Nikon P7000 and Nikon D3100 now shipping

Nikon P7000 is in stock right now at Amazon:

Nikon D3100 is also in stock at Amazon:

Few related videos after the break:

Nikon D3100 unboxing video:

Nikon D3100 jello effect:

Nikon D3100 hands on with samples:

Nikon Coolpix P7000 first look:

Nikon P7000 hands on at Photokina:

Update: some first impressions and few samples from the Nikon P7000.

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  • Patrick

    I want my D7k! You 3100 owners let us know what you think of your new gear!

  • Too bad about this jello effect. Do you know if the D7000 corrected it?

    • Patrick

      I would assume it would be the same, unfortunately. If they had the technology, I assume they would use it…

      • Karlosak

        I would expect better. The sample videos from D7000 posted so far show practically no jello artifacts and other posters agreed that the sensor readout time is much faster.

    • Trend

      looks like it’s due to the AF + magnification?
      and looks worse than D90???

  • amien

    reviews told that the Jello was almost completly gone on the D7000… I will only believe what I see !

    • Remember how the video from the D3S was different in quality from the D90??
      See the move in there? I think nikon is drawing a line beetween the amateur and pro videographers.

  • What is the jello effect caused by? Autofocus during recording? VR?

    • The CMOS sensor. It records from top to bottom (rather then whole) and that time frame window is what causes it to be slow and late.

      • I know about rolling shutter connected with the sensor reading up->down, but the jello effect looks different. Just like it would loose focus for a slight of a second or so. Or the VR fired without any apparent reason.

        Or it’s just my eye.

        • Nooo that’s the jello effect lol. Say you’re doing a quick pan (left to right, or vice versa), at .01 seconds, the camera starts recording the frame (or field in interlaced), at .03 seconds the cameras already moved a bit so and the frame is just being done recorded. (Not exact times I know), so you get the skewed image like this \ \

  • amien

    zooming + fast panning + cmos chip + bad algorithms = jello.

  • Damn it Admin! You really got me going there! I read “D7000” and went :D, then realized the bad truth. I’ll pleasure myself with these vids though thanks.

    • Nicky

      I thought that too. When I first came here I thought it said D7000 and got all excited, only to be let down when I realized it said P7000.

    • Yeah, I have about had it with the P7000. Each time I see it float in on NR for something, I get all weird inside and then feel like a chump. Glad I’m not alone.

  • Enesunkie

    A couple area Best Buys have the D3100 listed as available for immediate pick-up.

    • AlohaEd

      Honolulu, Hawaii BestBuy has D3100 available for pick up.

  • Fred

    Has anyone hear about the 24-120 f/4 missing in action?!
    I am only seeing some samples, here and there from phototika, Nikon’s site, that flickr page that everyone refers too and some mediocre hand held comparisons shots on some Chinese site.


    I am getting really impatient, I don’t usually do but I am this time.

    • LGO

      The 24-120mm will start shipping from Hong Kong next week.

    • somebody mentioned that the 24-120 and the 35 1.4 lenses were not available to the public

      • LGO

        2 units purchased at $1,340 in HK will be available on Monday, Sept. 29.

  • Ok this is a test of video with Nikon D7000

    The posters are not french they`re german….

  • Now thats the surprise everyone keeps talking about: you can actually by the stuff, nikon announces…

  • lightsaver

    I had my hands on a D3100 at Best Buy last night. Nice camera. No memory card though, so I couldn’t do any video, just a few shots. Its a winning entry level cam from what I saw.

  • Nicky

    I want my D7000 too. I hope it is out before the end of October…
    I noticed they have the D3100 in stock at Adorama too.

  • Anon

    I shot some video at the shop I work at with the D3100 tonight. I can confirm that the jelly effect is still there when panning quickly, and it’s very similar to the effect present in the D90.

    The focusing is not quite as quick as the NEX cameras, but is quite good and accurate even with fast aperture lenses.

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