Nikon D700 microsite is gone

The Nikon D700 microsite seems to be removed or it's currently broken (click on the enter button). The link the microsite from the product page is also not working.

Maybe a new site for the D700 replacement is in the works?

The microsites for Nikon D3s and D300s are still up and running. Here is the Google's cached version of the D700 microsite.

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  • Nope, it’s working again.

    • Or not…

      • All or virtually all the links to lenses on the D3S / D3x page aren’t working for me – maybe they’re just reorganizing their site for some reason.

  • Links / Microsite works fine for me.

    • Click on the start button to see the problem.

    • Well, the results seem intermediate. Sometimes it works, and sometimes… well it doesn’t.

    • and it’s down… Must have been a cache/proxy thing.


    (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

  • Adrian

    If this is the harbinger of the D800 announcement, I think I might wet myself/ start saving

  • James

    works for me

  • Dirk

    It’s down for me

  • PR

    D700 microsite works for me.

  • not working for me.

  • Daf

    For me it just bounces back to the products site.

    I doubt somehow that they’d take it down in any hurry for any replacement announcement.

  • D700guy

    Yeah, the initial front page is there until one clicks the ENTER link and then the 404 page not found shit happens.
    Nothing about this makes sense or can be misconstrued as a preface to an announcement, they probably just fucked up some code. It happens, and then once someone calls in a ticket it’s fixed.
    Move along folks, nothing to see here…..

  • norman specter

    Click ‘Enter’ once you’re on the page linked above, and there it is: gone.

    • Bram

      I’ll just invest your money in some mutual trust funds aaaaand…it’s gone

  • E

    crap. i don’t have money to save yet.

    • D700guy

      You dont need any money. Havent you heard?
      They’re giving away D800’s cuz they’re really sorry for jerking us around for so long.

      • Jerking around would be this: telling us that the D800 would be available last year at 3000$, then delaying it. Then, telling the price would still be 3000$, but it would be delayed till April. Then, after failing to meet that deadline, real jerking around would be raising the price to 10 000$, removing the lovely viewfinder, downgrading it to enthusiast build levels, removing live view, putting on a sigma mount.

        You obviously don’t understand the meaning of jerking around, and as Nikon have never even mentioned the D800, they have no reason to even put one forward. The internet is for trolls.

        • John

          Stop trolling here, Nikon is jerking around since 3 years with the D800.

        • yes


          Finally common sense!

  • This must be the D800 and I just purchased my D700 this past weekend 🙂

  • ShaoLynx

    Indeed, it doesn’t work — same error message here.
    Has it begun? Is Nikon pushing their time table for a change?
    It isn’t Summer yet, is it?

    Damn, now I’ll visit NR even more often than I do already, and I won’t even buy the D800.
    Unless, it’s got some really cool features, of(f) course.
    NO, I don’t need it! Out of the question!
    But, who knows what it’ll bring us… Must be a major technology update that makes it even better than the D700 is already…
    No, no, I’m not listening…

    Damn, the anxiety!

    PS: sorry for the swearing.
    PS2: it was ironical, allright?

  • Diego


    OH MY GOD *-*

    • Erth

      Funny. *giggle*. So frikken frantic.

  • SZRimaging

    My guess, there isn’t enough production to build these, so they are phasing them out to continue production on the D3s. Thus, the product will be soon listed as discontinued. I do not, however, think that this will signal a new product announcement. More than likely, as they rebuild/fix their pro plants, they will focus on production of the next camera in it’s segment. Should be interesting, to say the least.

  • emwing

    I hope they have the replacement out soon. Or even news that it’s coming would be reassuring. Here in Japan, there are no new stocks of the D700. Only old ones remain.

  • jeff b53
  • broxibear

    The D3000 and D90 microsites work fine so I wouldn’t read anything into it…unless you really want to…in which case the D800 will be announced in September and available in limited numbers in late December.

  • cirtap

    IT will not be called the D800…No Sir..I have a friend who is friends with a friend in Japan, Hiroaki is his name..and he saw over the weekend his friend Akihiro and they were discussing the New Nikon Camera replacing the D700…Over there it is called………. D900

    • cirtap

      it is NOT going to be called the D800…man my english…lol

  • NR sucks?

    Link works fine and there will be no D700 replacement for a long time!
    There is no way they can manufacture any new FX bodies, just cry if necessary and move on.

  • hulkmcracken

    /me starts to sob…

  • No! I just bought five D700’s! I think announcements will come in a few months, late 2011.

  • Roger

    Microsite does not work … as per the above link.

    I found this one: …. which did work.

    The bigger question is … where is the D800 / D4? LOL.

  • The front page of the microsite is working, but you cannot get in, the link on the product page also doesn’t work.

  • Jan-Olaf Froehlich

    Maybe that means that this shitty camera is biting the dust. Don’t worry Nikon will replace it with an still more amateurish one soon..

    • ShaoLynx

      Go shoot your Canon and enjoy the… shadow noise. Troll.

      @ NR Admin: OK, you can remove this comment, if you want to, but no-one calls the D700 a bad camera and gets away with it!
      People will create songs in remembrance when it’s gone.

      • Jan-Olaf Froehlich

        Songs in memory of a camera? Get a life!

        Nikon is a shadow of its former self – were is the innovation like D70, D200 etc
        The rest ist just rebadging of existing cameras (as far as the affordable ones are concerned)

        • ShaoLynx

          Hey, just kidding about the songs, allright?
          Btw: I wouldn’t call the d90 -> d7000 move, just a mere rebadging.
          There’s a clear trend here, and for us following it a little closer, it is exiting anticipation. We don’t know exactly when it will happen, but we do know it’s gonna be good. Hopefully, the summer time-table can be kept, in spite of the major set back Nikon encountered.
          Good things come to those who wait, others, uhm, spend their money on the other brand.

          • Jan-Olaf Froehlich

            I agree but I am waiting to replace my old D200 with an FX body with reasonable pix count for what it feels like 3 years now. If there is nothing coming any time soon, I might just…

            • ShaoLynx

              3 years ago? Did you need more than 12MP?
              If not, you should have jumped on the d700, back then.
              Anyway, you’ve held on for 3 years, hold on for a little longer. The rumored time table has been summer (august) for quite some time now. So, suck it up and be a man, you can do it!…
              Mind you, though, the earthquake/tsunami was a *major* unforeseen circumstance, it just might cause a major slip in the planning. Hey, it was a rumored time table, to begin with…

            • im in the same boat! d200 is 5 yrs old now. but i think im gonna bite the bullet and get the d700 by the end of the week. waited too long and going traveling abit so i ll just get it first. can’t wait till dec.

            • @Jan-Olaf Froehlich

              You might just….what? Not only is the D700 STILL an amazing camera today, but being able to buy it three years ago at half the price of it’s progenitor less than a year after its release was nothing short of astounding.

              Remember the camera that made Canon not only jump, but scream in a frantic fit “How HIGH!!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Yeah, that was the D700. And three years later, Canon is STILL trying to catch up. So no, we can’t in good conscience take you seriously with such tripe spilling from your fingertips. If you’re a secret Canon shooter, go shoot Canon. The only person regretting your departure will likely be yourself in the end.

        • WOW…..what ignorance! I think Nikon is doing just fine. The D700 destroys the competition and is over 2 years old. Just wait for the D800/D900. It will again, sit atop the DSLR Full-Frame heap. Also, i doubt very seriously you can say those ignorant things about the D3s…….. Which, in terms of low-light capability, mops the floor with all other cameras. So bad, it doesn’t really have any competition.

          With regards to the D90—>D7000 upgrade. There is NO rebadging there. The D7000 is a much different camera than the D90 and much improved. Hence, why it’s the worlds best APS-C DSLR currently.

          Sounds like you need to go ahead and buy a Canon 5D MKII. Enjoy your shadow noise @ ISO-200 and banding above ISO-3200…lol. The Nikon D7000 is a more capable camera, and for $1200. HA!

          • Michael

            I’m sorry but in terms of picture quality the best APS-C camera is Pentax K-5

        • Tony


          Windows 7 is a rebadging of Windows Vista which is a rebadging of Windows XP which is a rebadging of Windows Me which is a rebadging of Windows 98 which is rebadging of Windows 95 which is a rebadging of Windows 3.11 which is a rebadging of Windows 3.10 which is a rebadging of Windows 2………..

          OSX is a rebadging of NeXTSTEP which is a rebadging of Unix…..

          If D700 would be something that is so innovated from D200, it would be releasing today not in 2008.

          • Mark

            JanOlafFroehlich is simply confused as well as simple.

            The D700 may have only 12 megapixels, but anyone in the know (and I am not technical) understands that Nikon gave us a cutting edge ISO range. That fact alone makes the D700 worth it.

            If JanOlaf wants megapixels, perhaps he ought to opt for a medium format digital camera. But there is no need to use irrational and inflammatory words that convey no other information than the vacuous state of the writer’s mind.

            • Dominik

              re: “reasonable pix count,” are you shooting landscapes?

              Keep diffraction in mind. The 24mp D3x is already diffraction limited to around f/8-f/11 (and the D3s/D700 f/16), and that won’t be enough DOF in many situations unless you’re shooting with an extremely wide lens or distant subjects.

              Cramming more pixels onto a 35mm sensor will only make diffraction more noticeable when stopping down, robbing you of any resolution advantage you thought you had for larger prints.

              We’re going to need larger sensors.

            • abt the MP race, while i personally don’t need more than 12mp, and the D2H was pretty amazing, i walked into NSC yesterday and took a copy of the D3X brochure. there’s a 4 page spread (4!!) panorama cropped from a single image and the IQ is simply breath taking! even the other pictures were simply fantastic… now if only i had 9k to spare…

          • Common Sense

            And how did you come up with Microsoft being equal in “rebadging” like Nikon?

            Yes, you can say Microsoft is re-badging because up to Win 7…they’re still using the same Kernel as far back as Win2000. But that’s like saying that Nikon as been re-badging the same sensor in their first ever DSLR & putting it in the d700!

  • nikonperv

    Reading this post, I got a “heart on”. I so hope the d800 is worth the wait.

  • sirin

    this would most likely have nothing to do with D800 site, because new sites are typically developed on localhost and tested on staging servers, so they don’t interfere with the live version in any way.

  • DarkNikon

    Heh it works. False alarm. Wait for 2012 for the replacement

  • I doubt very seriously this has anything to do with a D800/D900 announcement. Sorry guys.

    • pabs

      I agree. This is a non-starter.

  • the site is still not working for me…

    • D700guy

      Nor is it working for me.
      Don’t think it’s a hosting issue either.
      I couldn’t imagin that Nikon had seperate hosting for each micro-site.
      My bet is that they have a block of sites under one host, but I could be wrong.

    • Quit Whining

      Try clearing your cache, and history. It’s working for me.

  • The invisible man

    sell me your d700 now!

  • mark china

    the d3x micro site is also down

    • Discontinued

      Cool, can’t wait to see D4.

  • Site works fine for me

    It would figure though, my 2nd D700 arrives tomorrow so the D800 should be out by the end of the week.

  • I really need a new FX camera for this summer… should I get a D700 now while it’s still in stock or should I wait a little for an upcoming surprise (D800)

    • I’m afraid if you need one for this summer you should look into the current lineup. Even if Nikon was to announce a camera RIGHT NOW you probably couldn’t get your hands on one before the end of summer unless you plan on traveling to Japan, visit a Nikon factory and work on those Sleigh of hand skills…

      Good thing for you is that the current Nikon FX range (D700, D3s) is IMHO still the best out there, aside from video capabilities.

  • Carl

    ..looks like if the strategy is to position the D800 against the 5DmkII respectively against the upcoming 5DmkIII. Even at the costs of sales of the D3x if the D800 trumps it – what we all hope. So I guess the D400 will be positioned more clearly against the 7DmkII which is due fall next year. Thus I guess we still have to wait until then.

    Sigma made a strange move with their SD1 costing a fortune compared to its rare featured body with an APS-C size sensor. So the Sigma guys seem to rely on the performance of the sensor only. If that proves true then, I think, the biggest mistake was to build the camera with their own Sigma mount instead of an F-mount which would have been much more versatile and would have been much more attractive for people to give it a shot.

    • Tony

      If Sigma were going to make something other than SA mount, it would be EF-S mount. Look at their lenses. they’re Canon-like (some even have a red ring).

      I agree on the price of SD1 that is too high. I think Sigma take 80/20 rule too seriously. For anyone who want Foveon sensor, you could try SD15 + 18-200 for $1100 at adorama. I was looking for one last night.

      • SZRimaging

        Except, I think it might be easier to get the mount details for the Nikon. At least, that is the reason I assume that Fuji went Nikon.

        And they have lenses for basically every system. I fail to see your point.

        • dave

          Sigma went with the SA mount because they want to sell Sigma lenses. I don’t think they want to see a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 on a SD-15. Also, because Sigma is a direct competitor in F-mount lenses, Nikon is not going to grant a license for the F-mount to Sigma. Currently, Sigma knows what it knows about F-mount through reverse engineering. Sigma lenses still occasionally have issues with new F-mount bodies (like the D7000). Nikon does not want to give up that advantage.

          BTW, Sigma makes lenses with a gold stripe, as well. the striping has nothing to do with Canon or Nikon.

  • António

    Both links work for me (microsite and product page).

  • Mark V

    So when I searched for ‘D700 microsite’ in the search box – the second link that comes back works fine.

  • Nick

    Please let it be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    I have no problem accessing the site.

  • livefree

    It works fine for me 😉

  • Patrick Chua

    it is working. i dont know if it’s working on yours too.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    works fine

  • Jeffrey Lee

    I just tried and it still works

  • Update – working now

  • R R

    I am not waiting anymore on the D800.. I am going to buy a 35mm f1.4G and some other lighting stuff… Nikon is gonna miss my money on this one, and I am going to push my D3x and D700 to the limit

    No more waiting for Nikon.

    • yes


      Is Nikon not getting your money with the 35 1.4G?

      Push your D3x and D700 to the limit? as opposed to letting a “better” camera do it for you? Now there is a concept????? (sarcasm)

      You’ll be back to get the D800, who are we kidding here?

  • KEEP DREAMING. It’s up and running; NO D800 for us right now…
    That said, I can feel RR. The waiting for the nextgen D700 has become ridiculously absurd (if there is such an expression)…
    By the time it becomes available (if ever) the money I had saved up for it will be looooong gone.

  • Camaman

    I see no logic for them to cancel a microsite before announcement of the successor.
    Miscrosite is part of the D700 as a product and support. Since D700 is far from discontinued, and even further from loosing Nikons support, logical thing to assume is that they are reworking some parts or that it just crashed.

  • JW

    Seems to be working…

  • Link is still working. Maybe they had a temporary problem? Or maybe Nikon isn’t sure yet about their next step?

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