. 16-18 MP with the same framerate as D7000 would be quite enough, although I would happily accept 24 MP and slower framrate as well! 🙂 I am sure such a camera would be a great hit considering all people who would buy it to use with Nikons old legacy glass, both the old AF lenses as well as the manually focused ones. Not that Nikon have to fear people buy just the body. Once they get somebody into their system then many are likely to add newer lenses and other equipment as well. It would surely outsell all D4s and D800s combined in large numbers. Also now when their DX-line is under attack from smaller mirrorless cameras it would be a good idea for Nikon going back to its roots, the fullframe camera where they are the strongest and only have one serious competitor (Canon).

  • simpleguy

    is it just me or they are lifting the bar a little too high , 36mp !!! , really !!! ????
    are they insane , even canon the megapixel pusher anounced allready that less megapixel is better and they admit in raising them because of ignorant consumers
    there is no benefit in this

    why dont they just focus on what they didnt have until now , a d700s with a decent video , full manual control , and a choice between 24p up to 60p or more in full 1080p
    better noise in high iso in stills
    and better compression , bigger mb files , less noise and improved dynamic range in video would really be enough

    maybe its just me but 36mp – i am not impressed

  • rhlpetrus

    Re fps: it’s not looking right if Nikon uses a faster processor than on the D7k, that already does 6fps at 16MP w/o any battery grip. The processor on the J1/V1 is already much faster.

    So, credibility of whole spec sheet is not that high. Remember when specs for ML said CCD? So, even if sensor is 36MP and name is as expected, rest of specs may be off, including video specs.

  • Hendog

    This is terrible news for me. I’ve been waiting literally years for a d700 replacement and 30p video? how about 24/25 fps??? 30p is totally useless. And 36 mp?!@!??!? If I wanted that sort of res I would get a studio camera. I need clean high iso, stop playing the MP war already. If this rumor is true, I will be very upset. How about d4? Useless rubbish junk nikon, get your act together. Image quality is more important than MP

    • yakker

      Isn’t it kind of early to condemn the image quality? Especially downsampled to a more reasonable resolution. While I’d agree I’d prefer to see a focus on high DR instead of resolution, all we have at this point is a bad translation of a few points, only two of which are “confirmed”.

      • Yagion

        +1. Some of us just don’t get this is just a rumor and they take it way too seriously… sigh

  • OMR

    OMG, It’s a great notice, I am tired of the D800 people waiting in all post in Nikon Romors.


  • OMG!!! Please, tell me that it`s fake!
    I hope for 12-16Mp with perfect high ISO and speed.
    + video, + double slots, + good mode dial (P/A/S/M)

  • I’ve heard so many different rumors. Maybe we should all wait until Nikon actually announces the new models instead of trying to out guess speculations.

  • Mark J

    This sounds like a perfect compliment to the used D700 im picking up. Best of both worlds. D700 for when i do anything needing low light and or high FPS. And the D800 for landscape and studio portrait work.

    Nikon FTW! unless your on a budget and can’t afford two cameras. Then yeah, this news would be kind of lame.

    • Jesse G

      or want to replace your d700

  • s1Lma

    With all respect to NikonRumors, I would say that this rumor is not likely to be true.
    1. The nikon haven’t been leader in the mpx war anytime in the history.
    2. As everybody mentioned, 24mpx would be most appropriate for the successor of d700. 30+ mpx were expected but at the top of the dslr line, where Nikon currently has a threat from pentax’s mf.
    3. As someone said, 26 is the day of announcement of Canon + the absence of marketing campaign.

    Come on, NR, it is easy to predict, isn’t it?

    • I am surprised as well, but this is what I think is the correct info. Every time I post a rumor, there are people questioning it. Let’s talk again in 2 months from now. And no, this was not easy to predict 🙂

    • Moth Flopwell

      It is Sony’s A99 Sensor.

    • tub33

      > nikon haven’t been leader in the mpx war anytime in the history.

      Nikon is actually the current MP leader right now. The D3X is 24MP. There are now multiple Sony models both full frame and now APS-C that are 24MP. Canon’s 5D2 and 1Ds3 are full frame but only 21MP. You have to go into medium format territory to get more actual pixels. At the APS-C level Canon has pushed pixel density more than Nikon but as stated Nikon’s D3X has more pixels than any of Canon’s cameras.

  • Nikonuser

    Sounds like someone got the D4x and D800 specs intermixed somehow. 36MP gives no room for a D4x…unless that camera isn’t ever going t be made.

  • ladiesman217

    I brought a D700 a couple of weeks ago after I got sick of waiting

    If more rumors come out saying this D800 will be 36MP & > $4000 usd
    I’ll probably start looking for another D700

  • Imie

    I hope that nikon will add support for smaller-raw files, like canon.

    • Nikonuser

      Agreed. Except Nikon has to do it better. They have to use binning. Otherwise there’s not much point.

    • Davidoff

      Yes ! Across the entire range of cameras.

  • Kingyo

    Japanese people like to enjoy a drink or two after a long day of work right?

    Can’t we just have one Nikon Engineer get drunk and accidentally leave a prototype D800 in a bar somewhere for an avid NR reader to find it, ship it to this site’s Admin, so he can leak it’s real specs to us? I mean really..if Apple can do it.. 🙂

  • iamnomad

    Hmm, I’ll believe it when I’m holding it.

  • scurvy hesh

    “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse”

    Henry Ford.

    • Jesus_sti

      I really like thios quote !

  • 300,000.00 JPY = 3,916.75 USD

    if it sells for that kind of price ,then Nikon will break my heart :((

    • vinman

      Yeah, I just checked my math and caught the price. Nikon will adjust the msrp per market, but if it winds up being more than about $3200, it’s going to exceed my budget (and looks virtually certain right now). i now sad

    • TaoTeJared

      As someone stated above there is a JCT if that was included in the price. JCT is 5% last I looked so probably around $3,700.

      That just pushed out of a reasonable price for me and the 36mp is at least 2 times more than I need. High ISO with less noise is 100 times more important to me.

      Maybe the D400 will go FX and give us a 12-18mp High ISO camera.

    • Jesus_sti

      Before USD get down it’s doing 3000 $

  • Wohooo, we are waiting

  • Jesse Garrido

    Some of the specs just don’t make sense to me especially the face detection AF

  • VideoMACologist

    Honestly, I’m excited about Nikon’s prospective announcement of the D800; however, it’s not a camera that I intend to buy. As a D700 and D7000 owner it doesn’t sound like it gives me that much. The 36 Mega Pixels sound awesome but what is the tradeoff? From what I’ve read, I not getting as fast a camera. Now that being said, who really needs more than 4 FPS if you know how to use your camera. Also, the ISO is a big deal because it allow for a better shot in low light situations for those of us who do use our cameras in low light situations. For the responder that suggested trying to shot at ISO 6400 in a church; don’t bother. You shouldn’t have to go above ISO 200 at f2.8. I don’t have an f2 lens so I can’t comment on that one. All in all, like some of the others, I’m keeping the D700 and the D7000 and I’m going to waiti for the D4 or D4s Oh yeah, 3o fps is fine. You’re not buying the camera for video anyway. Let’s wait to get the rest of the specs before we tear it totaly down.

    • al

      why shouldn’t you need to go over iso 200??? that is an absurd statement.

  • Alastair

    36mp? I don’t believe it.

  • sandeep

    I am not sure why people are crying like babies before any actual announcement.. I am not sure which company told you how good high ISO performance can be… wait that’s Nikon… I bet they know a bit more than most of us..just wait…..and in the mean time for god sake take photos especially since fall colors are everywhere…

  • Yusuf Yudhistira

    One thing that I need most is Nikon produce entry-level FULL FRAME camera. It should be FULL FRAME and CHEAP!!! 😀

    I’m sick for being cropped by 1,5X. My lens collection are entirely FX. I just have one DX-lens, AFS 18-55mm II (Non-VR). 🙁

    • geecen

      Stop asking for cheap full-frame cameras. Sensors are expensive to make, and it’s by size rather than number of pixels. Computer processors have WAY more switches packed on them. The way to get better sensors for less money is to improve the technology on smaller chips, or use old d700 chips, which they would never do on new cameras. Just buy a DX wide and keep using your old glass as longer lenses.

    • scurvy hesh

      you can always buy a used d700??

  • Psycho McCrazy

    The good this is that the sensor pixel density is the same as the D7000, and may well be that sensor tech on FX (really low shadow noise)

    All I need is a 100% viewfinder and I’m set!!

  • Mamu Line Clear

    This is the best news first thing in the morning.
    Will buy it.

  • Sterling

    Hmmm… I don’t like to be a hater but 36mp seems like overkill and 4 frames per second seems like underkill. PLUS no amazing ISO? You might as well be shooting a 5D MII. Granted, the D800 will have vastly better autofocus, but what’s the point if you’re only shooting at 4 FPS anyways?

  • Wow. That’s completely unexpected. If it’s 36 MP with breakthrough technology to make it fantastic in low light without a loss of detail trade off, that of course would be fantastic. A rise to 8 FPS with a grip would be nice as well. But I digress, I can’t recall the last time I was that surprised at a Nikon rumor.

  • Wags

    I’m thinking this….
    D800….. 36MP, “slow” 4FPS, smaller (D700) body, D700-D7000 ISO performance, $4K
    D4….. 18-24MP, 10-12FPS, larger (D3) body, 2-3 stops ISO over D3s (crazy), $5-6K
    D400….. 12MP (D3S sensor), smaller (D300-D7000 body) $2K
    The D7000 and future generations (D7100-D9000) are top end of DX.


    As far as the D800, I’m a landscape guy, so high res 36MP with close to D700 ISO would be a dream. I want the size and weight of a D3 body, and don’t need 9FPS.

    • Wags

      Ooops, I DON’T want the size and weight of a D3 body.

  • Chad Davies

    If nikon isn’t fulfilling your “needs” look at canon, raise your price range, or reevaluate your needs.

  • Bernardl

    The correct trandlation of the Bullet about micro lenses is that another version of the body, witout micro lenses, will be released a bit later.

    They also write the the 18mp successor of the D3s will be released next February.


    • Eskimo Nikonian

      For high ISO complainers (I’m one of them), the D3s replacement is good news. With the pace of improvements seen in the D7000’s noise reduction at 16 MP as well as the Expeed III processor previewed in the mirrorless cameras, an 18 MP FF camera should be superior to its predecessor in IQ and speed. Nikon has its bases covered, it just takes a little more info.
      Still a $3,000 to $3,500 camera with ISO performance superior to the D700 would be nice

      • Bernardl

        Well, you can expect a 36mp pixel sensor with at least D7000 image quality to be already better with high ISO images once scaled down to 12 MP.

        Now, there is no reason to think that Nikon would settle for D7000 level pixel quality, one year has passed since the D7000 was released and progress keeps marching on.

        So all in all, it seems pretty certain that you would get better than D700 high ISO image quality even without major breakthrough at sensel level.

        It would be interesting to see to what extend Nikon did optimize the video image quality.


        • Bernardl

          Now, the real question would be, why 36.3 MP?

          Of course, there are assumptions that the D7000 pixels are being used as is, but that does accurately add up in fact. The ratio of surface between a D3x and D7000 sensors is 2.33. The D7000 has 16084992 pixels, so do the math and you arrive at more than 37 megapixels.

          I would personnally have gone for 39.3 MP.

          That makes a lot more sense for obvious reasons when you think video. Indeed, having 7680 pixels on the long side would allow a 4:1 pixel equivalence relative to the long side of 1920*1080.

          Using the current 1.5 aspect ratio of FX, you end up with 39.3 million pixels.

          Or… the D800 does offer a sensor that does not follow the 24/36 ratio, but decided instead to go with a slightly more panoramic ratio… let’s say a 1.618 ratio that happens to be the Golden number.

          Following this logic, you would get to a sensor with 36.45 mega pixels.

          So if these specs are correct, I would guess that Nikon might have decided to change the aspect ratio of their sensors.


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