This week’s Nikon announcement

Nikon did not schedule any press events for this week's announcement which means that the new product (or service) will not be of any significance. At that point I don't even think it will be a DSLR camera, probably some kind of accessory (maybe a teleconverter or a new lens in the best case scenario). Expect the press release to be up on Nikon's website at midnight tonight or tomorrow night (EST).

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  • Would crack me up if they bounced out a D4, D400 and D800 all in one swell swoop. Ain’t gonna happen, but it’d be funny (at least to me).

    • Merv

      On August 23, 2007, they announced the:

      14-24 f/2.8
      24-70 f/2.8
      400mm f/2.8
      500mm f/4
      600mm f/4

      So maybe they have a surprise up their sleeve still

      • KT

        These were the days my friend, we got spoiled by Nikon. Now here come the drought


          • sirin


            • NI-QUEEN

              WE WILL, WE WILL … COOLPIX YOU !!!
              Singing !

    • AnoNemo

      No way, the three sushie eaters (Sony, Ni-con, and Canon) have not agreed on the release date of any new FX products. Besides, Ni-con’s a-hole product manager from the UK made it clear that they offer all kinds crap for every single customer who wants to buy a camera. So, there is no need for new cameras as the current product line is up-to-date and it can serve you for another 2-3 years. The only thing the a-hole forgot about is that Ni-con cannot even put enough D3s, D3x, and D700 on the store shelves. But that’s not an issue since Ni-con figured out a way to make profit without actually selling a camera. 😉

      • Anonymous

        gosh… you have some serious problems with Nikon. Are you a Canon troll?

        • He says that those are real problems. Canon gear is present on the shelves of local stores, Nikon gear is absent.

          • David W.

            Not in the US. In the US we have plenty of Nikon product with little to no Canon product.

            • Foolishcfo

              What do you mean the US has plenty of product? The shelves are bare if you are looking for D700, D300s, D3S and D3X. Anonymous posted below that the D700 is available on Amazon. True, they have ONE D700 and the dealer (its not Amazon) is looking for a premium. The Nikon shelves are bare if you are looking for a pro-DSLR.

          • Anonymous

            Slowginn.. Did you check the availability of Nikon products before you posted? I just randomly checked and found that D3s and D700 are both listed as available there.

            My problem is that the posted comes out bad mouthing Nikon and its manager. I did not like it and feel that he is behaving like a troll.

            • Read first before arguing. I was saying about local stores.

            • Man, I hope you guys never have a business that gets annihilated IN THE MIDDLE OF A FREAKING TSUNAMI AND NUCLEAR DISASTER of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

              Dang, caps doesn’t even begin to convey the gravity of what Nikon has no doubt experienced this last year.

              Sheesh. Lighten up about Nikon’s production/release schedule. Your personal, petty wants do not a product roadmap make. In fact, I daresay none of you could make a DSLR to save your putrid, puny life.

          • AnoNemo

            Slow Gin got it right. Just walk down any of the normal store of your choice and you’ll find missing FX and lots of lenses. One would think that a new camera is imminent but that’s not the case.

            • I have never seen FX products in a store ANYWHERE.
              well except for B&H and adorama

            • kyoshinikon

              And samys where you can find most of the nikon Fx stuff there in stock…

          • Bip

            Don’t understand why people said Nikon FX are not available in the US.

            I bought a D3S on 27 Aug 2011 from a reputable store in NYC. It is true that D700 was snapped up as soon as they arrived, and the store (among many others) can’t promise the next availability of the D700 but I’ve gotten the D3S the very next day (after placing my order). I paid $5,295 plus taxes for the goods.

            So, are you sure you have went to those reputation stores and checked with them already?

      • R!

        The worst is that Canon is doing the same delaying 5DIII It’s a wonderfull capitalist world..!

        • AnoNemo

          This is what makes me puzzled. It’s like these 3 gangsters made a deal and decided not to release anything. I mean the current situation is favorable for them because they split the market and if none of them releases anything new then they all benefits.

          • rhlpetrus

            What are you smoking? Do you really believe Sonee would save a ready product, why? Or Nee-kon? Or Kannon?

            • AnoNemo

              Yes. For some weird reason I think these 3 made a deal.

              I think the real explanation is that Sony is not ready with the new FX sensor. Now this explains why Sony and Nikon do not have new FX. On the other hand, Canon is quiet as well. Think logically, it is really hard to imagine that Canon would not take advantage of this situation right? Unless they do not want to. This is what the Japanese call (or something like this) “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Think about this for a second from the point of view of Nikon, Sony, and Canon. (Keep in mind that Canon is really scared about Sony and NOT Nikon. That was a hint.)

            • Its been known for a long time that competing japanese companies work together a lot of the time to maintain Japanese dominance over foreign competitors. So its not to hard to imagine that DUE to the earthquake all three have come to agreement to slow the release schedule.

          • sirin

            could be simply that all 3 are recovering after the earthquake and the products got equally delayed, so not neither one has a reason to release unoptimized products because their competitors are not rushing them.

            • AnoNemo

              sirin, I do not buy into this since those products were finalized way before the disaster. (Maybe not the firmware)

            • R!

              this arrangement happened last summer befor tsunami!!!!!!!

            • @Sirin

              People have a short memory. Clearly, you do not suffer from this condition.


              “For some weird reason I think these 3 made a deal.”

              And I think some folks here are smoking crack out of lavatory ceramic. You never know, maybe we’re both right. 😉

      • scurvy hesh

        Just buy yourself a 5dmkII already.

      • Dweeb

        Don’t worry people gat all Fupped when anyone posts the truth about Canikon. I know I’m all warm and fuzzy with the mystic 12MP pixels of the orient they were selling 5 years ago. What more do you want?

  • WoutK89

    “which means that the new product (or service) will not be of any significance.”

    So it will be Capture NX3

    • could be, but I really don’t know for sure

    • Dweeb

      Like many other things I figure Nikon are exiting the software image editing business on the sly. C’mon, it looks like they already abandoned NX 4 years ago.

      • rhlpetus

        Tend to agree with that, CNX2 has various flaws, and not only related to buggy interface and other more serious ones. I mean the proper NEF converter algorithms, they are behind ACR at this moment, in various IQ aspects, for the D7000, for example

    • Ric

      Yea Baby -vox.AustinPowers.wav-

    • Anonymous

      Well, NX2, it doesn’t run so good on Lion, so maybe it could be something for NX3?

  • Buett

    Like my garndparents always said “A watched pot never boils”…. Hate it but so true lol

    • Up $#!t’s creek

      I’m betting a lot of people feel burned watching this pot…

    • Paul

      It’s almost there! I swear I can see the little bubbles forming.

    • Mike

      Stove technology has improved since then. We’re still waiting on FX to do the same though 🙂

    • Walkthru


  • conan

    I’m quite happy with my 3 yrs D700^.^

    • Just A Thought

      “I’m quite happy with my 3 yrs D700^.^”

      Hey, who let this guy in???? For all we know he may actually own a D700 and, God forbid, actually use it take photographs. Must not have any of that, as it could ruin of the atmosphere at Nikon Rumors….Now lets get back to our regularly scheduled whining….which is, after all, what we all come here for….

      • Banned

        Happy and proud owner of a D700 and I’m sure for years to come. I’ll keep using it until I break it! Superb camera and I know it will remain a classic 30 years from now.

        • Just A Thought

          “Happy and proud owner of a D700 and I’m sure for years to come. ”

          Jeeeez, another one got in….there goes the neighborhood….

          • m0m0

            mind you, the d700 at least is still made in japan.. when the new fx bodies come out, they might have a tag that says “made in malaysia”..

            for me, a genuine nikon pro body should only be and exclusively made in japan.. otherwise, it’s going to be similar to all other nikon dslrs that have the “made in thailand” or “made in china” tag.. just think about that for a second…

            • a comment rooted in racism

            • MJr

              well they do have superb attention to detail over there

              statistics man, statistics.

            • MadeInJapan

              I agree with momo, and yes, I’m a Malaysian. There is really nothing really racists about it. It is the concern for product quality and esthetics. Imho, Nikon originated from Japan, and all this while the pro gears has always come from there, the land of technology, and (supposedly) their principles in producing quality goods.

              ‘Out sourcing’ pro gear production is like asking someone else to do the work for you. Yes you can monitor them, train them, lay out protocols etc. But the man doing the actual job, might not have the same attitude as the ones from the origin…

              That being said, I sure hope whatever Nikon decides will benefit them, and us photographers. Only time will tell… which btw, as of now, time seems to be all we got =)

            • Just A Thought

              fotosniper: “a comment rooted in racism”

              And your comment is rooted in what?

              momo offered his opinion. He used the words “For me”. Why denigrate his opinion when you can clearly see that momo “did not” make or infer any racists statements.

              For the record I believe that history backs momo’s opinion.

              As an aside this may all end being a moot point after Sept 26. High probability of a huge earthquake around that time and quite possibly hitting Japan. If we make it thru then Oct 17 and Nov 03 are the next dates to watch. Oh I hear the whining starting, but hey this is a rumor site and that is my prediction and it is related to the whole Japanese Camera Industry so IMHO is a valid prediction to post here….

              Stepping down from pedestal to make room for the next person…

            • Just A Thought

              Hey fotosniper, I had hoped to add a touch of humor amongst all the whining, via this thread. I may not end up being that funny, but at least you don’t hear me whining about not getting an updated body. Hey, I’d love an updated body on the wife, but that ain’t gonna happen is it.

              Ok, let’s go back to trying to be funny why don’t we…

            • vinman

              “just a thought” – you did add some humor when you assigned a date to an earthquake prediction (and then subsequent dates). That’s some funny shizz, there. You should really be talking to CNN and world leaders if you have a date, not people gossiping about a Nikon camera announcement. Oh, while you’re at it, please schedule some conference time with the world’s leading geologists since they can’t predict earthquakes.

              Oh, wait – nevermind – you can’t, either.

            • Brian

              In case you didn’t know, the equipment and the staff from Japan were moved to Malaysia. So the new bodies might be made in Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be just as good QC as before.

            • Just A Thought

              Hi Vinman…Is it Sept 27th already????

              As for posting me prediction, about the high probability of an earthquake on this site versus say the New Scientist site , this site I believe gets ways more hits and from all over the globe.

              As for accuracy, why not wait till Sept 27 or Oct 18 or Nov 04??? Since you are way early, then your statements are also predictions. If I’m wrong then you can go on CNN and roast me. If I’m right then you can go on CNN and tell them that. Either way you can go on CNN……

              In worst case I will be no less accurate than the pundits who posted confident predictions of Nikon announcing an FX body back in Aug…

            • Just A Thought

              Brian said “In case you didn’t know, the equipment and the staff from Japan were moved to Malaysia.”

              That’s the rumor.

              Does anyone here know how to use Google Earth???

              Months ago some stuff was posted here from Google Earth showing Nikon’s Sendia plant (by Broxibear if my memory is correct). You could clearly make out the cars in the parking lot. If the plant was moved to Malyasia then the parking spots around the plant should now be empty. This should be checked over a period of a few days. With bad luck you could be checking during a Japanese National Holiday.

              The initial reports (from Nikon??) were that the plant did suffer damage but implied that it was not extensive. If that were true then why move???

              There was also something about Nikon building a plant in Taiwan – another area prone to earthquakes and one which is also diligently observed by China’s People’s Liberation Army.

            • I will try to get updated sat images from Google Earth.

            • vinman

              Oh, “New Scientist” – well that explains a few things. This site probably does indeed get more hits – there’s a reason for that. NR is far more accurate and informative :-p

              But hey, even a blind man can bowl a strike if he throws often enough.

        • Dweeb

          I bought mine over 18 months ago in a price trough figuring it would be replaced in a couple of months. I forgot it was Nikon who don’t care what consumers want or when they upgrade. As long as the money flows …

      • Anonymous

        +1000. 🙂

        At least a genuine user and photographer amidst the sea of trolls.

  • julio

    As a wedding photographer/videographer I really want Nikon to release a Full Frame with 1080 24p video that can shoot video as amazing as the 5d Mark ii. What in the HELL is going on??? Seriously!!!!! Nikon D3s could have been that camera but that was another epic fail. The camera is great but no 1080??? seriously??? NIkon GODS please help!!

    • Craig

      Make that 1080 60p, then you have a deal…..and a game changer….at least for me.

      • +1 for 1080 60p. It will be good for slow mo.

    • Anonymous

      Nikon 3s is an epic failure? Are you sure you even take photographs, let alone be a wedding photographer?

      • Julio

        Yeah D3s EPIC fail in the video department!!! You got a pro line camera at 5000+ dollars and yet it does not have the functions needed to shoot a full on video at 1080 at 60p. Please go use the D3s and 5d mark ii side by side shooting video and see which is better. Only 5d is older and less expensive. I just got two magazine covers for my wedding photography shows what a photographer I am. ALso why dont you do research on how many feature films/shows are using the 5d compared to NIkon d3s. Plain and simple EPIC fail.

        • Jan

          You think that’s bad? What about the pro line video recorders that cost 10000+ dollars and yet it does not have the functions needed to shoot photographs at 8fps.

          And while we’re talking about epic fails, my Rolls Royce handles worse in the open sea than that old rowboat dad used to have when we were young! Only the old rowboat is older and less expensive.

          * Funny how Canon fanboys never mention the 5D2 can’t AF for shit and metering is crap

        • m0m0

          well, if you shoot professional video, how come you don’t have a pro grade full hd camera then? the D3s is meant to be used as a work-horse and it’s purposely built mainly for taking photographs.. the hd video capability is a bonus, given that this camera can outperform the images on the plastic 5D mark II, and has an ISO sensitivity of up to 12800 to support 11 frames per second at almost every lighting situation.. you obviously bought / hired you’re D3s for all the wrong reasons..

          • julio

            RE MOMO and MARGARET -“Well if you shoot professional video how come I dont have a pro grade full HD camera then?” Not sure what you consider a Pro HD camera, but if you are talking about a big giant bulky BETA cam or something along those lines just keep in mind JAMES CAMERON just bought 50 RED EPICS to add to his line of PRO CAMERAS! YES a FULL HD camera that shoots Stills. Or rather a Still camera that shoots video or rather a pro video camera that you can extract 14 mega pixels stills out frame by frame. When are you morons going to realize that Photo and Video are now one!! and thank god for that. If only you guys shot Photos and Video BEFORE the 5d Mark II and D90 and whole HDSLR revolution then you guys would appreciate this combination. WAKE up and smell the depth of field.

            • m0m0

              what i’m saying here, is that you’re plastic 5d mark II might shoot video at whatever fps you want and full hd, but it’s 24 megapixels will never have the same image quality and superb noise control of the D3s.. i’m more inclined in to photography and not filmography, and when i said a pro grade full hd video, i meant the sony video camera models that use mini dvs not the beta ones from your age..

              the 5d mark II are for people who want video and 24 megapixels.. the d3s however, is for professionals who take photos day in and day out.. point is, the d3s is on a league of it’s own, and saying that it’s an epic fail just because it can’t do video compared to a dinky plastic bodied 5d mark II just shows what kind of a “photographer” you really are..

    • Nathan

      Video on a DSLR? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’d be better off getting a separate, dedicated video camera. The technology is changing in their world and they’re borrowing features from the DSLR cameras. Personally I’m waiting for a DSLR with video too, but I’m not going nuts doing so. I’m happy with my photography-only D700. In fact, I had made my decision to wait another year before buying a new camera a week before the August announcement. I figured the price will go down and the bugs would be worked out by then.

      I was at a cross road when before I purchased a D700. I knew I would need to buy new lenses so it didn’t matter what camera manufacturer I chose. I was seriously looking at the Canon camera that did video, the Mark II or whatever it’s called and the D700. I figured I’m more of a still photographer than a video photographer, so I got the D700. It was expensive for what it had and didn’t have (no video vs the Canon for the same price) but it I thought it was worth it because the high ISO was what I really needed.

      There are times I’d like video, but I have a point and shoot for those times I really, absolutely need something to record video. My phone is a joke.

      • julio

        I going to go on a limb and say you do not shoot video!! Ive had dedicated video cameras and I sold them all! Im shooting nikon d7000 at the moment for wedding videos and its amazing. Only when my friends show me their videos shot on 5d mark ii is makes me cringe. Why dont you look up Joe Simon or still motion and tell them they should buy dedicated video cameras!! Why dont you call up RED and tell them to make a video camera only!! Future is now!

        • Margaret

          Pro Photographers take photos.
          Pro Videographers take videos.

          Pro-am Photographers take photos and videos.
          And whinge while doing so.

        • PHB

          A DSLR will beat a ‘pro’ camcorder by a mile.

          A prosumer camcorder will beat the DSLR on handling and much else.

          The fact is that development of pro camcorders just stopped dead about four years ago and has not moved since apart from Panasonic and some others launching their EVIL systems with video to get onto the market ahead of Canon and Sony.

          EVIL is the future of video. To get a pro camcorder with interchangeable lenses you would have to pay the type of money normally spent on medium format. And then you would get a tape unit. They would no doubt fob people off with paper tape if they could.

          For $300 you can get a Canon Vixia camcorder that is actually a lot better than the $900 prosumer model they sold a couple of years ago. It does full HD and has a pretty decent lens and you can get an OK dedicated mic for another $150.

          Sure there are some shots you can only get on a DSLR at the mo. But there is no way I would handhold a DSLR for half an hour at a time.

    • Tim A

      If you haven’t seen it check out the video camera shootout at Zacuto: They run the Canon and Nikon DSLRs and the top cinema cameras through a battery of video quality tests. The short of it is that DSLR video suffers considerably due to the trade-offs required by the platform. The nutshell is that if you want good quality video at an affordable price then the Panasonic AG-AF100 seems to be a far better choice for the price over any DSLR currently out there. It will, however, require a bigger bag to carry the extra video gear. Until a DSLR ships with 4:2:2 then this will continue to be the case.

    • A thought

      Are you a photographer or a videographer?
      Just make your mind…

    • Bip

      D3S is an epic fail? Do you even own one?

  • It’s either a price increase or something else we don’t want to hear.

    • Banned

      What we don’t want to hear is YOU Mr. Creepy!

      • You don’t even know what I shoot anymore. You are nothing but an internet stalker/cybberbully.

    • Mikycoud

      Well, I normally don’t say things like that, but after reading Banned comments and taking a look at RonScubadiver’s site, I feel compelled to say I agree something is weird there. I mean, what’s with the hundreds of photos of women just passing by? I’d love to hear from Ron what artistic motivation led him to publish a site with 99% photos being of cute women.
      I also hope Banned didn’t get banned for his comment here, cos he sure was right to raise questions about this…
      Just my two cents…

      • I am glad that at least you think the girls are cute. Which ones were your favorites?

        Otherwise, the silliness of your comments speaks for itself and needs no rebuttal.

        • rhlpetrus

          @Ron, my problem with your pics is that they are all clothed! C’mon! 😉

        • gt

          Ron’s version of street photography = only shoot pictures of thin women and pay zero attention to quality of light or background elements.

          • A thought


          • That is total BS.

            Which one did you like the most?

        • MJr

          lol his default reply

          • Ron Jeremy

            Ron. What’s your last name? I want to see if you are listed in any sexual predator databases. Keep up the good work.

  • AnoNemo

    Nikon simply gave up on the FX crowd. They will only produce Coolpix crap from now on. So where is the big surprise all the smart people “with knowledge” were talking about. I can tell you what it is, 12MP forever with nightvision and NO 1080P.

    I was just browsing on dpreview to see the dslr announcement dates and found that Nikon announced the first 12MP camera back in 2005 (D2x). I guess they are not really in the hurry.

    • [INTERNET] admin

      I was just browsing on nikonrumors and all you ever post is nonsense.
      Why do you post the same thing over and over and over and over and over?
      Have you considered contacting Nikon with your concerns and problems instead of infecting every new post that [NR] admin with your pointless garbage ?

  • I have a wedding in july 2012, and I am worried that I will not get the D800 in time.

    • AnoNemo


      You’d be better off improving your painting skills! By the time Nikon will deliver something that is more than 12MP, FX, and has 1080p you will be Picasso or Rembrant.

      • Raff

        + 1 Great Comment! : )

    • R!

      D4 D400 XMAS D800 SUMMER ,well you wont get it …….I hope they got a D700s or xs soon that should be an obligation !!

    • scurvy hesh

      Plenty of wedding photographers using D700s. Shit some are still using D200s and S5s with happy clients. I dont think gear will be the issue for you.

    • m0m0

      looks like nikon won’t be releasing / announcing anything up until the months before the london 2012 olympics.. i have a feeling that all the manufacturers are going to take advantage of the fact that the olympics is a good marketing tool, and since they’ve dried up on their full frame models this year, releasing their full frame models leading up to the olympics will make it a no-brainer for anyone who has been stressed and have waited a long long time for new fx models..

  • Can you say {{{YAWN}}} in twenty languages?

  • souvik

    I am really tired of this Nikon BS. if they don’t release an update of D700, at least they can ship some new d700..seems like almost all big retailers are out of stock. I don’t what the hell is going on.

    • Up $#!t’s creek

      it’s amazing… while nikon D300 and above are completely out of stock. The FULL canon lineup is readily available. I am guessing this is frustrating to retailers as well…

      • A thought

        Where the hell do you live? North pole? as D700 for sale. Browse it.

        • Up $#!t’s creek

          if you have no problem paying 3200 for a d700, please feel free to pick one up for you and for me… And i could use a 70-200 as well

      • A thought

        And D300 also (see price in the cart)

    • R!


      • Trevor

        R! change your name to r. and shush with the caps lock. Blood pressure meds are more expensive than a D700.

        • A thought

          you bet!

    • Raff

      Are we sure the Sendai plant is fully in operation?

      Would Nikon really move the FX production abroad?

      Maybe even if the stock of D700 is almost finished they can’t manufacture any more as they are working on the new D4 and D800…

      Probably Canon had a bigger stock or suffered less damage compared to Nikon.

      And anyway, even Canon hasn’t announced any new FX yet.

      If both companies were going to release the new D800 and 5DMkIII with a new lens, this could be the bottleneck, as the lens production suffered an even bigger issue out of the Tsunami/Nuclear disaster. And they are still recovering.

  • What a shame. I really hoped for D700s with some more MP. 12mp is too small for the prints i intend to do. I guess i will be stuck only with D7000 for now.

  • Carlos R B

    Please Nikon releasea 24mm 2.0 DX lens (already patented)…why on earth the 40mm came first….

    • Ke

      Yes please!

      • Chris

        This would be awesome!! Sorry guys (i.e. everybody who wants FX) but I would love to have a small low light setup to complement my FM2N + 35 F/2 ZF.2 and the 24mm 2.0 DX would go perfect with a D3100 to fill my needs.

    • Chris

      This and the d3100 would be the perfect digital compliment to my FM2N + 35 2.0 zf.2!!! I would love a small low light digital setup with a 35mm equivalent lens!!!

      • Carlos R B

        I want to buy a D5100…but no small 35mm EQ, no deal…i think as you do…

  • rob

    Bah – Where is the D700 replacement, at least leak some specs and then say it won’t be out until X-mas…. at least then we can look forward to something.

  • CDBrad

    I gave up on the D700 replacement. I went ahead and bought another one because my main D700 is getting up there in actuations and I can’t afford to wait any longer for Nikon to get off their butts and put out a replacement. You guys complaining about the D700 being out of stock, do a little research. They are all over ebay, and for the old price of $2,450. Not the new price that hit $2,800 after the earthquake. Some of the companies even sell extended warranties of that’s what you’re worried about. If I wasn’t so invested in Nikon glass, I would have no problem moving to Canon. Nikon has royally pissed me off with all of their hype and buildup to these crappy product announcements.

    • D700guy


    • Moved to Canon for what? You would trade in your great old gear for even more outdated old gear? Lol…. I just don’t get this mentality.

      • kyoshinikon

        Agreed… Nikonians hold Nikon to a higher expectation than canuts do to Canon because they generally deliever a better product… Nikon sadly never has had the timing down though…

      • R!


        • R!

          NIKON’S colors still better like the mechanics and tropicalisation butt well we need a new fx sensor damn it!!!!!!(like it’s not already).

    • Anonymous

      Now was Nikon building up all this hype or we, the users of NR and similar sites responsible for that?

      If you are making money using your D700, then use it to the full extent and more. Please remember, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

      • rhlpetrus

        Actually we believed what Thom has told us all the way, that Nikon had a 4-year cycle, so it’s about time. Maybe it’ll be here soon. Now, if Nikon don’t announce a D4 or a D800 until the end of the year, they we may have reasons to worry, something is wrong or things have changed and nobody noticed.

  • I hope will be an AF-S 50mm f/1.2 G N or AF-S 135mm f/2 G N. 😀

  • D700guy

    They’re too busy stroking their own dicks over this mini camera, or mirror less…whatever it is, to turn their attention to FX bodies.
    It’s becoming quite obvious that all the murmurs about these bodies surfacing in 2012 have more credence than we previously thought.

    • Sly Larive

      Funny. A bit on the bad taste side but good one 🙂

      The real funny thing is I’m pretty much convinced mirrorless will be the way to go a few years from now. Sony’s SLT might not be quite as good as a SLR but it’s still good enough that it will catch up pretty soon. The OLED EVF is simply amazing from all the reports I’ve read. The advantages for Video are simply too good to pass up. I rarely ever shoot videos but Nikon is really losing sales by not having bodies with proper video capabilities. More sales equals more money for R&D, lenses and bodies alike.

      • rhlpetrus

        +1, best comment in this whole thread.

      • Vintage

        I have tried Sony’s SLT.
        The OLED EVF is unacceptable to me. Too low res, lighting looks wrong, too much clutter.

        But I agree it will get better and important in the future. I don’t think Sony will be the one to perfect it tho.

      • kyoshinikon

        Ive used the a55 and will say it was a huge letdown hearing that it would go in the a99 (a900’s replacement) although the ff increases viewfinder brightness the a900 had the best viewfinder on the market…

  • grantourismo

    Imagine how things are developing, from hoping for new ff cameras, to this, new coolpix cameras and totally uninteresting tools for serious photographers. Nikon are playing us so we have zero expectations for them. RIP Nikon!

  • paul

    Nikon never promised anything to us but I am still so dissapointed that we are still waiting for the D700 replacement or the D4. I’ve lost all interest in checking this site regularly or hoping for an anouncement. I need to focus on more realistic things. Big dissapointment from Nikon.

    • D700guy

      Guess they suspended all vaction for employees just for the coolcraps.

      • Banned

        Coolcraps? LOL that’s a good one.

    • As you can see from the latest rumors, the Nikon mirrorless will be the next big announcement. We will see what October will bring us after that.

      • grantourismo

        With all respect admin, you´ll keep on saying “well se what next announcement says, we´ll se what next month brings us” Nikon is i huge dissapointment, dont you agree? The d700 is very old now, yes it is still a good camera, but it lacks pixels! Yesterday i sold my nikon d7000, i´m waiting for 5dmkiii now, Or the new sony ff. I bet they´ll be announced before nikon.

        • kyoshinikon

          I pity you… Selling a Wonderful D7000 for a 5Dmk 2? Sorry but the FF and 21mpx doesn’t make up for the many flaws that the 5Dmk2 has and the D7000 doesn’t …

          • grantourismo

            Read my post properly.

            • kyoshinikon

              Sorry… Im tired so Im skimming… I do pity those folk though. I was on top of the world at 13 with my minolta x-700 and it took great pics. Sure video is nice but even my D90 does decent video (minus the crappy pans)

            • Leuf

              You got tired of waiting for a nonexistent camera, so you sold your actual camera that is less than a year old and are now waiting for a different nonexistent camera or another nonexistent camera. No, reading it properly doesn’t help.

            • kyoshinikon

              I never said I sold my camera! I use my D90 every day still (even though I have a D7000). It is trusty and is more than enough for me. I wouldn’t sell any of my bodies in a million years because they all are useful and if one craps up I have a backup. Anyways after using the 5Dmk2 extensively I have concluded that my D90 is much more useful for my photography so “trading it” for a vdslr would be stupid. I’m a photographer, not a camera collecting geek.

              Btw I still have that minolta and use it occasionally…

        • Banned

          Either way I don’t think admin would stop this website just because you’re pissed at Nikon. He’s too busy laughing all the way to the bank with your advertising revenues. lol.

        • I did nor say that the Nikon D700 replacement will be announced in October, I just said that we have to wait and see what will come in October (if anything). Even if we ignore the earthquake, there could be many other reasons why Nikon is not announcing a new FF camera – maybe they have an unresolved technical problem, maybe it’s a shortage of a major part – we will never know. This is why I have chosen to be very conservative when it comes to the next FF announcements. I had few optimistic posts in the past, which turned to a major disappointment (even though I made a correction days before the Coolpix announcement) and I don’t want this to happen again.

        • Still, why sell your great D7000 on hopes and dreams alone? Especially when there is no credible rumor that states when the 5DMkIII will be released or what the specs will be? I just cantbunderstand this sort of mentality you guys have. Are you a serious shooter? Does your camera make you money? Why not just use what you have? You could of held out for a D700 replacement just the same. Especially given the fact that historically, Nikon makes a better product.

          • grantourismo

            I´m not making huge amounts of money, i do make a little here and there, but that has nothing to do with anything, i can still ha a desire for a great ff camera with at least 20mp with good video qualities. Canon offered that back in 2008, i dont understand why nikon don´t get the fact that so many of the 5d2 buyers have a 5d2 because of those specific qualities. Damn nikon for being so naive and stupid for not correcting their mistakes sooner than later, idiotic if you ask me!

            • D3S Guy

              If Canon can do what you need then why complain?! Just shoot with Canon. No big deal. (I don’t mean to be offensive….but whoever thinks that D3S is an epic fall, I seriously doubt his/her photographic skill (not video-graphic!)

            • D3S Guy


        • Rob

          So you have no camera? That’s smart.

        • Ric

          Can I have your glass?

      • Nicolò

        I won’t keep on checking Nikon Rumors till Ocober.
        Enough is enough. Nikon will see decreasing sales figures.
        On the other hand, without a Sendai plant FX-production is nill.

      • Up $#!t’s creek


        • Nicolò

          November 2012?

          • ISP ©

            2014 !

            • kyoshinikon

              2035… and a half!

      • …then February, then April, then August, then Canon will release its 1Ds, then October, then Sony will take newcomers to Alpha system which are totally tired of Nikon’s dead silence, then the world will cease to be. I wish to take photographs with my D800 BEFORE 2012-armageddon.

  • Angela Spieker


  • I keep sending Nikon sugestions and my disapointments about the fault of 60 fps video (this is not a complicated feature to update via firmware) and for a D700 replacement with D3S sensor at least.

    We must make more noise in their heads!


  • Neel

    Nikon shall and will release new FF bodies: what else can explain the lack of stock on the D700? Why would Nikon want to lose all these potential sales?

    • Nicolò

      A demolished Sendai-plant?

      • RA

        dslr cameras being radioactive

  • paul

    I am so tired of this dog and pony show. Wake me when Nikon gets its act together and releases a quality camera; preferably the D800 or D4.

  • DX2FX

    Thom Hogan is still confident a D700 replacement will be announced this month !

    • ericnl

      like he was about a D700 replacement announced in August, until it didn’t

    • Jun

      Thom Hogan ‘s prediction is just a prediction, his prediction has failed many times in this year

      • Shasta_D

        I remember predictions in late winter 2010 right as the USA rebate program was launched. The rebates then were rumored to deplete stock of the D700 before the replacement came out. Well, that was over 1.5 years ago. We’ll just have to wait some more and we can’t predict Nikon’s release schedule since they don’t have predictable patterns of product launches.

        • Up $#!t’s creek

          the best value this year was purchasing all the pro lenses with what amounted to a free d7000 (given current pricing)…. still kicking myself in the ass on this one

    • I don’t think we will see a DSLR announcement this month.

      • ISP ©

        agreed ! If there’s no announcement in October, then it will be Jan-feb 2012… This year, our last chance is october….

        • The Nikon D3x was announced on December 1st if I am not mistaken.

          • ISP ©

            Yes… but de D3X was an upgrade… not a new model…

          • ISP ©

            Yes, but the D3X was an upgrade… not a new model…

  • ericnl

    hmmm, this is bad news…
    the wait has already been so long, that I’m spending my D800 money on crap lenses, a new (2nd hand) 6×6 body, a new polaroid camera and a box of polaroid film, 120 film, etc etc.
    if it takes any longer, my money will be gone and non of it went to Nikon.

  • R!

    Sony is working on new generation sensors , maybe we will have towait a few more years but we can’t trash good lenses because of some errors ,one day Nikon will get the sensor they deserve and then It will be all peaches n cream , thats why I keep my good lenses for that D DAY.(OR FOR FILMING ON A 5DMRKII LOL).

    • Lonnie Utah

      Yeah, what happens when Sony leaves Nikon high and dry?

    • 120-300 os

      D Day 6 june 1944 well past away long time next is Nikon D800 D4 D400 release day
      So R-Day

      • 120-300 os

        R rumours till D Day

  • impatient man

    What are you guys whining about? You all have already got decent cameras.
    I only have a Canon Powershot S90. While not bad, I’ve painfully reached its limitations.

    After trying various DSLR alternatives, it’s clear that I want nothing but a D700 (or better). It (plus lenses) is also the upper limit of what I can afford.

    But I’d definitely hate buying a D700 now only to see how Nikon announces its successor a month later.

    What would you do? Buy a D700 and sell it later? The market will be flooded with used D700 right after the successor will be announced.

    This waiting treatment is killing me.

  • the piggy bank is stuffed full of bills c’mon already

  • MB

    So Sony gave a bundle of joy to their users.
    Samsung was busy too, NX200 and the gang of P&S.
    Fuji X10 looks like a joke to me but Fuji guys could not be happier.
    And Nikon gave us P7100 … and we are to expect some kind of accessory announcement …
    Why do I feel neglected?

  • The invisible man

    I give up on doing video with Nikon’s DSLR.
    Any suggestion for a good (SD card) camcorder (with a wide angle zoom and manual controls)
    Are the Canon Vixia any good ?
    Thank you !

  • i think admin is just teasing us to get more ad hits.
    he makes up his fake announcements, dates, everything.

    now i have to fix a hole in my tinfoil hat. gonna be back soon

    • no, because then you will not come back for more site hits 🙂

  • Chris P

    Perhaps the ‘not important’ announcement will be the 80-400 AF-S at last. The lack of priority Nikon has given to the updating of this lens since the introduction of the D700, which pairing is surely a match made in heaven, would indicate that it would also rate as of little importance.

    • Nicolò

      Or an AF-S 300mm f/4G VR N,
      or an AF-S 50mm f/1.2G N,
      or an AF-S 105mm f/2.0G VR N,
      or an AF-S 28mm f/1.4G N,
      or an AF-S 85mm f/1.4G N,
      or an AF-S 14 or 18 mm f/2.8G N,
      or an …
      You got my point?

      • El Aura

        If I am not mistaken, we already have a 85 mm f/1.4 AF-S G (sorry no N).

  • iamnomad

    Just, too tired of waiting for something awesome.
    Tiny sensors blow.
    Crazy never used features waste our time.
    Nikon has forgotten how to K.I.S.S..
    Dear Nikon: Remember the FM2?
    I’m sticking with traditional analog technology.
    I’ll keep shooting/processing film, then scanning my negs.

  • Kareem

    NIKON GERMANY says “No new Nikon DSLR is coming out this month”

    NIkon is currently at the IFA Fair in Berlin Germany.

    • I think so too, no new Nikon DSLRs in September, only the mirrorless camera.

  • scurvy hesh

    Some of you guys are consumer dicks. You really cant do good photography with the gear you have now? Its funny when you talk to people who work professionally they are very happy with the gear out and producing amazing photos. Sure they are back in production after the earthquake but how much are they? We really dont know and I don’t think the manufactures want to disclose too much and I can respect that. I’d like to see your country’s come back after a large portion of your industry gets washed away in a tsunami. Seriously think about the work they are having to do to get back on track while dealing with spotty power. I say they are doing a good job. Its fun to speculate and talk about what might be announced but to spew such vitriol because they didn’t make a camera for you is just childish and proves that you probably will not be satisfied no matter what is announced. I have been wishing for 1/500th+ flash sync for for years. You don’t see me complaining. I’ll just buy a used D70s. they are cheap.

    • broxibear

      Hi scurvy hesh,
      You’re probably right in much of what you say, as far as the flash sync is concerned have you thought about a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 ?
      You can configure it to sync up to 1/8000th.

      • broxibear

        P.S. deoends which Nikon dslr you have as the high speed sync won’t work with D70s and below ?

        • scurvy hesh

          I had a D70 and it synced to 1/500th. I believe the D70s does the same but just has a larger screen right? I miss that camera.

      • scurvy hesh

        Hey broxi thanks for the link! I will check that out. Maybe its time to update from my $59,00 Yonguno transmitters!

    • Raff

      +1 @ scurvy hesh

      Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo da Vinci did not have the technology we have nowadays, still their masterpieces remain unbeaten.

      Monet and the other impressionists did not care about resolution … and their paintings are breathtaking.

      You guys enjoy your current cameras!!!! Stop complaining!!!

    • A thought

      that’s it
      100% agree

    • D3S Guy


  • I’m pretty convinced Nikon aren’t delaying announcements to piss us off, and I am ecstatically happy with the Nikons I own (D2xs, D700, D7000) but yes I would like a few more pixels and far better video options. Nikon must know what we are in need of, but must also be aware of technologies that are up and coming and the need to include this. But bloody he’ll Nikon! Release at least something to help us keep faith with the fact that you are at the cutting edge and aren’t about to go all consumer on us.
    Anyway my prediction for D4 etc would go hand in hand with the Olympics next year unfortunately. Still, looking forward to that new lenscap they will be releasing this week or whatever!

  • My D300S crapped out and I shipped it back to Nikon Repair. Since I can’t buy a D800 I guess I’ll just have to rent a D700 to experiment with until my D300S returns.

    The new FX delay is not what I hoped for but my ability to capture great pictures depends on me and not on a future FX body.

  • John

    Nikon is going to really make it hard for me not to buy a m43 or NEX-7 camera in the next couple of months. There had better be a “pro” body and associated interesting lenses for this system soon. Very soon.

  • kyoshinikon

    I just hope Nikon isnt waiting for Canon because If they are it would be a terrible marketing strategy (not that the 5Dmk3 will be that impressive)

    • As Sony fails with the PS3 waiting for XBOX360 launch…Bill gates make a lot of money with that Sony mistake.

  • D

    all I want is a 80-400 update. whats taking so long Nikon! it would sell like crazy.

    • I agree. That would be a very welcome lens for those who cannot afford the 200-400. A replacement of that lens with AFS, new VR and an updated Tripod collar will fill a hole that Canon has on lock.

  • no

    50 1.2AFS

  • I was in Jessops (Uk camera store) yesterday buying filters and the guy who served me (who seemed fairly knowledgeable, particularly for Jessops) seemed pretty adamant that the D800 is imminent. Could be bull, but, like I said he seemed pretty definite about it. Got me all excited for a few minutes anyway.

    • Ralph

      Yeah, that’s his job!!!

      • What? to make up rumours? How does that get me to buy more stuff from him? I’d already bought the filters and he asked what I was shooting with when I opened my bag to put them in, which led to the conversation about when the D800 is coming out.

  • Ralph

    It seems to me tha Nikon is almost abandoning FF and concentrating on cropped and P&S. A mate of mine is finally being dragged kicking and screaming from medium format film to a DSLR, he asked me what I would buy if I were him. I’ve recently changed to a Pentax 645D but keep a D7000 for portability and travel. I have been shooting Nikon for 30yrs and for the first time I have recommended a Canon 5D to him. It’s a sad day but currently Nikon has nothing in that price range that can compete. Having waited 2 yrs for a D700x I couldn’t even recommend he wait and see.

    • ISP ©

      Common get real ! What’s a month or tow ? If you’re really serious about upgrading your DSLR you will wait. A new generation of FF camera is coming…. And it’s just a bit longer than plan…. In case you haven’t heard, there has been an earthquake followed by a major tsunami in Japan… and the plant were all our goodies are manufactured has been knock out ! Give Nikon a brake !
      In the meantime go out and shoot stuff…

  • The invisible man

    Ok I gave up doing video on Nikon DSLR.
    I just bought a Panasonic HDC-SD90 (on sale at B&H $400)
    I will replace my D7000 with a D5100 and wait for the D800/900

    • MJr

      a 3 lens kit is perfect, but a 3 camera kit i dunno 😉

      if you buy a d5100 tho, video is actually good and don’t need the panny then.

  • Hmm…then it’s possible that we might not even see any big dslr announcements this year 😮

  • Martin

    No big event? So maybe some budget AF-S primes like 85/1,8. Or 70-200/4 VR.
    Also NX3 would be fine, but I’m more and more into LR…

    • 120-300 os

      Or 100-500 vr

    • Rahul

      85/1,8. Or 70-200/4 would be really nice.

    • Dr Motmot

      85mm f1.8 would be nice, as would 300mm f4VR

  • Smitty

    @ the guy spending his “D800 money on crap lenses” :
    Smart, real smart. I can’t think of a better investment, really.

    @ all the people who think Nikon is abandoning the DSLR market or the FF market:
    Smart, real smart. You guys have it all figured out. End of story, switch to Sony/Canon now since their offerings are so much better.

    As for me: Throw my hat into the “happy as a clam with my D700” camp. If this camera is not good enough for your STILL photography, you are a poser, plain & simple.

    If you absolutely must have a video DSLR, TODAY, just get what’s available and use it. The impatience of our society is astonishing! You know some people have both Nikon & Canon systems, selecting the best tool for the job. This is the mark of a true professional.

    • I think that way too, but i also want to use my nikkor lenses in Nikon bodys making 1080 p 60 fps, better transmission.


      • Dave Konitz

        It will more likely be a 1080i for 60fps.

  • Roeder

    My plan:
    Save money, invest in some decent glass and be patient.

    In the meantime, take photographs.

    • A thought


  • mandrake

    Now I’m sad…I came here to NR and found out my D3s is an epic fail. I guess I’ll just go toss it in the dump. 🙁

    • Bip

      D3S is a fail? You’ll toss it in the dump? Do you even own one?

      • mandrake

        Sarcasm based on previous posts. 😉

    • tpas

      Wait a few minutes, I will bring you the garbage can! 😉

      Seriously: anyone saying the D3s is an epic fail…… well just don’t listen to him!

  • mandrake

    Btw it’s almost the year anniversary of the D7000….. Maybe the D7100 is coming :p

    • Just A Thought

      Would a swivel screen strike your fancy???

      • please no. I will break it.

      • MJr

        Just 1080p/60 would be fine =)

  • Mark

    Surely, account has to be given to the earthquake and tsunami for any delay in the release of new or updated pro DSLRs by Nikon. Moreover, the parts supply chain, too, requires time to get back to normal, assuming all those companies can revive.

    I would be very surprised if Nikon managers and directors are sitting sipping tea looking out at the sea contemplating the waves without care whether pro DSLRs are produced or not because, well, they simply wish to be spiteful to end users.

    So, perhaps we will have to wait until the new year or early spring before the D800 or D4 comes along.

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