The winner of the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB SDHC memory card is…

The winner of the 13th [NR] giveaway for a free Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB SDHC memory card is Jared Freeden. Congratulations!

There were 3911 entries for this giveaway. I selected the winner by running a SQL script that randomly picked one of the 3911 comments (I also made sure there were no duplicate entries).

Thanks to Eye-Fi for sponsoring this giveaway. If you did not win, B&H is currently having a $20 off for the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB SDHC memory card which will bring the price down to $119.99 (offer expires on 03/26/2011).

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  • Congrats 🙂

  • Thank you very much Nikon Rumors and Eye-Fi!

  • JorPet

    Congrats Jared. Let us know how you like it and what you do with it. Would like to get one of those to work with a new iPad. Curious how they will work.

    • Ciprian Herta

      How you plan to use that with an ipad?? It requires a SD slot. Moreover the device has to be compatible with it. I have one and use it with my D7000 camera. It’s awesome.

      • Rob

        He means use the ipad to create the wireless network, and have one of these in his DSLR, streaming his images to the ipad as he takes them. here’s an app for that. I think F-Stoppers explained it.

        • Ciprian Herta

          oh I see thanks guys! I use that card everyday, very reliable.

          • JorPet

            Sorry Ciprian Herta that I didn’t explain it better, but Rob and Admin did cover what I want to do. Just got the D7000 and want to try it out in that body. I could never try it with the D700 as I couldn’t find an adapter for the CF that people said worked reliably.

            My iPad should be here in about a week, so will be getting the Eye-Fi at that point to give it a try.

            Good to know you have had good luck with it.

  • Rob

    Any news on these ever being available as CF cards?

  • Congrats Jared! 🙂

  • Tom

    Congratulations Jared, and thanks to our Admin for yet again putting on a give-a-way!


  • lucho


  • 2cents

    Congrats Jared!!

  • Congrats Jared indeed!

    • Damn- no luck. I wonder what the mechanism on this commenting feature for choosing avatars is…

  • jerrick G


  • Thanks Nikon rumors and Eye-Fi!

    Congratulations Jared.

  • Mock Kenwell

    God I hate you, Jared.

    • PiXLPeeper

      Is your hate “growing” as much as your family?

      • Mock Kenwell

        Ha! That cracked me up!

  • Congrats Jared !!!

  • enesunkie

    Fill that card with a lot of great pictures for us!

  • guillermo Molina

    Hey congrats I’ll be great to see an un-boxing 😀

  • Nate

    Looking at that SQL is occurs to me that a person can freely submit multiple comments. Are multiple entries allowed? In order to prevent that I would do a select distinct on just the email address then join it back to the top 1 commentor name and website that it matches.

    • After I take the name and email from the SQL, I cross check the comments for multiple entries, I check the IP address as well.

      • Nate

        Got it. So I take it anyone who comments multiple times is disqualified and you run the query again. (Note to self, one comment per person!) 🙂

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