Nikon Coolpix P7000 firmware update v1.1

The new firmware update v1.1 for Nikon Coolpix P7000 is now available: Mac | Windows.

What's fixed:

  • Total image recording times for NRW (RAW) files have been reduced.  This includes image recording times for NRW+JPEG file recording options

  • Lens control has been optimized to reduce the frequency with which the “Initializing lens. Cannot focus.” message is displayed.
  • An issue that, in some rare cases, prevented zoom operation has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the monitor display to exhibit a loss of detail in highlights (blown highlights) when the shutter-release button was pressed halfway with Active D-Lighting enabled has been resolved.
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  • Zach


  • Patrick

    @Zach- Thanks for the meaningful contribution!

    Now all we need is a firmware update for D7k video 🙂

    • aetas

      Its not even a step up from first. More of a side step. Not that this post is any better.

    • I hope they’ll be getting to it.

      Here’s the page to send your concerns!

  • The invisible man

    Soon manufactures will send use firmware updates before the camera is available….

    And wait few more years, you’ll have to be an operating system in order to be able to start using your brand new camera !

    I think I’ll start to stock some D3 and D700.

    • The invisible man

      OMG !
      “manufacturers” “send us firmware” “buy an operating system”
      I’m not drunk or under drugs, it’s sooooo cold here that my frozen fingers can’t type right !
      Sorry !

      • Invisible Teacher

        IMO you are blowing your spelling mistakes out of proportion by correcting them with another comment. Being drunk, under drugs, frozen or not is all way off topic and of no interest at all to the rest of the class. Same for your spelling.

        • scurvy hesh

          LOL! He says that he is NOT drunk or on drugs. Otoh this update makes the p7000 a much more viable camera. Look forward to trying one out for myself now

      • Rest of the class

        ROFL! Thanks for the laugh Invisible Man. Your correction made it even funnier.

      • Where are you located? 😀

        • The invisible man

          Well, I can’t really tell where I’m from, few months ago when I disclosed the new Nikon 3 RVB sensors, I received intimidations from an unknow organistaion .
          I don’t want having to move again.

  • It’s a worthwhile update, good to see Nikon addressing the major flaws of the P7000. It’s still not fast enough, though – the Canon G12 walks all over it in that respect, despite the P7000 being better in other areas.

    Firmware 1.0 and 1.1 speed test results are at

    • Shocking results in the speed test. After upgrade, mine seems to be ready for the next shot in about 3 sec.

  • at least this update didn’t take 6 months! This camera will be my walkaround camera soon!

  • rwcs

    Just update mine… works great…

    • Me too. Much faster in raw now.

    • Nicole

      Same here. It seems much faster, and it makes raw practical to use on this camera.

  • Vandyu

    I read over the review of the two firmware updates showing improved speeds and was starting to rethink the CP7000. I’ve about decided to buy a Panasonic FZ100 for a smaller, lighter companion to my D80. But then, the review ended with this– ” We still think that the “Expeed C2″ powering the P7000 is just not up to the job of delivering fast write times. It’s a near-fatal flaw in an otherwise superb camera, but it’s encouraging to see Nikon attempting to address the issue.”
    So, I’m back to the Panny–at least in my thinking stages prior to laying down the credit card. When they describe a camera as having a near fatal flaw, I just can’t do that sale even though it’s a Nikon.

    • It’s a setback in raw but I much prefer using it over my LX3 now, both in fine jpg mode. I have to limit the LX3 to ISO400 because of noise level. P7000 is much better if you need more than ISO400.

      • I have not used the FZ100 but that zoom lens is versatile and should be a lot of fun.

    • Canon G12

      I really wanted to buy this camera for my girlfriend but decided against it due to the glitchyness reported bythom. I went with the canon g12 even though i prefer Nikon.

      • jdsl

        Good choice! I bet your girlfriend is beautiful enough for this ugly-looking camera 🙂

  • Yawn… D800 FTW!

    • Karlosak


  • Funduro

    Was the D7K and P7K OS and integration out sourced or is this an in-house flop? Is Nikon becoming the GM of digital photography? By that I mean a bloated, slow to react, run by cover your a$$ management that still can’t log onto Facebook? I did not buy the D7K because I felt there were issues. Spent $250 more and got the D300s, I’m happy I did. 0-2 on this two much talked about cameras is giving Nikon a bad name. They better do a better job on the next gen D700 and D300. Don’t want to seem negative, but there is an awful lot of treads exposing issues. Seems to me most is not due to the users not properly understanding operation but real HW/SF problems.

    • PB PM

      I believe Nikon outsourced camera firmware last year, so that could be the problem that we’ve been seeing with recent cameras?

  • Gareth

    this camera is crud, no firmware will fix that.

    • Andrew

      Obviously you’ve not used one then.

      • Gareth

        i have used one

  • Andrew

    Wish they will have another firmware very soon for increase overall performance and stability

    • jdsl

      There will be a FW upgrade to increase performance.
      Another FW upgrade to increase stability.

      • Andrew

        Great to hear. But, when will release ?

  • Mock Kenwell

    Firmware update for a mediocre compact that gives too little and came too late.

  • Jim

    Nikon USA Shows no Firmware Upgrades for P7000?????????????

    • it will be there tomorrow, Nikon USA is always slow to update their website – everything get released in Europe first

  • this camera is crud, no firmware will fix that.

  • Same here. It seems much faster, and it makes raw practical to use on this camera.

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