Nikon rep: customers aren’t really asking us for a mirrorless camera

Just some quotes from Techradar's interview with James Loader, Nikon UK Product Manager for Consumer Products:

"We're watching the market, much the same as everyone else is, we'd be foolish to ignore what's happening. However, I would say that the Coolpix P7100 meets the needs of SLR users that want something more compact, or for those users that want to step up."

"With our DSLRs we are already close to number one in the market, we have been attacking Canon really hard lately. Neither us or Canon are in the CSC market, but we still dominate the industry. I believe we have something for everyone at the moment."

According to Loader, customers are not really asking for a new Nikon mirrorless camera and I think he is not far from the truth:

"When we were at Focus on imaging trade show last year, it didn't get asked for. It's really only the press that constantly want to know."

Nikon is expected to announce their mirrorless solution in September.

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  • Roger

    No surprise. Proof is that DSLR still outsell mirrorless by a huge margin.
    Why would anyone ask for a low-quality mirrorless, anyway when you can have a DSLR for the same money?

    • rich

      the sony nex 5 has a 24mp aps sensor and can take nikon lenses too! (with a converter)

      But is it a compact if it has a big lens? doesnt that just make it pointless?

      • KT

        The NEX 5 has a 16 MP sensor, the 24 MP is in the next level NEX7

        • mirrorless=senseless

          it doesn’t really matter how many megapixels they have.. the sensor is so small and you need to get glass bigger than the camera anyway..and even if it had a super quick processor to mimic shutter release timing and the technology of a dslr, the sensor is always exposed and affects the exposure anyways.. they record images not capture them..

          so it’s not really compact, it’s not a dslr, and it’s not really smart.. i don’t get why people would get a product that mimics a dslr rather than getting the real thing.. they’d rather get these fluff products so they’ll look smart and low key when they take their camera out.. i mean it’s cool to be low key, but it’s not cool when the product on your hand doesn’t actually make sense..

          • Ke

            “it doesn’t really matter how many megapixels they have.. the sensor is so small”

            Sony & Samsung both have mirrorless cameras with APS-C sized sensors, so they’re the same sized as most DSLR sensors.

            (Samsung also do small lenses).

          • Martin L

            Agreed. While DSLRs will continue to evolve–and maybe a translucent mirror will be perfected (40 years after Canon’s Pellix) and reduce the size of DSLR bodies—the mirrorless cameras are hardly shirt pocket cameras.

            If you want small, get a compact. If you want to best quality photos—nothing yet is on the market to beat a DSLR.

          • “and even if it had a super quick processor to mimic shutter release timing and the technology of a dslr, the sensor is always exposed and affects the exposure anyways.. they record images not capture them..”

            What a load… where do you pull these things out of? Why not bother to read about the things you’re writing about before writing? Is that too much to ask for?

            • Oilymouse

              Please let him be – I always love it when we get this type of crap. This one may be a bit over the top, but the level of astute ignorance makes my day – brilliant!

            • Johan Krüger-Haglert

              He’s a fanboy and you know it. Facts are not important.

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            The sensor is as big as the one in the D… whatever.. 5100, 7000, 300s.

            And the 300s follow up most likely will get a similar Sony (?) sensor at 24 mpx.

            But I guess a D400 is useless to.

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            “so they’ll look smart”

            Yeah, and you do great!

      • Hhom Togan

        With the ergonomics of a slice of watermelon…. yeah… what good is it?

        Also diffraction in an APS-C sensor with 24 mp would be at f/5.6… wank yourself all you want with the new NEX but it is a stupid camera for stupid people who want to look “cool”.

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          And the D400 will be just as stupid and the D8000 or whatever after that.

          And Nikon will still make them.

          Also I wouldn’t be to surprised if people back in the Canon D30 days thought a 6 mpx camera was pretty stupid. And people with those that a 12 mpx or 14 mpx would be really stupid and …

          • Peter

            24mp is over-kill, the 14mp sony nex-5 sensor was way to much for the majority of lenses you can put infront of it. Just have a look:
            They would have been better off to focus on DR and Noise/Pixel Density..

            Otherwise however, the NEX7 is absolutely incredible – just imagine using it with a Voigtlander Classic 35mm f/1.2 lens adapted.. Manual focusing via a EVF that is bigger than any current APS-C VF (D7000, 7D, D300s you name it). Not only that, but the nex will highlight in the EVF in bright red which areas are currently in sharp focus.. unbelievable.

            Their EVF tech is off the hook, the nex has a 100% 1.09 mag ratio or something – thats ridiculously big! Totally exciting stuff for photographers who enjoy compact manual focus setups.

            • Johan Krüger-Haglert

              I agree but we’ve been hearing the same all the time. Even back in the EOS 300D times it was like “bla bla lenses resolution bla bla used D30 instead”

              Kinda. And here we are. And Nikon will do the same.

              Does it make sense? Maybe not. But it’s what happen.

            • Johan Krüger-Haglert

              Regarding EVF the Sony a77 is:

              • Eye-level fixed XGA OLED, 1.3 cm (0.5″ type) electronic viewfinder
              • 2,359,296 dot resolution
              • Magnification approx.1.09x
              • 100% frame coverage

            • Jabs

              Nikon had a DA-2 Action head that allowed you to see the whole 100% image without your eyes being close to the body for the F3 series and maybe the F and F2 series plus F4 and F5.

              They also had a DW-4 (I think) 6x mag head for the F3 series and it allowed you to focus and shoot at that magnification too, plus it had a built-in diopter adjustment for YOUR eyes to know when things really are in focus as in the SUBJECT you want is in focus. You just had to look down to compose, as it was that type of a finder and was great for shooting flowers or even scenery and buildings.

              BOTH have clarity that the Sony only promises, though an exciting development, its’ execution leaves a lot to be desired and thus I will have to decide for MYSELF, after I personally see it, as specs without seeing it = ARE you serious or just elated by its’ newness only?

              I have looked through many Sony Video Broadcast cameras with HD EVF’s and they are great until you get outdoors or strong back-lighting is present. Visual clarity has never been the best reason or purpose of an EVF’s (electronic viewfinder), as they don’t react quickly or even do NOT change to ambient light or as light level changes, as they are display mediums and not viewing mediums.

              I need to see what’s happening and not what happened. I like the electronics for information and such, but a great pentaprism is priceless especially in fast action shooting.

    • Ke

      Why would anyone want a laptop or tablet when you can get a pc for the same money?

      • Yup, that’s a great comparison. I don’t think you can just call people stupid and wanting to look cool if they buy a NEX.

        • Ke

          I’m sure sure if that’s sarcasm… :p

          But just in case – a laptop will be lower-spec than the same money spent on a home pc – but it does buy you portability. It’s the exact same case with mirrorless.

          • rhlpetrus

            Well, the NEX7 costs less than a D7k and employs the latest 24MP Sony sensor that I bet will be in the D400 and later in the D7000 update. Early jpegs are not that gerat, but I bet the final RAW files will be very good. So not exactly lower IQ performance. Body features is another issue.

            • Scurvyhesh

              The nex costs the same price as the D7000

        • Hhom Togan

          Yes you can because here in Europe the EP range is doing fine but you see much more people getting entry level Digital SLR cameras.

          So for those few who are getting those mirrorles cameras: stupid

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert

      Your definition of quality is “does it have a mirror or not?”?

  • chris

    we are interested in mirrorless with big sensors…..

    • nokiN

      nikon is giving u 1/4 the sensor for 1/4 the price, so thats the same thing

    • Raketman

      Big sensors mean big lenses. Sony’s NEX bodies are really sleek, but most lenses for the system are relatively large. On the other hand, Pentax’ Q system does have a small sensor and small lenses to go with it. It’s just too bad that the Q sensor (1/2,3″) is even smaller dan the one found in cameras like the P7100, G12 and LX5 (1/1,7″).

      The Nikon ILC’s sensor size will fit right between the ‘serious compacts’ and the APS-C DSLR’s. Might be a good trade-off.

      • Ke

        “Big sensors mean big lenses.”

        Samsung have 16/20/30mm pancakes for their APS-C mirrorless.

        • BornOptimist

          and with a smaller sensor the lenses could have been even smaller. It is that simple actually.

          • Not that simple… the smaller sensors + lenses gather less light… so why not just leave the camera at home for a truly portable solution? 😀

            • BornOptimist

              That’s what I do today with my D700.
              And, all I said was that if the Samsung lenses are considered small, they would have been even smaller with a smaller sensor. I didn’t say anything about the capability of the new Nikon camera vs Samsungs offer.

      • Cristian

        Olympus has a 2x sensor and the lenses I’ve seen don’t seem to me to be so big as you say.

      • jerl

        It is entirely possible to have small lenses with larger sensors. Look at Leica and other M-mount lenses- especially wide lenses. They are extremely small. My voigtlander 12/5.6 covers full frame, and is much smaller than any F-mount lenses I own, including tiny lenses like the 50/1.8, let alone monstrosities like my 10-20, which don’t cover as wide an angle, don’t have as much coverage, and are almost as slow.

        • rhlpetrus

          Panny just released a new pancake (collapsible) midrange zoom that looks very small, reminds me of my very old collapsible Elmarit.

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert

      Maybe from Leica. The Nikon spec was a disappointment.

      Atleast the Samsung and Sonys are APS-C.

  • coco

    some of the people actually ask for a mirror-less, one with aps-c size sensor, not a stupid 2.6 crop crap

    • Raketman

      Please feel free to buy a NEX with stupid-big lenses.

      • Then why not use your phone camera and call it a day?

        • MK

          i cant believe i just wasted 3 seconds of my life reading your posts/replies

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          With the Nokia N8 do you even get a smaller sensor than in a Nikon mirror-less? ;D

          (N8 got ~ 1/1.8″ sensor.)

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          The N8 can even be hacked to get continues auto-focus. Wonder if it would be better than the Nikon 😉

    • Carsten

      Agree, Pentax Q is already there.

      I bought Nikon to have access to all the great lenses they make – a new system that can’t use these will lack glass – like m4/3 did and the E mount does.

      Perhaps there is a consumer market, but any DSLR owner will seriously ask himself if (s)he needs something between a DSLR and a P7k .

      • rhlpetrus

        Pentax Q uses a very small 6x crop sensor like compacts. The 2.6x crop that some say will be used by Nikon is not that far from m43, which already have sensors with very good IQ (check DPR’s G3 RAW samples, very close to D7k’s even at high ISO).

        • Oilymouse

          You shouldn’t say that – APS-C will always be much better than M43! Always. No, really! (And what a bummer Nikon chose an even smaller sensor for their mirrorless system – this makes being a simpleminded moron so much harder. And it would indicate a 2x crop might very well be the “sweet spot” for IQ and lens size; that’s also not really comforting. Ouch!)

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            The nikon is 2x crop just like m4/3? Or something else?

            The pentax I don’t care for.

            Tape plastic lenses on the Nokia N8 camera. …

      • Zaph

        The P7000 & P7100 are really not in the game. f/2-8-5.6 is just too slow for the size of the camera.

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          Fuji X100?

          APS-C, OVF, 23mm F2 lens.

      • Johan Krüger-Haglert

        m4/3 cameras can use 4/3 lenses and E-mount cameras can use A-mount lenses.

        Personally what I think is cool is all the adapters for M or C mount lenses and the amount of old manual focus lenses designed for those mounts.

        That’s more interesting with a mirror-less camera for me than both size (but that’s actually more important than …) and their own auto-focus lenses or “big brother” lenses with adapters (… not much of a deal.)

  • PixelBrine

    The mirrorless does not excite me one little bit. Honestly If I want a smaller interchangeable lens camera I’ll just bring my D5100. My D300 I don’t find too bulky or cumbersome 99% of the time anyway. It’s not like you can put this thing in your pocket. And to be honest if I really had a need for a new smaller camera with all new lenses I would just buy a used or refurb Leica M8 it’s not that much more money and it’s light years ahead in quality.

    • Oilymouse

      Lightyears indeed! (But you don’t have one, do you?) Thanks for making clear that a) small cameras are relevant for many people, and b) quality for a given price is what counts. I have cameras both bigger and smaller than yours, and I don’t feel the need to spend big money on a Leica. Must be I cannot appreciate the light years of difference in quality, right? Hahaha.

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert

      K-r, A35 is even smaller?

      GH2, GF3, Samsung NX 100 or whatever, NEX, Fuji X100

  • First!!!

    Mirrorless definitely holds second candle to DSLRs in my book.

    • It began

      Sorry u fail. 😛

      • @It began (without me)

        Oh, man! I could have SWORN I was first. IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!! 🙂

  • Why do I keep reading about this thing being pocketable? You need to attach a lens to it, and once you do that, no one will carry this in their pocket. You still need to carry a bag around, unless someone wants to use a telephoto for crotch enhancement…

    Seriously, what is the advantage of a mirror-less over a small DSLR like the d3100? What will you save space-wise? Half inch? maybe? Is it really worth the decrease in quality?

    Just kidding, btw, about the crotch enhancement… Bad joke…

    • StickingZoom

      Why do I keep reading about this thing being pocketable? You need to attach a lens to it, and once you do that, no one will carry this in their pocket.

      Put a pancake lens on a m4/3 or a NEX and it *IS* pocketable just like a Lumix LX5. Check out the dimension table of these cams.

      Seriously, what is the advantage of a mirror-less over a small DSLR like the d3100?

      * Because with a pancake lens it’s signifacantly smaller and lighter than any DSLR which is a primary factor when you do traveling by feet or bike, go climbing, do some high altitude mountaineering or just hike into raw nature for several days/weeks.

      * In daily use it’s more probable that you’d take a mirrorless cam with you than a DSLR – hence you will shoot more.

      * When you do street photography it’s far less intimidating to people passing by, you’ll have a higher “hit rate”.

      • davis

        I think all of these concerns and reasons to carry a mirror-less are addressed by the 7100/G12/X100 style cameras.

        • Roy

          So, no, they aren’t. Olympus is coming out with more and more lens including a fast 24 equivalent. The P7000/7100 and G12 are too sluggish in real world use compared to the newer Pens.

          The zooming on these cameras is too slow compared to the Pens.

          You’d be surprised how many street photographers are looking for Leica and Nikon DSLR alternatives, but need better image quality and performance speed than the Nikon Ps and Canon Gs have offered.

          • Oilymouse

            Setting the record straight. May I add faster AF (latest generation of PEN cameras) and better video capabilities (especially Panasonic)? The D3100 is not bad, but it would be silly to ignore the competition, wouldn’t it?

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          Except they have more limitations without really offering any advantages.

      • Ok, points well taken… I guess I have to study up on pancake lenses but something tells me they’re not very common and varied in focal lengths, but I’m only assuming here…

        Here’s another part to my argument, what sensor size are we likely to see on these cameras? If full frame, or even DX is possible, then I rest my case. I will totally see the advantages in a new light. However, if depth-of-field, color depth, and overall image quality are sacrificed significantly to have a slightly smaller camera, then I still don’t see the point. And really, the d3100 is pretty small as it is.

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          Check the kit pancake lens 20mm F1.7 and the new Lumix X 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 OIS.

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          The new pancake zoom is also a kit lens. Thought I had added that. Suck to have no edit.

      • Hhom Togan

        In a trenchcoat? sure, in women’s bag? sure, in your pants or shirt pocket? unless you are using giant baggy pants or cargo pants: hell no… even with pancake lenses those cameras AREN’T pocketeable at all.

        • Oilymouse

          Who cares about being literally pocketable? FX DSLRs are simply big, while mirrorless cameras and lenses tend to be nice and small. To me, most APS-C DLSRs are too slightly too big and too heavy. Don’t get me started on the lenses. APS-C is fine if you just want one system; the “C” is probably for “Compromise”.

          • Optimus Prime

            APS-C is fine if you just want one system; the “C” is probably for “Compromise”.

            Haha, now that’s a good one. 🙂

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            I hate that the A77 seem 7D sized instead of A55 sized. Sure, more buttons, please. As on K5. Better AF? Why not. Better EVF? Also fine.

            Huge and heavy? Not that much preferred.

            “But what if you use your super telephoto zoom?”

            Yeah, and what if I don’t? =P.

            Birds and sports are boring (“So why do you need a fast AF?”, no idea ;D)

            • Johan Krüger-Haglert

              s/fast/reliable and predictive/g

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert

      Nex 7 will have lower quality than D3100?

  • mshi

    All I need is something in Fujifilm X100’s form factor with FX full-frame sensor. I don’t care whether or not it has just a fixed lens as long as it stays under $1500.

  • Tonny

    May I ask you guys opinion.

    If D800 come with swivel screen, what do you think?

    • m0m0

      i don’t think nikon’s professional cameras will ever come with a swivel screen.. swivel screens are for “self-shooters” and people who shoot amongst the crowd in a concert or something..

      my point is, professionals don’t need a swivel screen because they are part of the camera / camera system when they shoot and pros are prepared all the time, anticipating the right moment to capture the image.. you know you’re a pro when you have to have you’re eyes on the viewfinder all the time, and you have the need to be in the right place at the right time..

      i’m not saying that it is a bad idea, it’s just too unnecessary for pro grade cameras.. besides it will make the camera a bit bulky and a bit heavy..

      • Well I shoot professionally with a D700 and I would love to have one with a swivel screen. I really miss that when shooting products. Also shooting above crowds is very handy in news photography where you have to push around to get yourself in the right position (which happens a lot). It’s also handy when shooting cars and trucks, but then I hate to work with Live view, so prefer to make a fool of myself lying on the asphalt. 😉

        • Anonymous

          Live view sucks. Does it ever focus quickly or correctly in live view? Not in my experience. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Using a D7000.

          • Anonymous

            Btw, I love my pop up flash. It is very useful and can trigger my other flashes. That’s awesome! I think pros shooting under fire in Afghanistan would welcome a swivel screen, especially if it helped them get shots while keeping cover. Maybe they should make the screen detachable, like some printers have detachable screens. Actually, if you put the brains in a detachable screen, like an iPhone, you might have some real innovation. Might as well put the internets in it so you can upload the story as you shoot.
            I should drink my coffee before I post, I must still be dreaming.
            Wake up, check Nikon Rumors. What a loser!
            Here’s another idea, Nikon should buy Nikon Rumors and News, cause I get an awful lot of great info and advice from this all Nikon sight. Where did learn about the firmware update for my D7000? Not from Nikon! PocketWizards tt1? Not from Nikon!
            Of course, they would ruin it, but if I were them, I would want some kind of input into this. Maybe they should assign a moderator to help us flesh things out. Who knows, maybe they have.

          • Looleylaylow

            I have a D7000 too. Does live view focus quickly? No. Accurately? Always. In fact, live view’s biggest utility for me is in checking for front/back focus on my lenses. By definition, contrast detect AF can’t misfocus.

            • PoBoy

              How do you check for front and back focus with live view? And what exactly does that mean, your lens (or camera?) is focusing just a bit before or behind the spot that indicates focus in the viewfinder?

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            “Does it ever focus quickly or correctly in live view?”

            On a Sony A77 it does.

      • Robert Falconer

        Pro Nikon’s won’t adopt swivel screens for the simple reason that swivel screens wouldn’t likely pass the rigid standards the company employs for durability. Such a screen would be all too easy to snap or break, and would likely create points of ingress at the mounting structure that could enable dust, moisture, etc. to enter the camera.

        Not really suitable for Tripoli or Afghanistan or any of the world’s other hot spots where journalists must rely on their equipment. It would be hard to use the “Have a Shot in Hell” advertising slogan for a D4 – like they did for the F4 back in the day, if it had a swivel screen. 🙂

      • kyoshinikon

        As a press/sports photographer I think a swivel screen is a bad idea as it would break off in so many instances and or be scrutinized by security officials.

        Having a independent screen you could attach atop the body and use wirelessly with liveview and the left buttons (play, Delete, Menu, Zoom in, Zoom out, lock) would be priceless

      • I know most of us are photographers here but my company also does a lot of video with Canon 5D’s and 7D’s (wish they were Nikon but I’m losing hope it will happen anytime soon…). We would absolutely love to have a pro camera with a swivel screen. It would help TREMENDOUSLY. And yes, pro photographers can take advantage of this too.

        No, I’m not a big fan of using LiveView. I actually hate it but have definitely gotten some use of it in certain situations. Same will go for swivel screens.

        And would you really mind if the D4/D800 came with it? I would hate to see pro photographers shooting pictures with the camera away from their face all the time, trust me… but would it deter you from purchasing just because it feels like a more “consumer” feature?

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          Sony A77 (A99)

      • Johan Krüger-Haglert

        “besides it will make the camera a bit bulky and a bit heavy..”

        Something the pros seem really upset with.

    • nokiN

      Swivel screen = pop-up flash = more plastic

    • broxibear

      Hi Tonny,
      I think you might well see a swivel screnn on the D800…maybe even touchscreen ?

      • BornOptimist

        Personally I don’t give a rats ass about video, but a lot of ppl do. Video will have a place on all future DSLRs, and swivel displays are a natural extention of that, so I also expect swivel screens on D800 and even D4 might have it. But please NO touchscreen, I have had enough of that on my pita GF2.

  • nokiN

    well, the d700 came with a POP-UP FLASH, so thats the same level as a swivel screen. D4 is another matter.

    • Discontinued

      I seriously wish for a D800 to come without a poop-up flash but with 100% VF and interchangeable VF-screens. It is useless and just gives shadows from lens hoods and/or big lenses on close subjects.

      The whole idea of build in flashes is just sooooooooo P&S.

      • Joe

        But a built in flash is very handy as a built in master flash in CLS. I would really miss it.

      • Guenther

        I wish for a D800 a pop-up flash with high-speed Sync. I almost exclusively use the flash on my D700 for lighting up shadows or dark parts of a scene and I’m happy to have it. Allways with me and allways ready for use!!!
        (Maybe we can discuss about a SB-400 replace with high-speed sync and master flash function)

  • eagle eye

    To Nikon Rep.
    240 comments and I believe I have proven my point. I hope everyone in Nikon will read this very intelligent thread. Correction: I didn’t realize you are from the UK. Jay Vanatta is the Head of National Sales here in the US. Nevertheless, hear our prayer, Nikon.

  • Bryan V

    where oh where can my D4 be? where oh where can it beeeeee?

  • Adrian

    What you have for the DSLR market? D3 and D700 may be good, but everybody waits on the sucessors and you give us something we don’t want or need. Talk to the community Nikon! Where is the D800?

    Join us on FB so they may feel at least a little bit of pressure:

  • Personally I think it’s too much talk about 1/2.3 or 2.5 camera sensor. CoolPix, mirrorless camera with small sensors and a lot of uninteresting stuff. Nikon, try to focus to a good rangefinder system with serios sensor (at least APS-C) and maybe an MX format. 😐

  • Wade Spam

    but customers are really asking for D700 replacement..

  • Guenther

    Nikon putting all his resources in new cameras and new system. And what is with the current things? I would find it very nice to get a firmware update for my D700 with new features and improvements (silent mode!!!).
    But this is far out of the focus and it seems better for image and marketing to release the 1000th typ of a compact than updating solid cameras (by Nikon service, maybe as a package incl. refurbish- I pay for it!!) and getting still satisfied customers!

  • Is my opinion Nikon is wrong: a compact camera with interchangeable lenses is a need for many pro and for more than many Nikon users ! I also hope they will not acting out with a 2,25x sensor… but some else… bigger…

  • It’s looks so classic I’ll buy one.

  • Ben Porter

    Mirrorless eh? Silly Nikon. They should hurry up and launch D4 so we can get on with whats clearly important… Speculating on D4s/D5…!

    In all seriousness – it’ll be ready when its ready! Id rather have a top quality D4 in 6 months time than a rushed version just because some people (mistakenly) believe they cant make great photographs with a D3s/D700.

  • Hermann Kloeeti

    I have owned a D700 for the last three years.
    I am very happy with it.
    I have savings ready for a D800 or D4.
    I am waiting.

  • asddsa

    i don’t care about that mirrorless & point/shoot bullshit… i want a damn D700s/D800 – fx with video.

  • Carl Koslowski


    NIKON rep: customers aren’t really asking us for a mirrorless camera!????

    True: No Enthusianst/Prosumer/ needs THAT KIND OF MIRRORLESS CAMERA ( 2.6 crap, sorry, crop factor)
    If NIKON would present a camera like the Fuji X100 or better the new SONY nex 7 , not necessarily with 24 mp but better high iso, customer definetely would go for it.
    Some years ago NOKIA reps said: Nobody needs an IPhone/Smartphones. At that time Nokia had a market share about 80%, now 30%.
    What do I want to say:
    Nikon seems to repeat the mistake and neglect new developents by doing all the time the same old stuff and to annoy clients with microsteps in improving their products and to stick on their roadmap, no matter, how fast the competitors around make progress.
    SONY, after a weak start with A800 definely wants to get the topdog in the Pro-market, as they are in the video business.
    After the presentation of the new A77 ( faster autofocus and higher burst rate than D3s+GPS+Swivel display+…..) and NEX 7 ( perfect reporter/travel camera) i am pretty convinced, that they will achieve this goal. Because they are as innovative as we would expect from the former leader of the professional camera business ( when I startet with NIKON 12 years ago bying my beloved F100!
    Nikon forces me to take a strong look at the nex 7 or a77 because of neglecting to deliver equivalent own models.

    My advice to NIKON: Move or R.I.P. !


    Nobody is asking Nikon because they are desperately waiting

    • bdsnsrg


    • Abo

      Nokia had 80% of the market and now has 30% after 3-4 years of smart phones. That was a incredible mistake and not paying attention to current market. The same happened to RIM.

      Now, Nikon still dominates the market after 2-3 years of micro 4/3 cameras.
      It is well know that micro 4/3 doesn’t have and (I believe) will never have the same quality (overall) compared to a DSLR. I do think they are trying to spread their field of cameras to all spectrum , but there will for sure some markets they will dominate and some they will loose.
      It is all down to where the money is: they build whatever is necessary to satisfy share holder, first. Then, they think about innovation and what (and when) they can bring something new to amateurs and professionals (which btw are very satisfied with Nikon and don’t come here to moan about D800).

      my 2c.

      • s

        Sorry, but the analogy fails.

        You haven’t seen any incredible disruptor in the camera marketplace like there was in mobile. Apple caught everyone flatfooted with a phone that was a game changer. Mobile doesn’t have the same switching costs beyond carrier lock-in.

        Camera systems do. People invest thousands of dollars in lenses, and changing platforms is not nearly as easy as changing mobile phones.

    • rhlpetrus

      Good analogy. I hope Nikon does it and quickly so that revenues will keep supporting R&D for the top lines. Does anyone believe that it’s possible to have only upper level dslr lines and survive? If that was possible, you bet Nikon would do it (actually, they tried, more or less, then realized this is not like film).

  • fov

    Not for the shallow reader, I will just suggest that Nikon’s marketing dept. decides when (any) replacements are to be announced.

    Appreciate your efforts NR, along with others who see more than just one side of the camera.

  • PatCL

    Nikon will stick to tradition, of using F-mount. That is why Nikon has been so successful for the past decadesssss why start now? changing the mount, different lens system? in my opinion, i don’t see a mirrorless coming to Nikontown soon.. not unless it’ll be an F-mount, a APS-C size sensor, and comes with a new pancake lens.

    • Carl Koslowski

      Thats exactly the point.
      Nikon doesn’t have to invent a new mount, just create a compact camera with F-mount, either APSC or FX, rugged, moisturesealed, quiet, in short words a FAST P7000/7100 with an APSC sensor and a usable OFV or a good EFV.
      I used a P7000 and loved it for the good handling and hatet it for the low speed and some quality problems. The picture quality was not too bad but does for sure not meet even the picture quality of a 4/3(just the price) not to talk about a APSC-DSLR.

      I personally would buy it at once beside a D800, for which I am waiting for since 3 years already.
      But Nikon will not do me the favor. Instead – my fear is- they WILL present a stupid 2,6 crop-factor-toy for the point and shoot league.

      • Oilymouse

        Well Carl, maybe you start to smell the coffee and realize Nikon has thought this one through pretty well. And by the way, do keep up the “Picture quality” nonsense when generalizing your personal experience with Nikon cameras – thanks! (My LX-3 gives me great pictures, but I know its weaknesses. It is not a “toy” because the sensor is relatively small, just as an APS-C camera is not a toy because is has no full frame sensor.) I think you should get your required dose of Ken Rockwell on cameras and photographers.

  • Does it bother anyone else that the sensor in this pic… that is way over used… is crooked?

    • It does now! Thanks!

  • DaveyJ

    According to my extensive reading of Nikon Rumors the D700 replacement is THE most awaited camera. I myself and some amateurs will buy the new Coolpix AW100 but I am buying that as a recreational camera not as a tool. DSLR is where it is at. If you think mirrorless is the way to go I think you need to try to photograph with those cameras more before you are so sure of that.

    I think of a camera as being like a race car, it is important that it is fast, but you have to be able to steer it. In my family landscape, product, underwater, and race photography is important. I have shoot about every format out there. I think baring helmet cams and pov cameras attached to airplane nose cones or boat hulls where no human would want to be (combat photography is often done that way for that reason) that DSLR cameras are the way to go. Also swivel screens aren’t tough enough for many kinds of pro use. The best shooters I know do not hesitate to get on their bellies.

    Nikon needs to LISTEN to their buyers better than they do. The D800 and the D400 are the anticipated cameras, not Coolpix and not mirrorless. I agree with those who say the Nikon UK rep should have been asked in this interview, Well What do your customers ask for???

    • rhlpetrus

      Nikon makes most of their maney from compacts and lenses, not dslr bodies. If they could abandon the compact market, they’d do it in a second. They are doing more and more in the marketing dept re compacts and overall company image, not only dslrs. There’s a new Nikon cTV ad in Brazil, very nice, 70% show compacts, 30% dslrs.

      When they get the ML system out, my bet will be: 50% compacts, 30% ML, 20% dslrs.

    • Oilymouse

      Well, first of all I am not sure Nikon need to listen (I hear that more often, I usually think it’s crap). Maybe they should be more like Apple and follow their own instincts on what’s good.

      Secondly, before you order Nikon to listen you (ironically) tell a lot, but nothing makes clear what you want from the D800. More pixels, maybe?

  • dumpy housewife

    so let me get this straight. no one apparently wanted this camera, so instead of coming out with a product that would change their minds, nikon decides to aim low and go for the compact-sensor arena: bad image quality with the added annoyance of having to change out expensive lenses to get it.

    does nikon think that changing lenses is in an of itself fun? “forget image quality, people will buy this camera because they’ll get to change lenses just like with a big camera.”

    i predict that in the western world, this will be almost as DOA as the pentax Q system, managing to sell a few units on the nikon name alone /only/.

  • Joe

    Is it just me or does this part of the statement make anyone else a little concerned?:

    “With our DSLRs we are already close to number one in the market, we have been attacking Canon really hard lately …. I believe we have something for everyone at the moment.”

    Is Nikon happy being “close” to number 1 in the market?
    Since they think they “have something for everyone” does that mean no new Pro/Semi-Pro DSLR’s ?

    If Nikon is happy being close to number one and feels that all their customers are satisfied… Then where are we heading?

    Just my $0.02

    • Johan

      If people are demanding a glass of your lemonade, you would sooner or later make it, wouldn’t you? I would say that it’s more than likely, that Nikon is releasing a total amount of three DSLRs in the next 6-8 months.

      And I do W A N T my lemonade – but don’t hesitate, Nikon.

  • carlgo

    Yes, I have been looking at that nasty crooked sensor from day 1 and wondered why nobody mentioned it.

    Curious statement from the Nikon guy. So dismissive of a product a lot of people have been waiting for.

    The Nex-7 is I believe the 1st or 2nd best seller at Amazon even though there have been no reviews and it won’t ship for 2 months…Sony did a bold thing, especially for a giant in the industry.

    • rhlpetrus

      The NEX7 is a very attractive product. I’m checking about the F-mount adapter. Why not? Will Nikon take forever to come up with the ML system, like they did with the P7000 line, or are doing now with a video capable FF under 3,000USD?

      Nikon is too much attached to the old stills SLR culture, maybe they can’t update their vision. Like someone posted above, remember Nokia x Apple and the iPhone.

      • Sahaja

        If you have some really good glass with aperture rings, the NEX 7 with an adapter could be fun. The 24mp APS-C sensor is certainly going to out-resolve by a good margin all the Sony lenses designed that format .

  • tyson

    Panasonic today with their gf3x has made everyone else look either outdated or oldfashioned or too much fuss for nothing i think.

  • This is why I shoot film and full-frame only. Once you go to 35mm and it’s digital equivalent, you [almost] never go back. Mirrorless cameras are just another showoff-toy for hipsters and tech-geeks. Just because you can make it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

    Real photographers do it in the darkroom.

    • Amen. I shoot 35mm when I can, and digi DX when I HAVE to, because I don’t have a full frame digital kit yet (que D800). Shooting 35mm (Tri-x, baby) is just in a whole different league.

      • My preference is Ilford’s Pan-F 50. But that’s only when I have all day to languish behind the lens.

        Tri-X is great for wedding photography.

        • I just find Tri-X has such a nice tonality, and insane range.

    • kyoshinikon

      This is why I have film with me every shoot… A d3s is out of my budget, a f100 not so much… Shooting Fx/ff is miles better (unless you use a 5Dmk2)

      • Hhom Togan

        Eh… 35mm film? ewwwww…. with the prices of medium format cameras these days getting a Bronica ETRSi (budget) a Hasselblad 500 cm ( some money) or a Mamiya RZ67 (big budget) is the way to go.

        Nothing beats EFKE ISO 25 in a beautiful 6×6 or 6×7 negative ;).

        • kyoshinikon

          Too bad I need to lug around those heavy Mf lenses or I would do it. I am looking for a 4×5 speed graflex now so Ill see where that leads…

          • Sean

            oooohh, Speed Graflex! The camera of the ’30s photojournalist. Trick is finding flash bulbs for those suckers. Good luck in your hunt!

    • nokiN

      so high end digital backs are not for real photographers?

      • Sean

        Short answer – yes. I use a PhaseONE on a Mamiya RZ 67 at one studio I work for. But that’s because it’s a $50,000 dollar camera, and the studio that has 40 of these things kickin’ around grosses $50 million or more each year. A single photographer that goes out and drops that much money on a camera is making up for something. A 6×7 transparency holds far more information than a P30, or whatever they have out now. It’s just faster to shoot tethered and see it on your screen than wait 45 minutes for the E6 to spit out your film.

        • Hhom Togan

          Is your camera made of gold? I haven’t seen that price for an RZ… oh you mean the DIGITAL BACK aaaaaah… that is different.

    • Jadewatcher

      Whenever i feel sick of waiting for a good pro replacement, i always get my mamiya 7II gear backpack, my trusted gitzo pro mini tripod, and i can have 100mpx extreme quality tiff files from my 6×7 medium format slides. And that is what i’m doing now, digital stuff must never be the only tool in a serious photographer arsenal, imho 🙂
      And that is doubly true if you – like me – are a landscape shooter.

      • Sean

        You’ve said everything I’ve been trying to get at. I shoulda just quoted your comment all along. I’m exhausted.

        Film rules.

    • Oilymouse

      Well tough guys, I shoot 35mm film, FX digital, and M43 (compacts, too). So I’m a hipster or a tech-geek… Maybe I should add MF to the list to compensate? Get a life. I will use whatever I want and be less of a stereotype than some folks around here.

  • asdf

    I use my NEX 5 for vacations, bicycle trips and hiking. I used to carry a DSLR on long hikes, but the extra weight really does make a difference. The NEX 5 gives me EVERYTHING my DSLR does except the extra weight and bulk. I use the same lenses, so the argument of the oversized lenses does not apply. It is the smaller body that makes the lens look bigger.

    Make no mistake, I am not going to stop shooting with my DSLR any time soon. There is a time and place for each camera. Right tool for the job. Unfortunately this Nikon mirrorless looks like a complete waste of time with the small sensor and modified lens mount.

    Everyone out there who bashes mirrorless cameras should spend some several days shooting with the NEX camera. You will be suprised. Opinion is one thing, actual experience is another.

    • “I used to carry a DSLR on long hikes, but the extra weight really does make a difference. The NEX 5 gives me EVERYTHING my DSLR does except the extra weight and bulk”

      It’s a good thing you weren’t born in the days of 8×10 cameras. You’d have NEVER got out to photograph with that mindset. Can you imagine Ansel whining about his camera’s weight? Yosemite would be condos now if that were the case.

      • Nyarlathotep

        This sounds a little to, “when I was a kid, we had to walk 10 miles to school… both ways… up hill… in the snow.” I know some of Sean’s comment is tongue in cheek, but some of it still cries, “stop whining and do it the hard way or not at all.”

        Just because something is, doesn’t mean it need be. Ansel had no choice. His only options for descent IQ was big or not at all. There just was not the technology or market for anything otherwise. So in his case, Sean’s comment holds water.

        Presently… that is not true. Great photos can be had from ludicrously small cameras in comparison to Ansel’s time. So why not a smaller than dSLR option that provides near SLR quality, especially at base ISO? Especially for those going hiking, camping, mountaineering or any other rugged past time with a view.

        • Actually, there is still nothing today that can touch the quality of 8×10 film cameras. But if you want to judge by the era, so be it. Henri Cartier-Bresson was well-known for his decisive-moment photography, but he had plenty of landscapes made from 35mm film. At that time, 35mm was rarely seen as anything more than an amateur’s format, yet Cartier-Bresson proved that brilliance could be had from it. So in a roundabout way, I’m agreeing that every camera has it’s purpose, and if you want t0 shed weight and go light, you don’t have to be Ansel Adams – you can be Cartier-Bresson. Two different styles, two different end-results.

          My real point is that why buy a [heavy] camera if you’re not willing to deal with the weight and size? Yeah, my D700 is a beast, but for the sheer sake of portability, I’m not leaving it behind for favour of something smaller that won’t deliver on image quality like full-frame does. Deal with the pros and cons of your camera, go out and make great pictures. Why waste more money on another camera and new lenses for whatever format it is just so you have a a pound or two less to carry. Lift weights, bulk up, eat your spinach, carry your heavy-@$$ camera. Don’t spend the hundreds of dollars on a silly format that doesn’t perform quite as well as a DSLR, just so you can say “oh it’s so much lighter and fun to carry – I take way more shots now than I ever did”. It’s a cop-out for actually hauling your gear and taking stellar images.

          But in the end, whatever floats your boat.

          • DaveyJ

            Hi to Sean: Could not resist questioning the statement that nothing can rival 8×10. Having photographed in the field for years with several…….I categorically DO NOT agree. Here is why I say this. To me I want a camera which captures life the way we see it. I miss my Zone VI 8×10 once in a while. But my D700 will blow the doors off the bigger rig for capturing what is out there. I also had two bigger cameras and one carried to a mountain top required a 100 pound case for just the body and two lens. I still have the Berlin Grand Master tripod.

            B&H Photo guys challenged me on switching to large format. I am on Nikon Rumors once in awhile as to be very candid I regret that decision to go large format. I also am very happy to be free of the constraints of film. I still have an awesome scanner for up to 11×14. I can’t even say why I have not sold it.

            Bottom line is your D700 is a very capable camera. Ansel Adams would have thought it was the bomb and so would have William Henry Jackson. I use my D300 and D90 somewhat more than the D700. There is some real magic in 8X10 and a lot of slow tedious set up. I got very fast being able to set up my rigs, however for me those days are over. I still marvel at some large contact prints. But better than say a D7000 for photography? Not according to me!

            • Sean

              Don’t get me wrong. I’m lightning fast with my D700, and yeah, I could spend all day tinkering with a cambo to get the perfect shot. But resolution and quality wise? I’m sorry, there’s no comparison between 8×10 silver-halide versus even 24MP. That’s the comparison I’m making.

              For anything requiring speed and efficiency, a DSLR trumps the setup of an 8×10. But for landscape photography, you generally have a little more time to compose.

              And I disagree on what Ansel would use. No one can truly know that except him. And he’s dead.

          • Nyarlathotep

            I certainly will agree, you would be hard pressed to beat the resolution of an 8″x10″. Then again, how many of us here are on the quest, capable of, can afford and are willing to use make use of this cumbersome option. If I had to lug a beast like that around the wilderness, I would have a far inferior catalog of images. Props to Ansel for his tenacity and amazing talent.

            I guess what I am driving at is this subject seems to not be germane to the forum here. I mean this forum is about Nikon, related products and how they compare to similar offerings in the market. Not so much about whether or not we should be using large format analog cameras or not.

            “The best camera you will ever have is the one you brought with you.”

        • Sean

          Oh, and actually my comments are SOOOO tongue-in-cheek, but definitely laced with “do it with what you’ve got unless what you’ve got truly can’t do it anymore”. I shot weddings for several years on a D80 (!). When I got sick of the piss-poor high ISOs is when I finally said I HAVE to get a D700. Poor man pays twice!

          • Nyarlathotep

            Yeah, the D80 kills me every time I have to go into high ISO territory. Unless the lighting is nice and even, all within a ~6 stop range (honestly how often does that happen with low-light shooting) the images just run all over the board with noise.

      • asdf

        What is wrong with using today’s technology? Do you ride a horse or drive a car? Ansel used the technology he had available to him. I use whatever technology I want in order to get out of photography what I want.

        How do you know that I was not born in the days of 8×10 cameras? Somehow I have managed to get into photography, even though SLR cameras were not available. I remember when digital cameras had 720k floppy disks. “What is a floppy disk?” , you say.

        If I was a professional, first of all I would not have time to be writing this since I would be out shooting. Second, I would take whatever equipment with me in order to help me get the best shot I can. If the equipment was too heavy, I would hire assistance to help. Did Ansel ever take along helpers? Of course he did.

        If I am faced with the choice of being able to get DSLR quality pictures with a smaller, lighter camera or leaving my D3 back at camp because it will become too heavy during a 12 hour hike, I will choose the lighter one so I can get pictures.

        • Sean

          They had lightweight 35mm cameras in Ansel’s day. He could have used a Leica and a 35mm lens to the same effect, like Cartier-Bresson. He chose a larger format because the image quality was far superior. Micro-4/3 or APS-C vs a D3? You want quality? Haul the gear, that’s what I’m getting at.

          Oh, and comparing horses and cars to small-camera versus big-camera is silly. Try donkey vs horse or model-T vs ferrari. Just sayin’.

          • asdf

            Are you saying the ONLY way to get good quality pictures is to use the camera you say I should? Have you even tried the NEX series personally? It seems you did not read my first post in it’s entirety.

            “Make no mistake, I am not going to stop shooting with my DSLR any time soon. There is a time and place for each camera. Right tool for the job.”

            Why should I take a heavier camera on a hike just because you say I should when I am more than happy with the quality out of the NEX 5? Before you pass judgement, beg, borrow or rent the NEX 3/5/7 and see just how good it is for yourself.

            • Oilymouse

              Sean is on a roll here. Your NEX is spoiling his romantic ideas of Ansel and the donkeys in the rainforest. He pretends to be unaware of the fact there are much bigger cameras out there than the D3 he is referring to. Much more pixels. Even better for landscape photography than 8×10. There’s always a bigger fish…

              One thing even Sean cannot ignore, try as he might: no type of camera is improving as fast as mirrorless. The people will have light weight and excellent IQ for less and less – yay!

            • Sean

              You know what? The gauntlet’s been dropped. I’ll go and use a NEX5, come back here with a post of the images, and I’ll still say I think it’s a cop out. Because it is.

              The bottom line appears to be this: “I don’t wanna haul heavier gear that will provide better end-results. I’m going to sacrifice the end quality, just so my back doesn’t hurt as much.” You take the same picture with a NEX5 and a D3x, PRINT them both at 20 x 30, hang ’em in a gallery, and you tell me which is going to be more impressive. I’ll break my back for the better image any day, which will be coming from a full-frame sensor.

              And since Oilymouse has chosen to disable replies to his/her comments, I’ll say this here – when a technology is inferior, every new development is an improvement. DSLRs have plateaued, so the only improvements can be more mega pixels and better noise reduction. And the D700 & the D3s currently provide that in spades.

            • asdf

              “PRINT them both at 20 x 30, hang ‘em in a gallery, and you tell me which is going to be more impressive.”

              It all depends on who is taking the pictures. In the right hands, the D3 will blow away the NEX every time. In the wrong hands, the NEX will blow away the D3.

              One of my pictures taken with a D300 was blown up building size (30 feet tall) and used as an advertisement for a local play house. The printing house sure did make the banner look good.

              “I’ll break my back for the better image any day, which will be coming from a full-frame sensor.”

              I am going to call you out on this one.

              Go to Yosemite; take the 16 mile, 4800 feet elevation gain hike. Carry the same gear that Ansel did. Do the trip by yourself. Show us your resulting images and let us know.

              Here is an example of my work:


              Please post your thoughts about your experience as well as images from your hike up to the top of Half Dome. Talk is cheap, results are not.

          • naked housewife

            “you want quality, haul the gear”

            exactly. there’s some decent quality to be had from the compact system cameras (though at their inflated prices, it’s hardly a value), but if i want the DR, DOF and FOV of FF, MF and LF, i’ll have to actually carry one of those systems

            • Oilymouse

              Only DOF will stand in few years.

            • Sean

              Carrying gear. The horror.
              Didn’t realize this was going to be going to be such a Pandora’s box.

            • still naked

              perhaps you misunderstand me. i’m agreeing with you – a few extra grams and centimeters of gear is worth it for better image quality.

            • Sean

              No, I got you. I was agreeing with your comment in a sarcastic way. I knew you were on the same page.

      • EnPassant

        Ansel Adams didn’t take his 8×10 for long hikes but transported it in his car and took his photos not long away from the road and carparks. For a lighter system he in the 50’s and later used a Hasselblad. Today he’d propably use a Hasselblad with a high resolving digital back.

        • Sean

          Point taken. Though a Hasselblad is still heavier than a Nikon rangefinder.

    • Hhom Togan

      Awwwwww you must have arms made out of broccoli 🙁 you poor thing.

      No wonder there is so many overweight people in the UK and USA…

  • jk

    Seriously, what are the current cameras not achieving?

    • kyoshinikon

      Megapixel bragging rights and a system loaded with soft f/4 lenses wide open…

    • For me, Nikon needs a full frame camera capable of 1080p to take on the Canon 5D. I know most of us shoot photography, but Canon is running away with it when it comes to video. The video quality that DSLR’s are capable of, especially full frame ones, is pretty incredible. We had invested early on two professional HD camcorders and the DSLR’s blow them away… I mean it’s not even close. We never even use the camcorders anymore except for live feeds and long extended shots over 10 mins. Many tv shows, programs, music videos, and even feature films have used these cameras (Black Swan was shot with a mix of 16mm film and the Canon 7D which isn’t even full frame). It’s a shame Nikon hasn’t stepped up and offered something of their own… We actually purchased adapters to be able to use our Nikon lenses on the Canon cameras, though I wish we could eliminate that need.

    • Hhom Togan

      You can’t brag to your friends how hip you are without your Ipad, Iphone and mirrorless huge megapixel count cameras, that is what they aren’t achieving.

      Also people today have arms made of spaghetti because they can’t stand carrying some weight.

  • why so small a sensor, size does matter

  • saying they did release a D700x, would low light ability drop from the current D700 model with the introduction of the D3x sensor?

    • D700guy

      Unfortunately, this scenario makes the most sense to me marketing wise.
      The D4 is going to render the D3 obsolete, so grabbing the market share of those who would buy a 24mp camera for $3000 when the D4/D4x hits seems logical

  • Eventually we will get a small mirrorless as rumored, it would kill the Coolpix models.
    Also at some time we may get a DX mirrorless and perhaps an FX mirrorless, but DSLR’s would still continue. Bring it on.

  • Montreal_Citizen

    Just got an email saying the nikon store has been restocked with refurbished camera (d3s, d700)

    Evidently, Nikon is trying to liquidate their spare parts.

    Hopefully to get ready for a smashing release next month!

  • I heard the D800’s video will only be animated GIFs

  • Muchachito Ehehe

    I haven’t asked for a mirrorless camera, and, if Nikon came out with one, I wouldn’t buy it.

  • iamnomad

    That’s because reps don’t actually talk with or listen to customers.

  • Mig

    Mirror less! Of course I want one!
    Give me a full frame Nikon SP “D” that supports the S Mount and I will sell everything I own to buy it!
    Dont believe Nikon!?
    Ask Fuji about X100!

    Why is so hard to understand Nikon?!! You got the Gem before! Just used the reissue 2005 machinery and build it!!

  • Saruman

    It can be an EPIC FAIL 🙁

  • henry salinas


  • Huggs

    You’re right! They are asking Sony.

  • CR

    I’d love to have a High Quality small cam. Mirrorless? Don’t give a dam.
    Need to have APS-C with top High-ISO results and compact with 35mm lense, a top notch optical viewfinder and flash adapter. Nikon Peee-cams don’t do that.
    If it’s going to be larger than a M9, I’d rather go for a D3100…

    • CR

      perfect would be:
      a 35mm pancake lense on F-System and
      a small mirrorless+optofinder+body for F-system.
      this would give freedom and not cannibalize Nikon system.

  • “Although the press and rumour sites undeniably like to speculate about the possibility of a Nikon mirrorless, according to Loader, customers aren’t really asking for it. “When we were at Focus [an imaging trade show held annually at the NEC] last year, it didn’t get asked for.”
    – Nikon

    “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.”
    – Henry Ford

  • Johan Krüger-Haglert

    Sony is starting to have the most technologically interesting product line.

    (micro) Four-thirds was first but the sensors are smaller. The Olympus camera had slower AF but it’s supposed to be much improved now.

    The Samsung got an APS-C and I think it’s starting to get a decent range of optics. “But they are only Samsung” (I don’t know how much that matter but it would be more interesting if they had joined with Pentax there to.)

    Sony obviously use APS-C to. Who’s better? No idea. The Sonys look bad.

    The Sonys should be able to use as many adapters as the micro four thirds even though they use a bigger sensor.

    Leaving those small cameras I think the A35, A55, A65, A77 (and future A99?) is interesting. The A55 and A65 got rather simple AF. Time will tell how well the AF of A77 work. But continuous AF during filming is nice. Pentax doesn’t have any AF at all in film mode on the K5.

    They will rate lower than say the D7000 or K5 on dxomark but I suppose the sensor is more or less identical but the mirror design remove 30% of the light and hence the Sony will always be at a disadvantage (you can get away from this by getting the A580 instead but I’m not sure I would want that. The A55 still beats the 7D, 60D, 600D in dxomark so ..)

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert

      Getting Sony glass is another story …

      But I guess if one really want to get older glass to play with on a mirror-less system it may make some sense to get a bigger body from Sony to since the NEX would control those lenses to if you happened to want to use them..

      Though a GF3 + 7D probably works to ..

  • I own a mirrorless camera system to supplement my D700. I just upgraded this spring from a Panasonic LX3 to an Olympus EPL-2. I know one group of photographers who are happy with P&S for their full-time camera, but those of us who shoot indoors need a bigger (less noisy, higher ISO) sensor than the P&S provide. The LX3 was brilliant outdoors, but that’s not very important to me; outdoor pictures are very often deliberate and hence I have the D700 for them.

    Since, by the First Law of Self Involvement, everybody is just like me, it seems obvious that in fact everybody needs a mirrorless camera. Um, well, and if they’re not just like me, there are probably a good batch of people who want faster lenses and higher ISOs on their full-time camera. As I say, basically anybody who shoots indoors.

  • Mirrorless=failure

    People talk about apple here but the only thing I see here is that the mirrorless is apple’s version of the NEWTON….while good in concept but flawed in market timing. Although what will doom mirrorless is that the sensor is not for PRO’s and Consumers will not desire it over other offerings…..but after a few years mirrorless will be the way…but I think given specs given out this is DOOMED TO FAIL….but has similar markings such as the NEWTON did

  • Matt Sassamatt

    The comments are arrogant and out of touch. The only reason they have the market is they are the only real game in town. If they what to loose the DSLR and mirror less market then they are going about it the right way. In my group of photographers they are slowly migrating to Leica mirror less full frame and Sony half frame they do not have time to express a need, or write a post. So keep it up Nikon and I will be liquidating my equipment as well.

  • simpleguy

    “customers aren’t really asking us for a mirrorless camera”
    – probably right

    ” with our Dslr , I believe we have something for everyone at the moment ”
    REALLY ? , how did they come to this conclusion havent they got into nikon rumors even once to see what customers are praying for ?

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