Weekly Nikon news flash #115

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  • Ronald

    The manuals are not for the camera…….they are system charts 😉

  • Itakeyourphoto

    They can drop the price of the D3s as low as they can , but if they are not dropping any shipment it meant only one thing , price will stay high.

    • The reason behind the price change is most likely the Swiss franc.
      See: wolframalpha.com/input/?i=chf+vs+jpy

  • Craig

    It will be interesting to see how the D7000 holds up against the other cameras, in the Shootout, that cost many times more than a D7000.

  • Another quiet week goes by. Soon we can celebrate the third anniversary of the D700. Thank goodness it is such a competent camera. It makes the waiting bearable.

  • broxibear

    The D3s price drop in Switzerland doesn’t mean anything without details about where those figures are from, are they averages across Switzerland or from one retailer ?
    I can tell you that in the UK D3s prices have been constant since the earthquake at between £3600 and £3800 across all the main retailers.

    • broxibear

      oops, that graph doesn’t work…you can see it here http://camerapricebuster.co.uk/prod1208.html

    • The price drop is a joke, indeed. The chart is influenced by two online-sellers that have zero availability. The only dealer on that price comparison (which is in general the most active and reliable comparison site here in Switzerland) that has cameras in stock, sells them at exactly the price where the curve was before the drop. So I would not interprete anything here.

  • Young Boy

    WTF?! Can someone explain to me, why D7k completely failed during second test in color rendition?! It’s most horrible result from all!!! That red is rendered with violet outlines and it’s the only camera with irrelevant digital artifacts in form of striking moire, which make this camera completely useless for any production with decent ambitions (unless they ask performers not to wear dark-red clothes, lol)!
    Can some D7k owner comment on this “red” problem? Hopefully, nothing like this exist when shooting stills!

    • Citrus

      Its because they have deliberately set up the lighting and scene to get the worst out of these cameras. It’d be pretty boring if they hadnt as all the cameras would give the same results.

      • Young Boy

        This is not answer, maaaan! Did you read my question? Why D7k is performing so bad in rendition of red dress, worst of all cameras, spoiling totally all picture with digital artifacts! If that would be something shown by other cameras – ok – but don’t say to me they deliberately made whole lighting and selected dress color specifically to make D7k sensor incapable to render it correctly!

        Even if it would render “window” with zero details but beautiful dress, I – as casual viewer – would never bother to comment – but if I would see video with strange digital artifacts, moire and such a horrible red – sorry, I would be disgusted even if it’s my grandmother’s birthday video!

        So if you have something wise to say, say it. I will be glad.

        • Citrus

          Yes I did read your question, and I felt that I answered it, but if you feel I didnt, then I will be more explicit for you.

          The video makers want to compare a load of cameras ranging from the D7000 through to professional cameras costing tens of thousands of dollars.

          They therefore set up a scene which was lit in a way that would show up all the artefacts that the cameras were producing. Nobody in their right mind would try and make a film with the level of lighting they provided, as they in fact stated in the video. Even if you were shooting your grandmother’s birthday, you would surely light the scene with more than just a 25W bulb.

          I dont understand what question you want answered. Is it the, “Can some D7k owner comment on this “red” problem?”

          If so then the answer is because they set up the lighting deliberately to highlight any poor performing areas. It is as you say “The worst of all the cameras” probably because it was designed as a stills camera anyway, and is competing against out and out professional video cameras worth many tens of times more money.

          If all you want to do with your camera is shoot your grandma’s birthday party, then to be honest even the D7k is overkill for your uses

          • Young Boy

            In short – you suppose “red rendition performance” with violet cast and moire is result of poor lighting? Do you have D7k? (Just to check if it’s your opinion or real-life experience? – Cos my experience with other cameras is different – that moire has nothing to do with lighting, it’s more related to fps, focal length, ISO, etc.)
            So no, your answer was long, but not technically erudite, it seems we have both approximately same knowledge, but I was hoping some real expert, who can explain fundamentally, with knowledge of physics can explain real reasons behind this. Cos reason “Red cost X-time more then D7k or 7D cost 1/3 more” is not physical reason, as I hope you understand.

        • Paul

          Young boy, Im amazed you think that!

          It is being compared to professional video cameras worth many times the value of a D3x, let alone a D7000, and all the video experts were of the opinion that it held its own well!

          • Young Boy

            This is your believe, not fact – none of the experts commented “red rendition performance”, they speak only about that over-exposed window.
            And I can repeat again – cost of the camera is not physical reason behind violet cast and moire! I want relevant technical reason, I hope you understand, buddy!

    • StillMan

      “The Great Camera Shootout” is only about video, not stills. So it is a waste of time to read it if, like me, you are strictly a still photographer.

      • Rusty

        Is it ever possible to mention anything about DSLR video without a still shooter running into the room and giving a snarky disclaimer about how video capability “doesn’t matter” because ultimately these are still cameras? Do i perceive a little bit of photographer / cinematographer angst? The relatively affordable price of DSLR cameras and lenses makes it fantastic for film making – not nearly as flexible, easy and intuitive as using a dedicated video camera, but the quality is insanely better. Yet its constantly criticized as a bad/irrelevant feature because its not simple for shooting family videos? Dude, they’re professional cameras – the video features are for professionals too, just because you don’t use them doesn’t make them irrelevant. If you’re a still shooter – awesome bro, but why go out of your way into a conversation about video to say its a waste of time to watch the shootout vid if you’re a still shooter? You guys all come off kinda ‘threatened’ by DSLR video and i don’t understand it, as if you don’t want dirty cinematographers near your precious photography gear or something?

        • Young Boy

          Can you as cinematographer comment on my original problem – why women dress, which looks so beautiful with expensive cameras and average with cheap cameras and Canons, look most horrible with D7k, totally failing in real color rendition of reds? Could that be error of camera? Or is that consistent under-performance of D7k?
          Pleas, explain!

    • Rusty

      I don’t know where you’re seeing the disaster… i honestly thought it held up pretty well – particularly in the first test, where it seemed to demonstrate better detail in shadows than the 5Dii, 7D or 1D. Moire was also much more pronounced in the F3, AG-AF100 and two high speed cameras (Flex and Weisscam). The only ‘weirdness’ i saw was the second test for highlight details, where the BG window was blown out and a bit yellowed – next to the Alexa, RED and films it looked bed but when compared to the other DSLRs in the test, there wasn’t a huge disparity – only the 7D looked better to me (7D also defeated the 5Dii in all the tests, despite the crop sensor.) So yeah… for you to say ‘disaster’ is hyperbolic at best, and downright misleading at worst! While the Canon’s are more specialized for video, i think the newer tech in the D7k is allowing it to at least keep up. And no, i don’t own a D7k or any Canons… just another guy waiting for the D800 to drop.

      • Young Boy

        Well, I’m casual user, and my totally biased opinion is, that talking about second test (it’s great in first test D7k was decent, but it’s not making any points if it’s so bad in second test) – D7k gave for my untrained eye the worst result when talking about lady in red dress – so forget that window, it’s nice it had some highlights recovery – I’m taking about “side effect” of this test – most horrible rendition of reds I can imagine – with violet cast and moire visible even in small window. It’s something totally disturbing and therefore I’m asking someone, who can explain, not tell me that “in first test it was ok” – I see that. 😉
        So don’t get offended, I’m still unsatisfied. I would like to know – it’s specifically test conditions or why d7k made this with this poor woman’s dress?!

  • kaze kaze

    Happy birthday to all the 17-35 2.8D out there as well, and as Ron points out above, soon-to-be Happy b-day to my D700.

  • Jabs
    • yes, I will have a separate post on several new Nikon patents probably tomorrow

  • The invisible man.

    LOL !
    Airbus just announced 2 more years delay on his long range jet series, good thing our Nikons are not made in Europe !

    • CFH

      How’s the Dreamliner doing – “Originally planned to enter service in May 2008, the project has suffered from repeated delays and is now more than three years behind schedule.” – soon to be renamed – Nightmareliner.

  • broxibear

    Hoya to build China factory amid power concerns…
    “Hoya Corp , the world’s second largest maker of optical glass used in cameras, said on Thursday it would open its first furnaces overseas by the end of the year, diversifying production away from Japan, where power shortages loom.
    The firm, which competes with market leader Ohara Inc , will open a plant in Weihai in China, hoping to take advantage of burgeoning demand for cameras in China, and easier access to raw materials including rare earth lanthanum, a company spokeswoman said.”
    “”We need to diversify production, because we currently only manufacture in one place,” said the spokeswoman. Optical glass makers are particularly sensitive to power cuts, which force them to switch off furnaces, disrupting production for an extended period.”
    “Analysts say Chinese firms such as CDGM Glass Company Ltd and Hubei New Huaguang are expanding production of lower-grade optical glass. But they say makers of high end interchangeable lens cameras like Canon and Nikon will likely continue to source from Japanese makers to avoid compromising quality.
    Hoya is confident it can maintain quality standards at its Chinese plant, the spokeswoman said.”

    • The invisible man.

      Well here we are, I’m glad I bought my 14-24mm before the earthquake because soon it will be Nikon lenses made “before” and “after” the earthquake, the ones made before keeping more “value”.
      I know it sound stupid but it could likely happen !

  • AnoNemo

    It’s a bit too quiet here.

    • The invisible man.

      Everyone is at church praying for a new full frame Nikon.

  • MJr

    Man do they know how to test a lens in china, well done Liang Chao Zhongguancun. Looks like he tested absolutely all there was to be tested. Too bad it’s not in our language.

    • preston

      Great to see the real world image crop comparisons rather than just the test numbers that we get from most sites.

  • I thought the D7K handled it’s own really well, especially in the under exposed scene! The video from the D7K looked better than the Canons, with the exception of the over exposed scene, which I thought the 7d did slightly better(only on the window).

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