Weekly Nikon related news/links #76

"Nikon has drawn as usual and decided how they want the sensor to function, since it is also, as usual, an external sensor manufacturer based on, in this case Sony."

And to make things more interesting, according to Markus Hillebrand (Marketing Manager, Nikon Germany) the D7000 sensor is design and produced by Nikon:

"A further highlight is the 16.2 effective megapixel resolution CMOS image sensor, the Nikon According to Markus Hillebrand, Marketing Manager, Nikon Germany, has even developed and produced."

  • Nikon revamped Picturetown. One of the new features is the "PhotoMovie that allows you to combine photos, messages and music with special effects", read about the rest of the improvements here.
  • Capture One 5.2 released with "improved colors and consistency on a number of Nikon cameras" and "improved tone response in ISO mode L1.0, L0.7 and L0.3 for a number of Nikon cameras".
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  • lolcatmaster FTW

    There now people will finally understand the difference in performance of Sony designed sensors and Nikon sensors…. :/ I have been saying it a lot that Nikon designs their own sensors…

    • Nikon Tandoori

      It’s a modified Sony sensor with a Nikon sticker on it.

      • Ant

        Wouldn’t the sticker reduce performance?

        • Nikon Tandoori

          Quite the opposite, as the sensors are made on demand probably Nikon knows better what specs are running better in a DSLR than Sony.

          But once again, i don’t see where’s the problem if it’s a crippled sony sensor, all buyers care is the final quality, do you think a similar sony alpha will be so much cheaper than a D7000 with same sensor ?

          • WoutK89

            You obviously didnt see the joke, if you literally put a sticker on that sensor, it will not function as without a sticker on it 😉

            • Good Night

              Maybe the sensor photsites say “Nikon inside”.

            • Suprchunk

              He saw it, just wasn’t funny. But thanks for explaining the totally obvious.

      • James

        > Wrong.
        > It’s a modified Sony sensor with a Nikon sticker on it.

        Do you have inside information, or are you just making that up?

        If you have inside info, what is your source?

      • Charlie Martin

        The sensor was designed by Nikon and manufactured by Sony. Since Nikon states that the sensor was designed by them, Nikon wouldn’t use an existing sensor and modify it to suit their specifications

    • D90

      just because Intel uses Nikon wafer fabs, it doesn’t mean Nikon manufactures Intel processors.

  • Whatever

    Scared me for a second. I thought for a moment it was a revised 11-16. Would have been just my luck as I just purchased the 11-16 last month.

  • At 13:32 it was #1 on Amazon List.
    Amazing for a product that is not out yet.

    • twoomy

      Yes, how do you become a best-seller before you’re available? Is this based on clicks or pre-orders? If so, that IS amazing.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    There are BIG news for Tokina coming in soon.

    Last month during a business dinner a drunken Tokina exec claimed to have a love affair with the wife of a Nikon exec … a scandal exploded and reached the upper echelons and a drunken browl erupted at the next dinner in Tokyo between Tokina and Nikon execs with the Nikons promising to buy Tokina and instantly fire all their reps and execs.

    Now the Tokina execs are pooping in their pants and having talks with Tamron, which in the meantime is going to be bought by SONY.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      No need to buy them, Cosina makes their “Carl Zeiss” lenses :/

      • Nikon Tandoori

        I heard rumours about Zeiss too, but i will unleash them tomorrow.

        • Nikon Por Meung

          BS man.

          • Nikon Tandoori

            Who knows….

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          It is no rumor, Zeiss doesn´t manufactures the Sony Alpha lenses, it is in the Zeiss for alpha mount site´s faq you can read it.

          • Nikon Tandoori

            I’ve an update on the Nikon-Tokina drunken browl by the way ….

    • lol! I hope that Nikon buys Tokina. My 11-16 is the best bang for the buck! What a lens! Also i hope that Tokina would come with a new 70-200 VR f2.8 or f4 type zoom on the 1000-1500 dollar range.

      • Bryan

        Yeah, then I can look forward to Tokina lenses costing twice the price. Woohoo!

    • Phil G.

      Tokina was founded by ex engineers from Nikon. I don’t think they would be very that happy.

    • Eric Pepin

      SONY already has a large part of Tamron, I guess they could completely take over the company though which I dont think they have done yet.

  • amien

    & my wife is calle Nap – o – leon !

  • mehmet

    Nikon D7000 is #1 at amazon if you select DSLRs.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    What’s the problem if the sensor is made by Sony ?
    Do you think the TFT display or the batteries are made by Nikon ?

    • +111

    • Many users have Nikon genes.

    • Rabi

      Seriously. Also, manufacturing and design are different. Foxconn manufactures the iPhone, so is that not an Apple product?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      You seem to be to dense… It is important that the architecture and design are from Nikon because that makes a difference in how well the image quality is (something that Sony still struggles with….)


  • lol at price of tokina

  • Dave

    Nikon does not have their own chip fabrication plant so the chip is definitely made by someone else. So is the chip 100% Nikon technology or does it use elements from another company?. I would suspect given the close relationship between Sony and Nikon on previous sensors that there are elements of Sony’s design in the D7000 sensor if the Sensor is made by Sony.

  • A dlsr at 1200USD being among top5 all digital cameras is huge. It’s #1 among dslrs, already impressive.

    Now, this sensor issue has raised a lot of debate at DPR’s higher forum. Iliah Borg and Bobn2, two of the technorati there claim D7000’s sensor is a modified Sony (to run at 14bots full speed) and that D3100’s is Nikon’s.

    The argument follows from the connectors’ structures used. And that a new Nikon sensor at 16MP has not been readied for the D7000, which was ready already in January. It seems that Jarvis images were taken then. Nikon had the whole system ready for 16MP, with their sensor or Sony’s, and would have decided to go with the Sony one. The D3100 would have been a later addition, when the new sensor was ready to go.

    Well, unless Nikon comes clear about it, no one will be able to know what’s what. They did it with D3x’s, saying explicitly that it was a modified A900’s sensor.

    • jason

      talking about the D3x when will we see an update of that camera in the form of the D3xs ? or D900 does anyone know anything???

      • Cold Hands Luke

        What would they change in a D3xs? They can’t give it a movie mode, the sensor can’t do it. They can’t give it better high ISO with D3s-style gapless microlenses, as it already has them.

  • samshootsall

    The new Tokina AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX lens (Nikon mount) is now available for sale:
    at that price…I’d buy the Nikon 16-35mm FX lens instead!!

    • Karlosak

      $850 at Adorama I would call a bargain… Having Nikkor 14-24mm quality at this price point is heaven for me, definitely getting one!

      Nikkor 16-35mm you say? No thanks, I don’t need a distortion machine…

    • The Tokina is yet another ultra-wide angle lens produced without a thought for the landscape photographer – that stupid fixed hood entirely rules it out for filter use as usual and there will be a collective groan across the world as many thousands of landscape photographers see it. And as for the 16-35, I bought and sold it already this year – it was lke attaching a fisheye to my D700 at 16mm. I’m still waiting for a high quality ultra-wide I can attach a filter to, in the meantime I’m using Nikon’s 24mm PC-E. What the hell is it with these fixed hoods???

      • Karlosak

        I don’t think fixed hood is the coolprit here. For the filter not to vignette, the thread would have to be quite large – making the overall dimension of the lens much bigger. Not to say that circular filters for that beast would be ultra expensive.

        I agree that Tokina should have provided at least a filter thread that, though not usable directly with curcular filters, would enable to use some extender for Singh-Ray or Lee filters.

        Let’s hope that Lee desings a filter holder for this Tokina is it did for the Nikkor 14-24mm.

      • JoshL

        Ummm… stupid question (I’m not trying to be smart – just trying to learn because I don’t have any experience with filters except with UV filters for protection purposes.

        Does one really need to use filters for landscape photography? Could you do just as much by shooting RAW and using post-production to process your work with necessary filter effects?

        • Karlosak

          The only filter not replicable in post production is a polarizer (and a couple of fancy “artsy” filters). Otherwise if the scene is static, bracketing a few exposures would do the trick.

          If there is a movement in the scene though, ND graduated filters might be needed.

        • iamlucky13

          No. Digital makes filters less important for adjusting color balance that on film, but there’s a lot of other filters than just warming or cooling the color balance.

          Polarizers and neutral density filters are two that are frequently useful for landscape photographers.

  • Gary

    Let’s face it…the vast majority of consumers don’t care who makes the sensor for the D7000, on the results that the camera produces. And as others have alluded to, in the electronics world, it’s common for one vendor to subcontract to another vendor for various components.

    All in all, much ado about nothing.

    • +111 Agreed.

      • But Nikon has developed a nice sensor in the D3s. So it’s somewhat related to sensor performance. Those who don’t care, ok, no problem.

        • twoomy

          I like the fact that Nikon seems to pick the best sensor for the job, whether their own or Sony’s.

  • Gary

    Correx for above: the vast majority of consumers don’t care who makes the sensor for the D7000, ONLY the results that the camera produces.

  • Anonymule

    How is the D7000 even on Amazon’s bestsellers list if it isn’t for “sale” yet?

    • WoutK89

      Pre orders are also “sales”

    • Nikon Por Meung


  • the iso 12800 sample from d7000 looked better than is iso 3200 on d90

    I am having a good feeling about d7000 now

    • iamlucky13

      I will have to go look at them later to see if I agree on the whole, but one thing that I noticed about the D3100 is that the high-ISO shots had a huge amount of noise reduction applied. Nikon did a really good job on that camera of contolling or correcting for the dulling of colors, but up close the images had a definite water color appearance.

      The result was a clear improvement in measured noise, but not necessarily image quality. Rather, they made a tradeoff between grain/speckling and loss of detail.

  • Sorry for Out of Topic,

    but I am curious about D7000’s low sensitivity.
    In every spec. I found it is said “100-6400 + H1 & H2”

    Question: Is it real 100 ISO or simply the didn’t mentioned “Lo1” mode…?
    (if 100 ISO is real could it be that D7000 will have 50 ISO – “Lo1”.?)

    Thanks and sorry for my poor English

    • WoutK89

      100 ISO is native, not lo-1

    • LGO

      It is indeed ISO 100. This was a pleasant surprise. Nikon in the D7000 managed to extend the lower ISO as well as the higher ISO range by another stop.

      The match of the new sensor, expanded ISO range and the new EXPEED 2 makes for an interesting combination that would most likely yield improved color depth and dynamic range as well in addition to improved low-light performance despite the 4mp addition. I will be looking forward to seeing the performance of this sensor in DxOMark. The Nikon D7000 is clearly a tour de force by Nikon.

  • Admin, you quote the D700 as Amazon’s top selling model, not the D7000.

  • D7000 is listed in the consumer section. That means there is a high probability for a pro model as well 😀

  • Broxibear

    Somewhat off topic but anyway…have you seen the new large sensor compact Fujifilm have announced…looks fantastic but there are no price details, although if I were Leica I might shouting copyright lol.
    12Mp APS-C CMOS sensor, Fuji EXR processor and 23mm F2 Fujinon lens (equivalent to a 35mm wideangle)


    I’d like to see Nikon go down this route and maybe take some style cues from their 35Ti…


      • I wished for a fixed zoom lens or at east a couple of lens adapters. It looks awesome! And maybe Nikon has lend a hand here, as they do with Fuji’s dslrs. The sensor seems the same as in D90’s, except for native ISO going a bit further.

    • OMG… this fuji is love at 1st sight for me.

    • FakeKenRockwell


    • e6zion

      So long as it doesn’t take its battery life from the 35ti–boy was it painful.

      Regarding the x100–it’s a dream come true… I wanted this camera more than the d700 replacement. The only question is the price… $1100-1300 (my speculation is a lot of money for a second camera)

      It won’t be on sale for a while, but I think this steals the show at Photokina this year.

      • Bob

        I’m glad I just sold my D90–can’t wait for the Fuji!

    • Ren Kockwell

      Of all the news, the cool new Fuji caught my attention. Wish it used a Foveon sensor, but what the hell. If it shoots as good as it looks, I’m there.

    • Roger

      Cute camera, but they fouled up on the AF and fixed lenses. I’m sure the pricing will be stratospheric too.

  • Drey

    D90 looks bigger than the new D7000.
    Will that be a good thing?

    • steve

      if you compare sizes, the D7000 is actually very slighly bigger than the D90…

  • DaveyJ

    The dimensions of the D7000 given by Nikon are identical to the D90, the weight is 620 versus 680 so the D7000 is slightly heavier but as some knobs are raised with extra functions the post Steve just put in is right. D7000 just slightly bigger. I intend to order one when the reviews get manageable and when B&H can actually send me one.

  • The invisible family

    We are now 30 hours away from the D900 !

  • Azmir

    Damn that retro Fuji is lookin’ sick! I wish Nikon would make a digital F series like that! Chrome finish and all.

    • +10000000!

      or a digital S rangefinder with support for F mount lenses thru adapter.

    • Nikon Por Meung

      that would be cool if Nikon made sth like that.

  • Maybe Nikon will make something like this!



  • rkas

    Quote from a swedish Nikon dude (google translate ftw):
    “Nikon has, as usual, was designed and decided how they want the sensor to work, then it is also, as usual, an external sensor manufacturer based on, in this case, Sony.”


    • rkas

      Hah, fail on me, that was the exact url admin posted. I was to lazy to click on the link.. ;\

  • BenS

    any news from Photkina yet… damn i have nikon fever, kepth hitting F5 🙂

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    The Fuji finepix x100 looks like a really fun and sweet camera 🙂 Like those little old film rangefinders with fixed lenses!!! Thanks for the heads up NR admin!!!!

    I would get one of those to play, if they REALLY do 12 megapixels :/ because most of the older “12” megapixel sensors from fuji were a lie… only 6 megapixel are for the photo the rest are extra wells for dynamic range…

    • Chris P

      Quote “I would get one of those to play, if they REALLY do 12 megapixels :/ because most of the older “12″ megapixel sensors from fuji were a lie… only 6 megapixel are for the photo the rest are extra wells for dynamic range…”.

      Yes and what a dynamic range it was/is. My D700 comes nowhere near my old Fuji S5, which got badly damaged in a freak accident, and I bought the D700 to use with Ais lenses. If Fuji had announced a FX version of the S5 sensor in the D700 body then my prayers would have been answered. What Fuji understood, and none of the other makers with their stupid pursuit of more and more Megapixels, seem to understand is that dynamic range and picture quality is more important than Megapixels.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        I think that for a FF 12 is enough and 10 is a good limit for APS-C, however Fuji has been getting away too long telling people the output is 12 megapixel image when in reality it is an interpolated 12 megapixel… if they are going to say something they should be telling the truth: a 6 megapixel sensor with HUGE dynamic range: no probs on that 🙂

      • S

        You are sooo RIGHT. Low iso dynamic range is incredibly important, more important than high iso and megapixels in my opinion. Nikon and Canon need to take a page from Fuji’s book. Nothing beats a good composition with super high dynamic range.

    • broxibear

      Thanks lolcatmaster FTW, but I’m not admin lol !

  • venancio

    admin, if you’re going to photokina, could you ask your contacts for any firmware for D90? with a firmware update, this can still fetch a good price when i unload it and get that D400… tell them i’m sorry about the Q hoax, but in my heart it is still alive, and may compete with this amazing Fuji Finepix, but the Q having interchangeable lens capability… i’m exhausted trying to sift truth from rumor, but i like it… even if at times i can only get humor… i miss anonymous’ take on things, a little…

  • jaja

    jaj for fuji! Was it so hard to understand what real photographers need?
    Why does it need 2011 and Fuji to come up with it?

    Yes, get clue, dumb manufacturers, we need compact camera with no compromise sensor and optical viewfinder for nonleica rofl prices.


    Ok that picture I found it on a 2009 History Channel Documentary called “Bruce Lee changed the world”

    The Facebook account is mine…

  • Nikon Tandoori

    That Fuji camera is going to make a LOT of sales !

  • Andrea Leganza

    Now is Nikon 3000 at top of the chart.

  • Nikki

    I think being in the PRO section on the website is the D300s’ only feature to top D7000. Have you seen D7000’s U1/U2 functions? The only thing I miss here are U3 and U4. Also I hope these functions override the drive control ring.

    Too bad this one isn’t FX… I think I will only upgrade to FX from my D40x some time soon. Seems it will be D700, although I would prefer something with size and weight of D7000, at most. I could even do without the alloy body.

  • Nikki

    Ah, by the way….

    To go EVIL, Nikon should combine the translucent technology shown by Sony with its own AF phase detectors and RGB metering sensors. This would really kick ass. Also, nothing below APS-C will satisfy.

    Say, a really compact EVIL D7000, with continuous phase-detect AF live view and video recording, subject tracking and all. Short flange focal distance (FFD), no EVF to save space and weight. And specially designed ultra compact lenses to fit the short FFD: Several primes from 24 to 85mm equiv with f/1.4. Also I think they should switch to sensor-based VR, to be able to make lenses more compact and use easier optical formula to make them cheaper and better quality. That would be a charm.

    • Nikki

      oops, this was a bit stoopid, asking for an EVIL camera without EVF 😀 loool

    • Nikki

      By the way – this concept of a translucent mirror for AF… I had the idea quite a while ago and posted it here, I believe.

    • Roger

      Translucent mirror alone is a poor idea. No advantage in having a new 85/1.4 either and 24/1.4 and 85/1.4 for mirrorless cameras can NOT be small.

      Why would you ask for worse image quality (side effect of the fixed mirror) and dust issues? The way to go for EVIL cameras is PD AF on the sensor, and without fixed translucent mirror (like the one in the poor Sony A55).

  • Roland

    Regarding who has developed the sensor:

    A quote from Lasse Pettersson who is a Product Specialist for Nikon Sweden, in an intweview with the Swedish site “fotosidan”:

    “As usual, Nikon has designed and decided how they want the sensor to perform.
    Nikon has also, as usual, used an external sensor manufacturer to build it, in this case Sony.”

    So, there is a big differnce between “Produced”, “Developed” and “Manufactured”.

  • robert

    WTH $1300 for the Tokina? since when did they start being obnoxious?

    For that less money than that there’s no doubt the Nikon would be a better choice..sure it has heavy distortion but it’s a great performer, and I have no problems with the distortion, which can easily be fixed in PS if need be.

    Even a grey versioned 17-35mm would be a better choice ($150 more) but cmon you must be kidding. I would pay no more than $700 for a lens like this from a 3rd party company. So because they put a silent motor they expect another $600?

    They and Sigma must be smoking some good stuff together. Sigma wants $1700 for their performance lacking lens. forcing one to stop down to f/5.6 to get optimal sharpness and contrast.

    They’re pushing people away from them by jacking prices up like this. I can’t image they will sell a lot. 16-28..? couldn’t they have made it till 35mm? That’s a very limited range..

    I think they’re pushing their luck..I had a 28-80mm way back but can tell you it was worth no more than what I paid for it, $400 at that time. It fell from a 14″ stage and shattered on the floor.

    • Karlosak

      Look at Adorama, you can preorder the Tokina for $850… Still not interested? I had only good experience with the WA Tokinas – nice image quality, great build. In some aspects even nicer than equivalent Nikkors.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        And what set them apart is quality control, they are the only 3rd party lens maker who doesn´t has rampant problems of back or front focus.

  • le_eiji

    D7000 is a good camera except that its image quality is horrible. Every sensor whose pixel desity goes below 5μm look picture only noisier and more flat. A 14MP sensor with D3100 gives you impeccable image quality, 16MP count was too much for a cropped sensor.

    • Why exactly the 5micra limit? Makes absolutely no sense.

      • Roger


        Poor and incorrect comment, le_eiji.

  • SwedishNikonan…

    And according to Lasse Pettersson, Nikon Sweden, in the interview in the article, the sensor in D7000 is manufactured by Sony, but designed by Nikon.

  • broxibear

    WOW !…I’m amazed at the impact the X100 has made in a few hours.
    All the forums, blogs and photo sites are talking about on thing this Fujifilm camera…I’ve never seen so many different threads on DPReview discussing, and praising, a camera like this.
    Fuji could be onto something really big with this camera…price it right and market it right and this X100 could well be the digital camera equivalent of Apple’s iPhone.
    Fuji marketing dept must be jumping up and down with all the positive feedback.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Fuji was very smart this camera is like the old Canonet QL17 GIII, Minolta Hi Matic 9, Konica Auto S2, etc. which were fun little cameras!!!

      I for one can´t be bothered to buy an EVIL camera but a camera like this? sure why not!

      • As has been pointed out here or elsewhere, the X100 has a strong resemblance to the Konica Hexar RF, which I have just read further, was made with co-operation from Leica. It has its own M lenses. The Konica camera division merged with Minolta in 2005, which was taken over by Sony in 2006. I wonder if Sony will be inspired to revive some of the treasures there.

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          True that, the Hexar is beautiful!! It would be nice that the NEX take a departure from the current horrible ergonomics and user interface and decided to go with something better suited and more competitive like the rangefinderish design.

          • Jabs

            The best of the bunch in my opinion was the Minolta CLE or Leica/Minolta CLE.
            Modern electronics that actually WORKED and then great Leica lenses but too small and ‘dainty’ for me.

            Nikon and Fuji already cooperate, so perhaps this Fuji camera is a preview of an upcoming Nikon.
            Sweet camera though (Fuji).

    • ob1ne

      What i don’t understand is that people have been asking for a rangefinder like camera for a while now. If you look at the Espson RD1 they still resell for about $2000-$3000 (and it’s a 6 mpx camera), I don’t understand why camera companies didn’t see this opportunity years ago.

      Marketing teams should be fired, they really have no idea.

    • Well, they’re the first to do what everyone serious about street/candid/PJ/events/vacation photos wants in a compact camera. They appear to have overcome all of the complaints with the Sigmas, Leica, Ricohs, etc.

      What’s amazing is that it took over a decade for this to happen. It makes no sense, really.

      Fuji’s medium format rangefinders always sold decently, the Hexar and Contax G system did okay sales-wise (and are in fair demand on the used market), and even cameras like the Canonet are still used by people today who want something similar in a digital camera. Then there’s the Contax P&S cameras, the Nikon Ti P&S, that titanium Minolta, etc., etc.

      In other words, there was enough of a market for quite a few different such cameras before – and the camera manufacturers thought somehow that the new compact digital P&S cameras would satisfy those users of premium compact cameras. It would not have been too hard in say, 2004 (when the D70 changed the consumer SLR market forever) for some company to take a body like the Hexar, add a sensor, image processor, and LCD and make a digital compact with good performance – but it wasn’t done until now.

      I’m sure part of it has to do with the economics of manufacture (high-end bodies, sensors, and fast IR focusing) – and partly with the lack of overwhelming success for any particular premium compact film camera. The market was saturated with so many models that I think it may have discouraged the manufacturers from creating a digital version.

      But what do I know… I’m sure there’s a market analyst out there somewhere that will rip apart my hypotheses.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    I was at my local KFC for lunch today when i heard a couple of gay Fuji reps complaining about the beans they had for dinner yesterday.

    They ran into the toilet and so i did, and while they where doing their things, i overheard that … PENTAX IS GONNA BUY FUJI !!!

    Believe me or not … but hey this is a rumour site !

    • CamaJan

      Thanks for the info!
      You know, you really shouldn’t put yourselfes in such danger to optain camera info!
      Hahahahaha! 🙂 🙂

    • jdsl

      i heard that their new line of products will be called PENJI!

  • The invisible family

    The D7000 sensor must be made by SONY (because Nikon can’t count up more than 12.300.000)

  • robert

    If it sells for $850 that’s much better than $1300, but I wouldn’t pay even that much for a 3rd party lens when the Nikon is $250 more. I can’t image they’ll sell many. I would pay no more than $700 for it. 16-28 isn’t a useful range..

    • Karlosak

      Which Nikon you speak of? The Nikkor 16-35mm is one stop slower, with a very bad distortion at wide end. The Tokina is more like a 14-24mm killer, and all the samples I’ve seen so far prove that. No distortion or chromatic aberration, nice bokeh and razor SHARP to the corners, even on D3x!

      • robert

        I HIGHLY doubt that..14-24mm killer HAHAHA!!!! you must have some affiliation with the company. Show me a 2.8 zoom 3rd party lens that’s better (IQ wise)than a Nikon EQUIVALENT..I dare you, I double dare you
        distortion is a none issue imo on the 16-35. it’s fixed with a slider in PS..boom, done..I’ve never seen an issue in photos to warrant a fix. If I was photographing building then it might be an issue, but I don’t so I have no problem.
        Ken boasts it betters the 14-24, and while I wouldn’t say that, it’s a very capable lens.

        And who knows how much the Tokina has..if you want to nitpick i’m sure the Tokina is worse..razor sharp..please..maybe at 5.6 but 2.8..Ain’t no way in hell..no way..it’s going to be a good long time before someone puts out something the level of the 14-24 and even the 16-35, which is sharper than the 17-35 AFS. Those 2 are better performers by a lot than even Canon’s WA zooms.

        I would chose the Nikon 10 times before i’d consider the Tokina, even if I was poor. I used to have 3rd party lenses only, till I got smart and realized if you want top IQ, it’s Nikkor’s only. So i’ve been there I had. But I only buy pro grade lenses. I’m not talking about Nikkor variable aperture lenses.

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    Where is the Photokina information?

  • NascarGeoff

    YES Fuji! Fuji seems to understand the importance of image quality as a first priority. I really hope that Fuji will build another DSLR in the future or that Nikon would get really innovative and do something like Fuji’s Super (sensor) technology

  • sigh

    “(must have Facebook account in order to see the picture)”

    View the image and right click, properties OR view image and then copy the direct url to the jpg.
    No account needed to see it – and nobody has to register to spybook if they don’t want to.

  • Eric Pepin

    This camera is going to be the easiest sell come christmas, if Nikon gives us enough to sell. Last christmas we couldnt get enough of ANY of the nikon DSLR and not even enough point and shoots, we constantly turned down customers and told them to look at the Canon options.

  • Broxibear

    From what I’m hearing this Fujifilm X100 is going to be expensive, between $1100 and $1500 USD which is a lot, although still cheaper than the Leica X1 at $2000.
    Here’s the official Fujifilm video introducing the camera: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGvA4Jm9qQE&feature=related

  • jdsl

    I’m hearing that McDo outsourced their hamburgers.

  • Roger

    In other news, Nikkor 85mm F1.4 G outperforms the Canon 85mm F1.2 L in a direct test: has a bit better in resolution, better CA and bokeh is identical.

    • Roger

      To add: bokeh is practically identical in day time shots, but in night time shots with those out of focus lights in the background Nikkor is better.

      • robert

        yea, but is it worthwhile comparing them..their both top class lenses..I mean you can’t get much better than these, no matter which one you chose really. I still stand by my opinion saying the AFS doesn’t having anything over the AFD except negligible corner sharpness. Especially considering the price difference between them.The AFD is an exceptional lens. it’s not so easy to better such a class leading product..

  • DaveyJ

    I have owned a lot of lens. Many pro lens. I have advised against aftermarket lens and a number of people who bought lens after my assistance have shared their results with me later. After market lens have really not held up that well. I will not mention brands. But Nikkor lens have out preformed almost every brand I have ever seen. If however I were going to buy a Fuji GX617 I would again buy the Fujinon lens made to work with that specialty panoramic camera. Fuji is a very good company. All of my last five year purchases have been Nikon after trying each time other brands. Canon in 35mm to me is the other practical brand. But I sure think Nikkor lens are the way to go for the foreseeable future.

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