Nikon announcement in the next 36 hours (D5100)

The Nikon D5100 DSLR is the replacement of the already discontinued D5000 and should be announced in the next 36 hours. Here are the expected D5100 specs:

The official announcement should be on April 4th or 5th, 2011. This means that the Nikon US website will be updated either tonight or Monday night around midnight. I will be online covering the latest news.

I don't know of any other products to be announced with the D5100. There was some chatter about a Coolpix presentation along side of the D5100 announcement, but I think this will just be a rerun of the latest Coolpix cameras announced in February.

I have not heard anything about Nikon's mirrorless solution.

Image source: flickr | details

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  • Interesting but I’ll pass. I’m curious about the night vision though. I hope it’s hot something hoakie and un-usable.

    • venancio

      “Interesting but I’ll pass”… prophetic words if new buyers would see the D5100 struggling to compete with the T2i or T3i if the cost difference is not that great….

      • kt

        If the D5100 inherit the same sensor from the D7000, it’ll run circles around the T2i/T3i. That 18 MP sensor from the 7D came dead last in every comparison to the new crop of APS-C sensors from Nikon/Sony/Pentax. Even the Nikon 14.2 MP from the 3100 is still pretty respectable.

        • idiot

          too bad being dead last doesn’t stop retailers recommending 7Ds to every newbie that comes in the door.
          Sony and Canon all pay kickbacks to shops to promote their brands.

          Anyway, soon we’ll get Canon APS 30mp sensors that are diffraction limited at f5.6. Then we’ll have fun.

          • Chantel

            As a person who works in retail and knows cameras this is completely untrue. I have worked in both a big box store and a locally owned. And never have I been pushed to sell one brand over the other. Barely any money is made in cameras or lenses and canon, sony, and nikon don’t offer kickbacks unless they are doing the promotion too. I sell what is right for the customer. Sometimes it’s canon, sometimes it’s nikon, and rarely sony. I am much more familiar with nikon because I have shot nikon for several years, but if canon fits for a customer, then it fits. So don’t assume that is why people push canon or sony. Usually if they do it is because they aren’t fully educated in all of the brands and do their research.

          • JED

            Fun how? I would like enough pixels such that F2 is diffraction limited.

          • Darcy

            You are completely wrong. I work in retail and no particular brand gives retailers kick backs. Every now and then there are bigger commissions on certain cameras – but these cameras are most commonly NIKONS.

            Ever wonder how Nikon still sells compact cameras even though they suck? Sell a P7000? Here’s $50!

        • horseboy

          It only came last if you belive DxO. I rekon DxO gets a kick back from nikon /joke

          Seriously DxO is not always right.

        • horseboy

          And of course DxO are French so what would they know.

          • i take offense to that. Photography started in france, was pioneered by the french and croissants are the shit!

            • D-RiSe

              Croissants are actualy from austria….

    • LGO

      I find it interesting that Nikon seems to have done a good job in keeping the specs of the D5100 under wraps so close to its announcement date. As of this writing, no one seems to know whether the D5100 will have the sensor of the D3100 or the D7000. If Nikon achieves the same level of secrecy with the D700-D3x-D3s replacements, many of the regular visitors here at NR will be in pins and needles for some time to come.

      Going on to the D5100, to compete against the Canon T3i/600D, I expect that Nikon will release the D5100 with the D7000 sensor. I expect Nikon will also equip the D5100 with a wireless flash commander found in the D90 and D7000 but which was absent from the D5000. The Canon T3i/600D now has this and the D5100 must also have this.

      NR Admin has already indicated that the D5100 would use the EN-EL9 battery. It would be nice for the D5100 to use the higher-capacity EN-EL14 battery as the D5100 is designed primarily as the video DX dSLR for Nikon.

  • Roy

    It’s good to see that Nikon is still able to produce new products with all that is going on in Japan. 1st

    • Well said. Wishing the best for Nikon and the Japanese people.

    • It is good, but realize that this product was already complete and in production in Thailand before the catastrophe. There is a possibility that supply chain problems will keep this new body in short supply.

  • Zorro

    I’d have preferred that the LCD screen swiveled downwards like the D5000 and had the D3100 sensor.

    • ilovefreestuf

      Why do you prefer the D3100 sensor as opposed to that in the D7000?

      • I wonder the same thing. The MP count isn’t enough for those seeking smaller files to really care. And the D3100 being only 12 bit is a real shame. Additionally, the D7000 sensor seems to perform better in low light.

        • Adam

          The D3100 is 14.2 MP.

          • I’m not talking MP, I’m talking bits. The D7000 has a 14-bit ADC while the D3100 only produces 12-bit files.

            • WoutK89

              So-what? It will probably not have 14-bits to differentiate bodies. And who needs 14-bits when shooting 8 bit JPEGs?

            • El Aura

              And who shoots JPEGs?

            • WoutK89

              D3100 and D5100 buyers most probably.

          • Also, re-reading my previous comment, I think “a real shame” is a bit of a stretch. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the D3100 is a low-end DSLR and geared toward consumers, most of which are going to shoot in JPEG mode anyway thus negating many of the benefits of shooting in 14-bit mode. I do think it would benefit most users, just not nearly as much as it benefits me and other pro-level shooters.

            • suprchunk

              And upon re-reading your post you mention MP, before you bark at someone stating you did such.

            • TT

              Even if D5100 has 16 MP Sony sensor that doesn’t mean it will have 14-bit RAW. That will require way larger buffer and speed for lower-end camera like D5100.

    • Tonny

      I prefer side-swivel, ok bottom swivel is good for overhead shot but that is all its good purpose.

      With tripod or even without tripod, imagine you put this camera on table , you won’t be able to use this bottom swivel (I mean for self timer shot, or remote)

      I think that is why Nikon has changed to side swivel.

      • Nikolicious

        Maybe it does both? Is that even possible? Haha

  • It’s hard for me to get excited over a body that is a step down from the already excellent D7000. I shoot FX, but the D7000 is awesome for a DX body and an indication of things to come when that senor is up sized.

    • ja

      i agree that sensor in the up and coming D400 body will be awesome , i also think that the up and coming D4 will have 3 card slots 2 compactflash & 1 sd ,
      just a hunch dont bite my head off , just think about it ??? more MP more space needed for images and video .
      i myself am dont a big fan of video on a still camera i prefer a dedicated movie camera for video ,but its here now so if the camera has it ! i’ll use it

  • JED

    I would suspect the ‘Night Vision’ mode (assuming it is real) to simply be some type of high gain live view with maybe a heavily downsampled JPG output.

    • PHB

      A downsampled mode for night vision would be ok with me…

      But what I really want is an IR mode. I keep looking for cheapish used Nikons but the prices on EBay are silly.

      Another way to get ‘night vision’ would be to take multiple shots and combine across them.

      I would like to see a HDR mode that worked that way. Setting up bracketing is a bit of an unnecessary pain.

  • R R


  • Things would be so much easier if they simply put the Intervalometer in every camera!
    Grrr Argghh!

    • FredDog

      I hear that. Here’s to hoping.

  • andrewM

    i want the d300s or d7000 replacement plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss NIKON replace it……………………….

    • kt

      Didn’t they just release the D7000 4 months ago?

    • James

      You mean D700?

      • lurdwig

        andrewM probably has brand new in boxed D3s is in his closet he forgot was there….

  • iamnomad

    Dear Nikon:
    p.s. get better soon.

    • ConcreteSnowman


      • trololololo

        +800 😉

      • James


  • Zim

    I’m sure it will be a great camera but I’m waiting for the D400

    • ja

      ditto , or maybe D4 or i could push the limits and pluck a D3x

  • David Burns

    I’m not going to buy one, but damn I love announcements and new stuff to look at!


    • Nikkorz

      Same here. It’s nice to see the DSLR market staying fresh, whether I like the product or not.

  • Jorge

    I’m still waiting for a FF DSLR with 1080p from Nikon. I know some will say get a movie camera to make video but there are a lot of Nikonians that are pining for this and don’t want to jump over to Canon.

    • Nikkorz

      The D4 will not disappoint. This is pretty much guaranteed.

  • K

    Great! Can’t wait to see what kind of other features they added like more scene modes or some guide mode like the d3100.

  • andrewM

    Dear Nikon……

    Please announce it now the replacement of your D300s and D700. There’s a lot of people waiting on it… We dont want entry level DSLR as of now…

    • James


    • Joe

      +1. D400 pls thx.

    • WoutK89

      Dear AndrewM,
      Your point was already clear in your previous posting in this topic. If you dont have anything to add on the D5100, then dont say anything at all. We know people’s wants by now.

      Btw, to add on topic. If the picture on the box is really a microphone, the D5100 will have a mic-in!!!

    • ja

      now that would make a whole load of sense , nikon don’t need to give spec just time frame so we have some idea as to were we stand and what to aim for , do ya know what i mean ?

  • It has begun!! 😀

    • the wait

      ………only if you are talking about waiting (in which case, that has been going on for some time).

    • ja

      iv been reading that for the past 2 yrs , so come on tell us what is it that has begun ???

  • f-stop

    Let me know when they’re done handing out the kids toys. P.S Take care Japan.

  • If outer competition rules the decision, it´ll have the 16MP sensor. If inner copetition is the issue, 14MP will be it. Hoping for the former.

    • Craig Houdeshell

      Since the call out is for 11 point focus….that point to the same technology as in the D3100….I’m just sayin’.

      • WoutK89

        MP are not linked to AF system. The AF sensor is the spec you should be looking at.

    • My guess is the D5100 will be 14mp. The D700o 16mp sensor will turn up in the d400,( D90-D300 style). The D800 will have a new FX sensor also 16mp (D300-D700 both same 12mp) which it will share with the D4s. (D700-D3s). Its just a theory..

      • James

        The Nikon D400 will likely have the new Sony 24MP APS-C sensor that will debut in Sony’s A77 camera.

        As for the D800 if Nikon were smart they would put in it a 30+ MP 35mm sensor with multiple framerate 1080P video. Unfortunately I believe they will foolishly put a 16MP sensor in it and low bitrate 1080/24P video and it will again play second to the Canon 5D3 in sales.

        • The d700 and 5dmkII are different animals. The d700 as a huge following because it DID’NT go mega mega pixels. I hope it does NOT go 30mp, the files will be hopeless to handle and you just dont need it!

          • Gordon

            Yes Nikon are still missing out on a big market for those of us who want a high MP D700-like body. The D3X is the only high MP body they have and Nikon needs to give us photographers more options.

            I would not be surprised if they release a D800 which includes the patented sensor changer components. That way they only have to build one body but give the option of which sensor you wish to place in it.

            • PHB

              The CPUs are getting to the point where an interchangeable sensor makes a lot of sense. The D400 and D800 could share a common body with a field upgradeable sensor. They probably don’t want their customers swapping them out, but it should be within the abilities of some of the dealers.

              I can’t see new sensors being cheap but they would make a much smoother upgrade path. I am not going to upgrade my D300 just for 6MP extra. But I might spend $500 on a sensor upgrade. If I could get a D400 that could be later upgraded to an FX sensor, so much the better. It would also take the pressure off Nikon re introduction of higher ISO response sensors and the like. Most pros would probably upgrade their D3 to the D3s sensor given the choice.

              But this is still an idea that would have made a lot more sense when the field was still developing fast. I suspect that when I get a 24MP FX body it is going to be the last one I need for a long time.

              But I said that about the D300.

        • I think if the D800 isn’t at least 20mp, it is DOA. I think I fall into the cracks, like many shooters. I’m not a photojournalist any more, so I don’t need the build of a D3, but I can use the mp’s, because I do a lot of fine art work. Most of my colleagues fall into this range, but it seems to be overlooked.

          • If 20mp isn’t enough, get off the pot and pick up a medium format.

        • Rob

          And be a better photo taking device for it.

      • Some Other James

        I’m going with 14mp too. From what we can tell Nikon makes their own 14mp sensors, and they need to put them in as many cameras as possible to dilute the R&D and mfg. costs.

        • Tonny

          ิbut if they do that and sell less for D5100 with D3100 sensor, so it won’t dilute the overall cost.

          I think it will be D7000 sensor.

          • Rob

            No reason for them to be tight with the sensor. They’ll use the 16mp. The d3100 will sell in enough volumes to make the design of the 14mp worthwhile and we may see d3100x etc yet using the same sensor. I’m not buying but love new stuff. Can’t wait to see how it compares to my d90, love the snappy autofocus on the 50mm 1.8, but it’s the only reason I need a focus screw. If I sell the d90 and the 50mm I’ll just about get the price of d5100. I dont think the specs will sway me that way, maybe in four years…

      • chris

        why would nikon release a d4s before they release a d4?

    • Trevor

      I agree. I think it all comes down to a marketing decision. Are they competing against the T3 or are they completing their lineup between the 3100 and 7000?

      I’ve always thought the D5100 would basically be a D3100 plus more features, which lends itself to a 14mp sensor. Adding the18-105 was interesting, and I think that was a move squarely aimed one-upping Canon.

      So, I continue to predict D3100 & 5100 with 14mp, D7000 and D400 with 16mp, D4 with 16mp FX before D800 with same 16mp FX, then D4x with 28-32mp FX.

  • Canon User

    Used Nikons for years in film work but when finally went digital I went Canon. Not that it is better it just had some features I liked better. Will be interesting how well the D5100 does. I think it will be a good camera. The D7000 is excellent. Like the old film days it is mostly the lens not the body

    • Pen Pockwell

      In the film days, the most important factors were the lens and the film. Now the most important factors are the lens, the sensor and the firmware.

      • Canon User

        Point taken……showing my age here…hahaha. Did photography for over 40 years. Old habits are hard to beat.

  • So if the D7000 and D5100 have 16 and 16/14 mp, I suppose we should expect the D400 to be in the neighborhood of 18? That just won’t do… =/

    (Translation: that’s too much.)

    • chris

      the d5000, d90, and d300[s] all shared the same sensor so i dont see why the d400 couldnt be 16mp as well. i also hope nikon doesnt play the megapixel game. 16mp is more than enough for pretty much everyone who isn’t already using a hasselblad.

  • Tonny

    I expect D5100 to enter the marget as D7000 small version, more affordable with some trick ie swivel screen, night mode….. cheaper than D7000 of course.

    Then D5100 with D3100 will scare people off and make people stop and think, so I go for 16 MP sensor D7000′.

  • Djabag

    The same moment Nikon announce the D4/D800 I will start to shout about how much I want the D5/D1000 on this forum !

    I mean, what will “We want the D4/D800 now” people do after it is actually released ?

    Get a life !!

    • WoutK89

      Hallelujah! 😀

    • Bob

      ….sounds like you would be content using a d70 and windows 98 because its all about your technique.

  • Mk7

    I think Nikon would go with 16MP. Mayber a “cheaper” 16MP sensor? Can’t compete w/ T3i at BestBuy/Amazon with 14MP. Too many customers still judge primarily by MP. They should have 16MP for the “stat sheet”, and cripple it somewhere less visible (AF points, burst), so as not to canniblize D7000 sales for those shoppers who look beyond MP.

  • FredDog

    So… it’s past midnight here in the Eastern United States. Where’s my camera!?!?

    • then the announcement must be on April 5th, tomorrow night US Eastern time

      • FredDog

        Do they always do midnight EST announcements?

        • yes, +/- 1 hour

          • Stu

            patiently waiting

  • Ian

    Will the D5100 have a Mic input? This is a must if Nikon wants the camera to compete against the T2i/T3i.

    • WoutK89

      Look at the box pictures. If you also see the mic next to the 35/1.8 means yes it will have a mic-in

  • Can’t wait to see the specs of the new model going to come out. Hopefully, it would be under a grand and the lens should not be 18-55mm lens kit.

    • JED

      Whats wrong with the 18-55mm lens kit? Crappy build but one of the sharpest cheap kit lenses ever…

    • Mk7

      The kit lens on the blurry photo is 18-105mm.

  • C

    I bet that is 16MB sensor from D7000 as 14MB from D3100 is simply too low-end for a D5X00.

    As D7000 is inherited from D300s (IMO), I also bet D5100 will inherited some features from D90, such as dual-dial operation and top panel. In addition, there would be a flip 3″ 920K mon (a tradition for D5xxx series). The speed may be same as D90 4.5 fps. However, no AF motor would be retained.

    • WoutK89

      Picture says noooo…., for the Dual Dial that is.

  • angelstalker29

    My guess is that it’s going to be 16mp as d90 and d5000 have the same pixel count. More of a d7000 minus other features like drive motor and intervalometer. but I hope that they include bracketing and CLS since their direct competitor 600D have it.

    • WoutK89

      The D5000 was first of its kind and so can not just to use for future reference. Back in the days the D3000 still used a CCD sensor, and to not make the D5000 look worse they gave it the newest CMOS. It was more marketing than real need to be same as D90. The D3100 is a capable sensor, but of course everyone wants to see a cheap D7000.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    I would not get too excited about the night vision mode.
    It maybe only for video.
    The video cameras had such a mode already more than 10 years ago, in which a very high gain and a small white LED worked together.
    It worked but was nothing to write home about.

  • Snapshot

    I’m pretty sure the guess about the battery is wrong. All the new cameras have new batteries with protected contacts so the EN-EL9 won’t be used again. The D3100 uses the new EN-EL14 and surely the D5100 will do the same.

    • TommyDe

      And I’m pretty sure Mr. Bear Grylls would disappointed if Nikon replaced EL9 this time too. Did you know, that EL14 protected contacts make it nearly impossible to start a fire using steel wool? EL9 may come in handy someday, just think about it!

      As for the MP count – D7000 sensor. Definitely.

      • WoutK89

        Lol on the Bear Grylls 😛

  • I would forgive meager mp ratings in exchange for more bit depth. We seem to be stuck, in that specification.

    • WoutK89

      JPEGs out of camera are stuck at 8-bits, so the first cameras with more than 12/14 bits will probably be D4/D800/D400

  • Rob

    Hope they toughen it up a bit like they did with the d7000.

  • rhlpetrus

    If battery is a sign and NR is correct, it’ll use the D3100 sensor.

    But maybe not, since they need to differentiate it from D3100, why pay $$ extra for just a swivel screen? The D7000’s body has enough higher features to justify the extra money, like 100% VF, better AF system, tougher built, etc. Yes, I know, our (users) logic may not be Nikon’s.

  • Broxibear

    Nikon follow Canon and say they don’t need a mirrorless camera ?…
    “The success of compact system camera sales is taking away from the compact camera market, not from digital SLRs, according to Simon Iddon, Product Manager for DX DSLR at Nikon UK, and has not had an impact on the company’s DSLR sales.
    In an interview with AP Iddon said that Nikon currently has a complete line-up and does not need to fill any gaps in its product range with a compact system offering. ‘We have all points covered’ Iddon told AP ‘with a complete range of cameras from entry level to professional, and plenty of great compact cameras too.’ Iddon says that the compact system camera market will not divert sales from the DSLRs, because ‘if you want a DSLR you want what a DSLR stands for’ and that isn’t a compact system camera.
    some of the companies that have been particularly successful in the compact system market have had to spend a lot of money to achieve that success. ‘I think in some cases marketing spend has out-stripped sales revenue,’ he remarked.
    These comments come at a time of heightened speculation about Nikon’s intensions in the CSC market and the size of sensor the company might use. While Iddon’s remarks certainly do not rule Nikon in or out of the compact system camera arena, they might suggest that an announcement is not as imminent as some believe and others would like.”

  • Jo Jo

    Don’t know if this was a bit of a slip with a shop assistant or the reliability but I asked about any info on the D5100 and he said that his store was taking stock of them this week (w/c 4-4-11). He checked on the stock system and confirmed a shipment was due as a 18-105 VR kit no price available. He then said he would ask a Nikon rep who was visiting the shop at the time to be told there was no such model in the Nikon range.

  • broxibear

    Canon New Zealand admits there will be a camera and lens shortage due to events in Japan, I’d expect Nikon in various countries to make a similar statement at some point…
    “Canon says the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan last month will have an impact on its consumer products business locally.
    As a result of the damage to the Canon operations, and those of its suppliers in the areas most affected by the disaster, the company says there will be product shortages across its entire camera range, including cameras, videos, lenses and parts for camera repairs.
    Canon expects supply shortages will start to impact from around the middle of April and will continue to be felt through the middle of the year and potentially into the third quarter of this year.”

  • Gordon

    Just bring on the D700 and D3X upgrades, we are dieing here from anticipation.

  • JakeB

    Serious question — Assuming you have the extra couple of hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket, why contemplate the D51000 when you could have the D7000?

    • LGO

      The articulating/swivel screen is extremely useful for tripod-shooting, specially when shooting from a mid-to-low height position. This feature is practically indispensable for shooting video.

      I currently have a Panasonic D3100, D7000 and D700 as well as a Panasonic GH2. Only the GH2 has the articulating/swivel screen but based on my experience with the GH2, I would now like to see this feature in all of the Nikon dSLR I will be buying in the future – specially in the long-awaited D700-replacement. I may also sell my D3100 and get a D5100 when the price of the D5100 normalizes sometime later this year primarily so that I would have the articulating/swivel screen.

    • FredDog

      Personally, I’m holding out for better movie modes… 720p at 60fps would be bitchin’.

    • Phil

      […why contemplate the D51000 when you could have the D7000?]

      Besides the mirror, the D5100 will not have the drive shaft mount for older autofocus lenses. This is bad for them but good for guys like me with non-Ai lenses. You can put ANY Nikkor optic on the D3100 and D5100, and I still love my 135mm f2. 🙂

      • Phil

        Ooops, I meant “besides the swivel screen”…

    • PAG

      Smaller size, less weight, and a few hundred left in your pocket. All of those may mean nothing to you, but it does to others.

  • FredDog

    Question: Are cameras typically available in stores the same day they are announced or is there some catchup period?

    • In the US consumer products are usually available 30 days after the announcement, pro products can take up to 2-3 months. Expect the D5100 to be in stores by the end of April.

  • Bart

    If it has the D7000 sensor, AF while video and at least 720 60FPS (which I doubt), then it will be an instant buy as second camera.

  • What about manual video controls? Anybody think it will happen? Even if it is the way the D7000 did it.

  • Pete V

    Rather than speculate pointlessly, why don’t you hit up the guys at dpreview for the basic specs on the new camera. The same day Nikon announces it, they always have a “FULL PREVIEW” of the camera that proves they’ve had it for sometime to do a decent amount on testing with it.

  • Joseph Barrera

    This is more a question than a comment, as I look at todays “NR”. The photos compare a box with D5100 photo and a box with D3100 photo. Looking at both, notice the break in the number 5 does not go all the way to the top of the number wheras the 3 in 3100 does.
    So, do we believe this is a legit photo or not.

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