Weekly Nikon news flash #130

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  • I like how the 400€ Samyang rapes both the Nikkor and the Zeiss in all respects.

    • the visible man

      too bad its mf only

      • yep…

      • glass this fast needs to be AF, otherwise you will throw half of the photos done during stress or movement. Sure for street bicycle shots it is awesome but otherwise…

        I also wonder why every review ignores the fact that Nikkor is how i call it, “AWES-O-ME” coated. Which means that it pulls out skin colors and pulls down all the rest. In other words, it produces much warmer results then any other nikkor or third party lens. It wont affect photo more then just adds some better separation for portraits as you can color correct it to match other lenses.

        • Ever heard of something called a split focus screen?

          • Of course i did. And does it help you to focus running couple towards you at f1.4? Not me. AF does for me 80+% keepers. I manually focus 90% of the time, but there are money shots to be taken which are impossible without good AF.

          • Jabs


            Actually an all matte focusing screen is faster, as a split image screen forces you to the center of the image and thus off center composition framing is SLOWER.

            Too bad Nikon stopped making them.

            F3 had them!
            Used them and they were indeed faster than the split image ones.

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              I still carry around a severely battered F3HP with MD4 and an Ai-s 35/1.4 with a B+W yellow/orange filter and rubber hood. I love that combo more than anyone should..
              But what I really love is the all matte focussing screen ( swapped the Nikon one for a Beattie though.

              I wish you could get that simplicity on a modern DSLR…
              MF, spot or center metering, proper dials and it shoots RAW only, so no tons of settings to go through. Put a D3s sensor in that and I’d buy 2 right now. Grip could be for better handling and to add power, increase FPS and look nice :-* But most of all the matte screen with only 2 faint metering circles on it, nothing to distract you from the picture.

              Put that on Ruthy’s Christmas list!

            • Jabs



              Yeah, an F3HP is almost ‘naked’ without an MD4 and also a MN-2 Ni-Cad pack – sweet camera.
              I also liked the MK-1 bottom mounted shutter release and the MF-6B back that left the leader out of the film canister for easy re-feeding film back into the camera or when using Polaroid Instant slide and then not have to dig into the canister to retrieve the film leader – ugh!

              The removable heads and the wider array of focusing screens is what I miss the most now as I often used the DA-2 Action head and it was great, plus when shooting Macros, the High Mag head allowed very precise focusing while looking down.

              I never had a Beattie screen, but I heard that they were excellent. I used the weird Nikon ‘TV’ screen to shoot Polaroid slides for inclusion in Video Presentations (and avoid the overscan areas in video) with my Sony 8mm Video Handycam gear back in the day – lol. Shoot film, shoot video, Edit together and then make Presentation in your hotel room too. All now replaced by computers and faster plus more flexible too. Still doing the same thing now, but much more flexibility in today’s gear and better results too. Open Office or Libre Office has a great Impress Program that allows you to embed Video easily unlike PowerPoint, so I prefer that now.

              Only thing that has not changed is the need to shoot well plus precisely and that the F3 excelled at. Sort of trained you to focus on what you are doing and thus it is my favorite Nikon from the past, especially the F3TC (Chrome or natural Titanium finish).

              I don’t really know if it would make technical or financial sense for Nikon to now make the equivalent of a digital F3, but who knows? Many here seem more interested in a digital FM2 and I go to myself – WHY? Maybe a digital FA instead of an FM2, but everyone has their own choice, so don’t care.

              Looking forward to the D4 and maybe Nikon will surprise us with removable heads and more focusing screens plus even sneak in an F7 with the same features as that would really be great. The best of the past brought forward except of course, the all important old price points – Oh well, you can’t have everything!

            • …ooh, lets see some photos you shot wide open with a 1.4 lens and a matte screen.

            • Jabs


              LOL – jealous?

              Naw, I have many shots with a Nikon 50 F1.4 with various versions of Fuji slide film – 50D, 64T, 100D and 400D plus some Kodachrome slide film – 25 and 64 Pro and even Ektachrome 50 Pro – BUT not showing them to you unless you PAY me, as no idiot here ‘waiting’ to fall for a simple ploy or dare.

              Send me the million US bucks first and then I will email them to you too – LOL.


              Yeah – bozo here and what are you?

              A dimmer light bulb in a dark cave?

              You see ‘pal’ Nikon made some special focusing screens years ago that allowed me to shoot in actual caves easily and thus I used them myself and still wish that Nikon would now do the same. Heck, they even amplified light – sort of like the D3s of their day too – lol. We couldn’t shoot at as high an ISO as now, but at least we could see and focus in very dark places that even required very long tripod mounted exposures and YES, the F3HP did that with those Nikon specialized screens as I used them in caves in the Tennessee Mountains.

              Do you need the name of the focusing screen?

            • I’m not calling you names. That’s more your style. I’m just asking to see photos, which you often talk about, but never show. All you have to do is click my name. I have nothing to hide.

              And you appear to have nothing to show…

            • Jabs


              I do NOT show my photos on the Internet – clear enough!


            • Clear as day! One can’t show something that one doesn’t have!

        • Why is it always you guys that cannot or don’t that are the experts…lol
          Why don’t you ask someone that does it every day instead of telling everyone it cannot be done.

          • because such people dont exist. Only on internet where nobody can prove them they exist.

            • gt

              yeah, sorry, you fail. it can be done, you just can’t do it. jose villa shoots pure manual focus — and he charges what…$15,000 per wedding?

              Just because you can’t do something — doesn’t mean its impossible.

      • Eric

        On a full frame at 35mm, it’s not so hard to nail focus wide open 2 meters apart from the subject.
        At more than f/2.8, it’s a piece of cake.

        • Petia

          Great, but what’s the point of having a f/1.4 lens if you have to use it at > 2.8 to get sharp pictures?
          I have a Samyang 85 f/1.4. I don’t regret it, it’s great for the price. But you rediscover the frustration of badly focused pictures that would have been great otherwise. I’m not a pro, so 1) I can live with that and 2) I wouldn’t have bought the equivalent AF-S Nikkor f/1.4. But I understand one can make a different choice, especially if you can afford it.

          • practice makes perfect!

          • Eric

            Because you can shoot at f/1.4 doesn’t mean you always should.
            For the same reason you don’t always use your flash at full power, or your shutter at 1/8000s or 30”.

            I totally agree that MF is more of a problem at 85mm, though.

            • I shoot wide open most of the time because I can, not because I should. 😉

          • Alex

            Great foto is not about sharpness, by the way

    • Scott

      Except for distortion.

      I really do wonder how they beat them so harshly on the rest of the factors.

      • jerl

        In general with retrofocus lenses (like a 35mm), you can trade increased sharpness for increased distortion, so maybe this isn’t really that big a surprise.

    • That’s what I have been saying for a while about the Smayang’s. Don’t sleep on the Koreans! They are on the Come up. A few months back I got into a disagreement with some people on here insisting that Zeiss was the end all for lenses. I still think they were justifying their purchases and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in a side by side photo. Sure, there are some Subtle characteristics of the Zeiss lenses but when you compare the price you really have to ask yourself how important the differences are. Especially when the Nikon has AF and the Zeiss doesn’t. After looking I might buy this lil’ wonder. I have no problem focusing with the electronic rangefinder.

    • …I own the Zeiss and tried to get my mate’s Syang to give me the same as a print. If you don’t print then I’d say go for the Samyang but if you do any work for $ or print for yourself then the difference is in your face. The split prism is only relevant for architecture or where you can define an edge and besides its a wide so if you cannot manage the MF then its AF for you.

      • Your test would be perfect if someone else shot it and just showed you the prints. I still think you went into it having to justify your purchase. I’m talking about a blind test here and I think many would have a hard time finding fault in the Samyang.

  • D

    “Nikon 85mm f/1.4 lens now in stock.”

    I picked up the last one.

  • Samyang rocks for video on FF sensor! Ops…where is the fullframe video in Nikon? Sigh…

    • Jabs

      Called a D3s

  • MB
  • An $80 grip for the J1. Which appears to be nothing more than a piece of plastic which is attached via tripod mount.

    The fuck?

    • EvanK


    • C_QQ_C

      Nope, it also holds an extra battery, thats why they are differen for the V1 and the j1, : different batteries….

      • Roeder

        Nope. I pointed this out in the J1/V1 discussion thread in the forums. Neither hold a battery, they are ONLY grips.

        Nikon store has em for $120.00


      • MB

        You are kidding about the batteries right?

        • iamlucky13

          Kidding or not, it is incorrect.

          The grips are just ergonomically-shaped plastic with a thumbscrew.

          So the interesting question is: will the $15 Chinese knock-offs beat the cameras to the sales floors or not?

  • ennan

    I recently got the samyang 85mm for review purposes and quite frankly I’m blown away by it’s performance. The 35mm is my next purchase for sure. The manual focus isn’t much of an issue for me.

  • AnoNemo

    Here is a great review of the latest Nikon beast:


    They are also thrilled about this thing.

    • Jabs

      Actually they DID not Review it – a Division of their’s did!

      Look here:

      Here is another Review just for you too.


      AND why do you hate this camera and Nikon in general so much?

      Did they fail to personally deliver your brand spanking custom designed new D800 with the letters B-R-I-G-H-T-B-O-Y engraved on it and the luxurious platinum finish too or did Fed-Ex drop it into the ocean ‘accidentally on purpose’? – LOL.

      Isn’t your Nex7 good enough for you or have you not gotten it yet and that prized ‘rotten’ or is that an amazing 16 2.8?

      Pathetic people!

      Give it a rest, as two can play this idiotic game!

      Which idiot do you want to be now – Idiot A or Idiot B – you go first.


      • TCD


      • Mock Kenwell

        Ugh. Your posts are so long, hostile, condescending and rude. Admin, these constant personal attacks are just ridiculous. Jabs, you talk about shooting so much, but I dont see how that’s possible when every post here is War & Peace. The Unibomber’s Manifesto looks concise and focused compared to your ramblings.

        • Jabs

          @The Mocker

          Perhaps you learn to read and think plus comprehend or just ignore me.

          Maybe you prefer – Geez this is so cool, so hep, so rad – Awwwweeee and other such monosyllable responses!

          Comparing anyone to the Unibomber is an insult to their intelligence or mental state, but with a name like yours here which laughs at a web site owner, I am not insulted but merely overlooking you in irony. Never read the Unibomber manifesto, as why would I be interested in the ramblings of a person out of touch with reality???

          It’s NOT reality, so what’s the point?

          Thanks for your critique though.


        • @Admin: I agree. Jabs goes on with pages worth of unqualified (and blatantly off the mark and at time off topic) “opinion” while claiming some sort of engineering credentials. He brings the quality of discussion down.

          It’s hard to ignore when he posts five 1000 word rants on a single post.

          My vote continues to be for blocking him/her.

          • Micah, my current policy is to only remove posts that use abusive language, or spam.

            • …the wording Jabs uses is not all that vulgar, but the messages are often personally abusive in nature. The comments are free bonus content and can add a lot to your blog. In fact, I suspect some people come here just to enjoy the banter. If the banter is hostile and/or misinformation, it will drive off readers. That’s part of what drove me away from Ph0t0graphy Bay.

              Your posts are generally good quality. But banter like Jabs detracts almost to the point of making it not worth reading around horrid comments or reading the posts at all.

              You obviously can’t (shouldn’t?) remove all the random people with bland comments that don’t add anything to the discussion. Jabs posts go beyond just inane, into the realm of offensive–either just personally offensive or (quite often) such bad misinformation that it’s annoying/offensive.

              Hmm…are there any comment flagging plugins for WP?

      • AnoNemo


        I think we can have great conversations here but please avoid being hostile, rude, and name caller.

        Look, I respect your points but try to imagine that not everyone thinks the same way as you do and not everyone is in the same situation. We can have different opinions and let’s keep it this way without offending each other. I hope you understand that.

        Now back to your questions:
        1) I do not hate Nikon. I have been using Nikon gears for over decades.
        2) The Nex-7 is not on the market yet. I did not have a chance to try it out but so far what I saw makes me think that this would be an excellent small camera for travel. You know sometimes you cannot carry the large dslr gear.
        3) In this category (NEX-7) Nikon does not have anything to offer that would deliver the image quality I would like. No matter how great the Nikon 1 system is, you cannot compare it to a 24mp DX. And btw the Nikon 1 is about the same size but heavier than the Nex-7
        4) The weakness of the Nex-7 is the missing small lenses. Currently they have the 16mm 2.8 which is small and gives you 24mm. On the other hand, once my friend buys one I will definately try it and report back.

        As I said and you can read in the USAToday article, Nikon is late with the Nikon 1 and you have to compare this to its peers. They should have come out 2-3 years ago with this. Nikon has nothing to offer anything close to the NEX-7.

        Then again, the FX line needs badly an upgrade and all we see from Nikon is coolpix and this Nikon 1. Then you saw the ill worded posting from Nikon on Facebook which made many loyal Nikon enthusiast think. They started to think and question whether Nikon is listening because so far the evidence points into a different direction.

        Lastly, I refused to answer questions about which idiot I want to be A or B. I am not sure what you want to accomplish with these types of questions. Please avoid those and let’s try to have conversations otherwise just ignore my posts.

        • Jabs


          I respond to YOU in the way that you present yourself here at times.

          You mostly come off as a Nikon hating, whining and pointless person, but lately you have been elaborating on your points in a better manner to me, personally.

          My point is and has always been – YOU make your own choices and then you also need to respect the choices of everyone else here too and not redundantly post the same insipid mess here all the time, as that is childish and pointless plus irritating to me.

          Glad that you have settled on a Sony NeX and if you think that anyone believes that the Nikon 1 is a competitor for that bigger sensored camera then perhaps you are a fool as well as that story writer. The fact of the matter is that almost every Manufacturer makes something unique and different from others and their laudable gear is respected by many. When you come to a Nikon forum and constantly bellyache about the obvious, then it tells us that YOU do not respect us here, so I try and wake you up, but you go on and on.

          Buy what you like and be done with it.
          Companies have their own timeline and strategies and thus get over yourself, please!

          Nikon is Nikon and has been this way for maybe before you were born, so perhaps you learn to accept that.

          Make choices and stop the bellyaching which now shows us that you are a mature and thinking individual!

          Opinions and bellyaching are not the same!!!

          • AnoNemo

            Indeed, opinions are not the same.

            • Jabs


              OK, we got that out of our system – lol

              I don’t hate you or anyone here – OK

              I am more Business oriented and analyze stuff for a living, so a no nonsense person at times who often bluntly speaks what’s on my mind.

              Let us know what you think of the NeX 7, as it seems like an interesting camera, though I personally think that the sensor is too large in megapixels for me and the files that I have examined so far, point to worse response than the previous 16meg sensor in say a D7000 and a Sony A580. I hope that Nikon does not use this sensor!

              I personally want a black Nikon V1 (hate the girly colors but male here, so expect that), but will see what the street price is and then decide. I don’t look for absolutes or a one tool fits all scenarios and thus I don’t complain much, as nothing to bother me from that reality of different tools for different tasks.

              I even want an AW100 and might even get an iPad and awwww – an iPhone 5, if I can figure out what the heck to do with it as maybe the iPad will do the same thing on a bigger screen too using VoIP software.

            • AnoNemo


              So far what I learned about the NEX-7 is very impressive. Don’t forget what you see out there are pre-production models.

              When you look at the size, weight, resolution, video etc. you will find it at the same spot as the Nikon 1 system. I think the price will drop significantly for the following reasons. Competition … just add canon to the group (they have to come sooner than later) and see a 20-30% drop.

              One more thing I noticed on the NEX-7 was the simple manual options. I mentioned before I had an FM2 with a 24mm and 50mm lens and loved it.

              Once the finalized version will be on the market and my friend will buy it I will borrow it an report back. If I like it, I will buy it. If not then I will wait until somebody produces a Nikon FM2 digital. 😉

            • Jabs


              The files that I was speaking about were of the A77 and assuming that the NeX7 uses that same sensor, then my reference.

              I really want to hear about real usage of the NeX7 and then see what new innovations it brings to the table, but I don’t really see it nor the J1 and V1 as competitors at all.

              Different types of cameras perhaps being confused by people’s expectations of Nikon going mirrorless like Sony seems to be going, maybe.

              I see the Nikon V1 and J1 as mere bridge cameras between a DSLR and a P@S and thus on those merits, it absolutely is amazing to me, that is. I just read a test today of the J1 and compared to the Nex5n, it did better in video straight out of the camera. Let us then see what the NeX7 does!

              The NeX7 to me personally is a one dimensional product more geared towards ultimate bragging about megapixels like Canon has done and thus not my type of a camera. I intend to use the Nikon 1 system to merely do Presentations of maybe 800×600 to 1024×768 picture sizes in say Fotowall or Libre Office Impress, so why would I need 24megs for that? I like the systematic approach and not the one off cameras, as already did that in life and then settled on the Nikon SYSTEM. I see too many accessories (even if priced high) for the Nikon 1 and that points to longer term thinking than mere bragging rights, so that gets my attention. I see a much faster video throughput and faster framing rates plus that Expeed sub-system speaks volumes to ME.

              Never really liked the FM2 nor the better FM2n or even FE2, as they were too limited for me – my brother had an FM2 plus I bought an FM2n for him years ago while I bought myself a better FA and loved it. Maybe a digital F3 or FA then!

              Lastly, everything to me is in the details and the lenses (especially that 10-100 ED-IF-AF aspheric with 2 aspheric elements and variable video zoom control) plus that F-mount adapter will be invaluable to me. In looking at the files from the V1 and J1, I see a remarkable camera of 10 megs with very clean files and great DOF, so I don’t follow what people state or try to imply, as the files are what I look at before making any decision. The colors are clean and accurate to me, so I am intrigued from that as I have no axe to grind nor some personal agenda with thousands of people following me and looking to every word that I say – LOL (I would hate that, as too much pressure and I would curse them off and tell them to go get a life or such). Have you seen what happens in Congress in America now as in gridlock and passionate egos cause lost or no productivity?

              Then, that is how I feel – as in trying to avoid that type of a complication and then focus on my own work and not people’s impractical dreams.

              Thanks for your replies too.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The very definition of a troll is someone who tries to dominate a forum by over-posting long-winded diatribes, while simultaneously attacking others in order to provoke a response. Frankly, I rarely read your posts anymore as I know exactly what it will say and I know A) it won’t help to further the discussion, B) it will address the previous poster as “idiot” or “moron,” and C) it will contain some rant about how great the F3 was. Not to mention all the typos and ESL-isms. If you’re so brilliant, create your own forum and see who comes.

            • Jabs

              You read enough of my posts to now determine my style and the concepts that I eschew according to you, so then just IGNORE me, as you have already ‘profiled’ me.

              Public forum bub

              Public forum

              Public forum – forgot?

              Do not read what is insipid, tasteless, clueless or ignorant to you = you being intelligent or did you forget that too?

              Hey, you don’t have to be really bright to figure out everyone here, you know that – right?


              Mocking you too.

              Dishing it out and then unable to take it – WOW!!!

              Enjoy your day, as this place is not my life and not that serious, as it is a RUMORS web site – forgot?

              Bah bah byeee!

              Off to Neverneverland – lol.

  • Jesus_sti

    What about Bokeh !

  • Jabs


    Maybe you could have looked here for these numerous and varied Nikon 1 accessories. Like I said, it truly is a camera system and lost on many here too.


    • Mock Kenwell

      Not lost on everybody. But that doesn’t make it great. Still too big to be truly pocketable, with minimal advantage over way cheaper and more versatile compacts. Interesting video capabilities, but frankly, I just don’t see the market for this camera.

    • iamlucky13

      I’m also a little surprised he didn’t see that.

      Admin – can I suggest that with releases of major interest like this, don’t forget to look to see how Nikon is presenting these things directly to the consumer, not just to the media. Check for announcements directly on NikonUSA.com, and browse several levels into whatever you find there. They had a collection of pages for the 1 system I think you missed.

      Moving on, the system exists, but it’s not particularly impressive. For example, the shoe-mount flash for the V1 has less power than the pop-up flash on my D40!

      I agree with the small minority of posters here who can look past their own wants and needs and recognize that this camera does have some appeal for the right demographic. Unfortunately, that demographic is almost none of the sort who post here.

      Switching topics, is the RRS plate for the P7100 actually needed? It’s so similar to the P7000, I’d think they’d be interchangeable.

  • na

    first they made a small camera that is not that small when compares, than they make some hand grip to hold it – for 899 – get a fucking d5100

  • Steve

    There’s an Oz site selling the 50-150 os for AUS$1,799 iirc. But still no weight, mtf, or other specs. So what gives ?


    • C_V

      The sell the 70-200VRII for AU$2,659.00.
      So 67,66% , roughly 2/3!

      Hopefully this will drop towards 50% 😀 Then it’s a def buy …

  • Jabs

    Maybe something for the D800 crowd here to send you into shock and give ya’ the vapors – lol.


  • Anxious

    Dear Nikon,
    Please help me, I am puzzled!

    Yes, I know a photographer is only as good as his equipment, so I wanted to choose the best. The nice helpful young man at the photo dealer recommended the Nikon D3S and Nikkor 85/1.4G as the best for portraits, so who was I to argue?

    I’m taking your advice, so why is it the guys at my camera club say my best shot is the one where I added a cheap filter smeared with Vaseline? What am I doing wrong?
    Anxious from Billericay

  • Jabba the Open Shutt

    O great oracle of the Jabs,
    What is this Book of Faces of which thou speakest?

    [sorry, wrong thread, but I’m sure you’ll be here as well]

    • Jabs


      Yeah – oracles are imaginary things – RIGHT?


      Da Plane, Da Plane Bwaass – oh well, another day at the Fantasy Island or er NikonHumors.

      Former New Yorker here bud, so you can’t easily out satirize me!!!

      Not some jimoke or a schmuck either – lol

      Nice try though and funny too.

      Bed bugs are all over there too, so are NY rats the size of cats.


  • Puzzled

    Nikon, this is a disgrace.
    I, too, wanted the best I could afford, so I settled for the D700, 14-24, 24-70, & 70-200. But I just can’t put my finger on what’s missing. How can I manage with only 12 million pixels? Where’s my D800?
    How can my 14 year old daughter take better pics with her Olympus Pen and standard zoom?
    That’s it, I’m switching……

  • Essex Man

    Nikon, NR guys, Please. I am desparate.
    After carefully following all the web experts, etc, I chose the Nikon D3S as the best for low light photography. I always use my 24-120mm zoom wide open at f4 for the quickest shutter speed, have the VR switched on, set ISO 100 for the best quality, and brace the camera carefully. I just don’t seem to be getting the sharpness I thought this equipment was capable of.
    Any suggestions?

    • yea, throw the 24-120 for low light out. 35 f1.8 will give you 8 times more light so you can happily shoot with D90 to get same image quality

    • D3s for low light but shooting at ISO 100 with a slow-ish zoom lens?

      If you are really in a low light situation I would not settle for a shutter speed of less than 1/30s at a minimum. My 50mm f/1.4 barely gets that at shooting at ISO 1600 so I’d imagine you should crank the sensitivity.

      • …yeah, holy crap! I missed that! Run that puppy at 25k and don’t worry about faster glass. Of course, beware of using too fast a shutter speed under fluorescent lights or those newfangled LED stage lights.

        If you really wanna spend money on something, pick up a copy of PS CS5 and start shooting raw. It won’t make your pics less shaky, but you can be less fearful of running high ISOs with it.

    • I’m really diggin the quality of the 35/2 on my D700. Same res sensor on the D3s…ought to give good results. I’d recommend checking one out. You can pick one up for $200-300 if you dig around a little.

      I may do a review of it when I get my busted D700 back.

      And for the record, the angle of view for a 35mm on a D90 is much different. (@”Harold Ellis”) Next closest lens for the D90 would be the Sigma 24/1.8 or the Nikon 24/1.4. The former is excellent, but BIG and the latter is excellent, but costs the same as two D90s.

    • Why are you talking about “lowest ISO for good image quality” but in the same sentence are talking about getting a “D3s for its low light capability?”

      Something is totally off.

      1. The D3s is designed for best image quality at ISO 200. Stay away from 100 unless you absolutely need it, as it’s really just an under-exposed 200 with less dynamic range. Still not a sharpness issue.

      2. The D3s is literally as good at ISO 800 as it is at ISO 200. What the hell are you scared of? You can shoot to ISO 3200+ with impunity, and I wouldn’t be afraid of ISO 25,600 if I had to use it. Bottom line though? If sharpness is the issue, it’s probably not the ISO at anything under ISO 6400.

      3. The 24-120 is… well… it’s a lens for casual shooters. It’s a walk-around-do-everything-fine sorta lens. It has perfectly average optics, and in addition f/4 is less-than desirable. Not just for low light, but for background separation. Remember that f/4 is FOUR stops slower than a good 50mm f/1.4 or 85mm f/1.4. That’s the difference between ISO 800 and ISO 6400. I’m just curious as to why you’re pairing a consumer f/4 mid-range zoom to a state-of-the-art beast that is the D3s?

      4. VR should only be in use when you need it. There are some varying reports on the exact number, but the sources I respect say that using VR at shutters speeds *faster* than 1/500th of a second can affect image sharpness.

      5. Depending on your post-processing workflow, you may not be effectively sharpening your images. Sharpening happens a few different places in the process from start to finish. You’ve got capture, post, and output sharpening. Make sure you know how that’s working for you.

      6. These are all little issues I have with your problem, but I will say that the number 1 reason people aren’t getting satisfactorily sharp images is because they have inadequate shot discipline. You may be a great photographer with a legitimate concern, but I must be honest that your gear selection (mismatch, even) suggests you may need to hone your basic skills.

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