Nikon to open its own subsidiary in Brazil

The Brazilian magazine Fotografe Melhor reports in this month's issue that Nikon is finally arriving in Brazil with an official representation. To get everything started, Nikon has hired some experienced executives from Sony (William Silveira) and Canon (Wagner Battistel). The official announcement should be somewhere in 2011.

Thanks Felipe!

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  • John


  • Bob Agens

    That’s great! You guys have no idea how awful is T. Tanaka, the company that currently represents Nikon in Brazil.
    Once i broke my SB800 wide angle reflector, that little plastic piece that brakes out frequently enough for them to put a menu option to tell the flash that it’s broken. They told me it would take 4 months for the piece to arrive!!! 4 f*cking months!!! And they would hold my flash in the meantime. How can they not have this in stock?!?!?! Anyway, I googled it and bought from a USA store and fixed myself in one week!
    They also represent Profoto and don’t even carry spare lamps to the strobes in stock! You have to order from Europe and wait the same 4 months!

    • I know, I heard several horor stories too – hopefully now the price will drop as well.

  • Wow… You don’t no how good is to here that!!! T. Tanaka horor days is coming to an end!

  • The situation that Bob Agens describes for Brasil applies pretty much for every country in South America, like Argentina. Not only the waiting times are awful. Nikon Argentina won’t even look at your camera without a receipt. If you happen to loose the sales receipt, they won’t fix your camera even if you want to pay for it.

  • One More Thought

    Brazil is an up and coming economic force in the world, 1 of the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) of emerging influence.

    Good to see Nikon making some aggressive moves.

  • This is great news. I’m sure that, they already included Suriname to their supported countries list. Thank you! Regards


  • But at least we are getting a pretty decent price. Other company import cameras beside T. Tanaka and ask almost 9.5k ( almost 16k REAIS) for a D3s, T.Tanaka prices and even higher!! But I don’t expect to prices drop too much, just a little compare to this 9.5k. At least we expect to have better costumer service.

  • Cool, I’m soon heading to Brazil for a vacation. Don’t plan on purchasing a camera there but you know… It’s cool.

  • Vinicios

    It is amazing what they are doing over there… A D7000 camera is been sold by the same price as a D700 in UK!!!! it is like been robbed. Anyway, I do hope to see some improvements in my country and sales can go up and more people can go out shooting in our amazing landscape.

  • Glad I could help here 🙂

  • Pedro Brandi

    If Nikon charge the same ridiculous price that canon brasil do, or sony with the ps3, we will be ****** as usual.
    After decades they came to brasil, like everyone now is coming.

    Money makes the world go around.

  • broxibear

    Sony, Nikon Narrow Gap to Canon…
    “Sony Corp. and Nikon Corp. narrowed the gap to Canon Inc., the world’s largest camera maker, last year after introducing a new lineup of models.
    Sony, the world’s second-biggest camera maker, controlled 17.9 percent of the market, improving from 16.9 percent a year earlier, researcher IDC said in an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg News yesterday. Nikon had 12.6 percent compared with Canon’s 19 percent, which remained unchanged from a year ago.
    In the market for cameras with interchangeable lens, or single lens reflex cameras, Canon controlled 44.5 percent of the market, followed by Nikon with 29.8 percent and Sony with 11.9 percent, according to the data.”

  • Mock Kenwell

    Wow, sounds bad over there you guys. This is awesome news. I’m happy for you guys.

  • MM

    finally! I know many photographers who switched to Canon because of the horrible service provided by T. Tanaka! Now I hope to count on a truly professional service.

  • andre reichmann

    sorry to disagree guys, i am pretty convinced that nothing will change by the fact that nikon replaces ttanaka.

    in fact i won’t be surprised if things get even worst…

    size of the market is absolutely small here in brazil, they won’t have pieces in stock.

    lets wait and see… hope i am wrong.

    but i have been shootin with nikon for 25 years and will not stop 🙂

  • FDO

    Very good for Brasil Now next Colombia and Venezuela in that order please

  • Once on an assignment I dropped a D300 on the ground and got my LCD broken. Fortunately I had insurance.
    Took it to repair and they charged R$2.000,00 (US$1,270.00) for a single piece of LCD. With the money I bought a D90 from B&H and used the D300’s without LCD for a couple of months when I googled a DIY video to fix it and ordered a LCD and the glass from Ebay for just US$40,oo I think.
    Prices are ridiculously high in South America. It’s a shame all the taxes with have to pay. 80%!

    • “Prices are ridiculously high in South America. It’s a shame all the taxes with have to pay. 80%!”
      Correct: It’s a shame all the taxes we have to pay…
      I was going to write “It’s a shame all the taxes we have to deal with.
      Also, I bought it from Ebay and took 10 days to arrive. They took a week just to tell me the repair price.
      Nevertheless still a shame.

  • YEEEAH! Everybody say: F*CK YOU T.TANAKA!

    This guy drives us nikonians brazilians all crazy with his absurd prices. Its finally time for him to stay home.

  • Signs of life…

  • Canon Lover

    don´t be a foll guys! T. Tanaka will still have his tentacles on this! They will not lose any inch of it representation and will gain more and more power! Do you guys think that Nikon will spend money and time with technical assistance when they have a loyal and old partner here? T. Tanaka is going to be more powerfull than ever!

  • Darkness
  • First of all, when someone who don’t know the economic structure of Brazil try to analyze local market, probably will not see the truth. The Brazilian economic structure is a mix of liberal decisions from Fernando Henrique Cardozo, popular decisions from Lula and many archaic process coming from military regime. If you look at global numbers of Brazil, you don’t see how big is São Paulo state. Looking jut to São Paulo City (São Paulo State capital), the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is greater than 22 of USA states. If, hypothetically, São Paulo state was an USA state, it will be one of the top 5 states. If you look at this point of view, is easy to understand why Nikon and other important companies are creating Brazilian official representations in São Paulo.
    However, the taxes in Brazil are one of biggest in the word. The taxes are one of the thinks that came from military regime and needs to be changed. Let me show you a practical example: Nikon D90 camera kit is, today, US$ 1,199.95 at B&H online store. Here, in Brazil, the same product are US$ 3.428,37 (R$ 5.399,00) at FNAC online store. Exactly the same product for 3x more! The consequence is obvious: the majority of Brazilian photographers bought your cameras in gray market, especially from USA or China. So, if you look at the sales numbers of SLR cameras in Brazil, you will not see the real volume of SRL cameras in use here.
    Nikon’s official representation in Brasil is an important step to recognize the potential of Brazilian SLR market, but Brazil needs to do your homework and change taxes to be more competitive.

    • Bob Agens

      I bet prices will not change, but for professional photographers assistance is just as important as price. Nobody in their right mind would expect that it’s ok for a person who make his living of his camera to wait 4 to 5 months for a simple fix on a flash. It’s irresponsible to represent professional equipment in a country and do not have any parts in stock.
      The celebration is about hoping Nikon will have more respect for it’s costumers than T. Tanaka has. Price will not change much, because it’s a Brazil thing, not company specific.

      • rhlpetrus

        Well, let´s wait and see. It´s good news anyway. Brasil is becoming a “normal” country, slowly but steadly, in terms of exchange rates and prices. The Real is still not fully convertible, but it´ll eventually come and some of the best economists are alreadyng calling for that. meanwhile, well, B&H already has a “brazilian” site …

        Boa sorte a todos nós!

  • Herculano Bernardes

    Estou a meses com uma 24-70mm parada por não me sujeitar aos péssimos profissionais da TTanaka, que além de tudo são um ladrões

  • Luis Brito

    A few words in Portuguese.
    “Esperamos que tenham um serviço melhor do que o que nos é prestado em Portugal.”

    We hope you have a better service than what is provided us in Portugal.

  • Armello

    . Do you really think we gonna have similar prices others get in the US or Europe, for example?
    . Do you really think we gonna have similar services others get in the US or Europe?
    . Do you really think we’ll able to change our old buying habits just because there is a couple Nikon Executives living here?
    . Do you really think Nikon will promptly repair our old gear – the ones we bought from FNAC, PY, B&H or somewhere else just because they claim to be offically here?

    Sorry, but I am old enough not to believe that !!!

  • fico muito feliz, pois é bom ter vocês perto para uma maior segurança maior, só possuia maquinas canon e este ano comprei uma d7000 e estou adorando, sejam bem vindos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christino

    The whole idea is to increase sales.
    T.Tanaka does not advertise. Nikon does.
    So they will catch consumers/prosumers when they advertise. That´s all.

    No price drop. It´s not their fault. It´s Brasil.

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