Nikon D800 design concept camera

Tecnofotografia published a new Nikon D800 design concept that features a wireless screen, replaceable rubber cover that fits the shape of your hand, rotating grip for video recording that simulates holding a camcorder and more:

Would you buy the Nikon D800 with those design changes?

This is just a design concept created by an artist and is not related to Nikon in any way.

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  • The rotating grip for video is uninteresting. But I would like to have a wireless monitor or minimum a rotatable monitor like the D5100.
    I´m waiting for the real D800.

  • JAKE

    I don’t see anything wrong with it, and a detachable wireless screen would be great. What if it did stand up to anything we threw at it, for those complaining of reliability already, before even using it. It may be a tank. If this was real, would you think its reliability would not be tested? In the end it is a concept.

  • I like design and video feature. But I interested in High iso performance and higher resolution (D3s+D3X) more than design and video.
    So hope D800 and D4 will be announce in 2011. My D700 already has 130.000 suhtter count. Wish to see replacement soon !!!

  • That’s actually not bad. Usually these mock ups are crap. My only criticism is: ditch the on-board flash.

    • Why? Its incredible useful in a pinch and as a free built in commander. If you don’t see value in that, there’s no helping you.

      • Eric Pepin

        or they just build in a actual commander instead of a flash.

    • Pretty hot, I think. I wouldn’t have a problem ditching the flash either, but leave some sort of trigger built into the camera. The onboard flash tends to cause shadows on my images anyway, with the lenses and shades I use.

  • John

    Give us the high ISO!

    Personally, I don’t see a reason for a detachable screen. It’s cool, but wireless seems easy to malfunction, and it’s easy to somehow lose.

    • Lawliet

      Also an additional battery to manage.
      Simply add an WiFi transmitter instead and use any netbook not only as a remote screen but also remote control.

      And where goes the battey grip for not only higher fps 😉 but also more convenient battery options?

    • Detachable screen would be HUGE for video production. If I’m using a flycam, shoulder rig or jib crane, I wouldn’t need the extra monitor and could just view from the wireless detachable screen.

      The rotatable hand grip seems pointless for serious video users. Any camera movements in video mode are usually done with tools and not hand held. It’s more of a consumer “show” feature.

      • ithurtswhenipee

        I don’t like the rotating grip either. Another moving part is something else that can wear out or brake. I am trying to think of a scenario where I would need to hold my camera over my head and still keep hold of the grip – nope can’t think of one. If I were in that situation I would just a remote shutter release.

        I do like the concept of a wireless screen though. As long it is the same size or larger than the current 3 inch screen.

    • MLWadester


  • AndrewM

    the Canon keep on launching their new Semi-Pro & Pro camera…….

    • Shut up troll.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Way to rock the English there, Webster.

  • Not a fan I’m afraid tbh – as others have said the rotating grip and detachable screen just feel like some kind of toy rather than a proper camera.

    Bears more than a passing resemblance to the Nikon E3S too for some reason.

  • One thing is the wireless screen could maybe turned around so its like a standard dslr screen and then removed if you need to for some reason/shot. I hate the design of the camera itself but unlike others a removable screen might be a neat idea.

  • Nikon D800 with a DX lens? 😀

    • vinman

      Yep – DX lens? Definitely smells of fakeola. Could be either a simple CGI design exercise or a hoax, but I can’t see “this” particular camera being a DX model.

      All the stuff looks cool, but it doesn’t appear to be a credible rumor…

      • “design concept ”
        Read before you speak!

        • vinman

          I DID read. If you read all the comments, you’ll see that there are quite a few people commenting as though this was a possible prototype. Again, if you read my particular comment carefully, I acknowledged it possibly being a design concept (exercise). My comment was also directed more at the fact that whoever created these images didn’t do enough homework in that they chose to publish said images with a DX lens.

          Perhaps you should read more carefully, yourself. Or find something better to do than pick out specific posts in a rumor thread to criticize.

          • fwenie

            “I acknowledged it possibly being a design concept”



            • vinman

              Yes, fweenie – “possibly”. You guys and semantics, give it a rest and go back to dpr.

          • Iris Chrome

            Vinman, it really is ok to admit when you’re wrong.

            • aetas

              I have mistyped before to its ok. Nothing to get so touchy about.

  • mhmmd

    it;s amazing

  • camera looks great except for the screen who would want to detach it swivel grip i dont know would have to try it out

  • dino

    Which is the lens paired with it ? It looks like a DX lens but it looks also HUGE ! However it could be nice, although I hope Nikon will release (once all this mess will be gone) something like a FM3D with few basic controls and great iso capabilities. Bells and whistles make just price go up.

    • Greg Ferris

      The lens also seems to have follow focus gears built in… exciting stuff for a filmmaker.

  • Bara

    Nikon please give us voice memo where the comment is directly linked to the images file. I need to note names and other things to the images and being able to record it would be so much easier than keeping track of all these notes.

  • Jeremy

    Wow, i can’t believe all of these whiny people and these anti-video rants. Have you not been awake as the Canon 5D mk2 has revolutionized the industry? Nikon has needed a competitor for more than 2 years. Sheesh.

    • Mock Kenwell


  • roK

    Would you buy the Nikon D800 with those design changes?

    Never! I would die a bit deep inside and Nikon would lost all my reputation.

    • Mock Kenwell


  • Detachable screen would be HUGE for video production. If I’m using a flycam, shoulder rig or jib crane, I wouldn’t need the extra monitor and could just view from the wireless detachable screen.

    The rotatable hand grip seems pointless for serious video users. Any camera movements in video mode are usually done with tools and not hand held. It’s more of a consumer “show” feature.

    Once again, if Nikon’s next pro/semi-pro body doesn’t out do all existing Canon’s, I’m selling all my Nikon bodies and going Canon…..D7000 was a let down in the video department and is still behind Canon’s in competitive range bodies.

  • George

    Would you buy the Nikon D800 with those design changes?
    I’d do if it produces natural skin tones and deep, rich colors.
    Nikon, please, please get back to CCDs.
    Give up these sick CMOS colors, high ISO hype and Mp rush

  • Martin

    i’d buy it especially because it looks more ergonomic than d700, and more compact.

  • iamnomad

    Want BEST dynamic range. Period.

    • Zouk

      Crucial point and seldom stated. Who knows, Pentax might outsmart Canikon some day 😀

  • adam

    Hahaha. Sooooo fugly. D800 wishlist….
    1.) standard iso 200-25,600
    2.) 21+ mp
    3.) 1080p video at least 30 fps
    4.) 7fps burst mode
    5.) wifi built in
    6.) 3.3″ led screen w/ 1 million + pixels
    7.) no pop up flash
    8.) possibly a little lighter than D700?
    ok thanks

    • Greg Ferris

      Forget 1080p, make it 2K and 60 fps.

      • Craig Houdeshell


    • Panfruit

      I demand 50 million pixel display! By noon tomorrow!

  • Joe Bodego

    Like I keep saying, forget about the D700 replacement, focus on the D3 replacement which I think would be out before the D700 replacement. Nikon os the “Apple” of camera manufacturers…. they don’t care

  • disiderio

    Unless they’re going to embrace a lot of funky composites and the like, this thing would weight a tonne. Would much prefer to see ff go smaller.

  • disiderio

    To those embracing the on-board flash – I recognise the pros but it sure as shit is annoying when the thing pops up in the hustle and bustle of a job. 🙁

    • Jeremy

      Stop using auto mode. 🙂

  • Eric Pepin

    Take out the rotating grip, and make the body a bit taller so my whole hand fits on it and yes.. ie make it more like the d700. Nothing wrong with that design, change it a bit but going this route would be a huge risk for nikon, which could pay off, or fail miserably and mean huge losses for many years.

  • Thanos

    if a pro dslr is not a dslr but a hybrid why buy in the first place? people can buy attachments to make their photo camera into a video camera

  • Unlikely. Nikon will not design something like that. Camera is camera, video cam is a video cam.

  • fiod

    Ugly concept, christ

  • Frankly speaking, the swivel display looks bad lol.

  • DrPete

    I really hope not. Of course if this hideous beast comes out it’ll give me an excuse to buy a D3S, but it’s a shame you’d have to head up to $5K land to buy a serious body. There’s so much gimmickry to break on that model that it’s tough to view it as anything but more marketing than photography. Here’s hoping this was one they found in the circular file.

  • Funduro

    Wow, there’s a varied and pointed reaction going on here. I say kudos for the design study. I like the molded rubber grip, the detachable screen, the swivel grip and the over all look. I’m not in the marked for the D700 replacement unless I hit the lottery or a sack of cash falls off the back of an armored truck. Never the less I like what is shown in those CG images. I find it funny that the oft repeated whines YES whines are: the screen will get lost and the battery will die, rotating grip cheapens the Nikon “name”, blah blah. The status quo will always be afraid of something new and find minor things to whine about. Look at Apple, they design in secret then release it. People will buy the items after experiencing it. Right now the Ferrari fans are whining and trowing a tizzy about the a 4 door FF. Funny thing is that, .0000001% of those whiners will ever own one. But somehow they believe Ferrari will stop production. If you don’t like it DO NOT buy it.

    • Mock Kenwell

      +1. I love it. It’s bold, it’s a total throwback to the very first innovative Coolpix swivel body cams of the late 90’s, and it’s eminently practical. Whether you could jam all the electronics in there, whether that swivel would be tough to weather seal or whether it’s tough enough to be rotated 25,000 times would remain to be seen, but that combined with the detachable screen are bold, exciting ideas that a leader like Nikon should be exploring. The camera is undergoing a metamorphosis right now. You may not recognize one in 10 years. You can bitch and moan and talk about the good old days or you can embrace it and imagine the possibilities. Great bit of industrial design.

  • Lee Jinks

    I like all these features. It looks pretty thought out to me. Still pretty anxious to see what we really get from Nikon.

  • I love this. Put me down for one if they ever build it.

  • Ben

    Depends; What I want, and what I’m guessing other cinematographers want is the following:

    -1080p/24 & /60 MINIMUM, higher would be better.
    -4:2:2 color MINIMUM, RAW would be better.
    -Bigger than APS-C MINIMUM, Full-frame would be better.
    -XLR input, w/48khz audio MINUMUM, 2 inputs would be better.
    -1080p live recording HDMI output MINUMUM, HD/SDI 4:4:4 would be better.
    -Nikon’s superior color!

    You do that for under $5,000, and the world will beat a path to Nikon’s door again!

  • Anon

    I guess I’ve kind of outgrown the gimmickry. this is a fabulous concept study, but a lot of it – especially the fact that there’s a DX lens on there and the prism doesn’t look big enough to be 35mm-sized bothers me. I will stick to shooting 6×7 and 4×5 for now until Nikon or Canon can think up a serious camera. Preferably a digital “full-frame” rangefinder with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings at your finger tips, and very little to be found in the menus.

  • Mike Devonport

    All I can say on designed, I think of Home Improvement. When Al Borland tells Tim ” I don’t think so Tim”. That’s what I say ” I don’t think so Tim”. The design looks nonprofessional. I prefer professional type camera for the money that I will be investing.

  • Yeah but I still want an updated D3s but not that goofy D4 concept thingy.

  • pablo

    This are good design ideas, but not for a second-tier camera like the D800. A detachable screen and pivoting grip wouldn’t stand up well to dirt. I want these features on my D8800.

    • Yeah, give me that 16bit over anything else.

  • If the D800 resembled this in the slightest I would be a shattered man.

    I want FX (obviously), 16MP (at least), ISO to 25600, 8fps, 1080p @ 24fps (not a deal breaker). 16bit (maybe stretching the friendship)

    Who knows????? I’m hanging for the announcements of all the new FX bodies later this year.

  • KHC


  • I see A LOT of “wins” in this design.
    However, it would make more sense as a brand new camera instead of a replacement model. Something in the lines of D800 Xv (as in “video”).

  • I Love this design, BUT I will fell that the detachable LCD is risky and what about charging a separate battery for LCD ?? I like the Grip Idea, I would like it to be locked in five different positions, just like a head of and SB speed-light does !! That would be great.

    One more feature : 120 fps @ 720p and 60fps @1080p

    And if possible we can put a card slot in the battery grip, so you could have one battery in the camera and one in the grip and an extra CF card in the grip, how cool is that ??

  • Nik

    I hope nikon redesign the buttons. Please put the ISO near the right side, So we can reach the ISO button easily. It’s hard when using long lenses, we have to take off our lefthand to press the iso button.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    The Designer got just one little thing wrong.

    The Name.

    This is the new D400.

    • Anon

      Totally agreed.

    • Funduro

      The FX crowd tends to be very finicky about major changes. The FX crowd spends big bucks and they want a use a camera that won’t bruise their ego’s when others see them using it. They want to be seen using the best there is not a bloated bells and whistle P&S style multi thousand bucks digicam. (The molded grip is the exception.)

  • DougB

    No, I would not buy a camera like that.

    What I NEED is an upgrade for is the D300s.

    The D7000 is nowhere near adequate as a professional level DX body, which I REQUIRE.

    The D7000 is too tiny, the buttons are too small and too poorly positioned to allow operating the camera with your eye to the viewfinder… speaking of the viewfinder, it is too tiny, and fogs too easily.

    Those D800 designs look cool but like Nikon, they appear to be going for looks not ease of use.

    One of the things I love about the D300s (and many bodies prior) is that many features can be changed without removing your eye from the view finder (like when you’re shooting sports or PJ, *cough*), such as changing ISO, WB, shooting mode… all very easy to change WHILE shooting…. design like the D7000 does not permit that at all. Even the AE/AF lock button is too close to the live-view button to use reliably while shooting with your eye up to the camera, and the mode selector (A/S/P/M/U1/U2) does not have a lock, so it is easy to change modes when you are not wanting that to happen.

    Half the time, I wonder who is designing Nikon’s cameras, as some things that seem incredibly obvious to me never happen, and they keep releasing amateur bodies leaving DX pro’s outta luck.

    • CTLG

      With all due respect, the D7000 handles wonderfully once you actually use it. Sure, it’s not gonna feel like your D300s right away. But, after you get use to where everything is, its actually a joy to shoot with. I am VERY fast with my D7000 and can do everything I need to do without taking my eyes from the viewfinder.

      Not to mention the fact that the D7000 sensor destroys the D300s sensor in everyway. I also think the D7000’s body quality is one-par with the D300s, actually bettering it in some ways.

      Embrace the newer, better technology and/or wait for the D400 which will most likely have a D7000 sensor with a pro DX body. But, who knows when we will get a D400, at this point. Until then, I’m going to keep loving my D7000 and keep making wonderful pics with this top-notch “amature” camera. Lol.

  • Dont care for the wireless screen. I manly stick with Landscape work. So it does not really strike.

    as for the rotating grip. I can go either way. But what good is a rotating grip with screen that does not fold down, not wireless, but fold down to view easier.

    Thats just me though, to each his own.


  • Art

    Personally, I really like it. Sure, there are some issues but they are really engineering issues and are totally addressable. Seals are able to be built that would seal off the handle. If the magnesium frame projected from one side to the other, it would be strong enough. The removable screen would be awesome for macro photography — especially when the sun is on the back of the camera. I would hope it is reversible and rechargeable batteries life-span is always too short so they’d need to be replaceable.

    The big problem I see is the compatibility with a battery pack as well as an “L” bracket.

    I’m all in favor of video. I regularly travel throughout Central and South America and am planning a trip to New Guinea later this year. I really don’t want to have to carry a video camera along with me as well as my DSLR. Besides, I would be able to take advantage of my collection of Nikon glass.

    What I would really like to see in the D800 is:

    * Raw Video with 1080p support.
    * Decent video auto-focus
    * Bluetooth Control via IPhone / Android / etc.
    * Wireless output of video / photos to external storage. (Is Bluetooth fast enough?)
    * 24MP+ w/D700 or better low light support
    * Ability to have camera reset itself to user specified default settings when it is turned on. (I’m always forgetting to lower my ISO after I finish using higher ISO’s.)
    * Scriptable / programmable. It would be wonderful to be able to script things like bracketing, focus points, timed shots, shoot when certain conditions are met, etc.

  • Kaze kaze

    Oh dear… I missed out few day of net surfing due to other comitments and what a commotion this has became…
    Obviously, this is a PS job and it smells a SONY-ish to me, yes, the FX badge is missing and again, yes, it’a 17-55 2.8G DX (after PS-ed), but anyone mentioned the badge is actually “mirror/ reversed”? as to make it obvious it mere a concept/ artist illustartion.
    The design/ concept bit is good work and effort, but the question is about will I buy it, well… personally, no.
    Some have point out, yes, the detachable screen, surely, tend to be lost and break, just like our lens cap (I thought I lost it again twice this week) and cell-phone/ mobile (once it expericed a change of potential energy into kinetic energy, and releaseing heat and sound) and most likely need a seperate battery/ charing method; but again, the bright side of it is this can be served as a “portable multimedia player”, possibly “touch screen compatable”, or even synch with multiple screen and do like a “matrix display” thing.
    As for the rotation grip thing, no thanks, qouting dear friends above and personal opinion, the vedio thing is more a “trend” thing, adding the bells and whistles is more a marketing grimps to me, even if they manage to solve the reliablity/ body interagtion issue (make it detachable/ user chanagable, if they like), but if I want serious vedio stuff, I will grap my trusty JVC DV or opt for a SONY version DV. The possible bright side of it, is the top panel is now “forward facing”… if only they can make it a tit larger? may be more like a modular thing like in RED? option 1, body + rotaiton grip; option 2, body + fix-grip w/ vertical grip/ powerpack/ battery expantion.

  • Iris Chrome

    How did that song go again? “Video killed the photo star…”

    • S

      It is always possible to make a video-photo camera hybrid (worst of video and worst of still worlds). I don’t like that. I´ll buy a body with the specifications vastly mentioned here and everywhere else, just that. Want video buy video. Not a penny for video stuff on a photo camera.

  • Funduro

    (Just my thoughts, opinions and sarcasm. Those with weak constitutions do not read.)
    Let’s say this IS the new D400. Nikon will sell out any and all they can make for the next year at least, the wait times will be 2-4 months. The person that expect iso 11200 and 18.5 fps will no doubt be disappointed. The more MP is better OCD types won’t like the 22MP sensor, they’ll want a 22.5MP. The persons that misplace everything will freak out about where they’ll loose the detachable OLED screen after they purchase it. The moisture intrusion paranoids won’t sleep thinking the rotating grip joint will allow water to flow into the camera’s inners after 2 weeks of use. I bet once dpreview gives it a gold & a 89 score then the nattering nabobs of negativism will change their minds.

  • Roger


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