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Over the years many readers have asked me how to provide their feedback to Nikon. Two days ago, Nikon Europe issued this bulletin asking for your feedback. Go ahead, tell them what you think:

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  • Manfred

    …and sorry, I forgot to mention: pls Nikon give us a Nikon Pro version of the Fuji FinePix X 100 with a fixed lens with high opening and i-TTL compatibility!!!

  • Dominik

    1. Move the ISO button to the right side of the camera like Canon.
    2. Allow bracketing in increments greater than 1.0 stop.

    We shouldn’t have to hold down an ISO button with our left hand which is a major PITA holding heavier lenses or shoot more than 3 frames if we want to bracket beyond a stop each way.

    Other than that I’m a happy customer.

    • Rikard

      The D80 can bracket up to two stops using the bkt button, I do not know how it is on other models though. What model do you have?

    • soskha

      i strongly disagree with you on the iso button

      • Stefan

        I agree with you. The iso button is just where it should be (on the d90 anyway).

        • DanielJH

          yup, I love where it is now, I’d be upset if they changed it…. you can’t have it on the left because you need your left thumb to operate the command dial! My friend has a T2i and trying to adjust the iso and aperture is a pain in the ass!

          People say they can’t find it without looking—fumble with it for a week or so without copping out by looking and you will know where it is by instinct

          People say they cant get their fingers in with their eye to the viewfinder—they must have thumbs the size of chicken legs

          The “I need my left hand for support/focusing/zooming” argument is by far the best, but completely moot if Nikon would just allow you to assign the function button to ISO—problem solved, leave ISO where it is

          • DanielJH

            I ment “can’t have it on the right”/”right thumb to opera….”*****

    • john

      I am a D80 user

      I agree with this ISO button should be on the right side on the camera,
      on many case that i need to change the ISO with my left hand busy on other thing like holding a flash light

      The D80 can bracket up to two stops using the bkt button, but it change the shutter or apture only, not the ISO

  • anonymule

    Here’s some feedback Nikon: I sold all of my Nikon gear for a 5 year old canon 5D and 50mm f/1.2L. Best decision I ever made.

    • That is the best decision you’ve ever made? Let me guess, you are prone to exaggerate. If not, that is the beginning to a very sad tale of life.

      • anonymule

        In regard to my endeavors as a photographer, funny man. Clever comment actually. How’s that working out for you……….being clever?

        • Ronan

          Working just as well as my Nikon gear which is superior than Canon gear.

          Careful with that Canon DSLR, some are prone to unlocking their lenses and dropping them on the floor.

  • gonzalo

    1080p30 and 720p60! aperture control during recording! possibility of choosing the bitrate!

    • BlackWolf

      The D3s has full manual, even during recording… I don’t see why they’re not putting this in their newer models.

  • John Burgess

    We need a Firmware upgrade to show depth of field in camera, when f stop and focusinf point changes I need to know, justm like the old days

    • angstrom

      And zebra stripes just like Magic Lantern firmware.

      Oh wait…

      As someone mentioned previously, we need an NHDK project.

  • Matthew

    Provide us with a mirrorless F-mount camera. Who could you imagine not wanting to buy one?

    • Stefan

      hadnt even thought of this. Great idea! Aps-c or ff sized sensors preferably

  • Hussam

    I would love to have a menu item to “Disable Auto ISO in Manual exposure mode”.

    • angstrom

      Actually, there is no auto-ISO available in true manual mode video (on the D7000).

      I think there should be an on/off option, at least.

  • TheMAN

    If nikon truly needs a feedback, they should’ve just read this website!!! >.<

  • BlackWolf

    4:2:2 10bit Uncompressed 1080p clean HDMI out.

    Pretty please? 😀

  • TheMAN

    The new pro cam should be have at least d3s noise with 20+ mp 6fps
    Based iso of 100-6400 is optimal plus hi and lo
    16 bit img with 14 ev DR
    Full 1080p vid, I don’t care about vid but people do.

    D4s can have 18mp with a stop or 2 down noise from d3s 12fps
    Iso 200-26500 hi 3
    Full vid

    D4x have 28mp with iso 50-6400 d3 level of noise 6fps
    16 bit image with 15 ev DR
    Full vid

    Faster AF, and better lowlight AF, instead of light, laser is better for tracking in the dark, specially if I’m using a power wizard and big lens.

    You guys starting to have to many AF point, 51 is already to much. Improve corner AF!

    Keep the same size, instead of camera, it’s useful to just sell back for sensor, kind of like MF camera.

    Then you guys can have optional custom ergonomic body to your specific hand or lefty!!

    So people who want small body can have small body, while I like the d3 size can have it with better battery life.

    Of course your capture NX is garbage, so it’s better to sell a lightroom plug in for your raw rendering.

    This is my 5 cent lol

  • Beginner


    Dear Nikon, your products are nice but a bit expensive. Could you do us all a favour and price the 24-70mm from the circa £1400 to £400, I’d be most grateful, and so would my wallet.

  • John henry

    How about a articulating screen on some coolpix models

  • xaphod

    Step 1: get the D800 out.
    Step 2: NO, GO BACK TO STEP ONE …
    Step 3: earthquake-proof your factories using super-fun-happy nyan-cat technology (see
    Step 4: WHERE IS MY D800?!?!?!?11?!!1one!11!?!one!11eleventy1!!on1e!

    but seriously: just be faster. Canon is capitalizing on consumer impatience, and you’re losing out.

  • Kevin

    My 3-year old D300 is dying, and it’s time to replace it. But I don’t want to buy a D700 right before you announce a D800.

    So hurry up and release the D800 already! It’s been too long!

  • AP

    A camera that avoids the current trend of PLANNED OBSOLESSENCE.

    A Venus Project standards product today.

    1-5 mil shot shutter. (if you need make it from carbonfiber or carbon nanotubes, just do it)

    20-Mpix full frame
    16 Bit RAW images
    4K video – 120 FPS
    Clean HDMI out
    SDI outs
    XLR mic inputs
    -no overheating while recording video
    -extra mounting holes
    -Fully wheater sealed body
    -very good dynamic range.

    It can be done.. so why make these crappy products that dont last 100 years like we have today.

  • AP

    Reading your replies here.
    You ppl are conditioned to ask to WAY TOO LITTLE. The progress we have is a JOKE ON US.

  • Eduardo N Labao

    I am a D90 user and I want a 16mm to 135mm f/4G prime zoom lens.

  • Jose

    I own a D700 and quite frankly remains the same camera that astonished me and the rest of the photo world 3 years ago. The fact that the game has moved forward does not mean so much to me, since quite frankly as a photographer I do not even come close to matching its power.
    What I would LOVE to see are 2 cameras:
    A digital FM3A, and a digital SP based on that same, and legendary, sensor, ideally but not necessarily AF…
    I would buy them both, and judging by the success of Fuji’s X100 I feel I would not be alone.
    Thanks for asking

  • arturo

    I would need a wider Nikkor PC-E as the Canon 17 TS-E

  • fotojack

    I don’t know why Nikon discontinues great models like the D200 and the D300. That’s like GM discontinuing the Chevy Impala and just making Cadillacs. Doesn’t make sense to me. There is a market out there for these cameras………just look at the used section of any camera web site that sells used gear.
    Rather pointless making these feedbacks, isn’t it. Nothing ever gets done about it.

  • John Moyer

    Bottom line: Nikon is not saying anything about any of their future product plans.

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