10% off coupon at the Nikon Store

With coupon code NikonJBT2011 you can get 10% off all purchases at the official US Nikon Store, including sale and refurbished items, with no minimum purchase required. Offer expires on September 18, 2011. This is an official deal that currently is being advertised on many websites.

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  • jacob

    I’d love to use it to buy a D800!

    • Anonymous

      I’m afraid this campaign will expire before D800 may hit the shelves.

  • Holy cow! 10% off is $700 off on that tasty looking 200-400mm. So the total with 2nd day air shipping is only $6325. Damn, this might be the excuse I finally need to pull the trigger on that lens.

    • D700guy

      and 10% off on the 400mm 2.8 would roughly be $900.

      • Benk

        Yeah, but the problem is they are charging quite a bit more than B&H and Adorama right now. So it’s cheaper to get that lens there instead. The 200-400 though is at least $150 cheaper with this coupon through Nikon, even more if you have to pay tax when you order from B&H or Adorama.

  • Banned

    Yeah, nice try Nikon, too bad your official store is consistently 30% more expensive than anywhere else.

    • Depends on the product. The 200-400mm is MSRP on Nikon’s store, same price as B&H and Adorama. Other products definitely are more expensive though, but not all of them.

  • Ah Nikon Store has tax unlike B&H and Adorama. However, even with next day air it’s still $150 cheaper than B&H.

    • Matt

      Both B&H and Adorama require you to pay taxes (at least here in NYC). And shipping is free from B&H if you are a NAPP member.

      • Benk

        Yes, if you live in New York. Since I don’t live in New York I don’t have to pay taxes when ordering from them, which certainly saves a lot of money. I didn’t know about the free shipping for NAPP members though. That’s a nice perk.

  • I thought Nikon discontinued the F6? Was I mistaken? Did I miss some reintroduction of it? ‘Cause you can get it now at the Nikon USA store….

  • J
  • Also, is it just me, or has anyone noticed that Nikon’s refurbished prices are a little out of whack? Some things are great deals, and some are just ridiculous. I don’t care if it’s discontinued now, but why would you want to pay more for a refurb D3 than for a refurb D3s. And look at the comparison between the new and old 70-200 VR…what’s up? If someone can help me explain this, it would relieve a few minutes of scratching my head…

  • JonMcG

    D700 at BB for $2300 huh… Wow, that bring this price down below pre-quake levels… I’d say this is probably a pretty darn good indication the D800 (or whatever they call the replacement to the D700) is indeed iminent.. *FINALLY!!!*

    My guess is MSRP on replacement will be $3K

    • ericnl

      I can live with $3,000.00, that is €2,087.20 and on par with the current D700 price 😉

    • Leroy

      If the D800 is indeed MSRP $3k, then the street price for it better be at or better yet under $2500 right off the bat or the Canon 5D mark 2 will eat its lunch in sales as it is $2500 street at Amazon.

  • ben

    sounds like Nikon Store has copied apple.com (or tried at least), but has fallen short.

  • Just got off the phone with Best Buy. You can only get the D700 deal if you pick it up in store. There are NONE in any store in the entire Northeast and they cannot ship it to you. After pressing the rep more, she said the item was listed as a discontinued product line (as in Best Buy no longer carries it/will not be receiving more).

    I asked her to search the system to see if there was a D800 model listed in the system and she said there was not. She also knew very little (unsurprisingly) about any further replacement release information.

  • DC Cat

    If Nikon restocks the refurb’ed D700 before this coupon expires (and they have been stocking it intermittently over the last 2-3 months), a D700 refurb would cost around $1845.

    • DC Cat

      Sorry, meant to type $1945.

  • The Nikon Store is a utter waste of time! Nikon should stick to making cameras and lenses and let someone else market their products! Nikon just lost out on $5K sale of one 300mm f/2.8 VR II, because of piss poor, broke-ass, checkout process. After getting to the last stage of the checkout, their website wanted me to select a shipping method. Well guess what, the drop down didn’t list any methods, even though I orginally selected “GROUND” shipping! Guess what else, NIKON doesn’t want to be contacted! If you have problems on check out, they have no means to contact them. Next time, I will just buy at B&H, at least they know how to retail a product!

  • Ted

    Last week they were selling the 24-70mm for 1649,- now it is 1889,- no way you are going to save money.

  • PJ

    This prompted me to order the D7000 (new) and the 17-55mm f/2.8 (refurb)…until I got to the final checkout screen where the 10% coupon was practically erased by the fact that the Nikon Store charges Texas sales tax (8%) + $20 shipping. Total savings was less than $40 when compared to ordering from an online retailer that doesn’t charge sales tax and offers free shipping.

  • Ram

    From their FAQ:
    –Do I have to pay sales tax?

    We charge applicable sales tax for orders shipped to California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington. Sales tax is automatically computed on both product(s) and shipping costs.

  • Z

    This deal seems to be over. The promo code no longer works!

    • WMH

      I just tried as well. Did not change anything.

      • Z

        It worked ok yesterday, reducing everything in my shopping cart by 10%. But I waited to order and now it’s not working. I don’t know whether this is a temporary glitch, or whether the deal has ended.

        • I think Nikon removed this promotion. I can only imagine how many angry calls they got from authorized dealers.

          • DSF91

            Interestingly, it doesn’t return an “invalid code” message like it does for other codes (I had a typo). As already noted, even with the 10% their prices weren’t always competitive with the major retailers (B&H and Adorama). However, when used on refurbished items (some of which aren’t available at those retailers, it was looking like a great deal. I was looking at the D7000 and 12-24mm/f4G as a step up from my initial 2 lens D60 kit that I bought in 2008.

  • i tried this code and it didn’t work. i called customer service and was told that no such code exists, and that there are no valid promo codes available right now.

    • Freehawk

      Crap, it worked a while ago, oh well….

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