Nikon D5100 unboxing video

No product is officially released until the unboxing video is out:

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  • Theo Okhuijsen

    Great video, gonna get my D5100 soon 🙂

  • nice, I’m hoping to unbox my own D5100 at the end of this week. Here in the Netherlands the D5100 isn’t available untill thursday.

  • Tomas

    Ok mister testosterone calm down…. For some brand new gear this person sure is a bit ruff with the handling, but then again my d7000 looks like it was just taken out of the box, so maybe I baby my gear. Anyways great video!!

    • 2cents

      I’ve already got my first scratch on my D7000 courtesy of the rough side of a granite counter top. I can see silver under the scratch. Nice unboxing video.

    • ?

  • jimmy

    i don’t understand. is this to prove that they come in boxes?

    • broxibear

      I think many of these unboxings are made and posted by retailers who want people to lust after the newest equipment.
      “I want one…I want to unbox my own new camera !”
      Unboxing videos always remind me of a quote from John Carpenter’s film Christine… “She had the smell of a brand-new car. That’s just about the finest smell in the world, ‘cept maybe for p****.”
      Google it for the uncensored version…this is a family blog you know lol ?

  • jasonc

    maybe its just me, but all the little crumpled plastic bags nikon uses to pack their cables and accessories appear like it came from a dirty factory or bootlegged stuff off ebay compared to the clean crisp and clear plastic bags used by Canon.

  • knekker
  • knekker

    I just want to say this guy didn’t waste too much time with the unboxing, which is a good thing unlike other people…

  • Alex

    The bodies get smaller and smaller, I don’t like that. That would be reason enough for me to rather go for the D7000 for the medium section or if the financial situation allows even wait for the follow up of the D300s or D700.

    • George

      This probably depends a lot on personal preferences. Some others, such as myself, would simply *never* buy a large or heavy body (or lens).

      When I first heard the rumor that D5100 will have a D5000 body, my immediate thought was “well, then I don’t have to care about it at all…”

      But now, knowing the new design, I’m actually considering to buy it (already sold my D60 :o)

      And the fact that the height and width of the DSLRs is getting smaller, while depth actually increases a bit (as much as one centimeter) does not worry me too much, as there is always a lens atached, which makes this dimension much longer anyway.

    • R R

      Agree! man.. there are point and shoot cameras out there bigger than this! eew..

      wait this a D5100 pretty much a point and shoot too.

    • Mourie

      that says Nikon and other brands are trying to convince high-end compacts to move to the entrylevel dslrs, making them smaller and smaller (a lot of people doesnt want bulkiness, and want a machine that can make coffee-pasta and pizza at the same time)
      later on when this people have ‘joined’ the dslr market, they will want to upgrade to a better camera, and the big brands will have achieved their mission.

  • john

    I will wait for the Nikon D4 unboxing video^^


    I hate that white rear lens cap, it just loosen too easily in the camera bag

    • WoutK89

      It is not meant to be on the lens, its only for transport in the box.

  • That body looks absolutely tiny. If u stick a semi-decent f2.8 zoom on there, with a thread size of 62mm + I reckon your going to be struggling for finger space to hold the body..

    • Hmmm, guy might have giant hands? 😉

      And what’s with that horrid white plastic lenscap???!!! White is for Canon, black was always for Nikon…

      • WoutK89

        Just buy a black one if you really need a decent one. This lens cap is not made for use on the lens, it is meant for transport in the box (single lens buyers dont switch lenses)

      • broxibear

        Yeah, the size of cameras can be deceiving because people’s hands vary so much.
        Have you seen the Chanel No.5 advert with Audrey Tautou, look how massive a Leica M8 looks in her particulary sexy hands

    • R R

      any smaller and I am gonna need my 105mm micro lens to find the D5100!

  • That’s me

    Video is OK. But I missed to see articulated screen in the end of the video. That guy could show it.

    • WoutK89

      That guy is the admin I assume 😛

  • Yeah, I’ll pass until Nikon release a firmware that allows full manual controls while shooting video.

    • WoutK89

      not gonna happen

  • dheeraj
    • Geoff1

      That would be great. For those that don’t want to read the whole article, check out this part.

      One of the Fujifilm board members said ” the digital camera resolution has reached saturation and the next innovation will be on sensors with CMOS technology, which brings advanced imaging features to digital cameras”.

      Sounds like good news to me.

  • Jabs

    Somehow, the person unboxing here did it backwards to me. First, unbox the camera, then the lens, then the batteries and later the accessories.
    Nice camera though a little small for me.

  • bjrichus

    Oh… I’m sorry, the shape of the body made me think it was a Canon!

    Maybe we Nikon peeps have to start to think like that from now on?

    Still the IQ promises to be D7K level for enough less cash to make it worth looking at.

    • WoutK89

      The shape is actually similar to the D40-D3100, the D5000 was a pretty flat camera.

  • Eric Pepin

    Gonna sell a ton of these. Im still saving up for the new pro bodies, common d400 or 800.

  • Is the guy in the video left handed ? I always hold the camera in my left hand and attach the lens with my right. It kind of freaked me out a little to watch it happen backwards.

    Well, freaked me out enough to notice anyway. I think I was so immersed in the video and actually thought I was the one unboxing it.

  • fordstr

    Man I hate those white lens caps. I think the D7k has gotten me more accustomed to larger bodies, the kit lens seems to dwarf the 5100.

  • Should’ve let the woman from the D90 video open it instead.

  • Michael

    Admin, it appears this is your camera? If so, please let us know what you think. I am looking to buy one of these in a month or so. Please review it for us.


    • WoutK89

      See my comment below.

    • Michael, I will keep the camera for few days and will return it back to BestBuy – I have no need for it. Will post some samples later.

      First impressions – the viewfinder is small, it appears smaller than the D300s.
      The AF points are actually dots, good that they are illuminated otherwise they will be hard to see. High ISO performance looks good.

  • WoutK89

    NR Admin posted: Nikon D5100 is now available for sale at selected BestBuy stores in limited quantities. I was able to get one and will post some more details tomorrow.

  • Edit Reject

    I picked up my D5100 earlier today. Nice little camera. It feels slightly heavier than the D3100 but is very similar in size. One negative though, there is a visible green pixel in Live View. Seems to be plagued with the same issue of the D7000. Hopefully a firmware update will fix it. I would take it back to Best Buy for an exchange but they are already sold out near me.

  • argh

    Unboxing videos are retarded.

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