The new Nikon booth at Focus on Imaging show

Canon was not part of the 2011 Focus on Imaging show in the UK which made Nikon the biggest exhibitor this year. In addition, Nikon had a brand new booth. Here are some images and videos from the show's floor:

Images credit: Simon from SRP.

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  • Nikon’s booth seems to take up a huge amount of space 😮

    • Banned

      And have you seen that huge “I AM” banner? This whole “I AM” campaign is getting more ridiculous every day. I mean what is “I AM FOCUS ON IMAGING” supposed to mean? I know this is a Japanese company but they could hire English speakers for their English ads at least.

      • Jan

        well as opposed to focus on video in dslr
        but yeh..

    • correction: Nikon’s booth seems to be covered in Nikon signs.

      • (So as to let the Canonites know where they’ve ventured off to, perhaps?)

  • NikoDoby

    Dang it gnohz! I work here and you still beat me! 🙂

    • Niko, I’m deleting “first” posts even from people who work here 🙂

      • Patrick

        Thank you!

      • NikoDoby

        So that’s what the memo I spilled beer on said 🙂

    • Sorry NikoDoby hehe…that’s why I try not to post “First” comments and substitute it with something else :p

  • You forgot to mention the part where they introduce the D4… *wink*

  • d800

    ….and the d800 (wink, wink)

    • Discontinued

      Both have been introduced ? ? ?

      About time. What are the specs?

  • dan

    Man that second video was irritating. The guy posed every single thing he said as a question. Damned raised intonation.

  • That’s not a booth, it’s a township!

  • Exxo

    Looks nifty.
    I AM: Tired of waiting for the new FX Cameras!

  • Ronan


    I AM not providing my customers with a D4, D400, D800, but i am spamming the market with crappy P&S.

    • D700guy

      That would be a KODAK moment. :O

  • Peter B

    I hope Nikon introduces a new Coolscan sometime in the future…

  • Steve

    “I am: Focus on Imaging ” doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

    • Sam

      Yeah, piss poor grammar isn’t it! Shouldn’t it be “I am: Focusing on Imaging”? 🙂

      • Sigered

        Nope, because the is called “Focus on Imaging”.

        • Sam


      • Wormwood

        Probably means that _they_ are the whole damn show.

    • Bruce

      Yoda version:

      Imaging on Focus: I am.

      • Discontinued

        May the Focus be with you.

  • Spleen

    I AM waiting…

    • Cano


    • another anonymous

      and feeding piggybank…

  • grumps

    I think over the recent years, Nikon users have known their cameras have probably the best AF system. However, recently Nikon has had little innovation in the DSLR world to help boost their sales. Given not everyone wants a camera that shoots HD video, but Canon has the edge there and Sony is definitely on the advance as well, especially their partnership with Ziess for their glass.

    So my point is, I’d rather see Nikon invest in their technology over a bigger booth! I do, however, expect Nikon to bring something new to the table with their latest flagship models!

    • im sure if you went through their financial reports you can find out what they spend on R&D and what they spend on Sales/Marketing.

      the problem is that marketing campaigns turnaround quickly – from design t0 finished product probably takes no more than 4-6 months and incremental updates (like the grammar FAIL ‘I AM’ campaign exemplified above) probably take no more than a couple of weeks to wind down the maze of bureaucracy. the same window on sensor/focus/lens/video(not going away sadly) tech is probably at least 2-3X that, and even accounting for overlap, it takes time to actually start making products and as we have seen, nikon has not been on the forefront of timely production lately.

      so, quite literally, the best they can do is hire a booth and proclaim how awesome they are.

    • SD

      in the year 2015

    • I think the focus on updating their pro lenses first has been the right way to go. If you have ever increasing resolution in your bodies and no decent glass to go on them it would all be pointless. Nikon’s approach to updating their FX lineup of lenses before the D4/D800 releases is absolutely the right order to do things in. I’ve read all sorts of mixed reviews on the 24, 35 & 85 1.4 range but when I tried them for myself, comparing them to the ageing alternatives all of the negativity of those reviews vanished in my mind – they are an awesome trio, particularly the 35 which I don’t understand where some of the comments have been coming from. Comparing that to a lens like the 35mm f/2 which is the only other prime with AF for the focal length is like comparing a 1970 Skoda to a 2011 BMW. Another is the 70-200 VRII. Those lenses have given new life to bodies like the D3s and D700, making them feel like new incarnations to me.

      If people believe that the advancement is all in a new body, they are seriously underestimating the impact Nikon’s latest glass can have.

      • grumps

        I agree, updating the lenses was definitely the way to do, but it makes me ponder why huge firms cannot multitask efficiently! If strictly comparing them to the old and way over due lenses, yes they definitely have to be updated. However, this new Nikon 35mm isn’t the same quality compared say with the current and older Canon 35mm.

        I mean at the end of the day strictly Nikon users may not care, since better is better. I just really had hoped Nikon could have nailed it, I guess leaving a gap gives more reason for people to spend money to upgrade for the next one!

        I personally felt dissappointed with the Nikon prime updates, I guess I was expecting more. That said I love the Nikon zooms, so I just stick with that for now. With Canon, I don’t have a single zoom lens, just the fatest primes, and I love what it offers.

        While each to their own experiences, I’m just throwing it out there! 🙂

  • FM2 fan

    I focus – thus I am

    • Maybe “I am what I focus”? 😀

  • I didn’t go onto their stand this year as there was nothing I needed right now and wanted to get lighting modifiers at the show. Re the D4/D800, its coming and lets not forget the D700 and D3/D3s are still right up there and awesome cameras, they are not falling behind at all!!!!

    They delivered what all the pro users were asking for the flast lineup of primes, also they have released updates to a good few zooms.

    When the D4/D800 is out then fantastic, but until then I just carry on with two awesome bodies, D700 and D3s.

    Re the banner, I have far to much going on to worry about that, recently a femail photographer made one for me to use as my facebook profile, it was ‘I am Bunton’ as being my surname and most Nikon uses though that was good. so live life and enjoy.

  • Severn Crossing

    It was a very good show very well attended
    lots of trade stands other than Nikon
    good deal at Jacobs nearly (£400 off a D7000) so I exect his means the D8000 is coming out soon

  • He-he, this yellow stand with tv-set looks the same which I saw in the local photo-show in Kiev in 2008. 🙂

  • Phil

    That doesn’t look any bigger than the booth at the PDN Photo Expo in New York back in October. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the same booth. It wasn’t all that large, which made it very crowded. Canon’s booth was easily twice it’s size, and it too was crowded, so you can imagine how long you had to wait to check out any gear at the Nikon booth.

  • Coolpixer

    I AM wanting:
    a high MP body w/a great vf (w/split image dot or hybrid e-magn central dot for mf),
    quiet shutter
    swivel LCD
    lower price (oh, Sure…).

  • I’m still waiting for the F7 film body! Come on Nikon. We have D7000, D700, D70 surely You can spare one seven for a new film body…. All jokes aside. I believe good things come to us who have patience. I’d rather Nikon do complete field trials and release equipment that’s free of bugs. In the meantime go out and make awesome images with the gear you have. Get paid and stash away some cash/credit for the new FX’s.

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