Nikon Film Festival Belgium now accepting entries

Nikon Film Festival Belgium is now accepting entries. You can submit up to a 200 seconds film for a chance to win €5,000 or €10,000 in Nikon professional equipment. Two separate competitions will be held, one will be selected by judges, the second by public voting. The deadline for submission is August 31, 2011. Nikon encourages pro and amateurs to take part in this competition (open only for European Union countries).

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  • texajoe

    Not from my D700.

    • texajoe

      AND I’d like my D800 to be the same!

      • You can always make it using stop motion technic…

        • texajoe

          I knew someone was going to reply with that. lol.

        • R R

          and kill the shutter with crazy number of actuations? no thanks.. I´ll rather wait for the D800

          I´ll submit my video for the contest in 2030! yeah!

          • I don’t understand this actuation craziness. I haven’t heard yet about falling apart shutters, unless it was old pro camera like D2, which was used on daily basis for years… D700 shutter is design to withstand 150000 actuations, cameras are used on average for 2 years, what allows you make about 200 pic a days – which I think is really a lot. And still, when you think about it, Nikon guarantee 150000 actuation, but it doesn’t mean it may not last much longer…

            One stop motion won’t make it a harm. Look at your camera like a tool, not a toy.

            • The invisible man

              You are right that shutter “actuation” issue is driving me crazy !

              So now, I review the pictures I take right away and delete the bad ones, keeping the actuations low, just in case….

  • Joe R.

    “This competition is open to any natural person established in a country of the European Union or European Economic Area.”

  • azerty

    Great !!!
    Maybe I’ll do something…

  • The invisible man

    She need more meat (or maybe with the age I find skinny women less attractive…)

    • Nah man, she looks great, just enough.

  • nick

    if I want to do video my first dslr will be canon

  • The invisible man

    Until now Nikon DSLR cameras are good for quality video (I don’t know about the new D7000).

    I never use the video on my D90 because I can’t get any good results but I hope the D800/900 will have a good video capability (I like the new Nikon optional stereo microphone).

    What’s great about using our DSLR to do video is the lenses we already have, a video made with my 14-24mm … cool !

    I will be happy when DSLR video will offert:

    Full HD at 60fps – stereo soound imput – manual focus and exposure.

    • You can get around some of those problems. You don’t need 60fps to make a normal video, better used for occasional slow-mo. You can get a “stereo input” by getting an adapter that accepts multiple XLR/3.5mm/etc and feed that to your camera, OR record audio professionally separately and put it together later. Manual focus and exposure is already offered, unless you meant to say automatic, which is also offered! True autofocus video doesn’t work that great, but most videographers use manual anyways! The D90 (I had it) can get some good results as long as you use a tripod and have good exposure.

      The D7000 takes great vids as well.

  • Mat

    so, americans are left out….dang for me..:(

  • 3 & 1/3 minute max? Not much of a “film”.

  • The invisible man

    Is a porn movie OK ? (200 seconds is plenty time !)

  • CamaJan

    Cinnaly something only for Europeans!
    Lol! Gotten tired of all these cashback coupons and rabates US is constantly enjoying, while others are getting fleesed!:-):-P

    • The invisible man

      You’re right, but I still like my 5 years US warranty on Nikon lenses…

  • hopefully the d800 will be out by then so you can spend the prize cash well 🙂

  • Richard Felber

    I can’t find the rules for this film competition in English. I’ve looked around the internet and all I can see is that you can enter if you live in the EU but what language does the film have to be in, and can it be about anything or is there a theme and what are the technical film rating requirements etc. Maybe some kind person could translate it for those of us who only got a C in O’Level French.


  • I might wear out my Nikon F6, trying to put together a “film”. Maybe I should buy a newer digital camera and make a “video” instead.

  • How do we supposed to enter NIKON FILM FESTIVAL, if none of cameras allow you to set manual shutter speed and aperture during video?

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