Did Nikon Korea just leak the Nikon D5100?

Do you see something wrong with the above images? Let me first give you some background information: Nikon Korea teamed up with YG Entertainment for a PR event where YG Family members promoted Nikon cameras (you can see some of the images on the official website of Nikon Korea. What those images will not show you is the camera that was captured in this YouTube video:

You can go directly to the 0:24 mark where you will see a promotion for the Nikon D5000 (already discontinued). The only problem is that the Nikon D5000 LCD swivels to the bottom and not to the side:

But could this be one of the Coolpix cameras? I went through all Coolpix models announced in the past few years and the only model with a swivel display is the Coolpix P500 and the LCD still doesn't tilt to the side:

The bottom line: the LCD display of the Nikon D5100 will swivel to the side, just like the Canon Rebel T3i:

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Thanks for the tip brieltothev!

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  • Me

    Awesome. I hope they put a swivel screen on the D400.

    • Me

      The flip-down implementation on the D5000 made no sense. Flipping to the side makes all the difference in the world.

      When I first used a Canon 60D, I didn’t think the flippy swivel screen would be a big deal, but it is fantastic for video and close-up work.

      • Greenbean

        Hello, I personally own the D5000 and you would actually be surprise how many uses the D5000 has for the screen flipping down instead of to the side. (there would be more uses for flipping to the side I understand it is a big difference.) I just dont think “it made no sense”. Besides when your taking a self-portrait its would make a lot more sense for you to flip the screen down instead of to the left cause then you can get a more direct look towards the lens and still see the lcd at the same time, if it was flipped to the side that is a little harder cause you kind of have to look over to the side. I have taken pictures of my eye with the screen flipped down also, which I think those pictures would be nearly impossible with a screen that flipped to the out.

        • aetas

          I dont know if the taking a self portrait with the camera in hand argument holds that much water.

          • Sam

            Yeah, especially when it would actually be easier to take a landscape shot of your eye because one eye is directly in front of the lens while the other is directly in front of the LCD. Really REALLY easy to compose, focus, and then look dead ahead when you’re ready to take the photo. I had the D5000 for a while, and the fact that the screen flipped down made it nearly impossible to use flipped out while using a tripod. It really frustrated me and I ended up selling it. This was a camera I only had for video (a D700 is my main camera), and the D5100 certainly has me intrigued.

            • How do you going to operate with LCD when camera is mounted on tripod?

            • WoutK89

              Live view.

            • WoutK89, ok, lemme explain.

              The most useful thing about sviwel screen is that you can close it when viewing through viewfinder. Thus, contact with dirty and sweaty skin is gone. But when you need to mount the camera onto tripod, you need to loose it every time when you need to operate with menus or see the picture. This, by the way, is the worst ergo trouble of D5000: all viable controls are hidden deep deeply in the menu, so it forces you to do lot movings.

            • Greenbean

              Yeah thats true the screen cant really flip out when you are using a tripod, but with some tripods you can flip the screen out before mounting it and it works perfectly fine. The point of me taking a picture with my eye I was doing macro so i didn’t even think about doing a “landscape shot” because the point of the picture was to get as close to my eye as possible.

      • Everlast

        “When I first used a Canon 60D, I didn’t think the flippy swivel screen would be a big deal, but it is fantastic for video and close-up work.”

        Yes I know, for porn

    • Jan

      don’t want.
      will make it totally not rugged.
      need a swivel, buy a consumer DSLR.

      • +1

        • Matt


          • Sam

            Umm, I hate to break it to you guys, but this IS and consumer dSLR. There’s nothing even remotely professional about it. It likely won’t even autofocus with D-series lenses. Even the D7000 is prosumer at best, not pro. The D300 is the lowest end of the semi-pro line with the D700 and D3s/x as their serious cameras. Not to say a pro wouldn’t use it, but the D5100 will only be one rung up from the bottom of the consumer line.

            If you mean “consumer” as in one of Nikon’s coolpix cameras, understand that none, I repeat NONE of the coolpix cameras can be classified as an SLR or dSLR. SLR means single-lens reflex, which refers to the mirror box at the heart of the SLR camera bouncing the light from the image-taking lens into an *optical* viewfinder. Translation: no mirror box, not an SLR.

            • WoutK89

              same as what I said below
              “I hope they put a swivel screen on the D400”

              he really said it

            • PHB

              I have had swivel screens on my camcorders for years and never had one break.

              If you think your treatment of a camera might put the swivel screen at risk, how do you expect to do on lenses?

              The side swivel design does seem to work better and Canon has a lot more experience in this area than Nikon so it makes sense to follow their lead.

              At a recent conference I attended, we had a lot of professional video crews running round shooting footage. Almost none were using ‘pro video’ gear and the standard rig was a DSLR plus a frame with a screen and a bunch of stuff hanging off it.

      • malez

        i’m sorry i have to break it to you, you may get the shock of your life.
        the d5100 is consumer line of dslr. you want rugged get a d300s

        • WoutK89

          “I hope they put a swivel screen on the D400”

          reading is hard, I know

          • preston


    • Ronan

      If theirs a flip screen on the D400, thats reason ALONE for not getting one for ANY real usage.

      Watch that crap snap… and god does it looks stupid.

      • Charlie Sheen


        Winning, duh!

      • D700guy

        I agree.
        If they are foolish enough to put this kind of breakable crap on the pro series bodies then I hope there’s an effective way to remove that shit without damaging the camera.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Really? What the hell are you doing to your cameras where the LCD is going to snap off? If you’re fearful of it, keep it parked and nothing will happen to it. Every Nikon swivel I’ve used has been very robust and dependable.

        • Eric Pepin

          i hope your kidding , they’re robust for soccer moms and hobbyists, not for professionals that work there gear hard.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Not kidding one bit. I’ve got a crew in-house that shoots constantly and I wouldn’t be worried at all. If it concerns you that much, just lock it down in the normal position and it’s just like a pro DSLR with an integrated LCD—except you won’t be able to get differentiated high and low shots. The principle is similar with rotating eyepieces on cams like the XL1. Why aren’t we concerned about them breaking? I’ve seen far more instances of that happening than broken LCDs (although to be fair, DSLRs with reticulating screens are new to the market).

            If you’re concerned about the LCD breaking, I shudder to think what your lenses look like.

    • Axel

      So proud of you guys !

      Whined about the D800 (or whatever the name) directly in the first post !

      Congrats !

      • suprchunk

        Really? I didn’t see any mention of that yet – in any of the posts.

        • WoutK89

          Great admin work, they have been around 😉 Don’t know if any of the first posts had it though.

  • wow, good find!

    • LGO

      Good find indeed.

      The change in the design of the articulating screen of the D5100 is a step in the right direction. Credit Nikon with recognizing a good design even if this was first implemented by the competition.

  • Tim Dee

    good catch – not sure what it is, but the new camera guess sounds pretty solid. too bad it wasn’t the D4 they accidentally showed…

    • That sucker is still probably locked up in their vault!

  • texasjoe

    I don’t think it will be much better than te d5000…

  • Karl

    I dont know what you are smoking, but it looks like the D5000 to me.

    • yes, it looks like the D5000 except the screen

      • broxibear

        Maybe during the video shoot the rear screen of the D5000 fell off, they used some gaffa tape to stick it back and stupidly taped it to the side instead of the bottom ?…or it might just be the D5100 lol ?
        P.S. Any chance of a seperate thread where people could moan about the D800 or whatever other camera it is they’re longing for?…all this posting about where’s my D800 is getting too much ?

        • I am filtering those comments out, but sometimes it may take me few hours to catch up, especially since we now have 3000 comments in less than 24 hours for the Eye-Fi giveaway. The rule from day one here was to only post comments related to the discussed topic, everything else will be considered as spam. Questions like “when I will post a new rumor” will be deleted as well. I can assure you that I am not holding anything back. Constant Nikon bashing/trolling/cursing will be deleted as well. You can still voice your opinion in an intelligent way, otherwise you are not bringing anything new to the discussion. Repeat offenders will be banned. Comments like “first”, “second” will also be deleted. If anyone wants to start their own topic, please go to the Nikon Rumors forum: https://nikonrumors.com/forum/.


          • broxibear

            I know it’s difficult…appreciate the work mate !

          • Vandyu

            Bravo, Administrator!

          • Iceman

            Thanks for keeping it real

          • Thank you.

    • Manolito

      Must be something of worse quality than what you are smoking since it didn’t let you see the completely different flip-to-the-side LCD.

  • Good spotting!

  • Rob

    I bet the screen comes off on the fake D5000 they used for that video and photo shoot. Here he is in the same shoot with the screen flipping down:


  • Tom

    Sharp eyes. Good catch!


    • ha! THANKS. Just that I was replaying the video over and over again cause it’s KPOP you know and you know how people are into it atm. As what I always say on my blog, “YG x NIKON = GENIUS!” haha 😀

  • Anon

    Great eye. Personally I hate a swivel display, but I’m never buying an SLR again (4×5, 6×7, and fuji x100 are all I need)

    • Global

      Is this a Fuji advertisement placement? I’m not really sure D5000 buyers are in your category.

  • Global

    They must have.

    Marketing companies are paid a lot for these kinds of things — so it would make sense to pass them a D5100 to shoot along side the D5000 for when they “swap them out” in the advertising shortly.

    The editor — and these editors are NEVER product experts — couldn’t tell the difference or overlooked a 1 for a 0. And there you have it.

    • Ronan

      You know… they use props for those commercials…

  • Roger

    Well, Nikon does not swivel to the side because there are controls on the left hand side? I guess if this is true, would I complain about it – probably … because it is one more item to fail. The disclaimer is that I shoot with a D300s so I am bias. 😀

  • Mock Kenwell

    Yep, that sure looks like the new D800 alright.

  • echong

    i heard it from someone that the reason why nikon didn’t do a side swivel screen is because it has been patented by canon and they do not want to pay canon for the patent usage.

    is it right?

    • Bigus Dickus

      no, reason was that there are many controls on right side and they didnt wanted to think it completely through so released just another half assed product the D5000 was

      • WoutK89

        That half assed product as you call it, sold many more times the D3s did.
        And the controls are on the left side, not the right side.

        • suprchunk

          It didn’t sell more than the D3s because of the engineering of the half-assed product. It was because of price.

          Are you that dense that you…nevermind, look wh0 I’m asking.

          • WoutK89

            It is about the market, suprchunk…, if its half assed and still sells so much, people dont care in that area, so if it rakes in money, what do you care? Same goes for the Coolpix lines.
            You dont have to buy it!

    • Vandyu

      I don’t think so. Panasonic has a flip out swivel display. I doubt that you could make a swivel display so unique as to merit a patent, but not sure. Just by alterating something slightly should get you by any cry for patent infringement, especially for a feature that isn’t really unique. Maybe first in the industry, but not so extraordinary as to keep others from using a similar design.

      That being said, there is a reason I’m not an attorney. Here is a definition of patent–The term patent usually refers to an exclusive right granted to anyone who invents any new, useful, and non-obvious process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, and claims that right in a formal patent application.

      My thought would be that Nikon wanted to keep the design of having buttons on the left side of the back so as to have familiarity of design and to attract more Nikon users who are accustomed to buttons being there.

  • I sent this in… thank you for posting this 😀

    • Brieltothev, I am not sure if you got my email yesterday. By default I do not publish any sources online unless asked otherwise. Most of the tipsters prefer to be anonymous for various reasons. I just gave you credit in the post.
      Thanks, this was a great find!

      • oh thank you so much. LOL. I don’t usually check my email that’s why. anyways, thank you! 😀 I’ll keep sending my tips once I get more. I’m such a fan of NR. Seriously. 😀

  • Rob

    As long as it’s 920K. At least. OLED.

  • Markus

    The down part of swivel screens is that that they easily break down…not literally break..of course 🙂 But stop working

    • suprchunk

      That is actually, literally breaking.

  • amien

    mine never ever stopped working or broke down, even the ones that can flip over at 180°… but indeed it has to be manipulated carefully 😉

    • Markus

      It’s one of the most common repairs at service centers

      • suprchunk


  • ft

    good design, waiting for CF-eyefi

  • Who cares about a new Nikon 5100. Everyone in this forum is waiting for the D800. Can Nikon hurry that along?

    • WoutK89

      … no news is good news! I see how many people keep begging for a D800 in a D5100 thread, what would a daily thread for the D800 change? That everyone will say exactly the same daily in the comments?

    • anon

      No. All the whiners are waiting for their D800. I am interested in the D5100.

    • D700guy

      Just couldnt resist could ya?

  • Mark

    Good work catching that! That is a new model. Having able to go to the side is much better.


  • The Invisible Man

    After reading this post I feeel like I’m working for the CIA !

  • mimou

    Man, that publicity is incredibly cheap looking : logo (D5000 and text) being simply staples on the flyer…

  • RMT

    Does anybody have any info on how many swivel screens actually break? Everybody keeps complaining on how bad this would be for a pro level body, but aren’t almost all (pro) video camera’s swiveled? What’s the difference with a DSLR?

  • NoFunBen

    if the screen does swing to the side, where will the left side buttons go? nikon has used a column of buttons on the left of the screen on all the digital slrs
    would the buttons move to the screen? or have a gap for the swing arm?

  • FM-2 fan

    the swivel display of the D5000 is good – you can manage the reflectionsm can have it just in position – it’s not yet a touch screen, but this will be a compromise i.e. how to keep it clean, if you touch if often?

    a detachable screen would be much nicer i.e. you can just pull it away and turn it as you like – the wiring could be flexible – hey this worke for phones for the first 100 years of phones – why worry? A fast serial connection would do the trickle – snaps on the sides of the display and camera would help to smap if everywhere you want it – a 8 inch cord is already good enough.

  • RockingRob

    I had a swivel screen on my P5700. I never did find a use for it. I also agree with the posters above….it looks kind of stupid.

  • alpha37

    my old Canon Powershot S1 IS screen had a side-flip & rotate capability. Was great for any shot where I could not be directly behind the camera – held overhead in a crown, etc – but still happily replaced it with a D40

  • Interesting, any news aboutthe sensor, that´s the most relevant issue for me. If the D7000´s 16MP, very nice, if D3100´s 14MP, not at all (th eperformance is much much better on the new Sony design than on the Nikon´s.

    • I got conflicting information about the sensor:


      the choices are basically the 14.2MP sensor from the D3100 or the 16.2MP sensor from the D7000.

      • Rahul

        The D7000 sensor would make sense, keeping in line with the D5000-D90-D300 shared sensor history. That shouldn’t mean that the D3100 sensor is underutlized, the D3100 perhaps sells in good numbers, and the same sensor could be used in the EVIL line-up.

        OTOH – the D5100 might have the same sensor, to keep the cost advantage by making larger numbers of them by keeping the sensor common between them. The D5000 using a higher-end DSLR sensir might be an aberration , since using the D3000 ( it has a CCD sensor , end of its life cycle) would not make sense and therefore used the D90/D300’s CMOS in the D5000.

  • Carlos R B

    Great, now all we need to know is the sensor…if the same as the D7000, im buying one….if d3100 sensor, no deal…

    • SZRimaging

      If it’s the same and does video as well or better, 14-bit RAW, I might consider one for now, then add the D300 replacement on top of it for my main camera. Would give me a nice, small backup/travel camera.

    • PhotoHop


  • Butt Face 1985

    The camera should have a removable screen, otherwise it’s a deal breaker.

  • AntDSLR

    Want to buy a DSLR for this summer. Canon 600D is nice and will buy it same day when Nikon release d5100 with a sensor like in d3100.

    • Rahul

      The 600D is the rehashed 550D sensor. The 3100 sensor performs better in terms of noise, the Canon only has MP advantage. And the flash commander , in case of the 600D.

  • Phil

    You know, Fuji got the whole articulating screen layout thing right years ago. I’m surprised it hasn’t been emulated by anyone else (cough Nikon!). Nikon spends too much time copying Canon nowadays, and should look around a bit.

    The Fuji design on my S9000 allows you to move the screen even if you’re placed it on a tripod.: http://tinyurl.com/4oxp43g

    It makes it easy to shoot over a crowd or do waist-level shooting with the camera directly in front or above you instead of to the side like the Canon and, apparently soon to be me-too Nikon. The Fuji layout is a lot more intelligent approach to an articulating screen than Canon’s or the truly miserable setup on the D5000.

  • Cool! I didn’t think Gdragon would be marketing this, but then again I didn’t think Ashton Kutcher was the best choice for advertising the D90 and it turned out to be a real nice camera.

    If future FX cameras have a swivel screen I’ll stop waiting for the mythical FM3D (or mirrorless FX). Those swivel screens come in handy–I know because I shot with Canon A6xx series cams at the beginning of the digital revolution.

    I was actually a bit jealous that Canon brought that to their dslrs first, before Nikon. Working with macro and with kids, swivel screens are a god-send.

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