Weekly Nikon news flash #104

DSLR Video & Beyond from Bill Bergen on Vimeo.

Nikon and Vimeo hosted a Film panel with moderator Guy Kawasaki, journalist Bill Frakes, Vimeo’s VP of Creative Development Blake Whitman, and Nikon’s Steve Heiner. The panel discussed how affordable technologies like the video-capable DSLR, has started to change the landscape for motion picture from indie cinema to journalism and music videos.

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  • Panfruit

    lol. nitwit.

  • texasjoe

    Nikon and apple are my top two!

  • Jesus_sti

    yerk … apple … hate this compagny for a lot of thing !

    • OMR


      Please tell us some valid points.

      • Jesus_sti

        Main point … IT’s a REVOLUTION ! (cake is a lie !)
        2th … the price
        3th … All the “I” thing work only with “I” thing
        4th … Steve Jobs himself
        5th … Flash ? Adobe hate them why do you thing ?
        6th … They are freak control
        7th … No more advantage vs windows (in 2011)

        Yes they have the esthetic ! and ???

        • Eeyli


          1-don’t get this one, i thought lex luthor stole all the cakes?
          2-agreed for most of their stuff, though compared to competitors who hold same performance, it’s more or less equal
          3-hmm… maybe, but even though I own only one “I” thing I have never encountered such problems with syncing, etc.
          4- ? and….
          5- That’s only a problem if you want to replace your laptop with an ipad, I know some do, so this might be a legitimate point
          6- now this is usually considered a good thing, i mean you WANT the company that makes the stuff you spend so much money on to be perfectionists… then again I’m not sure if this what you mean.
          7-yeah… we’re all just using zunes! that shows you how good they are in 2011!

          aesthetics? Not really, they kinda suck, they’re the only reason I’m not buying an iphone actually, so big and bulky!

        • Merv

          I have read that:

          Apple has 4% of the cellphone market but around 50% of the profits.

          Apple has 95% of the market that spends over $2000 for a new computer.

          Apple is correctly targeting the market that has disposable. If a particular income demographic does not have the money, why focus advertising efforts on them? It is just not worth the effort, and it’s shareholders do not want to hear about failed business strategies.

          Nikon will have an easier time selling their products to those with disposable income than those that do not. Somehow, I think that Nikon should exactly follow in Apple’s footsteps.

          The tidbits above contribute to the answer as to why Apple surpassed Exxon or some oil company to become the most valuable company in the world. And if you wonder how Microsoft fell behind, it is because:

          1) It’s customer base is not as lucrative as Apple’s.
          2) Too much of its customer base are not spending customers-how many corporations and individuals are still holding onto Windows XP?

        • @Jesus_sti: “2th … the price”

          Let me address only your second point, as that is really the 1st and foremost issue for 98% of non-Apple users. I’ll illustrate with a story.

          I recently decided I’d like to look into replacing my wife’s 4 year old iMac. The old machine works great; it’s fast, responsive, has plenty of hard drive space (thanks to a simple HD upgrade years ago), and has a screen that is very large and bright. The only problem I can find with it now is a slight variation in the LCD, resulting in very subtle vertical “waves” of bright/dark areas which is really only visible when watching very dark movies in a dark room. Otherwise, the computer is flawless, as it has been from day one. But I admit I have been interested in the newest machines, and thought it might be time to give her a nice bump in specs.

          I think we paid about $1,200-$1,400 for it 4 years ago. Given its age, I wasn’t expecting to recoup more than about $400 or so. To my surprise, it is worth at least $750, possibly as much as $900 just on the local classifieds market.

          With options for a new replacement machine (last generation) available for as little as $899 today, and a current gen machine coming in right at $1,200, we’re talking a $0-$450 cost to upgrade, less if I pick up an Apple Factory Refurb, which has the full 1 year warranty.

          So essentially, in order to “rent” a fast, fashionable, capable, top of the line computer for 4 years, we will have ended up paying $.30/day, or $112/year ON THE HIGH END, assuming we take the upgrade path. Not bad for cost of ownership. Of course, if we can pick up a last generation machine for $899 shipped, we’re talking about GETTING PAID to use a sweet machine for 4 years. Try doing that with a windows machine.

          My Apple laptops have held similar value over time, typically 60%-80% of the initial purchase price, even after being 2-4 years old.

          So I did a completed listing search on Ebay for PC laptops. It seems it is difficult to GIVE those away after a year or two.

          So why are Apples going for so much $$$ on the second hand market? Is it because sheeple are staining their wooly locks with Apple’s tainted Kool-Aid?

          Or is it because this machine can still power through full 1080 high def video, boot quickly, do pretty much everything the newest machines can do with a simple software update (if only a little slower), and still looks like a sleek, capable, brand new machine?

          Apple computers are built to last, and to be usable when they’re still around. You may not like it, but you cannot sanely dispute it.

          • Jabs

            LOL@Ron Adair.
            You are correct and what you describe is an idiosyncrasy of Apple ownership. (reminds me of BMW, Porsche, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz or even Ferrari and Lamborghini ownership – lol)
            Apple’s are mostly well built and really great since they went to Intel processors but even the old stuff is expensive used.
            I see when new Apple computers get introduced, the used ones of a few generations ago often are MORE expensive used than the new ones, especially if they have a feature that is missing from the newer units (like matte screens and Firewire 800).
            Sort of like how many older Nikon F’s and F2’s are often way more expensive than arguably better F3’s, F4’s and even F5’s.
            I personally do not like all in one computers, as like you are experiencing – LCD’s often have a shorter life than CRT’s (tube monitors) and also don’t often have the color gamut, so we go forward two steps and one backwards sometimes.
            I like Apple’s especially MacPros (desktop, then laptop) but I like when I am able to have the choice of buying my own monitors or use an existing monitor.
            A buyers market perhaps, eh?

            • Whatever the effect, Apple computers are worth more, as is dictated by the free market. I wonder what about this ticks PC owners off so much?

              In regard to your particular point of monitors, of course you can always plug pretty much any external monitor in if you need more control. But I dare say there isn’t an all-in-one package on the market that I would even come close to considering except this one. The iMacs are serious machines, and with the advancements in making components smaller over the last decade most people don’t NEED a dedicated desktop box anymore. This isn’t to say the desktop lineups aren’t faster, and useful for certain applications. But anymore, the tradeoff is much less than it used to be.

            • Jabs

              @Ron Adair.
              I am agreeing with you on Apple’s but sometimes the logics of ‘love’ overshadows practicality.
              Apple’s are really well made and because I use Linux, Windows and Apple’s – I gain a different insight.
              I-macs are great especially the 27in screen varieties, but the attached screen becomes a liability when it goes wacko – was my point.
              Apple’s are based upon a version of Linux (OpenBSD), so they inherit that solidity and they are well built with often unique things missing from most Windows machines (like their mag-safe plugs on their laptops, long battery life and metal construction at the high end), but Windows 7 has raised the bar in the Windows world.
              Apple is a system and Windows is components from many suppliers, so a different approach. I look at the programs available and if I can use Virtualbox to run Windows within Linux, then I do and then have the best of both worlds.
              What I like about each platform.
              1. Apple – tight integration of programs and hardware
              2. Windows – greater choice of hardware but Windows reminds me of pouring too much resources at a resource hog (the operating system) – the more memory and hard drive space you throw at it, the ‘greedier’ it becomes – lol – seen the prices of video cards lately and how powerful they are? Apply that to Windows!
              3. Linux – the best and only true 64 bit implementation out there and it blows everyone away – try Linux Ubuntu Studio 64 bit for an eye opener as to what 64 bit can really do. Both Mac and Windows are both 32/64 even in their 64 bit versions!
              Enjoy your Macs plus whatever you use and looking forward to some serious Nikon gear this year despite the sorrow and sadness in Japan.

        • Why hasn’t anyone pointed this out yet?

          The shortened form of numbering goes:
          1st (first)
          2nd (second)
          3rd (third)
          4th (fourth)
          5th (fifth)

          Not 1th, 2th, 3th, and etc.

        • Why do you choose Nikon over Canon? (Assuming you use Nikon because you’re on this website)

          Canon tends to cost less than Nikon on certain items such as lenses. So I don’t know why you’re complaining about Macs costing more than a Windows computer.

  • mark

    -no sd card slots (iphone/pad)
    -no user removable batteries
    -stupid dongles needed for simple tasks
    -no rhyme or reason to their app acceptance policy
    -incremental changes to their products so they always leave room for improvement
    Don’t get me wrong. Apple is very innovative and sets the bar in this industry, but there are a lot of reasons to hate them.

    • Ken Elliott

      And let’s not forget all the iPhone and iPhone 3G users that upgraded to IOS 4, only to discover the phone got so slow as to be nearly unusable. Apple seems to have the attitude “so what have you bought from us lately?”

      • El Aura

        And iOS 4.1 made them completely useable again.

      • Ken, I agree with you – every new major software update makes my old Apple hardware slower.

        • iamlucky13

          While not an Apple fan by any means myself, that is frankly the reality of software development these days. Every new version has to have more features and be shinier than the next (which is also the reason for all those glossy screens that are impossible to see in bright light, instead of more sensible matte screens).

          We will probably never be free from bloat.

          Since someone mentioned Adobe above, they’re one of the most egregious violators. I think it’s dumb of Apple to ignore Flash compatibility, but the fact is that Flash is resource intensive (tablets and netbooks don’t have a lot of resources to spare) and laden with 10 years of baggage from always trying to be shoehorned into providing semi-random multimedia features for different applications. I’d be glad to see the software community completely throw Flash out and start anew with a more basic, simply extensible and open framework. HTML 5 is potentially a good start.

          And Adobe lately has gotten even worse about annoyingly frequent updates. I think they’ve released updates for either Acrobat Reader or Flash an average of about once a week for the last several months. It’s annoying enough that Windows needs that many updates, but Windows is a giant and extremely complex system in comparison to Acrobat and Flash, and Windows security updates have genuine urgency that the Adobe updates don’t.

          Not to mention, the latest Acrobat update screwed up the scroll bar.

    • +1

    • SF

      Ok, so you have some reasons to not like them. I just don’t understand the intense hatred that appears with so many Apple posts. I use both Mac and Windows and see pro’s and con’s with each. And some of those things you mentioned can be said about other companies as well, including Microsoft, but do you hate them as well?

      • iamlucky13

        I know why. It’s not about Apple’s technical competency or features.

        For a few people it’s about Apple trying to keep strict control over system configurations, which really is one of their biggest selling points. Apple buyers typically want something that “just works.” If you let laypeople configure things too easily, they’re going to screw stuff up.

        But that’s not where the hatred you talk about comes from.

        It’s us versus them: Windows users versus Mac users (occasionally versus Linux users). It’s like Ford versus Chevy, or Democrats versus Republicans, or…*GASP*…Nikon versus Canon!

        Which seems to be an element of human nature.

        Also, some (actually, a lot) of the Mac users make it really easy to adopt that us-versus-them mindset, because they can be annoyingly smug.

      • PAG

        “And some of those things you mentioned can be said about other companies as well, including Microsoft, but do you hate them as well?”

        I hate Microsoft because their very poor execution has my made my job significantly harder for nearly two decades. Their unstable and outrageously vulnerable operating systems and products have caused me lost time and additional work. Remember when people called it “Microsoft Lookout” because of the endless stream of security holes? Or when the M$ response to the fact that Active-X was one massive security hole on the web was that we shouldn’t visit sites we don’t trust? Or when “Clippy” ended up being able to transport a virus? How about ME, NT, and Vista? Microsoft Office is still a piece of junk that hits me with bugs on a regular basis. Bill Gates was the marketing and strategic muscle genius of our time, but stable and secure products were never a priority.

        If Microsoft now gets their act together and provide quality products, then I’ll consider it to be water under the bridge. It looks like Windows 7 may actually be a decent product. But they still have a long way to go.

  • cpm5280

    I love the ebay page for the 300/2:

    “this one remains the FASTEST lens ever made in history.”

    Yeah, Mmmm-hmm.

    • Is that sarcasm, or yummy agreement? I can’t honestly tell.

      After all, it IS one of the fastest lenses around, even today.

  • Erik

    Please put the D40 in production again! Yes, it is OK to improve the high ISO and DR performance of the sensor – but please keep it at 6mp only! (and everything else should be exactly the same as for the original D40).

    • Merv

      I don’t think Nikon manufactured their 6 MP sensor. I think their current 14.1 MP sensor outperforms the D40 sensor both in high ISO and Dynamic Range.

      The most convenient thing I find with the D40 sensor is that I can set the shutter speed to 1/500 while using a flash unit without any (admittedly small) modification to the camera or flash.

      • And that is precisely the reason the D40 is in such high demand. One really sweet (and sought after) feature, plain and simple.

      • +1 1/500 x-sync.

        A 6MP DX camera which can do ISO 6400 comfortably would be quite interesting….

  • broxibear
  • Jabs

    Must be a slow day here – lol.
    Apple and Nikon are substantially different though both are admired for DIFFERENT reasons.

    1. Apple = designers of CUTE plus miniature items that consumers love and buy in droves mainly perhaps because they work well together with the Apple-ecosystem???
    Nikon could not do this.
    2. Apple makes fantastic equipment though sometimes geared toward the high end and a little esoteric or even ‘pretentious’ sometimes.
    Nikon makes exotic equipment based upon ultimate performance and NOT ultimate looks.
    3. Apple is the BEST in consumer equipment now because they make what people want/covet and they market it well.
    Nikon does NOT do this, as Nikon is pro-driven and Apple is consumer driven.
    4. Nikon could learn a thing or two from Apple design-wise and Apple could learn a thing or two from Nikon as in Nikon making ultimate products that WORK above other brands often while not looking much better.
    5. Nikon is engineering and Apple is chic DESIGNS that work as admirable packages.
    6. Nikon could ape Apple in the consumer realm with fashionable CoolPix cameras, but would they be successful or dilute the Nikon brand and focus just to gain market share to the detriment of their hard earned professional reputation!
    7. I admire Apple and their ecosystem but I prefer Nikon’s philosophy as I am a ‘perfectionist’ and NOT a ‘fashionista’.

    END of RANT – have a nice day in thought.
    Get me an Ipad-2 plus a D4 and I will be happy – LOL!

  • Hmmm… there is no 85/1.4D on new Nikon site… only 85/1.4G and 85/1.8D…

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