Weekly Nikon related news/links #86

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  • Martin

    Is this really an “I am sexy” t-shirt?

  • Aaron

    Interesting – the 16-85 and 70-300 count as pro lenses.

    • Yeah, but so does the 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6….

      • Kevin

        so does the 35 1.8G! 😀

        • Cold Hands Luke

          But not the 50/1.8?!? Or the 50/1.4D which you can still buy new.

          50/1.4G is in the list at least.

          • Cold Hands Luke

            Also notice there are no flashguns or teleconverters in the list.

  • mshi

    50mm 1.2 AIS is not pro glass?

  • HDZ

    Hooray~!! My 200 f/2, AF 20 f/2.8, 70-180, 45 f/2.8P, 85 PC (and a lot) is not in the NPS list.

    • Don’t worry. NPS is complete nonsense anyways. At our studio we canceled the NPS membership after one year.

  • Kevin

    35MM F/1.8G AF-S DX NIKKOR
    The cheapest lens i have is on the list 😀

  • Nukeon

    I will wear the “I AM HAPPY” Nikon t-shirt only after they release the D700 replacement camera 🙂

    • twoomy

      Or how about an “I AM KINDA HAPPY” shirt for when they finally get enough D7000’s out there to meet the initial demand. They’re going to miss the Christmas wave by being too slow.

      • Anonymous


        I think is run by morons. I just cannot believe that for over almost 3 months now from its announcement they still cannot manuifacturer enough.

        I decided, if I cannot get a hold of 1 before the Dec 10, then I will completely skip this camera. If Nikon does not need our money then what can we do? As I said, Nikon is run by complete a**hole morons. 🙂

        • @Anonymous, can you please express your opinion without using foul language? Thanks!

          • Anonymous

            Sure, but it does not change the fact that people who run Nikon are not the sharpest knife in the drawer! 🙂

            • They have marketed a product so successfully that the demand has far outstripped the supply before the actual launch date – then sold out of stock so quickly that people are scrambling everywhere to get it – that’s the very essence of smart marketing.

              Far from missing the Christmas wave – they have a a total success on their hands, especially since the replacement for the D700 isn’t likely to come out until at least late spring/summer.

            • Anonymous

              And you believe in that BS? I am sorry but you have only 1 other option is to buy canon if you did not invest over the years in nikon glass. I am sorry but this is not competition. Nikon was not able release one camera in the last 10 yrs that did not have supply issues. Or look at the lenses genius. I guess the shelves are breaking from their availability. 🙂

              Wake up dude and don’t believe in that BS.

            • Anonymous Troll,

              This is marketing 1o1.

              Supply chain is not all about giving the customer what they want right away. Creating a demand is a far more effective way of selling more units over time than filling all orders immediately. The more buzz created around a product – the more desirable a product becomes. Ever been to a really successful nightclub? Bet your bottom dollar they are holding people at the door while there is plenty of room inside the bar. It may seem counter-intuitive and will upset a few people – but its a very successful tactic.

              Ask anyone who knows anything about effective marketing or real-world economics.

  • What about the 65mm 0.75? Is it a serious lens?

    • Roger Moore

      The 65/0.75 is a special purpose lens designed to record very faint images from x-ray fluorescent screens (as in a fluoroscope). It’s not intended for general imaging, but shooting with that kind of ultra-fast lens can be fun and produce interesting and artistic images. AFAIK, Bjorn Rorslett popularized the idea of using old special purpose lenses for this application with his Need for Speed.

  • RMT

    I was looking at the Reuters best pictures of the year at:


    Of the 55 pics taken, only 2 with D3, 2 with D700 and 1 with D200.
    Thats less than 10% of pics taken with Nikon gear.
    Looking at this and the grey lenses at soccer matches you’d think Nikon is for amateurs and Canon for the pro’s.
    I thought it was the other way around. What’s up?

    • Nikkorz

      Yeah. I agree. We have to fix that. I believe Canon is only seen more often at events simply because their cameras have more megapixels. Maybe the mindset is more megapixels = better looking prints. I have no idea, but it isn’t my cup of coffee if you ask me.

      • A big part of the reason for this was the difference in autofocus during the mid 90s.

        In the late 80s and early 90s Nikon was king. There was always some leapfrogging in technology; Nikon would come out with a faster or better lens or product, then Canon, then Nikon, then Canon; but if you worked for publications and they had pool lenses they were ALL Nikon.

        Then Canon came out with their new autofocus system, and left Nikon in the dust for a few years (even techs at Nikon will admit this) – it took Nikon too long to catch up, and by that time a lot of sports shooters moved to Canon. So for a good few years if you wanted a rugged camera, you went Nikon, if you needed speed, you went Canon.

        Nikon caught up again, and now they are leapfrogging once again; which is good for both companies – a competitive marketplace inspires innovation. Nikon is finally catching up to Canon in the video arena (and surpassing it in some ways), and the Nikon CLS is much better than Canon’s lighting solutions. Canon has Nikon generally beat in the MP department right now; so its a healthy competition.

        At the end of the day, its the image that counts – and I don’t really care if Nikon or Canon has the slight advantage for the moment as long as they both keep innovating and making comparable products. The photographer is far more important that the tool he/she uses.

  • Gregoire

    In Greek, Nikon means victory. It is the masculine form of Nike, same as the sporting brand. One of the great statues in Athens is of Athena Nike, or victorious Athena. So, it’s kind of like a town in Colorado – Cañon City, thinking it has significance for Canon shooters. Or seeing an apple tree and thinking it was named for the computers. The reversal of association shows that a brand of consumer electronics is more important to people than history, languages, or the culture from which the West emerged.

    • a

      the sign says in greek something like … to all holly nicks… there is an omega in the end plural!! but then comes the english translation which simply puts english letters, doesnt make sence in english…still funny though!

  • The invisible man

    I like the underwater housing for the D700, looks cool, is it waterproof ?

  • Mikils

    Nikon in Greek means Victorious or, as a personal name, it could be traslated as Victor. you could improve your knowledge here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Nikon_the_Metanoeite
    but there have been several Nikons in the eastern world historylike this http://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/Πατριάρχης_Μόσχας_Νίκων; consequently there must be not only one but scores of Churches dedicated to Hagios Nikon. I’ve seen a few myself in my trips to Greece. I also subscribe the remarks of Gregoire few posts above

  • Mock Kenwell

    The Nikon shirts suck.
    The Canon ad shot with a Nikon is an epic fail.
    The Kowa lens look could have been achieved far more easily with a Lensbaby.
    NPS is a waste of money.

  • Anonymous

    “…D7000 for example are accepted only as backup cameras.” No wonder, since you cannot purchase the body only.

    “Nikon rebates are extended until Dec 11” I love this one, hopefully by that time Nikon will actually deliver products. This is really a shame for Nikon that it cannot sort out the supply problem.

    • “No wonder, since you cannot purchase the body only. ”

      Sure you can – I just ordered one from a medium sized store (body only) and had it delivered in a couple of days. Also took part in the Epson 1900 rebate promo, and got the 1900 for only $100 over the price of the body.

      • Anonymous

        No, the stand alone body is not available or you have to pay some extreme price.

        Wake up and look around. If that camera would be available then I assume people would not complain. Besides, this is the highest resolution nikon one can afford. So how smart these isiots at Nikon had to be to think that people don’t want to stick forever at 12MP. Now go back and enjoyed your D7000 and don’t piss off others.

        • Anonymous (Troll)

          Well, I just ordered a body only and had it delivered within a couple days, so clearly they are available if you are savvy enough to know where to shop. And yes, I purchased mine at the list price, $1,199.00. Free shipping and no tax on either the printer or D7k body. You just have to know how to shop for them.

          With the printer, which I can sell on ebay for $300 (purchased for $100 after rebate) I’ve now knocked the price of my D7000 to an even $1000, and had it delivered last week. Without waiting on the long list at Amazon or B&H.

          Then you whine about the MP of the camera? Clearly you just want to troll. This is a forum about Nikon gear and what’s new and exciting coming out. If you are just interested in being a troll, feel free to head over to Fark, slashdot, or a forum where they enjoy whiners.

  • Rick

    So guys, what’s my best bet on getting a D7000 body if I have not pre-ordered already?


    • Anonymous


      Almost like winning on mini-lotto. I was going to buy one but in reality not before Xmas thanks to Nikon. I wonder, how morons are Nikon? I mean they have not learned that a) if you don’t have products available then you cannot sell it and b) rebates again don’t work without products. These dudes at nikon are pure smart people.

    • fordstr

      Put your name on a list at a local camera store, I did and had one within a week.

      • Anonymous

        how much extra did you pay for it?

  • Jacques

    No further news about Nikon Teleconverter updates?

  • Roy

    Ikelite housings are great value for money. I have one for my D300.
    The whole setup of housing,ports,strobes and arms is expensive but that’s the price you have to pay to take a SLR underwater and have a chance of not giving it a bath.
    Their after sales service is second to none and quite often repairs are done for free.
    No I don’t work for them I just appreciate good service

    • I too have an Ikelite D300 housing with the DS-160 strobes. I use the Ultralight armss (two 8″ on each side) and a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, a 60mm AF-D macro (which focuses more consistently than the AF-S version), and a 105mm VR macro. I have debated on switching to Nauticam when I get my D7000, only because the whole setup with Nauticam (with the Inon z240 strobes) would be more compact and also lighten my top-side load considerably (well, at least 3-4 pounds). But after much internal debate, I think I will stick with Ikelite even for the D7000 because 1) it’s true Ikelite customer service is second to none; 2) the TTL feature for the DS strobes is difficult to beat at leat for macro shots; 3) the DS strobes have a warmer tone (at 4800K) that make the wide-angled coral shots more colorful (at leat to me); and finally 4) the clear housing allows me to visually confirm and flooding or moisture issues.

  • jk

    Please don’t buy those shirts.

    1. they are ugly
    2. you dont have to be a nerd in every area of your life
    3. they are too much money.
    4. Companies pay a lot of money to advertise… yet “we” willingly pay money to wear their logos on our bodies and we do it for free. You are simply a pawn if you wear logos and are not being paid to do so.

    • Amen! I’ve been saying this since I was five!

  • Just a note on the NPS Equipment list:I had a conversation with them today about the equipment list, which I agree is really poorly populated.

    Apparently the list is based on the equipment that they are able to repair with priority repair (one-day turnaround) – so lenses like the 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX make the list, but a $2000 manual 600mm f/5.6 will not, nor will my $1100 80-200mm f/2.8 AF-D ED (which I bought new a year ago to replace the same lens).

    If you enter a serial number on a piece of pro equipment that is similar to yours, but it rejects the serial number, just enter it again and it will ask you to check a box to confirm. it will then force the system to accept the serial number.

    At the end of the process, they will tell you that someone will review your submission and get back to you. If you really fudge it, they may need to contact you; but I didn’t have any problems, and was renewed within the hour. I’ve been a memebr for 15 years, so that probably helped – but they realize that not all pros are shooting with all new equipment.

    I’m posting this because the process to ‘force’ the submission isn’t clear until you try to submit twice, and I only found it by accident.

    @Mock Kenwell – Clearly you have never been an NPS member – Membership is free. You just have to prove you are a working pro.

    Overnight repairs, free cleaning at events, priority equipment purchases and free loaners – all for free? yeah – that’s WAY too expensive. Nice try, troll.

  • Abo

    By the way admin, have you heard any rummors about Nikon stopping D7k production to solve the “issues” around back/front focus and hot pixels?

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