Give your feedback to Nikon

Over the years many readers have asked me how to provide their feedback to Nikon. Two days ago, Nikon Europe issued this bulletin asking for your feedback. Go ahead, tell them what you think:

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  • N.P.Peanat

    What about the patent issue?

    • +1

      Maybe it doesn’t apply in Europe?

    • PiXLPeeper

      For those dumb enough to give them good detailed ideas in a silver platter, it enables Nikon to just say “they were working already on such an idea/concept” and, of course as intended, you have just forfeited your rights to be compensated!
      That’s why I no longer suggest anything to for-profit businesses nor answer surveys unless I’m compensated: of about 100 such requests only twice did companies offer something in exchange for my input which I was very happy and thorough to provide.

      • idiot

        because your ideas are so world changing right?

        • Steve

          I asked them to get on with making semi-ro dx zooms – 15-45mm f/2.8 dx vr and 45-135mm f/2.8 dx vr.

          • Llort

            Poppycock! my suggestions?
            1) Integral ground-shock-activated anti-tsunami floater devices
            2) Pre-moistened Rockwell bum kissing lips
            3) “Talk like a real Pro™” Blathering Camera Jargon Generator
            4) Book – “How to berate tourists for using a flash during a religious service – oh I don’t care how beautiful and dark it is in this church – in 42 languages”
            5) Feature to make sure even more Sigma lenses stop working with each new camera body release.
            6) Holistic crystal powered pixel plumper

            eh… enough

    • john


      I am also getting the rubbish below for and idea which can’t be patent at Nikon AA

      Thanks for the idea; we are always willing to hear new ideas and would be willing to pass your idea on to our design group. However, you should first contact an attorney about protecting your idea since we may already be working on something similar or have other knowledge about a similar idea. By registering your ideas you protect yourself for the future. Once you have spoken with an attorney about this please let us know and we’ll send you a mutual non-disclosure form and then you can send us your idea which we’ll pass on to our design group for consideration. Thank you.

      • Ronan

        The ‘rubbish’ below is them telling you to protect your ideas.

        You should be happy they aren’t taking your ideas and then making profit out of them while you hold your thumbs up your ass.

      • john

        First, i don’t need that idea to be protect, all i want is a better produce for everyone
        Second, small program change to the camera i believe it just can’t be patent
        Third, I don’t think an idea can be patent once you post it to a public place

        and finally, who is going to pay for huge amount of money to patent and idea that can’t be use on other produce and don’t know will nikon will use my idea and pay for my patent cost

  • R R

    very nice , I hope not all the idiots that made the past crappy photoshopped cameras send their ideas though.. that would be dangerous!

  • chuck

    Suggest FN button=ISO for D7000!

    • Filen


    • Joel

      Already suggested that , along with 1080p @ 30fps

    • Eric

      What is wrong with Easy ISO?

      • gt

        no such thing as easy iso in manual mode

  • R R

    I dont mind giving them free ideas, I wouldn’t be able to develop or patent them my self in my country.. so if does Nikon some good.. it will certainly do us Nikon users some good too.

  • R R

    I got an IDEA!!! how about a D800

    (had to do it… lol) sorry this was my 3rd post. no more 🙂

  • gt

    If the D7000 ISO Button Placement Bothers you

    cut and paste this:

    The ISO button is notoriously hard to access when using the D7000 with a larger lens. As it currently stands, the only way to access to access ISO adjustment is by readjusting your grip, removing your eye from the view-finder, and pressing a button on the back of the camera.

    This issue could easily be resolved with a firmware update that allows us to reassign ISO adjustment to the FN button on the front of the camera. With such a simple change, thousands of D7000 users would be much happier.

    As you know, competitors to the D7000 (Canon Consumer DSLRs) have dedicated ISO buttons near the shutter release. I believe such a change would increase your sales. It would also force to improve its rating of the D7000 — as it was docked negative points because of the ISO button placement.

    I do hope you will take these comments into consideration, and you will help your loyal customers be happy and satisfied with your product line. Thank you for your time!

    -Dedicated Nikon Customer

    • lottery

      nop it’s just u.
      unles you want any button anywhere

      • taboo

        your comment made me facepalm

      • Filen


    • Tony

      @gt – Please add ISO into FN button. It would make thing easier.

      @Nikon – If we do that who is going to buy our D300s?

      @gt – But D300s is going to be replaced soon, and the video function is crap.

      @Nikon – Who cares. We still make it and it sale.

      @gt – …

      @Nikon – In your face! dude.

      Sorry to hijack your post. 🙂

      • gt

        haha actually that made laugh. Don’t worry, I don’t have high hopes — I still think its worth trying

  • Why Nikon last 2 years so failed?
    Rusty details after 3 months of common use, failed AF of D7000, failed distribution system (I can buy everywhere Canon on same price but Nikon’s price so different in same shopping mall… And no D800 2 years and matrix from Sony, and absolutely unacceptable service (no ticket system between different divisions, no warranty on many pieces – my friend bought D7000 in Bangkok but it was with bad AF and Nikon service in Bangkok reject service request “because camera bought not from authorized reseller”. WTF? He bought it in usual shop, and pay full price – why he need to check is this shop “authorized enough”?!
    Such marketing (distribution and no swivel display on D7000) , researching (matrix from Sony), selling (authorized shops) and service (reject in warranty and no tickets between division – you need everytime tell about your issue once more) – its the reason because I just thinking about selling my lenses and change my brand.

    Its looks like very system and complex problem.

    Nikon – are you dead as brand?
    Looks like you loose. And me too.

    • gt

      Every single camera manufacturer requires you to buy from authorized dealers to take advantage of the warranty.

      • Yes, but Canon have such shops and Nikon doesnt.

        I bought mine in Pantip plaza – the biggest electronic shopping mall in Bangkok (I live in Thailand). And I have any paper from Nikon in box. And what? Thailand the biggest manufacturer of Nikon camera. But Nikon HAVE problems with… agh… I already post about it. ))

    • Jan

      no idea what ur ranting about, but if you bought from a dodgy shop for a ‘great deal’ price instead of from a reputable retailer, that’s really your own stupidity and greed in action. Suck eggs.

      your whinging makes no sense at all, your request for a swivel shows what grade of photographer you are. There are swivel displays for your grade of photographer, they are the D5100, the 60D, the 600D, and some crappy sony stuff. Notice the similarity? No enthusiast level camera has swivel because we don’t want it.

      if you can’t even test AF when you buy a camera, go buy a P&S.

      • I’d like a swivel LCD screen. Makes shooting video in some positions a lot easier.

        I also make a living from photos and video, so save your “request for a swivel shows what grade of photographer you are” and “No enthusiast level camera has swivel because we don’t want it.” crap.

        • LGO

          I concur. If I may add, the swiveling LCD screen helps for taking still photos too while shooting near ground level with a low tripod.

          It would be good however if Nikon can retain the traditional buttons on the left side even while it adopts a swiveling LCD screen. If need be, Nikon can give-up one button to accommodate two sturdy hinges for the screen but should not altogether remove these as it did with the Nikon D5100. A sturdy extended hinge would still allow the screen to swivel and articulate while retaining most of the control buttons now found on to the left of the LCD screen.

          • Joel

            Sounds like an ergonomic disaster 🙂

            And no, I dont need a swivel screen and no I dont use live view. If I need to shoot low, I get low 🙂

            • Fancier

              Your lack of imagination and composition skills should not doom others who want to make better use of their equipment.

            • Nao

              I would just love to see this “Joel” expose his head to cover a war zone or shoot in muddy situation. 🙂

            • There are some situations where live view can be helpful but since I’ve never had that on a dslr I’ve always just chimped it.

        • ElPadre

          hmmm. then either choose a model which has a swivel LCD on it, or, if you’re really professional about it, buy an HDMI field monitor which will give a much bigger image, can be better positioned, etc. 🙂

          • Fancier

            A separate HDMI monitor will add to the weight and will require a more complex camera support. Moreover, one will have to contend with another set of batteries and chargers. It will not be needed if a swivel screen is built-in with the camera.

      • Bryan

        I can almost guarantee you that any video enabled Nikon camera, pro or otherwise, will include a swivel screen from here on out.

      • This answers really demonstrates your mental ages, kid. Relax. 🙂

  • Nick

    Back in the film days, a lowly Nikon FG could take the same film and mount the same high quality lenses as an F5. In the end, they would both produce the same high quality images.

    Now with digital, all of the high quality FF sensors are stuck in oversize and overweight bodies. Alternatively, the DX bodies are a nice size, but equivalent primes and professional glass are sorely lacking.

    Decades ago, I could put a small film body and a couple of primes under the seat of my motorcycle and go out for the day. Now, I find that more and more I just leave my DSLR and lenses at home because I am tired of lugging them around. This is especially true when going on vacation with the ever tightening luggage restrictions.

    I am not looking for a $500 FF camera, perfect ISO 500,000, or 300 megapixels. I just want the existing hardware repackaged into a smaller, lighter form factor while still maintaining high image quality.

    • Mim

      Size is a necessity, you can’t hold a D7000 all day and not get sore fingers.
      Weight could be improved tho.

      • preston

        He mentioned taking it on a motorcycle trip, so he’s not shooting all day and won’t get sore fingers from a small body. I have the same problem with weight and size as I do bicycle tours (by myself – not guided with a truck that carries all the gear) and only shoot for small periods of time.

      • ZoetMB

        No, large size is no more a necessity now than it was when Olympus released the OM-1 SLR that showed what fresh thinking could do in the SLR world.

        While they probably can’t change the thickness of the body, all other dimensions could be made smaller and lighter (weight being the most important factor.)

        If you look at breakdowns of Nikon’s DSLRs, you’ll see several circuit boards and numerous connectors. I’d bet all that circuitry could be integrated into a single chip on a small board with a single connector. Then you could have a smaller, lighter camera. But the bodies aren’t the only problem – it’s the lenses as well. (Of course the same people who scream for a smaller, lighter camera also scream when Nikon uses modern plastic composite materials in the body or lens instead of metal. But you can ‘t have it both ways.)

        When I look back at my Olympus OM-1 or Nikkormat SLRs and their small, fast primes and compare that to what I’m carrying around today, the comparisons are ridiculous. It’s like the difference between a sports car and a truck.

        • Jabs

          Sorry but your idea is NOT possible. You cannot combine most of the functions of each camera circuit on a single chip like they are now starting to do in computer CPU’s. Cameras have a diverse group of specific circuits made by many different designers and manufacturers, so that makes it not possible. The best example would be for there to be a single chip computer or smart phone, but even there, they have small circuits and small sizes but LIMITED performance compared to a DSLR like say a D3s. Cameras have circuits that process large amounts of data with some needing isolation from each other to prevent cross-talk or interaction/interference with them making the camera not function. Some circuits like the sensors have different thrusts from others and thus their designs are not anywhere like others, so you cannot combine them.
          A certain physical size is needed in camera bodies (so you can hold them or mount lenses) and thus, even if you miniaturize their circuits, you are now left with empty space and more expensive smaller circuits crammed into a camera. This now makes the camera more expensive, run hotter and then what have you gained? The nonsense that people keep on spewing here about smaller and smaller is their own lazy pipe dreams, as smaller often means inferior and who would be able to fix a camera when all the circuits or most of them are now on one or a few chips? Throwaway cameras then – try a P&S or think through your dreams before they become your or our worst nightmares.

      • BenH

        You need to replace your strap with a optitech neoprene strap. You can thank me later.

    • Raymond

      YES!! i’d love a d3100 or d7000 sized camera with a full frame

    • Jabs

      There is a point of diminishing returns. I understand your thrusts but you are wrong about this even with film cameras. NO Nikon FG would give you the same image as an F3 (without the motor drive) even though they were similar in size (though you used the F5 as an example – which is MUCH bigger than any FG). The F3 had better metering, faster shutter speeds and much faster shooting speed EVEN without a motor drive. The FM2 and FA had an advantage of having 1/4000 sec shutter speed and 1/250th flash sync – so in that case, they could do what the F3 series could not do. AFTER the F3 series, Nikon included a motor drive in the body (though the F4 series had a removable one and later on a smaller MB pack) as standard and in the F5, the motor drive was non-removable – so your example is a little flawed.
      I understand what you are saying but there is a limit to size reduction or a lens now acts like a pendulum when mounted on a small camera body and this would make it WORSE to now use. Think iPhone 4 with HUGE zoom lens extension mounted on it – looks ridiculous and handles like what? Ever looked at the micro 4/3rds mess when you mount a large lens on those smaller bodies? Do you see anyone rushing to manufacture 600 mm lenses to mount on them? People ask for the equivalent of rangefinder cameras BUT forget why the SLR and now DSLR came about and trumped them decades ago. Flexibility and SIZE was the issue while small and cute or jewel-like caused Leica and others to stagnate and become items stuck in a little elite clique.
      SIZE does matter in usability and where are you going to put all those buttons and knobs on a smaller surface? Are you going to talk to your camera or use some ‘mind meld’ to get it to function?

  • Along with the 6ish e-mails I’ve sent to them, gladly.

  • My feedback was (sorry for the english):

    I´m a pro photo/videographer, and i have a lot of Nikon stuff.
    With the introduction of video mode in DSLR world, most of photographers begin to work in the video market.

    Canon is in first place in that market. Nikon must do simple atualizations, like 60 fps 720 P mode and the 30 fps 1080P mode in the D7000/D400/D800 (near future) in a firmware update.

    If Nikon insists in make DSLR cameras with video limitations, will stay underneath Canon, far underneath. I´m a Nikon user today, but like milions of people around the world (and a lot around me), i´m asking a question now: May i switch (and sell) al my Nikon stuff and buy Canon for the video mode?
    Or may i start a new Canon system and stop buying Nikon stuff?

    Questions that all photographer (in video market too) around the world are making today, take care.

    Best vibrations,

    Bernardo Vaghi

    • Ken Elliott

      I’d rather see Nikon produce a true FX or DX camcorder. Other than image quality, all dSLRs are poorly equipped as video cameras. I don’t see this changing any time soon.

      Once you use a real pro camcorder, you’ll realize how limited all dSLRs are.

      • Nao

        True. But having better video capabilities in the dSLR is not too much to ask considering that Canon is doing far better here.

        • angstrom


          The video on Canon’s entry-level T2i from more than a year ago (and now the T3i) put Nikon’s video to shame.

          I wish people who don’t want or like video would just step back and think about it for a moment.

          Nikon is not going to release another DSLR without video. Not everyone is going to use video, but Nikon isn’t going to be able to sell any future cameras without it besides the small segment of purists who want it that way.

          It would have as much demand as a cell phone without a camera.

          If all Nikon did was sell cameras without video, you purists can do the happy dance when Nikon goes out of business because your cameras don’t have video.


  • Segura

    Amazon’s top 3 Bestsellers in Digital SLR Cameras

    1) D3100
    2) D7000
    3) D5100

    Looks like Nikon is doing something right 😉

  • baby D700

    and fix your damning and constantly failing quality control issues.
    it got so far that i rather buy used stuff then new

  • JC

    The fact that he would prefer a swivel screen is reason to judge him as a photographer?

    Please disregard from providing any more of your insight. Thanks =]

  • Serguei_V

    Is that possible for Nikon to produce some digital equivalent of FM2?
    I don’t need any goddamned VR, HD video, AF, built-in flash, image processing in camera or continuous shooting.
    All I need is BIG and bright viewfinder, reliability, small size, affordable price. Full frame would be very appreciated.
    And I can be happy with ISO 25-100. I don’t need more.

    • WoutK89

      small size, FX and big bright viewfinder. How small can that be, to not be too big for your likings, and still have the sensor and viewfinder size you prefer?

      • photomic

        the same size of a FM2

        • Serguei_V

          Right. Viewfinder as that of FM2 would be perfect.

  • gabriel cassan

    all i want is a digital F3 that can shoot digital kodachrome.

  • Filippos

    a 16mm or/and a 24mm wide angle DX lightweight prime in the price policy of the 35mm/50mm f1.8 lenses please 🙂

    • preston

      +3 (2 of my friends agree)

  • I’ve just required imporvement for D7000 firmware:

    1) changing aperture during video recording
    2) support for in camera HDR

    maybe if they will receive more and more suggestions about these points….who knows

    • angstrom

      Being able to change aperture in LiveView would be helpful.

      What’s up with this, Nikon? Does anybody know? Is there an inherent limitation in the lens mount or something?

      I seem to remember previous generations like the D90, D300s, and D3s (???) have this problem. Nikon either can’t fix this, or doesn’t view it as a high enough priority to fix.

  • CamaJan

    AF-ON to Fn button for us left eye shooters, please!:-)

  • ElPadre

    ah. beautiful opportunity to demand (ask for politely) 25fps support at 1080p. please, those in europe, ask for it, we need a lot of people… so maybe, finally, nikon will get its head out of its ass. 🙂

    i asked for 25fps@1080p, digital zoom in video, the removal of the white AF square in video mode when body AF is turned off, a freeze-frame zebra-stripes checking option, and in-camera HD photo creation.

    mind you, i also asked the 25fps issue at nikon ask&answer on facebook, and while almost all questions around mine got answers from the official nikon account, mine is surprisingly void of answers. sulking, they are. 🙁

    • roland

      I just asked them to remove the video crap from their products all together.



    Ok, here ur – I do like Nikon, not planning to change (atm!!!), but don´t know how long I will be able to wait for … 85mm f/1,8 (AF-S / G/ even VR (doubt it) & NanoCC would be ok too (doubt it c for 85mm could easily live without NCC)).

    the older 1 85mm is way tooo old 🙂 (mechanical focus only!) & the f/1,4G is out of reach for many … (I assume), me included.

    So I do wish Nikon comes out with the new 85mm f/1,8 AF-S / G … at price similar to current one (might be higher, but not twice higher :-)) )

    then – CaptureNX3 with SW at least near to PS …, I´ve got my CNX2 and DO MISS several things in it, that are abs. common in other SWs (such as line correction in architecture photos … I do NOT mean moving the whole building, I would LOVE the possibility to only move 1 part of the buil. with the other unchanged … – do not think I ask way too much :-)) ).

    And finally – yeah, the D800, but this might be out of my reach either (will see then!) … & I somehow feel that with the long time from D700, there probably even won´t be any … just kidding!

    nevertheless I do like NIkon (& Love Man.United) 🙂
    regards, Jet

  • Oberhorst

    I suggested to make radioactive D-Lighting. They did.

  • eccentric

    Meter and possibly histograms in LiveView, especially for video!

    • angstrom


  • Gianni

    I just sent them an email about makin a non-vR 70-200 f/2.8 but still retaining AFS at a cheaper price and they said.

    Thank you for your email.

    I will forward your feedback to our ‘design and quality’ team for future review. Please bear in mind that this will not result in any direct feedback from Nikon. Please keep an eye on our website for future product releases that may include such a feature.

    I hope this resolves your query sufficiently. If you have any other queries please contact us again.

    If you have any other queries, please let me know.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Kind regards,

    Ferg Redmond

    Customer Support Advisor
    Nikon Europe Support

  • eccentric

    A separate mode for video on the mode dial. I want to have my video settings be saved as they would be for a separate mode on the mode dial.

    It’s too cumbersome and confusing to have LiveView settings that are supposed to be used simultaneously for photos *and* video.

    For video, you want shutter speed to be locked in to 2 x frame rate, with contrast and sharpening at their lowest settings, etc. Also, when taking video, you are physically limited from setting the shutter speed faster than 1/30s for obvious reasons. That’s why video should have its own mode on the mode dial.

    The LiveView implementation needs to be changed to be like the 60D, which, IMHO, has it correct: when you are in a stills mode (P/A/S/M), the LiveView button acts as a toggle between video and LiveView; when you are in video mode, the LiveView button acts as a record button.

  • eccentric

    Auto-ISO for manual mode video.

  • fotomani

    • for model D3 D3S, D3S (maybe even the D700) I miss the Function button
    and Depth-of-field preview button under the lens to give an effort to use the vertical shoot.
    • also a tripod hole on the left side of the body to avoid having to rotate cameras on a tripod, as the dig. wall
    • the shift selector D3 focusing points yoistick, more down, I have a problem choosing the focus point for the vertical grip

  • Filippos

    just got an answer to my 16mm/24mm future Nikkors question:
    ” Dear customer ,

    Thank you for your email.

    I cannot speculate as to possible future releases unfortunately. I will forward your feedback to our ‘design and quality’ team for future review. Please bear in mind that this will not result in any direct feedback from Nikon. Please keep an eye on our website for future product releases that may include such a feature. Product updates are not implemented on demand unfortunately and it is up to the discretion of the design and quality department on what to implement in any future updates.

    Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to replay to this email.

    Kind Regards,

    John Murphy
    Nikon Europe Support”

    They dont seem to have something like that in their next plans unfortunately :(, but that cant stop me from hoping for a pleasant surpise.

  • Same here, copy and paste answer:

    John B 29/04/2011 | 09:22 AM

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your email.

    I will forward your feedback to our ‘design and quality’ team for future review. Please bear in mind that this will not result in any direct feedback from Nikon. Please keep an eye on our website for future product releases that may include such features.

    I hope this resolves your query sufficiently. If you have any other queries please contact us again.

    Kind Regards,

    J.B. Maher
    Nikon Europe Support

  • Eaksoy

    No brainer. Someone suggest a new fx camera already.

  • Lio

    I’m probably dumb, but with so many people complaining about video on a camera. I was wondering if I’m the only one to use a real video camera for video ?!

    So please Nikon stop trying bad implementations in your DSLR, build Camrecorder if you want, and improve the user interface, software and give us a 400 5.6 AF-S (drop the VR if you can).

  • chuck

    Just let me have the hundreds of thousands of dollars I saw in gear during the royal wedding!

  • grayscale

    It would be nice if they released a manual 25mm f 0.95 lens, or some other options around f1.
    the 50mm 1.2 is there fastest.. but it would be cool to see some noctilux speed manual lenses.
    What do you guys think?

  • Anyone asking for a D800 ?


  • Dweeb

    It often seems Nikon-Europe is responsible for Nikon happenings in the Western world. As far as feedback, all they have to do is pull their head out of the sand and read any photo comment board for 5 minutes.

  • Geoff

    I might have to spam then with release a road map for we who are waiting. ;- >

  • broxibear

    Hey Peter do you think that particular email box at Nikon Europe is full yet ?
    (Don’t tell them who gave you the link lol !)

    • broxibear

      P.S. Thom Hogan’s reporting on his site that there’s been a very small shipment of Nikon pro bodies and lense to a few U.S. retailers.

      • Rob

        Looks to me like they’re producing.

      • broxibear

        Must have been a handful of bodies, Thom just posted they’re sold out already.

    • Well, they asked for it 🙂 thanks!

  • I asked for a Digital Nikon FM3A equvialent. WITH a physical shutter speed dial as on the original camera.

  • mm

    I don’t care to give ideas for free. I’m a photographer, and not a equipment developer, engeneer or designer. So all what I need are better equipments! But at the end I think this channel is a kind of thermometer to mesure what’s more urgent to the market. For sure Nikon engineers are at least two or three steps ahead of our ideas.

  • AP

    Nikon must release a video DSLR that has clean 1080p HDMI out. Otherwise Sony is the best choise with their just released F3 for video making.

    So in effect a 16-20 Mpix Nikon fullframe SLR
    -1080p 50/60 , 30, 25, 24 frame rates
    -Clean HDMI out for external recorders use.
    -Manual controls
    -2 screw mounting holes in the sides for extra accessories
    -heatsink so that the sensor does not overheat during long video recordings.

  • Rob

    So why should consumers expect to get something that does all that for half the price, PLUS is an amazing still camera?

  • D700guy

    More coolpix!!!

  • borneoaddict


    1) A compact but tough body that would last a 10-year cycle or more (miss the good old F / FM days);
    2) interchangeable sensors (MP / ISO / size, etc);
    3) optional video functionality;
    4) optional swivel LCD for those who really need it;
    5) optional modular slots to accommodate future technologies;
    6) optional communication/wifi/GPS slots;
    7) optional internal flash (to be precise, CLS triggers);
    5) since most people travel around, buy stuff outside their home country, buy cheap grey products because that’s all they can afford – once and for all, Nikon should change their warranty policies!

    that should stop all the ‘i’m moving to canon”, “I need more MP”, “I need better ISO”, “I don’t need video!”, “the 5D mark IX is better!” whining.

  • dude

    my idea would be faster x-sync speed, like 1/500th of a sec or even faster, as back in the old D50 or D70s

    • That over everything else! I have to admit that im considering buying a D70s because I miss that feature the most. Way more than a 5fps difference in video.

  • Yuri

    4 suggestions so far:

    1) full frame D7000. (for d.o.f. and f.o.v).

    2) format slot 2 in D7000 only for video. So this should make it possible to write longer MXF or AVCHD files.

    3) For D7000: dedicated grip for video functionality: double xlr audio input and controls, for instance.

    4) special grip (D700, D7000, etc): integrated wifi AND gps (no need to use hot shoe for it). Maybe on the same grip as described in item 3.

    • angstrom

      A special grip catered towards video is a fantastic idea. Canon is rumored to be working on one.

      This way, you can add more advanced video functionality if you need it, and all of the purists don’t have to get their collective panties in a bunch because they have to pay any more for video functionality.

      For those who think the small size and form-factor of a DSLR camera inherently limit video, you are WRONG. Stop being so condescending. You are the ones who are closed-minded, and cannot think out-of-the-box enough to innovate.

      GPS and wi-fi battery grip would be cool, too.

  • Trevor

    All of the discussion around video is funny to me. It makes me wonder if there is a market for a separate V line of cameras. Keep the flange distance so all Nikkor lenses work, but lose the OVF and modify the body to be more ergonomic for video shooters.

    What do you think? Would you buy a V1/V100/V1000 if you’re a video person?

    Honestly, whether my DSLR can or can’t shoot video, I don’t care as it’s not what I do. I do care if it starts to get in the way on future models, especially if compromises are made to the design/feature set for cost considerations.

    To Nikon though, I submitted a request for AF-S 24mm f/2.0 DX and AF-S 85mm f/1.8 DX. These lenses would fill all the holes in my DX lineup.

  • BenH

    I wanted:
    -no rolling shutter
    -software based antialias filter like Leica M9
    -no overheating in hot weather when using video
    -built in GPS
    -Eye tracking focus square selection

  • Max Rebel

    These point have been forgotten.

    Sound From HDMI while Recording
    Head Phones Output
    Visual Sound Levels

  • For starters Nikon needs to balance supply and demand. After following a policy of keeping many pro products in short supply, they get knocked off the shelf with a natural disaster. It’s a bad combination that will be difficult to recover from.

  • Fredrik Edström

    Manual exposure controls for the D5100, nuff said.

  • Manfred

    As for me, I don’t need video on a DSLR. If I’d do video I’d rather go for a dedicated video-body with F-mount. But I’m afraid it’s too late to stop the train. Apparently more and more news stations just see the aspect of cost savings. As they send a photographer anyway, they just give him the video-job at the same time, save a lot of money for staff and equipment and for a brief clip or interview the quality as of now is obviously sufficient. So I guess Nikon will pursue this topic before all the other stuff wished. I only hope, that things don’t turn this way, that the possibility of photography will become the incentive of a DSLR.

    Well, we carry large bulk around – far more than in film times because of apparently everything has increased in size and weight. But with the exception of more frequent trouble with the hand carry limits on flights I still would carry that stuff with patience if it were as reliable as in film times. Front- or back-focus, de-centered lenses with brand-new lenses or broken autofocus within short with several hundred dollar lenses are a NoGo. Other than that, I jwould be satisfied with all stuff above consumer level is (almost) as robust as the D3 series (including the lenses)

    The exhortation about the warranty troubles is rightfully expressed! If a maker is producing in several countries on the globe, the customer should also have the right to buy internationally without being denied warranty – at least in all western countries of the globe.

    I personally prefer to work with the camera rather then spending much time in postprocessing. So in-camera HDR with up to 5 shots is welcome. Couldn’t this technology also be used to increase DOF with a set of sharpness bracketing?
    Since View NX / Capture NX seems to get more sharpness out of a NEF than Photoshop while PS has a more complete functionality (and is required from some customers) I’d rather have a View NX as plug-in for PS to remain in the PS workflow without having to store the JPG outcome in-between.
    Could there be a in camera ND-gradient filter which one could adjust to the actual horizon in the frame?
    And rather than this fancy new Apple plug I’d prefer a powered USB 3.0 to be able to download the pics directly from the camera into a 2,5″ hard-drive.
    I’d love to have the AE-L bracketing (pls at least 5 shots!) adjustable in 1/3 EV steps while I still have aperture and shutter in ½ or full steps.

    A software for cameras with user modes would be nice, to have a more complete set of functions program-able like flash-off, flash sync-speed, time-aperture combinations including below which shutterspeed the camera should start to increase ISO and up to which point… (maybe with a PC on SD card to transfer it into the camera)

    The i-TTL flash is a great thing, really. But it could be still a little better with radio waves instead of infra-red because sometimes the line of sight is really tricky to realize. Maybe a radio adapter with full i-TTL transmission to keep the “old” flashes working…
    Talking about flash, Nikon should provide exact figure from which shutter time up the preflash don’t appear in the picture for sure!

    Now that there are a lot of new camera-carry-solutions in fashion, where the camera just hangs on the thread for the tripot of the camera or the battery-pack, I’m a bit concerned how long that will last with a 5-6 pound long lens on it…? Wish that Nikon would provide accordingly robust stuff.

    Well, lots of Nikon fans wish to see a D4, D800 and D400 more desperate than a top win in the lottery. So I assume this has arrived at Nikon. Second there are a lot of demands for lenses. But just reading the blog of today shows that there is apparently a wide spread of what exactly is required. Some months ago there was a rumor, that the old 80-400 would be replaced by an AF-S 4,5-5,6/100-500 VRII. That one (with TC compatibility) would inspire me the most, since my budget wouldn’t allow me the 4,0/200-400.

    Well, last not least some detail-information from Nikon would be handy. Of course I know the rule of thumb by which defraction begins 2-3 stops past maximum aperture. But following this rule of thumb the 1,4/24 would be a plain waste of money if stopping down to 11 or 16 in landscape photography. Thus I would need a diagram to determine at which stop the defraction becomes critical.

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