Nikon live chat support now available in German and French

Over a month ago Nikon UK introduced live chat support on their website. Today the live chat option was launched also for French and German languages.

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  • Jabs

    English coming soon?

    • Loco

      English is on for at lease 1 month already!

  • Oberhorst

    English is already online. They were the guinea pig! 😉


    • Jabs

      Then, where is the American?

      • The invisible man

        pas drôle !

      • Oberhorst

        Maybe soon, Europe is an outrider here. But Nikon Europe is NOT Nikon US, Nikon US is an independet company and has not much to do with Nikon Europe (only with Nikon Japan). So they make their own decisions there.

  • das finde ich grossartig!

  • hgf oio

    Schön auch, dass es unterwegs quasi aus der Tasche heraus über ein angepasstes Interface auf dem iPhone etc. funktioniert. So kann man direkt aus der Wald/Wiese heraus wenn es Probleme gibt doofe Fragen stellen die man sich wenn man ein Handbuch hätt selbst beantworten könnte ; ).

  • broxibear

    I don’t know about Nikon live chat, but whenever I’ve tried live chat on various retailer sites they never seem to have the information you’re looking for?…I’m pretty sure they’re just looking at the same website information as I am on my own screen.
    “sorry I don’t have that information” was a common theme.
    Has anyone used Nikon live chat and did they get the information they were looking for ?

    • yea, same experience. pretty much like even dumber then phone support but at least free.

  • Okay, how do you say “When is D800 coming out?” in french and German

  • ausgezeichnet

  • If I’m ever to contact Nikon about support, I’m sure to use the site because you just fill in your name/e-mail and type your question. With there’s a damn list of crap you have to fill out before sending your message, soooo lame.

  • broxibear

    The support pages online are pretty funny, like this one explaining the difference between EXPEED and EXPEED2…
    “different generations of processor will indicate improvements in areas such as processing speed, image quality, colour reproduction and noise reduction, but we will not reveal the specific changes within each model.”
    So we have to trust you that they’re different…apart from adding a “2” to the name lol ?

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