LockCircle F-Mount body cap

LockCircle released the Nikon version of their aluminum body cap that is available in three different colors and costs $79:




The LockCircle billett aluminum camera body cap is the ultimate eye catching accessory for your professional F-Mount camera! The knurled edge and the exclusive finger-fit design provides extra-grip in every climate shooting session. Designed for total functionality without compromise! Machined from solid billett aluminum features sanded textured surface with clear, titanium or black anodized finish. The highly precision F-Mount bayonet locks the cap in position with a "swiss watch" feeling, providing the necessary seal from dust or moisture. The LockCircle was designed from the ground up to the most seamless and functional camera professional body cap. Available right now for F-mount, delivery scheduled for first days of September. After the huge success of the LockCircle EF-Mount launched last month the new production run was improved and price lowered.

  • Precise F- Mount bayonet built with ultra-precise specifications with a hole cut in the flange where the camera locking pin locks securely inside.
  • Bayonet limit screw for safety locking position, works like the original bayonet of the lens.
  • To remove the LockCircle, the locking pin button on the camera has to be pressed and the cap can be removed, exactly like a lens.
  • The aluminum bayonet has a hardener and porosity occlusion treatment to make it last forever, without any release of particles inside the camera body.
  • The flange sits on the the body bayonet and seals completely the camera from the elements.
  • All the surface of the flange and the camera bayonet ring are locked strongly in contact by the spring-loaded mechanism of the bayonet mount.
  • Important design and testing has be done in the LockCircle section in the camera electrical contact area.
  • It is impossible to touch the camera contacts by mounting the LockCircle.
  • Special knurled surface and finger-fit ergonomic design for secure removal with sweaty hands or wearing heavy gloves. Solid grip in productions on the run.
  • Tested on the field by professional photographers..
  • Laser Marking
  • Can't be called just a cap, is a serious camera body locking door for professional photographers!
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  • First

    Looks pretensious.

    • First


    • Not Surprised

      Still useless. I understand if Admin owns stock in this company — OR if the company is a Sponsor — but please just say “This is sponsored by so-and-so” because frankly to choose to make 3 posts about this gadget is ridiculous unless you are being paid. (And if you continue to post about it, you SHOULD be paid for those posts — because this product annoys your base, who are more practical, especially in such bad economic times.)

      • Not Surprised

        I hope you listen to this response, because its sincere. Love the site, Admin.

        • Look, I also don’t like when I see hunger in Africa on CNN, does this mean that CNN should not report it?

          • Norman

            till that answer ,i thought you were a smart guy,Mr NR admn.

            • Why? I report news about Nikon equipment?

      • No, this company is not a sponsor and I don’t do pay-per-post articles. You are probably referring to the 2 posts on photorumors that were for the Canon mount. Only a small fraction of [NR] readers check also photrumors.com, so I had to post it again here once the Nikon mount became available.

  • Rob-L

    All that marketing hype and nothing tells me why it’s better than a regular cap and costs $70 more. This solves a problem that no one has. But I’m sure there will be suckers who buy it.

    • Rob-L

      Plus, look at how thick it is! It’s like having a small lens on your camera. I want more room in my bag, not less!

    • “For photographers with more money than sense.”

      “For photographers who like to feel pretty.”

      “For photographers who appreciate unnecessary-yet-eye-catching bulk.”

      “For photographers who yearn for their (grand)parents’ rotary-dial telephones.”

      • Greg Anderson

        Woa woa woa there. I’m 37, and I grew up with rotary phones (along side pushbutton phones, but still).

        Stop making me feel old. 😉

        • Haha! My parents didn’t buy a touch tone phone until I was in high school (the 1990’s mind you) and wouldn’t even consider a cordless until well after that.

          • Iris Chrome

            Here is an idea 😀

            Apple iPhone + Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount + LockCircle Body Cap = A very expensive make-belief rotary iPhone

            • Bondi Beach



        • Yeah, so did I, mate. Now, where’s my walker?

      • “For photographers who want their bag to weigh more than it already does.”

        I had to take stuff OUT of my camera bag for a hike through the mountains just yesterday because I realized it weighed as much as a small car and every last ounce counts at that point.

    • I disagree. There are many people who need ways to look more pretentious.

  • $79!!!! I would rather spend it on a bar tab.

    • texajoe


  • Abbie

    is that new body ? D400 ?

    • ithurtswhenipee

      Nope. F100

  • You best lock up that F100 cause the Tri-X about to BUST OUT!

    • Tri-X?

      • -_MCFM_-

        kodak tri-x B/W film

    • Joaquim Prado


  • Rye

    If you are doing longterm storage, it’s not that bad, but this is why I chose to keep lenses on my cameras at all times. less mucking about “when you get home” to taking lenses off your camera. just more of an excuse to get stuff in your camera….

    The Genius in this is the locking pin, that actually makes me feel it’s all the more secure, especially if I’m putting my gear in some sort of storage or the cameras i barely use, will be completely protected..

    the downside in it, Where is the weather gasket? no sealing? for 80$, Sorry, not interested.

    1) Make lens rear end caps please. there are MORE lenses than Cameras, so they would sell quicker. and should be cheaper, i would say, 40$ sounds fair. That 24-70 ƒ2.8 is precious, as is my 70-200 ƒ2.8 VRII … I feel they need more protection.

    2) Make them smaller than whats on the camera, we might be tetris genius’ by fitting the world into our gearbags, but this is a tad bit tooo big, (it’s not bad in person, it just, can be a bit smaller) — Besides, why do you think it’s so thick? it has the Fmount in it!! and other mechanics

    3) This company should also introduce Rubber front caps. just something i thought of. Metal battery doors? Just put weather sealing on this, and try to make it a bit smaller. Cake.

    this was Rye with your “Wtf is this guy on” moment of the day.

    • Definitely would make more sense to make rear lens caps – use them all the time changing lenses and definitely some room for design improvement (like some sort of pinch design like the front lens caps). I don’t think I have put the body cap back on my camera at all since I bought it – always leave a lens on it.

      • KameraOla

        Just use the white soft-plastic caps that come with many Nikon pro-lenses.
        Besides, anyone know where I can buy more of those, they are the only rear-lenscaps I want to use.

  • Nat

    April fools?

    • Artur Kozłowski

      nah, August fools

  • Frosti7


  • broxibear

    “a serious camera body locking door for professional photographers”
    Sorry, it’s beautifully designed and made but I’d rather buy this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikon-BF-1B-Body-Cap/dp/B002SXNXUG and spend the £40 saving on something else.

  • Kon_head

    I think the D400 manhole cover has more character

  • Terost

    That $79 dollars for a small piece of metal? Will the lock freeze up in very cold weather? Not worth it.

  • Walter

    Advertisement for LockCircle…

    • Dweeb

      Yes, not exactly a rumour.

  • Don Pope

    OK… why?

  • Dweeb

    Looks like the sort of insanity found in hi-fi has made it to camera gear. I would like to see a teleconverter front cap or body cap that doesn’t jam though. Something Nikon’s never figured out.

  • Albert

    If you REALLY need a cap and have the money to burn, just buy a 50 f/1.8D and use it as a cap.. Far more functional and JUST as much protection.

    • Dexter0508

      +1 ditto

    • dave

      and if you buy one used (50mm 1.8D), it’s cheaper!

  • KT

    It should work out well on my new D4, the last missing accessory, me wish

  • Since Ds-Max bullshit (1993-present days) on the boundless lands of CIS-countries I have never seen a company which with so much confidence seen people as idiots. So you, LockCircle, think that someone will buy your $79 shit which by all means is worse than $10 plastic one and talking so sure? I vomited my lunch on a keyboard while reading this imbecile-ish announcement. Pfff.

    I think someone overread those stupid books of Robert Toru Kiyosaki.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    More bling in case your idiot friends can’t tell from your model number just how rich and important you are.

    I dispute the HiFi comment. Frankly at least people are listenning more carefully when they put useless odds and ends into their signal path. This thing doesn’t make you enjoy photography any better, unless you have very ritualistic ceremony every time the camera comes out of storage.

    I would put this into the same camp as carrying miniature dogs in oversize purses.

  • Ray

    Is this a body cap for a D800? No? Don’t want to know then.

    • Ke

      It’s an F mount cap, to technically it is for the D800, yes.

    • Michael de Gunst

      No, it seems it is a F100! Or is de D800 a digital F100?

  • Himbelbimbel

    Oh yeah, I’ll buy it and put it on my D40, so I look like a prO 😀 😀 😀

    • stev

      +1 It would make me look like a pro with my D40… watch out prezz Hilton lol what a joke…. they should make it gold then I could be a Jerzy Shore photographer.

  • Patrick

    Tell me again.
    Why do we want all these bodies and lenses to be black?

    • +1

    • Ray

      You got a problem with black bodies? Racist.

  • steely mcnipples

    this product is the answer to a question no one is asking.

  • Al0n

    Me wait for the Platinum version by Hermes!

  • FM2 fan

    why would anyone want this? any metal cap has only disadvantages … more weight, more enrgy to produce it, no additional functionality, stellar cost …

  • Fantastipotamus

    Hi guys! I just bought this and it’s AWESOME! My photos are SO much better now that I have this

    • FM2 fan

      show us the difference – so we can join this exclusive club …

    • Dexter0508


  • roman

    $79 is the price of nice 50/1.8 E series. It’s body cap with photo mode;)

  • Sylvesterii

    a 50 1.8 E series would be cheaper and you can still take pictures with it.

  • Dr SCSI

    I think most of you miss the point of this product. Pros typically have multiple bodies in their bags and don’t usually keep a lens on each one when traveling. Have you ever had the cheap Nikon body cap come off your camera in the bag and end up with dust and lint inside the camera housing? Well I have, and it sucked @$$! Have you ever fumbled with a body cap in -20F? This sucks too! What abbot working quickly with multiple bodies, swapping lenses in blowing winds, wishing the damned body cap was easier to twist on and off in your attempts to minimize dust while swapping lenses? Have you ever paid $7K for a body? Were you ever forced to leave a lens on the body because you miss placed the body cap? Have you ever paid for a professional sensor and body cleaning? The costs easily exceed this little added protection. Add a mini carabiner to this product and it is a perfect solution for numerous working pros, as it addresses many issues all at once!

    • Buy seven standart plastic caps instead of this one and be happy.

      • Dr SCSI

        I can’t easily tether the cheap plastic body caps to the outside of my photo bag. If I bought 7 cheap caps, I’d lose them all. Buy one cap, that locks in place and can be tethered! I am less likely to lose it, or worry about it coming off in my photo bag. Plus we should not forget the cool factor, it is well made and in black it looks great! One last thought…I plan on giving a couple if them away to some friends of mine as birthday presents. One more thought, compare the price of a RRS foot plate, consider the workmanship and quality put into these products and then ask yourself which is the better deal.

        • How the hell Really Right Stuff is tied up with LockCircle bullshit? RRS is famous by making truly useful and durable tools unlike this one. And I think your problem is somewhat farfetched, I’m sorry. I change my lenses three times in a hour when in field. Dust was never disturbing problem and I never ended up with sensor covered up with miscellaneous debris. What do I do wrong? Try to turn your camera to position where the bayonet is upside down, try to turn your back against strong wind or even use bag as a shield.

          Cool factor is non-existent since your camera rests in bag. Who will care about how bayonet cap is looking?

          Also, imagine wet weather under temperatures near 0°C when snow mixed with rain is falling from the sky. You can set up this aluminium cap after shooting and it will easily stick to the metal bayonet ring or your fingers.

          • Good points about RRS, they are truly more useable than the LockCircle, owning $5K plus in RRS you have no arguments here. However, I still argue that this new device has its usefullness. The plastic Nikon body caps do not lock into place, they are relatively thin, the alignment marker dot is hard to see, and if you use them on TCs, they can get jamed on those if not aligned properly. This company was making a product to address some of these issues; albeit a very expensive product. It should be had for $29 instead, with fewer wasted machined processes spent on the bling bling. My reference to a RRS plate was made as an example of the minimal machined work going into their product relative to the amount they charge, that is all. The workmanship and attention to detail on the LockCircle is phenominal, although somewhat misplaced. I think others have stated it best, re-engineer it with the “Less-Is-More” concept and charge less for it. My recommendations for improvement would include a slightly lower profile, a small tether and a mini carabiner, glow in the dark paint on the locating dot, a silicone rubber ass gasket, less bling bling, and a reduced price not to exceed $30 total when shipped.
            As for dust, it is a problem that I experience and your advice on avoidance is well placed; now only if I can get it as wrong as you do. 🙂 As for the cool factor, I was refering to the novelty of this product when given away as a gift.

        • Apooo

          Wow! If you can lose 7 body caps… maybe you should consider tethering your lenses to your bag too. LOL

    • JED

      Ok, we get it. So if I attach a handle and tether point to a standard plastic cap then I can sell it to you for how much?

      • Yes the cheap Nikon body cap could be massively improved. Add a tether point and an a easier to grab ring, with high visibility paint on the locator dot, the ability to lock it in place and you could charge me $15. I’ll be the first to order a half dozen.

  • jetelinho

    what for ……………?

  • mdog

    Isn’t this like “The Club” for cameras? The whole idea sounds reasonable to me….

  • Mac Rockwell

    Here everyone who reading this is excellent photographer. Please tell me in a year how many times you use plastic cap on your camera. I used only once in 5 years.

    • Dr SCSI

      I use the body caps on all my cameras during every shoot. I hate dust, and the body cavaties of DSLRs are dust magnets! Using the body caps minimizes the dust spots. But hey, if I only had one DSLR with the original kit lens, I wouldn’t consider this product either!

      • Iris Chrome

        “But hey, if I only had one DSLR with the original kit lens…”

        Dude you’re a little pretentious… a little like something else on this page.

        • TheInconvenientRuth


        • I didn’t mean to come across as pretentious; I was just stating my position, a position probably shared by many here as well. With only a single DSLR and the original kit lens, I wouldn’t need this product as the kit lens would never have to come off. My appologies to those who took offense.

  • Anonymous

    Forget the cap, but which body is that? It looks like an actual item.

    • Lightning

      That is a F100.

  • Lightning

    There are so many ways to waste money… but this one is certainly on the top list.

  • Iris Chrome

    Admin, far be it from me trying to tell you how to run your website but I just don’t understand why there is a post dedicated to this product. Aside from what’s been said already about the effectiveness, expected cons and price of this product the fact is that it’s not a rumor and it’s not a piece of news that that’s directly related to the rumors dealt with on this website. At most I think it should have been featured in one of the weekly updates but I don’t see why it’s significant enough to make a post on it’s own. Again, I just don’t understand it that’s all.

    • Thanks for the feedback. The weekly links posts are getting very long lately and I started publishing some of the news as separate topics. The name of the blog is NikonRumors but I also want to become the #1 blog for all things Nikon, not only rumors. Just take a look at MacRumors – rumors are only a fraction of their daily posts.

      • Not Surprised

        The problem is that we’ve seen 3 posts on this product so far — and each time you received negative feedback about the item. There are 1,000 products that support Nikon cameras out there. This one doesn’t need 3 posts.

      • Iris Chrome

        Ok well that makes more sense. Frankly I like NR the way it is now but this is your website and it’s your vision so I respect that. After all you were the one that built NR up in the first place. Anyway maybe you can with more practical products with future posts at least until your readers get used to the idea. As someone else already pointed out, most of your readers base are more practical type than bling bling type 😉

        • I am playing again with the idea of having two sections on the blog – one for rumors and one for news.

  • For that price I’d want it to clear the sensor, prism & mirror when its on the body.

  • Bikinchris

    If this thing actually LOCKED, like in making the camera harder to steal, then it might be worth some money to me. As it is, I would just as likely buy a jeweled or pantographed cap as have my nails painted.

    • Not Surprised


    • Brett


  • Michael de Gunst

    Nice F100 body picture, but can I have a plastic one that stay put for $5,–?

  • Shube

    It should at least have a pinhole feature.Then it is only way more costly than it should be, not way, way too much money.

  • How we can trust, it make for F100 not a modern Digital SLR. 🙂

  • shivaswrath

    this is freaking HOT!
    Will compliment my D4 nicely…

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Ok guys, so we bought this CNC aluminum milling machine on craiglust, now what the hell are we going to do with it? We have zero design talent so we’re gonna make something that is butt ugly, so we need a highly gullible customer base…

    If you take a dog turd, cover it in chrome, polish it, add a swarovsky crystal or two and give it a fancy name and ridiculous price tag, eventually some idiots will buy it.

    The only redeemable feature about this thing is that it apparently locks. But then again, being made if metal, if it ever gets stuck on the body for whatever reason (frozen, bumped, dropped) you’re well and truly screwed.

    This is the Emperor’s new body cap….

  • DrDMD

    WOW what a bunch of haters!!! It looks cool, you guys need to keep in mind that not everyone here is a pro photographer and some amateurs like this kinda stuff… people relax!!! Looks like the wait for August 24th has everyone on edge here… geez!

    • Apooo

      SOLD!!! One “LockCircle F-Mount body cap” coming up for DrDMD! Can we also interest you in an extended warranty for this item?

      Is anyone else buying?

      Sales to date – 82 Nay vs. 1 Yea

  • Claude

    If you don’t like it don’t buy it – I won’t. The proof of the pudding is in the sales!

  • Landscape Photo

    Having checked Google’s own search stats, D800 shows more interest than D400, plus a notable accelerated rise through last month: http://www.google.com/insights/search/#q=nikon%20d400%2Cnikon%20d800&cmpt=q

    However, all the graph from Nikon’s recent dSLR shows the same trend, which is a skyrocketing point at announcement date (as to be expected): http://www.google.com/insights/search/#q=Nikon%20D3%2CNikon%20D3x%2CNikon%20D300%2CNikon%20D700%2CNikon%20D800&cmpt=q

    Both D800 & D400 are yet at pre-announcement rumor phase volume compared to actual item searches. Rumor phase graphs varies a lot. For example D700 shows little pre-announcement interest, indicating that it was one of the least expected – a surprise.

  • Apooo

    I spent $160 on eBay for a protective cap for my camera body… it’s called a 28mm lens…

  • sh3t0r

    As long as such a body cap isn’t carved out of a single diamond, I am not interested.

  • Graham

    Wow! This looks so totally awesome!!! Not sure why everybody is bad mouthing this. OBVIOUSLY you do not appreciate a quality product when you see one! I’d buy 3 at $85 each if it came in metallic red and I don’t even own an FX body! I can’t wait for version 2 which is rumored to be in TITANIUM!!! 😉

  • Lars

    This “gadget” separates the photographers from the gear-heads. I doubt we will ever see a more useless “accessory”.

    • Iris Chrome

      Hmm now that you put it this way I can actually how potentially useful this thing might be 😛

  • Bmxdad

    now had it been carbon fiber, the wight savings alone would h… lol

  • fordstr

    I think NR Admin just likes to get us all stirred up somedays.

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