Nikon D5100 now available at BestBuy

Nikon D5100 is now available for sale at selected BestBuy stores in limited quantities. I was able to get one and will post some more details tomorrow.

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  • Interested to see what this so called night vision will offer. But I’ll be getting this so called D800 or whatever *thumbs up*

    • WoutK89

      Night vision is ISO 100K. There is nothing really special, it is light boost in video mode.

  • Segura

    Give us the scoop. Thinking about picking this up as a DX backup to my D3s for an upcoming vacation . . .

    • I think if you can afford a D3s, your backup body should be like a D7000 or better 😉

      • Phil

        D7000? Nah, D700…

      • Segura

        I meant for the lady . . . to walk around with and shoot on vacation.
        I was thinking about getting a teleconverter, but this should get me better results with my 70-200mm, and higher MP to boot.

  • That red part still bugs me. I prefer the iconic triangle shape.

    • Iris Chrome


    • WoutK89

      It is not “Design by…” so no red stripe in the traditional way I assume.

  • James Brown

    Thank you very much for buying one admin, looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it. I’d be especially interested in your thoughts about the new button layout and the handling, though that is a more or less subjective thing.

  • nhnikonian

    also available at some Ritz Camera shops where you get alot more for the same money…
    Got mine yesterday in Nashua NH…. Camera is very cool. I’m sure Nikon will sell many. Yes another home run for the team!

    • I saw one in Ritz too, in Boston (back bay). They said they’ll be carrying the kit only.

      • Now_A_Nikon_Chick

        The Ritz Camera in downtown DC has them. But Penn Camera does not — yet. So I just went down to Ritz and bought it — yay! Have always had Canons (both film SLRs and digital point-and-shoots), but this is my first Nikon DSLR. Have only done a few test shots, but LOVING it as my beginning foray into both the digital SLR world and Nikon. Am curious to see how the process goes in learning digital SLR vs my 20-30 year-old film models. I don’t understand all the complaints about it being small. Small = more portable = more practical for everyday use.

        • WoutK89

          You’re a “chick”, I am a “dude” and have pretty big hands, so it depends what type of ergonomics you prefer. 😉

          • Now_A_Nikon_Chick

            Oh, so just because I’m a chick and have small hands, that means I’m more suited for a smaller, less-expensive DSLR? I.E. I’m a cheap date?! Do you have to drive a Humvee because you have such big hands? Ah, pay no mind, just good-natured ribbing. Although I will admit I was happy to discover that the D5100 fits in my lady-size backpack-purse, much to the dismay of the camera salesman!

            Last month, I was originally going to buy the Canon 60D, but gave it a test drive and found certain controls kinda clunky vs the Nikon D7000. Held off on buying out of curiosity for the D5100. Glad I did.

            Did some more test shots today. Great at picking up detail in the shadows. Am so, SO pleased with this purchase, and just as thrilled to get familiar with Nikon. Find it hard to believe I’ll ever go back to Canon.

  • Scott

    Has anyone seen them in the Chicago area yet?

    • fjdklajflk

      yep just check online and then use the store finder to see for store pickup availability. Just picked mine up. they aren’t even on the shelves, had to ask the guy who check their computers and pulled it out from the back.

  • Phil

    Admin, could you post some raw video footage from the camera somewhere for download so we can view the actual IQ of the video? Just something short to keep the file size small, but with good subject matter to see both detail, and how it handles smooth areas like skies. Thanks.

  • Any details on the video function would be appreciated.

  • Most Best Buy stores in Oregon got 2 kits each. No body only.

  • henrik

    really don’t know why anybody cares about “unboxing videos”. Must be something religious. I pray to other deities.

  • e_g

    Is it possible to use the optical viewfinder (and traditional AFP when shooting stills in “night vision”-mode?

    • e_g

      spelling error should be:
      (and traditional AF)

  • richard

    I buy it when it drop like 10% or had lens bundle discount. I onyl want the d5100 body and the 35mm 1.8 or the new 50mm 1.8.

  • Fritz

    I just picked up the D5100 bundle that includes the body and a AF-S (VR) 18-55mm lens from a Best Buy retail store in Northern CA yesterday. I shopped on the internet and found just about everyone had this same bundle for $899.00 including A couple of nice folks from two websites that did reviews of this camera also provided a link to a Best Buy coupon running until May for 10% off. I decided to pick up this camera and lens in the retail store and use the coupon, but was surprised to find the price was actually $925.00.

    The store sales clerk said this is done all the time and the manager said the option was to either take the 10% off the store price or they would do a price-match of the on-line price of $899.00 but the coupon would not apply. I opted for the higher price and the 10-off only because I needed the camera right away. Just a tip

    Regarding the performance of the D5100 and the AF-S (VR) 18-55mm lens, I used it quite a lot today and am very pleased with the results. It’s around 10% lighter than the D5000 (supposedly due to the absence of an AF motor in the body itself). I found the articulated LCD viewfinder hinged on the left side of the body just terrific, as well as the location of most controls in the right of the body very easy to use, after studying the manual. For me the sport (burst) mode was fantastic – all shots clear and crisp with very consistent vivid color. Many features to still experiment with, but the shots I took today were some of the best ever. After reading up on the advances Nikon made compared to the D3100 and for what I use a camera for, it was an ideal fit. I do recommend though getting an 8G class 6 SDHD card if you are going to shoot much HD video. The one I got from the Best Buy store was a PNY brand for $27.00.

    Just my 2 cents.

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