Nikon D800 design concept camera

Tecnofotografia published a new Nikon D800 design concept that features a wireless screen, replaceable rubber cover that fits the shape of your hand, rotating grip for video recording that simulates holding a camcorder and more:

Would you buy the Nikon D800 with those design changes?

This is just a design concept created by an artist and is not related to Nikon in any way.

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  • kururu

    lol,,, i want that grip ^_^

  • Ashfaq Parkar

    Nice Grip. Looks for recording.

  • Victor

    not really possible, those joint may let water goes it

  • Sashimi

    It’s an horrible prototype and the grip is not useful at all … People… rely in Nikon.

  • Swivel hand grip will be great to tilt the camera down to photograph my feet.

  • Joaquim

    Just too much.
    This grip is nor really usseful and this wireless monitor not really something.

    Liked the first concept better!


    YES!!!!! NICE!!!

  • Only one word for this:

    And maybe another word:

    Or maybe this:
    Run Forest RUN!!

  • warghhh

    please let it not be like this…

  • no way, I hope, that the D800 will not be like this – horrible.

    • Global

      This is something interesting for the D5100 line, i think.
      Let Nikon make a Cinema DSLR. The D5100 series will be great for it.

      But please, please, please keep it away from the D800.
      I just want a merger of the D3x and the D3s — is that so much to ask??
      Please Nikon, forget about video CRAP for the D800.

      Put as much video junk as you want into the D400….
      But the D800 must be a still photography-purist’s machine. (Video allowed, but never anything that gets in the way of still-photography even a little).

  • kévin

    Why a DX lens on this picture???

    • Global

      For that “cinematic crop look”? =P

      Who knows.

  • i think the designer uses Canon…..cause it looks like it, boring design (visually), not like Nikon at all

    but the grip is really useful =]

    • Global

      DEFINITELY. The designer forgot Nikon’s red grip line/triangle/swoosh.

  • Marc

    The removable screen is an idea I was thinking about as well, the rotating handgrip makes me think about the Coolpix 990. That was really usefull, but I wonder if such a solution can be implemented on this type of camera. Video however is getting more and more important on DSLR’s (see all the comments and questions on the different items on Nikon Rumours), so a solution for a more comfortable video handling would definitely be appreciated.

    Anyway, I will be patiently waiting for the D800 to arrive and in the mean time devouring any news on (Nikon) camera technology.

  • Stefan

    left side buttons? :S lol, gone. And yup, ugly indeed

    • Global

      If the screen were removable — then the buttons might be able to remain. It doesn’t necessary need to slide. It could have some kind of dual locking mechanism.

      (By the way, I think removable screen is a rather awful idea, even worse than a rotating one. If I want a second screen, I ll buy one and just give me some kind of wifi access to it.)

  • Bart Montinola

    Looks cheap. I would never upgrade my D700 if it looks like this! This guy is just trying to impress Nikon. They’ll still let Guigiaro design their cameras.

  • Manfred Sommerer

    I would prefer an integrated vertical grip instead of this overhead grip!
    But this would be in competition with the D3+

  • Nice, now just hope its the size of D3100, else Im not buying.

  • Really good idea!

  • alezayas

    don’t like the grey nor the too little top display.. plus i hope it’s FX, raw video and and the zoom for the rear screan on the screan or something..

  • bobos

    This concept has the Sony genes. I am reminded of the cybershots 707/717 of ten years ago

  • Something tells me the grip isn’t feasible both for water tightness and sheer physical space. That grip would mean a line through the camera in which no components could reside. It would likely mean a larger camera body to work accordingly. The D700’s big appeal is the FX and DX support in a relatively compact body. I suspect the FX sensor wouldn’t fit with the grip in place.

    Wireless screen? Worthless. If I have a D800 (a D700 follow-up), I’m not shooting from the screen. I’m shooting TTL. But even so…a more useful feature would be wireless syncing…maybe even wireless tethering.

    These features are glitz and unnecessary for the pro/semi-pro user the D700/D800 is intended for. My hope is that Nikon keeps things simple and adds only the most useful features (for a pro).

    • gav

      After reading some fascinating nonsense in the thread above, it is refreshing to read some useful and focused logic. Even as an amateur, I agree entirely with your views. Nikon please keep the D800 simple and equally useful as the D700….slightly more MP and 100% viewfinder is all we need….thanks

      • Tracey Love

        My sentiments exactly, maybe video capability for peeps who may want that, but if it doesn’t certainly not a deal breaker.

        • Global


          – Silent Mode (as quiet as possible)
          –> Maybe a rubber or soft stopper could be engaged to absorb sound, instead of just clapping open and shut. I don’t care if the frame rate is 1/second — a SUPER silent mode would be the best thing in the world.

          – Increased dynamic range.
          – Fun adjustable HDR mode (sorry, i like soft HDR)
          – 24MP sensor with D3s sensitivity.
          – Dual compact flash.
          – Larger buffer.
          – 100% viewfinder — i will pay good money for a perfect prism!
          – Basic video for those family moments, capturing news, etc.
          – 2 more small programmable buttons in easy reach.

          But yeah any ergonomics oriented to video as a priorty is going to piss me off. This must be a still-photography camera.

  • tyler

    DX lens on FX camera….Great design concept!

  • Bob Hovey

    This is not really a video grip… not when you have to bend your index finger back like that. Horizontal video grips have two main purposes, to let you support the camera weight more easily with the palm of your hand when the camera is on your shoulder, and to let you use more controls simultaneously (typically, record on/off is under the thumb, while the index and middle fingers (which are on TOP of the grip, not behind) toggle the zoom and can reach other switches like auto iris. I like the idea of the adjustable grip, but I guess I’ve got serious questions about its functionality and would want to hold it in my hand to see if it actually has any use (for stills or for video). It’s a great idea, but I think it needs some work regarding control placement.

    I’m more enthusiastic about the removable screen. One of the first accessories video shooters buy for DSLRs is a separate LCD monitor… because the one on the back of most cameras is awkward to use when you’re simultaneously moving the camera and focusing (swings/tilt screens are better, but still not perfect). A screen that you can take off and mount anywhere would be a tremendous advantage. Still shooters could probably find some application for it as well, though I suspect in most cases a swing/tilt screen would probably serve them just fine.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the implementation of wireless video, regardless of whether or not the LCD detaches… since most videographers are going to want a larger monitor anyway, I think providing some sort of wireless capability that could feed the outboard monitor of your choice would be a great feature.

  • I think the rotating grip looks really uncomfortable, if they want to pull that off, they’ll need a thumb switch, using your index finger like that just seems awkward. Not to mention a durability issue. I like the idea of changeable rubber grips. As for a detachable screen, no way, that would get lost faster than a lens cap.

    Just make it lighter with even better ISO, and more customizable.

  • Scott

    Horrible idea on the grip the camera would have to be huge to support that. Removable screen would be a minor usefulness. If I’m buying a DSLR I’ve bought it to use the TTL feature. Of course I am a dinosaur when it comes to cameras I would still prefer the Nikon FM version, full manual, no AF, no AE, no screen just a body and a chip.

  • kmci99

    whoever thought up that grip hasn’t spent much time using a camera

  • Azmir

    Reminds me of the digital hasselblad bodies. Intriguing.

  • Not really a big fan of this concept. I like the replaceable grip, but the other features seem to make it a less robust. I would loose the screen and I feel that the rotatable grip would be just another thing that could break.

  • Sam V

    Having the grip spin like that seems to offer no real world benefit as implemented. Even if it provided better hand grip surfaces at angles, what good is it if you can’t see the LCD? I also hate the location of the AF-ON button way up in the upper right corner. I use that button exclusively to autofocus and moving it up there is a big red flag.

    Way to think outside the box, but I think the box is there for a reason.

  • Roland Stevenson

    From a D800 I would like.
    Even better low light performance and noise reduction.
    Quiet shutter mode
    Fold out LCD
    A few more pixels maybe.
    Better build of things like the battery door.
    More accessible PC socket
    I can live without Video completely

  • Video. I do not need it on my Nikon. I do not want to. This is useless. And that’s not nice.

    • Video. I do not need it on my Nikon. I do not want to. This is useless. And that’s not nice.
      Can I unscrew it? 🙂

  • Derek

    well, the detacheable LCD is very useful and if you shoot Sony A55V or something similar you know how useful fast AF LV with swiveling LCD is and the detacheable wireless LCD is even more useful for model or street shooting or for macro.

    it is amazing how negative old so called serious amature or pros here , I did not expect to see this many negative posts for innovative camera like this one.

    if anything like this comes out in a few months , I will be the first to get that one , I just sold my D700 and returned my D7000, and I am really ready for next FF from Nikon, Sony or Canon.

    but I guess what I really want to see in next gen Nikon prosumer FF is the new 28mp Kodak CCD , or the one used in the M9.

    I do prefer CCD and hope Nikon to fully optimize it for the base ISO performance or at least normally used ISO range rather than extreme high ISO which is useless for most of serious shooters (except press and sports guys).

  • The detachable LCD would be ok. But this design is terrible and I do video with the video camera – if I ever do. I think of the people when they build, and I expect this camera.

  • Kanichiro

    If Nikon released this version of the D800, I’d be able to get another $700 when I put my D700 up for sale in a few weeks. Having said that, I can see a use for the detachable wireless screen for landscape photography.

  • Sam

    « This is just a design concept created by an artist and is not related to Nikon in any way ».

    I wish.

  • Paul

    If Nikon was the first to market with that design in a D800, there would be a huge sucking sound heard across the world of 5DMKII owners moving to Nikon. They would not be able to make it fast enough.

    • Thats cos Canon guys love this kinda crap, Nikon guys just want to take photos!

  • Ray

    nikon never made anything fast enough…
    this concept looks dumb. wireless screen? does anyone hear “zomg i lost my screen?”
    rotating grip… eh maybe.
    DX pentaprism? or is it mirrorless now? lol IDK. I like the contour rubber grip idea. iffy on the rotating grip.

  • The second photo, with the grip rotated, sorta makes it look like a hassleblad or mamiya medium format body.

    The grip will never happen though, as the d700/800/900, etc are prosumer, and thus will have add-on battery grips available. If they made it just fit the base of the body, then it would look funny when the grip was vertical instead of horizontal, and so for this reason I say it will never happen.

  • I cannot fathom why a photographer wants video, it is why we have videographers. This video direction in a dslr does not compute, at least not on a professional level.

    If the D800 or the D4 were to look anything like this mockup, the demand for a D3x would go up. Should I buy the D3x now or later? Surely the designers behind the scenes must realize the marketing pitfalls if they squeeze video capabilities into every future dslr.

    • Funduro

      The video is used to complement the digital stills in a slide show. Lot’s of photographers see a need to use video every so often. Companies sell low end pro gear to consumers that: have the desire to own”pro” level and those that are “pro” but not wealthy. Many comments about carrying “one” camera versus 2, DSLR sensor size Vs the dedicated video camera’s sensor, never mind fast glass. I have a D300s and the new Olympus XZ-1 and I haven’t shot video on either yet. But then I do not have children yet.

  • Wow, interesting grip. Would have to get my hands are it to see if I like it or not. Not sure what the befits are to the new design.

  • Kevin

    wow… detachable screen is an interesting concept.

    not sure what the rotatable grip can be used for…

  • Mark J

    All these extra features? no thanks. I would rather it be built strong, rather than flimsy with tons of moving external parts just asking to have stuff leak into them, or snap off.

  • Gato

    Like it. Like the grip, like the removable screen. Now make the grip removable as well for remote shooting.

  • Cool idea, but better on the d3-5-7000 range though. For the typical D800 users it would be a hassle, want camera to be a camera. Battery grips would be not possible and weather proofing could well be an issue. If I wanted a do it all thing then yes I like it, for a top shelf DSLR given the choice I would avoid it.

  • VJ

    Well, he gets points for out of the box thinking… But the ideas it would be more at home at consumer level.

    The idea with the grip is actually clever, but I would guess the point is to hold it like a handycam (fingers on top, thumb at the back), possibly with a band over your fingers; not like he shows in the last photo. So good idea, but still missing some usability things… (e.g. why turn the top display? if part grip would turn, you could even have a new button layout accessible to your thumb)

  • inginerul

    Geez, I sure hope none of this “removable screen, tilting grip, no-left-buttons, small-upper-LCD, cramped buttons” leaks into the D800 design.
    After using the D700 for about two years all I want is 8 fps without the grip, like the D300s, 18 megapixel with D3s low light and the same great color reproduction, a lighter or the same AA filter and NO PEELING RUBBER ! Oh, and some kind of HD video, it could be useful.

    • Kingyo

      dual card slots and 1080p hd video would be great. The D700 is a good camera already, but a bit more speed, resolution and video would really make it a D800 🙂

  • Alwyn

    I’m a beginner with a D90. The video feature I’ll never use. As for what I need…well I returned my Canon 60d for the D90 coz Canon doesn’t listen. Give me a durable body with a durable shutter mechanism, better seals, improve the viewfinder, make the grip comfortable. Give me a good warranty with a good turnaround time when things go wrong. No gimmicks please. I buy a camera to take photos, not to shoot the next jerry bruckheimer blockbuster or to look cool with features i can boast about, but don’t need. Keep it purely about the purity of the art of capturing that perfect moment

    • I totally agree with you Alwyn, too bad we are probably the odd ones out on this deal. We will find out eventually! I’m still curious about predictions the D4 release will precede the D800. I’m figuring if one of the two is without video, it will more likely be the D4.

  • richard wagner

    I personally think that the wireless screen would come in very handy for video. When you have the camera mounted on a jib its almost impossible to see the screen to make sure you’re getting the right shot. I hope that the D700 replacement has video capability to compete with the Canon 5dmk2. It needs 1080p @ 60fps and even higher ISO senstivity.

  • its great for a d5100 or d7000 but when you talking the cost of $3000 maybe more… Hell No!! ugly photographers are photographers not video men on steriods like this camera ;0

  • Anand S

    I feel that @ that segment the fancy of having a tilt grip is a overkill and NIKON would not be able to sell it! I dont think serious photographers getting D800 possibly replacing a old D700/D300/D3 would want to buy a body not concentrating on it core competency of Photo and not VIDEO!!

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