Nikon D7000: base ISO of 100, 1050 shots on a single battery charge

  • The translation I have is not very clear, but it sounds like the native ISO of the D7000 will be 100 (compared to 200 in the D90).
  • The Nikon D7000 will be able to take 1050 shots on a single battery charge compared to 850 with the D90.
  • The 35mm f/1.4 lens will be available in November (basically D7000 will be available in October, everything else in November).

All together the D7000 seems to be an awesome camera. Nobody really expected such an advanced replacement of the D90. The new lenses are what everyone has been asking for in the past two years. Nikon did deliver this time, no doubt about that and they are on a roll. There will be no D700 replacement for Photokina and maybe there is a good reason for that - we will know for sure once the camera is official (probably early 2011). Next year should also bring us a D3s/D300s replacements. Keep in mind that the D300s replacement has to top the D7000 and I don't want to even speculate what the D4 will be like.

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  • Rumor or news?

    • All rumors, it will be news in 3 hours. I still don’t know about manual video control.

      • jdsl


        “The 35mm f/1.4 lens will be available in November (basically D700 will be available in Octber, everything else in November).”

        From above, it should be “basically D7000”.
        See, you get lost of these numbers, too 🙂
        Wait, til we have D7000000. lol

        • SZRimaging

          You missed the misspell of October 😉

          • yes, spelling mistakes are now my signature, you will know when a post is not written by me.

        • D7000, P7000, SB-700, D700 replacement… it’s all a big mess in my head 🙂

          • ahh… it’s all so wonderful.
            are the servers ok? will they last for the next 3-4 hours?
            btw keep up the great job admin, we love your site very much.

            • ewan

              “keep up the great job admin, we love your site very much”

              Amen to that.

          • Richard

            Gee, do you think it’s confusing in the heads of the marketing mavens?

      • Can you trust me if I tell you that I don’t want to sleep just to know the news? 😀

      • FFail

        there is manual vid on d3100 so D7000 should have it, just no Fine Tuning.

      • Paul

        The D7000 having manual video control will probably push me over the edge to order it.

      • Norton

        Check it out D7000 Revealed…

        cool to play with it before its release 😀

        • Holy crap.

          All specs are true. This is fantastic. What a great job testing out Nikon gear must be!

    • Jen
  • MinnieMouse

    I really wanna get that 35mm 1.4 afs….but I guess i’ll have to stick with the ai-s…i’m that broke. 🙁

  • Carlos R B

    All this is awesome..almost to good to be true…Nikon is killing the competition…

    • Nikgun

      And my Visa 🙂

  • jdsl

    anybody interested on my D90? 🙂

    • Jose

      I’ll give you $1.00
      Thats my best offer.
      Oh, you pay shipping.

      • jdsl

        actually, i’m giving it away..

        • Banned


  • Max Rebel

    D7000 = 1050 Shots per Battery

    D300s = Up to 950 shots per EN-EL3e battery

    Confirming the D300(s)/D90 Merger

    • hah

      the merger has been debunked by the price. there will be a D400 to top it off.

      • Twoomy

        Agreed. The D7000 ups the D300 in most respects, but the D300 line will definitely be updated. A good possibility is that the D400 will be an FX model.

        • Richard

          It would certainly be nice to have the D400 soon.

    • Big G

      Nope! No 10-pin connector in front. Only the IR sensor.

    • Paul

      Seriously? Pulling out one statistic proves your theory?

    • SGN

      Also, no external AF pattern (auto, dynamic 3d etc selector.) D300s replacement should have that.

  • All these new advanced lower end cameras are really getting my hopes up for something very special indeed with the D4!

  • ilun

    D7000 is almost the perfect D90 on paper. The main disappointment for me is the fixed screen. Am I the only one who was really gunning for a swivel display?

    • jdsl

      it’s a non-issue for me. it makes the camera, ugly 🙂

      • Paul

        Agreed, you are the only one that wants a stupid swivel display.

    • Charlie Martin

      Yeah, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about a swivel display

      • Twoomy

        I don’t give a rat’s ass either until I’m trying to use LiveView holding the camera over my head and I can’t see sh*t in the LCD, rendering LiveView pretty much useless. A swivel would help in many situations.

        • Faiz Imam

          i’ll admit a swivel screen is useful at times, but to me it adds another major point of failure to the camera.

          I don’t think a magnesium body and a swivel screen can ever be compatible, its just too easy to break.

          • Jenny

            See, I disagree. I haven’t found the swivel to seem breakable at all. In fact, it’s nice to swivel it shut when I store my camera away… seems to protect the screen nicely. It truly is nice for odd-angle shots, and I’ll be sad that the D7K doesn’t have one, but it’s by no means a deal breaker for me! 🙂

    • gt

      compose through the viewfinder people. I cringe when I see people composing in liveview

      • Twoomy

        Go ahead and cringe all you want. Liveview allows possibilities where you can’t use the viewfinder, like holding the camera over your head or having the camera all the way at ground-level or in a tight spot where your head won’t fit behind the viewfinder. A swivel monitor would make this more useful.

        But yeah, you can be old school and stick to taking eye-level shots all of the time using the viewfinder. Have a nice day.

        • Segura

          Get a good wide angle, manual focus and set the distance, put over your head and shoot. Crop in post.

          • Jenny

            Or…. use a swivel display. Much easier! I’m just glad my D5000 (which will become my backup) has it!

      • RadStu

        Live View is incredibly helpful when composing with PC-E lenses. Zooming in on the preview and then precisely tweaking the focus to be spot on is a great time saver … take fewer shots and be more accurate.

    • robert

      yea, if it had a cup holder as well for my chai tea it would be perfect..go back to the drawing boards Nikon..and don’t come back till you added pez dispenser as well..

    • Jenny

      No you’re not the only one! I was hoping for that too. Sure, I compose thru my viewfinder 99% of the time on my D5000, but that swivel display comes in VERY handy to take an above-head shot or low ground shot! It’s been more useful than I would have imagined. Those who haven’t tried it don’t know what they’re missing.

      • ilun

        Cool. At least two is company 😉

        Those who haven’t tried it don’t know what they’re missing

        I think you hit it in the nail there.

        I personally find the swivel very practical, not just for odd angles, but also for those times when I’m shooting more candid or spontaneous shots. It adds full other dimension, and It’s not like you have to shun the viewfinder just because it’s there.

        • Tonio

          I agree as well. I figured live view and the swivel display would be a silly gimmick, but it’s way more useful that I imagined it would be (more useful than DOF preview, for example)

    • Nikon Canon

      Yes, you are the only one.. 🙂

    • Fourbeer

      I had a camera with a swivel display. I flipped it LCD side out and almost never swiveled it after that.

      • I’d hoped for a swivel display, too. Not something I’d use all the time (that’s what the viewfinder’s for), but for the times when I’m shooting at odd angles or trying to shoot over/under something (or discreetly from waist level), I’d like to have it.

        On the other hand, if they had to leave something out, better the swivel display than any of the other goodies this thing’s going to have. A disappointment, but not a deal-breaker.

    • I was also looking forward to the Swivel if only for ground shots and to help with low macro work when out without tubes. I think that yes, a swivel is ugly, but it is necessary in certain situations.

  • Admin, care to speculate a little on the D300s replacement? Just a little please? Would love to hear your personal opinion 😀

    • Adde

      Like a FX 16 Mpix 5DmkII with 1080/60p!

    • I don’t think the D7000 is the replacement of the D300s – I believe there will be another pro-level DX camera.

      • Do you think that Nikon will clarify or make a statement as to where in their lineup the D7000 falls ? I’m wondering if the announcement will say that this is the replacement for the D90 or not and if we’ll still be guessing as to whether or not we should wait for an upgraded D300s in the future..

        I’d like the D300s replacement ( have a D300 right now ) but if this is it, How will I know ?

        • I don’t think they will – I will watch the interviews tomorrow (mainly from Europe), but I doubt it – this would be admitting that there is another camera coming and they never do that.

        • Segura

          Well the D3100 has some specs that are better than the D5000.
          Better megapixels, better video . . . do you need clarification where that fits? It seems like they are going to at some point update the D5000 to fall more in-between the D3100 and D7000.
          Same with the D300s replacement.

        • Any Nonmouse

          The D7000 almost certainly does not replace the D300s. It closes the gap with the D300s significantly, but there are important differences.

          * If the D7000 doesn’t meter with AIS lenses
          * If the D7000 doesn’t do 7fps+ in Ch
          * If the D7000 doesn’t have AF-Fine Tune

          Then it definitely does not replace the D300s.

          The shortage of external controls is another giveaway. The D7k appears to lack a dedicated control for metering mode (it’s button & dial) and lacks a dedicated control for AF-area mode.

          I would expect to see a D400 next year with comparable controls to the D300s, AIS metering support, AF fine-tune, and an improved version of the sensor in the D7ooo that does 7fps or more.

          • jastereo

            I agree completely.

            Also missing the dedicated AF On button & Flash sync & 10 pin ports in the front. Hell of a camera (and will be a great fit for a ton of folks) but they left themselves room for a model above it.

          • Jose

            Agree with that assessment.

            Only item I would point NR admin is that D400 should top not only D7000, but also EOS 7D and by a significant margin.

      • hah

        clearly for the D7000s does not replace anything other than the D90. nikon will sell the D300s way after it discontinues the D90. The D300s will be discontinued next year just in time for the D400/D4 combo. Just like it was a 3 years ago.

  • danny

    if D7000 is this good…D300s replacement would be very amazing camera…but the price will be very high I guess…

    • zzddrr

      No D300s replacement.

    • hah

      yes. The D400 will be around 2K+ body only adjusted for the yen to dollar exhange rates.

      • zzddrr


        The problem is that both of us has to wait for another 2 yrs. The current speed of Nikon indicates that after 2 DX bodies Nikon must rest for at least 2 yrs. And guess what, Nikon has been using 12mp since 2005, this means that until 2015-2016 we should not expect anything beyond 16.2 mp.

        • Any Nonmouse

          And guess what, Nikon has been using 12mp since 2005

          Nikon has had a 24megapickle camera since 2008.

          Admin, can you get better trolls, plz?

          • SGN

            I like that, megapickles!!!!!!!!!!

          • zzddrr

            Any Nonmouse Troll,

            I hope you realize that you do not have to respond to my posts?

  • Broxibear

    “There will be no D700 replacement for Photokina and maybe there is a good reason for that – we will know for sure once the camera is official (probably early 2011). Next year should also bring us a D3s/D300s replacements. ”
    Interesting as that was the information I had (I put it in another post a couple of weeks back) although I’ve not heard about a D3s replacement in 2011?
    D400 announced 4th quarter 2011 and D4 announced 2nd quarter 2012…I’ve no info about specifications.

    • I am just speculating that the D4 will be released next year.

      • Broxibear

        Everyone’s got their own sources and no doubt you’ve got more than I have, but…a D4 announcement in the 2nd quarter 2012 sounds right with the London Olympics in mind ?
        As you say…all speculation…well, most of it anyway lol.

      • hah

        the timing seems right. D4 for 2011. see

        notice the release times. D400 and D4 are due next year. no question about it.

        • Broxibear

          You may well be right hah, but I think Sony not making the sensors anymore has changed the timetable ?

        • Whatever

          Did extrapolating prior release schedules correctly predict the D3100?
          The D5000?

          no and no.

        • jdsl

          I guess there won’t be D4.
          Number 4 is considered unlucky in Japan.

          Probably the reason why Panasonic jumped to LX5 from LX3 on their lumix.

          • Tonio

            Also in china and for the same reason (sounds like the word for death)

  • Shutter Monkey

    “Nobody really expected such an advanced replacement of the D90.”

    Except, of course for the last month or two that you’ve been drilling it into our skulls :p

    But also, the price although not necessarily unreasonable on its own for a new camera… it’s got to compete with
    a) dirt cheap D90s (Brand new for $750 Cdn; for OB take off another $50-100) with still very strong performance. (meaning you can get an OB D90 & $550 towards a lens for the price of a D7000)
    b) The older D300s which can be had for $1350 Cdn or lower on sale or new ($1359 @ Aden right now).
    For anyone, like myself, with a stash of 4 & 8GB CF cards, the expected $150 price difference would be enough to tip the scales towards the 300s, since I’d put out at least another $150 in SD cards.

    My point is, I can see where things may change *after* a 300s replacement, but until then, I don’t see much advantage to the d7000 except video.

    So, to those of you mainly taking stills: What makes the d7000 worth the $1200 when a 300s could be had for $150 (or below) more?

    • those were all (and still are) just rumors

      • Shutter Monkey

        I’ll give you that.

        (and am still crossing my fingers for a reason – something that’s escaped your *vast global organization* of informants & devotees – to pull the trigger on this rather than a 300s.. or an ultra-cheap D300 which I’m see these days for $900 with low mileage..)

        Like everyone else here.. I just want to see it announced so I can get on with my next body. (that didn’t come out right.. but I’ll leave it right there)

    • Broxibear

      “So, to those of you mainly taking stills: What makes the d7000 worth the $1200 when a 300s could be had for $150 (or below) more?”
      You’re right Shutter Monkey, I don’t believe it’s worth it for photographers.
      Here are the current UK prices for comparison:

      D90 Body £590
      D300 Body £979
      D300s Body £1100
      D700 Body £1740

      • hah

        so the new camera is more expensive than the 3 yeard old D300 and the slightly better but same old design D300s. I fail to see the surprise or point. You know the D3010 is more expensive than the D1. yup.

        the only reason to get the D7000 over the D300s is if high fps and superior AF take second place to video and resolution. Also why get a D300s now just to have it be obsolete when the D400 shows up next year. kind of pointless.

        • Paul

          If you need a camera now, the D300s is Nikon’s best pro DX body.
          Waiting means not taking pictures for a year.

    • robert

      No one know as the camera hasn’t been tested yet. Who knows what’s not there that’s on the D300. If you ask me to choose between them, the D7000 would be my pick, but that’s solely based on the specs alone. On paper it bests the D300, but a good preview is needed beforehand..

    • Jenny

      For one, the rumored incredible High-ISO performance. That’s the main thing for me.

      • Mark

        Me too! Everything else (better video, higher FPS, better built body, 39 focus points, 100% viewfinder coverage, video) is a “nice-to-have”, definitely not a” must-have.”

        All I really want is that D700 ISO performance in a DX body!

        P.S. Higher resolution is a negative, will take up more space on hard drives. I never print anything larger than 16×24 anyway.
        P.P.S. Higher price can be easily explained by the 83 yen / dollar exchange rate.

        • For you maybe is a “nice to have” for others just like me that are a lot too, is a must have…. 🙂

  • Funduro

    The D7000 will be my first digital camera. I don’t count borrowing a damaged PnS or my Blackberry’s “camera” . Being a Nikon fan for 2 decades, did mostly slides. I got a new 27″ iMac plus Aperture 3. Unfortunately filters are much bigger with AF lenses so all my old ones won’t get much use. I’m open to suggestions for a starter lens, it must not be made in China. TIA.

    • Carlos R B

      Zoom, fixed…wide, normal? any preferences?

    • ewan

      I think most of the lower end Nikon lenses are made in Thailand, not China, but if you want to keep it Japanese the 17-55mm 2.8 is a reasonable general purpose choice.

      But yeah; more information required really.

      • Stefan

        The newish Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 comes with image stabilization and same sharpness for less then half the price for what the Nikkor goes. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going Nikkor for that focal range.

    • Joe R.

      35mm 1.8, 18-55 VRII, 55-200 VRII

      All DX lenses, all affordable, all plastic and light, all are nice and sharp when stopped down a bit. They’ve all treated me very well.

    • Lolly

      How about 24-120 f/4 VRII ? A bit too pro for some though … pricewise 🙁

  • D7000 is available in October, it’s so long~

    • Nam

      Why do you need the LATEST, NEWEST, GREATEST version?… while the world is not going to end tomorrow if you don’t have it by then..

      • Jenny

        It’s called BEING EXCITED and not wanting to wait! 🙂

  • zzddrr

    Very disappointed, with all due respect I am not interested in the DX and Nikon showed us who has been waiting for over 2yrs for more than 12mp in a small body the middle finger this year (again).

    Now I firmly believe that the reason why we won’t have any FX body this year is because sony has not finished the new 24mp sensors. It is clear now that Nikon cannot produce its own sensors otherwise we would have something in that category.

    I am happy for those who will find this D7000 existing, it will most likely be a good tool for many. I hope I did not offend any of you.

    • gt

      omg. switch to canon for the love of god.
      you want high MP and full frame right? It exists! and It’s affordable!
      go forth! make your dreams come true!

      I don’t think I can take another year of you commenting on every single post with the same lame diatribe.

      • zzddrr

        gt, nobody asked you.

        • zzddrr


          It seems to me that you guys still not get it. I did not ask your advice and with all due respect I will not ask your advice.

    • hah

      if you need the best FF sensor look no further than nikon :). 24MP. just be ready to pay up.

      in the mean time let nikon take all the time it needs and enjoy the most concurrent FF cameras of any manufacturer (3 models) including the fastest FF body in the world and second highest resolution (only to sony). who wants a noisy FF sensor with low DR and color depth like the canons. this is nikon we’re talking about, they aim to higher standards.

    • robert

      Stop it’re killing the positive vibe happening here. It’s not cool..Be patient Nikon will reward us with some fantastic gear. Nikon is on a role and delivering fantastic stuff. I don’t expect the D400/800 to be any less impressive.You have a D700, yes? It’s a great camera..just hold on for a little while. It’s in the works and it’s going to kick ass.

      • zzddrr

        All I said that personally I am disappointed but happy for those who are interested in the DX.

        • robert

          Your icon shows exactly how you feel HAHA!!
          BTW, I too am waiting for the D400/800. Although the D7000 looks great, I’m still gonna wait. I think something will come around February, but that’s me..

        • zzddrr

          robert, it is just so annoying that nikon is 2 yrs behind the other two to produce a small size high res camera. But my guess is that if they actually produce one then they can retire the D3x because who on earth would pay that much when you can get the same in a “userfriendly” size.

      • Enesunkie


      • Any Nonmouse


    • Joe R.

      Other than Nikon making the sensor in the D3100 and the D7000, you’re right about Nikon not making sensors.

      If you NEED 24mp, Nikon makes a camera for you. If you just want it because 12mp has been around for a while, that’s fine too, Nikon just won’t target you.

      • zzddrr

        Joe R.

        I bet you that Nikon does not make those sensors. Prove it with 1 patent filed for any of those two sensors.

        Or better, show me in their financials where they invested money in sensor making/manufacturing.

        No go and take a look at Canon or Sony’s financials, you’ll find plenty of disclosures related to sensor making.

        The only proof you had is a shady marketing announcement which we know how much it’s worth.

    • Ren Kockwell

      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Not enough megapixels and Sony sensor whining. That’s all you do around here. You’ve stated your case time and again and no one cares. Turn the page. Read the 200+ posts, sourpuss. Lots of the folks here really want this terrific crop sensor DSLR. And it’s a great camera from the sound of it. It can only mean good things for the D700 replacement both you and I are waiting for. If I wanted, I could buy the 5D MkII right now to hold me over. But I’ve shot it and don’t love it. Canon rushed that camera to market and Canon forums are agog with bitching about build quality, AF reliability, etc. They went one way and Canon went another. Go, stay or go and then come back. They’re all options. Just turn the friggin page already. You sound like a bright guy but you’re coming off like a tool with the ranting.

    • Any Nonmouse

      Bettar trolling, plz.

      • zzddrr

        Learn to write rat.

  • PR

    d90 is grandfathered, dive in action for d7000 🙂 just waiting for pre-order

  • ukj

    Dear admin you’re my hero if the spec on the d7k is bang-on in the 3 hours. I WILL BUY THIS CAMERA AND SOME NIKON BED SHEETS, CURTAINS AND WEAR NIKON PYJAMAS TO BED EVER NIGHT.

    • Please post some pics. It’ll be interesting 😀

    • LOL!!! You could make this your merchandise business.. I want Nikon socks and sneakers. And towels..

      • Kevin

        +1 😀

    • jdsl

      no s*x? 🙂

  • @Admin: This has probably been noted already, but there’s a gap on the Nikonusa site’s product page and has been since at least yesterday. Probably so they can just drop in the d7000.

    • PR

      Nikon yet to fill 3100, there development center is other planet will take to update 🙂

  • Sam

    This is like waiting for a baby to be born.

    • Jenny

      Totally! Hehehe

  • Todd H.

    This camera really confuses the heck out of me… the biggest difference of the D300s and the D90 was build quality… and frame rate.
    that’s really it. if this has the build quality of the 300 but the size of a 90, video, with a decent frame rate and as good of ISO as it says… where does that leave the D300 line in the future?? the only real improvement i can think of for a D300 successor over the D7000 would be more MP, but i don’t see that happening, since they have always shared the same sensor. (D80-D200, D90-D300)
    could they really have tried merging the two lines together???
    I’m effin’ confused.

    • Techno

      Don’t forget technology is always advancing, they might be merging two lines together but another break through will create another line.

    • SGN

      Maybe even better kickass lightning AF? Maybe better high ISO performance? Maybe external metering mode and external AF area mode selections switch?
      AF microadjustment maybe?

      You never know what tomorrow brings!!!!!

  • Enesunkie

    Trying to follow the comments this evening is crazy!
    By time you get to the bottom, you have to refresh the page and read it again!

  • Rowly

    One thing I would like to see is in-camera hot pixel re-mapping.

    D90 is showing more and more Starfield simulation at low ISO after 15k shutter count, but very little video.

    Really want to see an option for dealing with hot pixels.

    Other than that, my D90 is going to become my second body. D300 and D300 s (my partners) is just too large and complicated for me, let alone her, so this might address having a lightweight high qual camera, with good high ISO/low noise specs.

    So many AF points. Yum.

  • SMC

    If the native ISO is 100, have you heard any rumors as to what the Lo1 will be? Could we have an ISO 50 body for us long exposure junkies?

  • Carlos R B

    So…in two hours(?) we will have lots of samples and previews….

  • Luke Simionato

    So what is the ETA? 3 Hours?

  • Fred

    I predict:

    D3100 entry level camera
    D5100 entry level camera with a few more bells and whistles
    D7000 (Nikon probably was going to make a more direct competitor to the Canon ##D series but probably turned into an opportunity to crush it, due to the low spec’ed 60D)
    D400 A REAL Pro level camera with DX sensor to compete more to the 7D and possibly 1d Mk4.
    D800, D5 and D5X (Japanese will not use the number 4 by it self) will be announced together.

    • Techno

      I agree with them not using the number4 because it has to do with it’s luck (?) but they did have a Nikon F4, so we’ll never know for sure.

      • Kodama

        The reason for avoiding the usage of number 4 is because of it’s assosiation with death.
        One of the pronounciations of number 4 in Japanese is ‘shi’ (し)…
        and word for ‘to die’ is ‘shinu’ (しぬ).

        There you have it. 🙂

        • Yup , but in some cases they still use “4” anyway 😀

        • Zoetmb

          You’re right. There was no Nikon S4 rangefinder and there was no Nikon F4 SLR and there were no Coolpix models S4, P4 and L4. They were just figments of everyone’s imagination.

          I know you were just explaining why there’s cultural resistance to the number 4 in Japan, so I’m not blaming you, but I wish people who continually promote this ridiculousness that Nikon won’t release a D4 would stop farting whatever comes to mind or copying what other people have said and do a little research before they post.

          It’s almost as bad as the clowns who think Nikon has failed because they haven’t upped the resolution on their sensors fast enough for them, as if resolution was the only factor contributing to PQ. It’s not like they say, “Nikon needs to up the resolution in a low-noise sensor”, they just want those extra MP because it’s just so MACHO. They want to turn their amps up to 11.

          From a specs on paper standpoint, this new model seems pretty amazing. In fact, it’s a little confusing (at least to me). Is it a better D90 or is it a better D300? And I agree with the moderator that what Nikon has planned for whatever is replacing the D300s/D700/D3 has to be really spectacular, regardless of when they are brought to market.

          And assuming these two additional lenses are at retail before the end of 2010, this means there will be 11 new lenses in 2010 (by availability date, not by announce date). Nikon’s never done that before. Since the advent of AF, the most they’ve released in any one year is 9, which they did in 1993, 1994, 2001 and 2008.

    • hah

      uh did you hear of the canon 1D4 ?

  • It looks good as a replacement for my D200. I wanted a full frame, but I have an 18-200 and 12-24, so sticking with DX might make sense… Although Id love to use my 20mm 2.8 as a full frame lens! Maybe a $150 F3!
    The D300/s wasn’t enough to get my wallet out at the time.
    The D700 costs an arm and a leg.
    Although you can get a clean Hasselblad 500CM with lens for the same price as the D7000 is likely to be… hmmmmm….. lots to ponder.

  • RobA

    I came here a month ago looking for some advice about whether I should update my D40 to a D90. Next thing you know, I’m checking NR twice a day, reading hundreds of comments, and waiting impatiently for an event I had never even heard of (“Photokina”?). Now, instead of paying $600 for a D90 that would constitute an improvement over my current gear, and would no doubt serve my purposes, I’ll likely pay twice that for the D7000. Please, someone, talk some sense into me.

    • I hear ya!

    • +1 :p

    • robert

      It’s addicting..My adrenaline is flowing. Same here. I was searching for some info on upcoming Nikon gear and BAM! NR comes thing I know I can’t get off the site…from this article to that, reading people’s’s eating into my beauty sleep..HA!

    • jay

      Peer pressure!

    • Big G

      The d90 is an awesome camera and with the $$$ you save you can put towards a lense or a photog course! Unless of course you are q gear freak! Although I admit it is hard not to be… 😀

    • Sciby

      I’m in *exactly* the same boat as you, man. Got a D40, want a D90, but the D7000 comes along. Sure, the D90 is still hot, but it’s got a couple of wrinkles and maybe gravity has started to take hold, and maybe it’s mentioned kids or marraige once or twice, late at night… but it still gets your motor running and can do everything you want it to.

      But then, we’ve got the D7000 who’s young and hot, with its flexibility and hard, strong (alloy) body, and it talks about how its friends are openminded and have a thing for you, and it turns up at 1am with a bottle of tequila and a copy of the Kama Sutra and won’t ask you to meet the pare… er… unhh… where was I?

      Oh, cameras. Right. Gotcha. *cough*

      I mean, either way, we get a great camera. What a horrible problem we have. 🙂

      I think Big G has it right though – if you can’t comfortably afford the D7000, then get the D90 and buy lenses. As a mate of mine says “The body is just a handle for my lens”.

  • To be a realist…

    – I bought a D90 6-8 month ago for $800
    – The D7000 is definitely a winner but will be around $1200-1300 for body only
    – The D300s which still outclasses the D7000 in some areas (faster CF compared to SD?, pro button layout, frame rate?, etc.) is in the neighborhood around $1500
    – Yes the D7000 has major advancements (ISO, battery, AF pts, etc.) but it basically eliminates the D90 and D5000. The D3100 is still too entry level.
    – Nikon is cannibalizing its pro-DX line and prematurely cutting out serious prosumers in the D90 range. If they do make a new D300s, they have just raised prices to a new level — technology notwithstanding, but I like many others got into DSLR because it became attainable budgetwise…of course we get addicted and serious later.
    – How fast do memory cards/buffer need to be to keep up with MP count? Even with Class 10 SD cards, my D90 slows down in RAW sometimes (maybe other factors)

    My strategy is to upgrade lenses before dropping $1300 on another DX body…I want the D7000, but I want a 2.8 lens more.

    D90 owners may be interested (my heart is, but my mind isn’t). D700 owners are not interested. D300s are not interested. People that already shelled out for a car in the D3 are lusting over doing it again for a D4.

    Oh, and if the video autofocus is as noisy as the D3100 sample posted previously…is it the reincarnation of the D90 video that got outsmarted as soon as it was released?

    I’m not down on this awesome camera, but I suspect Nikon needs to upgrade the D5000 pretty darn quick to not lose a lot of market in the $800-$1200 range.

    Great sign of things to come in the next generation FX cameras, but will the D7000 really be a huge winner commercially or just at an afficianato level?

    Right now I see the D7000 as the upgrade to those using D40/50/70/80/3000/5000. Unless they prove I do not need to go -0.7EV in all metered shots, why would I drop my D90?

    Hope this doesn’t sound too pessimistic, but who agrees with me??

    • hah

      they haven’t canibalized anything. if you need fast fps and the flagship 51 point AF in a DX body, the D300s is the only pro choice.

      sure the gap has closed but that is to be expected. if they had updated the D300s people would whine about how the D90 is getting canibalized by the D3100.

      get it past your heads people, nikon can’t release every model at the same time. gaps will shrink and expand as models are introduced. seriously have you guys not followed this before? it always happens when the model below gets upgraded and it is “Fixed” when the model above gets it’s turn. come ‘on people.

    • ewan

      I kind-of agree, but I think that it’s usually true that the single generation steps aren’t worth the upgrade cost. I’ve got a D80 at the moment, and while the D90 was clearly a better camera it wasn’t better by enough. The D7000 is.

      Unless there’s something you absolutely, completely, positively must have in a new body it often seems a good idea to skip a generation or two.

      • @hah

        There’s just a few things I think are mismatched in the D7000, but again (like ewan stated) I likely need to settle in for the one-generation skip. Definitely if this were 8 months ago, I would have upgraded my entry level camera to the D7000 as I was debating getting the D300s. Why did I save money and go D90? Because I got the camera, a used 105mm AF-D macro and 50mm 1.8D with money to spare rather than spending $2100 for a D300s and 18-200 to get the rebate. I think I am a much better photographer now as a result.

        Does the next generation “D90 user” need magnesium alloy construction? Dual card slots? I like it, but can live without…what would be really cool is GPS built in somehow for the money.

        I still see this as a minor cash grab opportunity for Nikon (and more power to them, at least they are delivering great stuff) as the D7000 user will need a smokin’ lens to go with it and we see those aren’t getting any cheaper.

        You are 100% right that they cannot release everything at once, and marketing may be to blame. They cannot talk about future D300/700/5000 while stock is still selling, but without knowing what to expect we are left to wonder…

        For the D7000, I still come back to performance…how does it meter, what new features lie within the menus, etc.? After hearing so many b%$#h about D300 vs D90, I cannot wait for performance reviews.

      • Fourbeer

        I am in the same boat. D80 goodbye. Hello D7000

    • Any Nonmouse

      Sticking with an already-paid-for D90 is a very sensible option. The D7000 looks nice (very nice), and it’s a nice improvement on the D90, but barring a major surprise on high-ISO noise it’s not a $1200 improvement.

      Body upgrades aren’t normally a good way to spend your finite budget for photography gear. Classes, trips, tripods, glass, and flashes are all better bang-for-the-buck.

  • Rafakoy

    mmm… Base ISO of 100? That doesn’t sounds good. Usually lower base of ISO means worst ISO rendition, like the D60 (Base 100 of ISO) compared with the D40 who has base of 200 ISO. Usually, high base of ISO means better low light performance…
    Also, I do have a D90 and I recently went to an air show in Long Beach, NY. I took over 4000 pictures with one battery charge, what I’m missing here?

    • jdsl

      4000 pictures at one charge!! wow that’s new, to me.

      you’re missing 2850 shots then 🙂

    • hah

      irrelevant. you can’t compare ISO from older model to be any indication of the new model. it will depend on sensor techonlogy. A low base ISO is highly desirable for long shutter speed photography.

      • Rafakoy

        maybe you are right, but the fact is that all the other cameras so far with better performance in low light have a higher base of ISO, like the D3s, it has a base of 200 ISO, and no matter how good the D7000 will be, I don’t think it will be better than the D3s, in low light performance at least.
        Low base of ISO is desirable for long shutter speed just because lower ISO means lower grain, that’s it, and as long as the image is clean of grain, it really doesn’t matter what ISO are you using, that’s why Nikon cameras with better ISO rendition have higher base of ISO.

        • You right. The D7000 is definitely not going to be better than the D3s. That’s pure suicide.

    • ewan

      The number of shots you’ll get varies depending on what the drain is – lots of VR, loads of hunting big old non-AFS lenses back and forth, and using the onboard flash will all eat your battery. Not doing those things won’t.

      Nikon usually seem to err on the conservative side with their estimates – if they say it’ll do something, it will. Not it may, on a good day with a following wind and a stoke of luck.

  • The Wayne

    I’ve been following the new D90 rumors for some time. I have not read any talk about the metering system. Will it be 420 pixel, 1005 pixel, or something new?
    Admin, anything??????????

    • I saw something about 2,016 pixels metering sensor, but I wasn’t sure about the translation.

  • Jivee

    I cant sleep now. Dammit!

    • Same here… and it’s 4am in the morning! 😀

      • Jivee

        Same here in SA

      • Ren Kockwell

        Your 4am is in the morning? That’s weird!

    • ukj

      going to play indoor soccer now, when i come back i wanna see the real stats on this d7000 lol.

  • Glenn

    what about the supposed lack of an internal focusing motor? does no one care about that or has that rumored spec been debunked?

  • sam

    NR rumors–re: the D400….is it just speculation on your end that there will be a DX-D400, or are there any rumors floating around on it?

  • FFail

    Wishful thinking: every 2 years, Nikon’s been consistent on upgrading their prosumer DX line. But since the D300 was not a major upgrade, I think, will we see D400 earlier next year?

    • Enesunkie

      You mean the D300S was not a major upgrade.

  • zzddrr

    So what will happen with the FX line? Get more f***** nightvision at 12mp in the body of Quasimodo?

  • Lorenzo

    I’m Italian. Now Following this wonderfull rumours site from Buenos Aires. Waiting for the announcement like waiting for the superball kick off. Congratulations. Sorry for the mistakes…..

    • Pixel Peepers Unite


  • Pixel Peepers Unite


    NX3 is all that matters. 🙂

  • VanSmak

    NR Admin – I’d be very curious to see the website metrics for the past 24 hours….Please share when this is all over! btw- Great job!

    • 250k pageviews today and counting – the new server is holding up, I had a small incident in the morning, but it should be good now.

      • RobA

        if those 250k pageviews are not unique visitors, I suspect I may be responsible for about 10k of them from hitting refresh every few minutes while I work…

        • no, 80k unique visitors today so far, also a new record

          • Carlos R B

            Count me with 1k…LOL…

      • No wonder there were some problems for a little while.

  • i get over 1000 shots on my D90 all of the time… of course, that’s doing sports shots with VR off and burst mode.

  • zzddrr

    Here is a little news for you guys about what’s coming:

    Nikon Corp. (7731 JT), a camera maker, dropped 1.6 percent to 1,387 yen. The company was cut to “neutral” from “outperform” at Mizuho Securities Co.

    Our great Nikon just got downgraded …. perhaps due to its ability to make its own sensors.

    • zzddrr, can you post the link please? Thanks.

      • RobA
        • thanks – will post it in the weekly links section

      • zzddrr

        NR Admin, sorry I thought I pasted in with the quote but RobA got it (thanks).

        It was just interesting that a day before a new product announcement Nikon got downgraded by a reputable securities in homeland Japan.

        • zzddrr

          My speculation is in line with what Thom Hogan is saying for awhile now that the unit price (and profit) is seriously dropping on the Nikon products. I am it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that 6-7 months of massive rebating does not help.

          • zzddrr

            On a sidenote, this could also mean that other manufacturers are also ready to release some exciting new products but it can also mean that Nikon missed the train for big time with the NEX and m4/3 and that could be a reason.

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            While Thom Hogan is a respected photographer, most of his opinions on how Nikon is doing are way off, his view on what kind of products and how they will be delivered are likely to do more harm than good, the only good proposition he has made in the last years has been about EVIL cameras. He doesn´t seems to understand the professional market and consumer market which is really weird being that he is in contact with both markets.

            Most of his stuff is kinda dumb (and I expect him to come here and lecture me in his wrong way however the proof is that Nikon is doing much better than Olympus (sustained only by the m4/3), Sony (which is releasing new cameras every day to keep the attention of their fan base but in reality there isn´t really an evolutionary leap forward in the technology -other than their 2 translucent cameras, the NEX is a copy of the m4/3 and the rest of their SLRs are just little improvements over previous models) and Pentax (only god knows how they survive because the way they keep their roadmap so limited in their pro range and without the offering of a really serious camera).

            • zzddrr

              lolcatmaster FTW,

              I guess you have you opinion about Thom which I respect but let’s get back to my point.

              You can see from the Nikon financials that their unit volume shipment is going up but their profit does not follow that in the same proportion. This means, they make less on each unit they sell. My point was that maybe this profit errosion is one reason and the lateness in the mirrorless game is other why Nikon got downgraded.

            • lolcatmaster FTW

              zzddrr you do understand how a depressed economy affects profit right?

            • zzddrr

              lolcatmaster FTW,

              yes I do understand how a depressed economy works, and I do not believe in this bs. This is the main problem nowadays that you can always explain the bs instead of taking responsibility for bad decisions. (I was not talking about you)

              I can see winners and losers. And those that win are capable of adopting to the changing environment to survive. See Apple.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      In this global economic downturn you will see a lot of brands getting similar rankings, the most problematic area is how the US Dollar keep sliding down in value against the Yen which makes the products more expensive and in turn mixed with the unemployment rate and the caution the consumer has acquired it has, is and will reflect in terms of product sales.

      However the problem for Nikon was that the T2i was really featured for a Rebel and they didn´t had anything to compete in reality with the T2i, now that Canon made the mistake with the EOS 60D and Nikon did ace with the D7000 it is their time to regain some sales (a la D3).

      So it isn´t likely in reality that they can´t manufacture sensor that gives them the rating… it is most likely that even in Japan where the effect of the crisis hasn´t been so dramatic as in Spain or the USA, they are likely to be hit by the depressed economy in big countries that used to consume lots of their products.

  • The d90 segment has always been the first advancement platform in nikon
    they put out the video capability last time and everything else just got it later but better

    same thing with other things too, the d300 and d700 replacements will just awe people.

  • Anyone know if the D7000 might auto-bracket more than three exposures at a time?

  • pupgirl

    Does anyone have the weight for body yet? Hope it’s not heavier than D90

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    Sincerely I think Nikon has caught all its competitors with their pants down: while Canon stepped back with the EOS 60D and Pentax and Olympus offerings are more like modest updates (nothing revolutionary or evolutionary) Nikon decided to throw a major revamp in the enthusiast segment.

    I will reserve my judgment on the lenses though, there aren´t any reviews yet and I wouldn´t want to base my opinion on wall or cats shots (I prefer something working with the lens giving his/her opinion), the new 24-120mm is really a lens I´m looking forward to check out (if it is like or better than the canon version I´m all for it).

    Of course these announcements can never please 100% there will be those asking for blu-ray player, 2160p with 1,000,000 fps, candy colored bodies, tetris, joe mcnally included, bob krist inside, “impress MM or OMP model” mode, etc.

    • jdsl


    • Andy

      LOL… wait about 25 years, we may get to 1 million fps…and homes built with walls as serves as TV (no need to buy a tv anymore)…

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        Walls made of moving robots :D!!!

    • lolmonkey

      There’s something about a camera company catching someone with their pants down that sounds just a little creepy.

      As per peoples demands, a bluray player in a camera seems FAR more practical than a laserdisk player 🙂

      Personally, I’m more partial to Blockout than tetris, but to each his own.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        Haaha true that with the creepyness 😛

        x 2 on blockout 🙂

  • Andy

    I’ve had my canon XT for last 4 years or so. Since the day D90 came out, I’ve been wanting to see what Canon has to offer. So, I’ve been waiting for the 60D to come out with hopes of getting some awesome features for prosumer/serious amature.

    When 60D was announced, I knew I will be converting to Nikon. I am glad that I did not invest so heavily on the glass yet.

    From the paper, this is almost a perfect fit for my needs. There could be some missing features, but I know I can live with it for sure at the rumored priced of $1200. I will be selling my canon gear soon.

    I’ve considered 7D, but little out of my price range. I will probably take price of 7D and get a extra Nikon glass to boot.

    All the features that this camera offers is so good. I am sure there will be people out there not happy cause something is missing. For those who is disappointed, just wait around for the next generation of updates. While you wait, go out and take more pictures to sharpen up skills.

    Oh, my wallet is crying, but I am excited about this camera. And available in October? Just in time for my birthday present!!! Yeah~

  • unrelated news – Nikon started their own blog:

    • zzddrr

      NR Admin, I noticed something. The EU sites has 2 professional cameras that we know are not in production. (D3 and D300 since the s variants). I wonder whether they kept those two there as “spacekeepers”.

      Any comment?

      • I don’t think there will be another camera announced for Photokina. They may show their EVIL creation under glass.

        • zzddrr

          When was the first time you heard something of the D3 and D300? As far as I can recall there wasn’t many rumors around those 2.

      • zzddrr

        On the consumer site they have the D60? Is the D60 still around? I thought it died out with the last dinasours 🙂 The D60 is the spaceholder for the D7000.

        I think we may be surprised by 2 pro cameras (yah, in a 24 months window)

        • zzddrr

          I just realized after looking the UK Nikon site that the consumer side outperforms in many aspects the professional line.

          I think Nikon has to do something about this really quickly. so why on earth would they put two cameras there that are no longer in production?

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            “I just realized after looking the UK Nikon site that the consumer side outperforms in many aspects the professional line.”

            Are you referring to the number of consumer cameras? of course there are more because Nikon gets most of its income from consumer products (and you can check that out if you want).

            If it is because you think the new consumer garden variety cameras perform better I would really recommend you to rent a D3s, D3x or D700 and later tell me if you still think … Megapixels isn´t everything and the image quality that you get from those 3 cameras are superb.

            “I think Nikon has to do something about this really quickly.”
            There´s a lesson to be learned from the 1D MKIII fiasco: “Don´t effing rush the R&D of the effing product!”, if Nikon wants to stay on the lead in the PJ sector (D300s, D3s) they have to be absolutely 100% surethey are going to deliver a camera that works well, this also mix well with “screw the marketing dept…” too, in the high end shooter sector (D3X) there´s really not much need for an improved camera for studio the D3x just rocks too much.

            But it would be better if you experienced this for yourself, rent them, I can assure you that your opinion will change.

            If not then you are some kind of monkey who knows how to type in the net 🙂

  • Chuck

    The line up
    D3000 entry level bargain basement no frills
    D3100 the full featured blow the doors of the Ti1/Ti2
    D5000 mid-level with novelty screen
    D7000 upper mid level blow the 60d out of the water
    D300s upper mid level past its prime upgrade coming in 2011
    D400 upper middle 2011 release 18meg with motor and enhanced 51pt focus
    D700 carries the FX till 2012, people bitch but still a sweatie
    D800 comes in 2013.
    D3s class leading and still class leading in 2011
    D4 New top end 2011 18M with 1080p but only match D3/D700 as that is the end
    D4x in 2012 32Meg
    D4s 18Meg new low light in 2014

  • Jack

    Will the 35mm 1.4 be backordered forever if you don’t preorder now or will there be ample stock? I think I know the answer.

    • Jack

      Pre-order it is, I guess.

  • Gary

    We are seeing a new generation of cameras born, and Nikon appears to be introducing them from the bottom up…first the D3100, then the D7000…

    We see the hallmarks of this new generation: higher megapixels, even better noise control, video AF, better ergonomics, better build.

    This new D7000 is now the most competitive DX camera on the market for the upcoming holiday season.

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