This week’s Nikon announcement

Nikon did not schedule any press events for this week's announcement which means that the new product (or service) will not be of any significance. At that point I don't even think it will be a DSLR camera, probably some kind of accessory (maybe a teleconverter or a new lens in the best case scenario). Expect the press release to be up on Nikon's website at midnight tonight or tomorrow night (EST).

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  • MarkR

    Announcement this week? I wasn’t expecting any announcements till the 23-24th.

  • Matt

    It’s 12:00 AM. Do you know where YOUR announcements are?

    • MarkR

      “It’s 12:00 AM. Do you know where your announcements are?”

      lol Good one! 🙂

  • it must be tomorrow then

    • Rahul

      I think you had said that the announcement could be on 8th. Today is 7th so there is still one more day to go.
      BTW any idea till now related to announcements? Could it be lens(es)?

      • The announcement dates are always +/- 1 day because of the time difference. Sometimes I do no know the exact geo location of my source which can cause confusion. For example in the US we get the press event the night before the official press day in Europe. It is even more complicated with Asian time zones.

  • I got 5 outdated full frame cameras and am happy as a clam! F4, Fe2, Fm, Eos3 and a Pentax Spotmatic!!!


  • impatient man

    I believe the main reason why we are not seeing a D700 or a 5DMII replacement is that they are still selling well and there is no real competition in that segment.

    I’m fairly convinced that both companies have new models all finished and are only waiting for sales figures to drop. At least that’s what I would do in their place.

    In my place, I can only wait. Need the low light capacity of FF

    • The D700 can’t be selling too well, given they seem to have taken it off the market.

      • badomen

        Hi, I work in sales, I have hundreds of pre-orders, Nikon just aren’t providing stock. I would say, looking at other companies, that there are still complications with manufacturing due to the situation in Japan.

        • impatient man

          It’s absolutely no problem to get the D700 here in Germany at regular (new after quake) price

          • mechir

            I believe as Thom Hogan said, part of Nikon problem is that they will not move inventory from one country to another. So, if Germany’s stock will not be transferred to US i guess.

    • Hitler

      Of course, it has no competition. It’s freakin 12mp! LOL

      • I regularly print 25×50 cm with ISO ranging from 200 to 6400, aperture from 1.4 to f22, from my D700, with great results. What’s your point, do you shoot billboard advertising or do you just need the need to bicker ? Who stopped you from getting a new or used D3x ? Can’t you compose a frame and you have to make massive crops in PP ?

        I’m fine with 12 mp as long as it comes with great sharpness, DR, color reproduction and great low-light capabilities, in a superb rugged body with unfailing autofocus. Go get a 5D and loose on all of the above for some extra megapixels.

        • Flash

          You need less resolution for a Bill Board or a Bus then the prints you are making; No one is suppose to walk up to them.

          Some poster and smaller advertising signs need more though. Extreme cropping is the only place more resolution would be beneficial to me, but I should just learn to take the image I want like in the old days of slide film.

        • Anonymous

          my thoughts exactly!

  • EvanK

    Damn, I was hoping for some sort of announcement tonight… oh well, I guess I can wait a day…

    • D700guy

      Yeah, wait another day for another nothing announcement.

  • R R

    nothing is gonna happen.. this week. by the end of the month.. thats a different story.

  • Which Nikon Press Centre (sic) web site is that, both the Nikon USA and the Nikon UK press room web pages are white not black. Do announcements get placed in all press rooms simultaneously ? Which is the best one to watch ?


    • This is an inverted image just for illustrative purposes. The best site to watch is 🙂

  • Thats it. Okay, they did great when they released the D3. BUT, this feels so strange.. I´ve been thinking about going to Sony and just forget Nikon since the Nex-cameras was released.. I´ve been thinking about getting a 24mm lens for my Nikons.. But Im thinking that I shouldnt..
    I WANT INNOVATION LIKE SONY OR M43.. Even Samsung looks better than Nikon at this moment..
    I just want a SMALL FULLFRAME CAMERA!? The Sony NEX mount is the most likely to first boast a FF sensor in a small package. Maybe even Samsung can fit one into their NX mount.. They have a little longer flange distance so it may be a little easier for them to make FF lenses..

    • Would you like fries with that?

    • WoutK89

      That means that the lenses need the image circle to be that big as well.

    • Flash

      Sony is having enough problems, trying to get lens to work with the APS size sensor.

    • Jabs


      Perhaps you need to restate things.
      The only FF 35mm DSLR that I know of, is the Leica series (M9 and maybe M8 -not 100% sure).
      Sony NEX and Fuji X100 and new Samsung are all DX or APS-C.

      If you want a FF small body, then Leica it is or wait and thus look at their pricing.

      • BartyL

        ‘SLR’ = Single Lens Reflex = mirror + pentaprism ≠ M9 or M8.

        • Jabs


          Thanks – meant digital rangefinder or smaller FF digital rangefinder.

          Yeah no really small FF DSLR at all.


  • Robbin Groot

    Please let them release a new firmware update for the D7000 to improve it’s video capabilities. Make it at least shoot 30fps like the d5100!

    Hoping for:

    – 24, 25 and 30 fps at 1080P (maybe 60fps at 720P, not likely)
    – Higher Bitrate settings, i hope they include 4:2:2 10bits sampling (less colorcompression)
    – Aperture control in moviemode/LiveView.
    – Greater resolution (or downscalling and no line skipping) resulting is less moiree
    – Histogram in LiveView (Possible with other nikon DSLR)

    The photocapabilities are top-notch already.

    • Calibrator

      I don’t think that Nikon will spend any resources on upgrading consumer models for free – even if it is technically possible like firmware options or optimizations (faster focusing for example).

      They will put new features like your wishes into a D7100 (or whatever the successor will be called) and accelerate product cycles like the competition instead.

  • Ian

    I understand both sides of the argument. One side says be happy with the camera you’ve already got and when something comes along to replace it, replace it. The other side says that the technology is old and due for an update, and in this highly competitive market any and every edge is a need, not want.

    My problem is that I am just entering the “professional” market. I fell into photography, drummed up some interest in my work… And then next thing I know I am considering this as a full-time profession. And I am now finding that a full frame sensor is more of a necessity than I first thought. So I purchased some good glass, and then saved up every nickel and dime to move into the D 700 D3S realm. And what’s frustrating about this whole thing is that these particular cameras are currently selling for a premium, if I jump in right now and an upgrade is released just moments later I am potentially going to lose a substantial amount of product value in a short period of time. This doesn’t just hurt me because I could be spending the extra money on lighting equipment, lenses, so on and so on… It hurts because it will even affect my bottom line when it comes to ensuring the damn thing (The value could drop faster than a new car).

    So I feel that this little top dollar bottom line game is not fair to the loyal customers who helped build both their name and commercial niche. I don’t really care what they do when it comes to the consumer grade products, but when it comes to items that you have to plunk down $3-$7000 on, well, I think good advance warning goes a long way towards securing continued product loyalty in the professional Sector.

    I’m not saying Nikon should spill the beans and release all of their trade secrets…But a corporate statement going out to the professional market stating; products are currently being developed and a projected release year, would quell a lot of anxiety (As well as allow most of us to way the cost benefit ratio of simply purchasing one of their current lineup. Having this much of the market simply sitting on their hands can’t be helping sales, and definitely isn’t helping perception).

    • Abo

      I kind understand your point o view, but for most Pros, they are not much in a hurry for a new camera. They are aware of a new camera won’t make them a better photographer. I met some guys still taking photos with Film cameras that just make you feel ridiculous with your brand new ubber d9900000…
      And I am sure Nikon knows about it. Market dictate, that is for sure. But pros don’t care about it.

      my 0.02 cents 🙂

      • Jabs


        Exactly as you stated.
        You tell people how most Pros feel and they laugh at you here. Pros are usually very conservative and their familiarity with their present gear is often what is most important to them. There is a steep learning and familiarity curve in any new equipment, and so Nikon keeps it real consistent from the Pro F series to the new D series.

        You rock the boat and no one will deal with you, as the steep learning curve hinders your immediate productivity and that means less money, more frustration and less peace of mind to create anything.

        That is what most of you here do not understand and then when people tell you exactly that here, you go on and one telling them what they should do as a Pro or seasoned shooter.

        Things are not how you want them, but often how they really are to those involved in the use of gear = reality.

    • again… Tsunami wiped out a large portion of Japans infrastructure less than a year ago. Dont expect them to wow you on the old time frame. Dont expect a D4 till around the Olympics. If you are truly getting paid then just buy the cameras out there and go to work. Your clients need you.

      • Ian

        I (as well as most of the literate world) am completely aware of the difficulties caused by the tsunami… That being said, Nikon is a huge corporation with a multinational market foothold, Just like Sony and Canon their ability to rebound is far greater than most. I’m not miffed that a brand-new camera has not been developed and presented to me on a silver platter, I am miffed That the current generation of professional grade product is both (somewhat) hard to find, and not at a price point in tune with the technology; All the while Nikon remains tightlipped about a product development path.. Hell..They haven’t even admitted to the current drought being in direct relation to hardships caused by the tsunami.

        And the argument that a new camera will not make you a better photographer always seems just a little bit glib. No, the new camera will not make you a better photographer, but a better photographer will reach the limitations of lower end equipment. And though it’s racing along at a fair clip, the digital era has not yet met the quality possible using the chemical process (Unless you buy a $20-$50,000 “medium”)…But it’s close, every advance in MP, every move in ISO capability, puts us one step closer to the ability of truly competing with our analog predecessors (In some cases ourselves).

        So I think the camera’s capability is important, this generation of artists will be judged on how well we took advantage of the digital frontier.

        And one last thing, I think a lot of professionals sell themselves short. The professional photographer is actually the most active salesperson in the industry. Think about it, you’re almost consistently asked what you use, and the wedding photographer who exclusively uses Nikon equipment portrays a sort of elitism that sends your clients and admirers wandering into the marketplace looking for what they’re brush with professionalism was using. We may be a smaller demographic than the “cool pics” crowd, but I would be willing to guess that the “professional photographer” has a direct impact on those sales.

        Anyway, I think, to a buck 75 in two cent increments now : )

        • JonMcg

          Brilliant, I’ve been trying to say the same thing for months but you managed to do so in a much better way. Thank you and I agree 100%.

        • Jabs

          How long have YOU been shooting.

          Probably not long?

          An L22 CoolPix looks better than the results from MANY esteemed FILM cameras, as I used them myself, as in purchased and owned them by BUYING them myself with my own money.

          Pure horse manure from YOU, pal.

          You expect something for NOTHING and thus an idiot with unreal expectations and some self-righteous indignation about WHY a Corporation must be your personal slave – GET real. WOW – make all your wishes come true in a fairy tale romance novel ending and they ride in on a white horse and sweep the poor damsel out of her ghetto or miserable conditions and put her in a million dollar mansion and everything goes swimmingly well and hunky dory as American apple pie = dreams of morons!

          Nikon is SLOooooooooooooooow – so what?
          Canon is SLOoooooow – so what?

          There is NO 35mm film camera that can touch ANY version of a D3 and no contest with a D3s or worse, a D3X = grow up, as this is NOT Apple and their iMadness of selling in tick-tock cycles to DOLTS. I love Apple, but not some easily impressed moron that buys in yearly cycles and then runs to E-Bay to off-load your mistake to bigger morons than yourself.

          Nikon is a Camera Manufacturer and NOT a chaser of Media Moguls, Phone Manufacturer, Media pusher or such. If Nikon followed Apple, we would have the MESS that is Sony now = GET real, pal.

          Dumb down the experience and shove out glorified CRAP to dimwits and then charge an ARM and a LEG to bling induced ‘airheads’ and then get PAID = Apple in some of its’ products!

          Everyone is NOT stupid here, and maybe you are intelligence challenged BUT keep your disease to yourself – THANK you.

          Have a great day in THOUGHT for a change, perhaps.

          We aren’t all are happy suckers or Forest GUMPS here!

          Some people like it the way it is, but many come here and stir up TROUBLE with their own desires and thus some HATE that here. Professional is different from trend followers, as PROS make the trends = grow UP!

          You want a camera for $2000.00 BUCKS, then buy an A900 or A850 FF or if you like DX, then buy an A77 and be happy, plus leave us alone here, as SPEED often means you are hung up on showing off and not about excellence or REAL quality.

          MOST here are about excellence and not about showing off with the latest and often useless improvements = seasoned REALISTS, versus easily impressed specheads.

          • MJr

            What’s with the CAPS ?

            • Jabs

              CAPS for emphasis!

            • BartyL

              As someone in a completely different thread pointed out once: You DO realise that the FREQUENT use of CAPS makes YOU look INSANE don’t YOU?

            • Jabs

              Sorry about the CAPS – lol.

              Not insane, just busy and don’t have time to check my posts.

          • “but not some easily impressed moron that buys in yearly cycles and then runs to E-Bay to off-load your mistake to bigger morons than yourself.”

            haha that’s classic

            • Jabs


      • Jabs

        Yup – exactly, but they have no clients, as they are Internet bound or enslaved and gagged too – LOL.

        Those who are busy earning a living deal with their current gear and wishes, while those who are idle because they don’t know how to do much of anything – complain and complain and complain, as they have very few marketable skills and are often too lazy to learn anything, as that requires REAL work and not mere talk.

        Called in slang – barking at the moon.

        Does the moon respond = their dreams or stupidity.

        Do something while you complain = intelligence and a show of your own work ethic, but you have to have a career or some ‘get up’ to begin with, for sure.

        Those who know – DO and seek improvement in themselves.
        Those who don’t – complain excessively and do no work to improve themselves as they expect something or a fantastic result from no input of theirs or doing nothing whatsoever.

        Lost on many!

      • Jabs


        You tell people reality and they want dreams.

        Thanks for the clear information.

    • nobody

      Even if a new D800 or D4 would be announced today, it would take you probably some months before you can actually buy them. (I was told the D4 will be in stores in January, in Germany that is).

      So if you’re really making money with your camera, the solution for you seems quite obvious: get a used D700. You will not loose much money that way if you resell it after a few months, and maybe you will even keep it as a backup body.

      Otherwise you’re completely right, it’s a mess that there is no sort of a roadmap that lets you plan your gear acquisitions at least a year in advance. Alas, this is the same with Canon, so regarding pro gear we’re at the mercy of the manufacturers.

      • Ian

        I’ve been thinking about this, but I’m probably leaning towards the D3S because of its low light capabilities. Although if I’m going to buy used I would probably need to go through one of the more reputable dealers… It’s not something I would want to gamble on.

    • Jabs

      Earth to you – Then nobody would buy your products as they would be caught in an imaginary vicious cycle of waiting for the NEXT product update and shun the current one and thus you DIE as a Company.

      No one buys anything from you then, as you are promoting what is coming UP and they wait and this kills you as a Manufacturer = your dreams or flawed statements.

      You must have failed Business and Logics at College or did you ever go?

      Why would you drum up Business for the upcoming and unreleased products WHEN you are trying to sell the CURRENT products?

      Is that remotely any form of intellect or even common sense?

      Maybe your world has been turned upside down by too many video games and the unreal expectations of rebooting reality when you die, instead of the real permanence of death.

      -OR- maybe you fell for the Sony HYPE machine, as no one bought any of their products while they hyped the upcoming ones – LOL!

      Can I sell you an air-conditioning unit for your Igloo pal or a wood burning fireplace for your Tropical island home?

      • Gopher

        This is my first comment at NR:

        @Jabs, Ian has articulated some excellent points. Jabs, you have responded as if he proposed to burn down your house.

        I want to buy a Nikon FF. I will definitely not buy a price-inflated D700 only to see it get cut in half when the new model comes out, no doubt they day after my D700 arrives.

        End of first and last comment.

        • Jabs


          Desires divorced from reality = mindless drivel or the immature ramblings of a self-centered and idiotic person.

          Nikon is a Business and they perhaps have problems that they will NEVER tell anyone outside of Nikon perhaps, as they are not stupid and we are outsiders and thus we need to temper our own expectations with their ability to deliver or even DESIRE to deliver what we wish for as their customers in OUR self-induced time frames.

          Many have it here backwards and thus expect Nikon to be like a fairy ‘god-father’ to them and make all their insane individual wishes come true = smartphone users and iPhone, iPad plus videogame junkies. Instant everything and then give me what I want when I want it ONLY = their manta!

          You have to temper YOUR own desires with some dose of reality or you are a rambling little cry baby throwing a hissy FIT.

          That serves no purpose in life except to isolate you from society as you burn down everywhere with your own imaginary selfish pursuits = GET REAL!

          If that is your reality, then roll up your sleeves and go make your own CAMERA and gear then!

          Do like RED did and still does, if you have the millions or even billions to do this.

          Wasted emotions plying to idiots is how I see that GAME!

          Playing the spec-chase game or update cycle game is like the idiots on crack who look for a newer and better fix constantly and then get irate when NO ONE placates their childish or the juvenile madness in their own ideals = the world DOES not revolve around you and your little petty desires.

          GROW up, then – I say to them!!!

          ANYONE could write an ideal list but to believe than ANY Corporation must now abide by or placate and/or produce your own desires = you are a moron with some self-esteem issues or some form of a Messianic complex.

          Clear enough?

        • Anonymous

          He don’t call himself JABS FOR NOTHING!!!!!!

          • Jabs


            Actually ‘Jabs’ is a shortened version of my real name.

            It just came out like I am ‘jabbing’ someone, though at times morons need to be told about themselves – lol

            • Ian

              Heh, advice to which you are not uniquely immune. I expected argument, conversation… But am sort of surprised to find a self appointed market analyst rambling on like a talkshow trained pop psychologist.

              There are so many points that you’re allowing “ANGER!!!! lol ahhh lol lol-lol” to dictate your opinion, that it’s not even worth much more than a simple response.

              I thought at first you were being facetious, but nope, you just have a captive audience.

              True common sense comes with a note of humility and diplomacy. Casting aspersions will just let everyone else know a whole heck of a lot about your own personal insecurities.

              Interesting to know that not even the Nikon rumors forum is immune from “Internet tough guying”…huh

              I do agree with you on one point though, honing your craft is paramount, but being financially tactical comes in a close second.

            • Jabs


              Perhaps you explain to me or anyone here how you can read people’s thoughts here through their posts and I will show you your own ignorance or even misplaced sensitivities.

              One cannot accurately predict or read people’s views, as you don’t know whether I am telling the truth or not. Sorry, but not a Market Analyst but a mere person who has used Nikon equipment for years and from having children, then I spot things here common in age groups like anyone can also do here.

              I don’t have either the time nor the inclination to argue for argument sake, as not that type of a person, pal.

              I don’t see myself as important or even needed here but perhaps I bring a needed dose of reality here at times and what captive audience are you blabbing about?

              Maybe it is YOUR goal, but certainly not mine, as I have a life and a career that keeps me really busy as in don’t care one way or the other, as this is not my web site and thus I don’t make any money from being here. I learn and interact is all.

              If you think that a Rumors site is that deep, then I really am sorry for you. My only gripe is the incessant childish complaining here with no constructive thoughts whatsoever and thus I respond to that as an adult and not at the people personally.

              If the suit or shoe fits, then wear it or not = don’t care one way or the other.

              If I was so into myself or promoting myself, as you imply, then why I have I not posted a web site of mine?


  • I am so disappointed with the Nikon! No wonder Canon dominate the market when they release more new SLR than the Nikon can achieve. I am now changing to Canon.

    Why wait for the Nikon, where it never happens anything,

    just a mirrorless camera, who wants it!?

    • Franco DMD

      Well buddy good luck there… Remember there is a reason you are with Nikon in the first place and it is not for their equipment turnover because there is not anything you can’t do with what you have got today…

      Stop seeding the Nikon hate.

      • Alex


        NR admin should really consider putting a temporary IP ban (24-48 hours) on those who keep spewing the same ”I’m switching to X company because Nikon won’t release anything NOW” comment in every friggin’ post.

        Or maybe NR should have a post on how many “switcher comment” were posted in the last year. Bet you less than 1% actually did make the switch.

    • jesse


    • Richard Spencer

      I was just, rather vaguely, wondering why the D700 and (if you are fortunate) or D3s are in some strange way, “not good enough” for you. There is an old (?American) saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – I’d adapt that as, “If it is the best there is, why look for better?”

    • Chris P

      Exactly what has Canon now released that has caused you to change to Canon. As far as I am aware Canon has released no new FX cameras recently, and the last semi-pro camera was the 7D.

      • Leave them, fools are fools.

      • Jabs

        The last Canon FF PRO camera was released before the 5DMK2 and thus nothing Pro since the original D3 was released in 2007.

        The newest MK4 is a cropped body or DX in Nikon parlance and it is a Pro DX body. The 7D is more like a competitor to the D7000 and both are DX or cropped sensor bodies.

        Nikon thus is at least two generations ahead of them in the Pro ranks.


        and four released FF cameras ahead of them


        Maybe that is why they complain here, eh???

        Hope this helps!

    • ISP ©

      Have fun !

  • Garni

    whats now……

  • Chris P

    And I am laughing at you for being such an obvious troll.

    • grantourismo

      You are a troll for not understanding that this is serious, wake up and smell the coffé fanboy, nikon is not flawless, and if they dont get their shit together they´ll lose more and more customers.

      • Have you looked at the shadow noise in the new sonys?

  • Jabs

    While some complain, others hone their craft

    Off Topic but a significant aid to many here, perhaps:

  • Jabs

    We have an INsignificant problem here:

    Many ‘intelligence challenged’ posters come here and spew their vile or venom at Nikon and tell us falsely the implied performance or merits of other systems, mainly it seems because they are JEALOUS or even envious of the way Nikon has lately dominated every other Manufacturer in cameras.

    They complain and then tell us LIES here having this or that equipment or selling stuff that they cannot even describe themselves properly or accurately.

    YEAH – we eeezzz all stooopid, RIGHT!


    You buy and use as you wish BUT some of us love Nikon because it simply performs BETTER.

    Nothing emotional or irrational, but just plain SENSE and our own choices.

  • D


    everyone’s right in their own way:
    – there are those who want a better camera but can’t afford it right now, until a new one comes out and makes the current ones cheaper, thus becoming a bit more accessible.
    – there are those that love numbers (“I want more megapixels, my friend has more with his Canon”, “I want to take one shot and crop it into 100 different photos of 10 MP each”)
    – there are those that don’t want anything new because they think sometimes photography is less about technology and more about talent/vision/skill, and what they have today is merely a tool that helps them trap moments in time and share them with the world.

    It’s a beautiful world, let’s make the most of it and stop installing our own road blocks… 🙂

    Cheers everyone and I wish that you have good light, good vision and to be there at the right time to capture the moment!

    • Jabs


      Really nice portfolio and especially like your style.

      Nice work with a D700 too.

  • WT

    Keeping up with the Joneses is alive and well, even in this economy.

  • The D7000 is one year old, obviously a new camera will generate more sales, their post doesn’t make sense.

    • grantourismo

      What is it about their post that makes no sence?

      • Comparing the sales of 1 year old camera with a brand new, just release model from Sony. Obviously the sales of the new camera will jump up because of all the pre-orders.

  • Mark Twain

    What a small world! I’m a writer who happened upon this discussion and let me tell you, I’m in the same situation.

    For eons I’ve been using Cross writing utensils and as you can imagine, I go through a lot of ink. Thankfully the cartridges aren’t too much money so I just pop a new one on and off I go with a new story!

    So Cross as a company has served me quite well, but lately my inspirition has been drying up. A little case of writer’s block, you know. Anyhow I strongly suspect my Cross pen as the cause of this problem. I’ve been using the same pen for a few years now but I’ve heard Cross is going to introduce a new line of pens very soon. It’s supposed to happen any day now; I don’t know what’s taking them so long. If I have to continue to use the same pen much longer I’m afraid my work will suffer.

    So I feel for all you folks out there waiting for a new DSLR! I know what it’s like for one’s inspiration to weaken as one’s tools age.

    Frankly if Cross can’t deliver me a new writing utensil soon, and I mean THIS MONTH, I just may find myself switching to Parker or God forbid, Bic.

    I hear there’s a pen coming that automatically extends the cartridge when you pick it up! Imagine that…no need to click the back button anymore! I’ll be able to save my editors so much time with that feature….


    • Jabs

      @Mark Twain


      You are at the crossroads of Cross!

      Try Open Office, Libre Office or Office 2003 to 2010 or even Office 365 or Google Docs, AbiWord and such and put away that IBM Selectric wide carriage ‘beast’ or the Brother typewriter with the LCD screen.

      The tools cannot help when you are stuck without inspiration – try a new and younger wife/husband or move to an inspiring location or get some new inspiring friends or buy a Miata and run it with the top down or get a BumbleBee yellow Camaro or better yet, get a Z-28, a new Boss 302 Mustang or something like an iPad or an Amazon Kindle to renew your interest in life or see how they publish now. Nothing like a change to bring about inspiration and leave Mark Twain alone – lol.

      Just teasing you, as this seems like your form of satire – STUCK in the past and it reminds me of a PodCast called – Stuck in Vermont – lol

      Look it up, too.

    • BartyL

      Well done, Mr Twain.

    • Mr. Twain, I feel your pain.

      That you might suffer not a moment longer under the tyranny of such a putrescent company is my deepest wish for you, Sir.

      • Oh, and bravo! This has got to be the most classic post here. Ever.

        • Jabs

          @Ron Adair

          Yup – even if it was satire

    • Jabs

      Sorry to spoil your fun or satire, but Mark Twain used this brand of pen.



      I also understand your sarcastic or even poignant analogy to us here waiting for an improved tool to now make some of us happy or even claim new insight, new inspiration or a better sense of self-worth and maybe better images, but inspiration often does not come from your tools, as you should direct your tools to express your own creativity.

      Therefore, it is the age old adage – what came first, the egg or the chicken.

      Answer – God Created the hen that laid the egg after being impregnated by the rooster. Now, what came first, the rooster or the hen – lol

      On a personal note:
      Equipment is an inspiration to me but not something that I fixate about, lest I forget what my job really is. Creating things is difficult and sometimes helped by a better tool, providing that God Blessed you with the talent to use this new tool = how I see it.
      A tool without your prerequisite talent = anyone with the money to purchase it can have it, while talent allows one to shoot with even a cheap camera and then produce better works than those with better gear than you, so I don’t sweat the details, as not set in stone. Give me better gear with great talent and maybe something awesome will occur.

      Talent or tools = the conundrum here!

      Nice post too and really thought provoking. It lead me to do some Research on Mark Twain.

  • Allan

    F&ck you Nikon. I am sick and tired of waiting for a new pro body (D400, D800 D4). Now is the time to release something new before Christmas. Stop releasing entry level DSLR’s and start releasing PRO bodies.

    • Oh, Is awwy wawwy gonna have a bad kwismas? 🙁

  • Well it’s a red D3100.

  • Well, that Rumour has been well and truly BUSTED ! I can’t see ANY new announcement on the Nikon website and nothing new on Nikon Rumors either, and it must definitely be ‘tomorrow’ by now.

    • no, this rumor was NOT busted – read my other posts

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