Nikon D700 microsite is gone

The Nikon D700 microsite seems to be removed or it's currently broken (click on the enter button). The link the microsite from the product page is also not working.

Maybe a new site for the D700 replacement is in the works?

The microsites for Nikon D3s and D300s are still up and running. Here is the Google's cached version of the D700 microsite.

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  • nikhtwey

    seems like the d3x micro site is gone too (at least the french page)!

  • ok

    Ok I am not one of those people saying I still shoot with my d200 and I see no reason to upgrade or throwing out silly lines like out of my cold dead hands when referring to a film camera.

    Let me get this straight, sure a D800 or whatever would be nice and yes I like to stay current but lets ground ourselves here… what is currently available from Nikon is great and capable. Everyone needs to stop being so insulted by these perceived delays and making these threats of switching. News flash, you are the people Nikon likes to aggravate cause you are flaky and will be back at your loss and their gain yet again… What do you want? clean noise at 5 million iso so you can create alien like pictures and not even need to think any more?

    How did anyone ever feel satisfied with film? They shoot 35mm want a little more and move to a larger format if needed…end of story.

    I am not bragging here, but I have been fortunate enough to make a full time living in photography and am not struggling financially. My D3, D700 and D3s does exactly what I need. Sure there are times when a little extra would be nice, but that is the nature of the beast always.

    Some of you must either be crappy photographers who need all the help they can get..if so just admit it and then your reasoning is justified or some of you must be so amazing that you have pushed the camera so far to the limits that your amazing skill is being hindered.

    If you just like gear then that is valid too..but that is a pretty stupid hobby imo.

    I personally have yet to see a photograph that provokes the comment of “wow I wish they shot that with a D800 instead”. Although, perhaps more of history would have been captured and that would be interesting. But that is not what I am getting at.

    It is not even about me telling you to go out a shoot in some superior way, hey I am not shooting right now and I am secure enough to still feel valid when I am not shooting. But I do challenge you to simplify your life, throw out your boxes and packaging in the garbage and look at your camera as a way to express your creativity. It is not simply something to own to brag…”hey John doe has a D3s!..he is so cool”…. Stop excessively babying your stuff so it holds its resale value in the event of unforeseen upgrade.

    Like seriously what are some of you thinking? Nikon does not owe you anything. You owe it to yourself to stop wasting money on endless gear that far surpasses your requirements and being stuck in limbo because you just can’t be freed to live. How about, take all this wasted money and energy help someone less fortunate or use your photography to provide enjoyment, change, memories, emotion or whatever.

    Be passionate about what you have and what you can achieve in the present and not what the future may offer.

    Ok… I am done…fire away.

    • Stone

      No ones going to fire away because honestly, you’re post wasn’t that interesting. All your post demonstrates is that the purpose of this particular website has been lost on you. People are here for the rumors & speculation, not necessarily because they’re unhappy with their current gear. Here’s a little secret, I’m a Canon shooter and unless the D800 is a world-beating camera, I have no intention of switching. Perhaps you could spend some of the proceeds from your “lucrative” photography career on a course in reading comprehension. I’ll give you a hint, the site is called Nikon “rumors” lol!!!

    • Funduro

      Great post. Good luck to the future D800 owners, camera’s cost will be out of my league and need. Unless I win the Lotto or marry into $.

    • Max

      Why switching?
      After all, the 5dII and 1Ds mkIII are still the best Canon could do for the past… Uh, three years?

  • I_still_want_a_d800

    i have a strong feeling the D700 successor (be it D800 or D900) would be made in Thailand instead…
    the major reason is to keep cost down coz there would be too many goodies in that camera.

    • I’m afraid you’re right.

      Anyway… the sooner the better !

      • Vladi

        the best girls come from thailand, now the best cameras would too. cool!

        • Funduro

          You mean women.

          • Common Sense

            + 1,000,000 thumbs up!

            Did Vladi just incriminate himself that he goes to Thailand for girls…like lil girls? Not women?

          • lol jamie


  • Nicole

    It seems to be working again now. Must have been a glitch. 🙂

  • shivaswrath

    back up!

  • D700guy

    Yep, back up and running again.
    I was just glad to see that the site wasnt updated with Ashton Kutcher images.

  • Trevor

    This would be my first DSLR and I have been waiting for months now…. Will be buying the D4 or the D800 the second they become available. My patience is being put the the test.

  • pabs

    A more practical issue that would give us much more information is the status of the Sendai plant—can anyone update us as to what is going on there? Are they begining to produce more of anything???? How much product is coming out of the plant? Anything at all?

  • Still there~

  • and it is still there…

    It is so funny to see NAS manifest itself! Almost like seeing Jesus in a potato chip and predicting an imminent second coming! LOL

  • Sashimi

    You’re wrong. It’s still working, even d3s microsite

  • RolandStevenson

    D700 microsite is working now. Too much to hope that the D800 was just around the corner.

  • Sven

    Seems to have been a temporary problem…
    It works again.

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