Weekly Nikon related news/links #83

  • New firmware update (Ver. 1.002) for the Distortion Control Data for Nikon D90 and D5000 is out: Mac | Windows (yes, those are legit Nikon websites).
  • The short version of Thom Hogan's predictions for 2011: D4, D800, D400, D5100, and Coolpix mirrorless camera + new 80-400mm f/4-5.6, 70-200mm f/4, new long Micro-Nikkor, 50mm f/1.2G, 24-70mm replacement (possibly with 24-105mm f/2.8 VR).
  • New website: nikonimages.com is free and it gives you the ability to search for pictures taken with specific lenses, EXIF search, etc.

  • DSLR Camera Remote now available for the iPad - it allows you to remotely control your Nikon camera and includes live view.
  • Sweden's largest daily newspaper (Aftonbladet) is switching from Canon to Nikon.
  • Nikon D7000 vs Canon 7D:

  • Another Nikon D7000 video test:

  • Battle of the Bokeh: Nikon 85mm f/1.4 D vs Sigma 85mm f/1.4:

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  • The invisible man

    D400, D4, D800.
    Where is my D900 ????

    • Joe R.

      3.5 years away.

  • The first video is funny.

    • You must be easily amused.

      • Panfruit

        *giggly tittering*

  • Banned

    The bokeh comparison is incredible useless. It’s not controlled at all, there are way too many variables. And why is he testing a version of the Nikon 85 1.4 that is 2 generations old? Useless.

    • gt

      the comparison between the 85mm 1.4d and the sigma 85mm is meaningful because both lenses are in the same price range.

      for shoppers who want to spend $1000 on a lens of this type, its a great comparison

      • Banned

        And what do you make of the less than useful test subject? How is that a comparison when all shots looks different? If this guy had a clue and not just trying to get hits with beautiful models, he would shoot a target indoors.

  • 50mm f/1.2 ehh? We’ll see…

    Personally, I’d rather have a new 85mm f/1.8.

    • gt

      I would be happy with this update. All of the nikkor 50s provide miserably, ugly bokeh. A fast normal prime, sharp where it needs to be with beautiful bokeh would be a welcome addition.

      As it stands, many people turn to the sigma 50 1.4 – which front focuses if you focus closer than 5 feet and back focuses everywhere else. Terrible alternative.

      • Banned

        I do not think my 50 1.4 G bokeh is THAT bad. It’s just super slow to focus which annoys me a lot.

        • Banned

          Especially after seeing the 24-70 focus speed (this lens has other problems of its own).

      • danpe

        If your Sigma behaves the way you describe i highly recommend moving the AF/M-switch to the AF position.
        (besides focus shift when stopping down like most fast glass, mine works fine)

        • gt

          problem shows up on full frame – not so much on crop sensor

      • Roger

        Amen, brother! Nikkor 50mm lens with smooth bokeh does not exist. I’m waiting for one, so come on Nikon ….

  • Rodrigo

    24-105mm f/2.8 VR? Hogan needs to learn more on optics. All manufactrurers have difficulties making a 24-70 f2.8 VR, let alone to 105.

    • Banned

      + VR. lol. Can you imagine the width of the lens, I mean of the BAZOOKA?

      • Roger

        Can you imagine how bad will it be optically?

  • fordstr

    24-105 does seem a bit of a stretch for 2.8 throughout…

    • ItsaChris

      Tamron had a 28-105mm f/2.8 AF.

      @ Rodrigo I dont know any manufactrurers that are having problem making a 24-70mm 2.8. canon, nikon, sony, and sigma all have a zoom 24-70mm 2.8 lens. Tamron and Tokina have older 28-80 2.8.

      P.S. I cant wait for Nikons mirrorless camera (2.5 crop and all)! I love sonys nex but I dont like that they made the mount be able to hold a 35mm frame later. Love samsungs lens roadmap but there cameras are too big (at this time). m43 also too big at the moment.

      • BornOptimist

        Rodrigo writes about 24-70 with VR, so he is correct. Noone makes a lens with this focal range and aperture with VR. Even Canon who just released a new version did not add IS, so there must be a reason why they don’t.

        • Heh

          Canon have NOT released a new version of the 24-70 2.8L.

    • I can imagine it to be bigger and heavier, with a wider front lens element. The Tamron one was 82mm. Perhaps this will be similar. By all means!

      • gt

        the weight isn’t the problem. the wait is the problem.

        • t

          smart. and amusing.

  • Robert

    I made my own DIY for my Sigma 12-24mm using Foam Board insted of waiting to buy the ridiculous lee filter holders… in less than 10 minutes, i had something I could use… I will eventually put a DIY out as soon as I get my site up..

    • Twoomy

      I bought the lee filter holders insted of waiting to make Robert’s DIY for my Sigma 12-24 using Foam Board… in less than $500, i had something I could use… I will eventually make a DIY as soon as Robert gets his site up..

      • Banned

        Or you could get smart and buy a 16-35. Nobody will look at your corner sharpness except you.

    • I have on my own since 1 month ago one of the firsts units of the SWF150 for the Nikkor 14-24mm lens and I can tell you after some DIY solutions I had the system works great.

      • Dr SCSI

        Information about the Lee Filter SW150 is on the right forum; it is a RUMOR! It is a vaporware product only available in such limited quantities that you can’t get one. This has been my frustration for 12+ months. I am now looking for an international retailer from the UK to get me one of these kits. Aghhhhh…..

        So for those you that have the SW150, what filters were you able to purchase with it? Also, the name of reputable US dealer would be greatly appreciated. I just spoke with B&H and their buyer hasn’t decided if they will carry the product or not. 🙁

        • Kanichiro

          The information that was posted came directly from Lee Filters. I received an email from them on it this past Friday.

          I was not pleased to learn they nearly doubled their projected price, but it is what it is. At least there is now a filter system for this beast, though I suspect Lee Filters learned why Nikon stayed away from including the use of filters when they designed the lens.

  • I can’t see the D3s sensor going away unless they can match its low light performance at higher megapixels.

    • I think so too. But if Nikon is confident enough of releasing the D3S, that means that they must have some breakthrough in terms of noise performance, and even if they can’t match the performance of the D3S exactly at 24MP for example, a balance between MP and ISO highly possible, say 24MP at ISO25600.

  • gt

    wow…thom hogan predicts a 24-105mm F2.8VR

    Honestly, I could use that 99% of the time and be very very happy..

  • Thomas

    Thom doesn’t say “24-70 replacement and a 24-105” but he states that the 24-105 is the replacement for the 24-70…

    • WoutK89

      Yes, I read exactly the same.

      • And you both read right. I may not be 100% correct on the details, but the rumor is that the 24-70mm will see an update, and one that extends its focal length range. Could be 24-85mm, I suppose, which would make more sense now that I think about it.

  • Kevin

    i predict lots of 70-200 f/4 VS 80-200 f/2.8

  • gt

    what’s thom hogan’s camera body prediction accuracy?

    what’s his lens prediction accuracy?

    • WoutK89

      You can read it all back!

      • gt

        I was hoping someone had a statistic handy

        something like “usually about 50% of what he says comes true” or “90% of what thom says is solid gold”

        I guess I’m being lazy 😉

    • There will defo be a D4 next year. Why else would Nikon be testing prototypes already?

      • gt


        • Banned

          Asking The Hoff about his sources is like asking Chuck Norris to be a normal human being. Highly offensive.

    • I’ve never really calculated it, nor do I really care. People think what they think about my predictions. Some (correctly I would suggest) realize that I have predicted a number of things that have come to pass, though sometimes not quite in the year I suggested. Some think (incorrectly) that anything less than 100% accuracy means that I’m no better than random chance.

      But I don’t see anyone else who’s tried to do what I’ve done and is willing to put their words down on paper a year in advance. So we can safely say that I’m the only one on record with a long history of predictions that can be actually measured against reality.

      As I note in the predictions themselves, I try to be provocative. What that means is that I often escalate something that’s an unsubstantiated rumor to prediction, partly because I believe that it will provoke discussions that are useful for both makers and users to see. I can say that 3 of my Nikon body predictions are absolutely true (though a final model number or other small detail may have changed since I got my info–it’s happened before).

      What’s interesting is that almost no discussion has picked up on something I mentioned in passing: programmable camera.

      • iamlucky13

        I hadn’t gotten that far, which reminds me – are you planning to add commenting on your site? I’d almost forgotten noticing that.

        Anyways, I was curious what you meant by this and where it came from. Is this another dream you’d like to see that Nikon will never fulfill like an FM-simple DSLR, or something you’ve caught wind of?

        Programmable? Meaning the ability to string actions together using an in-camera interface? Or the ability to write and load scripts? Or just greater customization of buttons?

        What does this accomplish? Fancy intervelometers, or potential to create motion sensing apps (should be able to do that with multi-zone meters)? Pre-programmed focus walking (such as commanding focus to change from 5 feet to 20 feet over 20 seconds to follow your subject walking away while shooting video)?

  • Anonymous

    LOL! thom hogan is TERRIBLE at predicting anything.

    he should become a weather channel host.

    • st r

      Thom’s predictions are really suggestions in disguise.
      Not so much in disguise, as a matter of fact.

      It’s not his fault if they don’t come true. It’s the camera makers’ fault!!!!

    • Actually, overall I think he’s pretty good at guessing what will happen. And, unlike so many other people, he lets you know when he was right and when he was wrong in the predictions.

    • robert

      I’ve followed Thoms predictions the last few years, but the last year since he’s stopped with lens reviews, I just hardly go. A lot of missing lenses he should have reviewed. Amusing to read, but I don’t believe anything till I see it with my own eyes. It seems like 50/50 to me.

      If anything you mean meteorologist..HEHE..

      Still Thom has good info, just doesn’t seem to like to answer to emails or update with any reviews.

  • nuno

    NRadmin, do you post Hogan predictions because you think they are reliable or because he is popular?

    Please, could you make an informed guess about when do you expect the D700 replacement? I mean a full frame with “small” number of megapixels (12 to 16). I’m also happy with a prosumer FX with small number of megapixels.

    Many thanks.

    • I think those are based on Thom’s opinion. I do not give my opinion on this site, or at least I am trying not to, this is why I posted his opinion here – at that point I have no reason to believe that any of it is true, since I do not have any reliable information yet. Regarding the D700 replacement, I would say it should be announced latest by the Summer of 2011. PMA next year is in September, so expect the major announcements to be done before that.

      • > I think those are based on Thom’s opinion.
        The source of my predictions comes from three primary things:
        1. Known facts that have been leaked to me in some way.
        2. Rumors circulating in the Japanese camera circles.
        3. My analysis of past products used as a predictor of future products.

        Sometimes all three of these things come into play simultaneously. For instance, it’s easy enough to predict a D4 by August 2011 due to #3. The history and sequence is clear. But the details came more from #2 and a couple from #1.

        It used to be that it was easier to do these predictions, as details tended to leak from parts suppliers. Some of that was tightened up by Nikon (and the other camera companies impacted), but some has disappeared as Nikon has gone to more proprietary and vertical integration. The move towards unique sensors, and especially their own sensors, for instance, removes one leak point (though potentially replaces it with another; however, if you read between the lines you might guess that Sony Semiconductor has been one of Nikon’s leak points).

        • Thom, I was just thinking – 3 PRO bodies (D400/D800/D4) + D5100 + mirrorless + lenses sounds a lot for Nikon to release in one year. Could it be that they will do another D3 iterations and leave the D4 for 2011? Again, I have no reliable information – I am just speculating based on previous years.

        • Roger

          But come on Thom, I have no connections in Japan, and I knew 85 would come with no VR. 😉 Just as I know you got some things, specs mainly, very wrong again with your predictions.

          I think predictions are pretty much the worst aspect of your website, and I mean in this in a constructive way. Your website is a lot better when you’re talking about photography, talking about what’s going on with Nikon, financial aspect, gear reviews and giving practical in-field advice.

          We already have a rumor site, we dont need another one.

  • santela

    i’ll say the D800 and 80-400 replacements are pretty likely.
    50/1.2, i’m crossing my fingers, even though i won’t have the money for it after getting the 35/1.4 this year.
    others i just don’t care enough about.

  • taurui

    I didn’t know that the D5000 has in-camera distortion correction oO

  • Mandrake

    Thom’s love for Nikon obviously spills into his writing. Wish he would be a little more impartial.

    • gt

      I dunno. half of his articles bash nikon for always being out of stock, for having terrible marketing practices, for being slooow innovators, and for innovating the wrong things even when they do innovate something.

      His site is nikon-centric but not fan-boy-ish

      • > His site is nikon-centric but not fan-boy-ish
        Thank you for that. That is exactly what I attempt to achieve.

    • Seriously? He complains about their faults more than anyone.

      • robert

        yes, that’s the impression I get as well. I was following Thom for a good 5 years or so, but the last year I’ve visited maybe 2 times. Mostly because the site seems sedentary to me or has off topic issues I’m not interested in.

        • TT

          I agree, Thom should stick to reviews and books, they are excellent. Let the admin take care of all the rumors.

    • Roger

      That’s not true, Thom calls them out all the time when he believes they messed something up. Just ask Thom how he feels about Coolpix cameras. 😀

  • oops

    Nice to see the new Pearstone RS-N1 is compatabile with the D300X ?

  • inconspicuous

    DxoMark just announced the scores for the Nikon D7000:


    The Nikon D7000 scores a whopping 80! I guess all of the comparisons to full-frame sensors was indeed founded. This is almost a full stop better than the Canon APS-C offerings, which all score a 66:


    • When you can tell me what a score of 80 actually means and how it applies to actual images, I might believe you ;~).

      Note that DxO’s numbering is highly arbitrary. They could just as easily have built a numbering scheme from the same data that produced entirely different impressions. Some of us actually value what we see, not a number.

    • Roger

      DXO overall scores are worthless, look at the actual data (like SNR and dynamic range) and forget the overall score. It’s an arbitrary number only DXO knows how they come up with.

  • D700

    D700 is 80
    D7000 is 80
    Pentax K-5 is 82!!!! lol!!!!

    • cirtap

      What does DP say about this? I read their reviews..What the D300s got a 82?

      IT is all subjective…and whatever your happy with.

  • Michael

    nothing special, good old D700 is still twice better with higher iso…

  • jk

    Thoms “predictions” are just opinions based on his experience and common sense. The fact that he wrote a huge essay says to me this is a serious passion of his and nothing much more.

    He is probably right but it is kinda hard not to be

  • Seems like the Nikon D7000 and Pentax K5 are far ahead in APS-C cameras. Btw the High ISO of the D7000 is only 5 points higher. Dynamic range and colour is better in the K5. At ISO 100-200 (the ones I use the most) they are on par. At high ISO they are tweaked differently. Nikon reduced the noise better and Pentax kept the colour and dynamic range better. Maybe that were the choices of the companies. Very interesting.
    Seems like AF and other functions will decide who will be the new APS-C king. Pentax will probably be cheaper soon. D7000 has dual slot SD and continuous focussing during filming.
    I am a current Pentax owner who wanted to switch to Nikon, but now I have to think again.

  • EnPassant

    Thom doesn’t predict any DX-lenses. But we all know that Nikon announced at least one DX-lens every of the latest years. The latest have been surprises like the great 35/1.8 and “we didn’t know we needed” 85/3.5 and 55-300 as well as the unexpected wide-zoom update 10-24 in practise replacing the older 12-24. What will the surprise DX-lens be in 2011? A faster 16-55/3.5-45 VR DX kit-lens with 58 mm filtersize matching the 55-300 lens? Or the before rumored 18-135 VR lens replacing or alternative to the 18-105? My favourite would be any relative fast and compact DX-wideangle in the 8-23 mm region.

    • That’s correct. I certainly expect a DX lens or two, however I have no information whatsoever that would allow me to predict what those might be. The DX lenses are coming out of a design group at Nikon that is more tight-mouthed and quiet about what they’re up to. But I guess I should add a generic “two DX lenses” to my predictions, because that’s what history would suggest.

    • I want a DX 70-200 F2.8 equivalent. My wide angle is madly overlapping with my 10.5 fisheye, 12-24, 16-85, and i just picked up a 17-55 f2.8. Wow, what a lens. Good dx stuff coming to second hand market from fx upgraders. I would love an 8-16 f2.8 dx though!

  • That DigitalRev TV guy is annoying, not funny, and his tests don’t provide anything meaningful.

    You can tell he was influenced by Top Gear, but didn’t lock on a single aspect that makes Top Gear one of the best shows on television.

    Anyone ever see the British science show “Brainiac” (which happens to be hosted by Richard Hammond from Top Gear)? One of the hosts name was John Tinkle, and I swear he and this guy are twins.

    • robert

      Actually the more I see his eviews the more I hate him.
      Yes, seen Brainiac. A show about pointless tests, like Kai’s testing methodology. Quite the amateur. Next time I see a DR video, I’m closing the page.

      He likes to boast too much and I’m all for skilled photogs who are more modest and use controlled methods of testing.

      The Nikon looks softer which is BS IMO, and the reproduction magnification are totally different as well as the composition. Compare exact side to side pictures if you want someone to take you seriously idiot.

      Reminds me of those before and after diet pictures. Where they purposely make the person look bad in the before, then they shave, tan, hold in their guts, and use warm side lighting on the after.

      Who the ef cares if he drives a BMW? What a classless moron.

  • Kingyo

    I’m going to go ‘on record’ and state that all new Nikon pro bodies have been pushed to a 2012 release. 2011 is the year of mirrorless cameras for most manufacturers including Nikon.
    I do however agree with Thom about the D5100 in 2011 though. It is very possible that by August 2011 you will see the D5100. 😉

  • robert

    I don’t know why but I hate the digitalrev videos..Annoys the hell out of me. to arrogant for my tastes.

    28-105 f/2.8, mm sounds good on paper, but like I said it before, Nikon have a hard time delivering an exceptional lens at anything over 2.8x focal range. As much as I want to be optimistic, I’m not holding my breath. Will have to see some samples first, if it ever gets produced.

    Again with the sigma 85mm f/1.4 crap lens! Just go away. No one cares for you under performing, overpriced lens!! You would think with the year they had since they’ve announced the lens they could design an admirable performing lens. The Nikon 85mm f/1.8 easily outperforms this lens. And for $250 more get the Nikon AFD model. Who would be stupid enough to buy this over the Nikon? God! these underachiever companies!
    His photography skills are clearly lacking though.

    • Panfruit

      Underachiver Sigma who clearly peed all over Nikon 50mm f/1.4 with theirs. 😛

      • robert

        WOW! one debatable worth while lens. Still crap no matter which way you look at it. Build quality is crap, af speed is crap, af accuracy-BIG CRAP, camera compatibility issues. IQ at open apertures-crap!

        I’ve used Sigma so I stood on that side fighting that fight standing up for 3rd party lenses. When I got my 85mm f/1.4 AFD, I finally realize what I missing. If you haven’t owned Pro Nikon glass please don’t comment. I’ve went from the Sigma 28-70 to Nikon equivalent, from the Sigma 70-200 to Nikon 80-200 AFS, from the Sigma 17-35 to Nikon 16-35VR. Night and day difference.

        Lenses I had:
        28-105 f/2.8-4
        28-70 f/2.8 EX
        24-70 f/2.8 DF
        70-200 f/2.8 HSM
        105mm f/2.8 macro
        17-35 f/2.8-4
        Tokina 28-80 f/2.8 decent performer but nothing special
        All crap. Invest once and do it right. Plus you get a better price for the lenses with the Nikon when it’s time to let them go. Not something you can say for 3rd party products. My comment is for pro zoom lenses and all primes only. I’m not commenting on variable aperture lenses because they don’t interest me and I think on the whole Nikon is just a tad better. Pro glass? No comparison.

  • MB

    As for new firmware update (Ver. 1.002) for the Distortion Control Data just go to http://www.nikon.co.uk or http://www.europe-nikon.com/en_GB
    Click Services & Support
    Support and Downloads
    Select Product Type – Digital SLR, Consumer, D90
    and on Firmware updates tab you will find the links.
    Nikon is currently reorganizing support web so there is a little delay on US site.

  • MB

    Oh yeah, DxOMark is really not the best place to look for a serous answers regarding photo gear.
    For example they scored AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR and AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED exactly the same and that is just ridiculous!?
    Do you really believe them more then your own eyes?

  • adam

    new firmware for the D90?
    I can’t find it on the nikon official website!

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