Nikon D800 rumors

Several tips indicated that no Nikon pro body will be released before the summer. August/September is the time frame mentioned by several sources. Previous reports suggested that certain Nikon offices have already blocked employees from taking vacation in the last two weeks of August 2011. The CliQ show (formerly known as PMA) will start on September 6th, 2011.

This dpreview poster claims that the D800 will have a sensor carriage that can be removed by an authorized dealer. The rest of the specs: 16.4MP FX and 12MP B&W sensors, 3.3" LCD screen with a built in collapsible hood, new MB-D10i battery grip, 1/16000sec, full HD video at 120fps. This rumor could be influenced by the recent interchangeable sensor patents filed by Nikon. From patent application 2010-258657 :

"To provide an imaging device that has no restrictions on designing, can make an accurate alignment of a light-receiving surface of an imaging element, and has a removable imaging unit."

The German photographer Claudius Schulze reported on his blog that he was able to pre-order a Nikon D800 camera:

"Before teaching workshops this weekend in Munich and before flying to Yemen on Monday, I met with representatives of my suppliers, partners, and sponsors today. At that occasion, I was also able to (pre-)order the upcoming Nikon D800."

After exchanging several emails with Claudius, I learned that he pre-ordered the D800 through a Nikon rep from a local dealer. Some of the mentioned specs are: around 20MP sensor, full HD video and 100% viewfinder. Availability again is set for late summer.

Parts for Nikon D800 started to show up online again, like this LCD screen for example.

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  • Artur Kozłowski

    bring it on….

    • texasjoe

      so is it 16.4 or closer to 20 mp? interchangeable sensors would be cool but at a big expense. i guess it would be alot cheaper just to buy the D3x sensor and put it in the D800. Mb-D10i? 16,000th of a second!!! maybe with the MD-D10i that fast would be possible like how the MB-D10 with the AA batteries make the D700 faster frame rate…

    • mshi

      Internet is full of disinformation.

      • …the internet is SO not anywhere near it’s capacity for disinformation.

      • Kingyo

        these rumors are so erratic.. I highly doubt the D800 would jump the D700 from 12mp to 20mp..but 16mp seems realistic enough..(wish it was at least 18-20mp though!)

  • Kevin

    a step towards modular cameras?

    • iamlucky13

      Maybe, but the DPreview poster’s claims partially conflict with the German photographer.

      Maybe, however, if Nikon really does release an interchangeable sensor camera and B&W sensor, I will no longer have to explain why NASA puts panchromatic (effectively B&W) cameras on their rovers and many spacecraft.

      You can use a B&W camera to make really sharp color photos by shooting from a tripod, swapping filters, and stacking red, green, and blue layers together, although you’ll want a calibration target to get the balance consistently right.

      As an added bonus, when you shoot unfiltered panchromatic, there is no light lost to the filters of a Bayer array, so you should get an extra stop or two of ISO, in addition to not worrying about preserving colors at high ISO, since you’re shooting B&W.

      And this is exactly what NASA does. The Mars Exploration Rovers actually have 13 filters covering visible, near infrared, and near UV light, which actually can be used to help identify minerals from a distance, or stacked to make color images.

      It’s not, as people frequently lament, that NASA is stuck in the 60’s.

      • That sounds very interesting … using a b&w sensor to create a color image.

        • Indeed. I do quite a lot of landscape photography where you really push out as much SNR as possible. This would be one more thing to add to the list that will squeeze even more info out of a frame. Not to mention if it were possible to blend in IR and UV, too!
          These rumors are mouth-watering, to say the least.

          • Art

            Works fine from a tripod. The only problem is getting the kids to hold still too. 😉

            • Man de Labrat

              +1 lol


              Search the page for Prokudin-Gorskii. Very cool stuff.

            • suprchunk

              What are you supposed to be showing us Ron? While those pictures are cool, they are horrible. Time frame or not, those pictures are still not very good. And really don’t have anything to do with what you replied to. AT ALL.

            • @superchunk

              “those pictures…don’t have anything to do with what you replied to. AT ALL.”

              Really? Read much, chunk?

              “You can use a B&W camera to make really sharp color photos by shooting from a tripod, swapping filters, and stacking red, green, and blue layers together”

              “Works fine from a tripod. The only problem is getting the kids to hold still too.”

              Do you really not see the correlation? Then again, reason has no place in response to personal attacks, it would seem.

            • iamlucky13

              Unlike superchunk, I enjoyed learning about another early photographer.

              And I defy him to find any significantly better color photographs from before WWI, much less good enough to qualify those you shared with us “not very good” in comparison, and far less of people.

              I was particularly impressed with the color on the photo of the Emir, and how nearly all of the Greek women in the field held still enough to avoid any serious ghosting.

              Even more importantly, the context of these photos makes them effectively priceless.

            • I agree! These images are a tribute to human curiosity, the creative spirit, and the uniqueness of cultures.

              I think the thing that disrupted my consciousness the most, however, was the stark reality of how present those people seemed, in contrast to how artificial their clothes appeared. I had never seen pre 50’s era (or so) in color, and all the early 20th century photos I’d seen were locked in time due to the images’ black and white sterility. Once I saw these people, buildings, clothing, and landscapes in living color, I was made startlingly aware of how real they were. I could finally relate to them as people, instead of distant objects in history.

              It’s really inspiring.

        • WoutK89

          It isnt something new, it is actually also done in your camera, except that the sensor outputs 1 and 0 and not black and white.

          • iamlucky13

            Sort of. What’s actually happening is the camera is taking a mix of pixels that are all either red, green, or blue, and giving each one combined red, green, and blue values based on the values of the surrounding pixels.

            That’s the simplified version of what Bayer interpolation is.

            It’s similar to what I described in that you mix the color data together, but a Bayer-filter sensor does it in a single exposure. Multiple exposures of filtered panchromatic images make a color image by stacking, instead of blending by interpolation. As I said above, the benefit is improved light sensitivity and sharpness.

            • WoutK89

              I reacted at David, so please dont feel offended. Still what the sensor does is create a 0 or a 1 if the certain pixel cell is hit with the specific color of light, thus doing pretty much the same as a B&W sensor would do, but instead of “coloring” the image it chooses from a range of greyvalues.

            • iamlucky13

              No offense, although I do have to nitpick a detail.

              The sensor does not produce a zero or a one. That could only present two total shades, such as jet black, or pure white.

              It produces a voltage that varies based on the total amount of light that falls on the pixel. The analog to digital converter then translates that voltage to a 12 bit or 14 bit digital number representing 0 to 4095 or 0 to 16,383 shades of whatever color the pixel is filtered to.

              So more correctly, you get a string of 1’s and 0’s for each pixel, which you no doubt already know, but I want to make it clear.

      • venancio

        just thinking that nikon could just as well use a night vision technique and just add the color filters later and be done with those low light rants and needs…

        • iamlucky13

          You have to filter the light as you take the photo, because the intensity differs in each color channel for each pixel. I know of three ways to do this (and there are analogous methods to each for film):

          1.) A mix of pixels of various colors that are blended together, like a Bayer array

          2.) Stacking images taken through filters of various colors

          3.) Using a multilayer sensor that has a sensitivity to each color that changes based on depth. This is how the Foveon sensor works.

          However, the current Fovean sensor used in Sigma cameras is actually only a 4.7 MP sensor interpolated to 14 MP, so it doesn’t have a real resolution advantage over current Bayer filter sensors, and I’ve read it is not currently comparable in terms of noise to modern Bayer CMOS chips.

          • google: sigma sd1

      • Eric Pepin

        people have been doing this with bnw film for a long long time, but yes it would be neat to have a bnw sensor… as long as it did bnw considerably better then the colour sensor could of course.

    • dan

      How would interchangeable sensors effect how robust the camera is?
      Surely a sensor that’s built right into the camera will be more able to take a fall than one that’s made to come out?

      • iamlucky13

        How well does your memory card hold up?

        If Nikon really is doing this, which I’m highly skeptical of, it will be fully enclosed. The rumor is that it will be dealer serviceable, which suggests it will be more difficult than changing a lens or memory card. I’m guessing something more on the order of the difficulty of replacing a CPU in a computer, which is certainly not hard, but I wouldn’t trust most people to do it without bending pins.

        • …cf cards don’t need to be perfectly aligned with a plane of focus. Small variations in that plane lead to BIG variations in focus.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s bet! I think sony will first come through with a new camera and Nikon will follow it one month later.

    • scurvyhesh

      phony is gonna pull the same menu driven toy garbage out of their asses that they always have done. Big deal

      • Anonymous

        but they are the one who makes the sensor. Nikon would have come out with a new FX if they had the sensor

  • 120fps ftw. but seriously come one, I want 60fps for my D7000. Can’t wait to get the D800 as my main body.

    • dan

      Sounds a load of bull to me. This always happens before releases, we get hundreds of horribly over optimistic predictions, none of which come to light.

      • Roger

        Yes, you are correct – this prediction is 100% BS.

      • D700guy

        I agree.
        What a bunch of shit.
        If any of this is true then my case for holding out for a D4 and/or D4x just got a whole lot stronger.

        Of course, the September info is useful.
        This means that a D4 will probably be unavailable until xmas

  • Daf

    D800 – Yay
    Not until Aug/Spet – Boo

    • broxibear

      I wouldn’t hold your breath Daf, the AF-S 35mm f/1.4G was announced in Sept last year and it’s still difficult to get a hold of now ?
      That carbon fibre takes time to weave lol.

      • Daf

        Plus I’m not the kind of person to buy it straight away – will be waiting for it’s price to settle down to something more reasonable than suggester price. So add a month or so after release.

      • ArthurH

        Speaking of which, still waiting for my (paid for) 85 1.4G…

      • The inner barrel on many older lenses is CF. My 35/2 and old 50/1.4D were. I learned this when I broke my 50. Repeatedly.

        • broxibear

          Hi Micah, I meant the carbon fibre that was rumoured to be used in the body construction…I should have been more clear.
          What were you doing to your lenses that made them break so much anyway ?

  • cpm5280


    • gt

      I honestly loathe nikon for making us wait so long. What makes it worst is the barrage of “hints” they throw out in their interviews and the like – about “surprises.” F*** surprises. just give us a roadmap. I need to budget accordingly.

  • PT10961

    This may be the end of the line for the d100-d200-d300 series. The D7000 may be as good as it will get for a DX body. If Nikon releases a D800 and D4 what niche does a d300 replacement serve?

    • chuck

      The D7000 is pretty good, at least for me. I shot our high school’s dodgeball game yesterday and I can say that the camera was more than sufficient in terms of AF-C, the two setting banks and frame rate.

    • There’s still room for a “pro” DX the D400 could satisfy. Integrated grip, bigger batteries, higher FPS, dual CF slots. A pro camera for the DX sports / wildlife shooter.

      • PAG

        I’d add in bigger shot buffer and even better AF, but take away bigger batteries unless the D300S already needs them. I’m getting over 1,500 shots on a charge on my D7000 with chimping, so with one in the camera and one in the grip I’m carrying an over 3,000 shot capability. That seems to be sufficient for a day of shooting, even for a hack like me!

        • chuck

          I got 1939 shots yesterday and used the lcd continuously. Battery wouldn’t be a place for improvement.

          • The D7000 battery (or the camera’s power management) is phenomenal. I have not seen a better battery performance on ANY Nikon to date. It smokes the D300s, and handily gives the larger D3s batteries a run for their money, at least in live view/movie mode. It’s a nice change when shooting video.

            • Completely agree – yesterday shot 1400+ images with one single battery using 300/2.8VR and there was still over a half load left. No need for grip especially because it wouldnt offer faster FPS

        • Eric Pepin

          ive never once drained my d300s battery, so again, nikon has no need to improve the batteries. I could do a month long trip in the amazon by just bringing 5 or 6 batteries.
          Although my film camera would make better pictures and not require any batteries…..

      • ken elliott

        D800 + DX16 sensor module.

    • PHB

      D800 is likely going to be $3000. The D400 is likely $1500 and can be outfitted with a useful set of lenses for much less.

      DX is very popular with female photographers as it allows for a much lighter weight setup. And for telephoto work it is much better to use a DX body unless you are shooting paparazzi shots by night.

      I don’t credit the rumor at all. If there is ever a removable sensor it would be a D4 feature, not a compact body feature. And if there was going to be a 16MP FX sensor it would almost certainly be for a D9000 consumer grade FX body. 16MP would mean going to the cost of making a whole new sensor that was markedly lower resolution than Canon’s old one.

      Reading the Mac rumor blogs, it looks like carbon fiber is getting to the point of being a viable material for mass market goods. It would make perfect sense to deploy it for the compact body professional cameras first. There will be many folk who are somewhat skeptical as to the long term durability of carbon fiber so it may be a bit much to deploy on the D4.

      • Just posted above, many AF lenses have been CF for years. I suspect the inner barrel on the 28-70/2.8 and 17-55/2.8 are both CF.

        • I was not aware that any carbon fiber was used in any Nikon product. That said, it seems that it would be one thing to have the inner, protected barrel made from carbon fiber, and an entirely different matter when it’s the exterior of the camera body. Your comments seem to allude to the same notion of questionable robustness.

          • PHB

            It is not the same manufacturing technology. We are talking about custom knitted carbon fiber.

            For lenses, plastic has real advantages over metal. It can be made with very precise elasticity/stiffness characteristics. If a metal lens is dropped, it is likely to either bend and be knocked out of alignment or disperse the energy by fracturing one or more lens elements. If a plastic lens is dropped it is quite likely to bounce.

            CF is much stiffer than aluminium or magnesium for the same weight/volume. And the outer surface can be made almost as tough.

            The big drawback to CF is heat dissipation. Metal works a lot better.

    • Ruben

      D300s got better AF than D7000, faster, better body, and CF cards. But as I have stated before: D7000 look more like something closer to the Dxxx series than a D90 replacement.

      • Eric Pepin

        faster to use and more durable is why there must be a d400 unless nikon wants to kill the pro dx crowd and move everyone to FX

  • Temple

    ok! so i keep away from Nikonrumors untill summer.

    • Global

      If theres a date for release — it means there will be rumoring flying left and right.

  • BadassCat

    Time to start stashing cash away for it!

  • The Man from Mandrem

    A B&W 12MP sensor sounds AWESOME!!!!
    Cool. I have something beyond lenses to buy when I upgrade in 10 years.

    • Where’s my…

      Hi, pardon me for ignorance but, could you summarize the key advantages of a B&W sensor? An even more sensitive sensor? Ability to use real color filters that many digital shooters haven’t even bought into because of freely available channel mixing? Dynamic range? Noise, diffraction characteristics?

      • sirin

        all of the above.

        • Global

          The only reason I can think why that would be good is because 1 pixel can be 3 colors — but each color has its own sensor — in B&W its only 1 color (grey).

          So does this translate to being 3 times as sensitive per square inch?

          Anyone have a link to how B&W sensoring works vs. Color?

  • Exciting possibilities with the modular sensor design. Would appreciate seeing options that excel at low light/speed, large prints, IR, B&W, UV…. but have them user-interchangeable.

  • HDZ

    Sync flash 1/500. 🙂

    • Oh yeah! And base ISO of 100, too, to keep us strobists happy! 🙂

      • Eric Pepin

        Id love a base of 25 or 50 tbh, why not give the option.

        • One thing many photogs don’t realize is that when you switch to the sub-base ISO settings, you actually reduce your bit depth from 14-bit to 12-bit. Sure, 12-bit is great and you can do plenty with it. But after knowing what 14-bit can offer, it’s almost more of a nuisance than an extra. Personally, I would prefer a 1/500 sync speed over 1-stop lower sensitivity. The ISO 200 base has been a significant key in Nikon getting such astronomical results in high-ISO.

          I do find it interesting, however, that the D7000 has emerged with a base ISO of 100. Will the same happen with the next round of full frame bodies? What will the tradeoffs be in high ISO performance?

          • PHB

            I would like a DSLR with an electronic shutter.

            That would get rid of the last mechanical component and get flash sync for all supported shutter speeds. It would also permit much, much higher shutter speeds.

            • Yeah, sure, once the tech is there. Take a photo with your iPhone right now while panning, shaking, or twisting quickly and you’ll know why physical shutter is still king, at least for now.

              Sounds like Sony may be onto something, though. Could be an interesting next few years.

            • PHB

              The iPhone cam does not have a true electronic shutter. Its just being read out quickly, so it has the same jelly roll feature as the D90 and other DSLRs.

              A true electronic shutter requires an extra transistor gate per cell that transfers the charge from the sensor to a holding capacitor structure.

              It is a feature that requires some silicon real estate which is why it can’t really happen on a sensor as small as the iPhone. But it is how the dedicated videocam sensors work. Whether it would impact ISO performance or not depends on where we are in the technology cycle.

  • Exxo

    !!! By that time, It would have been 1 year I have been waiting to get a camera!! I thought it would be out by march at LEAST!!
    Oh man…this camera better be worth it..I should just continue to save up and by late summer of 2011, i’ll be able to afford the D4! 😛

    Anyone have anything supporting the MX theory still? was that guy just trolling? or getting trolled?

    I seriously think Nikon CAN approach this market, PhaseOne is making it into department stores like London Drugs. One store is getting the P645D or something, and its a 60,000$ camera…a 55mm f2.8 lens is 1300$….(Canadian) so Nikon MIGHT look at MX… OR
    Sigma and the patent holder for the new Sensor type (3 layer R G B sensor, 46mp at APS-C sized) costs a lot to make (Patent wise) Kodak owns all patents for all the sensors as we know it. With MX or this layered sensor coming out, They might have to pick one or the other…I JUST HOPE..

    D4 and D800 have the Layered Sensor…
    1) It will phase out Medium format (who wants to pay 60,000? go for it if you got it!)
    2) Way better image quality…
    3) Nikon wont make MX Lenses…which would cost in the 2000+Range for the basics..
    4) Nikon should be choosing one or the other, because making MX is a small market right now. Kodak owns it with their sensors and PhaseOne…Mamiya is a giant in this field.
    So its hundreds of millions in MX or hundreds of millions in NEW LAYERED SENSOR!
    I’ll talk to my Rep, good chance he wont spill the beans though..(he probably doesnt know..)

    • JED

      What are you talking about?
      Sigma Foveon sensor has been shown to be a flawed technology. Its colour separation is extremely poor leading to high noise levels due to huge white balance multiplication factors. Its only benefit is apparent sharpness and detail levels which can be countered with higher density bayer sensors.

      Now if you are talking about the Dichroic sensor patents that Nikon holds then nobody really has any idea about its actual performance – or if they have even built one.

    • Ronan

      P645D is a $12,000 camera with a lens… not $60,000…

      • Jesus_sti

        no sensor ….35 000 $ for camera and sensor

    • Eric Pepin

      what london drugs store has a 60k phase camera ? honestly… is it a store in the rich part of a city or something, even then they wouldnt have one…

  • Morten

    AHHH man I cannot wait till summer…..I am pissed off now…… 😀

  • Exciting news if we can believe any of it is true.

    @The Man from Mandrem, 10 years to upgrade? That’s probably when this will be available! 🙂

  • broxibear

    Here’s another Nikon patent i came across to add to the mix it’s for a dslr with 2 sensors ?…
    “a first sensor of a storage type that has a plurality of pixels; a focus detection unit that detects a focus adjustment state of a photographic optical system based upon a detection signal from the first sensor for a photographic subject; a second sensor that acquires an image of the photographic subject; an extraction unit that extracts a main photographic subject region from image information acquired by the second sensor; and a control unit that controls accumulation of electrical charge by the first sensor, based upon values outputted from pixels of the first sensor that correspond to the main photographic subject region.”

  • Yavij

    Can’t wait for D800…

  • I hope that D800 will be on sale in next two months, because i cannot wait longer … I was robbed of my last camera and i need to buy new one as soon as possible.

    • I’M in the same case 🙁 can’t wait till summer, but in the same time if I bought back a D700, and then a couple of month after comming the D800 for a couple of hundreds more, I’ll feed bad as well ! Hard to take a descision !

    • Until the D800 ships, I’ll be renting or borrowing (or begging) a D700 if I feel the trusty D200 isn’t up to the job.

      • Well, the D700 is actually getting rather cheap. I recently bought a brand new D700 for €1679 and I don’t regret it at all. 🙂

    • InfraRed

      I’m with you! I couldn’t wait any longer a bought a D7000 and I’m having fun using it. I hope I will get some reasonnable amount of money when I resell it…

      Typical Nikon, I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult to get a D800 or D4 in your hands before November if they are officially introduced end of August!

  • Humm. A modular sensor package would be very interesting. A 12mp B+W sensor wouldn’t need the Bayer filter array. It could be incredibly sharp or have other attributes applicable to a specialty market. Exchangeable by a dealer doesn’t ring true to me though. An authorized repair center makes more sense. The rubes at Best Buy change a sensor module? Humm. If the consumer can’t change the module, the body becomes pretty dedicated to the sensor choice. In that case you’d think they’d have two SKU’s. No sense buying the color sensor and then having to put in in the drawer when you buy the B+W sensor. The used color sensor – no matter how used – couldn’t be sold as new even as a repair part.
    I’m not sure why I’d want a 1/16,000 shutter speed but a 1/500 flash sync would sure be nice.
    Finally, what’s a “Nikon rep from a local dealer”? Nikon reps don’t work for dealers. I’m sure a dealer with a relationship to a good customer like a serious pro might take a deposit and put a shooter at the front of the line for an unknown future camera, but until there’s a SKU and Nikon catalog number, a “pre-order” doesn’t mean bupkis. A dealer is probably getting more information from NR than from Nikon.

    • Eric Pepin

      Nikon reps dont work for specific companies that I know off but if you are the biggest camera company around the region of the rep then he pretty much works for you.

  • On the accessory front, let’s hope they give us Gorilla Glass on the rear screen and loose the plastic cover. Touch screen to pan and zoom in review mode would be nice too.

    • Vladi

      we will get that all in iphone 5. but apart from taking stunning photos and editing them in photoshop mobile, u can make calls and send messages with it. money well spent 😀

    • Argh, no no no no, please no touchscreen. Can think of several reasons not to go down that route. One is tactile response, the other is cold-weather operation (this winter: -30C without gloves, anyone?)

      • broxibear

        Got to agree with you modulus, I recently tried the Panasonic GF2 which has a touchscreen and it wasn’t good….it was terrible.
        Just holding it normally would trigger something on the screen, when you actually wanted to use it you had to poke it to get it to work and it became very dirty with smears as you ran your fingers over it.
        I doubt Nikon would risk a touchscreen on a D800 unless they tested it with one of their lower range bodies first.

        • Global

          It would be alright if it was IN ADDITION to buttons (either or). Then the user could lock out buttons and use touch only if in good conditions.

          That being said, I prefer buttons and shallow menus. Nikon needs to get a new menu system. Its like a labyrinth.

          • Man, I won’t argue that Nikons menu system is completely without fault. It isn’t. But it’s a dream compared to Canon’s menus on the 5d, 7d, and T2i, to name a few. What the sin is C.Fn IV, for example? And who thought that was a good idea on ANY camera body, let alone a consumer-grade one?

            And don’t get me started on formatting cards, or changing focus points…

            • JB

              Not sure if this is what you were referring to, but I discovered what C.Fn IV was the other day when my 7D decided to completely lock me out of any kind of focus select… apparently, I had apparently brushed against something in there by accident. It took me 30 minutes to figure out what was going on but I was glad when I found the on-switch.

            • C.Fn IV, C.Fn V, C.Fn VI, etc…pick your poison. The fact that you had to hunt high and low for nigh unto half an hour makes my point better than I ever could. What an abysmal method of relaying feature setting choices in an electronic instrument. In no way could that be considered an interface that was built for the end user in mind.

      • I see your point but i find the current zoom in and pan controls less usable than my phone, etc for navigating around an image. I’d want it active only during image review, maybe only if I triggered zooming in. I’m not looking for a full or touch-only only interface. As an image review interface, multi-touch is great.

  • 120 fps? That’ll make some Canon users jealous! Looking forward to it!

    • distanted

      Nothing in Nikon’s inventory makes me believe they are anywhere close to 120 fps at HD. Even the D7000 can only crank out 24 fps at 1080. I’d be happy if they finally match Canon’s ability to do 30 fps at 1080. 60 fps would be impressive, but 120 sounds like somebody’s dream spec wish list. IF they were going to make a leap from 24 to 120, it’s doubtful they would do it on anything less than a D4.

  • Erik

    The worst thing with this is that I probably would like *both* the 16mp FX and the 12mp BW sensor at the same time, which means buying two bodies.

  • Baked bananas


    No d800 fx til 2012.

    D4=2011 THIS YEAR

    D800=2014 NEXT YEAR

    • Rob

      I’m kinda feeling this as well. They’ll release the D4 first to put the flagship out there and delay the D800 til 2012. That way Nikon wont shoot themselves in the foot financially by having people “be satisfied” with the D800 even if they really need the D4.

      • Agree 100%. D4 will come out and possibly a D800.
        Is a BW Sensor made by the German filter maker?

        • chris

          why would a filter maker suddenly make a sensor? B&W as in black and white, not B+W the filter company.

          • Perhaps they could add an optional sense-of-humor injection plug-in as well. 😉

      • Dr SCSI

        If my memory serves me correctly the D3 came out in 2007 at the same time as the D300. Based on history and Nikon’s habits, I think we will see the D4 and D400 announced in August with limited availability by December. Production will then start to meet demand early in 2012 for these two cameras. Finally, we will see the D800 appear at Photokina in 2012. Nikon is not going to repeat their experience of the D700, where D3 sales were adversely affected. Therefore, I highly doubt a D800 will be announced before the D4.

        • D700guy

          that makes perfect sense

          • Nikon seems to be working on a bottom up product cycle this year, as opposed to their typical top down model of years past. I am not discounting any idea of a bottom up release based on previous strategy in this area alone.

            This also seems like a very VERY plausible explanation for the longer-than-expected delay in the D700 replacement. If the latest tech goes into the newest bodies, this gives Nikon an opportunity to sell two cameras where only one would have been purchased before, as was the case for all those that bought the newer D700 INSTEAD of the D3.

            • Anonymous


              and you believe in that fullishness you wrote? Nikon simply does not have the sensor to introduce any new FX or Pro gear period. There is no such thing they work from bottom up, BS!!!!! They simply don’t have the components.

            • What is “fullishness”? I’m afraid my vocabulary is somewhat limited.

            • Anonymous

              I meant foolishness (sorry typo)= bs (sorry typo)

              I am sorry but the fact of the matter is that Nikon is bleeding big time for close to 3 yrs now because it has nothing to offer in FX over 12MP in small body at a price point as sony or canon offer. Oh, I am sorry it also does not offer 1080p in FX.

            • Being the best and being the best regarded are two different things entirely.

    • Global

      They dont have to use your out-dated order.

      FFS, doing something ONCE doesn’t make it a pattern or even a permanent strategy. For all you know the D700 was an afterthought.

      By the way, other series have been PERFECTLY SUCCESSFUL releasing lower bodies first, FOLLOWED BY the higher bodies (with extra perks put in place).

      So for all you know they could be one after the other or simultaneously released or any damn time Nikon wants.

      The demand is there. THATS the important part. If you expect them to be the exact same cameras — i think tha’ts what youre assuming — then you are probably WRONG. I highly suspect that Nikon learned to differentiate the “D3-D700” duality, because they canabalize each other.

      By offering TWO MORE pro-bodies, before the D800, Nikon has left the door WIDE OPEN for the D800 to be introduced.

      The D3s was practically just introduced!

  • The closer we get to a significant new release (D300s/D700 replacement) the further away the theoretical release date gets. Maddening!

    • Global

      The “never-ending Hallway” effect, eh? Nightmare dream scenario. =P

    • I certainly hope the rumor-mill is encouraging German Photographers to mis-appropriate sensor specs. 16MP, really? This makes me very bitter. To stay competitive, Nikon needs the 20+MP range. They really set themselves up for failure, or at least to discourage new consumers from selecting Nikon. Sorry Nikon, but total let-down. Its cool we may be able to capture a speeding bullet, but it’d be a lot cooler if you could blow it up twice as big.
      Waaaaah 🙁 … Makes me sad. Just cut the D line, and start over, NOT boxing yourselves into a corner with price and pro-specs….

  • Bernhard

    Utter bullocks and dream specs.
    Too good to be true and therefore do not believe this will be true.

    D800 might well be what the 3Ds is at this moment.
    With a littlebit of luck we get a 16mp sensor. I can’t believe we will get anything more then that.

    • AHC

      unlikely. so ur expecting D3s price to drop below D800 then? 😛

      • Global

        The D3x combined with the D3x is the “D4.” Yes there will be another D4, but the D800 is wide-open to be released soon. A D800 will be released. When a real D4 is released, who knows.

    • JED

      Why do people find it so hard to type camera name/numbers in the right order?
      A 3Ds is a games console.
      A 300D is an old Canon camera.
      A 3Dx is?

  • hybris

    dont believe it for a sec.
    this guy at dpreview have bin talking about it for a year now, its pure sepculation.

    i would love it, but don think its ever gonna happen

    whisfull thinking

  • R!

    16 mpxls………???????

    • Roger

      It’s a false rumor.

  • R!

    I hope I m wrong,is It a D300 succesor??????

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    The spec from that dpreview poster sounds BS to me. Nikon/Sony can’t even come up with a sensor that does 60fps 720p, doubt they can release one that does 120fps 1080p so soon.

    • Jesus_sti

      First don’t buy gray market Nikon …

      Second maybe they a develloping it… D3s had 102 K iso ….

  • Bryan

    I for one am tired of seeing LCD screens on cameras. After my Samsung Epic 4G, I’d love to see some Super AMOLED goodness on the back of my camera.

  • Iorick

    I agree with anonymous, but it wont be a Sony, rather the new Canon 5D MKIII (or 6D). Nikon can give himself the luxe of loosing such an important market. And what about that book Nikon D800 it was about to be published in March-May? Like so many other people here, if till June nothing come out (D400, D800, or any other Dsomething), I’ll move to another brand (I’m not addicted to any, just want a camera that suits my needs). But I’ll keep my F100 though… 🙂

  • Vladi

    not impressed. not impressed at all.
    i expect D800 with 24mpx D3x sensor or better. we do not need another D3, D3s or D4 clone in smaller body. when will nikon realize there is urgent need for high mpx, fx body camera in style of 5mk2? we wait 4 years to replace D700 and now we get 16mpx instead of 12? seriously flawed thinking in nikon japan.

    • Dr SCSI

      4 years for D700?
      D3 & D300 August 2007
      D700 – July 2008
      D3x – December 2008
      D300s – July 2009
      D3s – October 2009
      D7000 – September 2010
      D4 & D400 – August 2011
      D800 – July 2012
      D4X & D4S – September 2012 – Swappable Sensors now Available
      D400S – September 2012

      D8000 ?…

    • Roger

      You really believe this rumor? Really??? 😀

    • Jesus_sti

      Go with Canon … they make alot of poor pixel …… D3x is a Hi resolution and you can buy it right now. Nikon make 13 dynamic range and canon never push de 12 limit.

    • M.

      No, we don’t need that. We don’t need that at all. If YOU want that, switch to Canon or buy a D3x/D7000. I prefer Nikon’s much more logical expression of modern photographic technology in improving build quality & noise rather than higher megapixels. 16MP max. Save our hard drives and kill the myth that higher MP is a good thing.

      • Geoff_K

        Higher MP IS better for certain things. You can always choose to shoot at a lower setting to NOT use up your hard drive space.

        HD space is SO CHEAP I do not see why people are crying about it.

  • Bart

    120fps full hd?!

    • ericnl

      okay, so for argument’s sake let’s say dpreview guy is right, what does he really say about the timeframe?

      quote: There is a lot of talk the last month or so of something big coming from Nikon in April or the summer of 2011 […] The D800 will have a sensor carriage that can be easily removed by an authorized dealer. The D800 will have a 16.4MP FX Nikon designed sensor. By September 2011 Nikon will have the first available replaceable sensor available. […] It will be a B&W 12MP sensor […] The D4 from what i was told will be hitting the streets at Christmas time 2011.

      after reading this I can only conclude that the D800 will be (might be) announced in March, coming in April, or announced in April and then available with just the FX sensor at the start of summer. this because the “replacement” B&W sensor will be available later, in September. and NO D4 before christmas.

      at least that’s how I’m reading it. but that might just be wishful thinking because as of this week I am FX camera-less and will still need one for my travels this summer…

      • ericnl

        why did this turn up as an in line reply?

  • JED

    If this rumour is true then it indicates that Nikons upgrade cycle has changed.
    Therefore a 16.4MP D800 might be viable if they intend to replace that model on a more frequent basis. i.e. A D800 with a 2 year cycle might be ok if a D4 has a 24MP sensor. Maybe makes room for a D800X with the D4 sensor a little later? On this basis I would expect the D4 to have some goodies the D800 series doesn’t.

    • If I were a betting man, I’d put money on this as being their new direction. It actually makes perfect sense, and seems to be happening as we speak with the camera releases so far this year.

      • PHB

        The consumer products are essentially in catch up mode for the D3 technology cycle. They are coming out with new sensors because Nikon knows that they can sell a million plus copies of each model and so paying the quarter million dollars for a new mask set is amortized over a huge number of copies. But the sensor technology itself has been deployed on the professional cameras for years now.

        I tend to think that there is still demand for 12MP cameras as being ‘enough’ for most print making purposes and so there will be ongoing demand for a 12MP D700s. But the D4 is going to need to make 24MP with impressive ISO performance.

        I don’t think it at all likely that Nikon would develop a second mask set for the D800. The sales volumes just don’t justify the differentiation. They are rumored to have developed an 18MP FX sensor and it is possible we might see that launch.

        But if we do see a D800 ahead of the D4 it will be because they have decided that the flagship bodies are not going to be reincarnated as compact professional bodies shortly after.

        • Geoff_K

          anything less than 18 would be a disappointment and would make me keep my money or look elsewhere. 16 is not enough of a jump from 12 to even make me blink. 18 is only marginally better, but it is a 50% bump in MP

          • It seems nobody is considering anything aside from megapixels, as if MP alone will be the determining factor for their purchase of the succeeding body. Was there no reason to choose the D7000 over the D90, despite the modest MP gains?

            The D3s offered zero advancement in MP, and yet it was highly regarded enough to be in demand for quite some time after its release. I love these rumors as much as the next person, but there is an inherent flaw with the focus they receive: issues get distilled down, dissolved even, to an overly simplistic focus.

            If Nikon has shown anything in the last 10 years, it is that they are happy fighting the battle—even a losing one—in which industry advancements aren’t hinged on the lowest common denominators—in this case, megapixels.

            Where would the industry TRULY be today without Nikon? If you want as many megapixels as Canon offers, quite simply, the answer seems: buy a Canon.

  • The Invisible Man

    1/16000 second shutter, very helpfull to take a picture of the sun in a sunny day !

    What a bout a 24mp sensor ?

    If I have the choice I’ll take the 24mp sensor and leave the 1/16000 sensor (1/2000 is good enough for me)

    Thanks again Mr NIKON

    • Dr SCSI

      Stop action phototgraphy using IGBT speed lights really benefit from faster shutter speeds. New Nikon speed lights will be even faster and more powerful. You want to freeze athletes at an indoor venue, you can’t do it with 1/2000 for say, gymnastics at the Olympics venue! You want to stop drops of water in mid splash? Hmmmm….you gotta be real quick with both your shutter and flash, unless you don’t mind shooting in the dark with fast strobes and a dragged shutter. 1/16000 opens all kinds of new photographic possibilities. Stop a bee’s wings in mid flight with a speed light set for high speed sync anyone? Your images will be less susceptible to motion induced blur! Go Nikon!

  • Zim

    I’d like to see a D400 soon.

  • parley

    Any idea what fps (in stills) the camera will shoot with and without the battery grip??? Sounds like a great camera, i just hope they don’t lower the stills fps.

  • chunkee

    I’M DYING!!!!

  • Lukas

    I know the Dealer very good, that’s not a real “pre-order”. They just have a blacklist for that camera, they have no specs, price, date. If you’re on the top of that blacklist, you’ll get the first D800 they get. If enough customers ask for a D4, 5d Mark3 or anything else, they’ll open a blacklist for that…

  • R R

    I am going to run out of meds by mid summer, anxiety is going to be huge ! I hope I dont run insane waiting for the D800!!!! beep blop teeteeeteee… +a0j+a+oiaioaio3j

    Cmon Nikon!!!

    • Yhannoby


  • My hopes of a 24 MP are dashed! 😮

    • chris

      you can print a billboard with 5mp.

      • I want to print bigger than a billboard!
        Jokes aside, I want to be able to use DX mode at a reasonable MP 😮

      • Geoff_K

        Not if you plan to look at it closely and be happy.

    • You could just buy a D3x if you need 24mp… which I doubt.

      • Geoff_K

        put it in a 700 size body and i would. I do not want the grip full time adding weight. /shrugs

  • chris

    I don’t really care about a d800 or d4, i want a d300s replacement with the improved high iso performance of the d7000. i need the cropped sensor for my work. extra reach is vital. i dont care how many megapixels, or what kind of screen it is, or if it doubles as a sex toy.

    • gt

      It’s entirely possibly that the D400 will have better ISO performance than the D7000 even. If they use the Sony A77 sensor, it should be rated to hit ISOs in the “hundreds of thousands”

  • Seriously. If you can’t make a good photograph with a D700, a D800 isn’t going to do anything for you except give you a chubby because you have a new toy.

    I enjoy the rumor site just to see the possibilities about whats coming out next, but usually skip over the comments section because of the seemingly overwhelming amount of whiners that the D800 isn’t out yet, or the D4 isn’t out yet, or your feeble mind thinks the Nikon corporation has endless amounts of money to throw at R&D. Comment section would be a lot better if you people just skipped posting here and just went to complain in the forum section instead.

    • Rob

      I was kinda thinking the same thing, except for it being better with YOU not posting. Thanks.

      • I, somehow, saw this kind of ignorant reponse coming my way… Oh well.

      • scurvyhesh

        He’s right Rob and you know it.

        • Sly Larive

          I’m sorry Scurvy but NO, GPL wasn’t right. GPL and yourself may feel you don’t need any improvement over a D700, but that makes GPL the sole expert in acknowledging what every pro, semi-pro and hobbyists needs are. Perhaps some people are obsessed with night photography and would prefer better ISO performance, as good as the D700 is. Perhaps some folks would really want lower than ISO 200.

          Maybe, just maybe some people need higher MPs that 12 MP and can’t afford a D3X.

          Go figure, perhaps some folk LIKE and NEED to shoot videos, no matter how limited people think it may be on a DSLR.

          GPLs comment were borderline offensive for people who are looking for more than what the D700 offers and that no other Nikon product does or can afford. He states that these people are “WHINERS” and have a “FEEBLE MIND”.

          Even if GPL has some valid points, indirectly stating that the D700 is a tremendous camera, Rob was entirely correct in saying that the board was better off without such rude remarks. Heck, he even acknowledges that the intent of the comment was valid.

          This is a rumor site and people like to have fun while enjoying the wait game. Such some may come out with frustrations here and there but its all part of the game. If folks are here to preach about CURRENT Nikon models, I can’t help but think they are on the wrong website.

          Chill out.

    • broxibear

      I agree, but there are some who are waiting to upgrade and don’t want to buy a D700 only to find a D800 released a month or two later. I understand their frustration, and remember most of the people who’ll buy a D700 or D800 are not going to be working photographers…they’re enthusiasts who want to get the most for their money, I can’t blame them for being annoyed espesially since the D700 replacement rumour has been going on for years.

      • I suppose you are correct. Seems the unpaid type are the loudest about it though. Although I am waiting for the D800 to hit, so that used D700 prices hit rock bottom due to an over abundance. Yes, that ol’ supply-and-demand thing.

        • scurvyhesh

          Thats what I’m gonna do too! Pick up a sweet deal on a D700, take some pretty pictures and laugh while everyone complains about video features.

    • Geoff_K

      “seriously” i get tired of this lame argument. Do you still shoot with a 5MP camera ?

  • broxibear

    Something tells me Claudius Schulze might not be getting his D800 quite as quickly as he thinks after Nikon hear about the “pre order” lol ?
    If you know someone at your local photographic retailer anyone can pre order anything, I could go and pre order a D5 and post it on a blog…It’ll be in stock in Dec 2015 ?

  • lolly

    FWIW, I don’t think a 16MP FX will be released … I don’t think Nikon ever released an 8MP DX sensor DSLR camera … correct me if I’m wrong. A 20MP FX is more likely because the 10MP DX sensor was used quite extensively.

    If it turns out the D800 is a 24MP FX camera then it probably won’t be released until late next year to avoid killing the D3X too early.

    My 2-cents.

    • JED

      What does 8MP have to do with anything?

      The D3X is a 24MP camera with a DX crop mode of 10MP. DX to FX is not double.

      • chris

        didnt you know? fx sensors are just two old dx sensors glued together. #duh

    • hexx


  • jorgen

    how many D700 are sold for every D3/s/x? -the BIG money for nikon is in the D800-class. lemme guess for every D3/s/x they sold 5 D700s. same sensor, almost same AF, surely the 700-body is manufactured cheaper, economy of scale etc.

    pros will buy the D4 anyway, in case they really need the pro-options weathersealing, even better AF, sound-recording etc. otherwise they can get a D800 as well, as many already did with the D700.

    model-cycles can be changed, why should they stay the same forever? nikon has to move against 5dmk2/3, which is more a prosumer than a procamera aka D700-class.

    my guess is 70% buyers are waiting for the D800, so why don´t service them first?
    when this sensor-story is true, the sensation will be “new nikon FX” in general, not D800 or D4.

    as many pointed put, this tech will sell more bodies. why not sell pros and prosumers a bw-D800 first and the 24 mp D4 later in 2011?

  • Dr SCSI

    If the D800 comes out before the D4, it will most likely be 16-18mp, with native ISO up to 12800, with 1/8000 shutter speed and 1/320 flash synced shutter speed, rated for 150,000 shutter actuations. The D4 will hopefully have 16Mp, with native ISO up to 25,600, with 1/16000 shutter speeds and 1/500 flash synced shutter speed, rated for 300,000 shutter actuations. Maybe they will be announced at the same time, or the D4 just thee months behind. They will both do some crazy HD video, which I can care less about. The D4 will have the better display, better weather seals, built in vertical grip, possibly Wi-Fi or GPS, 100% viewfinder, and all around better button layouts, and a deeper buffer.

    • D700guy

      “The D4 will hopefully have 16Mp, with native ISO up to 25,600, with 1/16000 shutter speeds and 1/500 flash synced shutter speed, rated for 300,000 shutter actuations. They will both do some crazy HD video, which I can care less about. The D4 will have the better display, better weather seals, built in vertical grip, possibly Wi-Fi or GPS, 100% viewfinder, and all around better button layouts, and a deeper buffer.”

      You just described exactly what I am hoping to see in a D4

  • Davo

    Hey Admin, I know the dpreview poster’s specs sound like a wish list but did you see the “New Sony sensor Technology” post on 1001 noisy cameras dated 26/2/11.
    17.7MP at 120fps. Coincidence??

    • this new Sony sensor is for cell phones/P&S cameras

  • where_is_the_d800?

    It seems we would have a dual D4/D800 annoucement in the summer, much like the D3/D300 in summer 2007.

    The “D400” might not even exist.

    • chris

      Why wouldn’t it? as high iso performance becomes increasingly better isn’t the advantage of full frame sensors starting to diminish? for people who need longer reach or prefer a more lightweight body dx is and will likely be in the future, a very viable option.

    • chris

      and to add to that, the d7000 is clearly a replacement for the d90 and is a consumer body. canon has a flagship crop-sensor body and i doubt nikon is going to abandon an entire group of professional shooters.

    • lolly

      size matters … even more so in the future. Nikon will probably introduce a smaller (than) DX sensor (mirrorless ?) because smaller is the future even for pros. At the moment to compete in the marketplace Nikon needs FX … but not indefinitely.

    • Given how many more crop-sensor DSLRs are sold vs. full-framed DSRLs, there’s a high probability you are wrong OP.

    • Dr SCSI

      A D400 is only logical, as Nikon needs to satisfy all of their existing D300 series shooters by giving them another upgrade path. I have both the D3 and D300 and both of these cameras give me no worries when adventuring out into the elements! Besides, Nikon needs a 2k$ camera body to fit between their $1200 D7000 and their $2800 D800 when it is released. Don’t forget that your bird shooters want to see a ruggedized D400, Dx cropped sensor bodies, with fantastic ISO up to 12800, and 16 or 18Mp, and HD video to boot! The cropped sensor turns their $8500 400mm f/2.8 lens into a 600mm f/2.8 big gun! Add a TC 1.4 and now we are talking about 900mm f/4; just ask any bird shooter if he/she doesn’t get a woodpecker over that thought! Well maybe the shes out there won’t…

  • Chuck

    160FPS yeah right… and it can fly to the moon to

    • Dr SCSI

      Don’t limit yourself by thinking a physical shutter has to operate at those speeds. Nikon may have developed an electronic shutter which gates the electrons to ground in between the frames. All you EEs out there will no what I mean. Or the intent is just to leave the shutter open during HD video capture and continue to parse the electrons off the sensor grid at a refresh rate of 160HZ. So instead of a LCD TV that shoots pictures at you, at the 200HZ frequency, we now have a sensor capable of grabbing the photons out of their photosite wells at a rate of 160 cycles per second. Naturally, the short duration doesn’t allow for many photons to be captured at each cycle, but the amplification gains from high ISO, and a fast processor which can perform additive averaging of say 20 frames at a time, could result in a camera capable of HD video at 160Fps! You just gotta think outside the box, like talented engineers do!

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        I think it’s the on-die ADCs and the architecture of the sensor readout channels that are limiting the bandwidth required for high fps rate. Maybe Sony can use Intel’s talented engineers instead and just ask them for some tech transfer.

        • Dr SCSI

          160Hz is so slow in the world of fast moving electrons…
          Computer manufactures read RAM modules at speeds in the GHz range; I doubt Nikon engineers would have problems doing the same from a sensor. The big question is, can the sensor churn photons into electrons at a rate fast enough. So think of each photosite well in a sensor as a bucket or container which fills based on the duration it is exposed to photons. Basically you have four cycles like a 4 stroke engine.
          1st – Zeroize the sensor well.
          2nd – Capture Photons
          3rd – Stop Capture of Photons
          4th – Measure Photons Captured
          So at 160 fps, that is 640 cycles per second; still slow for electronics standards.

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