Nikon ViewNX 2.2.1 is out

Today Nikon released ViewNX version 2.2.1 with support for the new Nikon 1 cameras. You can see the full list of changes and download the new version for Mac or PC here.

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  • Crocodilo

    First 🙂

    Any rumors on a serious (and much needed) revamp of Capture NX?

    • lox

      You mean a 64-bit, fast and reliable application, multi-threaded, user-friendly? Not in a billion years.

      • it exists, funny enough, this version also costs 70dollars less:

        • Crocodilo

          LOL! I personnaly go the Lightroom+Nik plug-ins way.

          But lox seems to be unfortunately right on.

        • lox

          Yeah I probably gonna switch…. Since I’ve payed for a CNX2 license I demand improvements – much asked for, badly necessary improvements. CNX2 is such a pain in my ass, it’s probably not worth waiting.

          Oh I wished Nikon was so clever in making software as they are in making lenses (and cameras).

          • i paid also and switching was the best productivity thing i ever did.

            I tried lightroom but Capture one is as good RAW developer as NX2 is. Lightroom have as good GUI as C1, but cannot recover shadows and blown highlights, colors are weird and many other limitations against C1. It works good with canon RAWs but not nikons.

    • D700guy

      Capture NX sucks. I switched to Photoshop and will never look back

      • Lightroom here, with Photoshop when advanced retouching is needed.

  • The invisible man

    The French “Photokina” is next week

    All I need is a D900 and a AF-S 300mm f/4 VRII

    Thank you Mr (&Mrs) Nikon

    • broxibear

      Lets be honest…all you’re going to get is a pink J1 and a “I don’t know” when you ask them about D4, D400, D800 or any lenses.
      If you’re really, really lucky they might announce something else no one’s been asking for…like a chameleon coolpix that changes colour at the click of a button.
      It’s something that no one wants so nikon are bound to bring one out…go on Nikon marketing, you know you want to.

      • AnoNemo

        I think Nikon really started to damage its reputation with this no serious cameras for 2-3-4 years behaviour. I just still do not understand that their marketing department never noticed that the crap they are throwing at us does not help making the company image look like the “pros’ choice”.

        • broxibear

          Hi AnoNemo,
          You take things to seriously mate, I’m just being sarcastic.
          Don’t get caught up in all the hype, nobody looks at an image and says “if only it had been shot using a D whatever”. Use whatever equipment you have and do the best you can with it.
          Yes Nikon’s marketing dept is poor, yes it would be helpful if they’d given us some sort of clue about the new cameras, but it is what it is.
          When I left photgraphy college and started assisting people I contacted one the best music photographers in London to assist him, he told me he didn’t use assistants because he only had one lens and one body…I was amazed. Terry Richardson did a Vogue fashion spread, the art editor was puzzled because he turned up on his own with no bags. When she asked Terry where all his equipment was he went into his pocket and produced one Yashica T4…that was all the gear he had.
          Don’t take this the wrong way AnoNemo but you shouldn’t worry yourself so much over Nikon…good, bad or ugly they’re going to do what they’re going to do.
          If every now and again they listen to what their customers want then great…I f they don’t so what.
          Get the best equipment you can afford and take the best images you can. There’s always going to be new equipment round the corner, worrying about it or not having it is bad for your photography and bad for your health…let it go.

          • Anonymous

            broxibear… very very well said. However, the problem is with the user and hence he/she blames the tools. Ansel Adams made images with the cameras that most of us don’t know how to use, but because of his vision, the images are better than 99.999 (maybe 100)% of images made today using the latest cameras.

          • AnoNemo

            Heh heh, broxibear I guess you took me seriously. 🙂

            I was just sarcastic about Nikon’s brand management. 🙂 What they are trying to do is to serve all segments from crap to pro. We know that this is almost impossible to accomplish. That was my point.

            • broxibear

              No worries AnoNemo.

            • AnoNemo

              Next time I will use the happy faces. 🙂

              You know what’s funny, my favorite Nikon rig was a manual FM2 and a 50mm lens. I wish Nikon would make one. 100% manual and with the same metering and no display in the back. I would not even mind to have the same wrist watch batteries in it. To take the picture the juice can be generated by moving the “film advance lever”. I would buy one without any hesitation.


  • what is use for? like what?

  • Robert

    Yawn …………..
    Is anyone as excited as I AM NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R!

    Come on give us free real NX please we deserve that at least !!!!!

  • Steve Starr

    The link provided is for the European version.

    People in North America need to go here:

    Seems a bit of a difference in the two, like 9MB in size. Larger file size of the European one over the NA one will have some regional issues on the install. Don’t know about the differences in the program itself – if any.

    • nrb

      Thanks. You just saved me from trying to navigate Nikon USA’s site.

    • pjs

      The US version is still 2.1.x NOT 2.2.x (as the European version is) – there should be another update coming soon as you cannot do edits on V series cameras with V 2.1.x…

  • Andrej

    I have relatively easy question. The only reason in the past I have used viewnx is because its the only software that I can see the original focus point on the raw. Is there any other software that shows it? Other than that yeah Lightroom+Nik software, and for tether’d shooting on the mac i use Helicon Remote.

  • Capture nxFAIL

    Wish Nikon would revert to DNG’s.

  • They’ve fixed an “issue”. When was “issue” a synonym for “major fault”

    “An issue that caused JPEG images edited or saved with ViewNX 2 to be saved at a high compression ratio has been resolved.”

    But I am pleased they fixed it.

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