Nikon D7000 expected to ship between October 17-22

According to BestBuy, the Nikon D7000 will start shipping between October 17-22 (estimated US arrival dates):

See all Nikon D7000 pre-order options here.

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  • Paul

    Nice! Earlier than I thought. I can plan some test shoots with it now.

  • gregorylent

    and in hong kong? or london?

    • Broxibear

      Got an email today from Nikon UK and the D7000 will be in shops on 29th of October… they didn’t have a date for the SB-700.

      • danpe

        “Late November” is what’s said in Sweden regarding the Sb-700, two online stores show the 25th.

        • Broxibear

          Thanks danpe, It’ll be interesting to see what sort of effect the SB-700 has on prices…at the moment I can buy a SB-600 for £186, the SB-700 pre-order price is £290 and the SB-900 £316.
          I ended up hiring a SB-800 this week, I like the look of the SB-700 but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra £100…lets wait and see ?

  • Jay A

    I think this is going to be a HOT item and tough to get for 6-10 months.

  • Kingyo

    “I think this is going to be a HOT item and tough to get for 6-10 months.”
    ^^that’s good news for Nikon 😉 I hope it crushes the T2i & similar entry level Pentax camera, which are the only other models I see people on the street having besides Nikon 🙂

    • twoomy

      Why do so many want to CRUSH and KILL the competition? Will your Nikon stock go up if the Pentax doesn’t sell well? I for one would like to see MANY cameras doing well; it keeps companies from being too lazy or overpriced. If Nikon crushed its competition, we wouldn’t see a D700 replacement for another 10 years.

      • i agree…i hope this “crushes” the d90 :-). Competition makes for better video and it makes companies grow….hopefully nikon will grow into 60p!?!? haa haa.

        • I’m still praying every day that they can make the 60fps a firmware upgrade for the D7000.

      • Mock Kenwell

        I’d be fine if it only crushed Canon. I like Pentax and Sigma DSLRs to stay alive.
        : )

    • NikonFF&DxUser

      I can see Nikon ramping up the production on the D7000: Working 24/7/365 on this one. This will sell like a hot cake.

  • In Japan, this will be 124,000 yen. The D700 is currently 178,000 yen. That’s only about a 500 (American) dollar difference. What to do?

    • The Wayne

      Buy the D7k. FX is over-rated.

      • mosch

        “FX is over-rated.”


        • Mikils

          two main reasons, all the rest are arguable issues;
          1; the larger sensor of the FX allows much better results in High Iso situation; if you do not plan to use the camera without flash in dark location, you may decide not to spend the extra money for FX
          2 the smaller sensor acts as a cropping device and multiplies the focal lenght of your lens (in nikon’s case by 1.5) so a 300 mm 2.8 will become a 450 2.8 (good), a 24 2.8 will work as if it were a 36 2.8 (bad).
          so all boils down to what kind of pictures you plan to shoot; for bird and sport photo a DX has some advantages. in the event, when the Mp count will be much higher, you will be able to ignore the advantages of the cropping factor.

          • The invisible man

            I had D1, D200, D40, D70, D5000, D700, D90 and took THOUTHANDS PICTURES with it.
            The D700 is the BEST camera you can get now, no doubt about that.

            • Nicole

              Apart from the D3s anyway. 😀

            • Agree with Invisible Man.

          • Mikilis, you are incorrect in saying that a DX camera will multiply whatever lens you have attached to your camera by a factor of 1.5. A 100mm lens does not become a 150mm lens on a DX body. You are only cropping into the image, not magnifying the image. It would be like looking through a full frame sensor camera with a 150mm lens on only as far as what you see in the viewfinder. You still are only working with a 100mm lens & the depth of field that the shorter lens presents. You also do not have any f2.8 DX wide angle zoom lenses. The FX body also has a much bigger image inside the viewer. That being said, there are many smaller sensor camera bodies that are more than adequate as a back-up body to a full sensor main body.

            • Mikils

              I stand by my words, as I was just using layman explanation and not delving into the complex technicalities; like it or not, most people will see the DX effect as a ”cropping” effect (as you AND me say) – i know I am not magnifying the image, but to a beginner – well, it will work to the same.

            • dave

              DX is cropped FX, DX is therefore inferior. FX is just cropped medium format, therefore FX is inferior. medium format is just cropped large format. Therefore medium format must also be inferior.

              The crop-sensor D90 had better IQ than Canon full frame 5D Mk I… oh no! But that ruins the whole FX is better arguement!

              Get a life. A camera is just a tool. And apparently sometimes, so is the person behind it.

            • dave

              If you guys would just spend more time taking pictures instead of arguing over who has the bigger… sensor… you might learn that size doesn’t always matter.

            • st r

              > You are only cropping into the image, not magnifying the image.

              This is not entirely correct. Cropping, in digital, means using only part of the available pixels. However a D7000 (“cropped”) has more pixels than a D700 (“full”).

              You are actually cropping the image, but not in a digital sense. This means that, OK, you will have smaller angle of view for the same depth-of-field, but you are not undersampling your image.

              What really changes may be the *analog* resolution (circle of confusion? resolving limit of the lens? let the knowledgeable speak) which I think is always more than enough to get sharp images on any camera.

              But in my opinion, even if there were any differences in this regard, in FX vs. DX these would not be significant anyway. The difference between FX and DX is fractional (1.5 means +50% or +1/2). You cannot reasonably apply the same arguments that you would use with medium format versus 35mm (min. x2, x3), let alone large format…

            • Bobby

              Ummm I would think that if the Dx and Fx sensors were both the same resolution then you would have a built in 1.5 teleconverter in the Dx since there is the same number of pixels mapped to a narrower field of view as if you were to shoot on a full frame. Unless I’m completely wrong about this.

        • Trying to shoot my 14-24 mm with D300 does not result in wide angle I need. I either need a FX camera or I need to suffer.

          • Buy sigma 8-16 for DX nbodies, and tou won’t suffer

          • Good

            All these fools, “I need XYZ thus (FX/DX) is much better than (DX/FX). I will ignore all other factors and sing loudly to block out your voice. Thank you.”

      • jk

        The Wayne is overrated

        • The Wayne

          No, I’m not, really. I just wanted to be a smart a$$ and get the FX users fired up.

          • WoutK89

            You know people on Nikonrumors dont take that too well 😉
            They are sensitive people that WANT more than they actually NEED.

  • Funduro

    Ordered a D7000 and 18-200 Nikon lens from Adorama on Wednesday. My new puppy will have a nice home coming soon.

    • Brent

      You’re gonna be waiting a while if you JUST ordered it…

  • Waiting for test AF footage

  • Waiting for RAW converter Support

  • This was brought up nearly a week and a half ago now in the forums here.

  • Think this is legitimate? I checked this up a while back and saw those dates. I just don’t know how accurate Best Buy’s shipping expectations are. Lord knows though I hope these are the USA’s shipping dates, because that would mean I might get some fall colors in with this baby 🙂 Fingers crossed!

    • I think it is legit – in the past BestBuy aways gets 1-2 pieces per store few days ahead of everybody. Usually they use them for demos.

  • NK

    I am still confused whether to get this or wait for d700 replacement.

    however I don’t think there will be a sold-out on this model
    since its a consumer camera Nikon knows the demand and will keep the supply flowing.

    higher demand only means no discounts for these models.

    • PAG

      Question to those more experienced in the used equipment market…

      If you buy the D7000 today, and later buy the D700 replacement while selling your 1-2 year old D7000, how much of a financial hit will you really take? Please don’t factor in opportunity advantages of having the D7000 now. 😉

      • Depends on a lot of factors; How in stock is the item? How positive are the reviews [correlates with the aformentioned]? How far into the product life cycle before selling do you expect to be before the replacement for the D700 is available and you are ready to make the purchase? Are you selling on Prime Time on Sunday or Wednesday at 1AM CST? I sold my D300s to get glass recently as I expect to get another body and took about a ~$275 hit from my purchase price. I sold about 3 weeks before the D7000 announcement. I don’t think I’d get the same return had I waited. On a related note, I bought the 300s as an interim camera until I could get another D700; as I saw it it would be better to go ahead and have another camera body versus renting another camera body for every 8 gigs at $120 a pop. It was basically like a long term rental with a huge refundable deposit. If you are waiting on the D700 replacement and need something the D7000 has that you need, go ahead and buy it and sale when what you really desire arrives.

        • Mike

          That is exactly what I did and thought. It’s cheaper to buy the 300s and sell it vs renting it. I still have mine though. I have a wedding tomorrow and at the end of the month. Then it goes on sale. I used to think the D300 was great and D700 was just plain amazing. Now I think the D700 is phenominal and the D300/s… Not so much. While the D7000 is exciting, I’m going to be hopefully double fisting FX bodies next year. DX cannot replicate the look of a 50 mm at 1.4 period. And I do most of my shooting at 1.4->2.2.

      • st r

        I think you are dismissing the most important argument.

        >Please don’t factor in opportunity advantages of having the D7000 now.

        If you can wait, it means that you don’t really need any of the two. If you put it this way, then maybe your decision would be easier.

        Moreover: could you cover the 2-3 focals you need with FF lenses you already own?

    • Rob

      If you have to ask, get the D7000.

    • The invisible man

      You are kidding right ?
      The D7000 is just a D90 + some games on it.
      You will WAIT for the D800/900 as many of us do.
      Don’t waist your money, save it, the D700 replacement will be fantastic but the price could be as high as $2990.

  • Slartibartfast

    Anyone heard anything at all about the S8100? Thinking about picking one up as a shirt-pocket-carry-all-the-time sidekick camera in addition to the D7k. Thanks for the info!

  • Shit yeah!!! This better apply to Canadian shipping as well!!!!

  • Raze

    Wonder when we Will see it in denmark! Hopefully early Aswell!

  • I got in contact with my go-to photography store in Toronto, Canada and they told me they’d be getting the D7000 in December :S I checked as well and the estimated release date on their website says 12/10/2010 – this could mean Dec 10th or October 12th, but now I’m thinking it’s the former.

  • RMT

    Anybody know whem amazon US will start shipping the 24-120mm?

    • Amazon already started shipping pre-orders for the 24-120mm lens.

    • hornagain

      Along those same lines, does Amazon fulfill the orders on a first backordered – first shipped basis or do the somehow randomly fill all backorders?

  • Johnny Test

    Received notice that mine will be shipping soon.

    • Dash

      From Best Buy?

      • Johnny Test


        • hornagain

          When did you order from Amazon?

          I ordered about 15 mins after it was available for pre-order and no such notice has been rec’d by me.

          • Johnny Test

            About 8 hours after the official announcement. Check your order on the Amazon website. This should also reflect the “Shipping Soon” status.

            • Hmm mine says “Not yet shipped” Boo. We’re talking about the D7k, right?

            • Johnny Test


  • tsnake

    I guess this is a good thing, if for no other reason than the shipping dates seem to follow the release announcements in rather short order. So, given that, one might expect similar shipping dates once the FX bodies have been announced.

  • limirl

    Would I wait longer on B&H or Amazon if I ordered it now ? I imagine amazon would probably have way more customers lined up…

    • I don’t think there is any way of knowing, though I agree with your reasoning. Don’t forget Adorama. Adorama was the last to put up pre-orders (I think) and the preorder wasn’t findable in a search for another few days. the fact that you didn’t mention them also bodes well if we follow the same logic, but we can only speculate.

      That’s where I ordered so I certainly hope they are fast too.

    • I’d try all pre-orders and cancel when 1 ships. Or better, run around to local camera shops like Ritz, or wholesalers like Best Buy or Walmart and see if you can reserve one.

  • Max Rebel

    Anyone know when we’ll be able to order the D7000 Battery Grip and Extra Batteries?

  • TeaMon

    anyone know if Bestbuy will sell the d7000 camera only?

  • NikonFF&DxUser

    Does anyone know when nikonrumors is giving away D7000?

    • Funduro

      Now you did it! Their is going to be one angry Nikon marketing rep when he finds out a certain admin is keeping the prizes.

    • Funny that you mention a giveaway – I have one coming next week, but it is not a D7000 🙂

  • Does anyone know will the body only usually will be available same as the kit or a bit later after the kit is released?

    • Davis

      Was wondering the same thing. I know w/ the D90 the body only was delayed for a month or so. I didn’t feel like waiting so bought the kit. But w/ the D7000 kit coming w/ the same kit lens as the D90 I can’t do that this time so have a preorder for the body @ Amazon. Hoping both ship simultaneously but something tells me the body will be delayed b/c Nikon makes a heck of a lot more money selling kits to BB, Costco, and the like than selling bodies to mainline camera stores.

  • GT


    1. Assume the buyer plans to purchase one or the other on November 1st.
    2. Assume the buyer is an advanced amateur. (representative of most Nikonrumors readers)
    3. Assume buyer has access to full frame glass.

    Which should he or she buy?

    • dave

      It depends on what he or she plans to do with it.

    • Mock Kenwell

      If you’re considering it, you likely don’t care that much about video. In that case, and if money is no object, it’s the D700 no contest.

      • GT

        but why?
        (and I don’t necessarily disagree with you – I would just like someone to spell out their reasons)

        Before the D7000 existed, The d700 was the obvious choice because:
        100% viewfinder
        better high ISO quality
        magnesium alloy body

        Many of these advantages have been removed.

        It seems to me the primary advantages of the D700 now are
        * better, larger body with more external controls
        * you’re able to achieve a shallower a depth of field

        Are these advantages worth $800 additional dollars?

        • Mike


          • Anonymous


        • Karlosak

          Nikon D700 has only about 95% viewfinder coverage.

          • gt

            sorry but that comment is a fail. the d700 has 100% coverage.

            due to your lack knowledge and probable DX bias, your help won’t be needed in this thread

            • John

              According to that:

              vf coverage is about 95% for D700.
              Please don’t be so offensive with someone that tries to help (your lack of knowledge).

            • Broxibear

              Definitely 95%.
              It’s one of the reason’s I never bought a D700, I needed 100% because of the way I work and not seeing everything in the viewfinder just frustrated me.
              Next time you’re in a camera shop have alook through a D700 and a D3 series viewfinder and you’ll see what I mean.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Two words—full frame. However, it is a larger camera, and it’s glass will be heavy. So if you want to backpack with it or if portability is a concern and you like to shoot telephoto often, you should seriously consider the extra size and weight that comes with the D700. If you like wide angle, then no DX can compare with FF. They just can’t get that wide.

          To put it simply, full frame will allow you to resolve finer detail than DX. The answer is fairly simple—bigger pixels catch more light on a larger format. This impacts everything from resolving fine detail to improved color rendition to low-light performance. There are examples of this all over the Internet.

  • Well this is going to be sooner, i wonder when is the MB-D11 and the battery replacements coming out…?

  • Norgate

    The release date of the D7000 in Japan is on Oct 29 . Might be late for some Autumn shots in the northern part of the country , sad !

  • panfruit

    Wow, that’s a really good price. 🙂

  • carlo


    Any idea when it will be releases in Asia?

  • Sorry for the 1st post.
    Updated my site name.

    Any idea when will it be released in Asia?

    • 29th October I think.

  • JoshL

    17th – 22th would be great, I’d love to take it to photoplus late october to try it out with some new products available at the show.

  • just suddenly wondered… what is the typical nikon consumer product time frame for market street price decline? something like 3 months after initial release of the first batch? i know for sure after 6 months there is a definite dip in the price curve but was wondering about the first …. i know i know its really up to demand and supply but regardless in the past even with D300, as popular as it was upon announcement, followed a similar trend

  • Someone seen or heard the shipping dates for the german market?

  • The invisible man

    I already received my new Nikon D7000, I did not like it so I sold it back on Ebay for $2999 !


  • The official release date is October 29th, and pretty much worldwide. I’ll bet that you can’t walk into a Best Buy on October 22nd and buy one. If you can, NikonUSA is going to spend a lot of time dealing with camera stores who complain, and who may have a legitimate FTC gripe when they do so.

    • Brent

      When will Thom Hogan’s “Guide to the D7000” be available?

  • Moe

    Does anyone else want to see the DXO sensor evaluation before committing the Money to the D7000? It seems the performance data is missing so far.

    • AG

      Not unless test charts are your only interest in photography…

    • Good

      couldn’t care less.
      it’s better than the D90.
      the D400 is at least 6mth away.
      it’s D7000 or D300s.

    • IndyGeoff

      I am waiting to see DXO mark tests before I buy any new camera.

  • Soskha

    And will be available for all countries?
    there’s a rumor about it?

  • I don’t think it is true because there will be a press conference in 26th, oct in Beijing, China, which should not be later than shipping.

  • Kapa

    D7000 video firmware upgrades petition) WE CAN DO IT! 🙂

    • Broxibear

      What?…someone’s set up a site complaining about a camera that 99% of people haven’t even seen let alone used ?

  • Dr SCSI

    OK for those that asked for pictures of the D7000, here are a few I took at Photokina 2010.

  • King

    Should I preorder from Adorama or Amazon in hopes of getting my order filled quicker? I’m in NYC.

  • Seshan

    I hope the ship date is the same fro Canada, I just pre ordered it 😀

  • Matt

    Couple of question’s for you rocket scientists here.

    1. What is the HDMI video resolution out on the D7000 while recording. Meaning to an external monitor while in HD video record mode.

    2. How many MBS is the HD signal on the D7000

    I have looked on many sites including Nikon’s and see no real spec’s on these.


  • Robin

    Based on previous experiences, do you guys think it will be hard to buy a Nikon D7000 the first week of november in Miami? I will be visiting this city for a few days, and would like to get my D7000 over there. Do you think it will be sold out right away? My other option is to wait a little longer until it is available here in Panama (Central America) and it will be for sure much more expensive.

    • Matt

      Miami is a pretty big market. I would imagine the D7000 would be available @ a Best Buy’s. Just stay away from the tourist vendors just off South beach.

  • Patrick

    HELP! I pre-ordered my D7k from Amazon on Sept 15th, but now I have to change the Shipping Address…will I lose my place on the pre-order list?

    • Brent

      No… I asked them the same thing, as well as if changing the shipping speed from 2-3 days to 1 day would do that, and they said no.

      • Patrick

        Thanks! Made the change and speeded up shipping, too! Let the countdown begin!

  • LatiN GroovE

    The Amazon UK site is now mentioning release date for the D7000 ( both kit & body only) as October 25 😉

    I’m in LA & hope this is in alignment with the dates we’re supposed to have it available on this side of the pond ( approx. October 17-22)

  • Ant

    Just checked for an update for Germany. One online retailer is quoting 2nd November as delivery date, another just saying November. Rest still not giving any indication. This is for body only btw.

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