Nikon Japan announced the release date of the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens

Nikon Japan announced the release date of the new Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens as June 2nd, 2011. The US press release indicated a release date of June 16, 2011. Maybe this time the shipments will start earlier than previously expected. See all available pre-order options here.

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  • yrsued

    I want a couple of these!!

    • This lens probably outperforms the 50/1.4 AF-S, but there aren’t many sample images yet. And the weight … oh boy, could it be any better? Yes, it even has an aspherical element and only costs 200 dollars! And that with the dollar having lost 50 percent of its value since 2008.

      • inginerul

        It will not outperform it, my 1.4 AFs at f/2 is tack sharp, the 1.8 will be soft and will suffer from CA. I bought my 1.4 in order to shoot sharp at f/2 and 2.8, and reasonably sharp at 1.4 for bokeh and low light. Different lenses with different applications. In the same way, a 24-70 will outperform all of the primes on that focal range, at certain apertures, in certain conditions.

        • Mike

          24-70 will not out-perform the primes. I disagree to that.

          • inginerul

            I disagree to your disagreement.

            • Jeremy

              Maybe you two could settle this with photos?

            • d90000

              This is an impossible thing to ever prove for certain but given the infinite amount of variables there probably are cases when one outperforms the other.

              I would say most commonyly a prime will come out on top but they are still not without their flaws.

          • The invisible man

            I’ve use only primes for 20 years, I won’t give up my 24-70 and 14-24mm f/2.8 for primes.

            • amien

              I’ll be you that the 50mm 1.8G will even outperform the newer 1.4G version, witch appears to be one of the worst 50mm nikon ever created. It is slower than the older version & has deformation, which is really bad on a regular focal lenght prime.
              Besides, the “bokeh” is not the more tasty one.
              The Sigma 50mm 1.4 HSM is a gem compared to it.
              Even the 150$ Canon 1.8 II lens beats it by far.

          • Astrophotographer

            If one were to go by MFT charts then, according to, the 24-70 does out perform the 50 AF-S at f2.8.

            • amien

              the new 50mm 1.8G will outperform your 24-70mm, @ 1.8 !!!

        • Vlad

          Guys stop arguing, here is the link with full resolution FX samples. It is excellent wide open!

          • Vlad

            Oops, those french f@ckers removed the full res samples. Luckily I downloaded them, here is one 100% fx crop


            • The invisible man

              Don’t blame on French people, it’s not easy to test a camera lens and jump on a maid at the same time !

            • I take offense to that, I am french and i could test a lens and jump a maid at the same time

        • Ebzzt

          Even the 24 f/1.4 ? Doubtful

      • nir.exe

        Nikon measures the MTF graph at the lens max aperture, if you want a true comparison, put them head to head at f/1.8

        • dave

          Try head to head at f/2.8 where they should both be at near the top of their respective curves. Measuring them where the 1.8 is at it’s worst and the 1.4 is near the top is not a fair comparison. But I agree that they are different lenses for different applications.

          • dave

            OK the 1.4 is not near the top of it’s performance at 1.8 but it’s on its way up the side of the curve whereas the 1.8 is still at the bottom.

    • Hope this helps me with my night photography and street scenes at night as well! Can’t wait.

  • D-RiSe

    Told you so 🙂

  • I’m going to need to see more bokeh samples before I get one, but so far it looks great! I’d love to have a backup for my Sigma 1.4.

  • Cremer

    It’s in stock since 3 days at PCH in Brussels
    Not yet on their website but in stock at their store.

  • Kerni

    With the new 1.8er Lens I think sharpness could be slightly better, and maybe also AF-speed and accuracy.
    But if you change to the new one, you have to accept a worse bokeh because of the lesser number of blades (7 instead of 9) , don’t you?

    • Adrian

      7 rounded blades are still pretty darn good, and by the look of the samples (disclaimer: terrible bokeh taste), the OOF areas are pretty creamy.

  • this is a nice match for the D700 and sound more attractive than the 50mm 1.4 , sounds a nice kit! But I like the manual focus version of the 1.4 better than any 50mm I ever had, love to manual focus my old unit!

    Can’t wait to see the new version of the 85mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/2.0 as well

  • w00t! Bring it! I hope this lens is better behaved wide-open, then the 50 1.8D. We shall see!

  • Ok i already have 35mm 1.8 and kit lens for my d7000…do you guys think i should get this new 50mm? is the 15mm focal lenght is a big difference..? you guys can check my flickr and have a look for my style of shooting,i need opinion before make any decision…,

    • Henrik

      It’s that that simple to say yes and no.

      1) Take your kit lens and set it to 50mm and walk araound and take some pictures.
      if the 50mm a good zoom for you to take pictures in, and will you do it alot then Yes get a 50mm. if you don’t like it. (to mutch/to little zoom) then 50mm is not for you.

      2) The lens here is a FX lens and not a DX lens as the D7000 is using.
      You can still use a FX lens on a DX body with no problem, you just have to remember to multiply the FX mm with 1.5 to see how many mm it is on you camara.
      50mm = 75mm
      So if you want to buy this lens, then set you kit lens to 75mm and see if you like that.

      • Thanks henrik,..actually i was thinking that i want to get a 85mm for shooting portrait,but this 50mm in DX equal to 75mm (close to 85mm),so i really not sure to get this 50mm or 85mm(not sure yet 85mm 1.8D or just wait for 85mm 1.8G,cannot afford 1.4 and dont need that extra stop)…,

        • The 85mm 1.8 is a great portrait lens and fits your D7000 perfectly. Whether you prefer 85mm or 50mm is up to you. Some would argue that 35mm and 50mm are too close but I had such a setup for a while and it worked fine for me. If you wanna find out which focal length suits you better, then take your 18-105 set it one day to 50mm and shoot. The next day you set it to 85mm and shoot. Then you compare and see what you liked better.

      • You confuse a few things. If you want to see how an 50mm FX lens looks on a DX body, you set your lens (any lens, DX or FX doesn’t matter) to exactly 50mm.

        However, if you have a FX body and want to see what the angle of view of your 50mm FX lens would look like on a DX body, then you set it to 75mm!

        • mart

          Sorry I misinterpreted your post. Indeed 75mm on FX would test 50mm on crop.

      • mart

        No, if he want to test 50mm on his crop sensor, he need to set his kit zoom to 50mm, not 75mm. Also 50mm is 50mm in crop or ff. The perspective doesn’t change.

        • ok guys thanks for the inputs,i’ll use my kit lens and find which focal lenght i like better and suit me,,,

      • Xscream

        You’re overcomplicating things. You should just set the zoom to 50mm (not 75). DX lenses do NOT have the crop factor incorporated in their focal lengths. A 50 mm FX lens gives the same FOV on a DX camera as a 50 mm DX lens does on a DX camera.

      • SZRimaging

        This is only true of angle of view characteristics. Other lens characteristics (i.e. Compression/exageration etc) are not changed by swiching from FX to DX. So depending on why you choose a lens, you may or may not use this as a refrence. For instance, I use 85mm+ for portrait because of how that focal length renders the subject. To maintain this, I have to increase my shooting distance from the subject, but it is worth it.

  • RUHtard

    I dont get it. I feel that 50 is too tight on my crop sensor body. I would rather have a 30mm

    • Eric Pepin

      this is why nikon has a fantastic, fast, sharp, and cheap 35 1.8. Go buy it.

  • I didn’t realise that they did not announce the release date when the lens was announced :p

    • Dweeb

      Yeah, I see they’re playing that game. Anyone ever figure out where it’s made? I guess China like the last one but it could be Thailand where they make the small AFS motors.

      I’d upgrade mine just for the ergonomics.

  • norman specter

    A little advice please? I’ve lucked out beyond my wildest dreams and been offered a work trip to Japan — a fully paid week in Tokyo, no bloody less. I’m wondering, does anyone know if it’s cheaper to get lenses there (in Yen) than it is in the States (in dollars)? I’m thinking about getting either the latest 70-200mm 2.8 or the latest 85mm 1.4. (Is that rude to talk about these lenses in front of the new 50mm 1.8?)

    • My experience, after living in Japan for a year, is that you have to check carefully which lenses you want. Some may be cheaper, some may be even more expensive and others may be just the same. If you buy in stores, then the chance you make bargains is low if you compare prices to online stores back home. If you wanna buy online in Japan, you need a Japanese shipping address and at least some Japanese language skills. (Unless you order from the Japanese Amazon, which you can do mostly in English.) A good site for price comparison is However, sometimes it will find products only if you write the brand name in Katakana. (Most items are found though.)



    • Rude-olf

      If you are paying in dollars, buy home.

  • Ole

    But when will the D800 be announced?

  • D700guy


  • Knockwell

    Another 50mm I don’t need 🙁

  • AnoNemo

    again, another anouncement of an announcement that an announcement will come one day after the final announcement. That’s it folks, move along nothing to see from Nikon. Really boring. I start to believe that the reason why Nikon can keep its secret super duper D4 and D800 is because they will not come…at least not this year.

  • Ordered

  • AnoNemo

    Yes, it appears that Nikon went in bed with sony and cannot live without her. 🙂 Nikon seems to be on the backseat nowadays. All the inteteresting patents are done by sony and others especially when it comes to sensors. I cannot recall one Nikon sensor patent lately.

    On the other hand, I like the concept of that sony lens patent with the liquid lens that can change it curvature. I think this will send down nerves for the establishment. Seriously, Nikon is so qiuet that it is getting worrying.

    • Joe Boston

      Wow, Anonemo. That D800 not existing has obviously dominated your life. Maybe get out and take some photos instead of talking about Sony in a Nikon forum.

      Just sayin’.

      • AnoNemo

        Sorry Joe, I was just responding to broxibear’s post and while I was browsing through the link broxibear posted I came across that lens patent.

  • BenS

    Still wondering why there is a 14, 24, 35, 85 with a “goldring” but none ever for a 50mm. Dont get me wrong , i have a 50mm f1.8D and i love it !

    • broxibear

      Hi BenS,
      I’m not entirely sure what the gold ring signifies, I always thought it was a lens that used ED and Super ED glass but I could be wrong.
      You could always ask Nikon themselves, they’re usually pretty helpful ?…

      • Ebzzt

        Back then, ED glass was very expensive and they actually used real gold. Nowadays its just some marketing BS.

      • Dweeb

        The 12-24 has the ring, the 10-24 does not. Both have ED and aspherics. Take it from there. I figure it’s largely meaningless marketing today.

      • broxibear

        Ok…I contacted Nikon Europe and asked them about the Gold Band/Ring on lenses and this what they said…

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        Thank you for your email
        The gold band on the lenses has no significance any longer. It used to signify the Nikon pro lenses.
        If there is anything else I can help you with, please email me.

        Kind regards,

        Ferg Redmond

        Customer Support Advisor
        Nikon Europe Support

        • Pablo Ricasso

          And you are full of it…you and that fake email you’re constructed and showing here.

  • ukj

    is this a fx lens

  • D


  • Well, just because they’re being soft spoken about upcoming products doesn’t mean they are sleeping. This is Nikon and they are not stupid. Sometimes the competitor that makes the most noise, ends up being trumped the the company that watches quietly and just focuses on R&D. This has always been Nikon’s stance!

    Another thing everybody must remember, Sony might be the manufacturer of Nikon’s sensors, but it’s Nikon that’s designing them for themselves. It’s not uncommon to outsource wafer production to another company. The cost of a wafer plant is astronomical. Don’t get too hung up on Sony manufacturing Nikon’s sensors.

  • D700guy

    How is it that Sony is able to produce this camera when Nikon can not? Are they not both companies originating and located in Japan?

    • broxibear

      Hi D700guy,
      I think the Sony Alpha production is based in Thailand…
      Sony are such a massive company compared to Nikon they can throw money at problems that Nikon can’t.

    • PB PM

      Sony doesn’t sell as many DSLRs, and they keep a larger inventory, which might be why they don’t have a shortage, yet.

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