All Nikon 1 products now available for pre-order (updated)

All Nikon 1 products are now available for pre-order at Adorama, B&H and Amazon:

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  • Paul

    i just ordered the v1!!! excited…!!

    • AnoNemo

      Oh baby Jesus they finally have a PINK model!
      Yes, yes, and yes!
      Nikon made it!

      BTW, as I said before the fu_k’n size difference is not noticeable! These little pieces of turds are the extension of the CoolDiaheria line of the Nikon digestive system.

      Now I say F U Nikon with this piece of crap!

      Fu_k’n corrupt fat Japanese m-fers. I donated more than 10k but they are not honest! As always when you donate you later find out ………….

      • Bjrichus

        Oh my god!


        That must make it good….

        (Can I to use the words “commings” and “big hands” in the same sentence?)

        • The invisible man

          I can’t wait to see how the box look like !

          • AnoNemo

            The invisible man is right! He wants to see the pink box. ;-

      • Iris Chrome

        I never understood what’s up with all the overreactions. It’s one thing to complain and voice an opinion and another to throw a fit because mommy Nikon didn’t the toy you wanted for christmas.

        Take it down a notch, will you AnoNemo? The way you’re making it sound, I’m beginning to think the problem is where the sun doesn’t shine and not the Land of the Rising Sun.

        • AnoNemo

          Perhaps you’re right. I guess I overreacted a bit but looking size of these beasts …

          24mp Sony vs Ni-con crap at 10mp
          Weight: 295gr 294gr
          Length: 119mm 113mm
          Heigth: 66.9mm 76mm
          Depth: 42.6mm 44mm

          What conclusion can you make?

          • Iris Chrome

            I know I’m not exactly happy either… if you read the forums you, you can see my full opinion there. I just think Nikon’s got a different group of photographers in mind than the one’s they usually target.

    • marco

      what about? … it seems a nice camera but I have doubts about the quality of a small sensor, especially at high ISO. aspect of testing and sample images to judge … maybe the new processor makes miracles?!
      (optics also need to expand)

    • yo

      get your money back. it is not too late.

    • jack

      concerning the V1 announcement…. and not a single damn was given on that day.

      • LGO

        The term V1 makes me wonder whether Nikon has again committed another gaffe in its choice of words. It is unlikely that those born in the UK will forget what “V1” means and are unlikely to warm up to it.

        • Jason

          Well, I know about the weapon that it also refers to but at under 80 years old, I can’t claim to remember it. On the other hand, we Brits routinely drive along a road called the A4, which was the proper name of the V-2 rocket. A quick check with current British teenagers shows that they don’t understand the term “four minute warning” and have only a very hazy idea of why a “record shop” is called that.
          Young people today, eh? Don’t you wish you were one . . .

          • LGO

            Young people today, eh? Don’t you wish you were one . . .


      • Iris Chrome

        Yet, apparently, you did.

    • Iris Chrome

      Do come back later and give us a review of the camera. I myself am intrigued by the camera even though the lenses look bigger than I hoped they would be. The price is also another point I can’t bring myself to accept. Don’t let me discourage you though. More power to you for pre-ordering it and good luck 😀

  • Midnight Lost Child

    This looks like a toy for a rich kid that can’t be bothered to learn how to use a DSLR but wants to look like a big boy and change lenses.

    Then again my wife would think the red camera looks pretty.

    • You sound like someone who is not willing to share their photos (because they are crap), or someone so jealous that they cannot afford to purchase one of these cameras.
      Why do you have to be so jaded? Its a bloody camera. If it makes someone happy, so be it. Get over yourself.

      SEND us a link to your photos. I want to be snarky.

      • Midnight Lost Child

        Lol if you want to be snarky then it matters not what my work is like you will find fault with it. I could send you a link to ansel adams work that is not well known and you would still find fault with its composition even though he is a master of it.

        Why do I have to be jaded? Isn’t it a naive thought that no one in the world would be jaded and would be happy with whatever life gives them? If people did not want more would there be no work to improve and advance? Using your logic if it makes me happy to voice my thoughts then you should be happy with it and get over yourself.

    • MJr

      Oh but there is .. Nikon could’ve been spending their time and resources for something useful.

      • Rob

        You mean on something that loses them market share? Cause that’s what you all seem to want. If Nikon isn’t profitable, there will be no D800. They’re a business, not a charity.

        • MJr

          Win market share with … this ?

  • Photonut

    Nice colors … but wait, where’s the blue one! 🙂

    • Midnight Lost Child

      You know if they offered customs colors I think these things would sell really well at universities and for sports fans if they could get their team logos on the camera.

    • Buck Hunter

      Fool. No one wants a blue camera. They want CAMO! I will never buy this camera unless they release it in camo paint edition. And if Knee-Con really wants to stave off the competition, they would release a series of 5 different camo patterns to suit your environment. Desert, Jungle, Arctic, etc.
      Another Nikon Fail.

  • Sebastien_M

    And the D4..? Where is it? 🙁

    • R R

      and the D800…. ? 🙁

      • Bobbybrownblack

        Those are black. Booooring!!

      • MJr

        Want D9000; enthusiast full-frame D7000.

  • Paul

    just ordered my v1!! excited…!!

  • so so

    So I need to see what it’s better in terms of IQ vs m43. The price it’s higher, what about quality?

    • steve

      It won’t compete with G3, GH2, E-P3 etc. Think of it as an over-priced GF3/E-PM1 with some nice video features like pdaf on sensor and combo vid/pics, and a limited range of heavier-than-expected lenses.

      It’s a polished turd.

      • MJr

        ‘It’s a polished turd.’

        Now why didn’t you just say that in the first place.

      • Iris Chrome

        Hmm… Wasn’t that what they said of m4/3 vs DX?

        • Steve

          Some said that, so maybe Nikon have redefined the polished turd ? And how much more true is it for little 1″ pink thing Nikon just slipped out ? Check out Photographyblog – the J1 is the same size as the E-PM1. Time to hit the flush….

  • Looks great. Why is the i am coming clock still ticking, anyone knows?

    • Bart B

      D4 …

      • Twoomy

        Yeah, what is up with that? Didn’t everything COMING already? Or are we all still COMINGS?

        Maybe in 6 hours, they will announce the missing blue J1.

        • PHB

          Do the Nikon collectors have to buy one of each colour or is one of each model enough?

          The blue one will be offered in a hyper limited edition of 50 at $50K each to soak the collectors who have to have completeness.

  • Jabs

    Revolutionary Mini-RED camera indeed.

    WOW – told you so!

    This web site has crashed under all this load of Nikon excitement and enthusiasm.


    Thanks Nikon and Thanks to Administrator

    Hope things get back to normal, as in working Servers again.

  • The sensor is too small and the camera is too expensive. The built in EVF is a nice idea.

    • PHB

      Why not wait for some performance data before giving a verdict?

      The price of the D5100 is typically discounted by $100. I would expect this camera to sell at a discount off the MSRP as cameras in this class always do.

      • yo

        slow glass and the iso range are enough to make an educated guess that this camera, and the whole CX system, well simply:


    • MJr

      YOU’ll love the 2.7x crop tele range tho for pervy snaps !

  • Nitpicker

    Nah, me no like. I waited, but now I’m gonna pre-order the Sony N7. To bad, I really like Nikon (still) and I (still) think of it as the best professional SLR brand, I love my D3s, I really like my D7000 and all the glass I added to my system over the last 2 years (even though there are two Sigmas present, the 85 f1.4 is pretty nice @ half the cost of the new Nikkor, and I bought the 50 f1.4 just because it looks nice sitting next to the 85mm on the shelf 🙂 but NOW I’ll make my first off-brand purchase for professionall applications.

    C-mount Nikons will play no part in my life and probably never will. Maybe the will – some time in the future – give us an DX or even FX EVIL, and I will be all over it. But there just is no application for this dinky amateur/enthusiast hermaphrodite for me. Too bad. 🙁

    • pdc

      How about a Nikon EX 1.35 crop factor? If they don’t go there (APS-H mirrorless EVF), Canon will!!

      • yo

        canon will never make a 1.3 crop factor evil. far too big and expensive. but they may do a m 4/3 or apsc.

  • aahkam

    Looks good and good news to you Nikon. You will gain in your customers market share for sure. And it is this moment that I think I should be peeping into the world of Canon and see what they have on offer which obviously makes me feel like I got appreciated.

    • yo

      this can’t compete with m4/3’s or sony nex which are both cheaper and better sensors. nikon just made the same mistake that cost them the pro camera leadership: bet on a small sensor. remember how DX was supposed to be all about briging cheap gear? it never materialized and nikon was forced to run with its tail between its legs when canon unleased FF cameras. the same will happen again. canon will 1up then in sensor and glass and that will be the end of nikon mirrorless.

  • John Richardson

    Cute, but not my cup of tea. I am sure they will sell well, but I will simply wait to see what the new DX and FX models look like. And I don’t think 3100, 5100 and 7000 is the end.

  • RMT

    If all the haters would just take a breath and check how long Canon hasnt introduced a new camera, we might even see that Nikon has introduced a very nice package. For Jonh Q Public who knows little about sensor size, this will be a very interesting product. (Although initial price is a bit higher than I expected).
    Hope these sell well so Nikon can optimize the expeed processor and have more R&D funds to make a better D5.

    • yo

      the canon camera:

      between aps-c and m4/3.

      price: 300-500 bucks.

      f/0.95 prime set from launch.


  • R!

    Thhe price should be 299$ and 399$ to compete directly with the compact cameras the sensor size/price ratio are not right.

  • David

    come again in 6hrs?

  • Camaman

    Price is extraordinary! It is x2 times more expensive than it should be in todays climate…

    And one more thing: WHY are the lenses sooo BIG. for a sensor that small one can surely develop some lenses that are based around a different optical design than to go with old ones.
    +They are slooow. One could forgive the bulkyness if they were f2, or constant f2.5.

    • yo

      agreed. its a train reck. I hope reviews will do a fair job at showing the price to performance ratio of this camera is about as bad as it gets. no consumer should ever buy another nikon mirrorless camera. ever.

      • Iris Chrome

        No consumer has bought a Nikon mirrorless yet.

    • Interested

      The lenses are not that big. Go to the NikonUSA site. All 3 custom lenses fit in one hand…

  • Zen-tao

    WOW! Almost the price than my D7000 and double than my Nex5. Nikon has a misterious marketing policy. I´m expecting for the first comparative but I’m not very optimistic about it. Why haven’t they installed a DX sensor so that the customer could attach so good Nikkor FX lenses or thirds? …. a mistery. I’m not willing to renove my lenses stock because a sales men caprice.

    • R R


  • sam

    well, not a good looking one, if i am going for a mirrorless one i would prefer the Sony Nex7. but for a man holding a small camera on the hand i cant not accept it at the moment its too lady LOL, Nikon where is the pro FX Camera for men?

  • de

    Cool, here we have some new new new Coopix

  • Dude

    I wonder if i can actually comment on this site as so far it keeps on crashing!

    The video files looks awful so far as I can see of it. Is it me or can anyone find any video (except a 3D render of the camera) on the nikon site? They seem to be shying away from showing actual footage.

    Bring on the D4 is all I can say.

    • Bobbybrownblack

      “Video files”, hehehe, you just proved how stupid you are. D4? Ain’t for you, back to Coolpix, noob.

      • Dude

        Your lack of intelligence shows you up. The question was a fair question, I have just come back from Afghanistan where I shoot with a D3 and D3s, and have been a pro photographer 23 years, so noob on here maybe but I have the awards and front pages to say otherwise. A small compact camera that can shoot HD images at 60fps would be useful but obviously you wouldn’t have a clue. its people like you that bring sites like this down… to the gutter where you are.

  • another anonymous

    jaja message through google translate: (for us not from Sweden)

    I was in the press release and squeezed it. The first impression is: not nearly as bad if we disregard a few stitches (no CLS, no wide angle lens and no MF), more refined than its competitors and a clear product profile. Simple, easy and stylish without being too plastic, fast camera and cool AF with phase detection on the sensor and a good viewfinder (to be evil). Very focused on combining photo and video 60fps at 10MP is crazy and fill the buffer of just over half a second

  • ghyz

    It’s gonna be a big rush :/
    The nex 7, one year older has better specs.

    All this mess for this gear, what’s the point ???

  • Nikhil Karthikeyan

    I think this is more for videographers who need the Slo-mo capabilities in a smaller lighter package. However, I still find it really stupid that Nikon did’nt release a set of fast primes and pancakes with this camera and like the NEX, the lenses are still bigger than the camera. Non pocketable. Lets cut Nikon some slack. At least the video footage I have seen looks better than their DSLR’s and if the AF is really as fast as they claim it to be, it could be a suitable substitute for a DSLR for airshow shooting with some other small and light lens like a 55-200/300 where the equivalent Focal length is 540/810 at tele. Thats awesome and they both have VR.

  • I am coming(S) = the digital Nikon FF rangefinder. FINALLY!

  • JosF

    A J1 with kit zoom costs $100 more than a D3100 with a kit lens????
    A V1 with kit almost the same as a D7000????

    If someone can explain this to me, please do. But I don’t get it at all

    • Ric

      Laptop vs. Desktop.

      Smaller cost more.

    • Bjrichus





      So there we have it.

  • GwangjuNikon

    Hmm. Like it. However, would be a lot more tempting if they packaged either model with the 10mm pancake, allowing you to add the telezoom as the ideal kit. I guess that’s marketing! Just my thought anyway. Will be curious to see a comparison with an EP-3.

    • yo

      small sensor = nikon fail. that’s your comparison.

  • NG42

    WTF Nikon?! This is FAIL on so many levels. LOL! Wow. I’m stunned there are actually people on a photo enthusiasts site excited about these. I have to think some of these comments are plants. The price is just ridiculous and the lenses are unimpressive. “I’m so excited!”
    Sure you are.

  • Future

    Well Nikon you aligned yourself with all dumb companies. re;easing inferior products. Soon you will forget how to build a real camera (DSLR).
    Disappointed, very disappointed….

    • yo

      they are not dumb, but they think consumers are. far too expensive, mediocre glass, mediocre image quality, gargantuan size and not a single reason not to go for m4/3’s. It is as if they charged for the nikon logo.

  • Happy

    Ordered. You should too.

  • Benjo

    Way overpriced. Should be $399 and $499. Who would possibly buy these versus the larger sensored competition? Not appreciably smaller than anything else, 2.7 crop, 10mp, early images looking pretty darn lousy? m4/3 and NEX look excellent in comparison, and Canon looks excellent just for doing nothing.

    I went with the E-P1 years ago, great external controls, many lenses available, and it was cheaper than these things!

    This is definitely a product of the CoolPoop department, which has yet to produce anything decent since the infancy of digital.

    It worries me for Nikon’s sake, since really the only quality products they produce are DSLRs. In 5 years that will be a smaller market. Perhaps by then they’ll be molding a more mature mirrorless system with DX or FX size sensors and external controls.

    I don’t mind buying competing mirrorless or compact cameras, I just want Nikon to do well financially so they can produce quality professional cameras. Maybe a pink mirrorless will rake in cash like the awful coolpix line? I could be wrong!

    • NG42

      I agree Benjo. The pricing is for people with more money than sense. Waaaaay overpriced.

  • Jacky

    Hi NR Admin,

    How about creating another Poll and see how many people (in the NR) would like to buy it? 🙂

    Thank You

    • yo

      look at the old poll, take the undecided column and add it to the NO column. this is a train reck.

  • yo

    absolutely nobody sould buy that camera at that price. you can get an entry level dslr, a superior sony nex or any m4/3’s and get better quality. these new nikon cameras are a scam. it is a point and shoot with lenses. then again you could just get a p500 and be happier because it will be cheaper and have all the focal lenght range you want.

    only fools will buy this at the outrageous price. also notice the slow glass. combine that with the small sensor and ridiculously bad range, you’ll be struggling to get this camera to produce any keeper image in low light.

    nikon blew it. thankfuly there is one company that doesn’t care to protect its market and screw customers: sony nex all the way. no compromises.

  • broxibear

    When I first saw the images of the J1 and V1 my first thoughts were that it looked like the Olympus micro 4/3 cameras …On closer inspection they look like cheap copies of the Olympus cameras with none of their style. The back of both the J1 and V1 are look really messy and I’m very surprised that there’s no articulated screen.
    The other thing I didn’t realise at first was the size, they’re a lot bigger than rumours had suggested, infact the V1 is bigger than the Panasonic GF1. I thought the point of using a smaller sensor was to have a smaller body ?
    I don’t think Sony, Olympus or Panasonic will be particularly worried about these cameras, they offer no competition to the NEXs, GFs or PENs.
    Nikon make the best dslrs around, but for some reason they never seem to bring that to the rest of their range.

    • broxibear

      P.S. I forgot to mention Canon.
      Canon find themselves with a great opportunity now, they could do two things… Fall into line with Nikon and produce an equally bland product that no one really blinks an eyelid at..or do what Fuji did with the X100 and produce a desirable camera that gets everyone talking.

      • Up $#!t’s creek

        after everyone’s well wishes, i still managed to have nightmares….

    • preston

      Have to disagree with you on the style (except for the muddled controls on the back). From the front these have a beautiful clean design that looks much nicer than the fake retro look of the Olympus Pen models. Everyone is different though. Some people like living in houses of different times too (people love “Victorians”, “Queen Anne’s”, “Cape Cod’s”, etc. in America) but I prefer modern/contemporary.

      Actually, these Nikon 1 lenses are quite gorgeous! Much better looking than the Olympus m4/3 lenses.

      All that being said, I’m still a function over fashion guy, so there’s no way I’ll be buying one of these (nice looking) toy sensor cameras!

      • broxibear

        Hi preston,
        We’ll have to agree to disagree on the style point, for me the Olympus PENs are just nicer from an aesthetics point of view…and you can see the design cues came from previous film PENs.
        On a side note, anyone find out where these cameras are made ?

  • Levi H

    Well, I was hoping to replace that P300. I’m not sure I’m going to with this though.

    This size is right for this mirrorless, but no manual features at all? Gimmicks on the main control knob and a steep price too?

    • roos

      Depends on how you define manual features, there are m/a/s-modes, just no manual focus.

  • NG42

    Did you delete my comment admin- I’m no longer seeing it? If so, why? Are we all supposed to praise Nikon for this overpriced piece of junk? Is this a pro-Nikon site where freedom of speech is not encouraged?

    • NG42

      My apology admin. I now see my comment. Weird that it wasn’t showing up before. Thank you for letting us freely express our opinions on this camera!

  • Yomama

    Do these cameras actually ejaculate

  • MK

    2 years of waiting and this is one of the most fugly cameras i’ve ever witnessed… price is horrid. lenses are too big. lenses are too slow. not enough primes. 28mm equiv is the same price as lumix 28mm equiv, is the same size, and is slower (a little). i see no reason to switch systems whatsoever.

    • Nathan

      You’ll be able to use your giant, fast, F-type prime lenses when the adapter becomes available. Just make sure you convert the focal length 2.7x.

  • Kenneth

    Big Hands has come up with the surprise:

  • One More Thought

    Wow…such negativity, from people who’ve never even held one of these cameras.

    First, chill out everyone…I believe people here are more venting on the lack of a release of a new FF moreso than an objective evaluation of this cam. As someone else noted, it’s just a cam; let those who want to buy it, and if you don’t like, simply don’t purchase.

    Second, this cam may not be for the type of people on this blog, but I’m sure Nikon did a lot of marketing research to determine that there was a market for this. Time will tell.

    Third, while the sensor is small, other qualities are nice: fast AF, some nice video gadget type features, etc…It will have appeal.

    Fourth, we should all be excited about what this portends for the future Nikon DSLR’s: we now see Expeed 3, 73 point AF…I would guess that future Nikon FF’s will have even more amazing AF, far better video, etc…

    • Interested


  • Dean Forbes


  • Nathan

    This would be nice at NBA basketball games where they limit your camera lens to 3″ when fully extended. I’ve been bringing my D700 and a 85 f/1.8 (2.7″ in length) to the games and though the pictures are nice, sometimes I’d like to get closer. This new camera would give me a 229.5 f/1.8 lens. Sweet!

  • ISP

    Ok, now that we went through all this crap… August cool crap annoncement, September,s mirror less crap launch… what’s next ?
    Is there something planned in the next weeks …. ?

  • benS
  • ISO 400 looks like my D7000 ISO 2000 on 10 mp:

    With $1.200,00 i prefer to buy a 105mm micro AF-S and + 50mm 1.8 G , A Nex or even another D7000 body. I don´t bother about the size, i bother about IQ and speed.

    Cheers Nikon!

  • One More Thought

    Here’s an interesting post from a commenter named “DonTom” on dpreview:
    The name starts to make sense. Nikon 1, with a 1″ format sensor (16mm diagonal). Not big steps for them to later bring out a Nikon “2” with a DX format sensor, basically double the diagonal (28mm or so), and FX as a Nikon “3” with a 43mm diagonal. Neat.
    Makes sense from so many angles. New market from the P&S upgraders, neatly uses the vintage C_Mount glass for the enthusiasts, easy step up to DX and FX as the death of the mirror becomes inevitable.

  • TheDuke

    Why countdown is still going?
    Why two sites for a single launch? (big hands and i’m coming)

    DSLR unexpected announcement?

  • Hi Mod, do you have any info on when we can see these in Best Buy? I would just love to try these…there are few old members in our camera club that will definitely benefit from the mirror less technology.

    Are these camera compatible with the exiting Nikon mount lenses?

  • Paul

    I will wait for the V2 and J2 and all the magazine reviews.

  • paf

    The fact that you get color choices speaks volumes….
    It’s just a darn shame that pink is not THE ONLY color that this cam comes with.

    Long behold the digital pronea line! Com to think of it , the pronea was actually better looking…

  • Because IamComings is actually nothing to do with Nikon?

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