Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G website now removed from Nikon Imaging

TheΒ Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G entry just got removed from Nikon Imaging website. I guess this was a mistake and the lens will not be announced today.

Here is a quick MTF and lens design comparison between all 50mm Nikkor lenses:

Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G (unknown price):

Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8D ($140):

Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4G ($550):

Nikon AF 50mm f/1.4D ($470):

For DX users - here is the Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8G ($280):

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  • Jabs

    This and the other web site with pictures was also removed


    • yes, this was a mistake which explains why I did not know in advance about this lens, but now we know πŸ™‚

      • Jabs

        You can’t put the cat back in the bag – LOL!
        Too late as too many saw it and some web sites are reporting it now.

        • Global

          Its definitely a mistake — if they don’t have the manufacturing capability to produce it en mass.

          Maybe this was a pre-scheduled release time with a third-party website host. But someone missed the memo that production wouldn’t be ready?

          • PHB

            The lens itself would be made in Thailand, almost certainly with no dependence on the Japanese factories.

            But the Sendai situation may well have disrupted the Nikon Japan marketing machine leading to this blooper.

            Be interesting to see if anything else is announced at the same time. If I had a manufacturing facility that was shut down for several months waiting for supplies I would be looking at what could be done to use the time usefully. Like preparing jigs etc for updated models.

      • LGO

        I expect that Nikon will be releasing other lenses and this was just a sneak preview.

        NR Admin, when is the next expected Nikon announcement?

      • broxibear

        I don’t think it was a mistake, more like an intentional leak.
        Had it just been a Nikon site, or just Deborah Sandidge’s blog then ok it might have been a simple error…but for both these places to make the same “mistake” at the same time ? no don’t buy it.
        Nikon use a couple of Deborah Sandidge’s images on their website she’s perfectly aware of what she can and can’t post.
        Nikon PR stunt to distract people from the state of their plants in Sendai and Tochigi…still waiting for another press release about that ?

        • broxibear

          P.S. I think it was a typo or date mix up…see what I posted below, it saves me tying it all out again lol.

  • Franco DMD

    This is exactly the media storm Nikon is looking for after the prices were raised, expectation creates a LOT of customers, no matter the price.

    Mistake… I don’t think so.

    • You could be right because mistakes are usually fixed within minutes after I post it online but this time the new lens was online for few hours.

      • Global

        Not necessarily. I caught the mistake about the 1.4xTCIII and the 1.7xTCIII. It took them several hours before they removed it. This had followed the update of the 2xTCIII and was independent of the 2xTCIII update. In fact, as we know no 1.4 and 1.7 updates ever manifested.

        Clearly that was a mistake and Nikon get’s its wires crossed online (right hand vs. left hand).

        However, this is extraordinary in that the content is considerably more developed and is clearly intended for eventual release.

    • The invisible man

      yep, no mistake there, it’s like my wife who wrote “D800” on my coffee cup, she must have got some secret informations.

  • Ian

    Guesses at price? $380?

    • I doubt it, since you can buy the 1.4G for 450-500. I’d guess somewhere around $200-250.

    • sirin

      would not be far from the old one. i’d say $200 or less.

      • Global

        Nikon needs entry-level primes. Its possible.

        But they will take advantage of their own poor market, setting higher prices. If the 35/1.8 goes for $280 on the street, then Nikon may set this one $300-350, assuming it will drop a bit later.

        • PHB

          I would say cheaper, more like $200 like the 35 f/1.8. But then again that is now $280 so expect it to be pricey on introduction.

          It looks like a stellar performer on sharpness. And as far as filling out the range goes, it is right on target. f/1.8 is perfectly adequate for most people’s uses. You pay a lot for that extra half stop to f/1.4.

          Its got an aspherical though so its probably not going to have stellar bokeh which is the main drawback to the 50 f/1,4 AFS. Its not a bad lens, but its no cream machine either. The big drawback to the DX lineup at the moment is the lack of prime with good bokeh with an appropriate focal length for portraiture. And looking at the design, I would think its the DX crowd they are going after here.

          Not a lens I need, its the 80-400 that is top of my want list at the moment. But I am sure there will be takers. The 35 f/1.8 certainly sold well enough to expect more like it. How about a 20 f/2 DX or even a bit wider?

  • Daf

    ha – website launch fail.

    BTW – anybody want to buy this 50mm 1.8D – good price!

    • Nicole

      Hang on to it. The 1.8D is very underrated lens. I have several of the little beauties, and use them on my MF cameras too. πŸ™‚

      • lolly

        I use film too πŸ˜‰ … we’re a dying breed

        • Nicole, you use a 1.8D on a medium format camera? How is that possible?

          And lolly, I just started using film last month after being a digital pro for several years. I absolutely adore it. I got a Rolleiflex, and I develop and scan my own stuff.

  • big eater

    Could one of our more mathematically gifted visitors explain the differences between these lenses, in terms of what the charts show (we all acknowledge that charts have their problems, so no need to go down that rabbit hole).

    • Trevor

      I’m no math genius, people will definitely correct my simplification, and sigma may explain it best (link below), but let me sum up.

      Red lines on Nikon’s graph are contrast, blue lines are resolution. The left side of the graph is the center of the frame, the right side is the edge. The higher the line on the graph, the better it performs. The dotted vs solid lines are different measurement directions from center (really, see the link).

      In other words, straight lines across the top would be best (but also impossible). Save that, you at least want the lines to start high on the left so the center of the frame is good, and reduce as little as possible.

      One word of caution in comparing, the charts are measured at wide open aperture, one of the lens’ weakest points. So, seeing an f/2.8 lens have a better MTF than an f/1.4 lens is normal, but that f/1.4 stopped down to f/2.8 could very well out perform the other. And, comparing between brands is often ineffective too due to different sensor sizes and other factors.

      • This is from Nikon website on how read MTF charts:

        MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) is one of the measurements that evaluate a lens’ performance; it shows contrast reproducibility of the lens using characteristic spatial frequencies. Spatial frequencies indicate the number of lines per mm.
        In the MTF chart of this website, the horizontal axis is in millimeters and shows the distance from the center of the image toward the edges, and contrast value (highest value is 1) is shown in the vertical axis, with fixed spatial frequencies of 10 lines/mm and 30 lines/mm.
        The MTF chart for each lens is based on the value at the maximum aperture of the lens; the red line shows the spatial frequency of 10 lines/mm and the blue line, 30 lines/mm.

        In the off-axis field, contrast reproducibility of the lens for sagittal direction and meridional direction varies with astigmatic affection. The path of 10 lines/mm indicates the contrast reproducibility of the lens (the higher and straighter is better). The higher and straighter the 30 lines/mm-path is, the higher the resolution of the lens.

        Note that the lens performance can not be measured only with MTF chart. Softening or blurring of color also governs measurement.

      • mike

        Might be useful to remember that on DX the corner is at around 15mm; borders are around 12mm.

  • Even Ken Rockwell caught up on this hook, LOL!

    • zoetmb

      Yeah, I like the way he said it should be a fantastic lens, considering that he hasn’t laid a finger on one.

      In any case, I think the “error” shows that this lens is definitely coming soon. But it will probably be months before it’s actually in stock anywhere anyway. I wonder how much less it’s going to be than the 1.4.

      • Eric Pepin

        between 249.99 and 299.99 on release, eventually 199.99. I see no reason for nikon not to keep a warehouse of the AF-D lenses for the 99.99 price bracket and they can easily sell a new AFS lens for 200 or more, aslong as it stays under 300 at which point the 1.4 becomes the better buy quickly.

      • Anon

        What part of the word “should” did you not understand? Same thing for cirtap below.

      • broxibear

        Hi zoetmb,
        I think he did have one, a preview version… “‘ll wait until receiving an actual shipping (not preview) product,”
        He’s got a high res image of the lens on his site with his copyright which tells me he took the image…you have to have it to take an image of it ?
        There’s been a mix up/typo about the date when details were allowed to be released.
        I think if it was supposed to be the 13th of May, not the 13th of April… especially considering Nikon’s 2011 financial results are going to be announced on the 12th of May ?

        • Ebzzt

          I think he just photoshoped his 50mm af-s. Those images look too similar.

        • Ken gets his stuff from Adorama and B&H, he PS-ed the lens from the leaked Nikon website – this explains the bad quality of the image.

    • cirtap

      That just slays me. How can lil Ken Flopwell review something that is not out yet..and has not touched it..or even tested it. He did a complex review of this and the D7000 the day it was announced. Get Real!

      • carl

        Having ANY page about a new product brings his site to the first page of google results. And he needs the hits – the more visitors he gets, the greater the chance that someone buys something and Ken gets the commision from the merchant. That’s how he makes a living.

        So if there is a new product that will get him the hits, he’ll put up a page, even if he really has nothing to write about. Pleople will still visit his site πŸ˜‰

  • Nice! – Is Nikon taking their ques from Apple? Either way, I like both product lines.

  • The official announcement should happen soon – Nikon will not develop a dedicated page for this lens if the announcement is few months from now. All sample images were taken in the past few weeks. Maybe tonight. Check back NR at midnight EST.

  • It is NOT going to cost what you guys are talking about. 50mm f/1.8 HAS to be the most affordable prime, it’s an industry standard cheap lens. Nikon makes this lens $250 and they price themselves out of the market. 50 f/1.8’s float around the $100-$150 mark. The MSRP will be $199 and it will sell for less than that. Within a year it will be a $149 lens.

    • ianz28

      This lens for $150? That simply based on past 50 f1.8s? I really doubt it will be that cheap.

      It has the focus motor, an aspherical element, and it’s full frame. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does end up with a street price around $250 or at the lowest the same $200 as the 35 f1.8G.

      And even if Nikon does price it at $250 it doesn’t matter. They will sell millions of these things. This is a lens that is in almost every photographers kit and assuming similar performance to the 35 f1.8G there will be substantial demand from both the FF club and the DX crowd.

      Anyone want to buy a long barreled early version 50 f1.8 AIS?

      • mike

        Where are you seeing the 35/1.8 for $200? It’s $280 at B&H and $290 at Adorama. They could probably sell it for around the same price as the 35/1.8, but I’m sure that people would still buy it ever if they charged more.

        • Arthur Nava

          The 35 1.8 goes for $220.00 at my local Camera Store, They aren’t price gouging customers after the Japan quake like Adorama and B&H are doing. Don’t get me wrong I have purchased all of my gear through Adorama, but to raise prices on a lens for no good reason? come on. Buy at your local photo supply, support them, and get a fair price. Nikon hasn’t raised the prices on their site. On there it still says $199.00.

          • King Of Swaziland

            Help! Help!

            I’m being price gouged*.

            *Price Gouging = When somebody is selling something for more than I want to pay.

            • Arthur Nava

              I wouldn’t pay more than $220 for that lens. There’s no way I would ever pay 90 dollars over what the manufacturer says the product is worth on their own site. $20 bucks at the local photo store? sure, They don’t sell as much as Adorama, why not.

            • PHB

              The NYC stores are likely paying above market rates to get their hands on stock. So cut them some slack.

              Given the way some folk here behave I can well imagine their stocks being raided on the first news of the earthquake.

        • Arthur Nava

          btw I just bought the 35 1.8 yesterday, so yeah my pricing is recent.

          • You guys in the States are lucky as hell. Here, the cheapest price is the equivalent of 300$ and that is from waaaay before the quake. All primes command an extra 1/3 of the price you pay in the USA. So, when my wife got that lens with her D5000 in December, she payed 350 000 Won, or about 300$. Price hasn’t gone up here in Korea since then, but it was never ever cheap.

            It reminds me that I should quit reading American websites as you get the best prices on most everything on the planet that is a name brand.

  • Jabs

    We already got pictures and specs., so guess what?
    Free publicity – maybe!

  • WoutK89

    Where are the (ultra) wide-angle primes for DX?

    • You don’t like fisheyes?

      Your best bet is probably Tokina’s 11-16, it’s not a prime, but it is wide.

      • The Man from Mandrem

        11-16 is a great lense but it’s quite noisy.

        • You’ll never hear it in your stills.

          • Jeremy


    • Trevor

      Maybe not ultra wide, but I would love a similar DX 24mm f/2.0 . I really don’t know why they haven’t made a 35mm equiv for DX yet.

      • Discontinued

        Maybe ’cause you could always use a 24mm that is made for FX ? ? ?

        • Trevor

          They don’t make an AF-S for us 3100 users, and if I could afford the 24 f/1.4 I wouldn’t need AF-S.

          • They intentionally leave out models you’d like as encouragement for you to buy more expensive models. Get used to it.

    • iamlucky13

      Just be thankful this one won’t be DX.

      Based on the MTF chart, it looks like it should improve a bit on the performance of the 50mm F/1.8D wide open? It was definitely softer there, although even worse was the spherical aberration, so it’s really good to see an aspherical element.

      Which will make it harder to decide whether to replace my lost 1.8D with another cheap one from somebody jumping to get the new lens, or just get the new lens.

      On the other hand, getting the new “Gelded” version means I wouldn’t be able to use it on my FM.

      • Why would you want to use it on your FM?

        • iamlucky13

          I don’t understand the question…why would I not want to use a 50mm F/1.8 lens on my FM?

          • Micah

            Face it, it’s not going to have an aperture ring. That’s a valid reason to not want to use it on your FM.

            There are many models of 50mm lens you can use on your old camera. The 50/1.4D is great and will certainly be cheaper to purchase than this new lens will be.

            What’re you looking for that you can’t get in a current production 50/1.8?

            Higher resolution and a sharper image on film? You need a good focusing screen and the 50/1.2 or 50/1.4D. If you like 1.8, use it at 1.8 and either will look far better than any currently produced 50/1.8.

            Do you want something cheaper? The 50/1.4 will be cheaper than the new lens and the existing 50/1.8 is always going to be cheaper than anything new.

            Do you want something built more robustly than the 50/1.8 AF lenses? There are plenty MF 50mm lenses that are quite robust. There are also the Zeiss lenses, but why bother?

            New lenses are designed for newer, better cameras, not older obsolete antiques. Get used to it. New gear is made to make images, not wallow in nostalgia. There’s plenty of existing gear to drool over and reminisce about.

            If this lens lacks an aperture ring, I welcome it! I’m currently wishing more of my wonderful primes had rubber gaskets instead of aperture rings, since I just killed a d700 when water leaked into the mount while using an un-gasketed lens. That’s a real issue with a real solution.

            Your issue seems to be: you want new gear. Get it. If you want old gear…get it. There’s no shortage of good gear to buy today and go make pictures with.

            New lenses will be made to work best with the newest and greatest gear. The F6 is the newest and greatest film camera available from Nikon. If you’re not shooting it, you’re shooting old gear that Nikon doesn’t make any more. The F6 can focus better, faster, and more accurately than you, in any light.

            You either get the best gear, the cheapest gear, or some compromise thereof. The cheapest is what you have. The newest will be better. The best is often the most expensive. Or you could say: the best is what you can get and use. You can’t get the 50/1.8g today. And if you get it tomorrow, it’s not going to work on your FM.

            If you feel betrayed in some weird way that Nikon doesn’t continue to support your lens mount, be happy you don’t have a Canon FD mount camera.

            Would you expect Mercedes to produce new engine valves or wire rims for a 300SL? Just because they can? You might be able to get them to do it, but it ain’t going to be easy and it ain’t going to be cheap.

            Realize that Nikon’s adherence to a particular lens mount is a wonderful industry aberration to be applauded, not something to whine about.

            • iamlucky13

              Ahh….you misunderstood. Sorry.

              I’ve always figured when I got around to replacing my 50mm, I’d just get the same F/1.8D that I had before, even if a new one was out. I could use that model on both my DSLR, and my FM.

              Although faced with what looks like slightly better performance wide open, and the convenience of AF-S, it’s tempting to just forget about using it on my FM, and get one solely for my DSLR.

              But ultimately, I’m still leaning towards the 1.8D.

            • I’m sorry for the rant. I just tire of people complaining about compatibility over useability

            • I was serious–why not the 1.4d? It really is a bang up lens (although, I’ve learned not to bang it up the hard way). It really is sharper at 1.4 than the 1.8. The only issue I saw was that anything less than the mid grade bodies (dx00 on up) didn’t focus consistently enough to nail 1.4 wide open. Works great on everything else.

              It’d work great on the FM and can be had for a song.

            • And the LoCA and CA on the 1.8 are not so good wide open compared to the 1.4 lenses. Just in case you’re wondering.

  • Ray

    Wow the mtf figures put the 1.4 to shame…. Good thing mtf don’t really mean too much in real life.

    • Chris

      The 1.8 has always outperformed the 1.4.

      1.8 has simpler optics, and smaller front elements.. the 1.8 has always has less barrel distortion as well.

      • PHB

        True, and the manual focus f/1.8 is a gem for those of us who do real macro work on a bellows. Stick a reversing ring on it and it is wonderfully sharp.

        I have the e-series lens which you can buy for about $30 on occasion. It was made as a cut price version of the Nikor but is actually the same design.

        I do wonder though why someone hasn’t made an attachment for that application that allows the aperture to be set on a g-series lens.

      • The AF 1.8 has never outperformed either AF 1.4. I’ve owned two copies of the D and still own a G. Every sample of the 1.8 AF I’ve tried (about five) completely sucked compared to any of the 1.4 versions I’ve tried. The 50/1.8 is a myth as far as I’m concerned. It’s ok closed down, but so is any lens. Wide open it doesn’t compare well to much of anything. Of course you can find lots of people who’ll say otherwise. But as they say, “pics or it didn’t happen”.

    • Roger

      Dont be surprised if real life results back this up.

  • Neil

    That was a mighty big blunder for someone!

    • Roger

      It was deliberate, leaks like this dont happen by accident

  • dudemanppl

    It looks like it has a weather seal too, while the the 1.4 G doesn’t. Coo stuff mang.

    • jack

      If you are talking about the rubber gasket on the mount, the 50mm AFS 1.4G has a weather seal… it’s sitting right next to me.

  • Arthur

    Hmm… The MTF suggests it’s quite sharper than the 50/1.4G…

  • Julian Phillips

    My 50 f/1.4G has a weather seal – I just checked.

  • Basically, it is a variation of the 35mm f/1.8 design…..which is a very fine lens. The MTF blows away the old 1.8, and indeed both the old and new 1.4. Should be excellent, and HSM welcome. Wish they stayed with 52mm filter size, however.

    • Photonut

      “Wish they stayed with 52mm filter size, however.

      oh noooooooo !!!! darn … I have an extensive collection for that size. Now, I need an update of the 24 f2.8 with the same size!

    • Soap

      58mm is a horrible filter size. 62 was bad enough, but anyone building a reasonable filter system now really needs to be at 52, 67, and 77.

      Perhaps in 4 years when all the 52mm AFD primes are reissued AFS @ 58, but yuck yuck yuck, I don’t want to step 58 up to 67!

  • D

    Man all I want is a lower cost 24/28mm f/2-2.8, under $500. the 24/1.4 is just to much money. Hopefully we get one soon.

    • Photonut

      much money and even worse: so much more weight!

      Sign me up for the new 24 f2.8 πŸ˜‰

    • gt

      seriously what a stupid update. The market is swimming with 50mms – what do they hope to gain by making another one? there’s so many other lenses that are lacking!

      • Sam

        There’s no cheap 50mm with autofocus for the Nikon bodies without a motor.

        • Micah

          True. But there are no cheap bodies to put such a lens on either.

          …me: hopes this is a sign a cheap new FX is in the pipeline.

  • Smudger


  • Grant

    Where is my 24mm f1.8 DX lens?

    • gt

      fo realz

    • or a 14 2.8 dx. thats what I want

  • ask

    Oh, why can’t they stick to 58mm. These lenses are getting so big I almost prefer any MF AI-s over these new lenses.

    • Grant

      Do you mean 52mm filter size?

  • T.

    Specs are more like the 50mm f/1.4G than the old 50mm f/1.8D.

    Min aperture f16 vs. 50mm f/1.8D f22.
    58mm vs. 52mm filter thread.
    6.6oz vs. 5.5oz.

    A real rear cap vs. the white push on rear cap of the 1.8D
    A bayonet hood.
    A pouch.

    Any reason that the f/16 minimum aperture would be an issue vs. the old f/22?

    • gt

      whats the point of this lens? Just get the 1.4G if you’re really into 50mms

      • Global

        I believe this is more for the budget and DX crowd (often the same).

        I wonder if Nikon will ever make a 50/1.2G, especially for low light/astron.

        • PHB

          I think it highly likely they will. But only after they have completed their AFS-ization of their existing lineup.

          The f/1.4 primes were a major sales success. Every one of them has been beating previous sales for lenses in that class. And the 85 f/1.4 has the same sagittal coma flare prevention that made the old Noctilux so special without being compromised shut down.

          So be pretty sure that if Nikon has a design that is stellar, it will find time in the production schedule somehow. Also be sure that they would not release a lens that was anything less than stellar. Unlike Canon, Nikon has done it all before. They don’t have to prove stuff or throw a piece of junk over the wall to claim the turf.

          There are not too many gaps in the lineup that are in desperate need of a refresh at this point. There is the 300 f/4, the 80-400, and the 135mm prime. They could also do with a purpose designed microscopy (10x) lens for the DX mount. But thats like 4 lenses needing an update, not 20 like they had when the 50 f/1.4 AFS came out.

  • D-7

    Quote from the Ken Rockwell review of this lens:

    “Late 1980s ~ early 1990s AF cameras like the N90s, N70 and F4 will focus just fine, but you’ll lose VR.”

    Lose VR… got it?! LOOL!

    • Global

      That’s his standard compatibility message for any Nikon lens. If you bring G lenses to older cameras, you’ll lose VR (for those lenses that have it).

  • With the mess in Japan, it will be amazing if Nikon can get anything done.

    • Global

      In this case, its truly a blessing they are a ‘saver nation’, instead of a spendy nation like the US. Our people don’t keep enough savings in the bank to last 6 months. Operating on credit is extremely dangerous in times of crisis.

      • Soap

        I’m not sure how to politely tell you how wrong you are.

        USA (as a country) has a debt:GDP ratio of 61%.
        Japan? 170%

        While it is true the average citizen of Japan has a lower debt load than the average citizen of the United States, once you factor out the impact of mortgages on debt load one gets quite similar numbers.

        A very painful decade of economic slump tends to make people wary, regardless of culture. One can see this economic echo in most countries.

    • Torben

      The lens have probably been in production in China for some time now.

      • In production somewhere, perhaps Thailand. Fortunately for Nikon not everything is in Japan.

  • jaycam

    B&H and Adorama have listings on their websites.


    • jaycam

      Sorry…wrong lens…ignore please πŸ™

  • Global

    They needed to develop this lens, because of the D5100, don’t you guys think?

    D5100 owners are not going to be the D40 owners of the past, they are going to want a few primes:
    – 35/1.8
    – 50/1.8
    – 85/Macro

    Do you think Nikon will make a 20/2G?

    It’d be nice.

    • Soap

      No more than the D5000 necessitated it.

  • nikkornut

    It’s a teaser! Nikon is simply wetting our appetites. I do believe they will release it, but maybe they don’t have enough stocks on-hand for a formal launch. So, will they tease us with a D400/D800/D4 slip?

  • camaman

    Cant wait for the 85mm f1.8G leak…
    LOL! πŸ™‚

  • Damn,
    and i really had one who want to buy my 50mm 1.8D :-)))
    Nikon release it tomorrow !! πŸ™‚

  • Mark

    I don’t get the reason why Nikon would want to bring out such lens.
    The 50mm f/1.4 is already very sharply priced. People on a budget will stick with the 35mm f/1.8, people with a higher budget will spend the couple of dollars extra for a f/1.4.
    What would be more logical (and where I am interested in) are lenses like 24mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8 or possibly divine: 16mm f/1.8 DX.

    • JED

      16mm f/1.8 DX would be awesome but I suspect a bit bulky.
      I would be happy with a 16mm f/4 DX that takes 52mm filters…

      • probably not that big actually. If its a fixed focal length it might not be much bigger than the 16mm fisheye

    • Sam

      If this comes out at half the price of the 1.4G (ie. around the $250 mark), it’ll be a winner, more than that yep, I agree with you.

    • DG

      My guess is that Nikon somehow felt they need to compete with Canon more in the entry level market. Simply put Canon’s entry level DSLRs have access to more of a lens lineup that will autofocus than Nikon. the 50 f1.8 is the best example of that. As well, now there is another lens that can be used on the d5100 for video at a decent price. Now when shoppers go out looking for DSLRs there is one less detractor to selling Nikon in terms of lenses.

      I also believe the 85mm is going to be next to go af-s, again for the same reason as I stated above. Lots of soccer moms, hockey dads etc think they want and need a DSLR.

  • Huggs

    No need for rumor. Nikon just dropped you the biggest hint right there. πŸ˜€

  • 3rrolski3

    This is really a nice update an AF-S 50mm f/1.8 whew…. D3100, D5000 and d\D5100 will be really happy about this…. Just make it affordable Nikon please :-\

  • tomoy

    16mm 2.8! please please please.

  • Oh, I rather need something on FX wide angle.
    Like 24/1.8 or 28/1.8 (may be f/2)

  • KhunNikon

    A little bit off topic but I’m curious…..

    Does anyone know if the D5100 will be included in the current Nikon Lens Instant Rebate promotion??

    This 50mm 1.8 is a must have for all Nikons, so is the 18-250mm which is on the Instant Rebate promotion.

    • don’t think so – the current Nikon instant rebates will be discontinued at the end of the month:

      • KhunNikon

        if, and that’s a BIG IF the D5100 is released before the end of this month (wishful thinking, right?) don’t you think the D5100 should qualify??

        Both the D5000 and D3100 are included, why shouldn’t the 5100 qualify if it were available before the end of April?? I could inderstand if it was released in May.

        Big sigh!

  • I’m one of the “hate-kenny-crowd” but with this blog post I cannot help but to agree: “Your choice of aperture is far more important than your choice of lens”.
    Good, mediocre of bad MTF, it all comes down to your chosen f/stop and these babies (or most other large aperture lenses, for that matter) do not perform well wide open.

  • BenS

    NR ADMIN >>>> Will Nikon finally make a fast 50mm prime worthy of NANO coat and GOLD ring ?

    • Darkness

      50mm lens optics dont need Nano coat, its for more complicated designs with lost of elements.

  • Tony

    Does anyone know when the D7000 will be in stock again… its out everywhere…. (body only)

  • Seriously

    Seriously, when the hell are we going to get some real information on WTF is going on with the D700 replacement? You’re too big of a rumors website for any other site to have the energy to do any worthwhile sleuthing, therefore it’s up to you to dig your nose around and pull something material up for us. Come on already Admin!! GET us some info we f—-in care about!! Use your contacts, whatever it takes. Get us SOMETHING!!

    • superboynikon

      maybe he’ll have information when there IS actually some real information?

      i’m sure he has plenty of info on it, but it’s just a bunch of bologna that you wouldnt like either way

  • Eric H.

    i agree!! admin, you have anything for us already or what???? and i don’t care what any of you D700 owning ignoramuses say, two great things will happen when D700 replacement comes out that can’t be denied: (1) people who are seriously into photography and indi film making will have an amazing tool at their disposal, and (2) the price of used D700’s will go down. so in advance, to all the whiney D700 owners that only know how to bitch about people wanting a new model, there are valid reasons to do so!!! If you don’t agree that technological advancement is beneficial, then you’re an ass!!

  • Flemming

    Good upgrade first and foremost. But I am sure that many potential buyers are dx users, so why isn’t it a 60/1.8 or even a 55/1.8? Making it a 90 or 85 mm-equivalent rather than the 75 mm-compromise would give me a compelling reason to ditch the 50/1.8D, that so many of us already have…


    ???85mm f/1,8 any1??? PLEASE!
    I am probably a littlebit annoying with it, but imho it is A NECESSARY LENS TO COME OUT – its predecessor is an reaL OLDIE with everythg what it means …

    and the 1,4G at more then 2.000 USD – well, for some1 who does NOT live from making/selling fotos, I find it way tooooooo much

  • Dweeb

    That’s what’s so wonderful about living in the future. 50mm Ζ’1.8. Amazing. Who woulda thought?

  • Good for Nikon – development costs are probably very low for this lens, seems better then the old one (mtf, afs, asph) and since Nikon sells tons of cameras without the motor, they will sell tons of higher priced 50/1.8Gs too along with 35/1.8G, which means more money for Nikon which means they can produce more exotic (less mainstream) lenses later, like 24/1.8DX “everyone” wants. Or just keep in business after the recent events, which we all want, right ?
    I remember few years back there was so many options I envied Canon users (except the D3 then D700 ISO) – and now ? Would be nice to have 70-200/4 for someone and Canon 28/1.8 is still unique, but that’s basically it (ok, there are the f/1.2 lenses, some long telephoto, etc, but it’s not that big of a deal for most shooters with limited budgets). So, lets be nice to Nikon ! πŸ˜‰

  • LOLCATmasterFTW!!!

    O M G! O M G!!!

    Kidding, I donΒ΄t care because I already have a 50mm f/1.8 AF-D

  • Ken

    It’s real or a fake, WTF?

  • Ali

    Only thing missing is the MTF chart for the F1.2

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