More Nikon camera prototypes *UPDATED*

Update: the first prototype is from Nikon's Shinjuku showroom. Here is another image of what appears to be 3 in 1 lenses:

Here are some more Nikon camera prototypes from the web that I have not published before:



Thanks broxibear!

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  • Jeff Knight

    tick tock…

    • Carl

      RRRRINNNGm, here’s your D800 prototype!

  • no

    the D3s runs circles around the 1D mk IV. hard to imagine what the D4 will be like.

    • LGO

      While Nikon will bask in the limelight of its 2 new FX bodies upon announcement this August, Sony is poised to run rampage around Nikon’s DX range with its NEX-5n, NEX-7, a77 and a65. For the A-mount shooters, the affordable Sony 16-50mm f/2.8 zoom lens looks specially promising.

      This is good as all these new products will push Nikon to provide better value when it releases its D300s-replacement, the 17-55mm f/2.8-replacement, and possibly the 24mp version of the D7000.

      • Jabs

        @LGO – proven versus the speculative unproven = we have heard this before and not biting.
        I like challenges and new innovations, but most people fail to realize that Nikon’s genius OVER all these years has been their dogged determination to release excellent products (WHICH THEY HAVE done more than ANY other manufacturer) and they getting consistently what photographers really WANT and actually use or need.

        The only time that I personally saw Nikon stumble, was when digital first came out or got popular and Nikon was probably too small to react quickly, so they wisely partnered with Kodak and Fuji – and also before I forget, when the Nikonos AF camera system was released, as I thought it was too advanced then.

        Since the D3, D3s and D3X + D700, D300, D300s and now D3100, D5100 and D7000 – they are so far ahead of the game and all others, that I would NOT be worried about them.

        The economy is what might trip up everyone, but providing photographers with basically loss leaders (things you sell to gain market share or for bragging rights at a loss), might make you popular with ‘idiots’, but real photographers JUDGE by their EYES and not specs, but we might have more ‘idiots’ now in the market (lol), so who knows. It might work or NOT – lol

        There is NOT one Sony DSLR camera that I have seen the images from them so far, that I would personally buy = my take.

        Resolution (color clarity) and image quality and the elusive image depth looks like this to me.
        1. Nikon
        2. Pentax – medium format
        3. Hasselblad – medium format
        4. Canon 1Ds 3 – the old 21 FF meg body
        5. Pentax 35mm DLR’s
        6. The other Canon 35mm DSLR’s
        7. Fuji X100 and its’ P&S lineup
        8. All the others including Sony, Leica
        9. Micro 4/3rds as a group
        10. P&S cameras

        – and a special place for Sigma, when they fix their issues!

        Sony makes excellent PRO video gear, not the NEX video crap, but their REAL and very expensive video gear like the Cine-Alta lineup and ABOVE. Heck, most if not all of Canon’s SEMI-PRO EOS lens gear wipes the floor with Sony’s NEX or such gear, so who cares. Sony has many much better video equipment than their NEX lineup for sure, but more expensive too – you get what you pay for then.

        Sorry to be blunt or seem combative, but realist here and one who trusts their OWN eyesight and brain as you simply can throw it up on a Scope and verify ALL claims!

        ALSO, If you see Nikon using this new reported 24megapixel sensor, then you KNOW what Nikon thinks of it. If not, then guess what?

        • Sky

          Aside form the fact that your post sounds like pure fanboism:

          1) Both – the current nikon and a77&others are unproven truths, probably Sony here gaining higher degree of probability due to number of sources providing leaks of the cameras, their promo-ready images, etc.
          2) “they are so far ahead of the game and all others” – pure BS. In entry-level Nikon lags badly behind Sony/Canon/Pentax even from sole reason of lack of full compatibility with in-system (and 3rd party) lenses, not telling about other issues they are plagued with. Nikon right now winds in D7000 segment (though by picture quality Pentax rules here) and D3s solely because no other manufacturer releases low-resolution full frame camera. Sales confirm that – Nikon still lags behind Canon in amount of cameras sold. Looks like you live in other world Jabs than everyone else. Fanboism is fanboism, but be reasonable, please.
          3) “might make you popular with ‘idiots’, but real photographers judge by their eyes and not specs” – So.. you think that everyone buying other cameras (or at least: every pro shotoers using other systems than your precious yellow N) are idiots? GRATS! You just made fool of yourself.
          4) “Resolution (color clarity) and image quality and the elusive image depth looks like this to me.” – Obviously you haven’t seen images from the best cameras of the systems. I don’t recall when last time I seen more BS. Man, you really live in other world that you place all the Nikon cameras above Hassel, Minolta colors, or compare film camera with digital in this way, and so on.
          5) “the NEX video crap” – Ever heard of NEX FS100? It wipes out all the Nikon video stuff ever made. And so it wipes out Canon HDSLRs. And m4/3 video camera. Think again man before saying some dumb things again. Besides that quality-wise videos from cheap NEX PHOTO cameras are really good, outmatching entry-level Nikon cameras easily.
          6) “Sorry to be blunt or seem combative, but realist here and one who trusts their own eyesight and brain as you simply can throw it up on a Scope and verify all claims!” – Yes. I did. And I call it all pure BS suck out of nowhere, not even close to reality confirmed by tests in bit more objective magazines and my own observations (and unlike you – I used and have seen more equipment gear than from one brand and actually weren’t looking negatively at anything that doesn’t wear Nikon label)
          7) “ALSO, If you see Nikon using this new reported 24megapixel sensor, then you know what Nikon thinks of it. If not, then guess what?” – Yep. That’s easy: “merciful Sony, when will you allow us to put it into our camera?”. That’s what will happen: Nikon shall release camera with brand new Sony high-density sensor.

          • Sky

            bleah… sorry for typos.
            * “the currently rumored nikon”
            * “world Jabs other than everyone else.”

          • Jabs

            Almost everyone has an opinion and some share theirs while others do not. I happen to have been using Pro gear for years and yes, have used other brands.

            I call them as I see them personally.
            Color clarity has NOTHING to do with format (35mm – FX and DX, e.g. or medium format) or megapixel resolution, so perhaps get up to speed with the terms that I was using.

            Hasselblad makes digital gear and it is very good. Mamiya and I believe Pentax has 16bit digital throughput now, and I see the difference clearly from that higher bit structure, like I do with the 16bit D3x versus the 14bit of other cameras.

            Sony, Pentax and Nikon all use the same or derivatives of the same sensor, reportedly in their latest cameras and I trust ONE basic source as a reference after my OWN eyes – DX0 Labs and their reports.
            Per that, yes Pentax beats the D7000 slightly and I do indeed laud the Pentax, but they have no lens depth, so useless to me.
            Canon has an EOS video lineup and that is what I was referring to as in better lenses than the Sony NEX video camera.

            HAVE you ever used any Sony Broadcast and above gear?
            Have you ever used a 3 chip Sony Broadcast and above camera YOURSELF or even seen the output from it? Do you even KNOW who sells this gear and do they let YOU in there to look at anything?
            Earth to YOU – I am behind the scenes at Trade Shows = my role.

            Ever seen Sony ED Beta, BetaCam, Digital Beta, D1 or D2?

            Ever heard of them?

            Sales have nothing to do with quality or excellence, as they sell more BigMacs than any real excellent food, so grow up, will ya!

            I clearly said this was MY personal evaluation and thus my opinion, plus I later gave the criterion as to WHY I thought so.

            Fanboism is rabid enthusiasm WITHOUT any data or facts supporting your claims.

            I have the proof in front of me (digital pictures, slides, computers) and I don’t care to share it with the audience here, as not some egomaniac nor one wanting people to steal or pirate my images.

            When last I checked, this is a NIKON rumors site = Nikon fans camp out here.

            I don’t post nor bother others at other sites for the other camera manufacturer’s and thus nothing more to say as I respect them and their OWN opinions.

            QUALITY = a different game from sales figures or even customer satisfaction – LEARN that.

            Have a good day thinking things through now and no offense meant or none taken from your post – ALL humans have some type of an opinion if their brain is functioning and they care to share it.

            Looking forward to ALL the new cameras and gear EVEN if I don’t like it nor buy it or even if it does NOT sell.

            By the way – the Nikon D7000 and D3s are REAL products with the D5100 and D7000 perennial favorites and selling quite well, so WHO cares as sales do NOT often jibe with excellence in performance – ask an iPod owner versus a digital Walkman owner and then come tell us here YOUR findings. There was a telling JD Powers from America survey recently about perceived and REAL quality from pro camera buyers and USERS – guess what Manufacturer won? That’s reality to me, though of course it can be skewed, so you believe as you wish and this makes me “no difference”, as all humans are entitled to their own perceptions and opinions as this is an innate human trait or quality that we must all respect – learn that!

          • Jabs


            Here is how people in America feel about various DSLR’s and digital cameras, and I can’t speak for the rest of the world, as in don’t know!


    • Andrei

      How is the D3S so much better than 1D4? Other than the very high ISO i don’t see anything that is better in the D3s.
      In the same time the 1D4 will resolve more detail at low ISO and if we resize the 16mp files to 12mp, the noise will be about the same at high ISO.
      And the extra reach, because of the 1.3 crop is a huge advantage if you shoot wildlife.
      AF is great in both cameras, i don’t this one is better than another, build is the same, video is better in the 1D.
      Ok, D3s is full frame and is better for landscapes and has bigger viewfinder because of this.
      High ISO is about one stop better, but not everyone needs ISO 90000000.
      Both cameras are great, it really depends on what you shoot.

      • Lol. Keep telling yourself that……

        • DarkNikon

          Hehehehe let him talk to himself lol.

          • Andrei

            Ok, maybe i’m dumb and i want to know why is the D3S is much better than 1D4. Can you explain, please?

            • Jabs


              I don’t see you as being dumb, but maybe lacking visual acuity as in NOT able to distinguish the various nuances of color and image quality/depth like the majority of camera testers out there measuring specs devoid of visual acuity.

              I see a tremendous difference even between the original D3 and the D3s and I consider the old Canon 1DS3 (old 21meg FF boy) as vastly superior to the newer 1D Mk4 (sorry if I mess up the Canon names) and thus LOOK at the files and learn what excellence in photography really is, as it is a RARE commodity learned over years of USE and not gotten via the Internet – that helps BUT shooting is what perfects your technique and allows you to see the vast but subtle differences = educate yourself in the ART of photography.

      • Jabs


        ONE simple comment – go LOOK at the results at Sports Illustrated at the Vancouver Olympics.

        A RED channel disaster in the snow.

        The D3s is in a league of its’ own as a professional camera and NOTHING even comes close.

        The Canon is the equivalent of a DX body and then the D7000 wipes the floor with it, hence WHAT?

        It is Canon who needs an answer to the OLD D3 and not the other way around!

        Sorry to be blunt or combative, but you asked for it – LOL!!!

        People LOVE their D3s cameras and it is Nikon who will have a hard time topping that and yes, they DID make the sensor for that spectacular camera!

        • Andrei

          D7000 vs. 1D4, haha, yeah…you, Nikon fanboys are more funny than i thought.

          • Jabs


            DX0 mark =your answers

            The Canon has a better build quality than the D7000 and that is ALL that I see in the type of photography that I DO.

            I look at results ONLY = the files delivered under various lighting scenarios.

            NOT a mere fanboy, but one with excellent visual acuity developed over the years from photographing varied things all over America from the plains to mountains to National Parks, to malls, to big and small cities plus using a variety of bodies including YashicaMat TLR’s with Fuji Velvia 50D and 64T – plus skilled in the use of the all important FILTERS -vas in know what to use for most situations.

            When you learn THAT, then you are an artist (NOT artiste’) using photo gear = PRO who knows how to get the best from many situations.

            I bought and used lots of other gear and then SETTLED for Nikon’s = realist!

          • Don’t get mad at us, because you don’t believe the truth. The D7000 has better Signal/noise ratio, better Dynamic Range and a better AF system, to start. You’ve been living and Canon land where everybody thinks Canon is the best at everything, which is based totally off reputation and lack of research/proof. Us here in Nikon land know the truth, that Canon’s AF system, metering, terrible signal to noise ratio, red channel issues and dynamic range are a joke(Nikon’s glass is better, as well). I know it’s hard to believe your beloved 1Dmk4(a crop sensor body) gets destroyed by a $1200 D7K, but it does. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that in the video world the little D7K wins too, in overall video quality(with the exception to moire). Just have a look at Zacuto’s shootout.

            • You seem to know a lot about the shortcomings of Canon for someone who lives in Nikon land. I live in Nikon land and I only know the names of a few Canon bodies much less their specs/image quality. By the way, what kind of labels are you into, Cary?

            • @Lewis it wont let me reply to your comment, for some reason. I have a very descerning eye. When I originally got into photography I didn’t have a preference of particular brand. I did my reaserch and shot with a bunch of gear until I realized one simple truth: Nikon does everything better than everybody else, despite what my photog friends told me. After realizing this, I kept shooting with other gear to be sure that I was making the right decision, based off of what I was clearly seeing and feeling(as in ergonomics). Time and time again, Nikon won. I have since been shooting nikon professionally and believe very strongly in what I see with my own eyes.

              I’m also a professional musician(more know for my music than photography).

            • Can’t say no to a professional musician and photographer.

          • Jabs

            There are at least three things that helped develop my visual acuity or this ability to see minute differences.

            1. Violinist of the past but not anymore
            2. Artist of the past and now computer based artist
            3. Engineering background, as in KNOW how stuff really works and build REAL stuff
            4. Started shooting Nikon F3’s as my first professional camera and SHOT mainly slide film and not much negative or print film except in B&W. In slide film, you were forced to learn PROPER exposure and techniques because of the demanding nature of slide photography where you see your actual results and I sent most of my film to the Fuji Anaheim Labs here in America and it was KNOWN for precise and excellent consistent results. I also sent my Kodachromes and Ektachromes ONLY to Kodak themselves and sometime while in NY City, I would go to Duggal Labs plus a few others for quick turnarounds. At Duggal Labs then, you would see a myriad of REAL Pro shooters from the media and magazines (yes, including the famous ones, then) and you could easily compare results with each other or wonder how they got such fantastic results compared to your crappy stuff (lol) or they would tell you how great your stuff looks.
            5. I use filters extensively as in Nikon’s (I don’t think Nikon makes as extensive a line of filters like they did in the past), Hoya’s, B+W (the German company), Tiffen’s including the famous soft Tiffen’s which are basically women’s pantyhose put in a filter frame between glass – for portraiture or special effects.
            6. I always shoot with the PROPER lens hood and I also make extensive ‘proper’ use of polarizers of the variable type that you can physically rotate and see through the viewfinder and lens what effect you are getting before you press the shutter button with a Nikon electronic release, thus not shaking the camera body.
            7. A sturdy Gitzo tripod or monopod for the majority of my shots as when you look through a 36X loupe, an expensive one that is – you instantly see your focus or camera shake errors at every basic speed, contrary to popular belief now.
            8. McBeth color corrected slide viewer with the daylight balanced florescent lights that DO NOT flicker.

            THUS, perfectionists and don’t care what other think, as I sort of march to my own drumbeat – lol

            If you use an LCD or LED monitor that shows you a smaller percentage of the WHOLE color gamut or spectrum, it cannot be used for evaluation of anything critically photographically, so perhaps people cannot see the differences because their MONITOR cannot show you that, hence get a better monitor with a wider color gamut or just use a Sony Trinitron CRT which is what they compare them to – duh!
            LED’s and LCD’s usually are less than 89% of the color gamut of a CRT which is the 100& point = reality.

            This is not about bragging or trying to act like I am better than anyone or even some idiot guru to people, but it is about perhaps sharing information here as there is little REAL benefit in trying shortcuts to excellence – you have to put in the real work and get great equipment too. A camera system is an extension of MY mind and not the other way around!

            • DrinkDrankDrunk

              Negative and print film are the same thing. no need to say you didn’t shoot much of one or the other. A film shooter should know that.

            • Jabs

              Slide film is different from PRINT film which = negatives.

              Slide film is called POSITIVE film and print film = negative film

              There are B&W slide films, Blue and White slide films plus orthographic films once made by Polaroid and I still have images on them, though some have faded over the years.

              There are several varieties of print of negative films – Kodak made what seems like the highest resolution print or negative film years ago in the 25 ISO speed range and it was revolutionary plus I still have images shot on it with Nikons.

              There are several different types of print film as in color plus B&W, plus many different ways to develop them PLUS a unique black and white film that develops in E6 or color chemistry and now perhaps in its’ second version – go look it up, as I used it extensively and not about to do all of the work here by myself.

              Slide film is the hardest and most difficult to use and get excellent results from, as it shows your mistakes easily as it has a narrow exposure latitude unlike the wider and forgiving exposure latitude of the negative or print films = don’t try and teach me about film, as I have maybe over a thousand developed rolls right here with me.

              The test of you being an excellent photographer used to be whether you could shoot ‘chromes’ or slide film – digital tries to mimic this and thus SAME exact tests and trials now updated. Digital has some advantages and loses a few to slide film from MY experience, but overall digital is cleaner but they need 16bit and then eventually 24bit (3 x 8bit channels = 24 bit) or a native 24bit output as in three independent 24bit R, G and B channels of real output and that would be superlative but probably cost the price of a nice house.

              Photographer and computer user plus owner of equipment from the F3, Amiga, C-64, C-128 and original Mac including the little known Lisa model (was at the New York premiere of this computer) – days, hence well informed, experienced and not dreaming (plus not some old fogey lost in the past – lol)

            • DrinkDrankDrunk

              “4. Started shooting Nikon F3′s as my first professional camera and SHOT mainly slide film and not much negative or print film except in B&W.”

              That’s a direct quote. Keep going on about how great you are, and keep trying to educate the masses; no one is listening to you.

            • Jabs

              Item 4 = print or ALSO known as negative film!

              NOT print or negative film as TWO units or choices, but one unit with its’ OTHER name emphasized.
              Like in slide or positive film!

              Hey, not everyone here is a native English speaker like I am or you might be, so hence what?

              See how simple that was!

              Some people are happy to learn from a fool, while others never recognize the fool in themselves and thus who cares – sharing information does good for both the poster and the reader or you can simply NOT read it if you are advanced beyond this = choices.

              If you see it as showing off, then maybe jealousy rears its’ ugly head or maybe this is below your lofty scope, but there are some readers who actually benefit from a little reality or insight into photography even if it seems trivial or simplistic to you.

              Digital and film have the exact same thrusts – excellence and as you see all over the Internet, there are maybe more mediocre pictures than spectacular ones, but maybe you don’t care or don’t need to be told that = your problem and thankfully not mine.

              When last I checked, the basics of shooting had not changed, so reminders might be helpful or not – your call.

            • NOT print or negative film as TWO units or choices, but one unit with its’ OTHER name emphasized.

              This clarification could have saved everyone a lot of typing earlier. Gotta love English.

        • I use a Canon 5D in addition to my Nikon system, because I needed faster lenses than what Nikon has been making. If you need color that pops, Canon will do it. But if you want all the subtleties of color and light, then Nikon is the way to go. Often I look at my Canon shots and think they are just way over the top saturated. There are times that is useful though.

        • Discontinued

          OMG ! ! !

          @Jabs and TheLabelGuy,

          You two make me feel ashamed. I just hope readers of your comments realize that your fanboyism is not a natural part of using Nikon. If I was new to DSLRs and close to choosing one or the other camera system, your comments would rather drive me away than appear convincing. Get mature.

          • Jabs



            This is about a few users using their Nikon gear and their experiences and NOT about enticing others, as I don’t care what they shoot with.

            It’s just a camera bub!

            NOT everyone has excellent visual acuity nor know why one item is better than the other as most people will not tell you why, as you might ‘outshoot’ them and take business away from them = reality.

            Be happy someone is telling some reality here for a change or you can go on dreaming yourself.

            No substitute for good experience and great technique mixed with excellent equipment and general common sense PLUS that elusive quality – talent or an ability to see outside the box amongst a herd of wannabes or button pushers and specheads lost into the why’s and how’s and cannot do plus don’t know how.

            That is why they have cameras for those who cannot do or are foggy on the details and then cameras for people who actually know how to use it extensively.

            Pro cameras and consumer cameras = a solution to different thrusts and markets plus different monetary costs and outlooks. I use both Pro cameras and amateur cameras (Nikon L22 -lol) and happy with both, but I won’t try and confuse them nor use them in the same situations, as different ‘animals’ = learn that yourself.

            Plus not ashamed to say that I use an L22, as it works great for me, as I happen to know how to use a camera and also set it up, as in using fill flash to stop action and get away from ‘the mister blurry cam mess’ as in not using high ISO automatically = experienced shooter with solutions.

            This is about raising the bar in discussions here and not some enticement to con you or rabid fanboyism!

            I’ll send you my consultation fee now – LOL

            • This is about a few users using their Nikon gear and their experiences and NOT about enticing others, as I don’t care what they shoot with.

              Just the same, the way some users praise Nikon I wonder if they have stock in them.

            • Jabs


              I don’t have any Nikon stock, even if I wish I had.
              Enthusiasm from use is hard to pin down and then explain without being seen as some rabid nut or fanboy – LOL

              Being a long time Nikon user, I carefully evaluate things and like lots of gear but as some say – Nikon stirs their ‘soul’ or passions and thus gear is loved by people for different reasons – from its’ performance to its’ exclusivity, but many like just the files that come out of it and not more.

              It all seems to depend on what you shoot, at what level you are presently and what subjects and experiences with that you have had. I look in amazement as some of the portfolios here and see some excellent shooters plus some not so excellent ones, but I don’t bother the people about that, as that causes hurt feelings and thus not about to start more crap here.

              I prefer this web site, as the Administrator lets you post as you like and not micro-manage everything to slant it one way or the other and that is the underlying strength here that makes it interesting to me. Most sites are filled with one liners from people with very short attention spans, probably posting from smartphones or such, so they don’t expound on anything whatsoever.

              Its’ like a feeding frenzy here over equipment at times and fun but boring or repetitive to me as I often just read here to relax and then comment or not comment, as I feel like. I actually read the majority of posts here sometimes before or after I post and thus learn from here.

            • @ Jabs: I very much respect you and your expertise. I also have a huge amount of respect for the old-school film shooters, as you guys had a lot more to deal with than we do in the digital age. I’m afraid you are part of a rare breed. Much respect.

              As for Nikon being our brand of choice, the choice was a very simple one for me. It didn’t take me long to figure it out – Nikon won, hands down. As for everybody else that thinks Canon is the way, so be it. It just gives me an edge over their images. If they insist on shooting with an inferior system, let them.

            • @Jabs

              I totally agree with you regarding how NR Admin manages (or doesn’t manage) the discussions. It makes it seem so much more organic. Now as for the comment “I look in amazement as some of the portfolios here and see some excellent shooters plus some not so excellent ones” I hope that’s not a shot at my wife and mines portfolio (just kidding)!


              My path to Nikon shooting was a little different than yours. My wife got her start in digital photography assisting a local wedding photographer. When she needed a DSLR she bought one of his used ones (along with a lens and flash). Since then we’ve aquired a few more bodies (all second hand) and I’ve always inherited her old one. So the reason I shoot Nikon is because that was the system I started with and it does everything I need. The only issue I have with Nikon at the moment is that the only photographer in our network that shoots Nikon (my wife’s former mentor) is moving so we won’t have anyone to borrow equipment from in a pinch. I guess we just need to make some new friends.

            • I have very few rules on this blog: don’t use abusive language, don’t ask me if I have any new rumors and don’t make any discriminatory statements about other nations/races, etc. One of the reason I started this blog is because I was tired of the censorship on dpreview and other forums. Usually, after an official announcement we get some trolls, but generally the discussions are clean.

            • Jabs

              @CareyThe LabelGuy

              You posted –
              @ Jabs: I very much respect you and your expertise. I also have a huge amount of respect for the old-school film shooters, as you guys had a lot more to deal with than we do in the digital age. I’m afraid you are part of a rare breed. Much respect.

              My reply –
              Sorry, but long week trying to make a buck.

              Yeah, film was weird as in a few exposures, but lovable to me. Actually, I think that shooting film is easier than digital to me, anyway, as you are minus the computer and perhaps more focused on the image at times. The computer and digital now means that you not only are the photographer, but also the Lab Technician, the Developer and the image fixer/re-toucher, hence more work, but more control for you and then MORE things to mess up or even improve, if you are good -lol. If you are not so good, then use the built-in ‘artsy filters’ to simulate expertise – LOL

              The process sort of went sideways to me, like you gain some control and lost some and thus same thrusts but more work in some cases. You don’t send film or images elsewhere now, but instead send them to your computer = the major difference to me, as I do both. I have been in computers for years, hence my perception is different from people new to computer graphics or computers in general.

              Thanks for comment, but geek here, so cool with life and challenges, as in new ways to do the same old stuff – enjoy your shooting and the new upcoming bodies/lenses.

              Film taught you discipline and digital sort of loosens the rules and gives you more freedom, but you can mess up digital easier, as you are now more in control. You can even make mediocre stuff look good and perhaps that leads to lazier photographers or smug people unwilling to push the borders of imagery but instead let the camera defaults be their guidelines of accomplishments – know what I mean? = camera thinks for YOU!

            • Jabs


              You posted –


              I totally agree with you regarding how NR Admin manages (or doesn’t manage) the discussions. It makes it seem so much more organic. Now as for the comment “I look in amazement as some of the portfolios here and see some excellent shooters plus some not so excellent ones” I hope that’s not a shot at my wife and mines portfolio (just kidding)!

              My reply – LOL!

              Naw, not a critic but just love photography plus looking at other people’s expression or view of even ordinary things turned into spectacular imagery.

              Creativity is a weird process and thus expressed differently by various humans and that also amazes me – in like HOW did they think of that!

              Yeah, the Administrator is an exceptionally perceptive person to me, who seems to pick up on people’s frustrations or thrusts and thus is like ‘reading your comments or expressions’ and then trying to find direction, solutions, rumors to placate or show us here – quite a remarkable feat and often overlooked. I respect it, as it is a talent. It helps that he owns the web sites but getting data from the sites (site analysis tools) and then doing something usable with it = the talent.

          • Tony

            You actually read all of them!

  • Vandyu

    This looks like the Darth Vader of D’s. The smooth, polished plastic looks cheap. An interesting idea that I hope doesn’t come to fruition. Too much change isn’t a good thing.

    • Mike_g

      I’d actually like to see the “see-through” lens in person. I think it would be kind of cool to see how all the pieces normally not seen work while focusing and zooming.

    • I agree. And a “flashy” camera is not what most people want. We like to be a bit stealthier.

  • Anyone bothered by overly shiny plastics on top? I hope true release doesn’t have it, looks bad (and cheap) to me and is not functional in some situations (ex. when you do not want camera glitter to scare wildlife,…).

  • S

    the top half of the camera looks like some sexual purposed object, square buttons for round fingertips? transparent lens barrels for what see a little bit of nothing that wouldn’t determine anything?

  • ND

    I can swear time has froze,
    those are the longest two weeks everrrrr!!

    • Levi

      It certainly feels that way doesn’t it?!

  • This camera prototype looks so sweet! I really like the futuristic body. Not a fan of the plastic though. : )

  • kaze kaze

    Over’y shinny plastic, square buttons and a bright red/ orange strike in “z” pattern… um… yea… exactly what we wanted to look cheap (A-S I-F), and I must say I’m not a big fan of transparent lens barrel, if I recall correctly Nano coating was developed to reduce Int.Ref/ improving light transmission and with a transparent barrel like this one spells “chaos” for stray lights from all over the places, secondary, crafsmen and enduser alike just want to see the picture, they won’t be ineterested to know “just exactly what is happening…”, revealing too much sometimes will put people off.

  • tuoni


  • these prototypes must be from the nineties, they got the F90 look.

    • Hehe, yeah, this was exactly what I was about to say, it’s just like an F90, but somehow even uglier!

  • I think the first one might have a light leak.

    • Jeremy

      Maybe it’s not a lens. Maybe it’s a fancy futuristic (expensive) sensor cleaner?

  • D700guy

    They look stoopid

  • The first one looks more like some kind of exhibition presentation of the mechanics of a lens to me, not a prototype. Some kind of (possibly supersized) demonstration model to show a technology or something along those lines.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Otherwise lens concepts are pretty boring.

  • Dammit! Still no real leaks, admin? This is getting crazy. I thought for sure there would be a little movement by now. If they are planning on releasing some new FX DSLR bodies, I bet we will hear something about a week out. I just hope they aren’t releasing the mirrorless system only. It seems this is possible considering how quiet it’s been. But, in the other hand, Nikon might be dictating through NDA’s, that the lid be kept on the upcoming product releases, to keep Canon and other competitors guessing. All eyes are on Nikon to see what they’ll do. Everybody knows that Nikon has the hammer and nail ready…….( for Canon’s coffin).

    • From what I know, this is Nikon’s most important product release. Meaning; what Nikon does here, will send ripples through the industry, much like the release of the D3(yet more so). This will be their finest hour, if they deliver.

    • I am starting to have doubts about the announcement on Aug 24th. Maybe we will just see the new mirrorless camera, since this was the only leak we had so far. The first thing we have to watch is if Nikon will announce the new Coolpix cameras the week before Aug 24. If they don’t, I don’t see them having a press event for Coolpix and pro gear on Aug. 24th.

      • Good point. I hope they announce the Coolpix cameras the week before. Let’s wait and see. On the other hand, all signs point to a FX release soon. Looks like Nikon is shuffling inventory and trying to blow out remaining stock. I hope we at least see a D4.

        Keep your ear to the ground for us and keep the rumor mill turning, brotha!

  • Zach Brand

    I am hoping that the plastic is just there for design purposes and wouldn’t actually be used in production of a pro body.

  • waited for more. It has not become something that is forced to act.

  • Jojo

    Is the one with the see through barrel and flashing lights the digital equivalent of the old spring loaded pop out “watch the birdie” accessory? And given we’re at D4 I suppose the shiny Darth Vader top plate was inevitable… May D4th be with you….

    • If we are making Star Wars references would Nikon be considered The Dark Side as Canon makes those Grey lenses and all Nikon lenses are black (as far as I’m aware)?

  • broxibear

    The top image was part of a Nikon Plaza, Shinjuku Showroom event, here’s another angle from a picture on the Nikon Japan site

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