Nikon Q – a hoax?

Update: the original car photo can be found here. It's a Lexus LF-A. The weirdest thing is that this car is.... mirrorless... look at the pictures, there are no mirrors whatsoever.

Unless you can make any sense of the fourth picture I received today, I say this whole "Nikon Q" thing is a hoax:

I am filing this under the humor rumor section: the new Nikon car 🙂

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  • What kind of car is this anyway? There is Audi Q, Nissan Q, Infinity Q…

    • Huggs

      It’s the new Nissan GT-something-or-the-other that costs way too much money.

      • Huggs

        Sorry it’s a Toyota.

        • Rocking Kenwell

          It’s a D40 replacement!

          • Ian Ivey

            There’s a small horizontally situated tube-like device on the passenger-side window, a bit above where you might expect a mirror. I believe the side- and rear-view “mirrors” are cameras, with the rear-view camera mounted on the back of the car. All of the cameras deliver feeds to displays inside the car.

    • Manne

      The ‘Q’ itself seems so silly to me. What else could it mean than ‘questionable’?

    • The reflection on the ground doesn’t match the side of the car, photoshop i presume?

    • StickingZoom

      Frack the Q, I want a cheap D700, damn it!!

      • dragossani

        D700 is cheap. I’ve bought used one for $1500.

        • texasjoe

          $1500? seems like the person that sold you your camera dropped it a few times, cleaned it, polished it and sold it as “a pampered camera”…

    • Ashiyawolf

      I don’t think there is any debate – you have the picture of the car in 2008 with no logo, it is obviously the same picture. That means someone photoshopped it in. Nikon would never do something like this to announce a new technology.

  • Looks like a Mercedes from the rear fender, actually…

    • panfruit

      Looks like a Plymouth to me.

    • The Mirrorless Nikon CAR!!!


  • Nathan

    It’s the Lexus LFA concept from a few years ago. Very odd.

  • jason

    looks like a merc

  • jason

    yes nathan ur rite it is a lexus lfa just looked it up on google

  • NikoDoby

    That’s either the D3X replacement or just the Lexus LFA

  • Enough of this whole ‘Q’ thing! Get on to more important things like the D800 and D400!
    I think they’ll be released some time after March next year.

  • jeff

    why would you come to the conclusion that its a hoax if you recieve a picture of a car that was painted to advertise the product?

    • NikoDoby

      The LF-A isn’t a “full” race car. Why would Toyota advertise a new EVIL camera/lens mount on the side of a concept car? Besides Nikon belongs to the Mitsubishi group so I would think they’d put Nikon “EVIL” stickers on a Lancer Evo concept instead.

    • Jeff, it just doesn’t make sense (at least to me) – let’s Nikon had a closed door event (it must have been closed doors, otherwise I would have heard something) to show their upcoming “Nikon Q” and what better way to show it then have a sport car with a Nikon label on the door at that event? Possible, but odd, unless it’s a some kind of a joint venture with a car company.

      • NikoDoby

        Maybe if the next photo shows the NesQuik Rabbit greeting people into this “closed Nikon event” we’ll know what’s what.

      • Don’t you find it odd that the reflection shows the Nikon logo but on the car itself, you don’t see it at all?

        • Nikodoby

          What I find even more puzzling is that they used MS paint instead of Photoshop 🙂

          • itznfb

            that’s just the easiest way to mask the origin of the photo. take a screen shot and paste it into paint… not sure if you were being sarcastic and already knew that or not…

        • Its there .. the word “nikon” is under the “Q” logo

      • QZTRONIC

        It could be PS hoax, but…… If you would try to figured it out……
        Maybe I’m just imagining, but look carefully… the Q-letter is positioned under the car’s roof which look like the lens mount that positioned under the build-in flash and OVF but in horizontally mirrored. Combining with the Nikon sign that is up side down, instead of being under the car, I think it should to just on the roof by mirroring vertically.
        Sorry for my bad english, Hope someone get what I’m saying here, haha
        or Perhaps I’m just drunk and mad. Try flipping the picture, see if you will get any idea.

        • Jabs

          Perhaps it means that Nikon is about to TURN the whole Industry upside down.
          Maybe it refers to the new D4 line with perhaps a 3 chip sensor or just a revolutionary new camera like how the D3 was?
          You are on to something despite your language barrier – LOL!

      • Nikon Tandoori

        I overheard from my reps that FIAT is in talks with Nikon’s high echelons in order to get a foot in the japanese market.

      • Jabs

        Hey Administrator,
        Perhaps you can look from this standpoint and YES, it is a plausible guess on my part.
        Years ago, they named disguised race cars lurking as street cars to fool you or the police/authorities in America – Q ships. It referred to say an old 427 Camaro or 427/428CJ/Boss 429 Mustang, 426 Chrysler Hemi/440 Six Pack etc. – that looks plain or disguised to sucker people who want to race it and then they overlook it as nothing or below its’ real capability, until it blows past them.
        Disguised race car just like how the LFA is indeed a ‘road’ race car or Q ship.
        Meant to sucker you into racing them for ‘pink slips’ or your car title and you lose (both the race and your car) because you thought it was a ‘plain jane car’ but it turns out it was not.
        From that standpoint, perhaps it makes sense.
        Nikon is releasing a ‘Q ship’ of a camera and it is disguised here with old cultural street race car references. They are about to run over the competition and take pink slips (in this case BLOW their minds and take market share as Nikon is on a disguised path running over the competition and taking ‘pink slips’) – LOL!
        First – D3100
        Second – P7000
        Third – D7000
        Fourth – ???
        Fifth – ???

        • LGO

          Wikipedia: Q-ships:

          “Q-ships, also known as Q-boats, Decoy Vessels, Special Service Ships or Mystery Ships, were heavily armed merchant ships with concealed weaponry, designed to lure submarines into making surface attacks. This gave Q-ships the chance to open fire and sink them. The basic ethos of every Q-ship was to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          They were used by the British Royal Navy (RN) during the First World War and by both the RN and the United States Navy during the Second World War (1939–1945), as a countermeasure against German U-boats and Japanese submarines.”

          • Jabs

            I am talking about known US slangs and not Wikipedia nonsense or even facts about PAST things.
            Look at current racing video games on both X-Box and PlayStation for a clue PLUS I lived in that era, so I don’t need to either guess or go to Wikipedia.
            GEAR HEAD and also CAR nut – lol.

            Motion Performance in Long Island, NY made some unofficial 427 CI (Cubic Inch) Camaros, Chevy Novas, Chevelles and Corvettes with the ZL-1 all aluminum engine.
            Look up Yenko Chevy in Pennsylvania also ( not sure if they exist anymore).
            Chrysler had the original 426 CI Hemi with the solid lifters and a horsepower rating of 425 bhp SAE net – then. NOT the same as the current US spec Hemi. The old Hemi was a race engine disguised for use in a street car and it had way more than 425 hp – but was given this horsepower rating cap, to fool the Insurance Companies and make your Insurance Bill palpable especially if you were young.
            GM banned engines over 400 CI years ago in certain cars, so specialists with alleged Factory ties made all these unusual cars from Buick (GS 400), Chevy S/S – Super Sport models), Oldsmobile (4-4-2 and Hurst Olds), Pontiac (GTO, LeMans and Bonneville plus specialized Firebirds, Chrysler and Dodge/Plymouth – 383 CI and 440 CI plus 440 Six Pack and 426 Hemi – SuperBees, Road Runners, Chargers (Dukes of Hazzard television show and movie), Barracudas, Challengers, Darts and such.
            Ford also had the original 390 CI Mustang GT used in the movie ‘Bullit’ with (dark green color Mustang) Steve McQueen in the hills of San Francisco plus 427 aluminum/steel and the 428 CJ (Cobra Jet) with Shaker hood and even the original Boss 302 designed by Larry Shinoda plus the later Boss 429 with a NASCAR based engine used in the Torinos and Talladegas with the pointy noses plus wings and a version in a Mercury Marauder with a 429 CI engine and a flat black treatment on a few of the body surfaces.
            You can’t often google or even look to Wikipedia often for this information, as you have to have BEEN there yourself and seen these cars.

            • LGO

              @ Jabs

              The term “Q-ship” codename referred to the vessels’ home port, Queenstown, in Ireland. You use Q-ship to refer to disguised uprated cars (and I agree with this) but you missed the reference to its first usage to refer to an innocent looking ship, only to spring a surprise on the unsuspecting submarine expecting a hapless victim and sink the submarine.

              The term Q-ship thus can refer to anything that is perceived as a prey but is in fact a predator!

          • Jabs

            Yeah, I got your reference BUT both items are exactly the same. Different times but same ideas – LOL.
            I also know about the older or more formal definition, but since many Japanese or even younger persons worldwide have different references for the same exact English words, hence my comments as one who resides in America plus who studies and deals with Technology daily.
            Thanks for the reminder.

      • Jabs

        @NR Administrator.
        Summation perhaps on my part.
        Nikon mirrorless or windowless/glassless (as in no prism or such) ‘Q-ship’ disguised with a plain exterior BUT unusual stuff inside its’ body like how the P7000 looked like an older camera but had unusual elements inside it. Computer race games sometimes refer to Q-ships or pimping my ride and thus maybe the tie in.
        Unusual gadget like James Bond and ‘Q’ or Maxwell Smart – Agent 86 or even Inspector Gadget the cartoon with Penny.
        Someone was perhaps making cultural references seen in Test Drive or other video games such as that.
        I think it is real, but disguised to tickle YOUR mind into guessing. The Japanese are fans of the PlayStation video games, drifting and old American street ‘sleepers’ (Q-ships) from the 70’s, so hence the possible clues from that. Detroit released many cars designed to fool Insurance companies and the police as to what their capabilities were (how much horsepower they really had), hence they were called sleepers, grocery getters and now we have pocket rockets – Mitsubishi EVO, Subaru Impreza, Nissan GTR and such. Look to Shelby GT500, Boss 302 Mustangs, Z-28 Camaros, Hemi-Cudas, Hemi Road Runners, Mustang 428 Cobra Jets, Pontiac GTO Judge, Firebirds and such.

      • ob1ne

        Don’t you think maybe it has something to do with the car being mirrorless and so will be the new Nikon EVIL? Myabe they’re using the same technology? lol conspiracy theories

        • Jabs

          LOL at your name Oh – Obi ONE. Da force is strong (is this right?).

          Yeah – it is an analogy of sorts in marketing terms to me, that is.
          Mirrorless car as in the older prototypes of this car
          Made with Carbon fiber
          Exotic race car or Q ship (a shot over or across the ‘bow’ of competitors/complainers who have been saying Nikon is asleep/too slow, perhaps)

          Mirrorless camera
          Made with Carbon fiber elements
          Exotic camera/performance and hopefully – not at exotic car prices – LOL!

  • Mike

    Maybe it’s a picture taken with Q mount system?

    • The car has Q mount projector headlamps.

  • Alexander

    The information thats missing from the lower right corner of the image — what could it be? Overblown highlight? Something important that was erased? What are your thoughts?

    • Kevin

      Looks like MS paint eraser 😀

    • NikoDoby

      That’s where the booth babe in short shorts would be bending over the car.

      • BMF

        Then why the hell was it removed? 🙂

        • Nikodoby

          Actually we removed it because the “SLR Guy” was standing there.

  • S

    Not long now boys..anticipation itches.

  • I didn’t know there is Nikon wine. Is it something in-house only?
    {scroll to near the end, dinner part.}

    • BMF

      Nikon Wine … er Whine, is all the complaining about no successor to the D700 on this forum.

    • BornOptimist

      I believe there has been Nikon wines at several product launches. At least when D2X was introduced there was wine (and also stamps). It was very limited qty, so they are collectors items.

    • Ashiyawolf

      You can have personalized wine labels made. It’s done for corporate events, so I’m guessing they had them made for this and other events.

  • A pity it’s just a hoax. I was hoping for something 😀

  • zachrbroussard

    Unless this rumor is from the same e-mailer, why does it discredit the others?

    To me this photo clearly looks fake, compare the print on the car to that of the reflection….

    On the other hand, I can’t see anything in the previous “Q” photos that stands out, or at least not as much as this one.

  • Christina

    James Bond has sprung to mind.

    The name of the person he would consult with before every mission was Q. He would chat with Q about the latest gadgets he would use on his mission. Watches, cars, weapons, etc.

    Yea, maybe this is a total hoax.

    You know, I just would like to hear that we are getting a nice new D700 upgrade.
    I am still holding my breath for a Full Frame with a 2010 update.

    And as always, thanks much to Admin /NR for sharing any and all info that comes across their desk. I will not shoot the messenger, but am getting rather discouraged about new releases……..

  • Ken Elliott

    This is the new AutoZoom. Rather than zoom the lens, it moves the photographer.

    Can you imagine reading the Nikon Owners manual on THAT?

    • panfruit

      Hopefully it’s stabilized.

  • venancio

    taken for a ride… Nikon owes me, so there better be that Photokina surprise… takusan takusan surprises… please… arigato…

  • Ian Gilbert

    Perhaps the hoaxer used the Q-car to alert you to the hoax. If you had taken the Q-car at face value, the next Nikon Q stuff would have been breakfast cereal or lingerie.

  • all I can say thats a sports car 😀

  • kururu

    maybe this car has built-in Nikon mirrorless dlsr.

  • NikonFF&DxUser

    I think that’s the new batman spy car equipped with Nikon Q camera and lenses to photograph the Canon bad guys. Yes these Q camera and lenses are so small they can fit into your pocket and can be fitted or camouflaged with optional case of your liking.
    Yes these optional accessories for the Q just like the one we see for IPHONE are now widely available.

  • mike m

    Here is the link to the unadulterated original image of the Lexus

    • that’s it – the proof that this was a hoax:

      thanks Mike

      • Derek R

        Then again…
        It could have been a “concept photoshop” displayed during a presentation. Something like, “look, we’re gonna have Lexuses with the Q logo driving everywhere, and they’ll look like this!”

      • Zoetmb

        That’s a really nice car though and I’m not even into cars. I’d love to be driving that thing!!!

      • Nikon Tandoori

        It was probably just a code-message.

    • Derek R

      Yep, same image. Question is, was it sent by the person who sent the first Q pics? If yes, then it’s a hoax!

  • Broxibear

    Yeah, it’s a Lexus LFA…
    I think the joke is that it’s a mirrorless car…it has cameras instead of mirrors…lol !

    • Maybe it’s not a hoax… I think it can be a marketing move… “Lexus don’t have mirrors… so if that’s ok for a car why not for a camera?”.
      I’m getting more sure that this is the mirrorless system… The car photo was a clue as she is mirrorless…

    • Shawn

      Indeed, a far stretch… but I like your thinking…

    • Jabs

      Exactly – no rear view mirrors as it uses video cameras.
      No looking back NOW, as Nikon just passed you like how the LFA is positioned against the German and Italian exotic cars – Porsche and Ferrari/Lamborghini especially.
      In this case – the Japanese companies who make cameras/lenses for Leica -vs- now something revolutionary from Nikon to run over them or taking it to ‘tha streets’ (street shooters of old).
      A Micro 4/3rd beater and a homage to perhaps the old Leica rangefinder -vs- today’s digital Micro 4/3rds reality.
      It perhaps has begun in several ways.

      The Nikon Empire Strikes Back – lol!

  • I tend to believe that with all the photographic technology out there today (even in cellphones, iphones and blackberries) that “Spy Shots” should come out clearer, unless someone is walking around with a pen-cam, but then who does this?

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    So it means if it were a Leica announcement they would have used a Bugatti Veyron? 😛

  • Ishouldbeshooting

    Maybe they’re presenting an example of the expected cost?

  • benS

    wow ! if this was a hoax, which looks like it is , this guy knows his nikon stuff and is so creative ! i guess soomeone out there is laughing his/her ass off.

    Somebody punked NR … must be a damn disappointed guy who kept complaining how slow nikon is , sold all his nikon gear and switched to canon , only to see the awesome D7000 released. Ouch !

    I am still wishing for another Nikon Suprise on Monday !

  • The invisible family

    Ok now you get me on that thing.
    Photokina open Tuesday at 9AM right ?
    So it will be 3AM in USA (east coast time).
    Do you know someone who will be there at the opening ?
    I won’t mind waking up at 3AM if you can give us exciting news !

  • Tom

    Any idea on the timeline for the release of the Nikon Qs model?

  • Ren Kockwell

    Hasn’t anyone ever made a presentation here? You beg borrow and steal images from everywhere to make your point and build the drama and anticipation, especially for a new product launch. So this slide could have been used to demonstrate the fact that Nikon Q is a “bold new concept.” A lot of times, the visuals on the slides are symbolic or abstract, especially if it’s still a concept without much to show. I’m not saying it’s not a hoax, but if I were creating a hoax, I wouldn’t send NR this slide. And you’re being WAY too literal in interpreting it.

    • Zoetmb

      >>>You beg borrow and steal images from everywhere

      Not in a public presentation you don’t. There ARE copyright laws. If you’re Joe Shmo working for some small company, no one is going to bother going after you, but if you’re part of a big corporation, they might.

      • Ren Kockwell

        How naive. I am part of a “big corporation” and I can tell you it is a rare occasion when any client for any presentation wants to pay for images in a PowerPoint that is given once with no printed handouts. The typical thought is, “If I don’t print it, I’m not really using it.” Is it a copyright violation? Damn skippy. Do they care? No.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      You are wrong you don´t seem to know how this work… PR agencies are hired to make what they call “controlled leaks” these are snippets of info on upcoming products to create hype among the costumer base and rally up expectation, they deliberately post information in forums as “insiders” in places where they know they will be catched up and spread, once they are spread they start to collect data on how´s the response of the public and they put “sleepers” (people who are posting here, DPreview, etc.) to rally up and make the gossip to go even more rampant to rally even more, their objective is to have “advocates” of the brand that start conversations in the different communities; at this point they pick up the data they can collect and tweak the marketing campaign if needed.

      So NR admin isn´t stealing anything, nor is he part of this PR team hired by Nikon, he is just picking the bread crumbs of info that was left behind.

      If you want to know more read about Public Relationship and how they work in social media campaigns and stop accusing the NR admin of stuff he hasn´t done.

      • yes, I can assure everyone that I am not part of any PR agency 🙂

        • Lolly

          we’re all victims 🙁

      • Ren Kockwell

        Yup. Smart and social media savvy companies use the tactics described above, but Nikon has really never used any agency that’s done something tgat progressive and clever before. They’re soooo conservative,

        • Lolly

          Perhaps, Nikon is conservative in Japan but Nikon is a multi-national company. Does the parent company have to sign off on every tactic the foreign subsidiary creates ?

  • Bob

    Those Canon guys at it again. I’ll get you for this, Chuck Westfall…..

  • Madetech

    My guess is that the “Q” stands for a QUICK connect mount. Snaps in place instead of screwing it position. Don’t know if its the EVIL mount but the car could represent the speed of mounting and un-mounting a lens. Marketing…

  • I don’t know. I still wonder if there is something to it. I tend to agree with the person who said they may have borrowed images from places to make a point in a presentation. I’ve seen that kind of thing a lot.

  • Dormant

    No publicity is bad publicity.

    Nikon gets us all salivating.

  • dmgabe

    I think the Bond idea is the right way to take this, some of Q’s most memorable items were the cars. This could very easily be a marketing tie in with the whole idea of gadget filled Bond Q cars, although, an Aston Martin would have been more appropriate, but this is a Japanese company.

    • Digitalux

      I tend to agree and wish this is true. Waiting for the bikini girl(s) now 🙂

  • Valadice

    Holy Shit. Nikon is a making a Transformer. Car transforms into a Camera. The future is here.

    I can dream can’t I?

  • bensS

    I would like to dismiss this as as hoax. But for some reason there is a chance this is not a hoax at all . This is just too creative to dismiss as a hoax. Look at the previous posts on this Q thing and how it matches the Nikon Evil patents. I wont be surprised if this Q images came from a person working with Nikon and is a fan of NR. He used those “stolen” images to give us hints and cover his tracks. I dont think he is dumb enough to submit those “stolen” images to NR when this he knows very well he cant punk NR easily.

    NR ADMIN, you cant label this rumor as “BUSTED” yet, can you ? Oh ya, NR Admin has not don it yet. 🙂

    • I agree, the Q logo is just too good for a hoax. A lot of people are reading this blog and if this logo was used before, someone would have seen it. There are a lot of Q logos out there:

      None of them is like the the one from those photos.

      I am still puzzled. If this was a hoax, why send me this picture of a car that will discredit all previous images. This is one of the weirdest story I have covered so far.

      • Nikon Tandoori

        It’s a conspiracy.

  • Rosco

    Admin; Didn’t Canon have cars drivung around advertising their products at the Winter Olympics?

  • zachrbroussard

    I think the most important thing is rather or not this image and the last Q images came from the same source.

    Again, this one looks completely fake to me. Reflection on ground of text and logo just does not match up with that actually on the car.

    However, the previous Q posts don’t seem to be fake (or at least blatantly fake).

    If all of these came from the same source I call hoax.

    If this latest shot came from a different source than the other shots, then the original rumor is still plausible and this is just a fake.

  • Chris P

    Admin, I think that what counts against this being a hoax is the time and trouble that has been taken. Mocking up pictures of a meeting, with the camera partially exposed, apparently projected on a screen of some sort and then thinking of, and looking for, a picture of a ‘mirrorless’ car smacks of the work of an ad agency. The way you have received the pictures also points this way, if it had been some spy shots taken independently you would have received all the photos at once, yet you have been ‘drip fed’ them over several days leading up to Photokina. I think that it is almost certain that we will now seen the announcement of a Nikon mirrorless camera with a new mount called Q, with one or more USP’s, at Photokina.

  • Anton

    Notice that something important was erased and that the original image does not have anything at that spot that should have to be erased. This probable means that this part of the new (original) image has some sort of information that will make it to obvious. For instance a slogan:
    just like Lexus LF-A, the new Nikon Q is mirrorless or
    you can already drive mirrorless, now you can photo mirorrless.

    BTW, one of the other photos also has a corner erased.

  • zachrbroussard


    Just noticed the photo has already been proven as a photoshop job….

    With that information it makes it even more important knowing if it is from the same source or not.

    I don’t buy that its an add slogan. The photo has already been proved to be a photoshop job. Even if it was a stock photo that Nikon bought the rights to and photoshopped, I would hope to god that Nikon could get someone to do a better job than what someone did to this.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    This morning i was cleaning the toilets in our shop when suddenly some Nikon reps arrived without noticing me and started chatting about :

    – Sony is gonna buy Tamron
    – Tamron will display a new 18-550mm zoom F2.8 !
    – All new Sony lenses will be made by Tamron
    – Canon has a simil-EVIL camera up their sleeves but it’s not gonna hit the shelves before 2011
    – Nikon will buy Tokina
    – Samsung is in talks to merge with Nokia
    – In 2012 Canon will outsource it’s whole manufacturing to FOXCONN
    – FIAT is in talks with Nikon for the japanese market

    • Discontinued

      You did it!

      It must have been you. You started this Q-shit and you’ve sent e-mails with Q-pics to NR.

      C’mon admit it.

    • NikonFF&DxUser

      Men, this is big! If what you said is true and will happen in two years, this is going to change Sony. I know Apple Iphone and Ipod are being manufactured by Foxconn, but Canon outsourcing it’s manufacturing to Foxconn? Probably cost wise is a good move, quality wise not so sure. I just don’t see them manufacturing lenses. If this is going to happen all Canon product will be made in China? Vietnam? Probably Foxconn will manufacture just the pcb that runs all the electronics in canon dslr. Otherwise, there’s gonna be so many unhappy Canon user.
      I’m glad i’m a NikonFF&DxUser at least I still see very good qualities made in Japan in my equipment.

  • cirtap

    IT is NOT a concept no more…Toyota is building this $375,000 plus car..Only 300 are being made…BUT u know what..I will take the $180,000 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG over this car…AND the SLS will out run it..and the $84,000 Nissan GT-R is only a 1/2 second behind….Make ZERO sense to buy a Toyota for $375,000!!!!

    Q stands for Queen..or Queer in my world…LOL

    • Discontinued

      Very interesting indeed.

      If you had shared your thoughts on
      BOOBY-MAGs and which one makes
      you come 1/2 second sooner or later, well, that
      would have still been more related to photography
      than your wet-teenage-dreams of one or the other car
      and your thoughts on price-acceleration-ratios.

    • BornOptimist

      OT, but LF-A related: Mr “Everything” (Hiromu Naruse, Toyotas chief test driver) was killed in a Nürburgring-edition of this LF-A near Nürburgring earlier this year. He collided with a BMW test car. One of the two testdrivers in the BMW was also life-threatening injured.
      There are 500 planned to be built, and they have not started producing them quite yet (they will go into production as a 2012-model)

    • Ren Kockwell

      Until you see one rolling down the street, it’s still a concept car, dude.

  • anonymous

    I believe that Admin would have double-checked the rumor before posting it.
    So I don’t believe this is a hoax. Maybe bad timing to post the rumor…
    just saying…

  • Anton

    🙂 The missing slogan in the erased corner could as well be:
    I am Nikon

  • xscream

    Another interesting thing is that the lexus LFA, apart from being mirrorless- is completely made of carbon fibre, so this may go back to this:

    • bump

      lf-a sounds more like lomo. Lomo LF-A.

    • Jabs

      Great catch about the Carbon fiber and also mirrorless car tie in.

      • Ren Kockwell

        +1. This presentation really happened. The only questions are content & context.

  • Kozłowski Artur

    I think the car on the picture has no mirrors, but mini cameras instead. That’s why it has these small thingies on the sides of the front window. Cool concept – cameras and a nice display on the dashboard mean no craning your head to check around.
    This Nikon Q thing appears to be an effective way to stir up some buzz, imo. Nothing like some shady pictures to get imaginations going…

    • JohnGG

      To me it´s obvious! This tube-like object in the middle of the column of the right window, is a camera doubling as a rear mirror. Even if the photo is fake, it still is a good idea, don´t you think? More than that, I see a very small silver-colored object in place of the mirror, which could be a tiny back up mirror for any older person who might occasionally drive this car and is not at all acquainted with electronics!

  • Gonads

    Giorgio Zanetti posted this link in the other post:

    Have to admit – if you try it yourself: zoom in – view the rectangular-shaped box of artifacts around the logos, compare to surrounding artifacts, looks extremely fake to me.

    This latest post just adds to my belief that this whole nikon QX thing, or at least the photographic evidence of a Nikon QX range, is fake. If it turns out these are actually cryptic clues to a real QX range, then fair enough – nice, unique approach, but i very much doubt it personally.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Holy crap, Sherlock friggin Holmes! Are you kidding me? Of course it was Photoshopped! We’ve already established that this was an existing photo without a Nikon logo, so how else would it get there?

      The mirrorless design… the mini-cameras for parking and backing up… the all-carbon fiber body… It’s all adding up.

      • Gonads

        Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get your invite to the NR clique meeting you were chairing on behalf of the official collective decision-making and fact-approving/disapproving committee. My hero. Clearly, after reading your informative post, next time I’ll ask you if it’s ok to post anything before I do so in future 🙂

        • Ren Kockwell

          Your user name suits you.

          • Gonads

            Yes, it does. However, touché, I wouldn’t go bashing too many people on the subject of their username, when you’re wearing a nickname like yours though 🙂

            • Ren Kockwell

              Mine is clearly a joke. Yours, a literal interpretation. When you turn 17, you’ll see the difference.

    • Lolly

      “… my belief that this whole nikon QX thing, or at least the photographic evidence of a Nikon QX range, is fake”

      Whether it’s fake or real doesn’t matter … what matters is how you read/interpret these photos. If it’s the PR agency doing this nonsense then you’re going to see what they give you and, as someone already stated, the PR agency will be monitoring your response. If it’s a prank then the joke is on those who read too much into it.

      “If it turns out these are actually cryptic clues to a real QX range, then fair enough”

      Why would anyone go to the trouble to give cryptic clues ? Why not give it to us straight ? Personally, I think everybody who follow these “Q” photos are being manipulated, if not being misled. It’s already known by Nikon patents that an “EVIL” camera with smaller lenses probably will see the light of day in the market. If this means a new mount then so be it. The market will determine if it’s good or not.

      Yes, you doubt it because it’s just rumors 😉

  • Barbie Rokwel

    I support the idea that the L-FA was used in a presentation to bring one or more points across to the audience. Given roughness of the images it could well be a non-commercial presentation, maybe just for company internal/department, to engineers and the like.

    Furthermore, the focus (pun not intended) on that an evil type camera will be consumer level is a limited view.

    What would be a good/easy way to increase the fps rating of an D3, yes, getting rid of the mirror. What would be a way to get rid of excess weight in lenses and camera body, yes, carbon.

    A camera with no mirrorbox……and no shutter, shutter moved to the lens, a leaf shutter for better flash syncing, that could be a Q mount, extra contacts for shutter communication/operation, body of camera becomes thinner and for F mount shutterless lenses an adapter is available that includes a shutter until f mount lenses are phased out and replaced by updated Q versions.


    Barbie “Shutterhas spoken.

    • Jabs

      @Barbie – lol.
      1. Shutters in lens = breakage when you mount and unmount them.
      2. Mirrorless with no mirror box = pellicle mirror – mirror scratches – light leaks, light loss when metering – erratic behavior like new Sony DSLR – weird problems with polarizers, ND filters and such.
      3. Higher sync = waste of time and more costs to manufacturers – Solution is to IMPROVE flashes and use L.E.D’s or such, as they have both constant light for videos and flash output for still photography. Cameras now already sync HIGHER than leaf shutters.
      4. Leaf shutters are slow and not durable, hence no 300,000 exposure guarantee and perhaps 1/500 to 1/1000 sec top shutter speed – hence NO fast lenses and no stopping of action due to ISO above shutter speed combo for proper exposure – low to high EV goes out the door. NO low light cameras and no recording of extremely bright scenes WITHOUT the constant use of ND filters or Neutral Graduated filters!
      5. Leaf shutters would complicate AF, metering, possibly make video impossible and then make lenses bulkier and even more expensive plus deeper as in where do you put these fragile shutter – another item in the lens/image chain and thus degradation of ultimate image. They are horrible for 35mm DSLR’s and a step backwards indeed. NO long lenses as the shutters or their blades would be visible in the FINAL image and then defeat the purpose of the camera. Sort of a rangefinder of the 2010 era – madness personified!
      Bad ideas replaced by modern concepts far superior in today’s DSLR’s and even Medium format digital camera manufacturers are leaving that old mess alone.

      QUIT reading Wikepedia and such.

      • Leaf shutter not durable? Don’t say that to my pefectly working 1954 Rolleiflex, or to ANY Hasselblad/Mamiya/Zenza owner….

        • Jabs

          @Giorgio Zanetti.
          Sorry but I did not explain WHY?
          I leaf shutter fires at a LOW fps and lower shutter speeds, but if you sped them up to 1/2000 sec or above plus give them a higher framing rate (say 5fps) they would fail. MODERN camera shoot at up to 1/8000 sec or even faster and thus leaf shutters are useless in THAT scenario.
          They limit the shutter speeds and the framing rates of a leaf shutter equipped camera to give it longevity or even to keep it from imploding.
          Leaf shutters are also seldom electronic, but often electro-mechanical and well built but SLOOOOOW as molasses.

      • FakeKenRockwell

        I am still waiting for leica M9 owners to wake up to realize they paid 9000 for a camera that doesn’t auto-focus.

        • Jabs

          Yeah and they also have less resolution and worse picture quality than even a D7000 and certainly less than a D3X or even a D3 and D3S – but they have Titanium and LEATHER to please the Sybarites.
          Pass me the GREY Poupon Charles (old American joke from television ad) – LOL!

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